12-7-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, December 7th

Leroy asks the guys a question about pronouncing names, Should you pronounce it the way it's spelled or with the accent? Everyone gives thier take on it and Robbie brings up the point on why Giancarlo Stanton changed his name to Mike originally, Beast and Leroy yell at him for being wrong, but was he? Tobin talks about how Beast invited himself to join him and his father-in-law to go to the boxing match in Hialeah Park, Leroy calls Beast a side chick. Tobin is talking about how he's going to go iguana hunting. Tobin doesn't understand why Dion and Goran can't both have good games at the same time, he misses 7-11. The guys draw from the Doom Box.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. All right. Radio showtime has ever go to the through this show on Texan. We had some time did you think conversation I'm about to get grilled I don't know how difficult spirited. No I. Like to start with my original terms and we've told. I miss that. If you have. Family members who are not. From here. Are you required. To say their name. Yet a flared up a little light basing it in their country. For example. LeRoy is in laws French Canadian right right you add illusionist or quad on so no I don't. But how. Sick she wanted to do it right this is your. I assume I have to have shoot and I'm you had to stay right I have that in my private. So white. No that's O June oh type thing so. It has some pull with that list continuum and no. All of a portrait of that guy. Without BD men. How I realized. That he has the same name as one of my cousins. June's. An answer yes I refuse. To go all. He responded jewels. And save at different weight. Difference going to do so. I out one point in time what a mile equals lives was Italian. Leagues like from Italy like she came over here to know to work and what have you and her name is Maria Luisa. Well liked the way that her when her family come labor would say I can dope like it was very Italian whatever. I felt no need one a mixed in and and we did she expect you to now. On the nine pounds now know they have been NATO and tell your question yes by then. Which is. Like George done them yet. Affable ESPN LA personality you know. Does a lot for the for the network a started and thrived this very radio station probably shout out to Xanana hero of this groupies and gallery and now Sue Bird had recommended yet get stuff yeah. Well I mean obviously his real name is Jorge could these dozen JO RGE. But we're just tells George does he say that about it. Now. Not like instant prizes do it makes you comfortable. Don't let you know. Maybe you should just not the way we want pronounces I mean John Carlo is to for the longest time before calling a Mike spew out a hard time pronouncing John Connally. And I. Yeah. I just want. You guys are completely wrong. Is John Carla Cruz Michael stand that his name did you guys are impacted your guys' minds wanna. No GI Mike Stanton yeah because like Robbie said nobody can pronounce John Carlo. Notre. Don't know I he was promoted as my you know and then he made a big thing is political all the money he's saying as a kid. Nobody can renounce his name in school so that he just won by his middle name might. And so then he got famous enough and said bullied all you John Carlo now. So you know. Scoreboard. Again he sell minus one and give Robby two points and Adam. You have to get two points. Don't get Robby to port it to one point. How dare you sometimes throw like that. We have to now do the points carry over from dated and whatever doesn't matter. Are we gonna have to take we are you have to pay a writer Henry Ramsey lead for the first time anything that we've done. With one point oh the first month of drawing he was in the lead on here. I'm fine I'm picking up the rear of the stock around let's let's let's risen overnight headlines. Ask what you XY and south why would you accept each show. Coupled shackles starting with the only thing that matters wolf after the sponsor whether you're looking to change your air filter or replace your brakes. You'll find the parts you need and knowledgeable team members ready to help in Advance Auto Parts let's get back you let's get you back. On the road read much beast now. Well of course we've we always follow the college coaching carousel first. Jerry Pruitt who is the defense of coordinator Alabama will now be the head coach at Tennessee he's I believe they're 257. Choice. He's never been a head coach anywhere he's been an Alabama most of his career. In one form or another so that should go over very well again two years. Nobody has any idea who these guys know is I mean it's just like. It's in order to save and you must be good OK just take him he was also defense according to Fuller state and won a title yet as he was there for like one year has won here that it was a Georgia they went to Alabama yet and whatever. Joba meet him in an appellate coach just standing next Aaron Rodgers by the way our own all our old boy James Coley is going from Georgia to Texas a and M with the boy Jumbo. Who will once again dollar and call place. By the bass yeah. Which Thornton Jacksonville holier fish they've been exactly alike fish and then fish took over as the interim coach at UCLA I don't know where is now. I don't know if he's been retained at UCLA or not. Mean none of Nomar with cool I got the disaster you masked man can't believe that I got had took coaching job back at UMass is gonna sabotage. I got to see dispensers on them. They give there's nine football tonight. We got him in the New Orleans and Atlanta and rob are you picking this game is not in the two blocks and does not 500 miles. It is in New Orleans though. Knows alana. Who so. I landed a slight favorite you know the rule is 3.2 lessons on team what happens when you don't team plays each other. That's not to because there's no there's no out of dome factor yeah it's less a 500 miles and it's an adult donor dome to the home team. Doesn't matter of sins of a good everywhere this year what's has spread two points even I made a fourteen in the flash yes it's only two points. So what do you say you are saying you would take Atlanta. Out of Atlanta home takes. Santa not material. It's. So do you doesn't have a side bet your. I. Once tomorrow. Notes tomorrow is right and norms and Barbara it will buy launch Markham were Laura. Robby Robby. We got an intern in my. We do. If if you win you go to the hard rock for lunch all right we'll buy lunch hour. In the deal that also watched the board. There and if not. Indiana. I don't know what you gonna go week. Whenever you want. Decisions on minimum ago Billy can you keep Audi drive them busy. Like number nine and it is beyond Friday were mean until when are gonna boxing match. Yet. This is on the that went down today he invited himself on two to the boxing match from going to robots and they're good they're out of warriors boxing on Hialeah. John Pascal fight in the main event Luis Ortiz can come Ortiz is gone back and offices mentioned musicals like Dionte wilder anomalous device or go on your resume is he's invited himself. I've had a mess of it's it's told in his father on Monday I let myself on the extradition. And kind of like a side to you don't want to bring you around the family members. I saw him reversed it that a priority did I went to contrary got a Christmas. A it's and is hoping for that doesn't register what's your lovely brides dragon thing to me. The electric I don't know man my my my my father in law's very very affable he likes everybody Sasha and we will do a lot of remote area to get to an all hog skin look into his life. The scandal. Remember which you Richard for the hug and he would want to know what to do with the hugs his handshake and complained about it yet alleyways house yeah yeah yeah it was not Roman although Evelyn how you yeah as a socially upper room. And you know. I mean I am trying to put trying to size you could figure out. I'll see them. Like I did tell him offense not a hugger a lesser related so no I'm not. Trust me there's no not by and might even if you are related doesn't Peter hug me and hug means volume granddaughter lives and let's just a different she's due. All the double kiss. That it has an accent I had my my hey hey if the if you go to the wrong way. First you might tell you what you've heard us and Israel this hour bombs around the house yeah. They're not here yet now. That's all official speaking of the golf the idea that your back on like 22 but in Mexico City against the nets. And that right yeah and baker makes it baker may feel as an eight piece top player. He's in the eyes and I yup yet as I mean because the guy the guy who is supposed to win so I don't. Everybody a year he was supposed to be one cosmonauts. Everyone says that that what's assays slow. No hole. The UCLA quarterback was that Rosen. He's going to be the real deal meanwhile dude from a USC's and your boss. Arnold it's Arnold might stay another year might not be in the stressed now. Who's who's been saying that because. I was ready in a bunch of stuff millions and Donna again to a thing because people thought you can avoid the draft just to not get judged by the browns. Yet he did he did to justify the GM today about the way the other for the G when you know why yeah metrics guy I didn't put deadly flash because does anyone care. Is that the church ironically is that this wasn't the metrics I was not that that's the protester. That's the us the money ball guy promoted organized so that what can't French judges get right muddy ball I was warns one over two years I told Judas. Lot of times would have. We these franchises they need to rebuild in and build a solid base. If they don't have the patients in the fans don't organization does the cold sure as well done because he keeps get fired. So everybody's always it can and it takes you're not gonna do it overnight is so don't act like you is you're going to be back. The city is yes this though I don't trust nothing anybody says. IQ and the phone book. Oh. Did you think you can't believe it when so exit zero. When he led twice that their eleven right because they're. Yeah you let me. That had leverage you can guarantee of a job for next year. I think they did admit oh. Well OK. Okay I'm gullible are you have been seriously. Would you. Because the business. Sports we had to say he's going to be next year and we are guys someone's online ads to be Google I don't think Cleveland yet. Bill Belichick got an extension yet before he started it fire. Jeff Fisher to happen to measure last year an extension on a previously he was fired the city. Goto and that's called you know that is right. That's called the Derek Jeter basketball in my car owner says he's going to stay on we feel we need to take significant steps to strengthen our personnel department. The older. Any news. Or operating in there always is because. They're born. Are. You cannot just arbitrarily do points. To. And almighty god. I didn't award punitive divergence yes you too deep finally out. By some version of little girls abducted and so it's good business going on in this in this. The more commercial when I look I was on his united myself when I was similar play shake your booty version Helmer united front. I was nine bucks he probably wouldn't you might want one of our viewers shooting attitude that we do not shake your booty at that point you've got. Utley and that hood. Because I was wrangling. Analyze this. You guys are so screwed on this iguana hunting thing for you normally get some practice this week why. It's in super cold which means he's one's going to be real frozen that I don't know what hits them. So only are we to you that doesn't count on us in this whose other Katrina revealed brother Nicholas. How to practice of not moving now a Maria I'm gonna get to examine the clause. Only to see what I'm really going up against here. It's gonna be good so. And this in this week not cutting in line wait like I wanna sky spy gate police invite me over to watch your examining go on a cause he does. Maybe you'll go you know on the yet again in. I guess the wife in the background going. Brendan this really sell seems stupid. Why are you doing this again. You can get away candidly of the ice coma. I think he's gonna cut to light goalie that's. On the commercially in the fifties pro and and can be played knows he gold in the fifty's men waited a little ivory liquid. You that by Lake Michigan Lake Worth loads and be like 45. And if that's code for I don't know debacle now for the wellness. Uncle Bobby Google what iguanas go into. Comatose state what is it called it's called on toast whenever called catatonic. And I froze there had both our state the resort intelligent just tell anyone what the iguanas don't move anymore. What images that I don't look at that Robbie trying to search it. I feel no Smart. What rob it of a comma to know hey note temperatures media to low thirties for them to lose grip on the trees. What about slowing down that's even better bodies of 420. That's perfect then. His element to that cold blooded had no shot against me. An actual count and I'd get up to an iguana that you think is just like. Out outages Vegas and it's going to close it is to it is going to dig a hole two which is deep in your eyes settled. And you didn't. Any time anybody decides do some stupid. Here's what I who. BD. All Tim. Nor about that he did you go pro so it's like that it's just a gold pro too stupid stuff. I think that it in because here's a user is on confident person all we have. We have a bevy of iguanas that that that that relate to use my lawn as the as the nightclub on the reg so. Will be able to handle on the reg yet so what's gonna happen is to get used to it they'll think it's nice there that they get to save humbling beginning. The other thing is if they jump in the water the screw their to do this not deep salt jumpin after what yeah men. Stuff and while I was seen in tactics from from a boy Tyrone spong and the real Tarzan I got this. If you jump in the water he jumps in the water all of animals dead in the water would be scared. You let's suppose a hospital in. Got to be Wellington. I'll just let him on ethnic nationality can I do like win win puzzle player to spreads and be outside playing via I'm sick I'm ready. I put in a new and yet I doubt in Iowa and it. You on your iPhone if you just the thing on the side like just a billion times a cult now on automatically. Or you just want all your phone's not. If your phone's lock is now. It will start Kyle and final one. A little tuner it's. Two there yet on the concert Newman. Outsider. Get a gay were DO isn't going to charge again in the same night what's that this year. I mean. Several and I want to state used to be there to get the Lira and make it slower piece. Where she landed. Everybody wish you know. Hey man well why why is it I get a good deal on game a bag on game I get a good gone game got a bad deal on game one and there was one wins not MR working together so I was Johnson's demy also I mean how consistent is do your job and I'll now. With his thumb and and actually dot you know what I should Doug James Johnson governor and comes through everything up last night. Yeah like they were making their there were hanging get it and tell it was James Johnson came back in all clunky. There's just like to learn to play it almost 5000 it maybe wasn't as aggressive as he. Maybe that after the games it reapply in the fourth quarter legs left doesn't like him and you know it's you know yo and he can say that when he didn't play the first three quarters. And James Johnson is like life or death toll. Sound man. Yeah realize that you guys are playing in this public gets its other business that don't think they I don't know man. It's it's frustrating as it hang with these teams and that is always a collapse wanted to whore postings in sports do. Specially if your competitor. Instead of the teams that. You don't eat. When you watch professional sports. You go to Cleveland Browns. Sacramento king. Has met the game what happened. Credence hasn't won a game in answer is never the other team was bit. Plus our core dissident from from Tyler who came out of his slumber. News lend about yesterday getting your game off the bench mom. And he's like you know we're in for five minutes away from being a really good team. I'm liking so is everybody oh and how analysts. How you know reached in my television and slap that beard off his face. But that I thought as it was the guy who said last year and yet we're in a game wishing go away from the they'll write him this was just in snow. Just say that no. But really just wasn't unless I did have a three point or but he was awful from the whose two for nine as evidence against Tutsis. I think Jimmy Gorham were five for twenty combined seasons. I checked though it's not that out of Iran to get back up to wade. They're so bad to these guys that the three point shooting now laying into me to have a 35 now he makes and just. Is not gonna have I find I have way more confidence it would win waged in a more multiple three games and now you know why. It's a lot and it doesn't live LeBron plus by the way Dwyane Wade is doing its promise is that he's old not that he shook. He sucks and shooting three men would have tempers career no doubt. I started doing all banks. Well it's over that now BP UK. Tell. Fight that quote from media day from Winslow culture India wins a culture probably looked out of there and abrasive redefined Winslow culture is right now with Lufthansa. Terrible thing. Credit to Deion colts are last night and that's just the heat out of the game. It's like okay. Justice. This into the little the all on your shoulder. That's not good man that's not you. Last night he's about he's so that if you acts. The greens you're if the oddly the little double outer solar who's the guy on the other side winds social Hussein talks. Joseph Anthony. So in the league could Roberts and still ahead and you know white robe out there you. Halo. Got no hands is. Yet annoyance. From my district overtake petrol liberals thought I'd definitely go into the Gorman and help and well boy your son has been kicked out of music ends yeah. Rated their drive to grab him first Hollywood. If you saw me trying to guess he want he definitely try and do it. And what would you let's say about I don't know he's got I don't know idol finalists and are. Really old. Everybody that's. My deal as I know Elisa rarely go here and. I don't know but I thought it comes to bad ideas. Don't listen my wife is due. When a host of things that I you know are gonna benefit me like you don't give me quiet time or sweet love and listened they'll put some money in the bank of just a reckless idea that I wanna do do it gets shot with paint balls I work outages must suit. You know what's amazing I'll eat crow you know what's amazing is that it it seems like yours do it hijinks that eat home really doesn't hurt you on the home front. Oh. Yeah we make eye contact were too white you looked at me and shakes her head knows this. And she's just accepted what she married. And more. Not all you'd think you'd think that she thinks you're to blame. Should just look at numbers like. Well yes but she's ready to my wife and I am just like all the bits more news out of bed I'm disappointed. In upstate they would idea. Hey you got the same thing after the Pat Riley like UK home and you're all you all shook up and a new venue wasn't going to wind river mounted to do all these music are you get is this. You need to add in my life my life truly knows that I'm an idea and I am when I left my own devices I'm going to make dumb decisions and Osama fall. Moon. What's the worst could have intentionally want nothing. It is sheer boy's arm yesterday. For a score like we didn't. Saw no no no no you do in the city. Scratch or what is it eat at giants like broken my ship was caught through the iguana gun cause yet M due to carry germs. On Sheridan or what you'll find out really came to the hospital have a bad ready somewhere in this weekend with the lead shrubs right. It there Barbara roars. And their reward is an error of literally rulers and they smoke herb. The other one that's why the father cheats there high as well be. Spencer religion you guys and since it's like so tell me it too much. Next. Dialogue on it. You're just joining us still boxed that part of the week we after. To draw our three game might get to make further for the weekend issued do I get patriots dolphins that we test. I. By the way there are two games have been taken out the colts in the tight and the colts and bills have been taken out and the bear. The lines of the Buccaneers have been taken out for a no spread quarterback issues. They don't know tyrant whose gonna play that no staffers can play such sophomores off the board. And authors and making. It was Crocker in his. He moves to mellow. You know it you know how we do that we got to get to the Nat geo wild situation last night the fifth where you don't put it on I put it on. And now my kid is freaked out because you subpar on bird crime after he saw a snake a candidate and did you send a text. We're not watching net you more will watch a movie lone. He couldn't Newton and hit it OK you said oh sorry Cody good is it is you're out of dragged into movies will. It's no. You do it must use the word who is ill gotten addicts. But the first. Well the Vancouver is game as it is very interesting it's too horrible teams. Jets have Broncos. Jets are one point favorite. One wrote on the road and I'm hard while. Man movie the Broncos pretty bad they are really about it than to ever simply would you rather perturbed semi in a brick boards portals next game also Jesus do I get I'm getting all bad teams 49ers at Texans Houston three point favorite at home row look at savaged. No but egg problem there. Jesus. Seahawks. At jaguars intriguing game both teams eight and four West Coast -- coat East Coast with the port when he finally did it was posted it on time and flexed its Clyde Jacksonville's two and a half point favorite at home while mentally for too little turbulence in the jaguars. America's hottest team. Who's next leaves me goodness you. And so between a bold you only have one victory who I had none of that second game. Jesus I mean it was Texas and of this 4940 niners Texans Houston might history and I went winless it was a miracle bad beat them by Tennessee took on Henry at that Russia took so you know the game. It and that's to. RA all boy. Packers have rounds. It was like millions that he gets more than than any of the matters are three point road favorites in Cleveland Huntley gets Kaiser his memories. I'm out for that game out there it's probably only his last game before Aaron Rodgers takes over. And want to let you wouldn't come back because there is eligible. And vikings and Panthers. In the vikings two and a half point road favorites. Let's see in the final game. The pilgrimage. Oh the Redskins at the chargers who chargers are six point favorites at all six point favorite. As it did it at some of the that is charges started and his wildfires are Republican they came. If those wildfires are good because she's seen on video from drug on the for a final oh my god it looks like doomsday threat by the Getty museum in right by belly there are not too far from UCLA right. We've got to I. Amstel in the on disconnected here I have B. The patriots and dolphins. What's the spread on now on one and evidently have. On hole eleven and half. What do you know feel about one time tolerating an eagle on now. How does that allow more insulting them whatever they were against whom they 61 underdogs against take it. Israel it's simple in its wars being eleven at home they woman 182 weeks ago usually when he switched venues to six point swing so it opened at twelve. Factory. Simple math that's U. The analytic. X of the degenerate drug dealer yeah rugged analytics that require. Cool and isn't Golden. Eagles vs the Graham's office. Brands are two and a halve point is definitely tune that's an edit in the royals. There hasn't been getting. This is 1 o'clock importance is ports on board to integrate into the stadium's still there. Yeah and they wanna go for Barbara you here's a stinker. By the way I did not think that decent team to a five month. I thought both of them with the way around talking about were doing horrible but they're both six and six. Raiders at the chiefs the chiefs are four point favorite. And that's the one look like you know the chiefs the chiefs record feels a lot different in the rated as laborers have been disappointing. But the season is the collapse this year with the chiefs the raiders it's like any other I don't know they did yes over this sort of one in six. Oh man this is a visit jam right here. Cowboys at the giants. Did a study like Manning fusion jaguars quarterback or dolphins' quarterback I'd like yesterday was scored. Well I think he's gonna end up on the jaguars I just thought that it should be so quickly dismissed. With a doll of you guys write to him. I know that tells me healthy. What if it isn't healthy is these the other two years in Iraq noted that. Second time we got hurt his pockets that it thinks that the ports are okay so so ten A hill as well be experienced. It didn't re injured it looked at. It was always still. So wrong Miley well was opened it and I promise you but I'm pretty sure I remember Adam is saying he was the fastest healer bowl time. And every. And outs yeah other plague no that's not true and Adam gays is a liar. Because if anything. He had defense is real aggravation of an injury of all time begins at the first practice they started running he was hurt again torn ACL. It was like a seasonal and all season wasted of rehab. Waste of time LeRoy. President should be starting right now for the for the dolphins agreed to step agree it's also love faith that Olson now they are right in and sorry. No hits Richard here's a group show bears at tangles. He's got a US export favorites six and a half wonder attitude just by you and finally tightened that cardinals. Tennessee's at three point. Road favorite bottom row favorite lot of road favorites though excitement gets separated so there's of those times though where those those playoffs teams. You feel spoilers. Movies and others. Was hopes what are your reasons why you are in position you're in because you're not that good things Ohio and help you rules or anybody who is good. I'm an old man right. I don't know even a real but that's what people think that him they're gonna be spoilers so the cardinals coming out this week and they think their guns spoil the titans Von. And that's why they have that role now bettors angles there's no spoiling that they. They brought you the said the television crud that the LA high school kid up on the press boxes Salmonella oh. Bottom ice. If you are even the most die hard Bengals fan more than most die hard bears fan you watch this again. Does that that's garbage that's garbage game no interest in that. Somebody's already given me. Tech's own doing LeRoy you gotta go. Don't do leader and you know it's and I'm just glad I don't really you know what's gonna happen many not really any of the dolphins Villanova and Loria. Coal mines could be have to leave it as well you pick it. Exactly what it's my son Bert and he's patriots fans to their obviously when program byline. LeRoy. Continental grown up. Noble and I don't know that that should only drunk they should still be little good good without crop no Matt Moore accused Cutler goes downers whom I'm more for my. Corporate sales either fails all great though didn't you know dealings so it ain't so it's over is the dollar and adolescent able yes if David fails. This like a work on this and David Wells. He feels hold fast it's. Please there are a million men don't don't go down this road of disrespectful. Dolphins and that they're gonna have some must act rival producers give you more just I didn't guys that actually played in my. Did last time. Oh yeah products and its prime time dolphins yeah we and I prods that would throw X this week you say are. Put it accidental of the drawbacks to the patriots were in their will not patriot to remind you that I should I like the red jerseys with yeah. My fear patriot uniform multi imagine my childhood and how but I saw. Yeah I. It's going to be Batman bleeping Hartley dykes. You mean of course get that he'll get that you know patented forty yard run by Kenyan Drake going to be the gurus who wouldn't enjoy it was the backup running back. Sinorice Perry and there was a play in the sweet. Do remember them on and making more than 412 dolphins beat the patriots on here Capellan it was suppose it was a wide receiver David Thomas of the caught touched on the ends on who's the quarterback for the dolphin again it was silly. And I believe LaTroy prowess on defense cover in the receive an extra in ridiculous sicker a different. Yeah it means yeah according to get a Renton. New ads are melting. He can sure three. I. That he well we know. Where you live anyway though personal immunity then in the first off. Take what the health situation let's just say he's a 100% action. Did we get to the polar sold that he used like a franchise guy. The bridge has got to he's fine enough for enough what's around Lee is always fun enough okay enough here ladies and Eli and I yeah. Wait wait eleven minute ride you know. If strip helping the addict and our. Course in here's went on to say about who. All you idiots. That would replace. Your quarterback. It is but jemaah. You better have a solution. Or going to be clean breath. It doesn't look like we keep. Trying to find a quarterback. So. Being hit ago. OPEC is not horrible and the guys that you talk to the church not a finding. It's all. Question I question for him. Do you think it team would take ten and military yeah that's definitely using you'd get a first form will no archer is constantly to get a first. What do you dummies yet pay him I mean he's got aides to eighteen million in March OK but he. Slut guess what the score repose starting quarterback. No you don't have one you'll be willing to pay eighteen million or waste our. Iraqis first front Corbett is way cheaper than Bryant and you know there's no way that's on the. Yeah yeah. The five year. Then lady prior to look at what the franchises you can't. She quarterbacks nobody at your if your team that is at the top of the draft I wouldn't go on trade guns and noted that its eagerly Cleveland's hundred rundown now. Now but if you are if you Jacksonville. And you think well. That's that's the last piece you wanna do that and then the other option is opaque Kirk cousins or go with a new Eli Manning okay but here's the problem. By the way is the first pick. In the draft last year miles Garrick 120 sat twenty million dollar signing bonus even though likes you're gonna pay anyways though none of the but his whole contract is probably what he don't know it's thirty point 430 point four. You really read what's is what is it on the cab every year. It's five years and so six you know forty million. I nearly a million is that it lucky that Sam Bradford when he got in that last that last class of whether they got as a regular don't monitor. Unbelievable. No matter be more net. No that was as the other houses is guaranteed neither know JaMarcus Russell its own name is usually had. Explains to you about bad organization's. Right. Well. At Joan and also Al Davis the raiders a and his lows for the watchers say you saw him throw once and is calling. When nobody laws apply to more than Al Davis mobile white presidential ticket Bob Davidson. Like your profession. Pay to go find out. The NAFTA months and years of scouting these players. With the first pick an NFL draft they chose to more control. And you wonder why teams fail. Because the thing about football is everybody has been the same amount of money. So nothing adored being she. Or have been a lot of money you've got to spend a certain amount will get to headlines next.