12-31 Aqua and Orange Pregame Show- Hour 3

Aqua and Orange Pre-Game Show
Sunday, December 31st
Chief-Fins Breakdown plus news, Adam Beasley Interview, Keys to the Game and Predictions

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Calling 911 win in an accident may just not be enough car accident remember after 911 call 411180411. Pain. 180411. Payne is a legal and medical referral service. Non employee spokesperson. Down today's season. Six and nine dolphins. 87 bills from hard rock stadium near Miami Greg likens Rashad Butler. Which you as we transition from the morning to the afternoon. Good ones everybody hope. Everybody is a dual well as we are beginning to third and final hour of the program want to reiterate to everybody. Happy new years everyone in the audience says they get ready to hopefully celebrate safely New Year's Eve and ring in 2008 season. With that also accommodations of football today. So agree with Obama that writer gets a week seventeen action. Want to play up implications and no one lets you know come up this hour we will talk supremacy Pope also if you're one of those leagues that perhaps has his championship match up. In week seventeen. Well I hope you don't really Steelers on your roster but if that is the case against exterior line of questions also have a cool fantasy story too to tell everybody. Are coming on next segment also. We have Adam Beasley had he'll join the program next segment as well and lover predictions and keys for today's game a little bit later but to reset some of the store or as we discussed the top of the show. First things first every contest and AFC wild card implications. Kicks off at 445 Pia so let's dolphins. And Buffalo Bills Jacksonville Tennessee raiders chargers and Bengals ravens that way every game matters that we played the same time and should. These some high drama for those who were paying attention the fan bases as we await to see how those final standings. End up in the air sea and buffalo is alive which need to know about their chances they need to win but that doesn't guarantee them a spot in the playoffs they need. Oh win. And they also needed loss by the ravens against the Bengals. Or losses by the chargers and the titans the chargers play host of the raiders the titans play host the Jacksonville Jaguars. And the bills. Are seeking their first playoff berth since 1999. Is Sal could pop Joseph told us. About an hour ago ruse via bills' sideline reporter on the radio network that is the longest drought in north American sports in terms of not being in the policies so lesson. We're getting sex about this dolphins fans should root for the dolphins no doubt about it and I I'd like to see the dolphins and the seas are positive note quite frankly Rashad. But at the end of the day if they're gonna have to lose. And they're gonna lose the bills that I hope the bills can do in the policies yeah there is I don't know I don't feel bad for the fan base and yet you mean you politically we all things amid tough for the browns but it in the browser made the playoffs yeah. You know in the last eighteen years instead of the buffalo opens. Crazy is this about it used so we'll aside we didn't talk about this earlier when I wanna get your thoughts on this Rashad. The bills of time to play for its all their form we we we just set that. Oh for everybody but it's meaningless for the dolphins in terms of playoff position get rid Iran of so outside of pride and players playing for their careers and whether B for the dolphins or for somebody else would not to use some good tape. What will motivate the gulf consider what should motivate them today. 41 in the in the season off on a positive note. And for who I think it's what I toast on. Last week I mean is different for. Every player coming in of the players that aren't going to be with the dog its nature is big for them because the one. I mean it's a chance that he previously and you know. Me Q so the most when you committee in the pre to the players that are. Into the returning you know it's a chance to. Only show the cookies that show management in the front office that hey you know I deserve to know if not the tobacco or. You started so I mean it's it's it's it's huge I mean you know. It's tough because it's the last game of the season and are in nice to always refer to it. As well you know when I'm off home coach used to refer to scary Kubiak. You know he's always say. We seventeen you have no play off implications like the last because school you know everyone's excited you know meeting at the start their season you know plan for. Taken more small vacations and so forth but it in the day you know he stood up stay focused and you know there's still some. Were to be done you know meaning for us some players it's it's bigger than then and others. How many guys do did you find your career. Mistress of royal home game already packed generated ego like you know because we hear that story that talked other former players it's like. The seat like if the season just went wrong there president and you know for a few weeks during that you worked to make the playoffs. How many guys are idea of a mindset of OK this is what I'm gonna do one time. Don we're playing who sees. Mother alone everybody I mean even myself like it was Tom's I remember in 2000 attending Houston. Oh we lost eight straight games and and are being cumin into. The last two weeks of the season. We were her. I want to say. Four in ten an enemy even though we fined and or finished off six in Tim Bush you know wanna say. The last with the the season a lot of guys were already. Hang in Macon their plans but the same time we know that didn't stop us from going out each and every damn practicing competing in. Understanding. You know that a lot of us plan for different. Scenarios. Both for the most part media ready nominee for the most part is raids dispute did a seasonal wind is gonna do you bad. Back home here just relax and just you know start prepare for nature journal publisher of the. Got to reset everything exact hour the hopefully rejuvenated me now reenergize for the new season. That's under sandals human nature that's swisher out by the way I will remark ranked mr. mark again it is. Hilarious we were got it on our dubious get on and so and a fellow work has gone around the league to sort of 12 o'clock hour. With live shots from all these different stadiums and you've got. All different types of creative outfits how warm weather Alfredsson these reporters down on. Big hats hoods the whole thing is they're fighting off the elements of users looks terrible everywhere admitted they now have a lot of shot. Of South Florida and a there's a game time temperature 73 degrees death so you know we're. Certainly are in the right spot this time of year ago to say release arm all right from an injury standpoint what you need to know we won't have the in active report until about 3 o'clock this afternoon who will be off here at that point put Matt Moore Damian Williams Larry tumbled doubtful to play seven other dolphins are questionable. According to NFL agent Brett Kessler who's the agent for sex stir. He is going to start at left tack from Miami with Larry tones expected to be out. So he is going to get Tripoli experienced all of a guy who's gonna deal puts some film together to see if he stays in Miami or less is on some or else he's gonna get that opportunity also David fails a credible reports expected to receive playing time Jay Cutler will start. But David fails audits and Tom the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins all right we're all that being said that sets the table for today's game. Oh it'll get a little bit the offseason it showed you has told us there were times yet there's still shipped out of Miami you're ready to go so that's going to be our our. Frame of mind at least for the next few minutes were looking ahead to what. Isn't stored 2018 with that in mind let's provide our New Year's resolutions don't put them on adults. So. I would ask you this. If you gonna give me two or three does that come to mind what are the biggest positions of need for this dolphins team when it comes to addressing the roster in the offseason whether B via the draft or free. Agents. First and foremost. I mean to say. Resigning Jarvis Angela. Then gonna say the getting a pass Russian. You know with all due with all due respect to camera weight and you know how much he's meant to. That organized organization for the past you know odd years. On you know all the time as they say is undefeated and I don't think he's been the same player. After that you these. Injury few years back. Are in the meet someone that can more it's you the as dominant as Ndamukong Suh is in the middle as early and that's what they're missing. I can you know go there. Who buy it in sight line back in court has been struggling in coverage I mean I know they gave a lot of money to Kiko Alonso when you know. On Simmons they sign in and who you do honestly on the with everything that has went wrong with Timmons and you know his plea has been a little inconsistent I don't see them retaining. Him. So the pin either. Address the line back in the linebacker. Position as far as first sound library beginning a cash Russia. Whether it's via the draft or even pre agency you know me how mostly free agency because. They drafted. The kid from Missouri right Charles or is this and on and how alike you know are in now you need a the veteran pass rush for someone that. It's been proven around in the debt has done done wonders for you know the team they were previously wit in in a bikini to. Address the you know inside linebacker position no probably the Jack is not a delight to go whammy Keiko has a stroke this year you know covering. Decks like the Sean Cole in you know against bigger more adage out tight ends and so forth so it was say. Those two things as far as you know resigning Manchurian you know getting a parachute which also are posted this. In the need to figure out who's going to be tobacco quarterback moving forward and I think we're gonna get a good look at those. This afternoon in you know hopefully for those those great to where you know. Gates is like you know payment you know you're gonna be accountable for being attentive because you know are those is that Adam gates guy amusement in the Chicago so. Pull the you know he can you know do some great things today. Make the dogs retain him but if not the enemy you know potentially look to the draft no draft and the guy. I'll say there around but again I mean I don't know who the dolphins. Have targeted as academy like me is the guy that you buy. Is there and sick around you for that you know you wanna I guess in the money for the position he he's going to be huge afternoon and take them. Yeah they do it's if they've convinced bristle watch the film for drip process that's a guy you're right and probably a wise investment now a couple of notes on some of on your assessments that are in terms of New Year's resolutions priorities for the Miami Dolphins pursing reciting Landry UN are on the same page there. Pro pass rushing standpoint it's adjusting his cam wake these 336 in January in which is is old for burials for at a popular. Especially playing a position. He's got nine sacks so we've gets what more today over another double digit sack toll eleven and a half sacks last year. Arms sold. You know he's got twenty to have sex entering today in the last two seasons but you look at the pass rushes a hole whether it's on cam wake or whether that's. Their collective problem that they've had their of the third fewest sacks and lead entering this week at 26. Tied for last and pressures per pass play button sold the front seven seemed to be set based on the way they invest in this offseason. So to further your point. They made a lot of moves and financial investment in that group Tuesday and pay off just hasn't worked out for whatever reason are in terms of no more Simmons I'm with you there linebacker they could get. I think the really counting on affect the requirement Millen was or say a round pick come back health you know if you can come and LT then suddenly pull the got a guy in house that is ready to take on that responsibility on the inside we'll see in him. And there was still quash rumors about whether to play in the NFL level direct just because we hadn't seen yet yet so he's got a lot of love. There's got to prove that to be sure on one other note I wanted to make about the offensive line and you didn't bring them on. But they seem very. I guess over the years they haven't been committed to his first Lagarde has yet. They've had a tackles and got my -- the obviously but the kind of tried to patch things together so the combination of Ted Larsen to mom bush running Anthony Steen Jessie Davis Isaac gusty on a they paid that group lesson six million dollars mock you and I and older bigger needs elsewhere on the roster in the grand scheme of the national football only. But I think we need to figure out. What they gonna do their little more definitively because among the 79 call find Garza pro football focus rated. You bush tried rated 65 Steen 66. Davis 68 and Larson 69 in all of their parts oriented very low we now. Coaches will tell you they don't full firmly believe in the pro football focus social I want opinion but I think you just goes to show you that they haven't gotten the production they needed that resists. No com RR a deathly agree but. I think Jessie Davis has been Pomona home very very well I agree to provide some flexibility yet regardless our enemy you know I think he's a guy that you know you can. Give him a pay raise and on the tar. Right now. He's deserving to a new contract but I up the pink guarding him a pay raise in you know if things goes well for him next season and you know I think Dubya got that would been B. Deserving of a pay raise. As far as. Going out and free agency in trying to find a you know a high price gar I don't think they need to do that is because that in the have other issues that. New addressing more because again I mean are in the last half of the season. That offensive line. As a joke for the most part you know enhance plea you know fairly well compared to you know early in the season Lester and early season earlier in the season when they had guys that were. Notes this. All over the place as far as guys not playing there I guess position that they were rejected the plate starting training camp. Right yet here and there has been. Pearson mixing and matching your zones are difficult to build continuity up there to say the least one other note on him wait he. Has the potential to earn a one million dollar bonus today mad because in his contract he needed to played this season 55%. Of the are on the defensive snaps. And he's close to 60% entering the game so it plays his normal number of wraps. By the end of today the dolphins may lows of the dolphins are already assured that there are on the playoffs we could be one million dollars richer by. 6730 tonight. Then. Not bad on. Not bad at all I mean. I guess so it's unknown if that happens when you lose men. If go to club live have a great time and this is I donate New Year's Eve are Dole's been all that one million dollars but you know you can spend about a good you know. 50000 some might Dennis monitored and. I wonder if it can't wait d.s. This studious when it comes soon his diet like is I mean it more than anybody I've ever been around yeah he doesn't put anything bad in his body heat since he said since college hasn't had a drop of alcohol. He doesn't eat like he rarely ever has any sort form of dessert. What he is so conscious about. What he puts you an idea I do wonder I've asked him this week outages the last often has moved on but I do wonder that whenever he finishes his professional. Career as a as an athlete if the ever lets himself go in on a mile get a live at that point he allows himself to indulge a little bit so this. This not mean to believe our all because you know on though our Chad Johnson and some dominos Ochocinco he does injury how are armed. Armon one time I was out. Include live might have been. Few years back one for an emotional plea for the dolphins and they're really. I didn't see him drink not a you know ounce of are also know it's it's it's it's possible on the used Jessica is that you know. I do for that person Gifford and and his individual because you know that I mean that is something that you know is this disorder do on the I'm not. Studious stricker but you know every now and then when I do go I like to have a dream because the thing is I don't wanna make people for the call Opel because you know there are a lot of people that. I mean if you don't have a drink alcohol with and they kind of feel like oh my what are you doing if you're not so people come among among them a martyr social drink. Social trivia is certainly. Yeah I'd like I was or use and I enough to Rashad whenever I go on have a drink goes there will pay I just in wanna ruin your account yeah that's why African consulate like I like that including tonight for New Year's in his fifth after the football news or don't. Pay let's take a quick timeout coming up in just a few minutes and provide a fantasy football update and we'll check without him Beasley I think he's we can safely assume he's a social drinker as well argument mark time and so yes and we'll talk to him about everything going on with his dolphins seem as well it's right here on the hour north pregame shown they have 790 and have the moral force to reach due to detect. Welcome back. It shows we continue to previewed the dolphins in week sixteen -- week seventeen SA tilt against the Buffalo Bills kicked off coming up there for 25 PM from the hard rock stadium. As the season finale for both teams and we'll New Year's Eve entertainment. For you future celebrations going up I am a little concerned about how many people show to a game today by so we will seek but the crowd looks like. And our rocked a little bit later this afternoon Adam Beason will join us in a just a moment first. Let's get this fantasy football did on the hour when George pregame show it's sponsored by. And ajar Levine accident attorneys have you been injured in accident call 180747. Free that's 1807473733. We've got no submissions via its X line about Tennessee line up so. There was a sense Amir and most animates you is this so we're a mostly yes are oversaw I'm happy to hear that and I will tell a quick story which I read this week Oca which of these pretty cool. So Todd Gurley for those of paying attention he absolutely destroy just went off ten of the last two weeks. He amassed 456. Scrimmage yards and six touchdowns the last two gates. So for a lot of people. He either one you your league. Or he you know appear we use undo your opponents roster he lost you can read. The last two weeks he became the first player Connell who did this research but it corneas in the first player since 1950. To reach 45 PPR fantasy points he is in principle policing consecutive games they did during the pins football playoffs now. I was aware that principal beliefs existed back in 1950. But this is according to ESPN stats and info. In this one in the I don't know who does this research for USP in my car on the C one MB. This person or these group of people because I just one understand. Do you have a normal life and you have to me because for I like how do you find out. Beings that big back in nineteen fit the right. Men especially as it relates to fantasy football yeah bombs so. Big curly was responsible for a lot of people duties on some Christmas bonuses yes so to speak yes another quote part of the story isn't just that you know he had a terrific two week span to help people pay his football but. Those who follow social media understands that. News. A big time into helping out dish writers hostels have children yes you know it's a lot of news older person who reach out to muscles as media had donated to their cause as grizzled part of their winning Smith so there's a happy ending to live there where it's not just about you know kind of agreed the aspect of now wants a money play prince tomorrow also some some giving back so. It's a nice way to do so to know send us. Dated 2018 with a composite principles or reasons too many stories about players and her wrestles social media international forming a little. In the playoffs a guy always performs well here on the Al Gore's pregame show every time we read in the Miami Herald. Is Adam Beasley who covers the dolphins for The Herald seven it's against dolphins insider you can bomb on Twitter. Acts at a major reason he joins us now on the Orion fuels and bouncers can be sourced guests lined their true we steps beyond convenient. These happy new year jail I don't today. I'm happier you Reagan by the way that's why you're total pro that certainly was flawless. I think for Cutler thank you I appreciate dead babies and here we are saying last segment they get a kick out of this because we're discussing. Tim waits diets and what he does not put his body or no alcohol no no dessert or Swedes. It's October shot really put it nicely he says that when he goes out he doesn't wanna make people feel uncomfortable also he's a social drinker he doesn't want people to feel comfortable that drinking around him so hill park take a little bit nice that you like to do that as well. Yeah that's my excuse is completely yet anyhow but yet to put others and use that client to a cocktail or two totally up to do it. Let's put asserts say number shuck did some good material had gotten a bit yesterday and that the fate of these I gotta give you credit a couple of weeks ago on the spur program. You said the watch out. For the dolphins and bills haven't some bad blood and certainly we saw a lot of issues after the whistle personal file penalties should you expect that to continue today. I don't know if I would think so. Because of the bills is there's season and and the dolphins there. Pissed off because they don't have the season right I think that that's probably the bears we don't look at that game. I don't think anybody that building may be some of the young guys that use it is really fired up to play this game and and I could be wrong basically turn. But I don't know who went to bed last night with an upset and I can't wait to put my body at risk for a completely meaningless game. Now maybe cam wake who could have shepherd he plays X numbers applicability involve some I'm sure yet and said the play. And and might county was I wrote about this week the start sixteen games as some really important to him. Those two guys such on the play before but I mean. You tell me that it's you know just pick out a name out of a hat launched in and look at this game like man. I cannot wait to strap on play and I know these guys are competitors they wouldn't gotten this place supporting their career not. But it got to get total letdown so yeah there could be some chicken has there could be some frustration there could be some what we come on get to the New Year's stop shoving me. You know involved but they can you look like I did anybody take credit. Who is it ticket order goes today even days for all three hours you were a true Miami Dolphins and because. I think it's because apparently you contingency. That we were being paid to be there we would not be there today. Yeah it's it's tough timing especially with demo remit to golf back to force one. Brutal labor audience that that they at Miami at such a party town is such New Year's is kind of tailor made for Miami. That that's what we do. And and and until 730 eloquently. But that you go to the game you're knocking it out of our Motley thirty ability earliest. He people we would look at clean golf is they elegant home queen up got to cooperate and leave the door again now I don't mind that early still but colonel man like me I have Amal. Very v.s you wrote about my policies. And I wanted to ask you from. Your perspective he is pointing at his doubters literally. In the locker room. Any intimidation where no Miami's lead early offers a line is calling on the media and you're right there in front of them. EV one point the finger at me they all eat what eldest. Though because my indeed and quite honestly we should get it. We shouldn't because I don't know what you all I've been on record saying. Twelve games is probably the number to start in Big Ten the number it's start finish this year just because of history he hasn't done this since 2012. So it's huge testament to him. The doctors to develop and track speak to him. The coaches say that in the best cure his career wouldn't quibble that. But just the fact it is available is that you would be huge huge boost to this team book on an open book one been particularly bad. And it certainly in the last papacy it. I don't think that been the problem has been great but not like those can't failure period exact 4045 it out here I think that there I think they're under forty total but even if they're like. He beat around thirtieth narrate. An abrupt my head but I do not much better job. Protect in the past are certainly get the ball out fast helps. Help further their run the ball with Kenny Drake with some kind of consistency so. Yeah I mean I hated it it's cool for her for Mike no doubt about that something really important to him. And I don't have a problem role players. You know. I can back so to speak that we do we do. The three of us to you know certainly the people on Twitter on the radio and newspaper we pick the shot people and and that forgot that we do. And and if we're wrong we shouldn't call but I have no problem at all. Yeah I'm what do you mean your fears were willing to dish it out get your tickets so that's there that's part of the business at a Beasley covers the dolphins Miami Herald seven out of it's it is dolphins insider joining us here on the opera north pregame show. Aren't I want to ask you a question that we've been discussing his soul while we're shot actually I think coincidentally echoed. Like Christian season in describing this dolphins' season as being inconsistent with this season finale here if you had a word or phrase to describe it. How would you do soul why. Well they're adults now or or go deep into mile on the dictionary there. Because nothing has gone according to plan and that if I had a pretty good com. Last week on this very topic all the adult he's moved they've made. You can look at all of them a little I was maybe except for Kenny stills contract he he's been he's really good. Not his fault don't for the Baltimore blow when he is throwing the ball. It makes things happen but aside from that. The regions the draft picks. That none of them are really been starters I guess you could point. A couple of rookie is as as as bright spot in Tankersley internal affairs is a moral bit that the young had to tackle have been pretty good. But certainly free agency that you look at ten in this. The extension they gave to Kiko Alonso Andre branch. Some of them are gonna kinda trapped him and retrospect should that you know that's step one. Did you actually get hit you and your quarterback goes down. We could happen to treat it happened which is just awful I mean the most teams they would pack and then get any credit at all interpret police trying to get color in retrospect. It wasn't much help but least I tried. And it had hit her kitchen and then it had been going along that you had the cookie platter and because this issue after issue had to get Rey Maualuga get no brawl that called the breakfast time that they you know the morning of a walk or day before game. Caught on the spot I mean calamity I think that's fair word because nothing really has gone as expected this year. Avoid the eyes sit unpredictable weather because a whole lot of those things you just mentioned. All man you just detail all of all of those and it's it's been. So Barbara really missile Barbara's been amazing to see all of poll we you've been document you also pull its. Even crazier as we look at the quarterback situation I'll start with this. Eyes there any chance that suited Jay Cutler. One biggest plays again in the NFL after today or could we be seeing him not just wrapping up his dolphins tenure but also his tenure in the NFL. Yeah I think this is his last start I think this is this this is the end there rode it took. Something pretty remarkable that confirmed played this year and that's alone on the perfect record but. Cornerbacks don't get hurt trying to I mean are we wish that the second and and think about how rare that is. Certainly appreciate it happens regulation teams for sure but for Quebec bought and he didn't bring you can't statute does not ever happen early it doesn't. So that that's what it took for public play this year had to be the perfect storm. The right player the right team the right situation the right coach and end and that they're all all of those kind of privileged few pieces to quicken the plays for the plate this year. And then you go look at this that he's kind of been Hui is in his entire career is not great not terrible just the guy in double. Local and some games and terrible and extend over the course of the sixteen game season makes it. On average maybe below average quarterback. To put that together I don't see how that all line up for him again going forward I don't know what you gonna say you know what I'm authentic on the draft. I'm gonna go which it called admiral collars certainly not adult and the dolphins are going to have Ryan Kendall as their starter in 2018 unless he has saved. It is completely perceived physical setbacks but we don't we we don't see happen is going to be the starter. And color kind of ruled out being hit backup urine or else when we asked about that. On Wednesday so he's not gonna be a starter is not going to be back up all the leaves and it being a broadcaster. Yes yes and I would imagine that there's still possibilities for fox to bring him back to it's if he chooses to go that route with that being said based on the reports from near your college or models so Carolina show after his wealth so that David sales will see some action today how much are we expecting to see from a. It's a great question I mean. Think about this then there we would talk about in the K color. Player. He he already had a concussion issue got busted ribs and the opens applying today is going to be indexed purple left tackle. At arsenal apart copy it senator. Jessie Davis are right gardens Ron Amadon at right tackle. How many of those guys who would they see you being week one starters probably patsy. And arson everyone else is kind of surprised. You know it is it was a good surprise but the other. You don't you don't want Simeon and there is extra start so pure kcal you might think you know as scary to think. Send you off into the sunset without more recovered damaged my brain. And you can't beat Beckham deal. And in an end and it might grant that you know that they. That benefit I don't know yet again we talked about this what what is on the line for some of these players there is football. You know up or shut them. They're cheaters or why would you why oh why would you put guys risk. I don't think it is set to say because I know there are a lot of people on the callers or will begin their question to drive down there until May have a good time. But I didn't appreciate it for the Balkans I think this is something where they find out stuff about players. Things about. Not play to win they hope to win. But it but I think that the number one priority in the month prior to use arms and stuff out of this season healthy and struggled to build that team. These rivers of follow what there is so last segment and kind of looking at the priorities for next offseason and so we we rephrase it as. New Year's resolutions for the Miami Dolphins for 2018 if you had a couple that she would provide what would they be for those dolphins seem as they get ready for what's going to be very important offseason. Okay New Year's resolutions one get clarity on the quarterback situation going forward you can decide that Ryan your guy. Or or graphic I don't think he completely between game where you draft a guy and have arrived here I think that's. I think that's a recipe for disaster and I and other thinking about is not a high draft pick on on a quarterback. And I don't think this team can use a first round pick on quarterback enough acclaim and has hit the plane he looked one million dollar back up. So at that point figure out would be sure what you're gonna do a quarterback to. Martyred for agency didn't do things that benchmark used do. Martina don't give a bunch of money eaten twelve million dollars almost guaranteed and how they got some of that because of the suspension but what 31 year old linebacker. Don't do that don't extend guys before you have to that you're not sure hope to go Alonso. Be smarter with your resources. And birdie. You know. You may may be relevant un resolved at some walk. I think honestly look at. Any pretty huge factor in this this season being so sideways for them and so I don't know that's the result did you decide you could hope to do just. Now god that you can get out early late this year and it'll look yet. It'll look at 2018. Bees that we asked this question. We're do the dolphins go or how do you handle the Jarvis an injury situation because. You grin we're talking about this UN on air you know by do you tell him as. Hum the possession receiver like the Packers did Dovonte ams in the bears have you know the bears put the Eagles have done on our show on Jeffries. Or do you tell him as a slot receiver. Yeah about it and contract was fast and done before free agencies so you get to think that he could've gotten more in the open market. And what was the numbers you like fortunes happens little. All I had do you pay Jarvis went report here fifty million dollars a year. That. That so tough to answer and and I don't know if someone else will pay him that. I do know that they do the two sides to talk and and and and an optically closed I don't think. Having to deal done. It stop it stop because. He's a franchise tag on under our recently 1516 million dollars and 2018. I don't know what you do I really don't I know he's a good player that you won your team. And and in retrospect. Or do you wonder if maybe. Kiko Alonso Andre branch and and guys are better use of his money right now because if they are in a better cap situation like that started this extension this year. And and spread the pan out even more. I wish I had that answer we have I don't have conviction on this Poland saying that this team is better which are quietly and without them. But every player has a value in the eyes organization. I don't know I've done enough talking to people yet know what that number is. Could it be eleven or twelve I think developers be happy to get that done but if you want 141516. At that really taught. It's tough but at the same time bees I mean I think it speaks to. The lack of foresight from the front office were I don't know I I know that if you view you read some of the reports and I'm sure you'll you'll learn more about this they wanna see immature and there are different things there's a big key has accomplished this season that gives them the competence. To lock him up long term. The same time I think many people would say just on the surface may be having as much inside. That this Jarvis letter that he getting this series largely the same jar slated got in the past so now you're convinced why already convinced before you allow the market to increase troop interest they could locked him up before. That's right. I think they want to victory how does this is this year. And I honestly I think that the good thing I want to know what you don't do this or. Reward players on the last get a contract midway through this season peca is. Keiko is a great example or shoddy. Overshot the opposite pole lord and pat them on the team. But but players that you that you rushed to a extension giving doll and a perfect example that I that attract my head over that is so we. Maybe get some you know did some information on a guy or more information I got as much information you can look we're. To close free agency. I don't know like you don't do that great I don't know I don't go you know what that surrounded by obviously don't have one and say okay we have who we know from now. Three happy years Garza's case of information this is what it is easy on the right things done everything we that is not made waves. How we get the contract on the what not wait another six months and Arafat want to perform on Trevor is and then end and potentially have the value skyrocket because either your free agency. I don't know I don't I don't know why they. Don't do that he should do that or I don't think that they can't get too far and it extensions and a particular way too long either. Yeah certainly a balancing act it's these people were paid good money for two to try to determine babies who we appreciate all season long you bring our consistent. Awesome source of information inside now on the Miami Dolphins in the NFL on the Al Gore's pregame show thanks so much for your time throughout 2017. And happy new year to year almost 2018 years in advance. Young guys in the blast and it took it out he's a better year money Dalton's. Let's hope so thanks so much breeze will look talked resumes these. Aren't there is that a visa covers the dolphins in Miami Herald seven and its accused opens insider fall on Twitter act animates Beasley were shall we go more segment to go. Before turn things over to ESPN radio time for keys of the game and predictions next year on seven night. Seventeenth season. Dolphins and bills do battle this afternoon four point five lard rock stadium Greg like you're zero alongside Rashad Butler got a few minutes left. One reset a couple of things Miami is in its history 3371. All time in 51 home meetings with the ball full as one for the past six meetings in Miami. That being said. I don't Beasley who joined us last segment makes the dolphins may analysts as it was a pre season game so we're known some competitive they will be we're gonna get to our predictions. It just a moment so it's a lets you know with the dolphins win would mean. That the team would win his third straight home game and also would mark the second consecutive season the doll was one at least five games at home out there were six into an art right stadium. Last year in the last time they went back to back seasons with the least five home wins was 20012002. Although some of that sufferings hollow when you're our go to the playoffs. For the bills. This is a game that they need if they win and get some help they will be in the plows for the first time since 1999 they needed win and they also had a loss by the ravens against the Bengals. Or is the bagels and skewed the bagels can't beat the ravens then the chargers and titans will have to lose. Couple that with me. Bills wind and then they'll be in the playoffs where it all that being said let's get Ortiz of the game sponsored by the Florida lottery game day cash from the Florida lottery three games. More ways to win big. Rashad. I know. This could be a lopsided game ever the bills what are your keys to today's contest. Com. LeSean McCoy and Saratoga meet for the dolphins have a chance to win bomb you have to mix so you looks in the secondary. Vs Tyrod Taylor and with LeSean corn got to make one dimensional on the you have to. May Kim. Primarily a running back when he's Iranian bacon receiver you know remote chance. A simple. Yeah I'm wit dear Abby goes there were definite. Key series game it will give big picture. And maybe a more broader scope I was saying you play with some pride right now at depth and be the spoiler there and then with that in mind you know. The cynic in me would say torture draft position itself. Affairs analyst Louis they get to six wins and then don't have a better data in and also as players used to always talk about due ninety entered a lasting one to spin your entire offseason rehabbing an extra injuries so. Hopefully everyone stays healthy and a game like this OK with that being said what's your prediction for the outcome of today's game. Buffalo and I'm gonna go move. I'm gonna say the. 27. To ten point seven cent yeah precedents and from. I'm saying in this game one team has a little play four OT doesn't it's pretty clear death even know. Miami's have plenty of chances to win meaningful games along this way within drops of the last nine so I I'm with you I think the bills when there's some real 31 to fourteen. And you know I listen they have the whole of making a pleasant for sons is 1999 no guarantees up. But there's certainly go to position themselves via Tim. You know they'll do everything they can't. At least on today as today's action to try to get that done. Rashad minister on avenue utilizing wins hands down as it's it's unfortunate the season is coming to a conclusion on which we had a playoff awkward or pregame shows and Internet history. But appreciate you joining us on these last weeks in Oakland we worked together against the shore to shore here uncivilized ticket that's gonna do it for this 2017 season on the we did or just listen to the program throughout the season Antoine great to have you here ran your your most of the seas though there are few he games it took you away from us but we appreciate all your hard work is executive producer of the program and are shot as I mentioned. Appreciate your time as well not think you have to enjoy the game today. And more importantly we wish everybody a happy and healthy 2018 celebrate safely this evening be safe ring in the new year in the right way you've been listening the opera north pregame show the last time in 2017. Years in radio coming up next.