12-14-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, December 14th

Beast starts parousing the Capital Grille Menu in anticipation to tonight's big feast. Disney bought a bunch regional sports networks from Fox as well as Deadpool which is rated R and Beast foolishly suspects that Disney will make a behind the scenes edition of Beauty of the Beast. Tobin gets into a heated debate with the guys on Star Wars saying why do they need lightsabers if they have the force. Robbie gives some facts about water. The guys do a litte 15 minutes of Heat and wonder what move if any Pat Riley will make. The guys wonder if Wayne Ellington's play makes him valuable if the Heat want to attach him to a bad contract to dump. The guys got into a heated debate about whether shooting and scoring are the same thing. Beast wants to make a rule about the point system for the show.


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Telling them. And gains in. I'll go back and still there I'd be is that with the on the ticket. All we got an area that you allowed awkwardly ago. As president Massoud back at second where do you go. Because over the beach man you know you're still views socialism and you're chewing give us the guy who yells to himself no no no. He's just you know we eat nuts and stuff. Plus mix next door to mix and you. It's always seem like you you should be managed and none and you made a valid point what you don't wanna go in their all empty stomach. You gotta have such a self a base all you did much Ito. I already loaded up already made it to her first two stages of food. And look at an avenue EU we need would Timmy. And also on that. He's known about by Iran has been scout immensely. Lately he's though it is getting ready for game that's a that's orange knowledge that he knew Ari you know. Do you got to start off with a last lap zero lots of McEntee. Have to RI soghoian that you're going in roughly a year year RD yard in Philadelphia the living room up with a lot of furniture their early no and then. That's how we just seafood. Jury notes. He grabbed me to the Marr show is a few years to be and hibernate at home. On a CS seafood tower. Heidi we sure I understand but it's itself it sounds mystical 'cause I can't understand you're gonna use you rate went. We're a don't know Horry. Well yeah. Moldova got. When we got got a handle will be electing a realist and so whatever whenever devalue guy going on this is concerned let's not forget it. I didn't try these slick in his drinks. Eight so these charities and brain. I just McMoran Vegas was a pleasant wanted the blue the boys of the meat happy hour. Fayed. And you you have more cut of terrorism and Iverson go. Dated dated Sokol saw I had actually do and do it yourself they actually did cherries that you have base so. Membrane so if you get a jury we share you do series are so I just give. Extra ticket it's a cheap reality TX don't match and she brought to you about the grand plateau. Yeah. It's good have. Bro in. No we just tell you us. He should there is no brake pedal on his wall and evidently. When an engine brake pedal. Not for that no not here. I can't wait I don't assume it's about alliance. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD Joseph Miller. Thing to get about half of this year tenderloin and it. Love each other regular can't C get your family the gift of a twenty dollar Phillips from KFC. You put it on the table set of under the tree but we'll still love it can't see its finger let him. Good you're off till tomorrow night. Up and Charlotte Symbian tip 6 o'clock and that though and Tommy tiger has your pregame show era man bag currently either cold or allergy drugs can't stop get stuff. In between yourself out in its water. Was kind of hoping to be off my plate and all lawyers amoled a little more edited by an all right. Question. Yeah I understand how a guy who lived long web indeed. Would just be blowing all of it is just the stuff of Rhonda roomy here Solano and when that happened to you just did you get. You went from like segment you went from segment three of foreign gets ours we would that happen no this is not the worst part. Wouldn't normal people get allergies. Despite the the spring when the policies and you're nothing happening I got out is that is that there's evidence that the state in the country that has no idea what did a lot and here's what we're. Let me show you guys. East. He sets I've said it about Marty to borrow money. Six I'm already tomorrow or Monday or you know Eminem and make your picks and then no one I got a heading out to test your text epics in Rhode Island stood on the night to soak over whatever is got to figure out. As a really matter so that he'd play tomorrow compared deflated not against the avalanche got a clock eight thirty Donna has Leah pregame. On our sister station to be dew amp. And a big reason in the world sport media at the Disney fox deal is done the government needs to improve it but basically what that means is all the fox regional sports networks like. Fox sports. Florida I in this deal and some sports will now bead on a new idea to run westside this morning you Alice on the studio stubborn enough of the sports lashing gonna get thrown in the yet all the regionals stations are yes and all that stuff. Are usually mute when you combine some 2200. With monster man but I'll also Disney gets like dead pool. On the fox movies the disagreement you're going to be nods and others to another and across over superhero stuff up in a lot of whole consumer manned by and together the budget blots. Does he says because you know does he doesn't like to do Ridder are movies. They said that they will keep dead pull specifically and other movies like it rated. That's been so yeah is that does that mean that you know those companies do editor everybody makes valued at Cinderella of Lebanon mouth off on my get. Before on. Maybe you'll see them on real behind the scenes Beauty and the Beast. Sentiment men like if it's 1130. Premium table. About such an effort. CBS. Why you're gonna see. Oh. Maybe like an online game more. That's one of our abilities highlights anymore. I know it's all of this one is is like that it does he didn't get enough as one right so who. Think the last thing dating again focus fox a sports rights rightly boxes at all yeah bell ran. But yeah Egypt so yes so fox keeps that's one and Fox News Channel. Everything else it's fox. Those two Disney. Number I'm excellence both in and you'd be a team will probably keep pfc another that's a big debater as ominous Warner Bros. I didn't say Superman it was him whenever I'm sorry. This movie before you started giving I've seen hot singles. Do you analyst is you. You watch you go off watchful trilogy is enrolled one. And then you watch. The force awakened him and you go and you watch last I have a six pack and I and the one is on Netflix I have a dvd player. Everything is stream these days it's the big as a waste of space thing. Household. Shouldn't be too doesn't four when we're talking about you still dvds. It's old and I was at the sixth I like I have this old dvd is. And you are using the player. Box sometimes. All right for a government red. Lake solid obliterate box and it doesn't mean it's right there aren't. Now for a in me eight dollars to get on now red boxes scam that's for the gets you beat is everybody forgets about it mill and then they're gonna judge like fifteen dollars when you lay well. No it. A I. Don't you look I think I'm telling you logged is in the huge scam their lives just can't it's a you problem get there why is red box not with what Netflix is. If red box is such a great thing to get one little limited is people are. After do you want to remember about Netflix and bring anything back everybody gets screwed that charge by by virtue is the movies don't come out of Portland. The cut a despite trust me Netflix it's it's like an endless I'd love Netflix and it was yeah. Public but the thing about red boxes it's it's just like you know the magazine used to pick up for the grocery I'll be who's right there I have these magazines are doing well these adults it can light. Let delegates and what used to do. Now instead is that I went to the grocery store and there's a red box than usual Louise and the other one for buck OJ got a bad start I was doing that's so great these days anyway what do they still fight with swords that are lasers. Obviously we've James. Yes well got to still on the light sabres after all these years. I have two at home you want to play. I can loans bullets they were my son of surprise watched the movie Wyndham it's that's the fun of it. That's all of the as yet the storm to reduced almost plastic uniforms. Very efficient you don't even know but the cannon. The hand in the Canon world without them also putter laser a bigger laser not held Canon there's different time lines of the world's Star Wars. These if these waters are so great if they have this force. What they've any weapons. I respective spots that went from. Oh. Yeah. Oh boy you're not you know it's not you know you're not mind this new talent got a three point. To my life whatsoever Mayo as you can have an answer. Just always expert and I just I just I'm attacks were Trevor Murray is actress or a when you among the blower whole outlook Trevor but no. If you give me an answer to everything. So Trevor if I give me like hey Trevor what they have weapons instead of yes he was evidence of course yes she would have an answer it gives every pledge I. Travers joins that I do battle gets too often times the force they have so much forced to cancel us than they have to sign with a light sabers that is nonsense. What what you're saying is no did you want when you go to fought emperor. They were each other around with the force to dark side and or is it. What was that like Roy Jones for Bernard Hopkins thirty years later and perverts is short of the. Hold on to win won't pay light weight more mentally yeah I do understand. If you soul. What do you too old and die. Flight eight years. Yeah you bet they have. On them. You guys that go right it's so I would that a long time ago a threat to the look in the Mir. Look at them pepper he's haggard he did get lightened in New Delhi it's him. They tortured right before he grew assembly I'm window. So this is great to Jesse see you don't pay silence is best quote of the day every day. Box didn't point me. Says Chris yeah houses and happy Hewlett the last he's he's a man alone all the friends are gone. Warden's office in Seattle Marcella zoos in Saint Louis. And men's and Carlos stands in New York he's going to be. On the most famous team and in in in baseball on the and I don't know how long that they've really put together the the baseball Golden State Warriors. Christina Ellis he's demand alone no and trade him yet. You and focusing Ellis had to say. Just two years ago LeRoy and I wonder if he feels the same though Israel on I was gonna Craig missed is sort of feed that he and happy with all the moves that are gone down. Missing ballots. In 2014. Seeing Jeter played for the final time in pinstripes is a real favorite player growing up baseball won't be the same without him. What do you feel differently than that. Not only that he Gordon. Recently turned by Derek Jeter. Derek Jeter was a god. Who cares what anyone's opinion as. I see. The pristine image unbelievable. You know it's thousands of the U he was gonna cry watching. Jeter's last game but he deleted a week as he realized that was an embarrassing error put out there on social media. We're gonna cry that we worried senior who has game is tomorrow. I don't know comment but Mattingly is a Prius is like. We look and ask him questions. Because he's then there's no Jeter passed they I say I Donnie baseball. Amazing to me. The guy at this tablet they have like a Marlins at. The low power. And him like he is. The general manager and you don't. We want an audit you if you're dot if you're Don Mattingly when you see what they're doing in baseball these days. It is such a devalued position. Because all it basically do is I retired three years ago let's go get them. Aaron Boone Europe next it's as Craig Counsell boom you're end. What we know that they all know the baseball moves the feet and I think oh now they use the metrics. To determine who does what where anywhere yet you don't really need it it's all they are pretty yet there's no like Jack McKean these you know fall asleep in the dugout guys are we forgetting people's names. Moon. Visit. I doubt by Jack McKay it was one of the last managers who would actually discipline their players who go out there has to Brad Penny and turn off the radar gun. And quoted him as Americans contest is gonna go out that China throw huh good. Why do I picture him. Talking like the old hurricanes coach of your arsenal area. Different different. Having it was sold a human director's chair in the dugout. I think shouldn't sit on our back it's man. We'll bring. Your package its shoes shoes onions dudes who cares you can have anything to lose. Can. Keep it. The neighbor did. I think he does walk away is last year and a half ago and I can. You know that if he can't like oh yeah Ali who are likely to you know the plan was to face patents that that. Yeah you did you see that there was this was the sort of the reports and all the guys are getting fired like conine in Dawson and Perasa McKean and that Loria had promised him that he was going to manage a game this year. Noon yet he wanted him to break a record the super ended his putting putting these random one offs like Adam Greenberg. Would you get to head bashed in by baseball. Major League is that why not. Let's just have some fun to get it doesn't matter ticket stubs brigade and the other added I think I'm taking a point away. What we net flicks you get charged even if you don't watch a movie sounds like a bigger scam to me out it. I'll. Zero who has Netflix and doesn't why should zero. That's agree you guys it'd take a point for me because yet Turkey wants tiger Regina you turnabout when he and I. Ever does get put back permitting us to lose a point yeah. Well let Robbie eat anyway. Women's may need to take yet to put away from Tobin adding that's egregious you guys you have a really really you know flimsy when it comes to my points. Like out. Yeah. I wouldn't. The web feet it is obvious flaws I've been deported August oh boy you know you're so you're you're social this week I. You are a beats you down I think this is now no you wouldn't know hard yeah we all are good are we on the what her. I was real close behind his whole night and AdSense. So your second I got one over Banja and his claim that she got home and virtual yours is coming though it's not all yesterday and has no plans. You know action. If he's got plans if you tough talk I don't play and just wait here. I don't think he has the time now well on the side note how to do little trickery this as he is starting to add new ad isn't a bill this. You accomplished athletes you're either. Right and your feet and accomplished they don't know movies of Netflix. Are trust me there's plenty of entertainment I haven't seen on Netflix if you're all out there and your logic every. Europe that you're. All books or new until you random tests to make a rule right now so you just meandered to Netflix and say our stopper watched this and a reason why you haven't heard because it's. Ox no that's not true really in text well. You never heard of that you saw it was good Netflix tells you what's good the duel over. By the way. I'm over I'm eight. Extravagance. Netflix movies are. For example if you love Netflix is nepalese of the exclusive deal Sandler. He and other Robbie. Thank you for the water about what the facts man I its effects are here. Go ahead. What are you gonna wanna give me want to believe or not less than 1% of the water supply and earth can be used as drinking water. One other one because children bottled waters are now bottled water can be up to a thousand times more expensive than tap water and it may not be a safe. Well yes closer was that because spring watered it just follow the rock they don't clear they don't clean. Where is your on tap water day it goes through. Bill traces system like that Timmons is next. Yeah. It's not my champion about yourself blows twenty drunkenness CD customizations shot he guaranteed. Osborne let. It's a beautiful. Local six. Champion who. He is today itself for the Portland trailblazers. Very frustrating game yeah. Couldn't use also by the way about Max ornaments video chains away. Yeah experience sports BS that he fell one out shoot 95. To Portland who was they came on the same record they're both thirteen and thirteen on the year. Yes it was frustrating the day they they seem like to have that game in hand it was a little phony baloney because. They got an insane game from Wayne Ellington weight on them it's. Sick and only proves why he lives in forget he had a rush a shot yet things are in school. Did a man on the ball like. I have a second left to shoot one at a rough game is today. The dolphins have sold bogged down at the end of it I mean why. It happened that light day of complains some of the best basketball you see all year. And big goal win. Take a little weary and Bluetooth low data rate everybody you game played out there in good hands at fifteen point court. I don't know it's it's it's god given up for it's really tough to explain I think yesterday they only had seven guys that can play. Bobby had a migrants say he was that he was unable ago. Just as Winslow had a knee strains so he was out by the second half so maybe there was a little fatigue setting in there. You Dalia will it really mean he wasn't have a good game but he also have a very strenuous game because he's only taken three pointers early on he. And then he was he was going around Dion Waiters like it was Nelson in the fourth quarter. Why does stud I mean beyond that it Dele. Day loads an absolute stud. And he's he's he's definitely a cut above where Dion as we know Indians also planned banged up right now he's not a 100%. But we talk about this just today this is a huge opportunity for the Miami Heat it's a very bunched up Eastern Conference right now. And you talk about this game. This Friday they got these Charlotte hornets who stink they have the clippers I after that who were or just plain awful especially on the don't have Blake Griffin. And and then you wrap that up before you go take a boss thinks we got worse he really in the Atlanta Hawks so all right loss last night. And these next three I don't you know you have wanna say hey you're forced to go out there win three in a row but these are teams your way better than Russell one thing with Miami. We'll wait this assumption. We don't home team. We know d.s. You make this assumption that you are better. Then. Some of the teams that maybe you're not perfect example. That anybody better in those two guys on their team not okay na so how can you just make an assumption that you better know they are better in every guy you'd see. I the assumption that they would that they would go out and beat Portland by. The clothes and really battle with the Portland lost six straight and I don't have a play well they're playing really poorly and you. The heat when they play the bad teams it really hurts himself you just tell like right now the Miami Heat are there the epitome of mediocrity. You know they get very milling and they kick the crap but a bad teams. And they're 5050 when it comes to team that went out. As good or better than did everything they were going to be better nobody here's in the middle road there's the question with that would have state end up 4141. It's a different way they give. What would you say then. His big deer if into would the same record that they did last year because it wasn't thirty and eleven but they ended up being average. What would you think I mean you're basically they're the same day. It's up to match the feeling of last year because it felt like Clemens post in the for the season might it felt like. The playoffs started for them just getting to where they were last year so the fact they didn't make the playoffs. Only if felt like a suitably let down even though they had ended up at the same record I Chicago lost in the tiebreaker. That joy that brought out coming all the way back from me in the worst in the league to being 41 of 41. Feels a lot different then. Well now there were expectations. So we're just hang era but but again. If you're a 500 team. In your dumped 500. I. Maybe that's what it is tough to put aside the fact that you know they were capable. Of going on Iran like they did last year Britain but at the age and also cable bad enough scratch in the dealer at the end. OK so instead of eleven in thirty. Instead displayed at bay did Audi do within cents. The night games you don't lose 89 but they do it in sort of the feeling is this would have it doesn't feel like that abandoned in the playoff hopes. I lived there 41 of what I wanna make is that that's that but that's based mobile is that big TV is what it is. OK they are gonna hang around 500. More are. They're not to have it there have been have a ten game stretch to give. 500 and if they think around that whole year and end up a 41 of 41. But they make the playoffs. Isn't it better to eat the same thing that's obvious thing is to see where Riley looks at this. And you know tomorrow's the first in that you make traders got on so he's gonna do so he's as ever to just does not patient Brett. What's the move would think. Riley is not about just make it moves from bruises and feel is eager to just go out there because visiting a league of first round pick next year they goes to Phoenix. That's really only if falls outside the top seven artists they're not impede that enough to. Not gonna be bad enough to get into the process and you'd have to you'd have to trade everybody don't have dribble projects to get to that point so. You might as well stick this way I think the best movie could probably make is that you could release and dollar us in salary cap space. Which is why I say look if you have a contender that maybe a little bit iffy about taking a Tyler Johnson. Or Dion Waiters are not Sam I wanna sure these guys but the projects are they are. And so if that's what Ryan looks and says I am but a look at this and look at and an opportunity to relieve. What might not be next year. That's records sure why. When when we start talking trades in the any sport. He wanted to talk about trading guys always want a trader bombs well always wanted trading guys and it's struggling does what it. Right this is this is where I think that. The heat may have removed now late the performance of wailing and what he's done this season because he's cheap it's that I expiring deal. I feel like that's a prime move freight contender right now is real contender I would look at right I yes to peace I want all owe you want to. OK I'll just say they're gonna make it twenty million dollars next year and. Then we get those Wayne Ellington a big enough draw to take a bad contract up remains shooting. Sure when to call us at what does it seem Ozzie and I and he shouldn't Lieberman is not a starter he's a bench player he's a role play here. Is that enough 200 take golf how we feel about them passing on justice Winslow for. But 21 round. Or Devin Booker. Or dimpled. O'Neal took great. And now. You don't feel good about right now especially because just is now Dylan another injury which is an issue last year announced that it dissidents in imply but now. It's it's not only is it consistency but neither worried about is their ability question Obama's position into what it's like. That's your question too because I'm I'm inspect out. I don't know I don't I don't know what that until and what clarity about who won just saying. That the way the game is played now. Is it besides getting rebounds. Has attorney Mussa is this was a lot men and stills and east is still see still puts a lot of these so let's by the most consistent numbers on this team. Bought it. He makes a lot of money so if you see. A case where bam on a Baidu is developing an off where they find an expendable. Mean did is that it is but it hit my other question. If it's not a case of just getting salary cap relief. Or getting a pick if they are able to do that I don't think there really is the big slash move out there. When you look to this team they're kind of a plan B team as it is to begin with they went out went and try to get Gordon Hayward. Right now the run is gonna be owned over by Golden State mean rod hasn't played for just hey let's kind of get into. Being in the middle of the Eastern Conference playoffs that's not really what he plays for Deborah to keep it here. My firm believer in yes. If you hit it. In the east. Anything's off. Do you think there would actually win a seven new series against Cleveland or Boston right now. Oh. I mean good because that's the way he looks at it I'm not. Nobody on Cleveland's gonna be Golden State. But I am saying you know weekly who can never be Golden State. If they don't give. So why are you talking about hey we're not just playing for the playoffs we're playing for Golden State public to get to the playoffs first ending you can know what to really be. Ideally Sam but let's say from Riley's standpoint what's the move Rudd goes for home run series. But it did OK sit back to evaluate the situation. That are gonna get to from this scene. To Golden State to themselves don't win rest of them are there any moves are really expects like for everybody thinks Wright is you can easily trigger you need to what to think. Set yourself up for the near future. Okay because it's constructed now. Only person whose contract is going to be up. Is the guy who probably had a lot of success in Wayne Ellington. And you just aren't all these other guys are so set to some future. You did that all of the big names who is up next here on big names is in two years right. Was not excuse the next series on the lakers. On James. But you must mean the LeBron thing yeah. Must be a slow time a year on espn.com. Click a reminder shall burn Brian when a horse wears LeBron going story I saw the dissident the lakers are a long shot suckers. Who lakers who large shot used in Cleveland or mystery to. And nobody said don't under estimate the return Magruder and Whiteside together. Well okay it defensively. Yes. But somebody other Moynihan has made some shots. And they have to have more productive offense indicated have fifteen point quarter told the audience can't have gore on and waiters playing bad idea or this thing I don't feel to shootings have been a problem this other shootings inconsistent. Think you tipping point quarters is there is somebody of the first first half. And only are you guys you have is an attitude of images from offense and shooting a shooting has been fine this year. Did the the idea of of getting down to those crunch minutes when they needed to develop all ages bogged down shooting. It's gonna sing to him think no not. Our dogs are done shooting. Our lips shooting considered a shot. Even you being immune Fuzzy with excited to have you still got it right these are guys is shooting hard earned three point shooting that. You don't aren't shooting show that when you both quarter are well yeah. And I'm sure I'm sure Ben alive he shoots the ball really well when he dunks over bodies that. Fifteen points means some let me use a little bit. Governments had minus of egregious I now know are hiring with that scoreboard you know a higher with personal lord. Almost going. Surely I. And a half of the general you ought to do and I think you'll notice my dad leaving Melbourne I don't have gone. I know the cubs sobbing or is it shooting no. My shout. That's not a thing we ruined because you say all shots and shooting OK it's not shouting shooting and making shots how different this time out. You'll make that shot in the not shoot well done. I wanna karate chop Q and the jugular right here and put it to sort locale everyday it'll. On a bridge is a lot of rhetoric. Gets a little older kids that. You can have good shooting to an idiot that would sound arguments that men and son white says he was really good shooting the ball tonight and you don't solid idiot now. You guys are saying it's the same thing nobody is coming forth and saying. Geology Jordan. What a great shooter. Even if he puts up a 2020. Okay so we're talking about offense. So aria if we believe what I just said okay five minutes ago. Friends and leadership are two different issues and this. If we equate author of a shooting a tense little artistic you don't your mind and oh my god you're listening to say you look at let me. Just. We're on the same page which is a problem no. Problem nota. General and I I've gone and dogged down again joke underdog now not allow. You. A bigger role. Know what do you give themselves boy or take away points for themselves on the board and true. And true. In order to do employ or lose a point just restricted by somebody else. OK so here here's our request part of the bicycle here as did not go gentle. Spin muzzled. It shut a good shooter. This pseudo sci. It's negotiator. Decisions I certainly would use only the dumbest person in the world if I want to summons that they Shaq who couldn't couldn't nail the free throw. To save his life and say. The shooter. Cities good score as the dollar score. Would you say it sure. OK but when you scored fifteen points he would not do when he was that's not a who's got to shoot around a shock. Shooter. Other alleged shooter. Official Marlins account has tanked dongle stand in Marshall of their time eight are you know. You don't make it any different if you go shoot her shoot. Shot well Alan in this and address the record should ever. In my. Next segment. For an hour from thousands of them and go yeah change and yeah let's take it. And the. Blue well because it's so not because all of arises homicide collaborate and does it ice is back with a brand new inventions so they may well into the violence these flows ago harpoon daily and nightly. Well and I don't know turn off the lights. And I'll go Joseph and rocket might recommend a local election doubling again build that is why do all white folks go crazy and Tom white rapper goats. Com on Mandela and a lot yeah you win and am Jorge. Did you clip below to get our problems are getting introduced last night if you don't it's in it's an arm normal folder for that spigot alike. Indiana. Still new on the on an eight mile for the intro. And you want to. Now am I right out of every time that. I don't like everything that struck me less than on the Condo to heat still booed. There's same zone math though they revenues song do unsuitable shall use Al bars project thinks an area that's economy. I think says there's still an an imminent. All like to comment on every given a Detroit did evidence yet pressure right exact series by Alan Parsons project. It's iconic but it's also so dated and doesn't hold up knob that's I guess that that's traditional. Is this. Now obviously singer sweet Caroline in the days and seven finish at all Philly park on the tradition that's that's three went in the US UN to to a bunch of sell these immersing in sweet Caroline does my people that is where does that come you. Anybody. Right spot yeah. What would a simple fan base. And. The militant agenda. Every one. I. It's quote terrible. Only two. Padraig is returned last night to Indiana there's still rock with this week. The pacers welcome. What should go welcome back and insincere while. And I didn't win big I'll crawl to the guys that he got booted. Our at all. Manned. And talk about a setup a eager to get your feet is good hey he did it what are for Bobo via U wanna know oh look at that problem of bowlers. Say waters of the size and how water in the apartment slipped cash in on a punishment. He he makes the free throws ties the game he shoots for twelve and your. She. Now you can see it's just it's judgment and debt is like a quarter of Baghdad talks trash 724 picks and game. Already you've keys still out. Crazy audio and sales are now what what water fax all I had. Believe it or not the largest selling brand of bottled water out of CNET is treated top water packets by Pepsi yeah not to be outdone Coke sells under the label Sony. Did the both garbage. Groupings garbage yesterday that it's not I would go to water and I don't different can't wait we lose sponsors. You've got a number and your bucks in Alex melding RT monitor I don't know if you're talking about who I drink and drink like garbage doc Fina. By the woods also halls of Sardinia. It is islander wellness monitoring the garbage talk with the inner disarming. Even know where it it is Sodini and it's it was a little wellness. Got a gondola. Then it opens limit I'd sort of and spread the court. Like. Yeah no yeah Eddie facet of Jordanian. Yeah men. It's it's it's an island that's not we're urging the roads but whether. It's not it's not Sicily where the booed kicks. Let's it's right there cut off. Legacy it. Think Italy's. Are there on the heel. Oh would. It's Robbie please give us more senators and hunt down the Macon water beast is a good factor here for you and I mean of course they'll wait a person loses directly after intense physical activity is from. Wait for water not fat. Sly. It's been a minute. It you retain all you do you have a bit exercise and refutes that his government nobody. Broke for use in the Bud Light. Did you guys see that Gordon Hayward got out of his boob. It's so concerns us a text I nearly went to wait a ankle is a little bit and do those sound like twisted. Like he's about to die. And it all the way Gordon Hayward now working out. Needs that was not the Jackson he's still in the boom it started out with Gordon Hayward out of his boot. After almost losing his line. You know it's. Pretty easy. I didn't spend. Yeah he created and edited and. I return this season. You would do during the day. It's on Thomas facelift that is fantastic got paid mega I am as I made their team and rob effort to weasels to. I got my got me way to end two that didn't tweet out about the losing stand in those -- now put that out that's exclusive. Exclusive news for the Williams and put out there. It's a hint he didn't think even knows what's going on here in a little he's back home. Winds and did no but I so they had the fire. Sort of mistake I don't even. Don't know what they did get rid of that you know they have they have did you remember him back a minor league deal though the Bill Clinton we'll dig tunnels. Yes you do that baseball that we had to pay of course. Thought it's awful Obama ansari. I'm SY noted earlier it's the legs why would you get rid of a guy question. Why would you get rid of the guy instill AM. If there's a chance he could be. You can't this year he's gonna Tommy John surgery you are ahead in the midst of Tommy to go either getting B it is not okay now but they may put among Miley deal numbering about next year. The other arm. I'll Boston columnist Dan Shaughnessy says take to the bank pats over the steals this weekend. Where's he from Dan Shaughnessy when he broke the bank yeah didn't say. In recent road from a great state of Massachusetts okay you tweet to Shaughnessy and say if you if he really believes that and our speed go back. Yes as if he's really a man about it I don't I don't wanna see we don't I don't see some see this and I'm sure you don't want to see your Fred is another guts or desolate island sexy. It's happening now I promise you a ticket is where I grew today just in case I promise you'll get it by too much and you don't full poll there. Talent and full full knew that. Didn't didn't yeah. Oh. And get naked in job of poor. Cold water and he's he's just in for a rude way of what he's an injury talk about news and I checked all yet. 58 degree on skid perfect shrinkage. Terrible. You wrote. A lot of us have to double to pull us in the fun and we also get the last round is back on the same day. Let's hope that it is the Tutsi us in the hot rocks Marin to a.