12-13-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, December 13th

Beast wonders if we should give Derek Jeter a break and let his plan play out and Tobin isn't having it. Former NFL Running Back Larry Johnson believes he has CTE and Leroy thinks its because he was getting 400 carries in a seson. WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder joins the show to talk about who he may be fighting next. There are mixed reports on Christian Yelich some saying he will be traded and some saying he will stay and Leroy says that is just to drive the price up.


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Look back still there are vigilant you're on the ticket everybody's for sale everybody's goal for the Marlins. We'll talk heavyweight champ Gionta and bothered about forty minutes on the show for a turn. You know got to be you mean what really demanded the Red Sox are good trade for yell which in Britain that. Let's just say. Christian. If you Don. Thanks for the fun. And Yunel may be maybe you'll go to a new market where there's crazy Sports Radio. We'll to never ever back quite like you had with us. It was literally bet it was stupid mouth not lose you Stew. And I haven't but like you said it's not surprising you thought that as well as the worst right ever. You better you better take ordeal stand there you're gonna be in Miami forever. What that so only the strayed Derek. Are you saying it to a front end. If it means you're gonna stay here yeah. Question for you we're over because I am perplexed on the subject. Where do you guys fall on that hey we should give jeetz a break we should you know do you know like him time. Shouldn't be too judgmental. New. I don't stands on that side. I stand on that's the job. And I'm GNU rose to over I want to has on the Marlins fan and I'm allowed to criticize. Mean I put anybody for being upset that head. Great players. In the renewal comes in gets rid of great players you know him you don't nobody is trek Gregor is you don't know if you complete talent. Did you see what they're didn't return. That talent. When they're telling you hey we're gonna do or from the bottom. And you don't start a guest in order to do that you need to get prospects. They're not give me anything so. In order to build the way all the other teams at the Astros. The cubs the first thing you have to do get a farm system if you're not getting anything in return you're not do this to her. So. And how anybody could be frustrated. Obsess. That's the most upset I've been this rig was land. I the that go into the game and not being in the meetings really irked me because is. It made me feel like on this guy's not Aaland. It's he's not all. He may he may you know. On the song and dance like he is not all in because he's gonna get paid for any money he's loading. Does ownership group that is identity and the only only what 4% of yeah I just met from the workload is literally not Colin MF and the workload I like how he's not he's out and in Charlotte owner screenings known. The chairman does a sermon was trying to get that was getting badgered by Leavitt are to that I knows great I think we should continue it. Absolutely but but no. From forget Janet wreck like hey this is this is what comes with the territory near the new guy in town and it feels like you're doing exactly what the old ownership did you wanna put it under the guise of what we need to do this too is we need to get prospects to like. In you know salary cap support number one and if you do not giving snakes and you're not getting great prospects you're getting. A couple able prospects and get it Stalin Castro will dealer flipped for more money. And even the guys who are affordable now your flew in late. It's it stinks it's not it's not it's not ordered its solar. Sold that this is gonna be Ari you guys there Laurie is gone they'll be a new wave or get a new stadium it'll be anyway. It's the same stuff that went down when they had the they had when their plane broke player. The same thing when they said. We just we just can't afford to key Miguel Cabrera. Sari sari you guys can have the best right handed over the last fifteen years on your team we just can't afford them. So we're we're movement forth was a lower court quote can Cabrera Evernote ballpark right he said. Mean and here they go they have a ballpark that was gifted to them you have a team from Derek Jeter which was gifted to you. But you'd rather you'd rather spend your time watching Jay Cutler. You have all these things that it may give it zero that's the problem is it's a sense of entitlement. That they've been welcomed into our city is a guest. And they don't realize the responsibility that comes with that and for the Marlins fans that wanna hold out hope. Props to you you guys hold out hope I I've been there before. I was one of those guys where. It's like listen I'm fall on the prospect some wash them grow up I went with the with the buyer sells and I still stuck with them absolutist and what they'll not a rude against the mall but a boycott the Marlins but doing anything like that. I love. Her. I mean Cabrera means it. He's get booed why. I want if he's if he's not a bad stretch of the Yankees is really to twenty with the Yankees took a booed by the defense there at pebble given that all to understand because he told me not he told me it's on what to do and I don't I don't like to do. Now. Idol which is a new reason to boo. An unlimited talking about. Deadlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD true. ARAMARK. We just gave you months wound up on me. I shouldn't I did two weeks. And it points for sneak attack and beasts. That might pitcher but that you might as a boy for the peeping Tom. Yeah it's not repeat and makes. Oh million electric guy that was just we try to sell the videos and Aaron managers sits or two in the points west could appoint an opening martyrs and the Serbs show no. Hurry to keep. People championship would say Monty both hit a really hard on rod is on the Stan wasn't the same Newmont. Cool place. Tie you feed bag for tomorrow. Anyway. That would force in order what's. Only console entering illegally. Lots of it exceeds. Notes August illegally. The flash is brought to you by Taco Bell introduced dog those new five dollar creamy ideally cheesy Gordy their crunched five layer burrito crunchy tacos and it was an immediate entry golfer just five dollars. So. Administer first report on our boy Marshall Ozuna. True the cardinals know what it would again back to return yet know. Jeff pass and from Yahoo!'s says. The scenes are now interested in Chris deal it of course there are. Me no you mean you do pay you 1050 million dollars for our guy and it's 300 every year. Gives just fifteen home runs. Are its shocking sad it's it's Sunday. It's it's wages of the mothers do they're light it's lighthearted here we go Marlins really your top prospects. The mobile mobile mobile mobile world. Before you do that. Would look at door number two like oh what's in door number two. We go first the top prospects. More or. You can go give us the middle and prospects. Behind door number two is what he intends contracts. And really do excuse me hand Clinton book were offering you our top prospects. These guys or Dick can't mess. Cheney no no I read you was gonna have a don't realize just wasn't Don Mattingly correct sixteen use. And you can give us that guy who's only got the one hand. That's aura and linebackers and DCF has prospects. The heat played a night against Portland's big game. And as the game big game the book guided. Not gonna be good tonight listen or super find out why I. I don't do that again you know I mean the part I don't mean to Sally got to stop supporting rules on us this is you wanna give up the rule. You'll just get rich China is not worried about sinks as well here's what he is William the role because he's been so wrong with his rules. That the tax he's the taxes are on DelHomme and if he gives out the rule and it doesn't come through than taxes are gonna blame this on my rule out and discover the rule. Does it he told me about David just like we just said we didn't break the the Marcelo is it a story Craig wished it would give him credit for the story. We give you know we give Curtis credit for the role I think he's a beatle wanna be deliberately so we want errors for his comments after the us man. Let in and out dude. Is he as he walks in rep for the end of the show on my god. By Angela why you do this to us unbelievable. It's already hit once this year I'll tell you that. As a master thank you Robbie thanks excellent punt eclipsed who got CNET. News. Sales beasts. We broadcast from room with that I'll let a judge to Larry Johnson on the former running back believes he has CT. Kind of sad stories had a rough go. Former dolphin. Firm for but a second when Italian yeah 400 years that's all you need an. Or does of the best running back in the league for two years yeah so 400 care. That's not the number. The debt which is just happens to be 25 carries per game V all you morons as they write about and he's getting torn but I gave its 400 Cary. Go look at all the money back to their 400 care. Larry Johnson all idiots compares his brain to that of Aaron Hernandez's. Which though it's not feed gives you have been. He often. It's rude to me. He allegedly beat committed a budget crimes and also. Has. Many times in the stories several times. And the edge of the building where you wanted to jump in thought it would be fun. In the also like for a glass of a leading national is Georg glass or that he's had a lot of woods of the alleged. Situations aren't. It's a bummer man yet so it's been a real downer last last couple segments. They're beats what do you bullies themselves on top of things out the CFL commissioner Steven get a job out there. Yeah I would have allowed diamonds in Canada weeds legal there. In the whole country is thanks so one share. Itself open as we go amendment that I'm pretty sure there are feeling a loss to move and weather window we admitted they smoke a movie. Like. Whom are in there go to the white house on another business. Beat those guys are doing illegal drugs' side in America parents house. Who's gonna cameo fantastic I. I mean are you check. And we believe we have legal in Canada by Dow Robbie I can imagine that. What is what is the what is the the greater wider have a hobby right here. Shark diving. Or golfing on ice shark dive in his first got to get the lakers into what it's legal only for medicinal purposes in Canada as CEO spot on. Because I'm going on on going golf Obama is getting much the story and Philly guy gets its stricter punishments. Because. He's a stupid he says is stupid so you get to what. I think it's golfing on eyes I think it's a big watch golf on the late Rosalynn. Perhaps unfamiliar. To Google African American public sound swings and I played nine holes made a nine hole golf course. Billups. Exposed animals like once you portable phone losing Cleveland will Minnesota on the peninsula Michigan all of those will be here. We can't you be calling you purse. The UPU via. That's it to be at the bottom UP up were in his though the S and UPS. And admitted nine holes oh yeah no we play two Eagles on. I Q when I went up. Like for possible. The talk to Tom also smoke yo head doll list for Duke's opponent. Aren't you right. And you park your car. Break with the keys on the the thing. Ending go win in their snowmobiles all over the place so you described so good that's what you are to its east and it would presage what you. I'm not I'm not about that no I mean like you. And I never wrote on smoking or are right now look all we're. We went to dinner green. That was like only the hot spot in the small town Ian ice cube when everything's frozen men is Derrick green brief you on live do you have food yet. To go my helmet via. To go mostly Bastia. Only baca. How'd you had ever seen a black guy. So as we get rid of it started about a. Or stared at. You steered. Never Siebert that's that (%expletive) up must come back. I said no there was stateside you care unit. My ugly but it it was a blast I. Have fun play this note you just snowmobile everywhere manually changed on snowmobiles. And that right there. Chanda goes under no status. Under and our Wednesday as I am again NY. To my dinner water grid sharks and 3M I do water with sharks indicate each. With somebody they know and meet so they could come to mess with. I would throughout his video he has this because really teasing the shark with the people on the case venues like. I include weight all right. The odds are Wallace who join us next. Packets WNBA is there would you on the ticket. Very excited about this throughout Iraq does not just me or does slide truly says yeah I did. Clearly these analogies of places last week credit at a highly apart yeah. And so. It was like second fight and I I'm looking now from the sense that man that is the big dude that is a big gentleman down there might. Oh man that is now looks like. And then put it through together because it was Luis Ortiz loses come back fight is useless but beyoncé. Obsessive person stuff and I didn't go down and so Dionte is gonna. Look like you want to get done the business early on and so we odds the Iran announces his it was just such who's that young community refined. The WBZ heavyweight champion world Gionta wallet that you but the township really appreciate it. Armitage on public through a new toolbar. Would Doug met woods so we want to that we want to get you want to do want to talk about you coming down here this past weekend and what went into the idea because you disposed of by Luis Ortiz. He popped on his his PD tests and you guys got scratchy ended up doing that muscle before it's against him Verne area between them out about ninety seconds. Armed so why did you decide to come on down here and did you think all that was gonna happily do it all work out as planned we end up in the ring with him face to face. John at each other. You have what are you know armed although we're will be covered around there to comfort the do do some commentary you know. I'll probably a couple of media spotlight if mom I have some other brain hormone. If dom doubt in my early puberty. You know that would have pertain and so boxer and it so happened that the other called relive your pillow or two albums sold under the collar so you don't. It would be overzealous so much better and it put up more problem like yellows that you know is look for opportunity. To do science I thought and renewal and reform the WDC. The them they roll them back in focus blooper to opportune appropriate moment. Operated and what they are much if you do Derrick the it was perfect so what what what's ironic it was W. They came to go fellows are slaughtered for the part got out who you gonna repair. We'll be being there. Because who's below cost Obama between us and I knew you gonna risk more direct quote he gave me out of tune part that I needed. You vote was February to reduce or you know make this a moment my announcement official give Obama still warm you know he. He did a lot of things. There wasn't fair for me at all for the credit a lot of people who else but they've won a lot of people. You know who allowed to do are a lot of wounds when a fire aired it will now Google. And not take something new trying to recover but what do masking agent with great job but recipe you just there's just been. We don't need men are you know there's just disorder. Dion today until Brandon and I were were were ringside for that flight we saw you out there we Salma on the going back and forth but we could really hear what you're saying. So what was the message you're given near me. So don't there's no house speaker is what do you guys think it was all on the TV broadcast to weaken him real artists. And sooner or which Giuliani could only guess who was going on between you two. What are you what are records it was cooler and yet we weak and we are in the stands it would give us the TV broadcast so we couldn't hear you guys are saying to each other back and forth in the ring. What was your message and then what did he give you back. All of this eventually it'll and to him that I'll still want to embed. Bet on you mr. of the firstar because you definitely do you know you're gonna put the fire is so like metadata opportunity to bars Arthur but to blow. You blow everybody out there and you know I'm. Do it was a mile an hour are just a little bit about. That a public a would you assess the dark and you should go home to my you don't his knees and thank god. Or sicker opportunist second chance you know got still won't cost you wanna you know. Oh don't you believe the dual spraying him a lot of people out mixed emotions about you do. To do is stay. There have been what can you do to meet Beckham in Dubuque and he's open go to you gotta fight somebody you know and what army become arguably one of the best. It is attributed. You know and I wanna put it what to that as I don't want the best. I wanna see you know. I'll eat regular business it would have been especially bitter they're a bit of a beta all I want. It just abusive comment report cards are in my career and in my life there are war that bears of the bears. I wanna settle for less have been met. You don't want to know every now argue we got up by more opposition. To get to a certain point because umpires just not ready and a lot of game golds. Well because Porter got work you must Asia smears it must be Cabrera you must be ready. It would be until well there are always ready. What would my opponent they won't have spread David was disarmed the job. Just to try adaptable platform and our diplomat that we watch very little opposition what are some dark until they give it some right of all of nowhere you laments that the memory would be. We're going to be afraid being an every. Sick of it apart from then I'll hear about the break loops. What other. I want to know so like why why did did it come so by that point we decide like I don't care now whether or not their problem for stuff because. Lot of times that can be deal breakers are fighters where. You had your opportunity you mess it up and I don't wanna face a guy who IE he is suspected cheating or no is cheating. How did you get to the borrowers like I don't care anymore like let's lexis almost 12 I want you. Many good for for what it was supposed to have been a wanna get in the ring with no matter what he's taken. Well I had a are about it until. A really had to have a clue would go back and when you heard it and you know work of course our know what was blown out of it in order to beat you and bill BC have rooms. That's laid down and you know. Understand at least be fired you know what visits in the message to would be that he missed a light and so forth and so well. The message is. Now get him back on and say it is Tom rob who is going on because of Saudi. Realizes who are not asking questions. So obvious. Marie American as well on over there but eminently that he was wild LeRoy from telling you that and as soon as crazy I don't all I know is. TNT has do you loaned its reach. You know I've ever seen netted serious. I mean that as long as as long as Heisman. Highs in the other you got a crazy long preached. Biden's record isn't long reads we don't understand this is a sadly just desire he could you know as there is that this is no this is no doubt he has he has the longest reach out there. And so. Until what you guys say millions on new with the highs and she'll be opposed. It's got the longest reach out there so that's what it is. So I had I don't care that is made fun like we well this this will. This will be be proven and don't care and we annual your closest a farm dissident to I saw that. I saw those the way it was oh yeah yeah don't don't don't don't you don't you front on that. Saw it when we get the odds are back on the odds and actually it's were they suffer for hold out their poise for a second to cellular phone backed fixed. So I do it and so so you was so you decide at American fight doesn't matter you are you're gonna take him on a matter what day they're out to be taken. Almost seven because out that it was another guy that we live by pot before. People would indeed be getting hit by a barrel and in the mean time we got it made the announcement he thought a week of the of the flight I mean that we. The week bush announcing that for India you have Ortiz so doubles regular role for me. And Augusta not poor man you know good two to have food to have them market to think that way. You know the coat but he ended when you guys do their and we had reached a that we weathered. Yeah of the appointment is that they you know their lesser opposition is dumb I bet that that met with. That at Wimbledon when he met new government would want to death denominated. Metal a lot of things so. In doing what you gonna be like you don't like it did colonel Moore you know that if it did you have the target remember who was shameless bill. Auburn even more prone to be out there are and it will actually I don't know model where what that you don't brawl but not. That is not building up when you put some of the yacht say well I promise you want Carmen ultimate. Go to regular words what you're doing a good candidate. Why Al why dad's there why the decisions you pivot and go back with a Ortiz instead of it seemed like daft you went over to burn. You're ready to jump ball over the image Joshua thing is that on their bar they're not ready to get in the ring with view what where to understand what that. Almost definite it has been blown up or you know they're still trying to spread. They're still form of command of the purple me. You know I've already know what their doors. You know assorted. Not stop there they're trying to get his minutes are racist they kill them before they can all read to you got a lot of because they know. The great trend is going and they know it. They know it. There's laughter and also would that be answered you know I think he's trying to fight for a good they had no interest in me they even if they have made to may oh yes. We you know what people that you would give an amino would have basically develop took Spain you know yeah we want applied to Bubba block. What do what no golfers they're very BellSouth spirited aims problem ignore all. You know me and so would that be it's very Whipple Parker. So I don't gonna sit around much or some nobody you Norman amount amount amount we dock and do their weight and be buried in a bar legal duo offered. We know the world know who won't won't who. The war and old bit more vocal. So our reliability notified their district where respective war. You know they just came out and you know what would just not ready for you we don't wanna play you know where in the fight game here I don't wanna sing right no plot. Everybody it almost seem like dish dirt. The stop right there you know look forward this and other people know what storm also would remove all but we won't bore in a way so why you are upon his terrible for a good. I want actually you eulogies a single book that will win him the first are not our view what I deal was still burn even more hard. Armed all the Tutu to this wires are becoming it would have you got reinstated our mail it looked like a regular. Are the white suburban cauldron of you don't obesity. Put back in. So why not you know you're right correct you but here's what I always not let me give read what is so. That's doubled my whole although a bit you know he would rally back years older let's continue despite is a great quite a bit Yugoslav a lot of questions. Improved to a lot of people have been at I am a bit. The update your Tuscaloosa guy. And though you you root for the tide what do think should happen in this college football playoff. Man is going to be some tricky you know arm around that have been keep enough. So well with this season because a lot of double normal share in my life it will have been trauma or lot boy you know. You know I definitely support the prison's not abort a mark government. In the city of champions. And I'm doubly they've dubbed them off what support and around you know restricted because you know could've got they got beat off board. And they Beckett you know reliable blood available we will lived in the beat him a divot in the Ohio State. Or. What you Hussein is a big advocate of so what you know and she didn't work. I beg or they'll as junior. They've got big game and play to a bush developed a poster wrote down you know. You know I don't make it what you do put the players he's he's a definite word co. And you also favored to limit you can play eagle reports on a few of those who would you guys okay you don't assume that bridge and into the cease war. And on the floor like a bottom you know also I'm always support me or memo wrote about it. What do you think of we think it's I sincerely yeah I cleared yesterday it's to box and yes he does out of what a ring run in not too long ago that goes by a couple of years ago. When he was still active do you do you see that fight maybe in the future. It's appropriate or not like you're homicidal spirit and relaxed and have him sit out did him. What would you do about got reinstated. You know rob Obama reformer in Tom. I would look to foreign I would not still part of the border for years museum and all but what was book before that become realistic. He's got to do shape though he's not gonna say yeah sort of goes. Yeah armed with photos ought to go but the biggest the biggest step to do. Is that he's very reinstated. And that's the biggest thing because you know we meet our dollar debt that would reduce smaller and smaller we it was smaller bombs and avoid to visit. And no more excitement the better it can be so long I look forward to resign as it would serve. Well look forward to know what we do misshapen you begged with the league app. What do you think about I do in the Ortiz tied down Hamad who agree we knew we saw the crash that there are going wild for you guys London as it was it was Jenna buzzed on the so let's let's get a real title fight down here in my am win ever get the title fights on there. You got to. The flurry of outlook report in my movement and due to maybe make she regular house this fellow Marlowe a little more development well the Loma Marleau the world of the ocean this stuff like that and I I have a lot of people. Actually yeah welcome back on this double I don't know what Gorman. The commission this stuff like that we other chicken today because they'll allow played the important commission admitted and did that burns like. Conditions yesterday and I open. Yes they got shenanigans on. Kyra was little bit. You know put we're well aware as to what happened when it was to our problem two to do fire everywhere and you saw everybody and that dude don't do it and it just just off by our local you know spokesman UN arms went our way sometimes. Certain states meego or 2220 bushels on their because of the insurance policy that they haven't been deployed to institute this week. Tennessee is so high on overwhelm. The only sure as policy of different things that you rarely see why is bigger. Did you almost never cease fires there you know in its own space exist like I don't know if Florida like get a map you know I haven't looked into it may have been. What are without Karl urban developers and exhibit when it when it built abruptly go to work or Denzel and on and it was quite. Pretty said the Tom Mann thank you for for joining us next whenever that went down this past weekend and you know hopefully we'll see what goes down the road for Tony team. Mom ran. Why men don't have a great big man and god bless. And. Right. Shenanigans. Going down. Talk. Not. Why didn't stop. Local can't. Because they can't. You know that. Huh. We need to worry like I don't know it go above and he. Merit is. Back to listen. As we got to sell them the Marlins trade update and that is a never ending cycle here so we've got. Johnny Damon. He reports. Right now the intention is for the Marlins to hold on to Christie Ellis. Yeah zone he's not done yet. He's not gotten yet. What. The what they're doing now to. Be out there that we're independent given him his legs and how about we didn't. It Greg mission says that the next mollen to go be dense drilling. So there's that. Go to Baltimore isn't it did talk to suffer saw a report that earlier I think this. Last night. Under forty million for payroll. I would guess over his. They said that their target is ninety million dollars so here's with the addition it will be the oh win sends make an appointment and wait let me Mimi Alford played supply. All of the players all and do you. It is they're paying money yet did you post it. They were. I didn't know he's I don't want to pay his salary until he knows this and yet they don't have the pain until 20/20 on the OK so that's a good thing. I'll but the players. I gotta tell wins and does he is technically a pitcher on the team we've been tournament. I Edinson Volquez though he will be on the DL I think is for team. Ordinance that's important you know didn't know I was going to be you know which I think is gonna make seven. So now we're just forty finish yup and then I had 20/20 two players and more team Rondo may. Obviously my team proud road to do to do to his contract is and he's got a bit of pay day. The got a couple relievers got to zeile and ziglar that's probably another fifteen between them. And Martina Prada makes. He's gonna make won't. He is going to make eleven and a half million this year they still owe him so that's 52 were often yes on the like that it. Out to everybody. Who's so you've got basically another 35. Million dollars technically are for the rest periods when he got for you for the team in for right now Stalin Castro is another hand out he'll be treated well we don't know that he's going to be traded while we don't know that's okay. We're assuming he's not going to be year. Fine and if he is he's horrible. We get to you wanted to be traded because he's a slightly worse deep courted for the for the same money. Yes I mean the problem. You're gonna be paying ninety million. Which only gonna have. Already knew you were to play some. Which is bad no matter how you look at. Lowered mad because they had a mood general manager and president of baseball operations room. All the way they don't they have the same guy. Is this. Ghost of a non release hockey so far ends and we get the point eight no OK you can go to minus two. You better only put that well you know. No oh no I asked you to the now it's not to you know get five points for one good for one good thing that you suckered him. It's a minus two let's just don't get eager one point for the bait and switch for the it's recruit you like this your selection of amid overs is a warm ice yes I'm Robbie and I haven't done anything in the point game. We've added nothing to you know enough we have velocity points in here. I mean right now. It was a while guarded a food we give the point two of the Dexter knows caller last week or yesterday Tony dutrow beats him and his idea we gave him a point he's got more points that in. Speaking of and did you as you know we talk about as a recruiting meaning nothing yet. That is you know past text army team yup besiege it won't want America and yeah. Not good enough to get a letter back to two stars we have a lot about you know these two star athlete. Big ego in even more like a big deal recruits very ago we know governing what central Michigan he would eventually go on and had neutral he. That's a player in the league. A diplomat went to buffalo well didn't write it but don't leak. Didn't make a probable to a position where the problem is the problem in JJ watt come out of high school and play is to block the tide and yes of the so you know maybe any movie before right so you know maybe it would took him. Some foresight to defense and will be realized about his skill set and a lot of page. Wasn't nothing as sneezing and blow it seemed like Dan Morgan came out of their mettle as a black. And then became an awesome linebacker and different once that was definitely. Does have rideau. In the front tackle white run of the next move my back. Its success and less of Cleveland pitcher 00 okay did none and go nuts and scat back. Until they run it certainly white scat back in such an oddity I specimen is dead six by. Strewn right shoe leather that's that's it that's their story for today because he was due to graduate in Devin Hester news hurricanes fan. And so Lamar Miller asked him misses. An ally and she trying to recruited he's like I did. And I thought I got a letter back from Larry Coker owner realizes an auto email. What is it to start. To slow. Earlier in the was tolerate. Five star all American Gatorade national player of the year yet. The number recruit classroom was saudis ignored these ignore the north plus or not doesn't tolerate it may or may not of hats and try machine mockery going I was never to be heroes first learning games lately maybe. I'll honor tomorrow or some thing.