12-6-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1.mp3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, December 6th

Tobin introduces the new scoreboard for the point system. Tobin rips Jeffrey Loria for getting people to be mad at Derek Jeter and wishing Loria was back. Tobin hates the college coaching carousel. Tyrone Spong the Heavyweight Boxer, former Kickboxing Champion and Iguana Hunter joins the guys in studio and breaks down some fighting and how he catches those iguanas. Tobin wants to go on an iguana hunting field trip and Leroy and Beast rip him saying he would just watch and not catch an iguana.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel in good. Casino. How what an exciting day. This Wednesday is like on any unlike any other wise that's. Got a scoreboard and there. Yet you did you tweet that out. Now we haven't yet. That you showed there well. I think them that he didn't do I know birdies that white board put Robert's rules on it because the school where it's too it's too many rules the rules change. What is the role we learn about the streak and the Pittsburgh ruled yet still the rule and never bet against this war never bet Pittsburgh. Ritter played average team. The road TV on the road. But it was too much though as well with the digital versions will work. Got to look at the blinked and that's coming artists. Need to create a similar to what they see that Iraq. Yes and I didn't think it was around it looked like some sort of lay that's got to tell whiskers it's clearly a rat nodes were clearly I don't. New audio what's hot plate wizards ears now. Goes here's the look supposedly ears and it's winner crowned it looks like an owl is ED. A fur ball that Iraq. It's he has talking about. It's pretty clear like Picasso candidate. Lutui as a platform. At a local you know who else likes painting Jeffrey Laurie. You know I just think about this today Robbie. This this rat bastard Jeffrey Loria. We are you really hold a switcheroo on us because. Didn't know the true rat bastard when you can get other people mad at someone else for your dirty work. This this guy. I sit and fat and sassy in some grotto in France just sucking down wine talking about Monet's. With a million dollars. Yeah but he's not a cheater. Even sub Rosa Imus glory though it's crazy people such a bait and switch okay this polygamy literally if I can recall. When this contract with spoon. I should something new on the line that he's gonna do you any tract I didn't realize that no doubt these months. The thing is we're sitting there like. Stupid Jeter I hate Jeter his it could be even cheaper than Loria. And caused this mess when he signed the contract to it's been tons of people. I got my the ground. That same Debbie geez is it worthy of deadbeat title. Of like crazy. People seniors and they want the old regime. Because just think about him with that Ellie and that whole face just just on a gondola somewhere in Europe. Figured out of it's religion. And I and now and know all about it jeetz here I sit. Mud billion dollars and French food. And our friends. Crazy. Doesn't care about his friends anymore Italians call them out. What's weirder. That he would its fingers with no food. Or that he leaked his fingers like he had just eaten. And I realize how hunger real. I don't think out of out of the glory uses utensils. Not it was spaghetti. The toddler. It's got mad mad thing about it today I was thinking about. How much I I am upset with the Marlins situation. Isn't said Tuesday. Men here I am a month span and they're gonna trade that bass player again and again it's like the cycle of life. Hands. And I started thinking about it out like deadbeats seeds and all the way he's handled things this certainly didn't like how he he fire rituals and other. Aside yeah yeah yeah you are not forget about the guy who lead to kidney UN colon cancer I don't know that guy but you know. To him and I have sought for your I don't know. I don't know I guy I narrow lot I don't you know I mean not a great scout commuters out of the normal mentally system. Rich walls and the joy. This guy's rich don't select guys ritual two time Emmy warmer. Winner are you done any necessary. This. Were added cheater. Which would be a lot more mad the guy with a billion dollars who leaked the city. And stuck us with this mess. Hi still on the year his plan actually work to Felix I want from the G-8 can't got here. Now not a I don't know that that's actually happening here trusted that you're lessening that he had no matter about no seat doesn't show me mode why eagle what what what is caused you to go back to Lori I just thought I had this vision of Loria. Like Scrooge to duck in a French vineyard just it's just piles of cash. French wine and or. Adds isn't him BM bombastic and hold this with with his big fat gut and I got disgusted. And I thought. You bastard you stuck us with such a pilot rap I can't believe it and he's got a billion dollars. Let's keep it headlines on. Speaks WE XY KM South Miami at WSS six page to show her car. I'm still confused about what is happened the show in the first five minutes. The lesson here is don't forget. This hospital has this young. Is that why debate Wednesday. Today Wednesday while also scheduled be joined by bad asked Tyrone spong boxer. Kick boxer I'd wanna hunter. Amanda many trades. And corporate limits and about that so why he's got to show off for the rant done an owner of the sun here anymore. Does it make you crazy. Oh not really uncut average salary arrears weary with the mob on the the next guy who ever owns the team. It's gonna have the same problem. And until they find a way to fix those problems this is gonna continue right here's the difference. So billion dollars. Right stinks. I mean I don't care for LeRoy. And I don't care for it yeah. Let's rock let's rent just in time for the holidays get a great deal on a Samsung device hurry into a sprint store call 1800 sprint. 10 or visit sprint dot com slash deals. Works for me. Restrictions apply we have the little Heatley a little spurs tonight at 830 on San Antonio. 730. Is when exams on Tommy tie dinner pregame show and later corrects that. And that in thirty years. You've only won three times. Yet immature regular season yes you know once twice in the playoffs deadlock in the regular dude that plays is the house of hors men on the mentioned that she. They've raked air conditioning this trip rattlesnakes in the locker room ramps which brings me to a much important to skip this. Though a savior or whenever we get. Don't you write ins down. If you can be black kill. True. God forbid you should have not annexed it the next coaching movements ahead let's go to some things coaching was. Yeah and Lawrence goes serve as a mute Arkansas knew it. Who can I love the coaching her hair music I do it every day I've never been more for duck coaches and I hate you fly I love it. I I want every day so yeah. As I was though not a lot of note above our focus on any of the organ coach initiative is not if he's gonna good efforts UB thereof for the coordinator. And the talking about really a war. Go to a certain type coach to coach out here yet under the gun Chip Kelly yeah beat wall Willie Taggart was and that type a coach and a coach who loves we'd. The sweet person organs are Mara Chris Malone will smoke if you got it. You. I didn't just change is made some by the leg hold a Nike money. And you know for the good Jewish character it goes that this man would be nice to hear from Coachella on the show thanks beast. Well this is responsible were a little. Lot outline lockers good no. Ally you Walker's good and worth what ever took to get a mere. Hate about it guys need another statement that you keep going down that no one's only every animal here today. UMass and now to tell you what it's like McCain you reduce. Enjoying your day amidst Graham and then some is to show started you went all. Owns its you know it's his Mamie nuts you know undone lunch I'll go get onto anymore awesome. Fantastic I don't have anything more to say is yeah I just disheveled. I don't I don't comprehend. What today why today of all days. You pick to go on a Jeffrey Loria intentions to start the show to screw that guy man screw getting a million dollars I I agree reviewed to screw. City what are we talking about her. Now who can get us through questions mini Mac that's your question did you play in the red fox television let's back this. You release ruin. Bunch of people. If nobody really goes to the game. You sure the ones on the regular bear president woods a signal and it's a few. Very good Lil bunch of people actually go. Passionate yet it also Nolan not know eating we'll have a Marlins network pretty soon. Yes that's supposed to be what the dealers. As we go along those lines actually one of the biggest stories in sports if we were doing like this are. Arts show would be fair moon Disney buying. Parts of fox and putting their regional sports works I should do want to about the silver fox sports Florida and sun sport. Or fox sports son would all be owned by ESPN basically. Everyone bun everyone LeRoy yeah no no. It's only one and buying everything out slow we merged. Oh we marched. That's too it's. Essence it's a bug in word yet it's a fancy way of combining all the station we have good culture and come culture. Madly that are. Really. You know I would suggest you bleed a little list. OJ bears in the show. We're all you chicanery down you. Leg. The edge you kissed does not remove ribs at the live from all of us. I'm just look at the treasury disclaimer we're Libya Malaysia could be asked these kiss does not represent the lips of Tobin or LeRoy thereof it. Very excited about this Tyrone spong that passed. Heavyweight boxer former kick boxing champion a guano hunted this I did not know about our on this is very exciting. All these things I can't wait to discuss Taiwan's long jones' studio's next. Welcome back and double there. You ought to see this very exciting but we are joined in studio. But have you had boxer former boxing world champion come I guess an iguana hunter he's been doing that stuff on the side titles long. Is in studio with a style that that time and really appreciated. It's an honor. We really appreciate meant so why why the city gives you had such a long run success in kick boxing forever. Why the decision to get into the boxing game and make that that move over there like why not. The national because I know you trained over with a lot of the Yemen may guys in Boca YE good decision not to go to USC from kick boxing why not go that route instead of Ginn in the boxing. Mom. I've been doing this for eighteen years now. Then at a certain point I didn't. Had a motive vision anymore for two to do kick boxing you know N com. Boxing is it's it's very difficult it's an art it's a challenge it's a total different discipline. And from. I don't know largest one because people don't believe that I could do it. That's my motivation I'm gonna prove them wrong. Yeah you you you've got you we are a little bit of that on the bridge you're talking about does this cement how you're going to fighting he puts so much into it as there's outlets in this. This piece on you when you're talking in you're you're fighting through a staph infection and your. To go on and and still play you didn't train. Didn't you got in your hand I think there was mar righted her entire camp and you came back to want to fight that's insane. Yeah there was bats ever infection. I couldn't train rid and I couldn't punch nothing and from acting. Two weeks before oh a week before assorted using my hands you know lightly and I ended nor can -- would would that same right hand. What's what's the golden like get a new hope in that. This ends of density you to the levels a kick boxing nearly do you wanna get in there with a Gionta and while there is the Anthony Josh of the Tyson appears like what is the long term plan oh. It's it's not mean hoping. Am armed that that is a serious it's not me hope and I know what's gonna happen I'm right there right now on ten and don't deny coats are just Wal-Mart first. Title in in boxing a beacon WBZ led an American every champion. Oh which makes me. A mandatory soon for some of those fighters. So. You know right now I think. You see for example I don't wanna. Blower mark you're more than he is so hot right now is Scott a McGregor. He took he took a pass wrote the uses popularity and he did it's more you know money wise business wise suited you made a Smart decision for him but to me it's more. All of a challenge I could I could go up now and start screaming and AD on days the Anthony's jar short. You know start promoting a fight like bed bug. I did my dubbed the long ruled the horn wrote I actually put in the work I actually did all my Iran's I actually sport I actually fought. You know on a smaller shows and everything soul. Well those guys you for its series insect bite you where it you ruin Arenas filled with people chanting your name here can bus and and was it was it was it hard having to go late to go to the lower. Heaters and arena's and I saw I called when your fights in Mexico. And it was like man this is this who's it's got to be such a shell shocked because. You get to the peak of another sport it's a you do it is a bit of starting over even though it's a different combat. Their work and you know it's all a humbling experience in me because my less kick boxing fight idea around. I shattered my shin bone and you know my tibia much trivia broke it. And whom. You know is a reality check you know I used to go to my far it's in you know my fault all the friends and the people surrounding you Coleman of big kubert private jets trying to figure is trying to. LA fight there. Go all the after party you name it. And come. From me going. From those big arena send those super hotels with the streets and everything starting all over him boxing. And man does this mark my alleges a movie to be on us and then I know for sure that there will be documented in a future as a raucous. Is just something about Teixeira would of people terrorism or so humbling experience. You from kick boxing no boxing during the break. You are talking about hey LeRoy Yemeni connections in the NFL I think I I think I can do that. Eat your hunt and iguanas get it feels like your makeup is one that you want to challenge. Whatever it is they can there's a challenger for review you wanna take it on and conquer that challenge our. I need to generous in my life I need to just myself every day you know to motivate me to grow of their own performance the best of my ability. And you know I know right now. I'm 32 I wouldn't. It would be hard to become the Fresno over our NFL player but if I did this at a younger a's jumped on positive that I. There would be in there in a row would be a good player. What do I as a little ball players would stick slot and iguanas are deter. It okay. Our president and I'm telling you how you gotta use you sergeant you gotta. I'll show you that warm hand catch all bill meant he. And I'm not like a man yeah I'll I'll show you video meg one hand. Forty feet high one hint kids. Well we're looking at the incident. That you of that like why why are you going into into the the force of one nods in canals things man. And you can't you keep does not go without you know in Florida to an end. No it's Florida jury entries are species so. They get hunted and killed by people because they mess up their backyards eating all the flowers and people shoot at them wood pellet guns that get run over by cars you name it so what I do I have a crazy friend. Dollar that's at a Tarzan built are certain. And you know me and him we re connected and his like Romeo brought it to me and he was doing it then. I did it grown up soul. We started catching these iguanas and re homing them you know given to people that take good care of Gaza border closures and everything so no we don't need them. What is the best tactic to to get one like is it is it is an sneak under is it is it you're just chase after like had. And don't have or should I. Lot of treatment. Let's it's it's whatever whatever whatever works sometimes you gotta jump head first and become canal. Sometimes she gets them. Sometimes you just grabbed him slowly had it all depends is that like a prize iguana like we saw others they beat the orange iguanas. We will what is what are these what is it the unicorn in and wanna is that you wrote in a rut right now on my head because we got we got a competition going on I got the biggest one so far. And though. I got the most big ones. So we just go put a big ones. That's wild man I know you spent time you're you're born discern am which is down by South America. Island off the eight at the south American coast. And you're talking about there's real tumbles down there but you know we have some. You know we get our share of gators in Vegas they got they got so they had three of snakes in the Everglades ever thought of you what's the next step after iguanas. My I'll catch an economic hunter carnage are tinker around. You know people nowadays are or a little bit. Lilly's she called the book David dirt dirt or bodies and decide to sit. I rode the biggest part of the day on on a so far mine almost. Oh home you know like our own computers are under cellphone. You know eating bad food and everything our bodies assigned to work you've got to go out and hunt you know back in the days. If you wasn't a hunter you you you would a safari if you know so every now and then I think everybody needs to challenged themselves by gore and Al there. Gore hike in gold biking dues do something to get your blog thrown Greg did you know. You gotta do it there. Yeah sounds like you're doc enemy said it is to get back to the cross and what looks kind of thing so you say that you grew up here you maybe get me the NFL. Know how you would leave you what do LeRoy. He doesn't understand how anybody gets kicked in the head. -- all the an Amish. Big millions and let me explain why. OK if I'm preparing for a guy on here we go are sick if I'm prepared to buck you care what level box that break. And I see that one your. And it's kick your outlook for. It does a lot of bags. Yeah aboard you know what everybody in those sort of things above me what I practice it over and over from vasser it's so well. You can't you can't stop it is just I'll get you target you know we got a few rounds are mine I get to the first minute the second minute. Not even a first round but that her before the fear of the six are all good okay. But think of it from this important when you're preparing for a no other. Kick box or box or widow. You've studied tape you're preparing for him you know would his moves are you know what to expect from him if you do you work. So if we're there and boy guy and humble profession. And number of very important guy. In you'll watch snow takes a big. Kick in if I'm the party's annual professional at it. In this and a. Basically you can try but if somebody messes. That well you know you set up a trap or whatever he's gonna get cute. Watch and guys who weddings aren't and meet you can tell. And listened a blitz pickup in the NFL enormous amount. Gotten dump truck before. The lighting is against rocker but yeah. And that's about it is is boxing and is boxing easier too late and they tell. The idea that you don't have as many limbs to look out for is it. Order it's harder why is that because that big guys. All of their lives there there. Perfecting the punches that troll yeah and numb. It's just those two hands and let the people underestimate box and cause its Lexus well would movement stepping out stepping in you've got to have Cordelia and execute movement. Gross boxing goes twelve points. You know and did you see it's so precise. You could have some guys that. Look odd shape. You know Michael was brought me to the gym once and I had a sparring partner of Carlos liked 'cause it's not easy to foreign these foreign partners and Libya this guy. And cows like. Moment Luke would you go on here he's overweight he's not in shape right man he gave me a loan from my money really go for real. There because he hits so precise and he knew how to box. Itself or its not just. Being strong you know my eyes and always said. A strong guy a fighter. You know. You'll get in trouble you've got to have a game and he got an autumn when you've got to know how to how to counter everything it's it's not easy. There's a super big fight this weekend. Gallery in doubt facilitator of those who like who the the masses the are you you trained on the same gym as I was and Jarrett are trying to get a were re you know what do you think of this what do you think just like come on out. Man this is this is. High level chest. Diseases. The best fight to make right now and it says it all to Olympic gold medalist. Fighting chartering a professional boxing I mean it's never been done before his history you know when. It's going to be a good fight. We we rear exit out his lust like zero at the Colombo wars you real key here is crazy you're in the stands we had a bunch of of his opponents' fans behind us. And it was crazy with the whole bells thing that went down like and I. And freaking out at the F freaked out the officials is it's all going down so much bring it up the Wi-Fi is via the media I was really good in their said the it's on Twitter like immediately so like we're like. We sound check and I would like yellow the commissioner. Eight. You didn't know what was going house Cray. It was crazy man I mean the fighter it's happening in the heat of the moment. And you know one thing you know and as a fighter protect yourself at all times I mean he didn't do nothing wrong you know a month. I'm not here to talk about politics or whatever but. You know some some guys get more emotional could get more well. Pushed their promoted an auto guys. That actually deserve it but Regan doors. By far. Do you best bomb for bomb box are there right now I can tell you that you know I'm a trail would to god and not because my friend. Or. You'll see this Saturday you you'll see. Did you did you have a test uses does really know you'd you view strain of the house over mere thought you saw him before there. Whoa zero. The that forced him all the way from Africa. And he had this spirit of quicker Kent in everybody's Beck and why fox. Confident going astray though he mobile. To get away with Sheila he would appoint his his reach and these are explosive. And France's man. God bless him and his bid his guys Gary's got a become champion. Piping so you know and but. He broke my record. Really yes orchid. I ask you guys in no but I had world records were destroyed response. Hell out of here. A few the drought on record I had to drug or record. And just know. You can look at awareness program on this bridge. And he just broke it. Blood. I'm gonna get a better really I assume Air France is better to have competition going on. Alleged use of beef what what is your next plan now what are you wanna do love boxing was what are you what you want to do is the next step when I'm in the ring. It is it is calm I'm gonna sort referring sort of beginning of next year. I'll never. I have to defend my title he wants. And then more formed to bigger things send fight fights on guys hiring guys of their. And just our work in my cell ball through to become the unified everywhere it will turn into a Smart gore won a fire at a mall wonderful idea on there wanna farther into the jar sure. Joseph Parker you name it mom what are artists who makes sense it's it's. Besides being a sport is also business. And that's his serve true you know book. As a fighter a mortar ready to who rumble right now. It's also a Tyrone spong that you respect and salad. Is there really enjoy it we're back right after this. Dialogue I think is yet. I recommend you a little about future business documentary tyrants volcano wring out watching last night and like you said his life as a movie. There's a documentary on it. It's really really enjoyable. But it was funny men like him or talk about this day how LeRoy. Glee the football game just shaking you because how how crazy is and and that's really goes sailing men you know guys beast and I like it's it's hard to relate on that level because you don't know the realists of it right to the wants in this duties they. You know like I am you can see him go to the doctor every day and he's got his hand it's wal win. All his crazy zionist. That's invention that well was it on his right hand. Yes it is so I saw the wounds yes like I'm sitting there look at during the interview and I was like. And so he's in he's doing camp and he's just doing nothing but kicks nothing but kicks the entire camp the trains can use his hand they like start to do is they. Get them in the league finally gets the OK go and stop the dude are you it's news crazy. Crazy I mean that's a different level of crazy right there's some crazy football players like. It no leg ego kicks him as an eagle cats and gore must upon. That's a different level on a league you mean oh that's a that's a different level right. Of special and I'm like they would unity and X whatever. Talent gonna again I wanna go on the U wanna harm children. I don't think it. The global. Just say. So do. He does to give the yeah. Because if things. Don't water got like Dick she's not trying to catch Tyrell. Yeah maybe Joseph didn't wander and did stick in treatment. Why not you. On the hell. Do you do it and I don't know how to get him right now. Why do exactly how we do know I dotted and trying to get one. Mrs. Clinton. And later that's a wrangle horses here a million future. And again and Ellen potential. I was really doesn't really want to. And I don't even get to that in the interview I'm not in the eye and on the go to the orange wanted to go to the dominant get new lady iguana. Suited big and I'm gonna give me a big Bertha. You get the BB demo that this thing and yet we give me a slump buster. Breezy. Let. Does catch and posting under like. What got me like yeah he definitely has the athletic birth reflex that I don't have but I would try really hard and all I can see his right now. You going home. Which are some judo you walked in your house in your wife to shake it don't you go it loads of brings it Beers in likes it and some chairs and watch that the what's gonna happen wanna settle a wanna not. Eight. If you. Got. Kids go. Oh on the dunes cold so it's like it's frozen at one time. And no that doesn't count oh I had cancer I had a ten to hop look at it while I guess is yes definitely that. One freezing moment of the year they'll fall litre this isn't just to makers he has goes solo to it yet. I don't only in the wilderness for that he's got to maker yeah. Don't listen up now it's gospel at a little monster but it William off his bucket and go but don't doesn't want to lie to throw double. At which point. Oh a good point. We're putting my. Hopefully they get it now now now you guys now that it's real. Now today you hit it and yeah you must write another one of those checks written it and deal a blow was. You always say why why Obama and legitimize asking about the limiting go Reagan they'll fight. I mean the man I don't it's such a 5050 fight I but I do tend to. And there's something about Reagan Dow. Where it's just like he knows how to slumber his opponents and intimately it's weird it's weird dynamic I don't know moments ago as face that. Quietly that the ring general ship in the ring knowledge is not quite as elegantly moments ago is. He is in the zone and LA I've never seen the like low imitated and he made a guy quit. Just by purely not being able to hit him normally you beat a guy the submission for a major Heidi and hit Mary this is craziness like Nicholas Walters a guy who won a championship. And he's like. I'm not needing to about four rounds and I'm just tired Jason and I can't I can't hit him as he's running he's just he's too slick. Who slipped so basically this is going to be twelve rounds of polling box maybe eight or they may end up being possibly this you don't quite know yet again Vick because that's the other thing. Some of the times those guys as one Iraq of wins because that just get by and another a lot were still nearly as if it's so even like that. And also know a lot of logged on ESPN a lot Morgan to watch in this fight they need to do so and to could be a launching point one of very you know. But I don't know man I really got to have a great feel for I don't have a good pick for but I I know I can't wait for and I can't wait for that's for sure. That was net crazed. Hasn't won dozens guy. Sure gas was big edit that we that was that was really hard it is all right does a menace well obviously it's. Clause. And jungle. I had a wanna like I don't feel like it was that shark. How big Japan whose big news is that despite. And here's probably three feet my dad get a big too rare him for him like he made in the wood shop. And but here's the thing spike would crawl out of his cadence that overhead every night. Can you love me so much men die game away when X is afraid spike was in the super mostly. Only gonna get it is news also spike wasn't a bit nobody was big man like you was redundant that looked like he wasn't. Comment from a computer in the data you want it or just want a big it was it was it was it was pretty decently sized you know simulate. You know. Love them. And what's the deal. I did not that they you know. Llamas. Our our eagle honestly it had to live like you know like an eagle at them and they you know play cuddly face again at spike loved me. Spike loved me but he loved me too much healing a roll over early tale rub your belly type of thing and look you just give us some kiwi in their like puff piece. Like you love kiwi aren't in yet slash the debt on his arm. Didn't say I like you. What does a lot of key redeveloping and while this is spike looked he was mr. That took an awkward turn.