12-21-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, December 21st

The guys break down the wild win the Heat had over the Celtics last night. Beast feels like a moron saying the Heat didn't have a chance. With the Heat, Florida Panthers, and Canes having the night off, FIU has the stage to themselves tonight in the Gasparilla Bowl against Temple (8 PM on 790 the Ticket). Robbie says FIU +7 is a lock. The guys get into it about random bowl games and somehow the Gotham Bowl comes up which was played in the 60s in New York. The guys wonder if teams were able to take commercial flights for that bowl or if they had to take the train. Today is the 11 year anniversary of when Nick Saban said "I'm not gonna be the Alabama Coach." The guys wonder who is a bigger liar between Saban and Rob Manfred. Leroy goes in detail on how he stuffs peppers on Christmas.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Diary got fifty. Whose second Tyree pulls up jump shot off with a tip my. OK I felt by all of Tyler Johnson good thing on your right as I turn. So. Here at TD garden. It's your Miami Heat come away what that ninety day 1898 win over the golfer yet another 97 days. Yet he's still throwing hot I sit and say listen we have more communication. We tell me now that when he was sitting right next to stay it's like he's got home with nothing to do. He's a different intelligence did that is why did they always look good he told me this week you'll well you don't want to fight a hobby. Nuts if you're hearing from you on the text machine here you're involved in my Twitter conversations. You know he's promoting fighters fury. That's not even the worst part I mean. This guy just go immigration. No way. Here listen up you get hedged and then. Robbie said. Pot takes no days off no no I don't think but Tobin said no no takes opposite to takes on TB cases yet. Right with his intellect and dominion. Dominion Robbie. Jesus. And for a long mullets holy. Joseph who's an attack last night yes we did. It easy cover well I said it was a as at least two point throwing that confident it put. Tonight we different story. The gas Pro Bowl return at live right here on the takings we are your home for the F I you golden Panthers puzzle. Finish on a good season trying to get a nine win season whenever you some live only two Florida teams that Warren. We're there for you and by you. Would be something. When you see a ball game debts a New Year's Day play out Auburn in the people right OK the big play when did yes the main able. Or. It's big. It's a big six and your six. Every three years. Davis and our this year it's national tip to game. Well known the national it would cube game is in there and that the times are you all right it's called Pete yes yes. Correct Sony and trying to yeah. I'd just say privately that you know. Tony's doing in the old days. We just gotta start. You shouldn't cramming like an entire chicken in your mouth. As Robby would say we know so debris under the Jesus. I mean I want kids and their seven boxes that can't seem from LeRoy well until he wanted to Simba which I don't wanna get into the stereo types that situation. Asked him I said. Okay let another I wanna start a war on the radio but LeRoy you're from Louisiana. I mean. Louisiana fast is up by as well I was in its on the same side of the street. Why would you go to Pablo and I don't think side street as the station isn't it callebs stationed at the U minutes kitrey. This is today's show is already in shambles. Out really well I mean can you take chicken leg got zero per second. Almost done. You are doing that bird. Upper had no no just your contenders temper had no chance in the beginning not at the crow that's opportunity. Problem though that I mean there was a chance of total was you know up talk on the crow. There's no there's notes Italy was given anything back I've eaten several meals were told yeah. He's he doesn't give me back. I mean he is the only person I have ever eaten dinner with. And on the way out from the restaurant is talking about what menu item he's gonna eat the next. Yeah haven Robby are really special. And we leave no soldier behind yeah I mean you guys are kindred spirits really when it comes to food and also it's a totally eat. Very simple to Apple's that in naked eye so let's start here are ruled it. Headlines the moment but I just what a cinema moron because I didn't think that the organ recover meanwhile win last night I did the mode no chance yesterday in the show I feel like a moron and putz. And and watch begin lives but when I got home from my. Little outing that I had last night. IE I saw the highlights. Give props Kelly analytic and that's for a war really start Robby is is there. Now in a limit rule. Oh and playing Boston yesterday put that in in the plate yes especially in Boston correct I think that that you might have to work on that with your fellow degenerates. The Olympic rule you know it's amazing. At how long has he been here three months. Yeah he's already exceeded everything me Bob has done. I mean if I'd do this kid. Yet we almost got in trouble for. The before I get myself doubles gonna have once. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. Joseph Miller. ARAMARK. These headlines are brought to you by Macy's. Want an exit twentieth 15% up at Macy's for super Saturday. User Macy's caller CB passed by gives all Lima creepy and Sunday and pick up the store savings off steel prices exclusions. Apply so we know he tonight the American action tomorrow night against Dallas Mavericks at 8 o'clock tip off. 7 o'clock we have the pregame here the united take into it Panthers hockey we do not have had this hockey to get their back in action tomorrow. At home we have no kings basketball tonight they're back and X also like a Saturday morning 1000001 AM yup could start a little bit later and that so that means. That the golden Panthers had the stage completely to themselves tonight. Gas drove all know one of the authors and a football. A fight here again no there's no game though. Now as we go to we've got the Saturday games now. Right yup correct that the award Norman last year there would be game this year but they took one Thursday night came out because they don't want to reporters in Jacksonville and the browns on Thursday night. So if the clippers and committed to Monday in a game two Monday games to Christmas Day games yep. Double header sport it is to put the plane NFL on Christmas Day yes it's a month with a Monday night. I think any time of balls into the Thursday be two hours and Monday the days the men votes. Gotta squeeze in his view the NBA now college. If politics in the yeah the new owner is all on Sunday. They won't plea to get does it won't play against the NFL games belies some. Like the NFL while competing against college cultural competing about a regular season's over right Saturday does well or is that not the championship game. It's a Monday night into Monday night is their money and a little bit now that's wild card weekend right exactly and so now in my days. Until atomic college evil don't you went sports. What other college would play on Christmas is the blue gray game. Number that yeah Neil below Hubble thus the why able to dip their plane that Christmas Eve outsider on Saturday they'll progresses and more than that's when you know. And that's all the time I knew I had a bad year. You in the blue green and know when you're in the movable although they replay will we played well not OJ where fires out true. Well and I think it was the Outback Bowl. Mid there was nothing like I mean. Growing up. It's all New Year's Day New Year's daily you wake up from whatever party that I before just to sit on the couch. For like 48 straight hours yeah Ed Cotton Bowl yet all over Oregon little sugar or Rose Bowl Gator Bowl. Salad bowl. To a bowl. Pulling leader of hope. This that. This still the all the turf up there and Boise this on the yes the Idaho potato double wow lot. That was a horrible trip. You know is not only does he know Matt's own doesn't remote goes. All the old games where they're played well without you obligated because of Frisco you resolve Muslims since Obama will via mobile game in the east he played in New York. Pinstripes what do to have that triples and they Yankee Stadium a game what people don't the bowl that used to be played in New York what did in the case playable and they're the micron PC bore in on the micron PC bowl was here and it was in Boise. Wasn't always via but it played a Tuesday when you're here and that was Michael PC bull doesn't have to log no wait there's a micron PC bowl I think that was the MPC computers bowler something video music computer bulls envoys wreck. No use that and talk about New York. Haven't stopped to champ. Haven't stopped the champ. Going once. Going twice. And yet he got me if there's an old bull the golf humble. A young. Used by the Gotham bowl in New York by the full time away before my time anyway I made me even before that it's time but it is like back in the thirties forties and fifties. Look at out. Two. Double a little more recent. Obama. So it. Whom the game ended in deeds 62 the last of three years. Laughable here doesn't remember that. Still. I don't know a beast you've never had the salad bowl canes played in the I can't say you never but I did it yesterday. So meet new out of a box. Which already which. Already questions go on in this T from her dad's sadly from narrows a Greek salad. They give you sound and about I don't need to hear. Katie two fisted. How glad you're able. Every other Charlotte plays gives you last won a little plastic containers at their trial the final Sox fans in the environment. To our salad and a buy you one thing. By the way the first ever got a noble or good state was invited to play but they couldn't find an opponents of the game didn't happen well. Who he tried net plus sort of and a heck of a train trip. From organ to New York. From one no point was I'm guessing that's how you how they travel bulls back in the day right. It at flights in this new 6060s. Of and totally impromptu Syria Saturn of bad I don't know of teams had enough money to get the jet airliners. You put together and jets bag this. Sure the jets. What was the first commercial jet flight. The shows horrible already who shouldn't pay. You drop me off driver didn't really good. He didn't drop. The first convert commercial jets play it was may second 1950 to aid that being said it doesn't mean they're right could afford it. And that's why said that Mike departed. Once home god given the other headlines you DeGeneres yeah apparently done a semi truck crashed in little pool of Evan Turner. As that and that the guy who get to direct rescue from the pool we have big giant semi truck crashed and able to get residue from all state. It was a deeper and. We did have a semi truck into the point I mean it's a semi first of all. Send me to put those semi truck like I'd part of an affront to every pro Vegas at historical are living there is actually part of a drug although he double bleep out the drug into the bowl oh now we talked and we'll tell me about their cross responsible remarked. Numbers grow offers relief. I think my after I've never had profits of my life really eager to show that he did like baby lobsters by the that we to have for next giveaway about about that we did yes. 24 back to the Audubon treat usually. Yeah anything else are you done. That's it I know of a wolf one reason. The brain. Though well two reasons. I hope I'm going because may fresh is going to be right which is your boy it. A lot more thing temples seven point favorites tonight in saint Pete how we feel about this can log newest element of the seven this past Friday. My rocks I I. Half the rock solid FOU insider told me take FR EU and the seven point seven number one red zone office in the nation. Al I defy you tonight plus seven to believe you're putting your faith that a former intern left promotions that. He's been right at bass and I've been he's been a go to guy all year for F a U and he's been right every time. An insider listen listen paws up I can't I get out he is an insider when it comes to that program is no doubt about it. He knows everything about it. So I did my love Butch Davis Brandon. Not a great jobs and it would for an. Liberal bottom ten teams nine wins in rentable no but I am saying just just in general used personable guy yeah except I mean only time that there is some bad taste in people's houses when he kind of pulled the Minnie you was Nixon and before Nixon and mean if I'm not going anywhere in the stands say don't like I never thought anybody from saying net like they have this. Again I am dating myself. But they had this really. Awkward press conference. In the bowels of the Miami arena at halftime on the Miami basketball game. With hauled Ian Butch Davis talked about how a new contract is being worked on and what wasn't going anywhere but they stood like you literally like. Leg dot all the media that was at the basketball game like hey we have to we have to do the press conference now the message we need to get out you guys to come with us. We like where in the bowels they arena they set up this hastily called press conference took out of which wasn't leaving the news about to sign a contract like. Two days later he left. It was it was it was awkwardly similar to Nick Saban spigot Nick Saban. You know today is the right. But today it's the anniversary when he left that is correct I would just guess and because I noted people in my Amy. Time is right in line up really it's anniversary when he made comets we said that he was right element right now when he left we re live those moments plus we get back into eleven tarred Sanford. Interview because now we now. Low. Effort. I didn't. And I'm here. Our house likens say it guys are set at three different occasions our own and I guess I have to say that I'm not going to be the Alabama coach I think I've said this over and over and over. And and then. Do you know. Aaron adequate Scheyer. Have a question Matt burden that is Sabin that's. Bit different. Than what happened yesterday. I don't know that I mean it is funny because every coach that is a ball just a recording purposes what was out. Just for recruiting her boss selling some recruiting you know. No coach. Under no circumstances. Is ever gonna say yes I've been interviewed for another job. So many more. They don't do. So just because your coach. All the sudden says I'm not going to be difficult in his definitive about it. Right. Everybody does that adding UCF in a general understanding it's got props gonna go to Nebraska. Right because that's he would scolded. Yet they knew Kyra he was kind of hinting at it ready for that before the game it's never. Wait a minute let Nixon was gave belligerent about him not going to Alabama like that's not the only Cutley there's several times where he's he said it's like. You'd like Lou this may. All of just showing disabled injured his right now voters on the Miami Dolphins. Yeah well I'm currently is I'm OK okay does it has bite that's fine. OK but it. My only question about this whole thing. Is this. If you know how coaches respond to these questions. And you know. How would war because your familiar with the business. Why do you go until you get an answer like that. So he could call fire. Fighters. There so don't standpoint. What is your herb was. Of getting him to say I'm not going to be to coach Alabama when it means nothing because understood and dad here is the owner of the dolphins where you had this idea. That is ugly again. Well we know that's limited government time is that we didn't know about that agreement at the time and beat a dolphins go well. Now they had I mean they've they've means they basically I mean bribed them to be the coach you through different now. No because you know African liar and no no no I'm not. Let's be too. Yeah on to know certain sins in my dread. OK he's in all coaches. Have a little bit of shading is haunted houses and I've been lied to you by coaches more than I mean is about what my my point is is imagine being in a situation where. You're trying to find a good exit strategy because you have the OK. Europe the only one that no. Right. Yeah I know what did you say eight. May have missed that has they have an agreement. A final like here. I believe no questions asked how. Said that it to begin them is and glide be written in the owner but I'd also be thankful for honesty. Don't you. It's being we are so thankful for. And we. But does it a lot of talk today. And he's talking about whether he should have Lane Kiffin on weekly your Butch Davis weekly note. And I love butch I mean I love me some butch Davis and Paul Hilton Davis Beijing knows his real name. Paul Hilton Davis Ph.D. Which is the Ph.D. of football. Who go low so well doctor botched. Drugs. Dot ought to butch. But so anyways right now so I'll end. I think the audience overwhelmingly thought they should have lain on every week is that it would because lane says. Whatever he buys 'cause of where you're like he is honesty we want is. Sometimes. Honesty. Is hidden behind. I don't care. Easier to mean fine. Regardless because they're here. Pretty artist Barry. It's pretty secure. But that's usually where does he comes. I could do the closer you get to secure. Q. So would go to troop train and certainly secure the money freak in making probably still co. Still doing that crap on line either coached to lie. Powerhouse like insight that guys are set at three different occasions our own and I guess I have to say that I'm not going to be the Alabama coach I think I've said this over and over and over. Play this on the N Atlanta sought out his assault. On. And and then. Common house likens it guys are set at three different occasions our own and I guess episode and I'm not going to be Alabama coach I think I've said this over and over and over he sounds so what's younger too well and I. It Greinke. Wait now does your question yes. Bill Belichick is the same way. You don't have a problem wouldn't. I don't think bill Bulger lies. And core melt it I. Just. Don't in his statement on the record. Jet does not lie he just avoids telling the truth. Seventeen straight years a pre Tom pretty in the injury report. Missed out law. These and not ours trainer I didn't look iron that you banned from the building pay. You see what you do review. I don't at a rate I don't see that there rat. If two guys who were very similar. Nick Saban is just a little more vocal. Embellish. Because both saint lets the media get to him whereas telecheck uses the dark side of the Fords too big to push that way now. You know made a lot of the places I was amazed yeah you love on my blog online you think he's the bed all. Day. He didn't mean I'm she you know why why did win here you go. You eleven. I guess he can win it anyway what and what an England. And true me. Lately that you're coming amount of the tablets on the Allen. Raymond got the win we don't like him know I was really am. No what I'm saying the same antics. Where road you differently. If you are team was not success now the most why no mic wasn't coach we're your seat did mix it didn't. Had a much better Ed Nixon and have one adult to Super Bowl and then left would people be as angry no. And we were still angry LeBron for how he left I've always title as the rat bastard that he's an angry at ten different story normal returns or who don't think this holiday season. This season they've given. What we choose to do is. It is just open up our brag. Of hatred and pull names correct. I mean my it's my holiday is over eight crazy nights are done I can Humphrey. Really I go real big changes sometimes it coincides with the late in the right because I I hate to won't be the bearer of bad news but Chanukah. Based on the Hebrew calendar. Not the regular calendar that we follow. So did my last. The last day ends on Christians know until it it. It's based on a different calendar than earlier in we have different months different years. It's not doesn't go by just so happens that the month. Of the Hebrew calendar that it's. And this happens to usually coincide with the summer but there's times when I can start as early as late November. I don't know whether you're like actually. Like learning something or you just run amuck are you know that. Music that seems fishy with this one. I've been around again at three droughts you know I actually I did go to trust my Judy. Late November never heard of that being Thanksgiving Monica. What do I believe you were looking this up. This. And I know the last in London it's not very Julian a mile from his London berg bombs being bird idea. You'd give away. They got the shah's. Using a cheap. And I'm glad that I've got care a bit of middle realize friar tuck your life you. Actually got undercut that and the middle aged friar tuck and steamed away here's the thing where you. You're not cheat. With you. You're cheap we. In whom we call led being stingy. We're really emerged not Q with me. Oh no you. Is that new iPhone. I didn't buy it. My hockey gear. Which I've known as the tent acts. With a free I've funny moments on. And I let me tell you the though. And daddy and at what do but wait yet easy to breach of slugger. Awards way. Among whites that I Gordon's party who is going to be where an ugly swing. So you can Wear it at Michigan is where you re such a good pitcher as a two year I give your look like as soon. Nobody knows where an ugly sweater. A small. A lot of what what happened in the blood where to listen I. Don't. I don't win at least tomorrow here at the stations pajama day. The worst of it the hard rock. These are a problem bushel to the hard rock Marleau don't rove know aware and dump day here at. Look I'm wearing. Despite. Spicer for a moment I'm conflicted because of judge that in the hard rock in my little and boxers. Are now. That Tom showed up to the station's morning. My bathroom but I spoke to today that's like enough Paula for that trap that zealously committed slave is dummies you Silva pajamas every real snow closed the oldest trick in the book visit. Girl. And you shouldn't just in your jammies I can't even imagine what that might be camel. You miss it every year we're gonna lower we have Barack. But I'm coming to the building for so I guess off dormant dollars a year and then bring a white shirt where is my boxers over to the hard rock. It's. Nowhere box one of boxes haven't been seeded played Pete couldn't do a little bit outlook. Com click. Outlook a law against. It is out right a lot position a problem is my luggage is different kind of like it don't matter so grateful it. Okay. I'm a fifteen minutes. Okay. The. Good right now because we have a special guest and averages 1550. Minutes he had power by Jimmy and for about four South Florida's number one Jeep truck. And SUV customization shop. You're guaranteed to have the hottest floor by floor modifications in town called Chevy four by fours and seven at 65023446. Or go to Chevy four by four. Dot com Miami Heat pull it off a miracle last night. Really I mean they base that leads team with the most wins in the NBA they played. After all after alluding to the worst team in the NBA they've played unbelievable defense. Couldn't buy a book early on and they gave us the Olympic girl was in effect they. And I a buck not understand anything that kept him in a game may please don't throw men do so again defense. They were without James Johnson without justice Wenzel about drug without. You. Wonder. Why do you say no way Boston. Traded down. It ended it with a guy he really wanted in how good day guy is yeah I think agents. Or better selecting talent it's possible. In because they gave them their first round pick out another first round pick and got a guy anyway anyway. That's not that's not. Leg out of the ordinary there's I mean sometimes deadly he's bettered in two guys. Accurate and when if they would of kept. That bit and I understand it but there's also it's not just about better it's just about like you know we listen it's all crap shoot the draft. Yeah wait wait some times teams all the way ease. It right. Like oh okay. I don't guess they really needed. Any of the first two got its. You know enemy whether his full and ball ball. I don't think they needed it may not have messed with what they wanna do is an organization and they avoided them and their marital horrible circus kids. The reason why it's there and needed need. Yeah could you imagine I would not fly embossed. Although he is light skinned down down knowing you know I don't think you understand if Lamar ball wouldn't he would be the Amin. There the entire ball family in Libya would have to move there they would not be tolerated there are. Hijinks I think in sports are not tolerated up there. Riveting so slightly. Wayward where the tickets are actually. I like code would be well well what do you know bring to buy any franchise. That has Manny Ramirez. Oh and eighteen cannot be sane and we're a city that doesn't like hijinks. Many more room kind of lost patents. Manny Ramirez's hijinks. Were mostly relegated to within the confines of the ballpark. The I mean act like an ass hat. Alia the confines of the well stadium or ballpark usually not tolerated there but you know immediate kind of seek that out. Or give him a lap of course we know platform. So if you're if you're seeing is as good as. You say it is they would dad. Go all the way through media like hey this doesn't interest and a duck. I don't wanna get into a new and media because oil now because listen I love the city I love that city. It's my hometown. But the Sports Radio up there it what I grew up loving. I and where I interned were right there and got into this profession. Has turned into something that I'd I'm not a big fan of yeah. Especially I mean how they've treated Dan and I mean to it's just it's ridiculous but that's just. That's just me. But he get a lot of it is has signed picture of jeetz that BJ it's. Did did totally distraught that off. It has died dear pays for tender in the top of the picture. Tobin just literally cut into the building it up and off exit blurted I emailed it. You nailed it. Good enough today. Mike yeah. A so. Alana down out of the picture the put the frame a lot of who's our lovely sells us a might also likes green water I I colored double click like a double play to them she'd like to agree one of the great sports and McCain's man. Or boyfriend did pitchers tend to like him like scream water. But a lot of brings us a framed picture of Derek Jeter. And there are a black sticky is with orange or gold writing on the says. Jeter pays for tender and then on the bottom it says deadbeat jeetz so I can only imagine that Brendan Tobin had something to do with us. So. He emailed you he called you and told the news this in the bastards on vacation. Tobin also here's what happened yeah you're right I took him to be amused before slowdowns. Mark your Monday issue you called him instead I have a packet. And he told you put those sticky zone and listen I don't care if you're shaking your head in denial you want alana Tobin that wrapped masters involved in all of this he's go back and vacation. Go play this and kids it just heard one he's not a school okay. It's his son. You do good fun hobby. Something. It's lovely and vacation. Your tax our tweets you're promoting letters fury get a lot of what sticky than there are Jeter picture enough already. Seriously go to an iguana. One. Where to. Is getting too warm now. Knows what he's gonna be that the racing around yet he's got no chance that he does some things last night. Bill and it was amazing they played great defense. IE site I watched the whole fourth quarter this morning. And that carrier ring shot I thought for sure is going to it was going to and I was at the miss those roads like this guy in this moment is gonna hit the dagger. And I thought carrier being shot was gonna go to the vocal. Again. I got to hear Mike Inglis and just the relief and water jubilation that he had when Karim as a follow shot area. Diary Gaza City on. Two seconds marry. Pull up jump shots off the OK I felt by all of I would Johnson. So. Here at TD garden platelets from Miami Heat and number way does that I didn't I didn't like doing a good free. Or some sort of low. Just sound. I want to isolate the sound that Rothstein. Let's out because. You know he's not a professional broadcasters that does next coach is still within a mile down a couple of years. I mean. Mosul here's the here's an annual. Irene Johnson tonight in. Whose second Tyree pulls up jump shots off the OK I felt by all of Tyler Johnson and not being a guy who isn't that a. We isolated lives. Do you highlight that just the ides I. But again. And I was like a he didn't do. It and it. An episode you are but the you have Turkey on Christmas. Turkey. Holiday him hug day Turkey. Doesn't stuffed peppers among peppers here. Especially coming it was too late slide pound bags of Pampers yet what are you doing stuffed peppers may be yellow and green. Did have good rev 100 W Miller you have for sure like 110 people know what you get here. About cookie beast you would no doubt about. On John Cook any time you stuffed peppers yet there's a couple of soldiers. So you don't want to give exact amount. And then lose. So so variety it's like in recruiting crop class for you over sign or you overview that you get more commitments then. Then you actually have spots for because some guys my foot. You never know anymore. To airlines over selling the flight saw my god those rat bastards oh really. What are you doing. What are you doing right now I'm trying to mine lately you're gets of these things he's done as well laptops. And I never know he's doing is taxes ordering golf here or reply to the techsters know here's what I yet. Now I was actually working. Because I wanted to. Yup who's the casino sent me an email. K and a lot of times I get in formation. Data use MR read. From emea correct saw I was trying to do is get a little heads up on email because. You know I am a proud card holder of the similar hard rock casino. And so I get emails. And that's what I'll look report. So once and they can listen to your show live at the hard rock tomorrow marks from one to three let me know come say not yet come and go over the pogroms and on comes. Don't bring many years grad behind takes no yet a new give bush has yet no hot snakes. Good yeah yeah will be heard. But if they may know since you will give blessed in front of a roomful of people yes oh man you guys like it. At least once today. We just a row. Everybody had their rumba look over at us. Like what are you guys do it ended they start coming around because they're like. Minute edit we have with so much on a wonder what's going on every light you came here. The template like we can only year. We're doing Christmas on Christmas C. We used to do it. We RD book we got a Rosie is at the Chinese restaurant and the movie tickets. Jewish Christmas is and we will see. Scholars against. Their time from. Her. Awhile and I'm sorry for Whitman's first cousins. A beautiful take by text. You're forgetting LeRoy that's the same guide it would trade all those picks adjustments. Well is a better overall player Dante Dante to resist better shooter. Yeah and only looks so much better because ball lose or with your. You seem like his movie when he shoe. Why keep these girls all we hear it in exit. It ever be consistent Doran is my question doesn't you don't publish. Here's my question and you still think you're gonna hit thirty to 43 if your father. Says. Nobody can teach. My kids like me. Right. Why is this would have jumped up and. I am I mean because the first thing you know is that there you repairs they teach their kids. They teach him basic fundamental of dorms for. So like your your kid may be over technical. We knew she showed him how to do some of the same roof. That being said. How if you're such a great hole. Did your son in to them and a jump shot like that because guess what. You have a solid step Currie story. It would dale do we step. Made of substance that you may get the ball over is it. In just pounded him with because he says you're never going to be successful shoot the ball like that couldn't missiles small yet been kind of roll it up to. Force him to get the ball over is it. So. If you slow. A good. Why does this kid shoot over his left shoulder but he's right hand. I can't answer any question you're asking. And I have no answers for you on adults don't talk it. Now we're talking what he's a few peppers where the Jew westside area here we go moments exactly what to do. Okay you go get you some Groucho. He gets some shrimp. You get some sausage witness and do we feel like a little spice anything like Egypt to some onions. Okay. And did. You gotta go get some. What. Some die east tomatoes with either it was liberal tally is Karl Rove telling. You know that's a little spicy ones but I can have spies because you know everybody is like spice so we get out of some. A some diced tomatoes and some like dad you get to some Italian Greg cross. Gonna cook all that up you don't drain to meet did you go on tape there are you going to drain the you have to drain the you would. Tomatoes sauce. Re Indy gonna put the bread crumbs over top you gonna call the peppers cut coming clean about you gonna cook about bid to. You don't wanna go all the way to get too flabby and in you're gonna be chase in our terror probe over the floor okay then you go put that. Or blue bird crumbs over top. Andy gonna set that aside. You can do to deny before Gator ready in the morning. When you get up in the morning probably like hour before. Right here taken sprinkle you favorite cheese where there's months of real whatever over the top you know Roman a brutally tweet tweet by minutes. Good to go. Junior read more cooking tips after this in the ticket.