12-5-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, December 5th

The guys talk the craziness that was the Monday Night Football Game. Leroy talks about how he has never been so uncomfortable watching a football game, stopped watching after the Ryan Shazier injury, he was scared for him. Leroy asks Tobin if Adam Gase should get a pass on the Jay Ajayi trade after Kenyan Drake's last few perfomances. Tobin gives away some Harlem Globetrotters tickets. The guys talk about little league soccer and how dumb the rules are. Tobin asks Beast if soccer is still on the rise in the U.S. and why can't Putin put us in the World Cup. Tobin starts to say that David Beckham is just another Derek Jeter. They start talking about eating iguanas, then Robbie mentions about eating bats and calls them the "Chicken of the Cave."


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Homeowners. Okay. Yeah. A two day it's. It's a little bit. And letting the state told me I'd be used to it best summarized his form we can't see any. So that's. Football game last night a Willis. Hey and owner factory can talk about let's be honest we had told told the news. Is the first time playing or watching football. In all sports. For that injury. I signed that crazy you told me that and we have really get a map how it was literally. Like. Like goosebumps and sport what was it was it was that. Was it him grab his back was the retaliation what what I have seen him in jungle got a mortgage are late Jon Gruden after this it was like I do is. Knew he was discussing it was done like holy crowd is juggling you get Jon Gruden even be like squeamish. No Utah Utah but hit on. March down to all of that I'm talking about note dude. Why. I seen a lot of injuries seem bones popping through I've seen legs. Going the other way I see all of that. And all those injuries. We've got may not be able to play football you don't know. Which you know at some point he'll be okay. When I saw him not move his legs. Well that's the longest period of time ever seen a person on able to move and that was terrified. What what got me and I watched the hit total times that I went. And there's there's a dude he's got a controversial. He used the San Diego Chargers. Doctor doctor yet he easily pro football doc. He's got to be discredited. He had a couple like malpractice lawsuits and had nothing to a football quack. Well. Would ever be acquired his he needs to make this point there he maybe quack but he he knows what he's talking about. Blake. Is what the that he may have bought cell and surgery on the knee replacement which is what happened that he got sued. That had nothing to do the football he knows he's talking about it what he said was what what made him scared. Was that when he fell over grabbed his lower back to things. Well three things one he grabbed his mid to lower back which he says not good to deceive our snuck underneath all of that stuff he couldn't. Turn over to get out he had a push it out anyway and if you want to left leg. Is left leg moves but it doesn't move because he's moving it a moot because a gravity Greta do you make SP run. America he said those three things made him really worried all those things all those things. Together. I'm never the last so I was visited this is here injury is what really jealous I never watch another player also it also it is I didn't know what oil and I didn't Newsweek. Then I'll stop targets. I didn't you know internal Enron again you know the first lesson you learned. In football where he put office in DC. Which you. When reasons why he tell you. Is because Richard head out night in OK so is slated to exact. I'm so don't understand that applicable if you just when it from the other way. Why you've got wire guys going in with their heads down that. Is exposed is that like a better way to leg not all that hard to tackle little or no just saw how come it is. Is that just the natural thing plaguing is that like an actual motion I don't know I never played football. Almost a natural. Like is you know it it's that's what to learn because of the guys don't don't lead with there had all the time because like. But that's now we talk. I mean in in and so on and it usually. You know in in most cases. We knew we would your helmet somebody's getting good cuts. But what also happens in these situations is. Is safe and guide doesn't be reduced home. Well the first reaction. When somebody's come and you and you see him is to drop your head and that puts the guy get hit in the saints. Spot. That she's dear was dead when he called the so. You know just. All. Eight is it it just like I just gave me the creeps in it in terrified me for for him. Dead you know we all talk about. You know what your body on the line. Which had never really three. Or putting your body on the line film as well say that to a certain extent. And to see that and you know to see just awkwardness of the whole thing and him now moving his legs. I was terrified they just scare out worried about him worried about don't go to guy for Matta. We just to see a football player. Goes through dad because usually. By the timing put him on the board. And Dave bring him wherever he has to go. He's movement everything and Leo say on TV oh at least he's moving all is extremely doesn't mean he's. Going to be fine. When you see so moved when you go. Utility but you know what had me worried what heating give the thumbs up. Going out head and strap you know he had his arms arms and moving on his head right he didn't give the thumbs up. And I normally. Like that's like the sign like OK might be something horrible. Your. Legs. Are beyond steered. Student and their. Oh. It's WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true. ARAMARK. I mean I mean your mantra is do snakes bite winner skier. I was gear but I don't important. I was married name got alleged attitude everybody calorie know how the scale they say here. I didn't make faces and I left out may face is because the point I was trying to make. You screamed like that that let you make the boy I was trying to make is that you discreet and I just list out and so. I think we've really reached a kind of an intersection of our relationship. With where you're just apologized. I was given by. Can your. Apology. And well and we deeply and going to don't EEE is. Full Trout Travis a mockery him and his rescinding of apologies to Kevin Love on digital walking fish I would sickened loves numbers over the last three hands go. Ahead feel for me anyway you look that up the headlines brought you by accident temporal scanned the governor while you prepare for your holiday feast. Don't forget to get ready for cold and flu season with the actions in totals scanner. The number of preferred to monitor by pediatricians I inject us that this is going until last night so I noted last organs number it was before last night. Lester is jacuzzi game. Almost 28 points to repay it to 5% from the field 53% from Torrey 85%. Do. You effect on people. I'd do it than it doesn't say to me I need to get right now the Husted has to come naturally and forces. You asked me about two or so are just whip out your way more. With jelly. And now Kevin Love it Kevin Love has missed it was Kevin Love was Tyler Johnson. He's not me. Point lower somewhat dudes. On the you'll limit. But Ryan is here the update is she still in the hospital he does not need surgery they're believe he's suffered from a spinal contusion at. As this morning Ian Rapoport says that he's unable really move his legs right now but he doesn't immediately humorous though. Maybe that'll come back. Hopefully that's the case and it's not any worse than just a couple hours he's who came in on a temporary paralysis I think date they say. Within 24 hours. If there's any nerve damage of 24 hours to figure that out. Before that becomes stern and starts to become permanent huge so. You know we're in the we're. Got a few more hours ago but us what's the latest on that knows some other breaking news. UCF as the new head coach Josh tribal member he was the Oklahoma quarterback former Missoula office coordinator in to end his ass and and oh count Florida State that they should not have been net gain no. Miami should have been there and for a steak that South Beach for that game of it and South Beach big time. Anyways. He's an UCF coach Randy Shannon is his defense of coordinator Randy Shannon's gonna bring Corey bell was down here as well. With them as well as the DBs coach how does that work says it is high people. As watchful Scott frost coached the team. Yet it's the same thing happened on Mark Richt and staff were hired wall. Larry whatever the hell's name was was coaching the team in the ball game. Kinda different I don't know it's like beverages and that situation inspired. The coach was fired during the course of below but yes but. Basically you had once after watching practice what the other staff was coaching cracked now question is. I. I highly doubt Jim Walters is not go to a bowl game right. No general finishes out it's it's been done before Brian Kelly when he left from central Michigan to go to Cincinnati he coasted Cincinnati's bowl game that year. Does that that's the only time it's done. Shocking the Romanians and that's got crosses cultures in. You see a bowl game. Correct write a matter of fact so Nebraska I get mamma part I he knew he had a Nebraska hired all their new coaches and league is Scott frost as part time employees for the month. So they can still coach UCF out and still get. And still get paid to recruit it's really weird love. Let's see that he are often I'd simply tomorrow against a San Antonio in Texas. I mean in Mexico City I could say. That's an explicit and this that the dispersants and it's out of it to Brooklyn and exit supposedly Brooklyn business and that's on Thursday that's correct Tom Glavine is that why so you can give them. Since then. Urgent battle team play its not a lot of senator against you. I would go to my son has a soccer game. Well positioned to. While he's only allowed legally for one half it was goalie for one half anyplace Ford for the second are you know we go from one ha that's the rules the stupidly. In the exports state law not to do with he you don't even on the half and it an island well it's kind of good now I guess in in retrospect 'cause of the CT. Eight it if you had the ball to penalty in my new about that. And about that that's. You know. I guess that's good out and stupid. Is it still bit just not real soccer. As you can add. The U all the gloom that's out here your play room soccer they're like. And seventeen lines all the women don't know what the mission as they did we do but now. We ask you something easier like go watch in this so called football. That saw the rise 'cause around the World Cup. Yet because we I mean we got. I get all the stuff go we all know everyone everyone as a team and other nation when we allow legal team a Premier League team or Syria our team we we don't have an American team in rural town now and we can we might not apply not pagan and MLS team now either. She's a important pick up president but he can't get us in the World Cup. And understand that. It was no problem you may have a team in the Olympics while the did an increasing occurrence. It's a Netflix documentary. Art. And it's about the jury deliberations about the Russian doping scandals that Russian Jews are Russian juicy I said did you see a number of changes. Almeida do you do so crazy they legislate crashed in the labs swap out samples in my code diabolical. Russia was doing they have the right now Arafat's today or this week but they've the number one figures here in the world whose Russian she's gonna make some crying plea is she built like cyborg yet. No she's a figure skater. She's she looks incredible. Massive quads. You know idea you could go yeah. Yeah. And you know all in that you are. You don't believe that you he has he knows Russian I made a little joke in any way to. You're right though we should made a deal prudent that if we get trump then we get to be in the world cup of that I think it's only fair it is the only thing you're right. Must oil soccer only suckers on the rise and more on declaring it dead. Idiot. And quite frankly this David Beckham just like deadbeat teas sports my soccer team rough note that so that some of the city of Miami brush her you know why because. Cocky David Beckham body's gonna shut him and I. It'll. Is don't want every. We want some. Room. You. See him as juicy meat seat mile away. Like I you know we don't give a rat's ass about you David Beckham yet he does know competitions or anything like no and I actually heard David Beckham that's exactly how he sounds. It also sounds like TH IMS. And is basically hit and run of that rock for the Eagles a due to an injured ball out so prominent rates nominated for some open the mounting. Question question I have one more story. Mark Walton wrote a nice letter to Miami fans saying about a government says to assume that. I too would browsers back to a for a reality do you. Gays. Cut him a little slap. All look doing a fourth round pick hey I don't know London has some than. It. The whole point of doing that was that he had years who could do the same thing MBS. I didn't. He wrote me a list something pretty Andre do for a whole season it doesn't yes. Credit for making a trade and lose in four straight. Want any loss forced it's not a. Well interest and say there's privacy to a winning record. Based treated. Four straight losses and in the them that thankfully got got a brilliant were the worst teams in the league. Is pretty factual and they think. Send its interest and we do we're gonna pick and shoot Selig guest expert on and no that's not so knocked down and he read texts. Aren't. Let us know against the spread to Sean Salisbury and Kevin Todd as they turn out comes to incomes that's. Doesn't catch on sounds very Kevin Todd morning Saturday mornings at 830 on seven on the ticket meanwhile. Some globe drugs that you just globetrotters. Let's look a little tune. It and well you will do and. The common London and airlines arena didn't do you look consulate. We don't suit is there goes a little John the American Airlines Arena don't you tell him. Yeah. The brakes so resolution photos are also includes. Yeah a lot of pictures we're gonna Tyrone spong and tomorrow he's heavyweight boxer Corky boxing champion. And grandma and Steve is right this weekend. Give a hundred and down I got enough that you can yes you legally can't two. And estimates violence ever in his career but he's not only a boxer. Something with the is you know the real Tarzan on it's the Graham much so yes essentially yeah. It's real Torres and like the students he lives down here ESO does article on approximately he wants to be the next Steve Irwin. And it is all kinds of crazy stuff in his in his in his apartment is like beta with an Anaconda. You know just as godly little. Monkeys Israel and around his house so all kinds wildly York's one of the resident the the wallet reservations on the port of Miami zoo. Like one of the the places that I guess heels animals does research on animals not quite share. Is I guess and welcome Padre here in this little wet suit that iguana wars is Tyrone spong move the former the former kick boxing champion. And now have you boxer I mean the size of some of these Dan iguanas are just massive. It's crazy yes so it's like tiger. And I don't I don't know if it's in monetary Tyrone underscore spong and you could see some of the monster lizards or you go to the real dollars in comments to Graham so ultimate the Nazi guys in check it out but it's it's yeah. Not even funny part of. So we are talking about iguanas and that I was talking about my good friend George more flow who lives like in an incorporated Dade County in the middle of nowhere. As well as property in the end as gardeners from South America. Gets all the iguanas and roam around the property gathers them up and barbecues and they eat eat iguana. Tough and I was like yeah this eating in a lot as a thank you LeRoy is like it's a thing so I look at I go do people iguana. And the first line I come across a Wikipedia is like in south and Central America eagle AutoZone as the chicken of the trees. So when you go down to South America and yet you ordered chicken and he. I'll keep doing too good thing right here South Florida. I was I was in the next article as utterly solves South Florida's iguana vase invasive problem. Big cat man now they suggest restaurant should start sermon. Just thank you should have a while cook off. One it's it's invasive. And do not going to be a job so January 20 is the kiss country chili cook off will be promoting that a million times over the next couple months pregnant would you would you. As you really wanna go to the sugar goes Muslim birth. It's who he's performed. In these headlines names on who the names of movies and instructor he's been all countries on zone and doing my legs got injuries. Do you question. Are you going to be judged it political growth yeah Ali and it proved. To be more discussed in the crow. From what I heard it pays better than fraud. I never have for a I never had a frog well I don't bat an ample Louisiana called the bat communicating on the meaning keep thinking lightly Whelan on the way back out. But they look and they call the bat the chicken of the cave bats usually I hit a Georgia commit to. I. Like why do we listen to guy gets all of this knowledge. From Adam Sandler movies an increment. What was his what was he had attacks last night hit a home run taxed about the Steelers is because visas complain about being lowered the rate. And what was it Robbie there's some steel is real I was in a whenever. Particular stimulus on the road against a bad team it's a ruler of gold this time. Except if she didn't know all the time we've been together. I've never grabbed the Steelers have a duplex to influence other people's toothpicks. Some in the Ulster. Computer. You read it years ago I kid you not two hours ago. I was in the boss's office we're trying to put out the holiday schedule. I was trying to make case for Robbie to make an appearance hosting a show. And then he just comes in with the bat is the chicken of the cave because of anchorman. Now I regret my decision. For trying to go to the boss on his behalf. Now he needs to be hosting ansari. I don't know I know he's be hosting Robbie do you have enough hot teas and shenanigans relate to reality and bleeping kidding me have you heard his radio show. It gets done hit on your show with the image has been so low shelf of aghast and it was just hunting central. Yes he generally. If you want what's what's good if if you're be standing here with that he can't benefit and get them on the air a little bit more on the radio. Think there. Robbie you called. Stewart. Yeah scares the hell I am by no agents. Robby and personal. Christmas season that deal because at the months ago come Austin's Christmas I mean imagine imagine that somebody and didn't give me a shot. I just it just happened to fall opportunity that's how it happens. You never know you might walk into a superstar here. Now it's all about. Yeah superstar who will be calling 1800 couldn't get it. And then within five minutes to start in the show imagine all the gambling sites that he can do live birds for. She eats. And AGB take inside deals with only two days before they're yeah I didn't. There's a problem. What happens when all the rob these rules don't coincide. With high with you guys AN DO and it. Mom I don't know Robby a man of principle to consider gambling or can you be bought. There's always corruption everywhere can afford. Oh or. Should they. Slowly these short. You're a man of high standing by the way just till you know I've reached new depths of my own DeGeneres say. Last night around 111130. I was betting Australian harness racing and artistry and there is not in the race I'm not bad no no horses that I don't want any size guy on the wind into out of the three races and a last. You know not knowing anything about anything. The risen horse is a ruse. I don't know porches. I'll harness William Morrison of those kangaroos and I don't think that's on the happily and you don't duration. They do donkey racial we're gonna bet on that. In what did tracks that do go Sprint's. Yet might have 200 yards and public debt they have appeared likely to have a donkey race are you better on an ass. And yup loan to ban on and ask you about a mass speech Campbell on a room. This really. How Hollywood that the David military tankers to box. But the tension and a brace. Oh really in the stage of law and the you know we'd make us like this sort of thing on the show fully three years or ever since Dolan took over about tenure his boxing like we'd like listen hard rock. When you open your new hotel and you know arena on all the stuff. The first event like. Now people have like soft openings for restaurants bright like so they're probably have a a grand concert opened their new arena when they built the right. That's fine but you need a soft opening just to make sure everything works ignition the bear taps work and all that stuff. I think you should be our tinderbox in event grew wars rewards yes. LeRoy you know people over there make it happen a school scoreboard Tony assay got an idea for you for your new Arenas also claimed run some opening leg we don't go major marketing. Talk about the records wanna make sure the tabs work to make sure the security knows everything we do it. We can do it hit him and like put it in and the like intermission and the tenements. There is less he had because on this deposit. Right I see one McCain grooves get free. To kick it to grab but everybody in the status. And Kandahar right scalable toward those two must as a Ghassan. About it. And it can't DBA. Is a certificate. It. We went to Egypt -- what it is linked. Animals and to do well. Certainly an idea what you want the anger and Jumbo and octagon. Oh my god alone music can get out probably find out how hides a kangaroo and to think about animals. Calls all day. Into southern Incredibles. Park comes in yesterday's a lot of it. It's not yet she was hot on my god we're. Do you and I was like well it's not the ice it would buy back towards it is in the other two guys ansari would we don't have the object to them. I didn't I am an insulin pump blood. Hell out of line member. Met. Her entire side and burn it has to do it right now that geo we got real dude. There he's content bull frogs bare handed. I did better on TV than that. Also as a college KM a man Andrew mixed martial men I mean it's not going to be mixed there once or news. Think he kept him that's how this method in the. Kick with. I'm able. Giggled. Eagle might outweigh. By the way kangaroos can jump to cover 25 feet and up to six feet high. The six feet and I were good looks but you weren't enough holed a few days. I'm not going to happen I cannot climb by. The lead supplement. I would do that if I have like a disease. Over budget request. Jerry. Jury room addition hall yeah I really don't know last year I dug it up wrong. What it was in the news these animal hijinks kicks and somebody. Called out. Yeah you. Their I think you start with the bat means to communicate them out no hope that you idiot it's the iguana as the chicken of the tree and then you had a time with the bat being the chicken of the cave. When that group is like super important though lots of softly right. Bosnia that. Sosa borders other reason why don't dream car. No really needs that right can we stop that now because I'm getting sick I don't know Lewis you who are you going to watch football this week where you think you could just just emotions. Like a man like going through what I've gone to would have gone through. And feeling the way I feel. At times. In mid CNN. In there's there's a number of emotions that go through your minds like. And how lucky in my to make it. And I didn't really may get out alive. Hey you know what I mean it's so weird like just all its anti disturbed to be with a limit. You went from us. We do we do in hijinks. Yeah kangaroos fighting. That's searching into the cave and you thought the best way to bring the show back to sports or. Some sort of seriousness. Was to talk about a guy who was almost paralyzed. And how that. May affect LeRoy is you know on the welcome watching what good is that what we had a couple things and we have something in between winning. A conversation before the show and instead. You know a bit watch a football played football my whole life. I've never been quite well when I know he's gonna show off of that Anderson we couldn't relate to could be something in between to kind of say who you know. Make it easier transition. Let's try me hey I'll. Stats at me a third hour. An hour I'll be so will be so what could not turn 13 hour. Yeah did you go to our been waiting yet we go wait for. Not the question is do you want a third hour after the show or do you outages and have a three hour show somewhere else. None and none and then. I think we should move more. Analysts were and I. I trying to get us. So got to watch which. It's just it was just that he wants it. Toasting feel the way I did and that's what else that's what I find interesting is because you who have. Don it. And you like you said you you pat after effects of football out of that have. Affect you be sure to batted yeah. But I've never seen I guess there's there's a different entity that goes there where that is where Everyman late IA. I still haven't had that moment of watching. Sports men Wear just like I can I can I saw it. Written moments but it's never ever got to the point where all turn something off all not wanna watch it anymore. I don't know what that is I think that's just a lack of me being able to connect to know some of it is me thinking well this is this this is what they do. Right you know right well. I mean yeah. I. Who was this on our reporter last night and part of my I can believe forget who's on the the money and we salters Lisa salters like her report was in Mike Tomlin told at halftime that it's. You know that's what comes with plain folk also know that know me and I was like everybody thinks that journalists should notably. In but it. Just. Cheryl. I was like I was like wait a minute Mike Tomlin told to his team at half lake. I've seen as Qaeda but here's the thing that's. I was that aren't if you are Mike Tomlin would you say if if you actually have another half a football play right. If you thought you were you ever a situation where you do I mean like a tablet a million times where a guy gets hurt and you have to do the whole like were kneeling we're praying we're. I. The answer Gorham lead. Are you. So it's a weird. Like its equipment even hit yet even with the press circle around me. Like movement and elect takes place on pin. And it reached it. I wasn't bad. And I've never seen that with the Atmel. And that was terrified. Like just I don't know why. I just didn't. Actually you know the one injury not to but like the one that turned me off. Oh game for the while. Is. Well I know that the famous what is the click large chocolate. Cutting of the jugular in the lead. But to do that have a dog pant or something like not to. Oil riches and yes first in turning here yes that. That injury. Had me show for awhile. Oh yeah man I can't believe they continue to then they continued on with that rush and that he came back. Right leg that had that he shook for a few weeks I was crazy resentment actually used to watch on which is that he was pretty wild. All I don't know. I don't know unfortunately I don't know what it's going to take you know I'm a guy who Alley watching biting. And I watched this past week I see Yossi Drago. Not somebody stiff as a board he's not moving river minutes now but I can't help then. Think there's genuinely a war there as a as a fan and a spectator of something. Put that after you realized why he got through it okay now wanna see the knock out nonstop here's what I'll say. The difference between vet. Employable. It's unexpected in full. Like you see it's four whole game you don't know which ones would end up being that. Which one's gonna end when a guy bounce and then it talking trash back import them okay. What I say is rare in boxing is is all bow you have a chance to Deke did injure herself. When you see these football injuries. It's. Sometimes your body gets caught a bad position you put your body in a bad position or. You're just you don't see. Both are also has been Asia there has been a shift like for example. Our way out and about as perfect last night where he's getting cleaned out. There's a time when I think that would have been more celebrated right rather than vilify you guys. Tag. And I don't didn't think he's got a segment on three and a vote count down I was all yeah you get Jack out. Yeah and I'm not at the point where I think oh that's Arnold and don't have anymore to announce Russia I did Olympics oh really yeah. Pickers men and creeds and to win you have disease you have in the document in the student friendly. I know you all the things he did which. It's like Russian Viktor county. Me. Am men like I am so late. I don't even know why I reacted that way. Other day and periodically policy here or injury. And out think how did I make you. All the way through. You know without sustaining anything away. Yet this guy he's told after effects it's not it's not like you made it out no I didn't have as no no but I but I didn't. It definitely use your legs yeah but rather I'm sure there's got to feel that LeRoy that you maybe had where was. Man what if there was another and sheer rather than stare or drew is headed this way and it would have been a lot worse. You know here's the we're about. Is it wishes. Always looked as though part of football. You know it and that was back alone times when you know. When I ended up in the hospital I knew that was pretty bad. But the whole time I've had a sore neck but I could appeal all my extremities. So I didn't really worry I just who. You know I put my role. All the other stuff I'd written. I mean nobody was educated enough and I means everybody doctors anybody. To know. You know dead after you have Wendy's. You get your bell rung in this that you don't just give them smelling salts and run him back here that you need. Well the whole the whole aspect of his early on and when I was. Cover the cans and on silent and insulin get a concussion. I'd go out to Dockery mayor whoever the you know the team interest was in delinquents in during the delay. Just go all wrong and in like would like kind of snicker because back then even if we're talking fifteen years ago. Even then it wasn't as big of a deal in. Really yet guise of so and so got their bell wrong you know I think he'll probably. But you know to concussion and you don't even at the time you're like oh that's not a serious is it. It's something to be said about. Like there is nothing. That I can ever explain to any of you what it feels like. To not be able to move so we wanna move bright for four or how long it is. It's terrifying for less dissect. And so sometimes when you give him cause or you get hit it. Well that's that's what it feels like and and that's why I think it's so on reliable through like me or Beasley gets. Did you know why a lot of the times you guys who just bounced back it's rendered late oh Uga. They know also decide isn't Mora walked him for three months. If you write it via the injury that beast that you prod yes yeah. As you continue to play football on blue Republican that. We have seen football players get carted off tickets at a hospital. Comeback employee at a global level. You have been limited run in a boot to to a different injury. OK I just all ports Venus her ankle in us. Right. Yeah I have seen. Us stepped he's able to Wear boldly and again on the grant you really cool. A. Be back before Gordon you just I didn't know those guys that are our athletes and ever lost it. I. We. Won't die. And let me get a medical professional in his ankle and imported back to get extra tournament.