12-13-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, December 13th

The guys give Beast some more grief over the Patriots loss to the Dolphins and the Jaguars looking to grab that first round by with the Pats vs Steelers match up next week. Tobin and Beast make a bet on the Pats vs Steelers game and the loser has to jump into Leroy's freezing pool while wearing a speedo. The guys discuss the breaking news that Marcell Ozuna has been traded to the Cardinals. Robbie has a gambling rule for tonight's Heat game but won't give it because it is a Curtis rule and says you have to listen to Curtis and Perk to find out. Tobin says he is not as upset at the Ozuna trade as he is at Derek Jeter not being at the Winter Meetings. Roy Moore's s sportsperson had no idea that you don't have to swear on the Christian Bible and to be sworn in. Now that Ozuna has been traded is Christian Yelich next? Erik Spoelstra attempts to pass Pat Riley tonight as most wins as the Miami Heat coach.


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It's happening. Now. Roethlisberger stays in the gun Whiteside who was right he's back he's gonna air it out. Download your sideline. Snagged up the third down and for the ball with the 36. Did the government gets is snapped these back. Fire shut down the field with the passage for the five. The only thing Wilson dropped the throw looking pirated deep downfield. Good coverage in the second period goal. The ball. But it's strong we're just playing by the rules. You can have a need Chalmers German and and this dealership. It. Oh yeah. Okay. We're business. Yet you're big enough nowadays if you feel confident in your pet. I'd be willing to. Cool so my groups fight this is his voice could go a Lieberman sit across from me is actually ruined my morning. Because they get to the station in my office door is decorated with a bunch of crap they ask you haven't spoke Jay Cutler spoke. Uncle is Campbell's dump. Then he's a peeping Tom in video and me from inside the the bullpen as nice but taking into the crap that you put my dorm and I don't video. And he's just content to the highlights. So you know I would do that. It's got no you didn't do that you did it I I would never I don't I don't tell us stuff to do anything listen listen listen. Whether you directly. At it or because of the power you have over the person behind me Robbie. Because of that he did it 10000. I don't have any power over menu in there and spitting all over everything discussed. He is your minions from them okay you have trained hidden and took in kicking into the dark side of the force I felt it in the sports you really ever. The ever used Darth Vader you pulled into the dark side. I know you understand that because you're the you're not a nerd like me LeRoy it's full. Because almost all warns that. Does not mean I am never fight anyways this what's gonna happen deadliest month this way you gonna get our I. Patriots Steelers port 25 Sunday. Where we watching it and what's on the line. We watch Obama wants them all out to go to I'll I'll I'll come to your house why. Because I want to be there when the pays it smacked they're widely in town and no I was sure would put a it's. Because whenever I could tell you look before I not I told her not to go under the Christmas party why I don't want that. Since can pull it back. She's gonna stop. You're going to be but she's only that as an important like ports deal over a little blip and that the issue then then shoes like a gala ago. But them on my mom's phenomenons like. Alison you have to go with him because he's gonna drink too much she's writing which is right you're you're or wreck last year you're gonna at a hotel rooms that I was gonna hurt this year. Boomer but is that after you scored Obama life. Which really dampens everything. Reach yourself right are gonna watch this game together and have a bet on the line it's all going down. For real does stick your shenanigans some punishment for decorating indoors I got to spend more time within. What was the answer sounds like. Oh what's on the line and the show did it tomorrow looks like national board and unpopular but he's had I had I invited myself to boxing and news that apple didn't. DF and hit a unit you guys every word attributes are. By no means Arabia that cool. Regular declared war on you. I'm winning till I come back two on winning unexpectedly was expected. Her besides sit idly that is the thing is the loser has to jump from a cold as well. Final W pulled cold I don't care it is used to be called. We hear other as more and I brought up too heated up bra normally takes 45 minute drought. He therefore I already have pledged extra 82 degree kinda stay right now. I want to summer camp in Maine bro I swim in the lake they had no heat in the deal you what do what emotionally you don't have EU wanna lay. Okay lakes don't let PG I had no deal on lake feels like in Maine. Win without me like June dated monologue Longo was that. On longer subject but what can handle it says mistakes mistakes whether it is is that before you go off you you get too excited I was back down there. Let's figure out what this. Is the stakes I was told I was yelling too much yesterday. I have Steelers yet. You got patriots yup no points involved straight up straight today that. Lose there Speedo cannon ball it was freezing cool no problem. And hate. And remember this well just like. Either way good. Well I have a speed though who want to Hannibal has gone watered it does speed. I got to 21 I mean although there's some stuff that hangs out of whatever you guys I. Executive at the house people all luggage in his legs don't need permission Dietrich didn't if it's cannon ball and headlines. He speaks WEB XY AM South Miami and WSS six U digital. Jeremiah. What Ozuna took quotes. Ned just went down. Not that. I'm rob because I don't have that funny right now what's the deal what are they haven't announced with the Marlins getting back. There's a says those are core of the cardinals and the deal's done it until you were he's getting they're getting back. Brownie is snicker doodles from the spot us. Tubby tubby upgrade over the prospects that guy from the Yankee. For the best player that. Arguably this might be the second. This let me say it because I promise you if it's Dayton wasn't here we be having the same conversations about a thousand. He had an. Phenomenal year I had a positive I think the cardinals. They're probably in a pretty pretty good in this because there at the pay as much and got a pretty good I mean a trip to go play. I BM tell you if you say that you said yesterday its debt is none of the team we worshipping those in need to absolutely. Absolutely. Meet the Marlins outfielder this year. Told bin Laden he's going to be catching and even elect Joseph Niger so he's out exactly mowing the iMac way to bargain yeah it should wait real mute and isn't totally within army captured. So far in minutes and he's apparently the one guy that's untouchable we rushed into the real you know for no my boy. I played some real generals. May UH and my volley and touch him when didn't know I got these in the only one little item like it did they did in California. I doubt that's right that's an. Audit of this. The biggest haul right now the most news for you know which is cheap. For the next five years. Why it. I was put I was thinking about what this. Throw offices MO is. And here's the problem would do. All we wanted to prospects back. All get a do you have yellowish. She got a six and Jenny known now. And that. Smaller pretty much. An. Don't think Andrew if you take I don't know if that happens they're going people are going to lose they're blue. If you get nothing for young coach and you just did as the dumped her way intent. Oh my god. Oh my yeah but the question is do do we care enough about the franchise to get that and how. Now and again. A dollar. I guess I'm excited about Jeter know and we weren't. I was excited for laureate being that's OK sir so we know we are set about Lori leaving we were excited about the dealership. Are you still excite. Economists and is rat face. Kind of the players and the Sampson I don't know that. At least loyalists of the winter meetings. Did. Swaddled in there not. Peace. He stills looks sad as we can't do that and more. We salute and I was about this those that are calling Loria and saying like would you that you would come on the radio we apologize to them oh. We reject. We separate I think he wants nothing to do with anybody in my phone reception eating itself a reception in France at the international plans are in. Robbie track glory cellphone number. Paid the sun and it does take on the Marlins ownership in the trade of Marcellus and husbands brought you by Office Depot office Max you've had a big years or treat yourself to great deals. Uncheck it perjured off devolve as MacKey dessert and obviously bot attacks take care business so the other he played a night commence at one. Get stuff Portland both teams are 513 and thirteen to Peter actually favored tonight. Are at home yeah there is a rule in place I don't know unfortunately that says he will not win tonight and the rules already hit once this year. And I cannot see the rule because it is occurs rule. If glisan a curse of perk by that rule. Well I'm not I'm not a rules and that's really an. Another rule Steelers just has this is. A little guards Ronald Steele is rule on the Bastille. His way to say how. We had you guys know note this bleak that knows the bunch of blog listen you don't. Curtis on the phone right now during the break. Exactly you kits Eagles like that the rule. And then you're not allowed Hussein why the snooker super Gilbert could tell. The rule the rule has already hit once this year aren't what we get. Always occurs embarked palatable now. You can't do that to me that's like Chalabi led to war does showing me a RO. Are never mr. Kurtz is still has rule. Is. Yeah well. World. With a straight face seriously. You better Wear shoes tomorrow. Yeah we're going out to a fancy placed no Crocs for you know cam I'll. Listen to came out talks. My whole hotel. Emma Stone. One of course underdog board to do with kitty he he he's gonna try to find it. You try to find cam oh former lawyer. Oh that's. Well more got a lot. Wait what. Time for saying what lots we were all into our shenanigans. Net and everything was gonna go grave the show and the magistrate Marcelo is enough and now I'm depressed. In new was common. College is it's it's it's it's like you know the wrong is gonna hang out but once it hits it really hurts. Mean Ellison say I blame all these just bored people you think they're more people let the ball games. To say. And it was tricks and there's no point to Sunni Muslims go all out. Bigotry and student god they entered into. I think so I took and they don't mean that yet he makes do we do we get a good fight interview on the station to distribute. Mega tax on the Elian and we can work that I'll probably. It text and sit that I received he says yes I'm sure he'd love to mother bleep some people on the way out though you were on it seemed like the time that occasional anger. Yeah big and valuable he would talk about dark side if you had this to bring out the end let the heat flows through you yelling yell it's. How hard. It's gorgeous. Herman is that it's team that a slogan. And a. And back to. Still it beyond the six hit. They until about 3 o'clock today they're trying to go with the guy that bothered him they weren't able to do yesterday were just watching one of his fights in 2010. The guy is fighting with just like me who he is big boy same amount of back here 20. Yeah. Made public when you have William somebody absolutely you're not afraid of in the fight they just aren't the trickery. Regular show boating. And those detain him and if he does just tuning and the malls have made another trade. He is the tragedies in this cardinals that story was broken by Craig mesh. Is pending a physical. We don't have any details on the return quite yet. And as soon as we get that we will let you know we really hopeful we'll get really anything of value match. Domestic and gets old to inform and let its and I can't get something good for and stand why they need is some good throw because a citizen of the country as a live call is it gonna cost the cardinals too much this year so I imagine if you are the cardinals and you're looking to make a big boost your lineup. It's pretty good way to do make possible next year disaster he's up for free agency. And Scott Boris. Scott Boras was in the Mets but as it is agent Nikkei was some fire quotes that. Me at the screen job for you he said. Quote. We are seeing this is on the Mann's quote we are seeing what a major leagues Jewelers stores to become a pawnshop. And what does double as the balls don't exactly have a great past but it's into who does Cindy Lou it's a new dawn to Mendez for for Scott Boris. And yeah man that's. This is it's it's it's depressing to see. You knew this is gonna happen. What is said I'm gonna come to grips of that the thing I was upset I was seeing this week is. You know the guys that the organization is doesn't exactly seem like he's in the forefront of all these moves. And so I college deceit Derek Jeter there in Orlando. That would be nice to see you now. Not watching Jay Cutler beat the holy hell out of the patriots. Fought as that was to watch. Get a good night's TV watch with the boys and Orlando get to know until a little bit. It to figure out to look at boards of these players but now now now got to schmooze all issues and no sheets no means. That's how it remains. Meaning or you meet and greet Ritchie it's. We ask. Often. I need to go on the represent the show that we all know what his situation is we do you just go meet him and. Oh you can't. Other long time ago I have a little cool. Right. Other long time ago no bait and switch. You're going there. Any new divided to meet with somebody on the go go in narrow gunman reported that. Yeah I don't be rude. You know you are you are being invited to an event I just on the you can help yourself. Booming yet. Yeah yeah filtered so. Once you do get there you'd like I'm doing. Quite well public environment on you're very you're very nice person. And eyesight is something eighty and it doesn't elephant in the room. There and ignore the. You lost. By Joseph get a cave gave took a port where people would take a video. With the with the with a putt to end and on all of a month. Two runs through this year has yet the zoo. You enough and then you have that you've had the band not being on the right side of things. That that was Miami the last. Yet though yeah. I want you to. Didn't I mean but. Yet to meet and greet Miami we just random people we. Don't. So how good is that team going to be glued to the moon ago they were out of that. Two and six they won like 74 games. Many didn't last. When did they win master now much more in its. Final record last year will. It's seven cents and Simmons and before. During more game so. Now if you cut. Let's see seven million of you. Seven million of your payroll in and win 77 games. Alex is a good job. And then 17 the Iowa election in 78 games and I'd sell a sold short no 678 games they want. 78. One more to a more. About that out of that supply its. Lies at. The hope is. That he's a France this okay. The hope is that you would build off that 77 wins Connolly you've been between 77 and 83 now for a decade and you know you may be well you know yeah we have got to know you probably funeral on prime outfield. Go Astros on. The process to the Astros they. Yes it's intrigue is Chris Korea or or lose they'll Toobin it. They didn't do that Adam and if the system and understand I don't think he had no system. I got you a little kid YouTube isn't a super cheap contract calls doesn't it anyway amazing guy you can't trade he's on the yelling. You can't trade MVP. Or big Tito. But that just. Right so late you have met yesterday to dissect and MVP and the media you civil spot a sub. Mayo and maybe at the just the one that you know. Some thoughts on that point it would like. Owns and and I said this do you guys before. The son of a bad organization. Not the players they have. It's not it's these decisions. That he may. Okay eight. Give eighty million dollars to a player has not hit you yet. Right but he has plagued this is the thing that I find myself wrestling room. Okay. They were about organization for a long time right out on trades. Disruptive ownership stand said new York new manager every year no. Continuity goes so it's it's. Vince Mira just remember remembered as Jeter if you're allowed to look at him purse so as not to offend him. And initially we are welcome to we can commit to jump. Loon huge. But the way anyway the what they of that I was opened for. West having Jeter here. Is. Yeah you know give us some of that jeetz wisdom would you want he's been a winner dive for your entire career know you're the guy who's who supposedly built around good organizations although with unlimited resources and unbelievable wallet. On your entire career we gonna get some. And slate Lawrence Mike hill's job he's got that out of there and if you think like. I. Like. Yours night. As I've never understood and sports just because Jeter was a great player. So happy tonne in. Why isn't necessarily translate to his business acumen or his ability to run French doesn't it doesn't. Especially if you if especially if you think that's enough for it that was then I was frustrated with Phil Jackson and Phil Jackson thought on the zen master. You just and on the triangle that's enough that's my wisdom upon you go go go for Philip. You know it's if it is made new I think probably rubbed a lot of guys would Barry Bonds is hitting coach the wrong way and not everybody goes in the along with them by. You know suppose it was Stan and is immensely NN YU within once you have the best I ever like me. He can't go in it he can't always impart that. If that is what he's here for it that is the big sell pay you're gonna have Derek cheated out of your organization. You gotta have some hope that he's got to work and it doesn't feel like he is and it's not to say that he can't because I'm sure Derek Jeter worked. Very very hard as a professional athlete and you super competitive. I just wonder why it feels like they get to these points they're like all right everybody be like I was here's here's what else. Like I think Heidi darn it as being crappy. They've gone about this stuff what they did stay there wasn't cool. I look at it from the standpoint of if any other owner but it needs to would've blown detained. We did done the same. And I would say yes. I don't know and Alec outlets outlets elation I haven't got is just to patrol boat load of money yet well. Levitt's I was on the earlier today and the local hour and he said that mosque is close to span. And and apparently is that contact with the and that he is that his plan was he was gonna abuse gonna invest he was going to spend money now he he did a lot cheaper you did not. Spend. One point oh yeah they are you gotta pay for so what. I didn't give a billion dollars over and pretty bright. And he didn't think it was worth a billion and so they went and got a stake billion and said he would hear more accurately lowers it. There you go Gloria here's a billion dollars that we don't have or good for you get it from somewhere. Mossad was prodding and ask he compared billion dollars for this. And you know. That's thanks so we're left with baseball is more keen on haven't. Derek Jeter in the face of that over the franchise. With. Rather then a local guy who is going to pay a fine price war but now a lawyer Eli Bremer that's another thing is. If it was what mosque is offering maybe Loria wouldn't have budged you know maybe he wouldn't state who knows. But that's we are now stinks right I agree takes it easy to say what months. That's fair it's still when you're when you're out of it now it's. I downloaded on this what is then I would well good hearted I don't. In Britain cinema will say this. Even before when they were bidding. You always said he was gonna do Jeter never says they never they never. Insinuated suggested. Anything. Of that sort so. Does this occur there's a bunch of things with Jeter. That. Bother me from the standpoint is number one. Has no money that's been making money. I'm Vanessa sadly it's nothing it's nothing he doesn't tackle I think head on you know he doesn't he was stand. He doesn't fire the ambassadors of the team on our on the by his own terms he has somebody else to reform of these late. Well everybody's mad at this letter and bring them back in. Kinda trying to bring him back with a school kissing baby shaking hands roll. And and then it's like oh everybody's mad at me for. Her first goal stand and I'm not the winter meetings here let me call a conference call and I'll talk to the media I'm not scared of the media it's always like his old ways. Backtracking he's always making up for what he can just be hat on in the fire of everything. He's been beat. I know suppose they may be eighty again and yes I mean but how do you not know. We really he's never had to never ease we've ever heard him say anything during his career. So now you're asking him all the sudden deal like vacuum did you either. Forget what Jeter to exit Jeter. Or else think gee. He's not about not. Before he bought this T poem so he's had to really say anything he's always his whole career been able to get away with. He. When you go do good good immigrant you know stop right. It requires a little bit more and it looks you have to you know. He played baseball it was Derek Jeter. He was that hope right so he had to say anything to persuade or convince. The Yankees stay. Oh and in arena helped the Yankees fans still love him he's a Mormon guy now that he was. Jeetz cinema six rang he got to Stanford knocked him now he's down here. And every guy you don't care about all that no incidents. They wanna be reassured. Their new ownership they want to know the people in Miami won and no. OK Gerry it's all I. And there's nothing that he's done or not nothing. It. The manner in which he has done things to this point win this organization. Peasant giving you hope is actually pay you. Knew. It was fear. We're just crazy man president there's some positive news sleuths get all those depressing nonsense for a little bit errors all Shura is on the verge of getting even with the living legend next. On the trail blazers tonight guys to hear that on the ticket. Tip off at 730. Our coverage begins at six birdies as though Tommy tie it gets you ready. For all the action. He just brought you by champion Paula force supplement your truck and should be customization shot he gets got the hottest war but what modifications in town called champion the last four at 7865023446. A champion Y four dot com. Boise everybody into a slump buster right. This right here. This is slow us in time for the heat won two straight. This schedule go to for the heat. Study get fat sassy. Nobody thought Nash yeah okay time to get what you wanna make a little clumsy lie next four games. This the toughest one you've gotten Z it's a 500 team. And Geisel the hornets are six under and you got yourself as the clippers that 500 then you got yourself the hawks and the worst team in the league. It that's right. Those were the bulls now are Joseph. It is loss the cavs last night. Six and 41. Horrible horrible are horrible mood did you borrow your Barton a blast. I didn't hear Barkley and know that he's been doing. Crazy work for the Alabama senator is right he's been there isn't any hard via. Did you guys hear did you guys do the spokesperson for for more on CNN. Oklahoma it I would say that the Bible when guys out also he's just lakes beaches for like ten seconds later this ultimate. Yet it is this is this is on CNN I guess yes it was yes yeah the vote will now EM and and so his spokesman's up there. And you know this this Roy Moore he's got a he's got a thought that Muslims can't be running for congress. In America because they can't swear on the Bible. And so did top brass of about this. That is like this a political thing I think this is a funny this is this is where you gonna have your facts if your politics. You gotta come strong with a bullet points and this dude is less shall. Judge Moore is also sent to that he doesn't think a Muslim member of congress should be allowed to be in congress. Why oh under what under what put it. You have to swear on the Bible. You when you you when you are it before I had to do and I'm an elected official three terms I had to swirled about bull. You have to swear on a Bobble to be an elected official in the in the United States of America. He alleges that a Muslim cannot do that ethically swearing all about. You don't actually have to swear on a Christian Bible you can swear on anything really I don't know if you knew that you can swearing Jewish Bible I'll know where not only gobble and that is three time I'm sure you have I'm sure you've picked a viable but the law is not that you have to swear on a Christian Bible that is not a law. You don't know that the all right take rocket. I don't know I know there's Donald Trump didn't when he when we made him president because he's Christian any practice that's what he wanted to because we want to swear in on. Crocker with a more campaign good luck tonight thank you so much for being allegiance. Graduate in that airport now. Unplug too immediate to be back to use. The you like and I install or use our. Light and highly Barrett you low. At least go back a couple of ball a little bit longer I could. Get that thing where. I'm sure you inside as workers and bottle is aggression manager job as a Princeton but you know. Do. Which is instant I mean did you learn some new. All the time. But I'm not day you would use that as fact as to why. Editors spokesman Larry is that some point of controversy. You probably have known in the holster play as a resource this is the Clinton did say he didn't say best way. More. W more spokesperson right. It that you should know. By the way new monster and ads are optimal phone cord Yahoo! Sports the Marlins are now shopping. Christian yell much on yeah. I did. Yeah. It's. Poised we got a bat. We go to the batting cage at work on our game as we could play for the Marlins. Crazy. You get your famous willful ball. About two Robby got famous which they used to play Whipple ball. Right. And so anyway so Erik Spoelstra tonight he sits at 453. Regular season career wins. One behind. Pat Riley for the franchise record really young. And do anything and I'm curious about this is from the audience gets execs seven knives and four. Do you think that they'll ever be today were Erik Spoelstra. Gets the credit for being the better coach in franchise history. The championship does that go hand. I did and keep in mind when you think of Pat Riley. You don't have more. As the guy who runs. Organization in and out as much as the coach is some people don't even notice Riley used to coach about these people. The easier I mean yeah so the younger generation and he'd been right on so I mean or don't don't have fond memories and right don't have deep memories of that right so how would. Do you give them I mean. I mean keep my because when I think of probably coach and I think of him. You know it is so years and in basketball was a lot different am dead and I was always kind of a new wave coach we didn't keep in my when he did Wendy JB's are more pat Wright doing chambers you didn't start to a year. No we didn't wait so noted in I mean yeah I'm in sports is bin. Roy improbably had a harder time coaching. When. I wanted to because we think about all the guys. You know when when when LeBron came here and it was the Big Three eggs are but he kind of throws that I shade that Spoelstra a low he had the Big Three. Which simulate that never happens with Phil Jack and I you go figure out on. On but it's all the modifications or come up with that over the lakers tried to put together their own Big Three with Dwight Howard. And and Steve Nash in Denmark women try to dubious. When he got Karl Malone yes Ed. Lives that go low in the glove yet bread that was kind of las run riot and the Milosevic Babylon Remo. About was the did the there's no name guy that suited to do with Ben Wallace and the occasional it Chauncey Billups finally finals MVP. And Rasheed but. Either way so you have that you think about what's going on right now a Billy dot with Billy Donovan in Oklahoma City where you think. We're just together three guys in three perennial all stars one word one disaster. It. Save this poor year maiden. Guy that is labeled Carmelo. Edit them. Player because he'd play were carbonneau. Car. Because nor be better yet to score Norris or you have bad basketball it just didn't yeah Carmelo NT. Which owns on the got the bonds that builds on a Denver team that got to the Western Conference finals of the bills making everybody better. He builds. Up as a pretty. He had the ball. Yes so yeah. A debt. Don't edit in New York ready Chicago's great music great scoring great score a lot of great scorers well. In the lead. Well that's odd because I take a shot. Well I just wonder that there was. It's tough to get rot Riley's arrow with the heat with. You know them in the ninety's in those classic bows at the next inning that was an error that was dominated by Michael Jordan. On there were those series were their shortcomings against the next and that just was crushing to Riley. He did come but he did coming familiar with stemming Gundy and was was able to take out squad that. We should've won a championship without dysfunctional there were you know and and are able to do it you know it was. Riley had some being. Eyed stare and didn't have we do your best. And has respect for whatever res. And Riley pinch get Shaq. To do when he needed to do. Editor instead of being good because for a time and we're. What did have to do reject your love life was a provision which every ship. How big Fella how big an alert and yeah. I'm not sure why did he became like fat Elvis yeah. Terrible the fans have a title that was on ring night was a disaster. Almighty god. Well it doesn't have fifteen win season on his resonant with the heat. Let's frosting these various doubt you did his overall so. Is to so what I would spoke have to win another championship for people ever consider him the better coach in franchise has Dixon I don't feel like you though what. And and they're going to be subnet always hold it against them. Any coach would be three. I would say it's harder to get a butcher superstars. To blade the way you want him to play demanded. Ron has been happy having even at he'd probably even at the end Spoelstra but there's been a lot of goods that have had success. With LeBron with what he expected. And still they really don't we I mean we get a Willie what do we do with Phil Jackson. That's a saying I don't feel like Phil Jackson gets a lot of the resistance that's no doubts as well as a wild respect among his peers. Right. Bruno I mean the respect for for Phil Jackson amongst the public is way higher than it is for spa. Definitely I mean but you know then I mean isn't it it would two different teams in two different groups and I mean yeah. He also had but the best player and my game. Each time. Re ya well from Jordan and just elections and told me he should get tremendous credit for I just think it's weird that. With like what is the number where you get to. We don't question your greatness is a coach it wasn't Joseph the players. Would be equivalent to spoke coach in the Big Three big hit hard by Golden State. I guess that's what proved to report it and so. And InBev bid. It reminds sports was a lot different back in because your heads of leaders. And they basically got everybody else of ball than mine. At you more now everybody's got to beat a guy. And so it takes more of some guys need to be collared a little bit more you got to convince guys to buy him a little bit more whereas before it's like coach you do that's a good do well on the star you do it as it or you gonna Beagle. It is not anymore so I would say that. You know what's Mo had to do. Is a little bit different creatures imagine just imagine expo has somebody like Carmelo. We how hard they practice Matt and how much steeply defense. How much they sheared a ball and how. Everybody's more efficient now LeBron had a lot to do we that would still how everybody. Was involved most of the time yes but I. I mean you're here you hear a lot of LeBron mean say what you want about the wars when you hear Valium depressed comes do you hear it LeBron you here's how isms now. Delivers the buzz is going and Zurich he is buzzing he is causing bud napalm in the long no question. I just notice out to. Jeter supposedly told state. Debt if you came back here. You go to palladium fraught with no but that's right. Does that give the impression that if he chose to be traded that everybody would stay current. Just your sisters will go live. Mattered the most comes it was disgraceful Major League Baseball allowed under finance group to buy team disgraceful Marlins won't say real reason for slashing. Investors told no cash calls. No pass calls note nationals. Pitcher headlines next.