12-22-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, December 22nd

With Michael Beasley having a resurgence in New York, the guys talk about the biggest "can't get right guys" that have long careers. Adam "Pacman" Jones, Stephen Jackson (NBA), Isaiah Rider, and Dennis Rodman were a few examples. The guys do a little 15 minutes of Heat but then get roped in to Quarterback discussion. Beast is cheap and Leroy gives him grief for inviting people to birthdays and making them pay. The guys make their Doom Picks for the weekend.


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Any particular reason why. Yeah he'll point out in a minute. Well those are the BY. One has righted that we had thirteen second yet. I heard the song and I thought it was another commercial. Yeah obviously paw I exactly two bombs night. Well those. It'd it'd it's no accident beast that they eat that cake by everywhere that beauty I. Age. At Dillon and Lyle Robbie with the songs let's get the headlines. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and W. This HD true Miramar. And these headlines are brought to you why Office Depot office Max you had to be here since three years so I don't know I. And security feels a ticket manager Office Depot office Max you deserve it. Obvious people office Max. Taking care of business. Dammit walked right and now when I I thought when humans as almost all of the low levels that's remarkable run or not we're not packed yet. Stuffing my face. So do well. Butler got Rob Murray tonight all lots of genius and I we will start up with an 8 o'clock tip off. The Miami Heat play tonight at home against the Dallas Mavericks. ME 7 o'clock is as little Tommy tiger pregame here names have an idea for more 438 it says is that there is weakens it David doing not Saturday and went Friday night tips as use of an 8 o'clock this year. Spend past couple years. And violated the full line swing the last headlines there was heat minus two now it's sworn to Dallas minus one. Obviously because they think she's the guys a couple reds who is in there but a whole blow. Red menace but I yeah obviously a self written. And no tuners were red. Well I mean no sushi. If the red on the inside. This tuna. Robbie. I was trying to get away from what it was going I knew what I was doing. I was trying to do some troll here. Trying to easy transition. You like that better than the yellow for India. Long into them and there's new hope both fishy in delicious. Anyways a lot of the guys up everybody was out for the heat the last game I gonna be out again tonight no sign. No James Johnson no justice Wenzel I know Goran project basis. They can't get right man and got another game tomorrow too well I wonder if there's a chance and these guys play in the back to back tomorrow. Because you know which I know you and I discussed it. But the yesterday that I mean it's a back to back. You know obviously these guys and her not win both games but. Target is close I wonder if he gives it a shot into tomorrow but not tonight tomorrow but not tonight. When you tried tonight. And that if it did have a nice would've maybe I'll win their next game after tomorrow night's game. I believe it's the 26 against the magic actually over a warmer gimmick of Brooklyn before that. The right so why wouldn't you. My question is is it your clothes why would you try to night because did you get an extra day rest yet the blue 26 as their next scheme after that gets the magic defense and then it broke. It. All and I by the way. I mean. The media helped. I mean I know that you cannot be in the Celtics but the lost honks it was pathetic. Actually the Celtics don't they lost last night to the next yes no well I think oh let it ruin their courage and a Beasley destroyed in last night in Corzine is what oh for eleven with one point and once it's. Heidi just how do you let yourself get beaten by Beasley. Well it's amazing. That we talk about the issues that Beasley hit down here. And I was like ten years ago. But Mike is still play and he's getting MVP chants of the guarded. That's quite like that it didn't think he was aided year. Peace. All. That's great tax questions at seven on time for him. Who is the biggest can't get right. That kind of wanted to have Lange's career. Never their entire careers that you're like up this guy can get right to run its and it's. And Ron Artest was great I'm good yeah dumber offenders and run hard yeah right. I found to detection rob Philadelphia. Aren't gonna pay this hockey tonight 730 yeah faceoff and you know that means peace means found at the regain Janelle you know I believe would end as an on the pregame no I actually confirmed this yesterday it is dawn on the pregame for the it's O'Donnell tonight on our sister station. 56 MEQ I am 7 o'clock am pretty. Yes and we all also there and the hurricanes are playing a little basketball tonight 1 AM Emily was our leader than that. Against Hawaii is part of the Hawaiian Airlines diamond head classic the canes are eleven and a half point. McDonald stayed in the studio artist K rod it is it is here right to confirm that two Nazis pipeline you know doing Woodson researcher here media people. And it opt out. About somebody. Since Nixon can we confirm or the heat wearing Miami Vice jurors. I don't to be confirmed that Paula you know. Oh by the way before we carry on. This hurricanes and the enemies brought too much simpler samba group in the grove voted passports or Miami but still logged yes it looked at by the new times. Everybody's fortunately score three veered toward the two teams in the football game scores McCain's plane Hawaii is 7271. At home. Hum. It's in the Beilein has dropped from fourteen to eleven and hassle I think some of the some yellow pontoon going on this petition going on. They did only beat Utah valley the last game by one point so they can't be Camby via that the her kids should be able to have. Win place I mean it's out into Hawaii to parents to be packed house number six team in the country coming to town. I'd be a little were. So it will we have. Ted had no. I mean if you come to a team in store but you'll career yours back. And you just become a backup for a long period of time. You've always been who you war. So that as an. Inch on the I don't know phone net familiar. Now that's I was talking about right. I mean just guys that. You never like yeah no you don't do it again. Actually joked. Lol OO that's Tuesday oh yeah and self Adam now OLY. I. That might be the Alzheimer Robby can you think of anything better than that and that's pretty good. The most can't get right player who's still playing or had a long career that Pacman Jones might be the ones right now because the house bid it. A year now. Who's the who's the next guy. Josh scored. He'd have to really got like. If you missed multiple years before you lastly I'll be played if you wait another six years dating. He got it together. OK. Fine but. And it doesn't really helpless looking into the future right. We have Pacman Jones would have to be I mean that guy that we thought because basically he took the same path that ends up. Right he was out. Yet I mean even I think even worse than on humans well now the question via. You have to give more to lose credit for that. And every as much as we say is teams are professional and they're put too loose cannons. I mean he did he does bring a lot of guys in. That other teams don't want the 810 all part. Support the war they've had some issues there to play. As Shane yes and I would have to Marvin Lewis credit for her for what he did. I mean. I mean it's still amazing to think where you think. When you think about where Pacman Jones started his career. Right. In the minds sports fan but he was the first to what it was extremely talented but he was knuckle. Might still be enough but he just hasn't together. Ronnie we think of I mean. That's probably the best one. I can think of anybody you know they don't that a long career is Mary. Those guys like it was back and someone suggesting Terence Newman missed on some levels that perfect. But as birthday. And but he's he's like I've just. As they would have been out Collins he wore number seven fare zones they. Seles is Dez Bryant. Now because he can't he's he's four and also I don't even. From team to team you don't like that one of the reasons of why we think of them can't erase that it. They can't stay in place because that's something someone suggested to. Woods and certainly I would say you don't get this deal when a Stephen Jackson the basketball player you certainly rule. The one that that is a good one you know. No doubt about it. I mean we're now people actually interviewed him and ask him his opinion on basketball. We in like when he played you like it do what they chose round. I was a little bit the writers. Long time news for about I would that he pleaded decade. My team beat he's not gonna be easily. So it was a shot that instant but that's just that god nobody got hurt logo image terribly shot series Shaun Livingston is just two guys that it's had longevity. Well. My gear blew it up that is again one. They're Garret blunt is do I do. The lead to ordinary candidate that it. Went. Back summons us Albert Haynesworth. Media played a much. Isaiah rider in nine years by the way. As we've league nine years not decades my bad. Here. Portland note if you think Gilbert Arenas good heatedly download even though. Go pay blood. In the golf world whoever thought I'd do was to be gulf that's a valid point against that one. Well. Right she. They Richie in college these well written 810. Well it is talented he does we thought maybe you'd be banned but. But here's the heat here. That situation. There was. No by. Yeah the growth re know now is in the pro. You nailed it blows to team. He moved around. You that you built coach which you coats. Like an side beaten. You should your coach out. To every employee. It right now we go back to the states. A joke outlived itself is Iverson so got his own self Alan I'm below those of the players sauces big bomb. Bebo is also out tonight for the mavericks he has a the play. Because he's constantly on him he definitely knows her what he's still got Contra you know straight. Someone says start bearing. I mean the back in his career continue to tiebreak in the that he is. Odd over the years yet now like man wow Phillips of the or Portland trail went whose team nearly two. Oh yeah me okay. With the boat. Chris. Liberal are banned hurt me again that's your art don't need to always get in trouble lead and it. Rob. I Google book all. Now we had a couple situations. Seasonal pounds and didn't play on all. Red though he did that on the bullet preliminary ballots. Back Randolph where he's just he just be mowed the old self. But that you don't get the shows that are is that schedule that he we didn't have high expectations. The different. Well now here's a guy. Given reapply fourteen years but he does that one. It's an equipment here's a guy I must say. It is crazy this kind of what he'd be an old basketball court it is rob. Like he was he cool wow how many teams play differently for Detroit Chicago San Antonio. And it's audio. It championships in no no he won't like 12 in Detroit. And through tools. Again I got there we always knew that I was only one of the best rebounder in the game. I mean it. Was. Like it enables him to be eight REIT I read it never had this quote. Darryl Strawberry about Iran and also played it was a lakers and when you with a duty bullet to strawberry did come back. Yeah I get three of you eat what you wet yet another reserves in Los Angeles for a bit until the big war as welcome there. And and came over to the Yankees and play for a bit there aren't any war you voted and were out of what. Iron. Yes elect. Do you thought that that was never going to be anywhere again. Well yeah yeah I mean it just busted like he didn't have the longevity after his issues really like Pia Ted Ginn or be. Who is all we can Pacman Jones blight on Beckett but he can't yet he kept coming back. Well no see you guys are picking guys. Rule. I would say. Our role he can pick OT. Here's one. I'm even though he's only. Rajon Ron do. And he knows how many applicants. Who are you know he's what he's system now content that's on. Get the game right. Right speed of the game we have a game tonight between the heat. Is is DR Jordan is. It does yours while he's out if pickles all day if he had him in Dion Jordan has any kind of a career. That might be the tops. We talked acts. And a. The team then yeah. Now. Yeah. Miami yeah. Here are the biggest power by champion for my course so plus one Jeep truck and SUV. Customization job you're guaranteed to have gone provides for modifications in town. Ultimately pulled my ports of an 865023446. Or go to jail before by the forward. Dot com. The heat. Tonight. Back home to get on the mavs. The mavs are willful ignited when he three they're two and twelve away. From the from the confines and Dallas 8 o'clock tipoff 7 o'clock is when it's as though. And Tommy tiger had your pregame she looked right here on the ticket. So Robby in the heat come back home. And there and underdog. Do the mavericks I'm guessing this is because of injuries the evidently dealer two point favorite to start the day and they knew it was going to be on now that it's swung to a Dallas one point favorite weird. This. You know what's also weird is on the ESPN injury report it has no injured player for the something's fishy something weird going on and doubly Renton and involved but we know with you. We do sitting at nine. UT doesn't run of the night that now they have to have bad ten the other night didn't think. Yeah so why would they intend tonight. You know it dissolves as a member of questionable we did know is hootie and the public. He yeah he believes tsunami to halt only in only nine guys played on his boss but they had been active in thing. I. Beat. Yeah I'm Matt Williams was DMP coach's decision right he was he right exactly yeah. He didn't play but he was there how all. Do you have to be. If you have fifteen guys on roster. Five or. Eight you don't get ones begin mid. Well that's like if you run it back in all of the work of guys get hurt. And the coach decides to go empty bag fee. Inaudible not that you blew it on this mountain right. On that toughness. That's a Parcells to Eddie George. It snapped his streak of starting so the first play of the series he he what I want to know back to you know storage a hero parcel like as a pastor. You know Lou is. These guys are. Bodes well I angst in the lineage in the coaching tree I get that. But politics used to treat his players better is their besides that well the thing. When you look at Belichick street. Most of his coaches they have more success in college in Indy and thought well. Politics coaching tree is not had I mean bill O'Brien the only guy that's had decent success. Oh Coughlin. That Parcells and Coughlin a Parcells guy and out of public. I'm trying to think. Boom. We all of those guys there's a lot of guys and you're a giants fan. He did you. Your eyes it out. And all the guys realize backseat was. I don't know parked arguable call Belichick guy. Now. Mangini. The only Il Lee. Yeah who. And it's seen in a native of law. Again on and a volume and obviously success comes at a bunch of coaches that went to college right at some success Dmitry off and he's done a good job out of the falcons yes that's right electable. Kia yet it was Brown's yeah as a football like mental coach Stan. I. That's death is no doubt about it he's the big four and one of them. Could he be yelling at the top Al groh. You know. It's teammates Jimmie was hit that Jim Bates linebacker coach and call master and Al groh. With a lot of Becker coat. And they were to Columbus coach. What do you do in the little island or is the only the only the only unit so so you look at this there is as it hopes though go. During during. But he won it oats. You are personnel. He was quote you Gil was a coach he was like. Eric Mangini deliberately. And Abraham like you're a seller called quality control quality control could have a job. In these two all the blatant dirty work like draw the right to scout team cards they've run the scout team. Stuff like that so we everytime he needs some redraw under Anderson but it wasn't the winner right. You were all you can hero practice analyst. The whole practice but. Though as those guys. On that's gotten me we humans it your playbook we didn't we Jim Bates. And Al Gore when Robert Altman's America violent rent out to vote on the call two more for guys right. Right beacons in the yes. So. I yelled across. They can buy these two and a hot as angry as coach. Oh yeah. Three. It. That they go so well who. But yet average down here and he almost got that's got to. Win fired indeed he got it into Johnston resign. Underneath stark and practical and states that go over in their right but that he may get the job. But he did you beat the patriots met Monday night when they were terrible one papers needed to get down once he. May Troy Brown covering. The author of all the drugs and caught a touchdown in the game but to be Thomas. Oh. I love the opportunity. No levs is difficult job and San Cisco. A Walsh laws laws. Because he has junkie. He. The coach oh we as a Holmgren right. Andy Reid he had a Dayton daily daily green Andy Reid did agree that does note that that's humbly yes yes and he had a bunch of other guys went on to you know. College and others I mean don't forget O'Laughlin coach Stanford yet. By later in his career very I mean. Jesus Dan. Alluded did. Like coaches and their coach. Dennis Green coach Stanford he didn't. Yet whose negligence yes and then Tyrone Willingham and Ruth and weaning him yeah. Willingham Willingham Willingham right because everybody go to Notre Dame married rentals. Moot as the Washington to boost the same guy who work Jack. That was the real ones with the signal no no no. Who artists do. Could dent know I know I don't mind knowing all. You. In the end. It was reject their real went out like. Like a biker guys get the black leather jacket yeah. Robbie any other hot takes on the heat number X and I. I despite the commissioners act just like the heat and are you getting a point pistol Pete the heat should win pretty easily tonight doubts that. Do you think Kelly Alina ID ID words and Atlanta. Record was no. OK can tell Olympic follow up is 32 point six train night. With eighty another successful outing you're gonna need it. I think somebody also dropped 32 I don't think it's Camille Little. 32. Dion Waiters got to get up to the basket. I don't know man Dion has been not so he has lived. Yet he's he has the last I don't know this ankle. Or I don't know where this midsection looks like mine. I. He does look a little Portman. I mean we keep getting pictures but how will but I will say Vizio later I will say this which the stomach virus could help win you have. An ankle. In all you're doing is trying to get help before basketball via. That part of aegis you you don't worry you don't worry about what the conditioning part of a sudden April you just try to play it. An excuse works really. The blue paint if you put the boot if you put wheels on them on the boot Zoe left it input show which are right. Right foot a couple of line it is it is a record reflects lower. Actually that's a great idea like will get a skateboard with a match like like. Like almost like snow portly like they call the would have been the findings on skis or snowboard or whatever it knowingly Canada the UK dude on a skateboard you can put your Clinton you can't do wanna. 'cause when you fall you need to skateboard to go Obama. You don't have that things looked at bio on it on on EU they ought to do come out when he also hold him uses Google Mini. Here any way to know because when you follow these are followed us know board date date your abiding but they click out you click out there is no. That's not hard as earth now I've that I could develop something I'm gonna go home and work on it. Tumor to revolutionize. This guys transportation I had again you don't know she could do but it's time we do that but you can develop a workout regiment and stick with debt. We actually made it at the questions like if these that you team and almost intimately related. And you run in them all and he's what is it. Actually have to break a run to keep up with could be just like what along that you like unlucky. There's no if I was running Buick in law and we beat the same thing it's like. Under the amount of months that you run at the worst is I can or less are run it was and to July 4. We have to run. From where we got dropped off and Battery Park you take. The ferry out of the statue of liberty and we were like the boat was leaving like three minutes and I was I can and second out of the family of seven. We didn't do that they they do but I didn't panic on that excursion because my sister line 21 report. I don't know the no I don't pay studio wanted but. I. Show you how I didn't I. I didn't go. On that portion of the excursion. Because my sister alone wouldn't pay for me. It hurts urgent and look at it. If any party. At a restaurant. York what's. You got going. And everyone knows the rules and the birthday note here is ruled him when his own thing you pay for the papers note. Here's my arm and let's that your house if if I can't. But you do though they've known al-Qaeda. That might be how it works in the you know upper Echelon tax break. Old. That are broke and don't agree investments. Listen everyone for themselves and don't pay is an ever bridges in the paved the birthday party to. How would end it we have it at my house. Over my house I've providing everything. You don't glory. But mighty house. Instead. It takes more important. He's the Brooke businesses. Which it was easy. Lacks one in the. And sick again. Back here on the ticket I just a lot of it was parents would let them on Larry. It. While ago with a thank you so much it's nice to use it don't. I'm anxious down. News I could be about 78 of them coming up. Figures out this guy is literally single handedly saving the radius and pay you the man purse that. Here it is debilitating. And just I mean millions of load I've no idea what is deal is line. But. He's everywhere. Always has a smile on his face. In pairs of may have heard he carries a man purse may be called the Sox. And there's a quote me is that more badly as the keys on it. Yes I have no comment. Well a VA. Jan got it. 11 day I wanna talk to Daniel over like a class suburban about his life story. That he would be interesting but I don't ready I haven't let the conversation over liquor which means. Life because I don't know that's good. Everybody do start wanted to do are you hug you cannot get hug. Out of touch and hug and there I. I might lick your face if you won't. I would go along with the duke next you know it Robby that rat bastards of intent to the men. Disease powered did you. Listen he's not here. But he's here. Again and I know I've never met someone who's been around like he's going to be on vacation for nineteen total days. Yet he is all of them are text are tweaks yes everywhere he's even post stuff on the station FaceBook page okay. Vacation Robby what it told them. Currently has the ball in the chiefs the chiefs at ten and a half point favorites at home and he's going with the chiefs to cover up expressed. Generally blame. The bills are at the patriots. Other the patriots are twelve point favorites at home he's got the pills taken twelve points these on the right passable. And he's got the browns at the bears. That the bears are six and a half point Bieber to home he's got the browns. And this and and six and half points every time he's beat the browns they book cover. So it maybe that this or maybe the best chance for the bronze to get accordingly covers dot com 53%. Their customers are making the rounds so. Not a bad about that according to the website. Robby and he's also got he's also got a Christmas Day game the Steelers at the Texans know Antonio Brown. The Steelers are nine point favorite chains he doesn't he has no idea about the Steelers on the road it's a bad team rule he's taken the Steelers covering the nine points at Houston. Oh so you're you have rule with this boy EST was on the road it's a bad team they almost never covered but solid rule. Harry it was going to be a position. I'm so conflicted on some of these games. I actually colts at the ravens. Baltimore as a thirteen and a half point favorite. The Saturday game right. At its Saturday game via. Now third two and a half points is a lot very but the colts are horrible ride rule. And well every Britain's idol doesn't work. They covered last week. The ravens are 86 or foreign to a home colts' only won one road game but we're talking about for two and a half points to a lot of points. I'll take Indianapolis on the road. Sion circle at a much she. The Minnesota favored by nine against the Packers the Packers have given up I think the vikings. Also Saturday night TV to both of the soccer yes OK now we get to the the Sunday games. Falcons at saint saint or five and half point favorite I'll take the saints at home. And this one has been little perturbed because I know we're twin wanna go that I'm worried about it books at Panthers to ten point spread. I think it's too many points and to the box. Is this. This has to be record for a number of double digit favorites or touchdown politically there's some horrible games region very. I think I have all the RE going to rob -- ago. You go we were are and the Broncos and Redskins Washington is the three and half point favorite. I would take Washington the Broncos their quarterback like stability a team that. Inter receiving it out so could be brought us once again. The guy keep jobs. Full out which he has he wasn't you'd think you'd be the because he's vocal in you Vista bridge is that right. Snow blamed. The next 1. The 4 o'clock game I think this may be. When is the jags I have the jags have the 49ers. Jacksonville want to have we. Favorite on the road. I like what the foreign isn't doing let's go go rob below. But I'm never gonna pick against. The monster com Liz Campbell. I'm taking in the Jake's. We have the Seahawks and the cowboys that's fortunately five. Now this is minus five. I'm gonna take doubts because their home. Let this I mean there'd been struggling us so we'll go with. He goes back gonna have like forty cares because we don't try to get sixty we support. Where to work out of him and what game. It did at 830. I even know what night it's a it's a Monday night it's Chris Wednesday night. I have raiders and Eagles the Eagles are 89 point favorite. I'm gonna take it I'd just like. The Eagles are rolled and I think now. I would thereby edited to be where. Nick polls is at some Boeing gonna go all meatballs on this into words. But he does have a really good team around him in if there's any team that who would stand. Moves that their quarterback and still be able to win some football games it is the. Our faith as your Major League leader for the month. I'll start off with the chargers had to throw that in there don't bring up facts and from YouTube app. I do about our. The chargers are the jets. The jets are six and a half point underdogs at home if the chargers coming from the West Coast all the way east. Eight award the jets they saw last week they play with right. They have a lot of pride Todd bulls he coached them up they are they had a chance to beat New Orleans last week and they were humongous underdogs so I did jets at home the charges coming from west to east. And the jets if it was a pride and gonna hang around co over the six and a half points. All right of the Detroit Lions at the Cincinnati angles. The lions are four and a half point road favorites at a debate was to be the opposite of the jets and it is a huge died last week at Minnesota. Could be the coach is on the way out it could be just merely give the season over with mode I like the lions to cover the full one half at Cincinnati. The FLA rams. Traveling east to take on the Tennessee tied to lead the central time it's not quite the East Coast the rams are six and a half point favorites on the road it's Tennessee. I had to tens he's playing bad football right now they don't know what there are right now and the rams. But this ruling blowing people allow Todd Gurley is a monster on the rams to win big in Tennessee. And my last game the New York Giants at the Arizona Cardinals. The cardinals are three and a half point home favorites with two stand at quarterback. I meant to the cardinals the giants are any good even in home not going on the road on its cardinals to cover the Korean half. But any chance of not losing. Sir the only one Veba but I told you three at six and told it's 15 in the forty's is picks again you really got two more games to. I know enough which we are four games. Yeah on to say you'll know you'll know you're situations on Saturday night. Finally get to use a Saturday so I get those right and I'm in it to win it then you have a chance yet even if you get a both wrong and it is still a chip Reid go to two until it was or don't look at it needs thousands snakes. I think he's good in the chiefs the bills of the patriots. He took the bills applause twelve will be wrong there whatever it is at least gave an individual way of doing in tough Steelers Texans. Steelers are minus nine at the Texans oh I don't know about that that number. And the browns I think is a shaky pick so. I got reports business and the chance. To more chances no three Morton's. Now for this month ago. Through which is the night of infamy we making his picks. Nine actually in January right right we have this into we have low ball how we do it at our bull thing. Robbie opponent for an opera producer Dino wind is still kicking everybody's that kids. ABC. By you do if she wins. We we should all have to throw darts. Yet. If she wins we'll have no doubt now and mayday business. And again she's acted cynically weighed in with that she's like them to goes boom and a more broad daylight yet. Really. If you lose the lying you all of the the war for supporting yet a veteran for c.'s Ty would beast at the top yeah. And the three of us Tobin LeRoy myself rock tied with World War I game back the top so that. Everybody in public. Yes current. The Lang. Now editor at Bellevue bears. No I don't like a game icon and one game behind Dina I shall not throwing darts sorry. If you lose to the my god the road that's not the rules. GCC. Illicit things yes real she could have asked Phil I know she did which could ask bill I know she did. Or babies she secretly console also launched. A by the way dean is gonna a couple of other game is Ohio's destroying UAB announced. All. It realizes she picked Ohio beastie picked UAB and all three of us to view a beast is gonna be alone in first place after his demons. What does she convincingly beats all of you it's the only job they throw you on the odds though she quit. And here. Maybe we should talk more sports on his dance show. Been in complete knows this usually you're a fighter we did it. Others say no I everybody is ideal line. At night at what's happened over the guidelines the sports although over the shark you do those two hours he wants their facial hair. Oh. It is a happy merry merry and happy be safe these these say don't bring these guys these they a lot to offer grandma's eggnog. And that we see about there hope you have agreed on the season I'll be back next Tuesday. As we do the morning show for those guys six to ten Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday I'll be back Christmas Day actually Abby back Saturday. Tomorrow noon to three and then I'll be back Monday. One to 230 just a little both alleges that yesterday usage of words she. And I always yesterday. It was cheap today on cheap steel later on the day.