12-21-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, December 21st

The guys wonder if Kirk Cousins to the Dolphins would be a good idea which leads to a debate about who is better between him and Ryan Tannehill. Larry Bluestein joins the show to talk about the Early Signing Period in College Football and he breaks down the Canes recruiting class. The guys draw from the Doom Box although Beast is protesting that Tobin drew on Monday because Beast wasn't there to see it.


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Suited their production for the well suited. Okay. Total. Somebody said. No rights of members. Those are some people do dad could you would have to venture a little. Into the suburbs that you know what I mean. To the white people write about it who got him after everything there. And Alexis are Rivera but both games it was as low to complete wrapup of the game Lexus is who were not replied always an amazing deal. The budget every vote by force South Florida's number one Jeep truck and SUV customization shop and Jimmy and four by four dot com. Coming up about twenty minutes or so. Our boy blue. On valued disrespect and this I mean now you disrespect just when I grew up. We had a guy named boot to. When he was blue for different reasons. He was so black that we called the blue I mean that's far more registered at bats that now. Leonard loosely. With DA is he's the czar of high school foot tall and it is. Recruiting. You're kidding me I don't want a well. Nevada and it here in Britain and let's enemy list having come we just relax isn't. He's busy this I'm going I'm called on just relax listen let boost being liked. I think he had an organ transplant right I think everybody knows blue yet everyone knows no blow these huge down here for up until now he's been. Only heard on 560 to be Huey and they had an exclusive with them what. An exclusive. Dead denied though like pigs blood lead before when you sit in palm. And so. Now we're emerged were allowed a blue line and so. I reached out to Larry our Larry reached out to visit hey I'd love to come on the ticket I'm like let's let let's make history. So we're gonna have blue line. I granted it's on a separate matters that you like. Or are officer. Rihanna went out just don't think. Amid well you know like and get excited about the draft the world's Los dressed. I love the draft rates that I loan off. Robbie and I to do 28 days in the draft. Know a gate in this order. Coaching carousel for me coaching carousel instrument does not do well bureau told. The. Good way to blue comes on top. In this order this would be my favorite candidate coaching carousel. Followed by draft. Followed by recruiting. And I think fourth. Would possibly be. The hockey draft. You've line. Lot of Russians. Really. Is Meyer who it's. From bottom up. High school recruiting. To draft. Sharp opened EI. Rather be a bit of media I. Headline the Robby now. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true mirror. ARAMARK. And these headlines are brought to buy delicious. KFC which we were brought. Earlier today get your family get the Vittorio Phillip and KFC you put on the table so that part of the tree but the solo KFC. It's finger licking good. The way he's finger loosen up. Every two or got a blue. I. So. On the you. On the woody woody called the other colors and now let's start like you don't say like dog the palate of colors. Lou is guarded when you say that a big butt beat the spectrum the spectrum of colors blue and darker than black. No Brit. And nobles and those wants. That there's so black that they have that light hint of light blue it looks shiny. Now. Taylor's daughter and there you don't talk they note don't have seen those like. Virtual ball. You got to really understand it your white is the merger moments ago. So it's content so that we. Did you lived embossed. So you'll probably get really paid that much in the black folks are just being not even every. And that's. Everybody what everybody every guy like all smoke and light. He'd been in the suns this day he was blown. So we used to call. Air ride I'm telling you. Ask all you three black screen. Right. Honestly I have that bad you know you lost one. And lost one hostage and so hey I'm telling you. Ask all your friends pay. You have got to. The door door to door free yeah we're called blue. You look at I believe you. Rob Lowe he's got a little purple with a and I will call for. Ireland heat there and they're not an accident but they will be back connection tomorrow night because DOS not so what are you getting any of these guys back. I don't know and I I know I don't sons a little more long term situation but like. Too late I know the drug it was a game time decision last I liked. Is that a possibility they can they get someone back soon. Something what tomorrow starts back to back so I'm revenue is going to be coming back to them play back to back games well maybe they haven't won one game and then come back and miss the other one. Dance like a black corals you'd totals black black black crowes. Blue black like that yet they have that shy when he shy you see that blue. No but The Black Crowes the hard to handle. True to the school award. That. It. What do I get. I get a minus one. Well. We wasn't we want to keep the score. Where you went to a place where. We'll talk football who has no there isn't a football tonight. There's no kings basketball title back in action tomorrow night or Saturday morning where everyone call or coaster and there's no OPEC this hockey to to mark writes in order means. Tonight the Odierno watched the states of themselves the bad boy mowers Jasper allowable temple but it's a fight you. Oh how the coverage. Kickoff 8 o'clock 730 our pre AJ Rick it's on the call. We who's the quarterback is that you do move drew. But I know who like like when I get dug for it if I use always. Should gay history with that it is committed to. Write this. Says mama go back to grow as it is up by your bouncers and I'm like. To say. What good. Didn't. I mean. Generally speaking I mean relatively yes he's young but he's a professional. Yeah okay. And it paid do the job. And neither are we gonna stay the list. Okay you have to kind of say that way. It is not a hundred don't know Nancy up by you announcers. Age in her LeBron do agree on the on the border is sure I'd ever have I you've got a Bob Costas doing their day. Or jokes ought. Oh. And not one yeah. Is this summer won't say that Bob content Mountain Dew amp I you gave a radio. The wonderful broadcast partner great client wanna man and woman over there and Louis wonderful bill wiley. We are all pretty slow them before you go full suction movement myself. Stores where. OK. And Shane. EGO. I don't know how well he's been doing and I know is relatively right. You tried. It yourself out of this it's usually does. Michael Leiter doesn't let me. You and his. Yeah me. You making inferences that are not Kosher accurate easier. Another stunt designed anyways and he'll probably way adds temple additional seven point favorites tonight take a fight temple 66 exactly. I'm not rules of the coast though there are known what to Baylor oh and about one and eleven NB who's the coach had tumbled at least Jeff Collins whose floor is different according it is our idea Jeff with a G. He's going to be there Koji off easily yeah disposal Ngo monitor. Almost laughable for a moment and that's it right there is nothing else going on we learn about the Jacksonville Jaguars transcending trash can I and to has to do gaming that's. It's pretty funny. LeRoy espn.com front page story. Kirk cousins. They theorize could end up as a Miami dolphin. They have Jacksonville the next they have both adult and eventually they have San Fran and couldn't make this fourteen teams question. Question Indianapolis. Giants question. You think that's an upgrade over Tenet well that can be debated. This price so. And it straight up may be but they want her 'cause it's gonna cost not worked up his dealer over its own there and overpay for him. Easy looks like your quarterback. I think you read a ten L eighteen million and Kirk cousins a 25 million a year but it lets Lebanon under no. Don't care about mine did that leave the money out of it. Who's the better quarterback. Brian tells all these and he's okay. It's tight it's tight I think. I think it's I think it's preclude to the money out of it. Think it's pretty close. Both are. 500 esque. Quarterbacks have they chosen sides and good play Kirk cousins made to the playoffs and lost ten I was on his way to the playoffs until he got injured. I think maybe Kirk cousins and a better. You can debate based on what. Immunity to make an argument. Though the numbers I've got the numbers and economy okay ago. That seat doesn't fifteen cousins. 41066. Yards nine touchdowns eleven interceptions. 2016. 4917. Yards with a touchdowns twelve interceptions so let's just take those two years compared to two years old yards per attempt. And then from there. Okay it's relatively if you're gonna touchdowns or interceptions it's about the same. And now you are now about the same now. Now. We're trying to and it goes to show in Jack's. Kenny stills last year. But that's basically I mean technically it's a speed to market Parker that not no no no no no I mean proven guys. It's Z. Cousins probably the better offensive line during his time. All things you say and OK babe there even. You think it'll still be played for all because he's that you end Brian Terrell got sacked more times than anybody in the league as far as four year. And Abbie good to the ball over to one. 08 this article saying that Kirk cousins has a higher football IQ than right antenna. I'm really measure that I don't know did do you need. I cute roughly a life. We're about the first three years and there was a lot of that. Somebody should please let her cousins go to Indy. So we can have a chance Andrew Luck you do realize the guy hasn't told a football Angela is broken yet there are going to be leaked to news click here is someone asked me if Teddy Bridgewater below of the field oh no here we go. Here Riga. Now no LA too from him. No there there comes a time but always win. Somebody says that. And I have to like OK here's LeRoy. Temi has a far better way. That's not accurate. Fans because Jordan reed had more catches that tide and anybody in in the NFL correct. Did you had. A better running game. And mr. question you had more explosive guys on the outside about isn't I'll wait crowd. Crowder added they're happier zones are also it's a game I'll give you an DeSean Jackson have you been to Washington and what about dolphins and lines of this isn't right certainly you can build some credit for that right. Brit Brit what he's thing is is attending those who have had a weapons. Then. Although I think this actually or Britannica Mike Wallace who want to comparison with us on Jackson Jim and Michael. And yet. At my. English. Is a minute we're pretty similar numbers and Mike Qualls last year with over 800 plus yards to touchdowns. And another far off non us. Did you went I've pitched doesn't make it better. Summaries of the report which is if Hanna hill's ability to scramble is screwed up by his knee. Then you take cousins because the scrambling ability is what puts him over the Ted eats a lot of sacks. Yes. Or deliberate on the side the legend. The myth. The amazing. Larry boosting joins us. After this. I. And this. And Robbie is so high he. I think enemies Frontline and later Ryan Moore in Todd Todd total friendly dogs they arrive fuels and downstairs to me as stores guest slot for the two is that beyond comedians. And writes for South Florida high school sports. Dot com. Blue. Steen it has been all over for years. At least it was a blue. The top Bryan Murray meant. Good that you're the only well let's call me Brian it's slow heartbeat now now now not get better on your cry yet comedy colleague Brian we know he's a long enough it's fine yeah now my departed Mike Riley Raleigh is loophole in the sole signing day thing. My boss my my program directly led to say no one cares about the signing day thing. And there. I care. Know Dan I know you miss sometimes they have no misunderstanding though he used to always and talk it's not that yes it's important that these teams gave. Good recruiting class is otherwise coaching your beer QB job could you need players rise to win football game correct what I'm saying is bits. There are people in the NFL. Game and paid millions of dollars to select panel. And it's a crapshoot vein. Why you should I'd be impressed. I somebody get agree recoup recruit class. What is it doesn't necessarily. Mean that team is going to be any good because you're guessing even more then professionals are blue let's say you. You know I mean I I located at. If you're in your address. And you know may be casual observer may not be in uh oh. Michigan or Wisconsin gets that top courier or you don't remember back two that being. It's been pretty deep in it. But I will tell you LeRoy in defense. Which you just yet. I didn't like the timing of it I didn't because if you're going to do it. In February when nobody really cares they're not bowl game going on what they've done here is hardly uses. Well they made to art and the coaches look at marry a crystal ball. And blanket and all used to guises as an example what happened what that they abaco to over the weekend expanded it Monday Tuesday area. Which meant that they really couldn't go out and recruit over the week. And that hurt because that weekend when to bring mom and dad out that final bit. I'll like January 272819. Or John beads contain the University of Miami because his mom and him would be only. People on the last. They make sure that the red carpet was everywhere for an act that kind of get taken away now and when coaches go out. And they tell a kid posting you've got to come here because we're in this bowl would go to this O wait war. This week would Mark Green well the bad example because they get the spec that Miami pretty much had all those kids tied up. But let's say one of those other coaches that Butch Davis some of those guys that have the bowl game going on that would have to take away from the experience. In the tactical how can somebody help the living world when he should be with the players at. Stay 98 or whatever night goes along with the bowl experience so having at this time a year carnac real. It's just not it doesn't well with a lot of. And I can understand that you know make it what why should we care about recruiting got an old it's got that. The other way Super Bowl was over by then so everything was and it still may be a little of the attention Google wanted to recruit. Now that kind of bought in the try to heal. You know kind of wired that way into what is a huge time a year you've got the national championship game com. Not got a big Orange Bowl game Miami hasn't been ended in a lot. That would open should be. I eight bit and in some people agree that some people don't if you're gonna have a early national signing period should be the last two days or read eight ought. A block. Might be what he does start like it bent out of the way indicated to a really really committed it to going to that school are signed you don't have to worry about it. And spend your neck that seven month until February. Worried about the kids that gap that they'll. Yeah a buddy you've got to get him into that stadium. During that year you know that's seen years you can. It it helps. Believe me I almost went to Illinois went to a gay. Why not have it. The week after. The championships. Because there's like a week or two of Lowell. Right date. Yeah affordable season even starts so all the coaches say to. To ensure we were the first week in December it was over we ended December the first week in December the first game is not until December 16. Two weeks to have that bear. Give it. Waited to do some traveling the most of the major colleges aren't even practicing because they have finals. So maybe I noticed it. Yeah yeah. The dollar pointers well I eat you'd get bigger that right now believe that not. Deliberately been in every being an you know came down any nordic and the next two days that means the college coaches who are still involved in. Who didn't get their kids are still. Worrying about that that a worry about you know let an elderly got real ball have a good time and I were planted their own it. You were about gosh I needed he'd beat her next year or need a quarterback. So it's not a good time I'm like your idea I really. A solid a solid yeah. The other thing blue which is 1211. Is. It's also bad from the respect of if you've got a new coach writing coaching change. Undergo bar that I beat they're gonna have it every year let for years they gonna happen so. That you know that may not the air may be a balancing but that another one. I look at Florida and Florida State big coaching changes didn't do very. UT up 20 yeah though I mean an end to meet but it wasn't as dramatic because. Any money is and it got kind of a track record inning ain't built people all they see how we want it. And that it be state took that wasn't so bad and I would kind of like really hears these kids. Basically remember. It did because you're gonna go to epic you. Or US except when he was they're really heated debate didn't know Willie tech so nobody really knew Willie bag taken as apple opened to a I cute car by copper. You know from the pack well the it would ATP and these kids grow up because you and I know on everybody else knows them but these kids. That current or hurt them and you yep would Josh right OE a commanding karma because remember at the at a real good head coach united. Got bought that everybody would. You know I hope he edits start from scratch and they're doing it without coordinators say you make a great point. You know about that so. It but it's gonna happen every year there's going to be an I 670 opening every. Let loose dean writes herself Florida high school sports dot com he could also hear morris' decision. Adobe QAM all the time and he's been doing a follow in high school football and recruiting. Four I longer than I've been alive so you know he knows what he's talking about. Well Larry. This class bin all the Talking Heads believe that Miami got some great players who stands out to you in this class at Miami got. Certainly right up the bat offensively. Any claim not sworn being a Miami lack laps year when they did have a playmaker either. But comedic hit Pope out of south rate becomes that plane maker. It and the running back it well I mean you've got to. Good solid running back who can come in they have to come in and make it in the may. Is that a problem in and people who are angry that we get blown out like one why it would lose it or. The fact is in Miami duck and have quality at. And that's. That you showed how how great coaching got here because they worked around a lot of the you know there are a lot of things that did that the patient peace. But that's what I'm saying so you'd come and you need receiver playmaker you've got need running back Cameron but David got a Carol city. The rental and guard out of born in university near Daytona Beach area you've got two guys that really will complement they I homer I mean in and then you got a real. Big time our five offensive back. Need to work on a quarterback situation. Eat you know that was obviously. A bit rosier played well but. You have the play better than wealth to get. To get the ATP title in Libya are you know carnal fourteen so. They have that work on that they have a lot of bodies in there but yet is thicker but they aren't it out of Georgia that. Kudos you to rate in this guy and how well we're. Quarterbacks so those guys right there and obviously they'll both sides on they. They still don't have a defense to tackle signed not that the marriage been on yet you will. But you know that's where you become Alabama that we become one when you have a just our lack thereof. Commended beat back to back because of wind the net that can interchange in Australia are a lot and I'm surely you'll they'll tell you that. Everything's going to be won on it actually Albert B. Larry for me. I saw I have a soft spot in my heart for anyone the last named blade so wildly is junior the legacy coming in. Means a lot to me and I talked to Benny about him. A couple weeks ago. He has. So much that feisty as that his dad had and may rest in peace but it just just I know there's probably a lot of on his shoulders. And he comes in trying to fill those shoes which are tough fill shoes to fill what he's he's a great player. Yeah well Natalie the attitude that he's coming into coaching that. That won't let him get too high or low and that that's very important he comes in that he's got guys around in my it acorn guy and who always stay Kamal out there are no matter who he is Blake. Why they'll have experience and is there and they'll they'll. Yet go do that that rocket that is that a he are back class urban all boot. I think he gets right in the mix because they need that they going to be neat somebody's gonna. Reminder you know what type pandering Mario receiver coming over across the middle you're gonna get to now is great or he. I got so you need that type of dynamic. You start down the stretch they were really really lacking corner so guys like the idea and people like dabbled get a make. Widely it was heavily at that he went back. In their and you need so many quality died in her eighth is actually eating more than eight that they have to go against every week and they and the HP and all soak. Tremendous running into quarterback. It potential to have beaten back I mean I'm not thought about putting them on an island and I'm sure coach Rick band. You know would never let that happen but you know like Tracy how at a configured port I was on an island by cell at a fresh. Elk but that's not happening you'd get too much around and so that was he is well and and certainly you know my Miami always. At the look at at play on the opera the wine and you know Indy indicated that they got Campbell from our doctor Philip get to watch in the last two years on couple we don't they got a bit. He'll work in progress not. I think they're both skate or gave got to operate eager kid is more. More and gain remote but he'll he'll be able to be ready each physical and he he's got an opportunity at they got to get Cleveland Reid are not all they garnered debate it worked. He could bet at 330 pound kid that just you know delay on beat at the barn. He's a guard LeRoy loves guards we were lea or LeRoy is all about guards go home on my all not all the ball. NFL teams selecting guards in the first round out. Your out of Michigan not do well down here captors. Right in a bush in those guys the last couple years. I noticed a lot of time down here you'd think there may be they would do better on their quarterback. One reason why is indeed quarterback every kid who's. Redshirt freshman I've been to date did everything. In their power not to play him. There so we'll. I. Aperture they do well because and then you have a guy like. Bush you are usually has one about why back current. Eat we we watched him and you'd like nine year old he ordered daddy and you think that would those type of guy they could sell. You know they can sell that type of Obama I don't Harbaugh big time guy when it comes what it says to me like that crashed. App where he seemed like your counterpart though are they are ending up what more you. Yeah I mean well and it probably has to do with you know look at warehouse they didn't you don't win whenever you recruiting. Whenever teams over cloture or her or universities recruiting. They can always say we be again. You know down laboratory. Let you go a couple of the guys. Why I think made bad decisions but you know and the athlete may disagree with me in the last couple years are mark Walton and Joseph year beat. Leaving early I mean I think the year every decision is worse than Walton I still. Just. I I I don't think they made great decisions to leave early. Quote year we didn't obviously. You know especially when you have a Stanley. Mary Bennet family. At twenty years ago so he needed there to look out for him but certainly wasn't given the right to buy in my opinion. Well but on the other hand we saw on the last couple years and he did exactly what everybody was talking about when he went down it can be in the NFL. So to me why would you come back at. If you are caught up there and now back. And he would he would if the third round guy he's going to be around guy whether we come back go AB makeshift slot. Is that just my opinion it and. But you're a 100% right on your beat though he should have really played this out you know I know it would have been meant I'd tightening the belt go home and all that app. Make shackled by they pay up later so I agree with that. Well and I'm not so sold on the that I I think he kind of showed everybody what is it. You would know that better than anybody else you know as far as that. Always wonder. I always wondered now we kids coming out it seems like NFL's Luka for that Camara got a guy. You know like almost like a Drake a guy that can go outside that can create mismatches are simply more than two downs. Can we have your unique players and ZQ Elliott. You have to cure for Miller she you know there for an bet you have. Freaks of nature a plea to position but a lot of times they just want flexibility and a lot of running backs coming out. Never wanted to line college can't catch. He noted that big guys that you mentioned are superior tackled the tackles runner. I see a lot of these guys come out Amare and that the they're gonna everything else I mean and they and they feel miserable. Yeah because of the safety speed caught that this speed you know that is in the NF ballot is overwhelming. So the guys that you mentioned and you get that early in the that may. He has not want to say you are superior tackle to tackle water and and that they guide to who will get into the NFL for. Lou we hope you become a regular on the sister station. We were oh well love to have you around a no doubt about it Larry boosting everybody valmont Twitter at Larry blue screen measures South Florida high school sports report he is the best there's no doubt about it thanks blu. All right that's a good all right we'll on the island as a podium and that guy I survived an organ that sound like. I'm like I like them. Raised coup he's also the the material like olives they. Like. Chris Ryder Friday. Just. Are you. But don't just over. Chris are you and I are encouraged that yet. Yes a mood and Chris Rock you. The girl that looked like of Freddie Jack. Do you what you Celek Janet Jackson you come over here the more like Freddy Jackson is doomed box picks which Tobin already did a rat bastard I'd do this under protest. A tune protest next. No we agreed on a ball. My nay realizable recap of the weekend's games has he updates it rewards and lord. Couldn't agree on the mall friendly knowledgeable of the place you want scoreboard but sponsored by political W dusters course light and the Florida lottery I'll be doing this Monday I is. Is due box picks times. Doom box next time. I'd sort of say for the record I'm doing this under protest because I was not here to witness Brandon Dublin's picks and there could have been shenanigans. No they're going to be damage shenanigans without me here because none left plays hey you guys may have. Colluded in alerting you to over the easiest games. Listen. I am I'm telling you right now this month as being played under protest. Right now for the record. I don't care I I did. I guess I was three don't laugh. Sweet tuition at that the standings I'm I'm ahead I'm picking up for my picking four games if it before it's a sweet I'll pay you you update the sand iron on seven to. LeRoy is fighting to two. Told its four or five of these you're 36 point eight you recorded in the games or who's running down a Wii Wii Wii Wii and now we just take it to. Before. Yet and so on your views on us write these down Oregon down. Jesus you'll until I picked. Passed overtook the patriots in the bills he has the ball was in the chiefs he has the Steelers and the Texans on Christmas. And he has the bears in the browns nose gives off the point is that rat bastard Colin and tomorrow does picks her what's going on he's gonna get his picks and Anheuser do we have to get his pitch is important. Did he say way. Lately what you do with updating lines out dateline while because those are Ruble from Monday so this is our Thursday lines everybody has the right to the Thursday lines. And so I put the order and. Or doesn't screw up I am. There's no three to do lists the normal life yeah. Do we need them not only through until Thursday he how they. I wanna burn anymore trees would JavaScript moron. The colts at ravens why am not a Saturday game. Thirteen and I have somebody just off me and didn't even think that the drop. Off me blocks and Panthers at minus ten. Vikings Packers. At and minus nine Minnesota minus nines. It's another Senator McCain got both the Saturday as crappy games falcons and saints. Saints are from minus five and a half I don't like my games and all I don't feel good about the weekly Oregon had. Domino by Saturday who's going to arts. I'd say. Sought to the world there there's some chance that you could without going noticed that not with two ties. An eagle or for your 56. And two. And out East Coast for though he'd be set at six. Yeah. What do you think I must say Peabody to Merkel also. I have the jetBlue as as the 49ers. Who could judge who goes only a four and a half point favorites grumbled a better yes yes. I have the raiders. At that Ian Gold that from nine point Eagles nine point favorite one and a football Christmas night free hogs at the cowboys. Dallas is M minus five Zeke is back tee is back they go run him into the ground. And I have the Broncos at the Redskins that the sneaker. Washington isn't arena have forty favorite. All right so that means I am left with a the chargers at the jets the chargers going from the West Coast to East Coast and the chargers are six and a half point road favorite tickets priced petty. And I also have. The rams and titans the same scenario rams scored from the West Coast the East Coast. The rams are six and a half point road favorite too big West Coast road favorites on the East Coast. And I also have low the giants in the cardinals the cardinals are three and a half point favorites at home sustainably to be starting quarterback. And their final game the lions at the angles. The alliance or four and a half point road favorite I don't want the games this week I start the match ups. Am I wrong to say. Well only aid of the Packers and vikings posted big time matchup Aaron Rodgers came back now he's back on IRC got only their quarterback again not Saturday night prime time matchup that would all be watching. Are you Brett only you know he has a vet program is about this year. Yet but they're they're tough they're done that they're eliminated so I'm going to make you hope you never know to do with. The team has done. We got breaking news the Seahawks. We get the headlines go to the top of the hour so rob you'll have that for you LeRoy I will see you tomorrow from the several hard rock hotel and casino. We RB in the of the ballroom still did the government smaller yet but I told me the ball of tomorrow c'mon you visit saying hello. Don't bring your hot cakes I mean you can view our deadly royal a slap you down very quickly and we will wish you a good holiday weekend if we do not see you tomorrow. A back into tomorrow at 1 o'clock Curtis and her coming up. In about an hour with the best and let a target coming up to but wait for rob he's breaking news in the Seahawks go to the moment here and take.