12-31 Aqua and Orange Pregame Show- Hour 1

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, December 31st
Game Rewind, Chris Perkins Interview, Around the NFL

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. The puck away and orange crane games ago. M 790 NFM 1043 ESP two that ticket. And preview. Eyes ears prick like it. Seventy. Season finale New Year's Eve. The addition of the 2017. Popcorn orange pregame show on bureaus Greg likens broadcasting live from the sim not a mystic is studios here in south Laura please we joined again by. Rashad Butler former stand out offensive lineman with the University of Miami enjoyed Nate you're a pro career six of those seasons where Houston Texans. Rashad great to have you here on the show again unfortunately. You know it's strange that this the seventeen week season in sixteen days for the dolphins which all came in rural banks hurricane Irma. I've gone by quickly it's been a strange season but it's have been fun nonetheless though it's too bad I mean. Great to have you here is too bad that do. Our pregame shows we've done for the year though I'm though on the well like I just was gives started last week in. Already it's come into amateur and and it is good to you have a nice Christmas holidays of the family who. Great Christmas. Christmas every year now I mean I hate to say this is getting more pensive because I have two nieces and nephew in there. Growing really fast and I am a son who's run the same ages demos well which is. Are around seven A so. Yeah I mean. The more morning you know that I guess Christmas is gonna be more more expensive and that this is that. Right and I would imagine the demands some Santa Claus getting larger and larger as well yes all of that that complicates matters is certainly it just led dead. OJ in it together with family noticed is that it is I agree I I find then perhaps he was well it's great but for me especially my mom comes in it's out there and yeah we get together with Culver Brothers my uncles on and we finally gets them like really good home cooking yet which is terrific. Now his ball up at a much cooking and I think it's my girlfriend took him but my mom you know make some traditional do meals we've loved for years since then but the problem I don't usually eat like that so now I feel like oh that's worthy come over the New Year's resolutions were you gotta kinda get back into. They're normal workout routine and all that stuff right as well you know. When that's one reason Islamabad. There's a mean Thanksgiving and Christmas is that you know are being it's an excuse to where you can just schoolers justice and I should say you appetites so. I look forward to those two holidays and I don't hold back on hold at all. I'm with you right there that's it's a good time. By the end of whatever year this case 2017. With that one always everybody in our audience happy holidays in early zapping your everybody in our audiences is unique experience were on New Year's Eve we've got. Football and for the dolphins are playing at 425. Idea a big New Year's players Cyrus on. Right now. No bush. It is early still that's true you know we do know that you on this holiday. Most the most over the find out where we're doing until I wanna say may be around you need time you know RC late afternoon so. A sincere about five or six arsenal you know what I'm going. Okay there at that point adult was Mary Downes when he won nothing. What goes on feels that it had an athlete that all I just didn't talk at all about that dies we get ready for a others of my illusion of power program. Before focus on the dolphins and bills something that we've done customarily honest programming. Most of the season we've been talking about victories and fortunately. We can't after last night would do wanna talk about the Miami Hurricanes game is finally played real time off between the end of the season ACC championship game to the Orange Bowl last night unfortunately the hurricanes ball. Soon the number six ranked Wisconsin Badgers 3444. And hard right seem intrepid atmosphere of their last night case that a fourteen to three lead early in it looked like you perhaps video the under the noted any gaming and that night game at a hole we were the other users and I was right enough on fortunately of them badgers came storming back Alex Horne Brooke there. Quarterback that many had. Not criticize entries if fifteen interceptions this season but he's two for touchdowns and they ultimately win 3444. Wisconsin nearly forty minutes of possession game. We Croshere did struggle number 262 or three yards a touchdown but three interceptions Michael badly missed a pair Google's so. It is in play a perfect game didn't Wisconsin did you of their own business what was your overall take on things. Who were it's Wisconsin's offense our vote it was a great way calling our mask to pour in a way to Wear Wisconsin. Really did a good job of our being balanced and keep being. Miami's defense guessing I mean. To have the running game going to have the passing game going I mean he was just. A lovely sight to see you know especially. In college football regal seem like a lot of grossed out offenses I mean the only. He market income that runs and offered similar as Alabama in going to be a lot of people do the read option like we do when they do. Little all the wrinkles. We inside of that book. I mean Wisconsin aftermath of Arctic now and then because I mean their quarterback he played a great game and those receivers minimum me. They meet greet catches when they had two there's a meet a lot of times Miami's defensive backs were right there bush. I mean Regis came over the kit. They did your right nozzles actually frozen half early ages awaited him being completed and we end. They count I was that night for Wisconsin Lewis who so congrats to them tomorrow and you know I think big picture although you lose the final three games this season for the hurricanes. Ten wins. Under mark written his second year what's your overall perspective on this two year tenure so four from mark Rick what the future holds. Spot I think he's a schedule on. When you say this I think he's. Ahead of schedule because if you would ask me going into this season. What would not have expected from Miami empowered to told you that you give me now wins that's great. Well I mean be exceeded nine wins. Attend and really I mean. There was a game in Pittsburgh and FO that we should know who also army our boat that we can easily been sitting here. As you know each level winds may be twelve but I mean that's heated I mean that's either here their book on the use of the schedule. We'll wait for him personally I know he calls a lot of the plays offensively I would like to see him go out. And get off this coordinator and kind of take pressure off of room. And though it's gonna be some great competition our quarterback position and a lot of people are really are satisfied with only among leaks Rosie is. Sees an issue that was coming up and down and inconsistent at times on though a lot of fans wanna. Wanna see who's gonna sound its him who's gonna. We should mention him a spot. Right now added a lot of buzz on the cosa Perry before this season exactly today and yet so yeah it does make you think Adobe pats is quarterback competition perhaps a change yeah yeah correct forward so. Lots and it's a story lines but congratulations the Miami Hurricanes as survey their back on the map for sure we are they under Mark Richt and her very. Highly touted recruiting class coming in so things are moving back in the regular Russian Jerusalem program are let's get to the matter at hand of course we've got. Plenty to talk about on today's show and provide a preview of the six and nine Miami Dolphins home match up against the eight and seven Buffalo Bills your hard rock stadium kick our exit for 25 will discuss. Why is it for 45 in a few minutes but coming oppositional rebuke. The policy's implications in this game for the Buffalo Bills of force and our revenue for the Miami Dolphins will talks of Tennessee football Chris Perkins will join us next segment. We've got bill sideline reporter sell pot should joining us eleven. 11 AM and then at 1220 at a BC and the Miami Herald will join the program plus levity breaking dolphins NFL news. As a rises over the course. On the morning early afternoon before we delve. Too deeply into this week's matchup let's get a refresher how things played out last week in Miami's loss public Kansas City with our game reward. 53 touch backs or bunker but this will be taken at the one by speeding you came grant writes I return crosses Detroit five. And that is buried there but they return to the twenties. We're gonna say okay. Do. Kansas City. Eric Johnson had ever. In his minutes. Alex Smith goes to Indianapolis and give this a memorable day for the change kingdom that Kansas City Chiefs have beat the Miami Dolphins running down. We'll stop. It's just really hurt us. Always always had a good plan going in time got a couple situations. We could use some of the things that we had planned. Really just couldn't find a way to did you assisting him. All right there was in game rewind. Dolphins lose that she's won it under thirteen of by the way I was at she's radio network and had to give them older credit or somebody called corny somebody on a creative but. Where eggnog reference through Santa's sleigh around prisoners so I'd be elected known on Christmas Eve that was appropriate I guess. Yeah that's a week ago on Sunday bush. The most serious matters a dolphins were officially eliminated from post season contention with the loss Kansas City clinched its second straight AFC west title. And let's let's start with the postseason reputation on this Rashad because dolphins missing the plows for the fourteenth time in sixteen seasons. Other also finished with a losing record for the eighth time since 2006. It was the seventh loss in the last nine weeks from Miami so. Not a very good into the season to save Elise went big picture here when you see them now. Missing the policies of fourteen out of sixteen years was this say about the franchise. Man. It's tough because. There and in division with the New England Patriots and as long views the patriots have that one before marriage with Belichick. Him Brady it just puts Miami. And buffalo and the jets. Behind the eight ball. And now I mean you know you're competing for. Who well court spots which are hard to get you know because you're competing with a lot of other teams and so out of AFC conference man. Mean it's it's it's tough for me less Brady just you know has off here which I don't the keys hadn't. God knows an enormous he gets hurt you know maybe it's almost. It's this is just tough men I mean it's it's hard for me to make. Fair our judgment on you know where the organization is as a whole when you know you deuce you're an individual with. The team that has since set the standard for you know win in full plus games you know each and every year. That's true defending some rule champs and look like a bitter recorded reports are gonna play to win today's locked up that number one's feet. In the air sea. We got to get into the minutia of this game in particular are bigger picture I think. You know we criticize Jay Cutler last week because it reporting its buffalo. But this past week you lose both drivers later Kenny stills. Turning the ball over fumbling and India had some missed tackles on defense the red zone offense sputtered. Off from most of the game. And just in general you had some relief ill timed and you can say some stupid penalties number and it really took a team back so overall an a in this blaming anyone in particular this is a team lost and you could tell that the chiefs were just as he better. Alerted and they look like a playoff team compared to the gulf. And you write you write a me a city before in December you wanna be playing your best hope blow and you definitely saw our. Who teams that you know were on two different paths and the chiefs were on that path of when their best football I mean the chiefs have what one in three or four games now in a row. I mean from. I guess there. Disastrous November enemy when they were just losing him in now you have Miami which you know. Had a chance commitment to the more December to have you know possibly our contest for you know over our course on AFC in the just want to invest well and you know you you do a piece on a Sunday. Yes and your writers got an a microcosm of the season as a whole I will mention as it were a little looked ahead to the needs of this team in the offseason. Audio defensively. If we're gonna take this game is an example on bailout more than 400 yards she's converted 50% of the third downs and broke. A lot of tackles is all things they need to shore up this offseason whether that be were personnel moves or just some different coaching whatever may be on offense. They scored just wants us on the go oh for eight on third down mentioned some of the dumb mistakes as well also. It just was of a poor performance. All around with that in mind we don't need to dwell on that too much rule out lets get to today's game because I think bigger picture is looking at through the week seventeen action a week ago we had nineteen teams still a lot yes there's certainly that number is diminished quite a bit and today. When we've got. All AFC wild card teams that have implications towards that starting in kicking off with 4:45 PM. Eastern time and so those include Miami and buffalo in Jacksonville Tennessee the raiders in the chargers in the Bengals and the ravens so that way every game matters to them and they'll be played the same time do you like this were shot where. We won't have a couple these games kicking up 1 o'clock in the depending on the results say for buffalo if plug you know will describe what they need to have happen but say if the ravens beat the Bengals and also in their play a later game. And they have nothing to play for an. You know I love because. Okay I'll say this as a fan I love it as a clear in against. May be. Not within the game may be because as a clear. Well start with. Maybe now because you scoreboard watches to whereas usually you know if someone please before you know you know okay where there is game as meaningful. Or it's not mean now we all know that you know every game should be meaningful free you know your individual performance put. I mean at this point in the season he you know you you wanna know where you gonna go to the literacy or not. But at the same time you know I guess it's good because you know I. And you just you have to play to win so I guess the NFL this force and a lot of these teams. And our school or watching on me or to not know there I guess their destiny. Their fate before their game so now some you know what. You guys there a way to win right away so I mean like I I get from an argued from the NFL stand when I did from a fan's standpoint but. As a player I mean in the Sharm qua city early this week that you he's deadly going to be scoreboard watching intricate. You know in the army how to I don't know if that's a good bigger bet because you know you want that clear to really focus on the game you know as far as you know what's going on you know moment to moment. I think it. Will provide the Tesla fascinating sequence of events where were you a woman Watson dolphins bills and then. When we're seeing those other three games would be every school or suddenly that could change the outcome of who's in the years seat. Wildcard spots just so everybody is aware buffaloes alive. And they need to win but that will not guarantee them a playoff spot in the looking for the first playoff berth by the way since 1999 Middleton. Longest drought in north American sports so. The bills also need a loss by the ravens against the Bengals seemed or losses by the chargers and the titan speed the chargers play host the raiders and titans play host the jaguars. On the other side meaningless game for the dolphins we'll talk a little bit later about. We're the motivation comes from for this so Miami team I do wanna update a couple of other things. Matt Moore Damian Williams Larry console doubtful to play we will not have the inactive list because the game time. Is it for twenty five's level c'mon at 3 o'clock consider of our normal Levin thirty years those we don't have the benefit of that. Seven of the dolphins are questionable according to NFL agent Rick Kessler on Twitter his client is next era will start at left tackle for Miami. He's a 693 under eighteen pound offer to tackle out of Nebraska was appeared in five games during his NFL career. Great experience today if norm to to get in there and you know. Dot I knocked them past judge Rama and always been buried on the d'etre and so does he went. What do you think should Jay Cutler be worried are you think this is a great chance for him to prove himself bomb on the NFL low. I think it's a great chance in the proven so from the and a polo who are being the dolphins are basically saying to an unpaid. We wanna see which you can do because you know moving forward into your season you know we wanna know if you know we can keep you on this roster you can you know compete for our swing tackle position anxious so this deputy for him. Is a huge game. And us deftly are discussing a job interview sorrow and Jacobs should be worried accepting this kid is gonna lay it. You know really really hard is gonna try to play his his best so I mean though and actually put something great Alltel. So frantic code in the army are really when the army I don't I don't see this kid going I had taken his game right of the year you know not playing well. I mean there as you point out this kind of settle these guys on the line is that said it is so certainly we dug a motivational some of the greater team motivation both for him during the no no no bigger motivation to go out there today one of the know which will get into more detail of the letter Vermont also girl Miami Herald reported this weekend. Now at a show after has also. Reported that Adam Jason let's as did David sales. Some time at quarterback today. In place to jade palace of colors to start. But toward we'll talk more about that as the show goes on what is concerning a lot to talk about today in a game despite the fact it does a much meaning for the dolphins do you know a lot of different story lines special looking ahead to the 2018 offseason coming up next. On the on AM 79 FM one a 43 HD to detect. Pregame show. Alongside her shop bombers who looked at today's meeting between the dolphins and bills from hard rock stadium course 45 PM kickoff today marks the 170. All time meeting between the two teams with the dolphins holding. A 6144. And one all time advantage though buffalo is three and one in the playoffs and buffalo is. Still in contention for a playoff spot which is more than know what. The dolphins can say as we enter today's game for more on all of that looking ahead to this offseason as well we're gonna. Welcoming crisper install beat writer opens you're from the soft warm sun cent a mirror every week right here on seven at a ticket from four to 7 PM when he joins us me Ryan fuels and bouncers can be sourced guests lined they're truly steps beyond comedian. Good to have you on is always an early happy new years too are you doing. Our man you know what I personable early happy New Year's triple B yo man they had removed the game back and stress the beat the government. Out at the at. Who they they did and I I was curious Burke how that's gonna affect your New Year's Eve plans because you know you gotta get you know all the postgame stuff these. People assume just in general when the game ends the game's over they get to the personalized with four. The beat writers and four per agrees that that's when his work really begins this was after the gives a saws is gonna affect your plans for tonight per well. You know look me in me and my girlfriend looked at home on new years we shield because we can Google or balcony and and liked. No joke like maybe fifteen or twenty firework show. So. We picked them I don't smoke so we just chill let you know I'll be getting home a little bit later I'll probably be getting home well I think there but like so not. Not too bad but you know hooked up but not there to make you go to Rome below your breath a little bit you know. Right if you found associated with the way the season's gone your idea aggregate was it random or ours seems highly unnecessary things yeah well let's schedule makers that are. Of I'm asked Rashad has so little bit later but I wanna get your boldness is well with the finale. Upon us if you had one word or phrase to describe this season. What would it be and watch. Disappointing. You got that name was gonna make another run at a playoff appearance may be not make it but make another run at a playoff appearance. And the way that B opens played well as well as. Disappointing I think there will be inappropriate term profit and in that five game Lugar and street just really. Pretty much put you out of any realistic playoff hole I know you have the inwardly Olympic respect respect and that gave you a little bit of hope but. Disappointing is comedian the word to describe the scene. Or did you feel that this season would have been a little more let me ask you this. Do you think if any he'll stay healthy do you do that the dolphins wouldn't be in the position. As to where Baltimore birds in the C news. Coming into this week tote what today as far as sitting at those last two well of course us and contribute in controlling controlling their own destiny. I don't know you know I think it Rashad I think there were probably are going Wiki witness you'll they. Think there are some issues end. You know you couldn't mask the whole issue even with Ryan clearly you'll. And the media that kind of one of the big being with brilliant gimmick you'll is that. I think he do you think he's been spending run game to go along with his performance he one lead you to play all people are going to man. So it shouldn't. You can be up. Part of a playoff team but he's not going who mask that efficient defense or that efficient pass rush or com. You know the penalty that that you might may end and it helped to overcome turnovers he's not here Rodgers can't read. Tom Brady ultra low. I think Kim Il might have made a little little bit different but I don't think that. Told other deficiencies with a purpose and and put Lugo. Chris Perkins dolphins be writer in the South Florida sun senator Bure every weekday right here on seven on the ticket and 47 PM. You wrote this week about the dolphins offensive line's performance this season how how would you assess that unit overall purpose. Overall labor OK they were. Symbolic public scene that on the finish with that that we may yet win an open mind at the hole. But with these and pass protection they really weren't they may well 32. Which is eleven Buick in the weeks. You go one game to go but they can't look gitmo have put him in the lead so old they'd been put under a lot of regret a bit. No we're not gonna tell the increase oh but we're not going to America right everybody has been. We build it Anthony Steen who here lord who was late coming in because I've looked at a bulletin went down Vermont truck went. You could doctor David something or don't they are quite a bit spurs opened the line coach Packard on an October record that video burger. I don't iPad is duplicate entry into like their their main brought back the Arctic. Blocking or less. On Halloween. I'm pat her on according to pass protection had been okay run blocking. I don't that he. Quite often either trade a guy or Indian curry was hit in the back field. Or at the line of scrimmage not really given them took the chance. We'll have the room from both boat and development on it from being. But I thought the run blocking looked up our I think the path protection has been up up efforts. If you you know you go at a British you know around the league they have been above average in that category so. Mix of people you've got the decision to make Mike don't be to eight million bones being billion billion. Did promote Boutros gonna retire we know her and who will be. If arsenal beat day book but release with opium which brought won a major paper the the order. Oh some of the decisions but again. I think the blood it was what they are the top. By problems with that being this year. You'll also wrote about Mike how to use it we identified here on offensive linemen so I have to ask you based on the reading your article in the comments who exactly was his middle finger directed torts. Who are. Well meeting on one of the pillow. Lot of people look I would look at the people they like so cute is not simply speak to gain there are you know I get that old it. Older guys that. Numerous the best show I thought that he was booed or will gain a come up with a player typical of other war and that your hope was he would beat LB in December well. Hurdle so I picked up the middle finger but everybody to meet you they end. Whoever they get that might still be here would not allow him to play. Sixteen game that and that middle Gingrich who worked so we just took it and to myself while he was. And you know pointing at me as of and one of the people I would bring in you know I'll probably doubt that even. Probably well. I don't know that that hit who gonna hold up a you theater but a concussion here after your where you save the game. I think in the fourth quarter may be in the third quarter but a woman to play the next week you know got me. You know what could concussion protocol that you would but you also have the money to burn wood no did you order yeah. Eight million dollars. Al billion bit. Dirtier during the week a much bigger mix up might have been Thursday. You know Michael you're there. His locker read a local press and all more Leo Leo the sun that the buckle worker walked over to a little Loren LU always. Penalties live on not Hawkins day in and buy or a group that gathered in. I don't want an open and Omar. Written an article talked about what the goal would be to do looking at it the next year and one of Pete being figure who. You know perhaps cut might still be you or have them take a eight until I hope you'll keep walking all look the Obama or any though and no more than eight million. And all the way they declared that illegal a Leo were more than that well myself below that saw the article reprinted gonna have a good on this older people grow oak. I accept the middle finger as it plays sixteen games fix here I'll have to take another little finger like bill. Well losses this perk of being. That assessment. Wasn't fair assessment you know was still people in this league so what have you done to really the in you know I think my Palestinians understand that you know his last couple seasons you know he hasn't. And it's the season or you know he's missed. Tony did. You learn exactly so on the you know. Argued that the same town him as a player and you know us on the champions came back this year and he's having a healthy healthy all year. You know I I can expect to be testing kind of you know. Giving reporters the little thing here yeah. It's. Always had a look at their it perhaps the most important part of their. What bet both like Christian development coordinator in Adam date. So what their bet my rhythm second double the speed of that he continued to get skirt at the speed and little. Wouldn't come going to bed outlook 000. Yeah I did so when you're flipping you know export eight million people to create another cold to blow up luck. TT you know the maintenance program they gave me at least one day off per per week. But he was getting stronger at the even widowed and so. You have to figure that the interview that the local is this guy work eight billion dollars next year. Yeah they perk one asked about the quarterback whose roots are social dolphins aligned they're going to be protecting Jay Cutler at least to start the game so is a multi wrong question for about the quarterback. One will this definitively be Jay Cutler's final game of dolphins uniform or could this be his final game. As an NFL quarterback and then two how much of David fails do you expect to see consider the reports coming out of the last few days. I do expect that doesn't beat Jay Cutler last game in the open to reform the current. He would eat only want to play if you could order and no idea of who we looked in oak. I don't know we concluded implement that it. Starter for the Balkans or retire. By. You know single during the quarter back who get injured and opening will come up a personnel board derailed. But I I don't expect that you'll be back in a dolphin uniform and and David Field. I don't know I really don't know what the plan to go to. There I. I'd recommend it more probably gonna be back next year because that thing that build political or younger quarterback. Who'd been baking groom and but it you know that. Apply a little article oil. Crappy quarterback early perhaps even the first round but that the different argument. You know that they I don't think that they EI I think that they that they feel guilty somebody who was Liz Cutler and Adam gave the Chicago. In what it did eat what you really don't know which with the rhythm not true the U I TO I'm not sure that Brandon dowdy. It is ideal either who. You know little practice well by the way. So. I don't think that they acted on the hill is that we gonna be the order I don't know how much we'll show video of a Dutch that they think that Rebecca. Yeah they have made sense and you know while I sink some may argue reminds of the C fails for the entire game because dirty Georgia Cutler brings the table but. Adam DC is said to start the week Tuesday toddlers are job market finally heard before we we let you go and meg just real have a lot of lead time before the kickoff for today's game. But so what should the dolphins' top priority be this policies. Move man that route requests. A lot about that well a lot of ways. Right now I would I would but he probably lead. Probably create a money. And he puts you head out and then. Good. Good where you that they need some help at linebacker but he goes gonna be bad and then it'll be back and record is gonna say hello. Eighty pass rusher is in the priority know what happened quick vote with him wait. And at what they think about Logan and it needs in order. And produce that same level by the way none. Could have back to back that double digits that beat them. Be hit willing to pay. I really don't know I am I don't know what you're just gonna beat makes. Well admit. But let's bring into our everyday. Would be the minority that that that might be what I know with a cup my idea are really haven't thought about it by. Yeah considering what the Olympic Parker show you. You've got to have our respect. Even even a bit long been under the print side today which is an ideal but yet you gotta have our respect. Well yes certainly. The key player Rashad Johnson discuss that topic to start the year at 12 o'clock hour here on the program. Park we've appreciate your time throughout this season here on the Al Gore's per usual thanks so much for consistently joining us and we encourage everybody to. Re Chris Perkins in the South Florida sun sentinel course listen every weekday right here on seven and it's a different for a 7 PM once again happy New Year's Burke enjoy the game tonight safer than a hundred. Happy new year man everybody had to do your populate. All right sounds good there's Chris Perkins doesn't trooper Diop both the South Florida sun sentinel and 79 at a ticket all right well we've been talking so let's front dolphins and bills so for coming up next we're gonna let you know. Everything you need to know about. NFL week seventeen so playoff implications coaching carousel won't get into all of that coming up next here on am 798 up from 1043 HD to detect. Kickoff. All right so this is the time of the show we normally go around the NFL that's organ to do here because. Rashad this is a week seventeen filled with playoff implications not so much as a weaker go we're discussing all of this went. I think this is going to be a pretty entertaining days fine or football fans so let's get down to business only three of the out of bill's twelve playoff spots remain on clay and so is selling last agree in nineteen team still alive what. Give seven of the eight division titles are decided three of the 41 round byes are decided. Still let's get and everything news though for those who haven't paid attention the AFC the teams who clinched. Patriots Steelers jaguars and she sells more teams are and still not on ravens titans chargers and the dolphins opponent today the Buffalo Bills in the NFC. The Eagles vikings or rams saints and Panthers all of clinch playoff spots assist on the one more spot. And it's gonna go to either the falcons for the Seahawks. So before you know that let's talk about AFC home field advantage will go lower here. The ASE path to the Super Bowl in Minnesota won't go through New England if the patriots beat the jets and in Foxborough but they lose the Steelers can LeapFrog them for the number one seed with a win over the always fifteen Cleveland Browns ball games a 1 o'clock. But as I mentioned earlier Rashad it sounds like the patriots are gonna play mostly healthy guys. And the Steelers we saw early reports of the Ben Roethlisberger Libya bell would not be playing. Sort of pure mean that the patriots are taking this more seriously Andy's still owes account to saying okay you take the number once. You know bomb bomb bomb a little shocked at the Steelers but then again I guess the still visit Stanton and so when the Olympic team team the last thing you wanna do. The service of the injured and you know I wanted to the play also. I did it but I mean I would think that. I mean the jets to be completely New England very very tough he's going to be and so. Are we think that this who's gonna take this being more serious but then again I mean they QB Sam then hey I mean. We're gonna be 02 teen pregnancy with our backup quarterback Indian art Deco specifically ya there. Right and I think with Antonio Brown getting injured indeed. Most recent patriots matchup that that's fraud and lies to like we don't another injury. Now it is worth mentioning there has been recently quite a distinction between the number one and number two seeds either the conference's because Courtney ESPN stats and info. Seven of the eight number one seeds in 2013 reached the super. Seoul. That'll that'll do bears as aggressively Indio a citizen requests back a couple of years ago. When. The dolphins were hosting the patriots in week seventeen. Patriots had the one seed the played for. Yeah they are essentially they had there was one of those bizarre games overseen there at the stadium and they just I mean Brady played but they didn't run any plays. To really put on the field what's the same aggressive nature that we're north no abuses saying the dolphins beat the patriots they get to receive the Broncos get the one seed. And there in Denver Peyton Manning and really Von Miller that defense the freedoms operating and they go to this or ball flew in total fifty on San Francisco. So I think the patriots learned their lesson now I'm pretty sure Hopman Cup that they need to be learning lessons for anybody. Are in the NFC. The Minnesota Vikings will likely locked up a first round bye win or lose now. According Julius his football power index the vikings having 99 point 6% chance. Of grabbing the final first round by the end of CB Eagles have a number one spot but they're likely you're dead at two spot they can clinch and a number of different ways but. You know 99 point 6% chance we're we're looking at a Minnesota team with tasting them leading the way the great guy knows if its former teammates and team interviewers who. There they're looking primed and ready to go and your brother some last week. Could they beat a team that whole suit they're a Super Bowl on its own room for Americans on the net. In my life Tom and am only 34 years though I haven't seen that yet somehow mum hoping. I'd be really really cool center and very unique. The NSC south this is really interest in this this is the division is it to you said last week PD best. Most competitive division. In full fall. The saints have the cleanest path for the last remaining by if they do in our last remaining division title on USA they can clinch it with a victory over the Buccaneers put it to lose the Panthers can win. By defeating the foul and it's. The advantage. You want is a home playoff game in the wild car round both games kickoff reports 45 so toll AFC action wasn't enough thrills of the NFC south actually go on four point five in New Orleans and Carolina loses seats in the division champs. So then let's go to the Panthers because they have a slim chance for the number two seed. They still have a chance to be the number two seed if the vikings falter now so it'll the vikings are almost a lock. The vikings. Likely there but the Panthers could sneak up there with a victory over the falcons as long as the saints vikings or rams all lose and the Panthers who would head to head tiebreaker were Minnesota twelve and four yeah thanks to a head to head win them not to longer gold soul. Anyway you've got all of this going on the eight NFC south ripped a lot on the line. It and you include the NFC wild card the falcons are involved there obviously views it they didn't beat the Panthers have home for the Seahawks lose the cardinals at home or bold. They are going to be the wild card you need if the falcons lose the Seahawks can jump to the six spot with a win over the cardinals. To be cleared the falcons and Seahawks both lose Atlanta would be a wildcard to so. All right we've all that being said we put that out there Rashad who do you see making the playoffs and kind of in what order do you do you see those teams Fisher. Father of the saints winning the NFC south I don't think this incident drop the ball against very. Bad. Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. The question in now lies in. Do you played Kim Newton. The full game or not because I think the land it's gonna come out and then as in the play like this is their Super Bowl because I don't you know I don't think they'll land that. It's gonna lead in the hands of Seattle because Seattle pleases there's only team that's been struggling as well so I'll look for CEO of the win that game so. Paula is gonna come on the gonna give Carolina everything. That you know Carolina Pitt is gonna see in the question again remains. Wrong with the air repair are you gonna play him do this entire game because. And you are clinched on the in the galloping descends ago due to put in the is so slight. You know how important it is winning this game to you as far as the candidates. You know possibly the Carolina saints match open. The first round playoffs right and maybe part of the decision making process is helped by whatever happens in the vikings need to if there's still that chance. So yeah you all of these maneuvering in moving parts it's going to be very interesting to sue Lisa of the AFC's wild card picture. These strange it's a straight days it's pretty convoluted and complicated because you've got fourteen is fighting for two remaining spots. With two holding a decisive advantage you missed this before the of the ravens and titans are Bolton if they win their respective games so they take care of their business there therein however. If the ravens lose that opens up the opportunity for both the bills in the chargers includes. It's titans also lose then you know I mean yeah there's plenty of different ways this could play out so. Just know. The all four of those teams are playing for 45 and all four of those teams remain alive but. Ravens and titans are the ones that hold. Their own destinies so to speak. I wanna go quickly to coaching carousel that overshot it just get your thoughts on some of these names. It's adjusting because normally we will find this stuff out on the Monday following a season where he wanted to be an all black Monday which is strange that this New Year's Day yeah this time around is totally calendar works. But we're getting a lot of the reports entering the weekend and even you know last night early this morning. A reports last nights of the colts had a part ways with chuck McDonald easy while reports also last night's of the raiders or two shouldn't lowering Jon Gruden out of the broadcast Booth to either head coach again with the caveat that they could provide him part ownership of the team. Won't be the head coach without tickets if that doesn't happen Jack Del Rio was expected to return so not sure how he feels about that. Todd bulls and Mike we tagged in will return to the jets the head coach in Jim respectively the both get extensions which I was happy to see for Tom polls. Former dolphins assistant novel was actually there in a minute coach for fun the end of one season when towards Ronald was like oh. Bob but I was happy for him because at Philly didn't provide a lot. Him and that he needed to be on board with that and they need to be aligned and I'm happy to see him that he's gonna have more time to. Yeah same here. For the jets there remain. Being should be this all season go out maker run the cute Kirk cousins you need a quarterback I mean that defense is young. That the defense has only been playing powerful bulls I mean those guys in the darkness in the left room. You know I think the only thing that's missing in no disrespect to you know Josh McCown who's. Warrior like you know rats Fitzpatrick as far as journeyman. You know winning two. You know really messed up situations in May the best of it but they need a quarterback so. On the jets from going after Kirk cousins I mean to me that's hard this guy that's gonna be on the market. Nelson's maybe somebody is it will be data were go to the draft problem that would provide instant success potentially exactly as he's established a week exactly and you know make great VA received. He's a little more next year as well yes yes all other coaching news Dirk Carter expects to return in Tampa Bay. Salute the box kind of going against their recent trend of changing coaches in the senator zone around snowed in its in house council prize on the especially with the the big splash the immediate free agency mash in. Signing DeSean Jackson. You know this vote yes and ready for further say probably shouldn't feature that money chose hard knocks this time around sports and get down to business. Did gentleman was Cyrus it's giant's new general managers already started to make some changes. Court report reports cardinals head coach Bruce areas expected to step away from his role after the season. Which doesn't surprise we've heard some rumblings about that also the Texans apparently likely to stick with head coach bill O'Brien. And there's so many injuries isn't exactly so on the I mean that did to me that's the right thing that Rick Smith in. Bob McNair is doing out there on the I think it's. It's it's fitting because I mean they just. I mean the little brown was dealt a really bad and right meaningless as it did they get to show Watson JJ watt Whitney merciless among others back and a that's going to be really good team and I envision as president. Accordion Rappaport Tennessee head coach Mike Malarkey is in trouble. In a loss today could be the final straw for him. So resisting few wins they go to the playoffs yeah if you lose you may lose his job as well well I mean I think it's a thin line of the NFL. I think they're gonna win Jacksonville I think is a thing of the gonna play horrible thing Jackson who Cisco. I think being recruited game depending on how the first quarter sickened quoted goes are you beginning to see you know so you know there's the on the white flag we are idea that the receipt in on the me in this. You know prepare properly they. Tennessee again going to be limited in could be imagine too we might face the same team again that your plan that we seventy. Rights nor shown tomorrow he's actually you are a couple more bears expected to fire John Fox. And Marvin Lewis looked angles which was reported a few weeks ago are expected to part ways here as well he was the second longest tenured coach by Bill Belichick you're National Football League but 017 in the playoffs. So that's a little taste of what we can expect in terms of more official news probably within the next. 44 hours or so all right that's gonna do for this hour in the second hour of the program. And examine the futures of Jay Cutler right ten hill Jarvis Landry amongst others for the dolphins plus will read your text messages you can send those in its 67974. But up next. We'll talk to Sal a pot GO sideline reporter for the bills radio network right here on the op where George pregame show on am seven idea from one report three HD to detect.