12-5-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, December 5th

The guys talk about Beast's company email post-Riptide, Leroy and Tobin make fun of him for it cause no one replied to it. They continue talking having Stars Wars conversations and when they are going to so it. Robbie says to be prepared for spoilers at the company holiday party. Beast gets into an arguement about why Leroy isn't going with him and Robbie to the midnight screening. Tobin wonders why he wasn't invited, which annoys Beast and Leroy. They talk about how Russia is not going to the Olympics. Plus, they wonder if Beast can pronounce the host city of the olympics. Tobin is bummed that Dwyane Wade had a great game yesterday and is losing big in his bet with Leroy. Orange Bowl Committee CEO Eric Poms calls in to talk about the Orange Bowl game and Miami Hurricanes.


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I'll talk about it still of their lives is here with you on the ticket. Homes. CO it was a book committees to join us later on this hour we'll talk some gains Wisconsin with him as mine is you need to stay home for their bowl game. Robby had deep you into the the bowl game dive all man it's out of control and you're all over it and tracking and I used to just under new coach and he was a reserve an effort to corner and I got re read rejoin now says the Texas Bowl. Which in Missouri and Texas. On the we've tracking your resume coaching moved or Daryl Jane's real estate or have a bowl global challenge amongst the show are. Yeah rooted Julio college dictum in the Muslim and if there's ugly dealing from the shark is going to part experienced inaudible challenged. I don't know she knows of the losers don't that I imported doomed. I don't know she knows that there's been an email sense to us as she has it on record yes. So. But in his first though. More for the holidays. It has to be dumped record of total and going to be MIA yeah. We can do one a Tuesday. We didn't have a nice meal at my house. Or we can go somewhere gets a neat though we we need what we need. But if we have it at my house. We birds once own back quakes hit. It I know enough I say I say listen here's the Mosul would load. Yeah. Suggesting I might add. Is the guy who as birthday parties and everybody pays for your own food. So he suggests it's just too we should do what I. We should do what. A little gun so. You're going to please no shot in the near in the toaster I was gonna say that will we can do is we can meet your house. Okay we can have a cocktail yeah we can wax rob he's back. And didn't take immediate full and I could bet the president had a instrumental in a food coma first so he's a little bit more honorable. I don't think errors Indra he gives you just yet georgians he'll be doing some fruit soda that you know is what that does not seem that you could. And area to get the check donate donate only Dixie baby that would Dixie pineapple soda. Things like apple might be Apple's play really doing a tradition from. Oh yeah I have to orient among my blitzer is probably like that it would ever did well. And in thirty she globally triple -- scenario and I felt I felt like a slushy when I walked out of yeah. It was it was as news. Flow into the veins or you don't you don't what my idea. Went. I'm just giving you you know because. You know what I think we should go on dinner because we always go to your house and we impose whenever and English. So we thought Google. Yeah and speaking of things that gas bag shut down by you how do you feel about email. No love. Wait let you know I was trying to get to. Did you set it. Back up until the backs to run so well we just rip tide yeah it was a great weekend great weekend. Hats off everybody involved including us as we read a billion from sport. But especially a promotion is apartment set hero amazing event really becoming a staple for the company. Now. The first email that get sent out. Not from somebody in promotions they can everybody from doing it. Now from our fearless leader our new boss. Not from our old boss. From our CEO COO or any boat and go well. It's from Bryant London. When he's married and you know and that's what it's a bit and I'll. Sit and say beast in the bears changed. Since. We rock. Like. In an like what I thought that. I'm like. Here come flying bullets everywhere. For a. Oh. My are familiar we bees were always but people in this building. Colin. And not in this building right we have dives spies in the other building. He's we are competitors now are Brothers and that's in. Soledad it's traveling down the plate and them for 41 yeah lines lit under the I. My lips are moving up and down for 41 at a rapid pace. A word it is. His base we have like the the whole Miami team email knew where that that goes out to everybody right in the entire company down here both elements yet. And word from down the street is again real sick it. I deplete the sure I'm not only finder that not only are important to read them all we. Rebuild. Ayers that you say this. They all of your hard work in debt each. I'd follow you into a buyer for Hollywood to a higher. Unit where you wouldn't get their before it is. Who are you fallen into defiantly at Ole labors and the audience stature I screwed up. It follows some weekend DJ on the beach into a five dollar and now know Robby. I'm just tell. No but if it's somebody who signed. Shocker and it isn't great yes. Yeah yeah absolutely need to raise a definite moment of Deborah in agony or is now to fire what do you feel about this what I really want to now. Album you needed to make you feel that. Bad I expect this expected to be first. At least I believe we like rob and I. Break the seal. And the headlines thing in this and that and give me a second ballot to get to you take news. It's got what you any XY and south why would you accept each each oh yeah. How you feel in that your email got no replies. No it did Mike Rockwell international zone not replied. You know you and Mike Rockwell and I know each other ripple. You got to try to replies and teen replied I'll help those who really count okay yet no I didn't I don't and oh another in another email that sent out. Give it you know out of the four hours later and it's all kinds of love didn't 8910. Mass responses about how great we all are. I feel that yours was. Not looked upon as the red as the as the you know the flare gun Miller an awful lot of long as my email made it into the inbox of the right people I don't care. Didn't tell you did Noah did. It didn't send them right in the email I just completely mattered they respond and it does not. Has you might shy guy you listen to nowadays and they send out an email yesterday. In Tibet an email yesterday and today I don't need any you don't come to loading dock to help help us bring in a much alcohol that you were there. I was there and I was the first one to send an email. Learn why you weren't there. Because I was there no no I was there and I see a live one well than a mile and I don't know I'd item with one original the beer. I'm pallets. You wanted to go find someone to prove that I was there like YouTube because I was there for a half hour and I didn't see I didn't see you for a second. If let me help move in heavy stuff. And you've got here and not much. Do. We reached a low point in hiding to the shell. I can make a page in the entire building from my cell phone I don't want him I mean initial page it's like to have someone coming here just like it was there well maybe there weren't there yet know whether there were on the commitment. Ledger for the real we're worried if it's three buckets of beer. In the beer. LeRoy you just seen all this one hardly no games. Ridiculous because that's. Why don't they can of the types and some light you can help yeah it was a it was a strange system. It was it was like conveyor belt. Oh really sell so where it is also covers and didn't way to stop interest and as I noted that some people dead. A member of that sort water you're a voter notre circuit it was it was will hook. It was like for policy water and then behind that was all this booze was it left from there's a good forty. Like. A balky its but message bucket I mean I mean likes it looks like rob the Costco yet and it looks like surely you Bob and apple out of let me my questions is there he has a lot crap ton lots that a short Christmas party our holiday party at our new building while Boeing can get on a but in which you know what people down in those beverages we Spiller out spoilers Star Wars we have seen yet what. There are others you knocked the guy on Harry replied to be going can't turn back now know we're gonna go to Stallworth there tonight. I'm going Friday at Ford when Thursday that it ends at midnight Robby ware and I didn't go when. I ice. It. First of all viewed. I'd put it on my FaceBook for everybody for the public. What oh wait I did I do your best pass the basket canceled. Question yeah. Important note to you. Mean. Just low groove in you feel like you buy more important people all I know shenanigans. I'd shenanigans to. First of all Sydney yesterday let's go at midnight after the notes and you certainly don't look now I'm Boehner did CNN. Did a good yeah no. Are we want you might order us. On Friday. I did you him as a party I didn't know about that and it. No I'm taking it because it's not any school extent would receive multiple times a week. Last year let's get to the real thing that's important here. You are to boo. Barely walk and trying to tell me moved three buckets of beer I'm a lot of beer. No sale. If that line. Guard hit the bed I know what you buy eight. Advance Auto Parts whether you're looking to change your air filter or replace your brakes you'll find the parts you need and knowledgeable team members and helping Advance Auto Parts let's get you back in the road a couple of news note Margaret been named the Walter camp coach of the year in college football. Museum has named Josh Bible. As there new head coach radiation and has their defense of coordinator. Russia's been banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics eats. They have a bit of a doping situation where they Olympics. They are in South Korea. Well. Yeah I wouldn't take a weird name. Bespoke blow before a nuts and soul no no. And aware and saying no they spell weird. Everybody knows all year and stop going eagle. Eagle and why ignore him. Syrians. No he's not serious about the problem. He's hiding behind a might as this time it was his Yung Chang. I believe in relation to be yet. Okay. I'm a. Yeah. I champion home. Some close to a team just as soon be customization shop. Begets the other house about four modification in town he called them up. 7865023446. And a champion former Ford dot com in my heat off again tonight. As they will take on the San Antonio Spurs tomorrow. Cavaliers on the top. Well that are row last night. Dwyane Wade nine of thirteen to 44 points. One of two from downtown. He is now smoking just as when loan percentage on Rupert. Pastor. I mean I had to be one of the dumbest bits. You have ever made like the route I mean permanent. I mean but. There has been no. Move we made a bet that Winslow could actually sure to our. Here's the thing that tied for made. Swindles got a lot more misses. Would those got a lot more misses the bulls have ten on the year. Mean no you row with a total rates oh yeah this is like a slot and or. What is it the sly. I'm only when it raids hang in on the board. Every time about what slug BB. I think it's news. I saw Erik Spoelstra come out and he's again like you know reckless justice is doing a lot of things out there another sue is going on dislike. We don't sounds like when you go Lil. Yeah. Well. As and is this morning rioting just is when's really needs his own statistical category of dislike. Kings. This is so you can avoid saying that he's Manning got an idea how it. Guess what. It's hard. To not help woods Lorena and wait your he leaks or does lets us. It was this summit Stephen Ross in the all the first class organization at Everest in everything except on the football field. Sit Oz that's a lot of quotes. I've but it Bubba Bubba in fairness to him. I'm top not really in the Michigan. How. Organization than it means that all resources are available. To be good right. OK so he adds that there is no expense that he is not willing to its end. To have eight top notch organization. They just can't put it together and be. He says quote they're exposed John does as Winslow we've been would've been riding is to make your presence felt right from the outset and every cent of the game. He has a way of doing a lot of fit of doing that a lot of different ways that don't necessarily just have to be about scoring. Except you just edit game we scored 79 points. Just as Winslow says quote I'm not satisfied on the play a lot of times than you can do better but I'm still doing good things out that news coming in all. You know fat and sassy actually fit in sassy immediate and as they got out Winslow Coetzer. Culture or my golf cool. Still it when he came in during media day I felt like he he was on a next level like he knew something about his game that week and now I've felt. IQ is gonna shoot an awful lie right that day at the field that's exactly I had the same feeling. Well he. Voice is a lot of things. That have the confidence of Dion Waiters but he doesn't play within the let's play that very confident. EL ID and you can't fake it sounds like justice says things to get mince himself. Would Deion you know it's genuine he's don't doubt the ship. If it's if it's one pretend like he says I'd rather be one for thirty I'll go down shooting Orton just just just shall be. You know doesn't get hesitant dozens more won't shoot just so we under the rim and he won't finished. You know those that those of the things were you dislike I he's not really a guy with with unbreakable confidence on May be he his mouth right Texas. He does intend to even really rated chick I didn't get the feeling he got way image and it was in hockey and never say. You know what. Home score more or is this you know he ever really put out dearly. Remember I remember Tim Bradley who and one day a themes room. Have. Gotten him out pretty well I can buy out right back to him after because here's the thing Tim Bradley he lost he he he won a decision over many occupants one of the biggest robberies in the history of boxing. And after the fight goes. To go back and look at the tape. And then go on these press stores and Tim rather be the if you're really watching again with the sound off. You can really you can make the case that I won and that it was more more more you talk about I don't know outlook that flight. I don't know what you guys talk about medic got to the point where it was like I'm getting as many pocket is like common knock them out. And I don't so well for so it would slow it feels like. It's always. Talking himself up more and more and more it's just like you kind of got away with what made people follow with a in the first place. Like just Winslow does he was relentless on defense he was nineteen years old order against the TA player on defense. One small caveat today. We like him because he was young and we always thought that all that other stuff would improve. Right this scoring. Shooting. All that. No do you feel a little different. When he's not dole and other things as well and he's still not able to shoot. Yet the things that it is feels like the other stuff is taking its hole on everything went last year you want John chalk it up to health per share. He was an alpha male like me talk about leisure Osama the first right. Even even the first year stop it feels like that stuff is has waned a little bit and maybe that's because your judge economic curve. Because justice Winslow is now. It really is a second full should be a second full year whose mom put the expectations that. He's got to be locked down he's got to be able to do to do all those things and you don't use Sammy offs on a real force in the transition unanimously. You have a yellow lobster claws for hands menu got that you guys you got the touch of a fit the crowd. Isn't it weird it's weird no I mean any. Thing in basketball. Every choirs touch. He's not good no. No solid as Lamar lawman. Could this crate I may explain this to you. Right enough said this before. There's a fine line. In promoting your keen. In hindering your kid. And what he has done why everybody's it was cute and SG should do for your kid it. Would makes it unique it would makes it different what makes it hard for me to deal with is the fact that. I mean everybody in the NBA. It's trying to bury his son. Not because. Of what his son is doing were saying. Because of what it is seen him you call that motivation. But he is not responding. Listened sort. Ever period you know. Our. My bag down a little bit yes but you'll at least Alonso is in the NBA. Just there the worst thing to be called let's put to rest in a light. If you wanted to it's worse late east did you see would have with the other son. So it pulled as others and at UCLA opinion he's just gonna grids he's like oh I'm on I'm gonna coach him study is art directors and I I think coach. I'll lake loop Walt is not a coach my son I can get winning out and right. Exhumed the lakers coach which. So that I I'm gonna go to the character of if it's it's him being Lamar ball move the wrestling heel the character. But actually pulls his son at a school loans auto we're gonna get him ready for the NBA draft. And it George Ozzie comes out he's like. I had GM Sami Annan this any scouting list on the extended scouting list. When people think he'd be a decent player on amid on amid college program school. And the idea that he's gonna be one and other. I mean this is not the case. I mean it's it's predictably he's like a man like I have kids. In and I wanna be as supportive as I can with the main thing I wanna do is Dade the collider. Let him be who they. Let it be that type of young man and young woman that they're gonna in Adobe. And if they need my hope to assist in any way I can't. I don't know that to be out here almost like taken. You know that opportunity away from them. And that's what he's good. At having. A lot of well sounds like now. No. He's got to her. Why is everybody responded to him. Like he's which insurer. Everybody who's unto me son. We don't wait it uncle in no way plea deal on. The big basketball out and give an example to embarrass him led into the game again and again I don't. Haven't been. Doing nuggets. I don't it. I guess I don't have as big problem would lawns and occasional model can still take step into his own hands on the court at least he's there but you do Wednesday. But the thing that I that the that this is the first step with a lot Lamar. I've really looked at them like. C'mon man don't don't buy into your gimmick that. I like our night you know that and thank you actually look at the kid who's not good enough to be in the NBA and take collagen which is what you thought. Here's where you were wrong. You thought that at some point this clown was gonna be self oh way. He never ever. Did see his thing I think. For this part of me that is always the oval marble think it's an act like he should be had to his own gimmick. He still have to be self aware right it's easier. It's easier to be the clown like. I think it's easier if you Lamar ball he can be declined to say oh he's crazy things about love is going to be in the NBA. He's he's clearly got the talent if you don't you show we get that number to use the problem. OK I don't care what level of basketball player you are unless you're LeBron. Or freak of nature like dad. Most of the time when these young kids get into the NBA. They need a couple of years of of it yet okay. Is being dead end. And because this is what is a habit it's worse for younger brother when the other brilliant and we live in college okay good good it's well because his. Younger brother witnessed some of it all day. No he Qaddafi got suspended indefinitely. And and that's it by the way just to should be is 2000 absolutely. Absolutely you eat you heard. It went. In all of these situations. A parent. Has become an injury. Not a health. To lose. It and and so while everybody was left and at the client. What everybody will lead for now show. How wasn't because look at that Alonso and looking at Leah vigil low weight and that is the Golan. Or. They're all happy about. Blew so. All. And WD. It never happens usually. Parent in the sun or semi. Didn't want because this. Can now go out there and you know hey what do. Yet again league that's not so I guess some IA and I don't know why I like a light. Some chicanery and elect some promotion. And some build up but I but at least. At least I like it when I know there's a back up to. A lot a lot les lovable Odom got a guaranteed contract and he's going to be making a living. OK don't don't don't don't think you can do that I don't boxing road don't guy with my good you can turn anybody went and. But here's the difference. In boxing. You're botching put that big title fight at one big payday. OK and supports. You're playing for eight rear. You try to position yourself to be six outs all NBA basketball player you're treating the situation. Like a title by. Like okay this guy is guaranteed contract meant recent draft and thank him. Civic out of the yes didn't hurt that. Yeah it. Well but at least for Alonso lately Angelo the idea that he's not you are gonna get a career. Not a good is that it be in school was it just took about a school is gonna go play in someplace in Europe some core of the earth. Someplace for where Hassan Whiteside was all in Lebanon. Enjoy eating if they go eleven on him like a bubble now in. Their bonds CO Riordan both committees and now all of this next. And Google. Look back and still there could be here with you on what's yours and enjoy my. All right we'll see. Has talked about GOP. Can't get back for the first time since 04 years yes as it played Florida State and Vijay had an amazing thing bond oh that's right yup that's right it was an odd it's big on the Larry Coker man. The deal and I was on the safety it's a little bit of Stanton news as far as details of what the giants are offering this currents from Sears exempt Craig mission. It's Hillary SA full trade offer from San Francisco my papers on cost and includes. Or prospects Tel Aviv Elliott Ramos. Fresh off Chris Arroyo bloodied because of their top prospects scored a baseball America. Ramos speed. Who's a body that I said royal I don't see but he was he spent time up and down. With the with the giants in their system and Chris Shaw also. The other is number four so it's they're tough or talked about baseball America the top four prospects is what they're offering up there are also offering. 8202. To pay 250 million of the Georgian 95. On statins deal. The only thing is. They don't have stands yes. So. Problem. You can't get ahead. To be a business. And he mining for clear you don't. And this problems while we're tomorrow. Remember winning they made the last out don't they ended up opinion. They were free and you know 2030 more million than the players they had actually on the T I just can't Sampson on wins Dan. Yes. I thought he he was me they brought Montauk movies but also talks a Marlins and the fact that he's no longer employed there he kind of little more on filtered. And he gave the basis and yet we screwed up we spent on the money we saw. He's like we obvious eating go about it the right way. I think. As he tried to do Derek Jeter a solid no I. The uses being truthful I mean I think he just was a boy did you urging those I don't. Urge you to fired him I don't think he was always on a contract it is that's still that's still kind of bottom and get asked why my skills on a contract and and Davidson to goes 'cause he has pictures. I was joking and us. It's what he's thinking well no I mean you you from Lubbock arts and on that. Yet I don't bottle of deterrence and there milled so just to value and got a good to have your reload are saying why Mike hill's those job no disease the highest. The report that's the theory of it is that retarded is just. Probably he's the ranking. I've americanize extremely arrogant American baseball so in the Major League Baseball kind of forced him on Derek Jeter because of that well but the best theory. That but the problem is it that you do more. All armed and hell. If a guy supposed to get fired in this situation doesn't. Give. To his lack. He's not black he's mixed in double Johnson it well either way he's the other side and ago. Donald knew what when early cancer like. Goalie Tyler Johnson looks more white and black in Derek Jeter looks a little darker than white. Would. That we we got we got adequate yeah I'm right and it needs to be discussed. On Iran feels announces producers has lied to police as young community. Eric ponds CEO George Bush committee joins us to act as it's I'm really appreciate it. Thanks so much yeah yeah delay. No or is nowhere is so are you when you realize the canes are eligible to be in your game. Is that exciting because there hometown Timorese like. This isn't good it's gonna be is much torque because the the local to you of course the should be this should be a home run for us. Yeah I mean it's it's obviously very excited and our arrangement we have which traditional cap worn Orange Bowl. Is with the ACC champ down on one side and then they coup how much funnel. Did you get the next highest ranked teams so. Much like last year when clients and went to the semi finals and then yeah Fiesta Bowl force stay with the next highest ranking we knew this year that book want to remind you positioned themselves. Whoever won insurer who was gonna go to the well and most likely the one who lost. Was gonna come to a lot so we hit it was a possibility that Clemson or Miami would be an arcane. It's great I mean like last year when you go local component. Within national. Powerhouse program like Wisconsin like Michigan that they are. You were great combination as a lot of excitement South Florida in Corsica physical across the country so what we get basketball. Erica I know listen though I'm shirt we love the Wisconsin people we're glad that Wisconsin's in the game. But is illegal. You on Sunday got hammered in that Alabama doesn't get into the top four and maybe they end up down here. What say you I mean the problem we have with the Big Ten SEC Notre Dame offers those opportunities but you know. The top four in most years you're not gonna news we get in tow the detail selection. And so yeah when you do those possibilities but we never have Wisconsin artistry. And for the glass by the for a long time we go we were very close to Barry Alvarez the athletic director there of the coach Paul cook curse is a different. And we believe you're talking about that they would content consort just ecstatic which while ago Wisconsin. To quarries fan base. They're excited to be coming down here. And I notably great night. Or was got to get more tickets as a home team get more tickets like I don't think we should get Wisconsin lemon tickets like double the fuel. You know it's a really just the opposite end of the and to be. What's the reality is in our world poking at the same exact amount of tickets. But then the other half of the stadium sold vocal. Go to mastermind is going to be pretty well tonight. All right. What's the slide valuing what are you guys noting has given away this year to love knowing what. What the other kids his prizes for the game. You go away I think it's like a key this week where there's a lot of options. Were regulated by the NCAA so it's a concern amount of dollars split the kid to be really happy with. The options and it's exciting I mean both teams are amazing year's Marin stir up and you know. While Wisconsin started out twelve though they both finished with what who also losses but. The young you know programs that are on the east sending a quarry coaches and I think kids are going to be. They're the celebrated in the agencies and the Q it's a part of. What do you say about the zag like you guys have a classic bowl and Orange Bowl that goes down everybody everybody wants to go to the horn blow anything about like all these bulls that have golly too many. He got he got late the margarine butter bowl or some nonsense that's gone around the league like what do you think about everything that goes to do as the bulls. Under a long time and I've seen the evolution in the postseason college football and now it's forty bowl games. And I actually chaired the football bowl association are very connected to. The business in the industry but it's great I mean to be sick about it across the country. In the so many programs to compete at a high level and have. No forty times to there's eighty programs get a chance to play in the postseason college football. It's great we feel really good. I'll Wear the cap worn Orange Bowl and Sugar Bowl accessible caught impeachment rose. Or because we feel like in over the course of time we're 84 years old. It has its special place. But there's great things happening in Boca Raton for example were you know Akron spring FA you what an amazing year in a twirling children. And if you. So yeah I think it's great you know it's it's a balance between where the oil office taken things. With the tradition of the bolts. But in the end of more inventory to more which meet student athletes to celebrate great she's. Thank you it's iMac really appreciated Matt we look at followers of the game and all the celebration you guys have around she got a lot of things plan for the teams and something's going to be a lot of fun. A lot of fun reported revenue underwrote fully under really shock you know look what. They want us. So when we're. No we. Yeah we'll bring the party Williams is we will bring the party I know they didn't mean to install on heroic. The incident prison good Iran's thanks so much Orange Bowl committee CEO and over any sixty it's. No really I'd like back in the slanting its last year. You got very Michigan I've bought. Ticket at silent as well where is whereas visual bullet in this year in the temple it's hard on of course. You know he slick quick draw McGraw I don't know on the blooming and it's under the coconut tree site. Eighteenth guy. We liked him. Fans but I can't be students of the black from. Lovable. You won't give him by Asia. Like sure. It's 30. Malicious code and showbiz delicious and nick colgan that would cut it is to listen to him I have to mr. on full obese is he coconut on his German chocolate cake. And here's my what do you with the disease or is it good I'm enjoying. You Nikola. Most of them community coconut flavored drink that's not excuse it. Is it coconut flavored. To a when did I don't like. The senator the coconut. Shavings yet. That is unsure Rwanda of disarray. You eat anything as I've blown. Get a shot. At Gizmodo tomorrow we talk about eating the iguana. And I you know it sounds always and doesn't suit were intimate kicking ass and hum iguanas. It's like a two different things. What to do from a.