12-31 Aqua and Orange Pregame Show- Hour 2

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, December 31st
Sal Capaccio Interview, Fins Season-In-Review, and Text and Tweets

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service non employee spokesperson. Our numbers. The program as we countdown to kickoff between NBC tonight dolphins need seven bills kickoff was coming up report 25 from hard rock stadium whose teams face off for the second time. In three weeks Greg likened to a few alongside her shop Butler. We get ready for this wanna game that has. A lot of implications for the Buffalo Bills not so much for the Miami Dolphins but to break it all down we're gonna welcoming south of pot Joseph talk show host of bills reporter for WGR 5:50 AM in buffalo on the sideline reporter for the Buffalo Bills radio network can bomb on Twitter. At south sports and he joins us me Ryan fuels and bouncers QBs stores gas line. Their true we still SPI convenient of forward welcoming south. Let's get a reminder of how things played out a couple of weeks ago between the dolphins the bills in a pivotal AFC east matchup. Playoff implications on the line and that one here was the final call from buffalo. Clock says zero in the it money port sixty in the final score the Buffalo Bills handled the Miami Dolphins. There you go along with that we welcome and sell sell welcomes South Florida an early happy New Year's TI don't today. Well considering I left I'm probably about eight to had a degree weather. And it's now about Levy increase here I think Abdul pretty damn good to be honest what a great thank but it yeah not bad write it down to South Florida before. That I mean listen it's cold both law all the time assisted by South Florida standards the right now northerners freezing everywhere I guess my question you. Salas with the change in the kick off time to 425. On New Year's Eve. What time are you anticipating you'll be back to buffalo on housing gonna affect your New Year's plants. Well you know what I had eight or your old home I think the days of just. Party out of power a little bit you know behind me but I will say that we've been trying to figure this out I I charter with the team because on the radio network sideline guy and I think it itinerary that we're gonna get back around 1220 your 1230 which is after the ball dropped but I think if you really timeout they usually build in a little bit I'm there we maybe arriving back in buffalo. You know right before or rate after midnight here at the bank. If things do break the beltway and you know mathematically obviously there are the chances are a great chance but could very well happen if that happens. You know what I Gately going to be carrying about being in the air when when your head and when that plane lands I would suspect it would be at the airport to greet them and so what reporters and cameras. Yeah you're right back to be a really really cool scene. There in Western New York should things go the way just a reset for what we talked about a little bit earlier from before audience right now. The ramifications for today's game ball flaw obviously needs to win what else needs to happen for them to make the playoffs. Well it's simple but it's not easy. They'll have to win obviously that the first thing that particular business they lose all that drop their season is over. And then. They have to have the Baltimore Ravens lose at home to the Cincinnati Bengals. The Eagles have won seven of their last ten could be Marvin lewis' last game I think at least there's something there for them to try and play for the actually played pretty well again but nothing for them last week against Detroit but. Even if that doesn't happen what city ravens do wit. Look at that the ravens lose at that does not happen. Then they have to have bald but heightened in chargers lose so there's two. Scenarios here they'll have to win obviously and then they either have to have the Baltimore Ravens lose or both the titans and chargers. Yes and certainly for 45 wood those to toss happening happening simultaneously. I'm curious sound maybe you've talked about it with the players this week how cognizant. Will they be able those scenarios involve the other teams how much scoreboard watching. Do you think there will be from buffalo over the course of this afternoon early evening. Yeah well is that a question at a talking point all week to mandate that we can't get caught up in that we have thicker than that because we know. If you don't win it doesn't matter what happens on the scoreboard. You know LeSean McCoy but you know sometimes I look up to Steve my rushing yards. I do notice the other games going on he said but you know we can't worry about that live how regular cities get a pretty much try out every hitting not even more about what the ticket and that is. I know that each stadium can kind of dictate how they want to know. Play with the scoreboard and think like that what they're showing up there I wonder I wonder. If that I'm gay would tell his big operations grew any kind of Baltimore Ravens score make sure you put it up there and let the crowd know I want to build the field blade it or every time. That backward I don't want the score up there I don't want you that. And the know that because I don't want them to be motivated I think a lot of that we depend on exactly how which treated here are rock stadium to be honest. North and and I agree I agree most of each sound shall bow their pound cohost it would be we're we're great today. You know Greg I should be or not they hit Greg excuse though McQuistan because you know I was reading that the Sean was saying that in new medium of former player. Greg in my so we were discussing. Oh there. About how I was telling him how. Like you but I don't like it unlike you from a fan's standpoint because you know it makes it more siding with an idea from a player standpoint. Much of a person I would like to know. Going into the game. How the means a Marty food you know the mean so. Personally being an ex player I wouldn't I would have preferred to you know have. You movies to Baltimore and Cincinnati game be you know at 1 o'clock before and so I can kind of figure out okay. A replay into something or are we just playing you know just to play you know I mean I just to kind of get I guess. A good start on the season. Yeah electric vehicles that are right here I think they really did because they they want anybody to go out on the field at four point five and they weld is overweight up in the police force so. Let's just pack our bags in Keokuk is way younger guys and suddenly ratings are because if a dog being released. They have a policy aimed at all have put up applications at the same time so I think the NFL did it right but you're right I mean a player you I don't wanna know this scenario. Before you line up there exactly what's going on so. Looks like you know when they get out there today at 4:25 PM there are the only bookings it could be awhile I've gone over my head so we aren't what happened that. You know what have a that the built to win and yet the ravens and Bengals are coming down the last couple minutes are they gonna sit there and watch it in the locker room are we gonna. Are we to have that happen scenario play out what if the bills. Oh win and they know that you know there out of the playoffs because the ravens have a big lead in the other teams are gonna do you know did a job with that locker gonna be like so for me as a reporter I've really kind of gone over every scenario my head and I just think it's going to be a very unique situation. Soccer park Joseph talk shows bills reporter for WGR 5:50 AM in buffalo on the sideline reporter for the bills ready you know we're joining us from. Hard rock stadium anticipating this bills dolphins matchup this afternoon in itself I don't bring this up to belabor sore subject but. With the bills last playoff appearance being back in 1999 how anxious are the fans to get back to a post season mean how much is this. Going to be a huge breakthrough so to speak if they can get it done today. But the main witnesses. I'm that is something that is weeded. On this organization or about ten years now I think that once we were about what we're about seven years in the withdrawal what they call it buffalo the way up throw went to about seven years it became a thing you know I. And eighteen to go 567 years sometimes and a lot. This team right now the Buffalo Bills currently have the longest postseason drought in North American professional sport every team. In the NFL Major League Baseball NHL and NBA. Have all made the playoffs and making 99 except for the Buffalo Bills and it is a source of a talking point no matter what GM comes inevitable coach comes in about a player comes in and they always say look. I would interpret that and that's true I think I was born back in the late nineties essentially don't even know anything about it they. They're part of the steaming towel in the longer tenure bill became here in what 2005. Helio you eat you that you're part of the the drought necessarily for all that time most idealistic but here for two or three years. Cop so they don't really have anything to do that but it even a weight on them I sent all the time because people talk about all the time it would mean everything looked most cities. If you get the playoff socket at school you know we've been there before with trying to win. If the bill get the play out yet that's going to be the case. But it is just a huge weight off this organization shoulders going forward. But I think that they'll be able to read a little bit and really as they focus on 2018 and beyond the. Perhaps something that not hanging over them any more than have to be a distraction. Would knowing how much the drought has been any weight on the organization is reported their assured the bills finish nine and seven. But miss the playoffs because they don't get to helping me today will this be deemed a successful season and Shawmut Germans so first years ahead coach. You know it's really funny Greg you that that because I think it should be and I think it will buy most people in the logical thing thinking people because most people thought it would and they thought they were gonna. Tried for the number one pick up they traded to be bought in the green at Ronald Darby you know in all the the proposed that made it crumpled company retired thirteen days later for them to get this team that is owed no games and get this roster. Where they are democratic by the dolphins or elephant in the bubble built for that to be in the position. I think that a lot of Sean McDermott down however. What's gonna happen is the worst case scenario it debut win but they missed by one game. National and local media is going to jump on the LE chargers game that the bills started the computer men. Over Tyrod Taylor and that is going to be the source of the talking points all off season. That Sean McDermott made that choice and that is going to be something he's gonna have to live within as much as we could they were successful even. That it's going to be the hanging question and hanging frustration over a lot of people. You know what's out I'm glad you just said that because I was gonna ask that question I was gonna ask the question if by any chance. The scenarios did occur two or buffalo. Steve both a little worn and you know things being going their way we're strands gonna they have been back to that. Meant to begin San Diego win new U Needham and started over Tara tell. Or shop they want to about you got very split in based on that Bonderman can't say that there are many media and stayed at local media and especially nationally nationally it's still hammering him or decision saying it's going to cost them and it's karma and all that kind of stuff. But there's a lot of fans that say look I mean. What is that the case but if they lost seven games but they lost six other games you also walk at Cincinnati. And it gave you might you should have maybe one you also at the jets on a Thursday night and a game that maybe you should have won there are what your game that we can point to that the team walk not just that game but. We know how the world works and how media works and because of that decision and what a typical sort of beat the chargers with our regular playing but it doesn't matter it was a decision that. He made it through five interceptions in the first half they had no chance of winning the game and of course that's going to be the talking point at that is the scenario. Soccer popular talk show host of bills reporter for WR 5:50 AM in buffalo sideline reporter for the bills radio network joining us here in the opera north pregame shows and get ready for the dolphins bills season finale on New Year's Eve. All right sell on we did see some bad blood between these good teams two weeks ago. Do you anticipate that continuing he has so there's a lot of after the whistle activity on both sides of the ball. Yet it was and I can tell you get from talking with player's locker last few years no love lost between these shooting slump. I think that I think especially on the opportunity but the blind. We got guys like Erick wouldn't reject a deal do you guys know well who was here he won against some of these guys you know and practice tee they know some of these guys but. They and got a gun to Erica the outcome of national a lot of times and you know I just think that it they. Situation where it wouldn't surprise me again if we get a little bit of that especially if you know things are to get out of hand one way or the other on the scoreboard yet it seemed to try to get the playoffs. Another in the thirties and that they may be frustration we'll see where that goes but absolutely over the Jarvis Landry hit on air William that it's fresh in people's mind as of last year what happened so. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some of that today which are McDermott has made it clear to get Stephen back to the temperature immediately got hit by Rob Gronkowski. And how you know there was nobody shop around wrecked housekeeper the built necessarily John McDermott Regis you'll composure and poise and things like that so. He does not want any of that happening but I do know that. These are two teams that really kind of the route that do not like each other. They sell I know that you got to enjoy some warmer weather coming to South Florida for this game up I'm sitting at the Orange Bowl last night in my Twitter feed is up and all the sudden I see. So you've posted pictures of some delicious foods are looked like G-8 well. Last night's show here itself or is that true. I did I very well I don't know you oughta know I should they the restaurant near air for the sponsor whatever but we did have some nice. We have some people who are happy is we had state dinner here's what we do we brink of our radio advertising client at a couple trips a year just because they thank you wouldn't wined and dined there but the most of them obviously if you're going to Miami near beat me all weekend you might as well but they came down with a had a great night out with the radio crew and we're all hoping that it does not and this week were hoping that we can do it again next week in and that can happen it's gonna be a party like it's 1999 I guess. I could write a bomb there you go it's a myth that's that's who we thought all right so I I ask you this I know is going to be completely focus. On the bills' game but since you're yours fellow Syracuse grad. Is there any chance release getting an update on the score the search these dudes a basketball game that tips off at 6 o'clock to open up ACC play tonight. Well I think that I'll be checking in peaking on my own built until I got to do I gotta check the court while the other football games anyway to get updates for the band. I think may be my hand might wander over to that little college basketball section while doing that and checking on the NFL I mean I loved it Williams one of my favorite NCAA coaches I think is a good TV that the good job market attack were little doubt that your you don't have actually. I'm not too optimistic about beating protect their kind of expecting a loss but. They know what they're at the dome at the ACC opener so let's go do it and. I would do you and looking forward to see whatever transpires there among all these AFC wild card implication games including the bills and dolphins cell always appreciate your time in your insight. Enjoy the game and an early happy new year tears well. Hey guys always appreciate you having me on I appreciate it happy new year to all of you out there and I'm sure to talk again and when he. Sells itself thanks so much that you yourself. Expect all right areas south of popular talk show host bills reporter for WGR 5:50 AM in buffalo sideline reporter for the bills were you know working valmont Twitter act. Sowells sports and get the latest on what's going on from the bills' perspective. And Rashad real real quickly. I know bills aren't dolphins fans will say that I'm crazy and Saddam you know turn and turn my cheek on Lou that the dolphins organization but. I can't. Sit here in line. I would actually like to see the bills in the playoffs it was another means of dolphins lost today and all his other things need to happen so. Listen it's insignificant for the dolphins the greatest human things. And quite frankly would help there draft stock here but there and a draft positioning but I'd like to see that drought come to an end for a much animosities there's been over the years between these rivals. I'd love to see. For the people of western new York and all the bills fans and defiantly experienced a play out. Know same here on. If the bills lit the dolphins beat him to date with. Everything the dolphins are dealing with and he put that they're gonna eventually played. In the game. Then the bills they don't deserve to go to the plea also look for the bills to win this game and I mean. Do we see what happens as far as you know with the ravens in the titans in the charges and so forth put me on the for the blues take your business or do. Yeah well wolf would give to our predictions a little bit later in more specific on that might it's it's hard to imagine the dolphins knock it off the spills in considering everything they have to play for but. That's the magic of the national football is just never know. We too weak aren't in the final segment this hour rule region text messages you can send those in a 67974. Rory got a much remind of some about the Miami Hurricanes game won't get so more to that while we read the text messages put up next we'll discuss the future quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and the charter slandering contract situation is good news there realists in the AM 798 up from 1043 HD two the tick. For. Welcome back yard or pregame show Greg like yours here on cyber shot Butler. Look at today's dolphins bills contest hard rock stadium kickoff coming up at 425. Quick side no Rashad it is interesting to see as soon got you know you spin and no network on the season for most of the other games. Taking place in other locations today. The reporters out on the field. It's actually freezing isn't where. Zone I know it's a little chilly was South Florida standards but it says so much nicer here than everywhere else agreed as usual this time yes nobody even more so it is it is. Major frigid cold front it's affecting so many people on so today's game doesn't have any meeting for the dolphins in terms of the playoffs mean I saw a figure we could utilize some of today's show. To reflect back on the 2017 season also looked ahead to what awaits in the 2018 offseason so. First if we discuss the six and nine campaign which will obviously ended either six in ten or seven and nine. Rashad if you just. A word or phrase how would you describe the 2017. Season as a whole as it's coming to an end today. Inconsistent but I'll say this alone. I think that. Losing Tenneco. Did play a huge part in that in consistency. On. Unlike Kurt. I feel that if they had any you know he probably would have been sitting in the situation. That Baltimore. Intimacy is sitting in right now which are in the dolphins would have been. Either in the plea or is controlling your. Own fate or they would have been you know on the outskirts you know Waco awful low or charges needing some no so I mean. This you questioned inconsistent but I mean again. I don't wanna put through much of the blame. On. Them as a whole when they laughs are starting quarterback because we all know and in a blue NFL we need to starting quarterback. It's it's it's it's tough it's tough. It is so off and I'm where do you really it's interesting to envision the domino effect it could have had because saved ten of those stale beer and they do play. A higher quality of football and is listed diced on the roster. Like do you want to know via the how all of these things that it occurred over the season would be changed. At all. Arms so that that's a really interesting thing to think about it consistent you're in line with Clyde Christensen profits coordinator he use that term who's read the team is noted. So I think that's an appropriate one I was thinking about that air and my word for this season to describe it is unpredictable. Yes I say that in the sense that yeah the injuries so Tammy hill require McMillan has sent around there Tony Lippman who is could have started a quarterback and his team. Ted Larsen jewel on James that's just to name a few. Jay Cutler was signed which was certainly Natalie Davis saw that coming when you sign up to be a broadcaster with fox yeah you know hurricane Irma. Which struck so yet deployed sixteen games are always you know by a weak stuff. Laura Simmons was able to assert the season and there. Reports that he's visiting the Steelers while he's away from the dolphins so that's just bizarre in and of itself. You have offered a white coach Chris forresters situation which she's snorting white powdery substance to a new video of himself doing so. And asked to resign from the team to go get some help. And then Rey Maualuga gets arrested and only find out that 8:30 in the morning at a club in Miami you and for the day before a game so. All of that stuff led to a crazy unpredictable seas so really this site I mean. I felt this year. If the the producers the writers. Oh ball orders were paying any attention. I did dolphins were I think maybe more entertaining than what they create on a fictional show stroke atlas hesitate to let the rock may have some news story lines for next season although junior true. All of you mentioned writes Annie hill and certainly he's injury hadn't. I think the biggest impact on this season that's a huge news release described well. If we looked ahead. And start with today's game do you think this is Jay Cutler's last game both as a dolphin and potentially as NFL quarterback. As adults and yes. As NFL quarterback. If he wants to be a starter yes if he's willing to be about no. I beacon in a faux. Kickers. Runners and quarterbacks. To complete the longest I mean I flew at quarterback. You can actually match on as a pack go on. And play for. So me most mr. Correa and police are you to buy maybe to a longer than that no more season on the decode it see if he's willing to be a bad thing to the complaint. Realistically remorse season what are the Jews. Is this opinion in the first started I think it's it's it's done is. Now this is some US doing the eagle on pride and whether he's willing to upset about it type role yeah right and then. You know his family situation I mean his wife who is you know someone product is his own TV show Kristin cavalier issue which she tweeting their meters on a's to grammar early this season where he got hurt. The doll you know her complaints about the physical nature of the game and the pilots and so so. Who knows how much pressure you'll receive from our and his household name to just hang up the cleats is well yeah. You wonder I mean if if he had the app to do with fox this offseason no wonder that opportunities still there for him to go to broadcasting. Next year to decide to go underground. I'm pretty sure it is but again on the if anybody or for anyone of us who two million dollars Ameen were taken that I don't care if tunnel through which we have going on at that time and your. You've taken that and that's what decode it did on the you know he he he hit Colorado and I mean you know you can't blame the guy casino far. Hold our real quick when we go to in the some on some some major business. Yes that's for sure I'm what do you primary and a million bucks stone were to be. I don't there exactly all so LaMont also girl the Miami Herald reported this week and then also I don't show after is reported as well this morning Adam gays who like the David fails some playing time at quarterback. Is this a wise move forward because they Ed I guess the idea is that you know fails had been with. Adam Jason Chicago was a backup quarterback as well so he's familiar with him but he hasn't seen much game action. In a regular season so they wanna get a glimpse of him entering the soft seats. Think it's a wise move I mean I think this move. On fortunately for Matt Moore is letting him know that though he probably won't be a dolphin. Their season but again I mean it's fair because I mean Matt Moore has been the backup for the dolphins for sometime now. So I think it's time for a fresh face and non in pretty sure from a management standpoint. We own the younger face. I hate to say this that I hit I mean it's the nature of the business. A cheap here. Mean it cheaper route to go right so calm. David fails playing at some point in this game is is is this critical for him. And hopefully he does well because I know he probably wants to be on this roster nature and he probably wants to be the legitimate act of two A returning. Bryant and right now and so that's a nice transitions so ten year old is expected to be back in eighty. I guess that the big picture question that I have about it is since the idea that he's going to be you're starting quarterback mixture does that make sense they got on a contract all bowl. His contract now becomes. Easier more manageable to get out from young in terms of the cap it should they decide to move in a different direction. But considering is got back to back ACL injuries within a very short period of time. A one of them a non contact injury and a beard training camp. Can he really be relied upon to be the starter next is I know he's going to be the starter Ian but are you confident that he can be durable enough. Considering this now very recent injury history. Are the with the way the salon tech did I mean they keep the same faces. On the offensive line that I've been their for you know these past few weeks are our biggest say the last after the season and I think god. He can if need be durable what I think you know if you start. On releasing guys are you know. And it's changing guys in salt is a question because you know one thing about online it's all about chemistry and I think right now. Debt front that's in front of them yes they can't plea better. But at the same time I think. Her you know he touched on earlier on the they have protected as far as passing wires are very well this year I mean compare it to. You know our previous seasons are the the guys they have in front of they're able to keep all those guys in place and I think our tomato can definitely on the to do foresee the next year. Would that being said do you think they need to draft a quarter off course on the you can never have. In this league to never have enough quarterbacks or running backs bush I Phil if the unit just the quarterback. I will say they're around on the how win. Jumping to Jeff and quarterback in the first round because me personally I don't think that's there number one needn't but. He may be sector around if the guy you really want is there you know I don't know who day. Have on their radar as far as at that position but I guess if that guys bear and you feel that you know. He fits that it in I guess that price point at that time been. I mean going to jump on him but me personally I wrote in you know almost say they're around there for sure. There's interest in beaches I am concerned. About Ryan sandy hills long term durability and so. I guess you that you can't predict these things it's easier for us to sit here behind microphones and then. You don't think about it and try to pick apart the situation but if if tale does suffer another injury. Already soared then it's like you invest all this time most money out of case is going into another losing proposition was season potentially. And what point does he just need to get his own guy. Is he inherited ten a night winner taking the job he did believe entails or be fair about it and the answer he said the first day he was tired that I believe Centennial he can be a guy gets this in the playoffs. But my concern is that if you look at. So the last time the dolphins once the playoffs before that d.s tenure was 2008 told his broad Chad Pennington did fundraising could stay healthy after the idea and they didn't have a reliable backup Chad Henne wasn't the guy. They're so that's my concern now with Adam days. Is it perhaps still. Have an unfulfilled career as a head coach gene because she's just can't figure out the position that he's supposed to be an X. Yeah well again on the you know there's a guy out there that you're looking at that position and they really lies in the film that hey you know. We can't rely on any of the way we want to rely on him. Then I mean go for you know as far as potentially first round maybe second round but again. A distinct that. I like to you know still young I mean I understand now on the two ACO surgeries put. Mean in the today in the EP disc lot of money so I mean you have to. Try to make this investment where if you can as far as you know you being able to you being able to control what you can control so so you know I. Keep Tenneco. Ride with them. Up to go out and do you know younger quarterback. Quarterback against that gates. Is a fan of thinking can groom but again on the hour when I won't go lower than. There are around. It just a perspective on that speaking of a lot of money that's what they're in line to paid Jarvis Landry are depending on how things play out with the our contract negotiations now to update everybody the dolphins apparently according to reports including Barry Jackson the Miami Herald. Mean a multiyear offer. To Jarvis Landry earlier this month. But according the report there is some distance between the two sides financial vision for his next contract. His representative. But to Marysville bowl made a counteroffer in mid December that was reported bubble herald and Justin Anderson from ESPN. But according to a dolphins source they have responded yet. So there's been no Bakken forested released from the dolphins' perspective since the counteroffer was made. Though other comets have been made by either side on this. Com the dolphins did decide they wanna keep Jarvis Landry now if they can't agree to terms on a contract they can either reply the transition of the franchise tag. Franchise tag would pay approximately sixteen million dollars next season the transition tag would give the dolphins. The right to match any outside offer we talk about this during the commercial plane could Dovonte Adams assigned. His four year fifty million dollars plus extension 32 million guaranteed eighteen million dollar signing bonus averages out about fourteen point 75 million dollars per year I kind of sets the bar yet. What do you think happens it would Jarvis slander how important is it for them to get the stock. Well it's very important bush at the same time I don't know where. Jarvis and his agent are asking for the with the Dovonte Adams DO just surfacing are known to signing off on Friday. I think now Jarvis my injury and his agent. Have a ballpark figure as far as OK house on Jeffries a week ago or or two weeks ago received four year. BT two million dollar deal with that thinking about 27 up front. But again you know you may degree when to break those are receivers that can stretch to feel Jarvis mentally. Mean the dolphins may argue I mean you're small your slot receivers so. You know deserving and their money mean I'll say this Jarvis an injury. You look at where Kirk cousins did you know in from receiving when he plus million dollars the last two seasons. And now being. Free agent. This offseason that can possibly get like eighty million dollar deal depending on you know who really wants some are being Joba is an injury. Mean if you wanna take a franchise tag on it and it's not long term. Money or a long term contract but the 161000016. Million dollars for next season to be a slot receiver. I mean. I mean that is. I asked our books on me because I'm pretty sure will Welker in those guys in their days. Would love to make sixty million dollars last month some for one season so I mean that's always our son on the players hate franchise tag is you know you definitely. You know we live filing gaming movie please position where you know he's he's targeted a lot. But. Mean you know if you can't reach an agreement then sixteen men Gaza via slot receiver meant for one years. It's haven't been in and hit in in my books because I mean that's that is you know. Possession receiver money gas additions to feel like it's a device to Adams is at is that 1214 year yeah I mean knowing you're gonna make. Who were you more than him playing the slot receiver. Right you are in 2017. Receiver rankings in terms of how much they're making yeah intimate Brohm had seventy million dollars this year and DeAndre Hopkins sixteen point two AJ green fifteen. Julio Jones fourteen point two Dez Bryant fourteen taveras I was fourteen so I mean we're talking about some of the biggest name wide receivers there are. And you know I adopting its charters landry's get a touchdowns this year in though he's been as reliable as any player since he came in leaking. What does he deserve that kind of money that's going to be the ongoing question is what his value is now based on you know. These yards per catch based on everything else that he brings the table on the doll believe argue just like he says. He's just locked up yet he's not a source appeal guys so where does that value word they find that balance a happy medium usable size or sadness. Why yet but a really good thing about I mean you know you can argue that you know. He used value with a distinct from the journal without him I mean who knows you know where the dolphins would be. All this Demille I'm not trying to be that you're from Kenny stills and you know Dovonte Parker but amid the saints are mean to Jarvis manager is that guy that you know defensive coordinators. How do you know start for for we do we. For sure and brokerage note on jar slider right now he's in leading receiver terms receptions in the national put bullies are a 103. Where Fitzgerald's a spotter 101. Antonio browse not playing he's a 101. Michael Thomas from the states is 98 India under Hopkins who's is expected to play today's got 96 so. It looks like it's between more injury and FitzGerald for that receiving title in terms of the receptions the for the 2017. I mean this is how will always lead on Michael Thomas on the you know the saints are. The sense that it became this this look today I mean you know indeed they must win there are closed in the C south saw me Michael Thomas can easily. Mean go for you know. 78 maybe nine or ten so on the how where and when I went to pass him to a you know creep up and you know make it a close contest. Small consolation prize for dolphins as refrigerators credited with a recessions. I've that is the case say where to take quick time up next local detect slight 6797. Fours I didn't talk to those your opportunity to have your voice heard on this. Final dolphins game due 2017 season that's up next your name 798 up from 1043 HD to the tick. Season finale through the door and bills from hard rock stadium kickoff of four point 5 PM Greg like conceal alongside Rashad Butler open everybody. He's having a terrific. Weekend and generally happy new year to everybody is it is New Year's. 2018. I'll Rashad before you reach some of these text messages to one mile. Opted everybody's some of the enacted is the 1 o'clock games have been released and this is notable. For the Steelers. They are sitting out today Ben Roethlisberger Levy on bill marquis is policy David Castro Antonio Brown campaign wording Cody Sensabaugh. I mean this could be horrible team. So if you look at some of those names and so. As a general what's gonna happen today between the Steelers of the browns put at the browns can't. Win their one game this season where all those guys a lot of then I guess they deserve to go on sixteen I don't know right now. And and B I I agree and you know. Meet playing for the brown smile that season and I'm I'm I'm only for that that team. Because when I was there we have some great players it you know. I just though you may assist their organization people ask me now so you are really can't pinpoint it ma'am but I mean the browns have. Great players on that team so on me is just steadily visitation and you may reorganization skirts I don't know I don't know him. Yeah you were there so let him get a better it's that says sooner than me by yes not not do it just say who is for the browns end. The fan base by the way another report it is came in which some of the coaching carousel earlier. Adam shaft jurors reporting that the Broncos and raiders Broncos coach Vance Joseph is facing increasingly. Longer odds of being retain what RO sol. Perhaps just one year removed former dolphins have been to court Aral Sea man. I plays out you know it's short leash man was these with these coaches with the players it's it's a cutthroat business news analysis noted but. Hey coming on the bright 7 am I mean you know I don't know this contract is but I another hit coaching. That that's his is guaranteed money so you know me you know you may find himself on the voucher. You know another jobs do you pay better Broncos saw me it if it works so well for him Jessica. It's your writers or whether it be college. Football or the rose and even college basketball the NBA read these guys are compensated really well yes and from a human level standpoint you feel bad anybody loses their job correct blood. It makes it it's a nice cushion to fall back on winning helmet dirty money's still come and Hillary commission if you. Our industries at least xmas is there were pre Syria chummy with 67974. OK before we talk more about the NFL we've got a lot of people Chiming in about the Orange Bowl last nights it's your number in my mirror and start. So one of our Texas says the holding call Mark Richt went ballistic turned the game around please touch on the officiating which was used you generated couple more here on different people what's your take on Wisconsin right tackle holding. Wisconsin corners grabbing its argument team's receivers and no calls. So we got a few different sex among the officiating last night by the way just a sign on my opinion. I'm surprised Mark Richt wasn't ejected from the game last night when he grabbed my interest you know. I'm I'm surprised to bush. In all fairness. He was absolutely. Right in being frustrated maybe not right in grabbing the official book right Ambien frustrated because I was watching. That game and varies. Go to a restaurant in our coconut grove and I see now after a mile away and as I was like coma man how he missed our our our could've sworn that. Flare was going to be thrown leader who's gonna be called back but. I mean man. Men men men army. I would say that plea chasing game I think. Big way to change the game to me was our. Rosie is interception in the red zone I think that really changed the game because you know he does have an interception. You know. We go ahead and you know hey you know we had am some momentum now reckon our our our favorite cause as far as the Wisconsin receivers grabbing a mean that mean that that goes on I mean my desk with DBs do yes or receivers have to do it. You know I don't with the plea too much into that because I mean this is the part of that position that they give it's obvious and you know. It's going on allow more as far as being obvious about more than I did you know you have to have called the book I don't with the pink. Affected you know us to the point where you know that caused us to have. Lose the game I think you know we're really cause systems to the game was just you know what has way hurricanes all. Season is just being too predictable on offense. With the read option and just you know the up and down play from our Moly rosier. Yeah then I would do it I'd I who. Fully fully understand where marker is gone from he had every right to be incensed by. So the missed calls this the some of that news called. Just before you know he went crazy by its yeah I resist I mean I guess for big games scenario like that you rather have a head coach out there's some planted in eject them left. Reseda listeners with a B a player coach may. Contact with the official and you know they're they're not watching the recipe from the sideline the watch of Malacca to sell her anyway. Not not a bigger deal at the end of the day another Texan says I group were shots comments from earlier that mark Richard consider giving up the play calling. And I wish Adam Jason do the same happy new year to guess what thank you happy years use well what do you think play calling it changes for both coaches in Miami. Alone. With Adam gates I mean you know. He's a coordinator at heart so our home. I'm following him continue to call the police are on the mark Ritchie did that out early in his career. I don't know for sure he did some of that in Georgia book. MR re skates are exists SC offense that is very free and co I don't know where there's handcuffed because of leaks. Ability what well inability. Who be accurate. More consistently. But justice I just thought that rich is so predictable men playbook he's just so so it is very constricted to where. You knew the read option does it on CR two football fields mean I don't. I don't know how the read option. Has survived this long after Vince Young in the Texas Longhorns are on the in this IR Casilla and he won the national championship. You know back in 05 you know that it can last for you know these. You know five years of sober and I mean here we are in 2000. By the B eighteen and you know the majority of college teams run this read option on this I'm still dumb I'm dumbfounded by that. I really since I'm on the is is like wow man I. Not every team has a quarterback like Vince Young runner mean and it's like why are you running. But I mean I guess what are on the right. Well I guess the right to your point will season new trend emerges offensively college football and then the NFL as well as of those whose real. Two levels of the same sports seem to mimic each other to a certain degree. Com we got a text from our guy ace in Wisconsin who again he jams and every popular free games just as good morning guys great doc and order show. 2017 finale today been a tough year let's finish up the season on a high note and get the win. Go fair play spoiler right. Yeah that's every part of the motivation to spoil you got your rivals in the bills just knock them out of the playoffs. On another of we got some other techsters talking about the Mark Richt situation. Hey does say the most amazing thing about it is if you're watching USP and the announcers didn't even know Mark Richt was upset about. I saw myself on Twitter about that another sixer years says Jarvis landry's were the good twelve million dollars would you pay him. With Parker showing his inconsistency. Well this I think is gonna make more than twelve million dollars the first thing but then consider to want to Parker not emerging that the way most people thought. Does that further validate the idea the Jarvis and needs a comeback kid a pretty high contract number. Com title and they're further validates it but I will say this. To address the litigious Dovonte Parker are being that. The dolphins. And them should part ways on the are still in Dovonte parked attribute great receivers in this league it is being you know that. Our whole war against him. Adam gate system for him just didn't really fit him and I bikinis did you start over go to a new team fresh face in and mean. Kansas into a new senior ruby creek chrome but the out only been dead on the dates. As far as my entry deserving. More money I mean how human he deserves to give pay raises the question and we talked about I mean do you pay him. As the position receive whereas a slot receiver Communists do. Yes the main question that both sides are gonna are you in both size and on the some type of agreement. Yet that could be the I of between thirteen to sixteen million dollar question and it is exactly the video and a range she's going to get exact mail and ER take them in my final thought on that is that what's frustrated me about the situation is that. After the reports they wanted to mature more than one of you this one and most of the stuff but like we all Saul would Jarvis Landry it's rated very positive way. So if you're locked him up this past offseason you would have gotten a mat whatever the market value was then yeah it so that we're not talking about now him having to. Perhaps surpassed. The Vontae Adam's number because you already have locked up now for him this we're -- advantage of every year every offseason the market increase its so it's good for him. It's the dolphins I think once again them dropping the ball. In this case during the Renaissance funny with a wide receiver being the subject but dropping the ball when not having the foresight block him home early. To a lower rate annually and then you got your guy you writers to come you're right you're right so anyway that is is what it is says need some would say sorry I was sicker quick timeout on the next hour we're gonna check on the Miami herald's that'd be easy we will talks of principle although I do think a lot of Tennessee football leagues have come to a conclusion last week. Also provider keys to the game and predictions. For this season finale but up next reset the main storyline entering today's contest and suggest. Some New Year's resolutions for the Miami Dolphins that's right here on the IDF the moral for three HD to detect.