12-8-17 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, December 8th

The guys wonder why British bands don’t sound British when they sing. Bill Belichick says we have been pronouncing his name wrong and Tobin is livid. Tobin is still planning his massive Iguana hunt. The Heat playing in Mexico City tomorrow night and the guys argue about what time it is in Mexico. Tobin wants Yelich to take the Dee Gordon steroids and become a monter HR hitter. The guys make their Doom picks for the weekend.​


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Oh yeah pull our hair is. That's the guy who does numbers things nobody know over its own version it's well. There's there's a couple of brits have some British on this thing. It's true. It was it was found themselves British promising these. We bring us government The Beatles. Peter do from Herman terrorists in early to those numbers on this thing. I I think it's shearing sound British police things. And read it yet. Had a defendants calmly the via what's up my pits that. The middle of the Big Ben Hogan the Gallagher Brothers. All yeah probably the one to wall so you wonder walk up it'll sound British isle my balance. You. Hell out of here. No doesn't note Fidel doesn't she is the about immaturity your roots men and you know does that chick from pitch perfect. Who took from that perfect the girl she's Australia's. Amy that's why she's on British. This is it's a travesty here. Did you guys see two it is like him obviously grown suspension was a joke I was pretty crazies like do go broke my neck. That game a game of me wrong meat producers me bringing me. Nobody is holding me one. His right. It's it's very Russia in these patriot that's where they get away with everything frequently with that you know cheating. They get away with a dirty play and Bill Belichick gets away with lying to repeat their errors. It beats them if you got suspended for. For complaining about the suggestion and I haven't yet another thing I'd say give you find no. Like basketball. I don't know either way he is right it is a joke but a bigger joke is as Belichick. Bulletin I can't believe this this is this so these patriots yes in the room. It's we got this thing called a legacy it was great news is that we need more info on Bill Belichick as a me was his and even his name. He comes out as this one is is is a shocker. Let's of this let's listen this ass clown Bill Belichick and use. All of a sudden he's got a different name. My dad's name is Stephen yeah. Blitzer. He fortunately. The city football scholarship from my godfather delivers. I'm sorry. Okay global way way way way way I'm sorry it. Sorry. Wait wait wait his name is what's. Here's the problem. He said his father's name it's the Roy would you like an example. Would you like an exit first lauded attic away and go when you guys are dominance in this you sit that was his dad's military. Which like an example. Go ahead. Go ahead what's the Gaza's main Jon Wiener. What's Lin's name Glenn Weiner oddities of their names related. But not you say one of them is a father of the other no that's a unit to one Weiner would leader now now now now now. I'm not debating can I sat and that's fine you'll have your turn you bout you wanted him fired so you wait I didn't happen. Something that nobody. Has a different name from their father unless it's a daughter who gets married and takes their husbands may be true needs. That they'll not too late that was his name your my hunch is that it. His name as my that I am not. My my father's name is not being. That's not his name but his people open if you were printed not redneck. Did they might that way now. He's not French. You've given terrible examples to defend the way you don't comprehend Connecticut I can't say explain this now here is that. His family came over from was a Croatia whatever. The way the name was spelled and pronounced there was you know however he just set it. When they got to Ellis Island or wherever they. Immigrated through they wanted them to change the name to white. They refused to change their name to white. Therefore they changed it to belly check as it is spelled and pronounced now. But the original pronunciation and spelling of the name is how he said it now yes now. Play well Schwarzenegger what why you agree with me. Because the dad. Is named Belichick. And Belichick is set these. Pulitzer. This you know what this is this is him wanting to be annoying you notices this is Belichick while being knowing. You'll have to call me by a different name. I just falls. You'll hater. Until mine not a well. He did say it you all now here he wants to hear Jon Gruden on Monday night column Belichick. My car. When he puts out for it taxpayers that when Tobin tax me on my car my card tells me is Brendan tubman. Well they're wrong now that's a robot meet human needs on the right look maybe. Get this straight you wanna stand by you you're completely biased because. He's a former coach and these guys can mean he would slime all over Bill Belichick yet to act and it or neutral party here. His credentials are liar cheater rat bastard by now he does well he's just messing with every artist ever go to. That's what is goat to say. So. Don't coach. It. Which allowed here. Gonna had a hell of sounds sounds like it's a little jealous. No I'm in noise and all I'm annoyed that he he's coming in here and he just like distillate. Which it. To you. Got your boy with a peek at this tie look at that he looks fantastic I'll do that you. Now know thanks for erupt in Los it. Made headlines and it. It's got what you XY and south why would you accept each show. The headlines are sponsored by Advance Auto Parts whether you're looking to change your air filters. Replace your break you'll find the parts you need and knowledgeable team members ready to help in Advance Auto Parts let's get you back it. On mill road Miami Heat off till tomorrow when they take on the nets in Mexico City 6 o'clock tip time 5 o'clock is when that low. And Tommy tiger have in your pregame two reading in reflection to Asia for the Miami games have an idea from before three HD two. The ticket. The Oregon Ducks will hire former kings assistant former team player former FIU head coach Mario crystal ball as their head coach delegate keep him out of South Florida John Carlos Stanton. Evidently is now open to playing from the Yankees. And to me the last trade there. Seem kind of shaking spoons Tennessee. I'm in just saying. Would mean. And she eats a Debbie jeetz. Does bring him back to the team I really love the Yankees we try to trade somewhere else that really a cumulative trade mark. And who monitors emphasis on the Yankees and owns the Marlins and analysts say if he doesn't get injured the exit is gonna look quite fishy but it. I think Jesus wants anybody who take the money it's like 27 carts on that scale fishing this. You look at those bosses. Know I I don't it is on a bus and has now totals about. Yet I got hold of his last name is a Pulitzer. You get credit for being mix. Beats yup you credit bust them for being mixed it's on answer. But yet only about. It's been almost and just as the government does that do you play it depends to vent right demands and if you're like Tyler Johnson mixed or more like you know. Derek Jeter makes. It look is not loses Caucasian as a dad. And these guys are right behind me and I hit it. I'd say about as well. The book in and it. Real quick we got to do this even others know her hurricanes football game this weekend. There's no hurricanes basketball game tomorrow they play at George Washington. That's action until the following senators that's right there out there offer exams or whatever you basically just yet run out of rob it's as though there's no. Opponent Wisconsin. You probably responses. That you want this weekend that's right. But the I and the opponent but you must Samberg room to grow voted best sports bar in Miami by the new times where everybody is Port Angeles more free beer until one of the two teams in the football game. Scores or if you go to some of the you can get hammered. I promise you nobody's going this week. When the dolphins the dolphins patriots camp. To show you you've got to get you've got to get get to work can be Brady's going on the first drive although he hasn't practiced for two days of the Achilles injury a Hampshire. The noise up prices in two weeks confused on the dolphins' defense. We. Added Boone who are whom are going up against a tankers laid. Susan your wallet a couple days off politic. And Joe's argument it's just. I if he was your coach you would say however you would he wanted to know. Right now appeased if I if I ever ever comes today where Eric Spoelstra come announces that. Yeah I am my actual my name is olestra and I'm not doing sorry too late. Do we there was a player that. That play again mattress attended that no it was sirte and there was another one to bison Dele. I was out of Wally Ogunleye. No it was it was played from one of the teams. Bootlegged and they have an at a press release on how his name was pronounced. It was a pitcher for the Marlins. I was saying to get the stuff happily ever makes it. At a buffet just. Yes that's what it was. There is any ball or dams and evil right. Then these kids are being that sits at a press release that's his or being gringo idiots that's not that I. That's not an internal idealist yes actually we knew we are really aware of the fact that John Cullen was Mike we we discussed this yesterday did you guys thought that he just made that up out of nowhere. That they give you point. The first I didn't think he made it up I knew where where it is his name. Where's anyway ten. And anyway she and now we go to points to a debate they lost points and I gained a point you've got a point you were written minus one you ended up one. LeRoy is minus two piece of minors to Tobin has zero. Even Taj we have like 30 no you shouldn't be a poetry a matter of fact you don't want. If you really go hunt in this weekend you'd get like a minus ten I'm probably not go lines in the street is a busy but I'm going to get the trust me I add it to get it whether I got some days coming I'm on the would be a would be. Right performance. It's gonna be it's going to be out of eleven in one form in my back you know luxury pieces and it turned sick days after your main. These these lizards it host mr. hawking about oh my gosh. You're so ridiculous. I'm watching Nat geo wild every day. So well and show you why the mile high. Risk so wait that's akin to meet. And watch boxing. All weekend does that mean I'm ready to get the rating. You can't even okay. So if you have a problem. Mean if you have a problem with Belichick budget to go there break you piece you've been out of my. Don't know those years. It popped up and you know there's the guy that's what guys the pace if you have a problem. With ballots. Wood about Larry guy again that's pretty bad night. What is that thing come Friday it's a great idea. Wait if these destructive testing golf right now I'd they're jamming its own than what message the sale that you use until they go ahead money. Unbelievable. And -- v.s. Announced that he does merit fifty minutes he's next. And match. Our team then yeah. Yeah. It's meant. Run by next one from a city. That'll change the way you experience what's also brought to my Champions Tour by force upload them when Jeep truck in SUV customization shot. New gadget of the hottest four by four about engaged in town he called champion about war at 7865 votes and 3446. Or at champion for by Ford dot com. But he or Mexico City they have the Brooklyn nets tomorrow night you were in that game right here on the ticket 6 o'clock tip off. 5 o'clock pregame show. With Tom visited Mexico City and I don't know man and I don't know. I don't know if you'd like two hours less. One to two dollars utterly to a dealer takes time while there are together and Victoria Clarke. Dollar toilet in the west part of Mexico Mexico city's not the West Coast it right right now it's an hour and it right now it is 1:19 it is central time everybody is wrong. It was the closest point for me. A good point. The nets as they beat the hell out of the thunder who are just in an awful funk right now on new and then like. Mean I mean. Question. At some point do you think Melo goes. Pain. Because he's older. Name any you via physically the they need to play to be successful. So what do you do. I mean I'd let you let it beat a guy ideally. You'd do it waded. And you'd go to group where you get your own time. And you could better serve things that way the question is whether or not Manuel is gonna want to do that. I don't think he will. I will say this. If you want incentive tomorrow for the heat to win. If you lose. You'll have the same record as the Brooklyn nets. But that's in campers. That Clinton's over you. So just say. And aunts and I think that speaks more the surprise of where the book that's our they're not that terrible. If you lose tomorrow you the same record as the Brooklyn nets and that is as as the tough reality that you gonna have to drink again. So just think about that. Way and we talk about the season. And everything I was gonna go into it. He would be so I don't think anybody would have thought they're going to be tied with the Brooklyn nets who are not terrible and is not as big joke. For a Julie Okafor even though it's basketball. Yet we want guys he basketball. The weird thing that probably it put so much strain on their knees. Feet. You know this is all were being now and then getting phased out. Yet even before that Robbie lake and river Andrew Bynum and bunches you like basketball. Adams who beat the inning man. For the lakers. Was we want to yesterday was willing to it was it was they're both of them. Yeah he's ever both championships. Into it and that he just is like a victory in the sixers. And Regis never played for the sixers and he got re re entered so apple is on the sixers manager. The hello worthless most worthless contracts in the history of basketball. It'll impede crap ton oriented. Government was counter was there. But it's with the with the guys there's a there's a bunch of big guys were just like now not into it. Not about it. Do we look for seemingly that's the that's the BM on him that he's one of those big guys. That just doesn't care of them feel like that with us on the decide to definitely cares little loop and little richer by. I don't give him it doesn't seem aids basketball like sometimes it seems like the big guys that you've been curse you just got to play basketball. I mean what else do you do if you like I'm seven foot one. Basketball window washer. Now he can't deal on that little pension sound quality you can really get up to the segment zone. By the end of Bynum he meets sixteen million with the sixers have been placing a much Jones could make it back. It's pretty with a look at Andrew Bynum making sixty minutes asked about bad. Is that tonight the idea but back then had a terrible ridiculous money not to play. Never flee. Never played man I like to contracts where you know they have all these baseball players or basketball whiz kid he's guaranteed contracts. And they just tell you go home. Like you were so useless to us we were ready you do know that home. Those Josh Smith did that with the pistons well actually the the the sorry the Dodgers are still in with John Carlos stand because. Because it was a good one note as the Japanese guy just went to the angels. Oh yeah Japanese favorite show me Alitalia. It's surprising consistent with the way the boredom they sent international might Seattle's orbit but. How would you guys come over here with the bat. From South Korea. That's what you want it then they're gonna stop doing that after the first dude gets upset and plunked him in the head is most obviously. Yes I mean it's absolutely a believed might. It you talk trash to get struck out. The pitcher gets to do is pumping you. You know it's problems. Let me that was weird yesterday with the and easily. Wanna go. Again oh you repair Robby can note play second base your place on the field. Center field. In your fans to go about just figured out you'll figure out yeah here's what I want Wednesday gets traded. And as the about this you know most of the mobile Leo much. And our friends. I want him to take all the a monster home this quarter was taken those folks there would win lately Monday to. That was as his metabolism you trying to 33 will be trying to throw out there that you were advising you alleged to take steroids I'm just saying I wouldn't be against. Don't the Gordon Gordon got the going gets suspended him but he came back eyes. Album. You wait a 145. No no let me listen don't gonna massacres you know as he does goes there I mean the bad and will give it to the and then you'd you'd be you'd have to stop karma baby a year on I want our Q yeah I want to be elk. I want him to be used out of his mind you I'm talking I'm talking a combination of McGwire with bonds you give that your that your rulers. Ray Lewis allegedly used via the spread. Or maybe it's stupid Dodgers that I was doing in the symbol. It renews trying to explain that he had no idea is to reduce some because he was a pattern recite Bible verses after every game the south now. Via you know win the guys a little bit too far where he's so into the moment he's beaten out of his mouth. Yeah boy yeah the design gives Igor and I give give Kristen yeah it's all the get him holt out of his mind in Houston where men that having the slugger all right it's time to step up I think it's funny. Right now. They don't care what they mean. Because next year. If they're left their own devices. You'd just have bodies in the field while they rebuild cheated and reload the World Series. I'll do form. Pacman a grip of a who have war. Nobody says we need to rebuild and start over him Forbes's than it did today. We're gonna win the World Series next year that students boots. To Girardi did his first year as a manager and asked him and it it was a fifteen million dollar pioli took over and asked them. What are your goals for the season is it to win the World Series. Yeah but at least Joseph Girardi did mean that respectable. That he called Loria believable. And and you're tired. You out of this go to work because. Eventually well. I mean mentally pool player. Former Yankee yeah right. It'll work if urged he's just a stay at stay out alleged crimes. According games. I think that's one animals over it means like. You don't watch it as a watch baseball considers to. Now we had a student he has a vested interest in baseball he's going to be like is it going to be like Brad Pitt and money ball just working out somewhere in the gym all the games on on. Probably in the tanning that was it jinx don't look you could watch the game because the was. It. Sometimes. Like when essence. You know because we're on to say Waverly when I since it. Don't respond. To Politico I'm talented you is going to be in the tanning bed. We're doing. The little goggles on and he's got huge. He's good keeps that Canada is like Jake Oki solid up the brits. The breaks in them get this stuff but not mowed down in big smile. Because this is go. So. That which we don't have the Fed grapes in his office. My heels gonna go up there with his report this sooner yea so here I am running on the straight wasn't his fault. I. Whoever put that whoever put that's been out there I would like to edges give one smack in the face do to try to pull that's what they call that. Pulled a fast one. I have a question. And we edit arms is about all of these dolphins players. And a goal of the world's it being productive yet. Do you or your personnel guy. When you see. All of the guys he brought in have a success somewhere else. Because clearly he knows he's too. I've seen some of those around like people a question is Rick's humans doing good things and in Minnesota now in general violence getting promotions in New Orleans now right. They still stuck to him and I don't know it's late at at some point. Let's put it no question but here's why I'm asking them. Because if you look at all the players these elected. Are they somewhere else would be productive. If that's the east did if they're job is to identify. Professional football players they did their job com. And that's how I see I have a tough time with that man late for me if I don't like you every bite inspired when it doesn't work. If it still remains if the GM. In a player personnel guy. The right guys guys to Alter its prospecting. If having. Well crew readers. Your job. Is it possible just because you go and have success of Morales is that just a is is that just speak badly of an organization or is it affect oh while. You reached rock bottom out of place and you reset yourself will if it was one guy. Likes the guy's done it doesn't. Her name because any. You're at it evaluate him and whip the bottom where you'd still be completely digital. It is though guys lament about cut short irons into office and with him probable. Oh OK. You know what he's a local populace quite. Yes. Is that. Cam wake. Know what it somewhere else because he was too small authority figure was as an affinity solidly it's a mindset was let. Was on the way right right I can. So. Used to Wear on you and miles Ireland dead. You owners of it and it is your report improvement ducked through all of the one of the first round Foley he's. But that it the wave it in drafts on to lead Italy to. Wait Jake Long dogs ourselves. Now Parcells loves that. I. Pumped high in Ireland. In with Parcells Parcells brought him here that counts. Mute immediately. I'm only so let me beat Sergio and amid and I don't like Woodruff and the JaJuan jeans to apartment either I don't know that it was Dennis accurately. Oh god forgot Tennessee with a best if we if you if your job description. OK as a player personnel guy or do you is too Alec a gambler on the composition about it is. Punted Davis is here. And Philbin do like him but Ireland also pulled the trigger on the deal it and say goes through it or he didn't say. Let's run this out he also said I'm wolf will will deal now what does that books like notes. I mean. And such as it over notes but. But where where do you is that coaches like to you go Wednesday didn't like if if you say he. Let's goal Edmonton and I think Harry Gordon one of let's get. Like that it is okay you were in on it to us. So I mean it's okay. Does that goes along for the ride. Just like at duke is this guy to get from B. I mean a YouTube goes out to make it work like. You don't want the problem is. Does your heart if you were hiring at the end the very very pristine to look at is every single guy jacket and see which one of those guys. It even more guys made and didn't make it wouldn't you want that guy on your little entirely that the human how many guys easily because a lot of the desert island sort of dropped two would be your second contract from the guys and it Rashad Jones cam weekends but that's only because it got rid of them guys that he'd drive that still whom. With no budget is. But there's a plank he was already here or did they dress not wanted drafted by today's announcement Sean has drifted. Charles clay. Charles clay. I'm just I'm Lamar Lamar Miller Lillian Vernon. When that they've merited my arm who writes the the but the we just that probably is about to block island Reshard Matthews. I can beat you brought him here. And we also need suck for you witty seems to be played football's bill. Like all I'm saying is that. I can't believe we're you are you trying to make the joke that step island was note indulgent out there merely asking the question. Because he's doing GM he wasn't easy to way to assist Bogut who built the point of trying to make business. We're so quite. To say this guy's a bust or this guy is not a player. When in actuality. It's all holes to organizations all trying to make does that make it another example comes is again. It's who he's always been. Okay and it has brought out rounds. So when it work. And then he went somewhere else what else it may take did you go be fixed if he's still. Football. Every first rounder is not going to be a bold. Put all our you'll RC this is the best possible chance with this guy to have a productive re. Understood even if they're still playing the role of the general managers also to get right. Who were the guys in that jobs are the past the hole you're overlooking a guy and you're drafting a center instead. Right but that's about it wit that's you know after about. Anderson I'm not I'm not drafted. Senator amount album might he would traded up to go get Dion Jordan. Then look at the saints they drop the senate the first round of the treated rendered coaxed to get a and they got a lot better to say. It's like I'm not saying we're used what you're saying is fine but I don't think that you could take. All of Ireland say hey you sell it to you coached again I don't know now and football and and a guy and a guy who's just hired because he stood next I'm not merely trying to bring up the week. We always. Try. To say dead of a year. Is the bones were not a bus and we put it on the GO. It did they give great players in everybody's as a group we just cut bait in the Eagles on it as the career that you wish he had here now. GM in the player personnel guy is to value wait. It's not a drop of office or whatever now will say this that Dion Jordan date yet. It didn't help schools who live out they have regular dude pixel them next. Cool it's time. More important. Things turn. Businesses. Which it was easy. Excellent. Pomeroy it it's still pic time. As we give you our picks the goal is. That the best record at the end of the month questions really not to have the worst record in the market worst record as the dot Puerto do. So this means there rob yours is still in my head he still in my day. Aren't you have to go on yeah for guys who are also W even obese is the worst records and with a how he went. What he got runner up a sort of with the Packers at the browns. The Packers are three point favorites at only twelve Cleveland. A brilliant that he he plays a lot better on the road and he doesn't home series one. He's won his a game at Chicago on the road and he could really Wilma gimmick it's Pittsburgh a Pittsburgh needed a field Lothian to win. And the browns really bad I'm not it's only three points are taken the Packers as breast Bradley's last probably his last start before Aaron Rodgers comes back he wants to play well. I'll go with the Packers minus three. All right what's next all right let's go little vikings at the Panthers. The vikings are two and a half point road favorites they've won mineral finally beast just a Waltz back in. They've won in a row. With peace Kean and attended to but at some point case Keenan's bill is too has to be due at some point neither can bill. They've only won three road games outdoors and Hillary gets Chicago Cleveland and the Redskins and so there's outdoors and Carolina for a dome team. Three points or less at home I'm taking Carolina. Plus the two and a half. We got to wrap up our right little 405 action the Redskins at the chargers. The chargers are six point favorites at home. The Redskins a finger in a freefall it's a lot a lot of points to Cuba the chargers especially since half the fans are to be rest Redskins fans. Above saluted the chargers minus six and hopefully they had to play the game despite those wires. IRA what he got these snowman I. At 1 o'clock game Texans forty niners it's a dud of the game Houston. On the slip I have three even on the lines down to like 22 and a half but we'll go by three I still think the Texans. By three at home because the niners are willful. 405 game jets are Broncos this all of a tough one for me because the Broncos are. A home dog by a point. At home but I can't do it the Broncos are horrible I will take the jets who were wolf one and four on the road. But for some reason I just have faith in gangrene. Over the Broncos. And lasted only 425 Seahawks and jaguars to even evenly matched teams. Seahawks now normally go to the jaguars because of the West Coast team traveling east but it's a four to 45 game so because of that. And we'll take the Seahawks. On the road after the jaguars. Getting the two and a half and can't wait for Doug Bruins into the gulf port doom again I could. Well you tricked me. As he told me last week don't take Jenks. And then I think you yes you did it. Now well. The again and are. At the Olympics but. At the patriots development that's Monday night. Don't bids are limited have we don't. That. At home on Monday night. I'm taking the dogs I am a Moldova. I don't I don't know it and it. I WV one opportunity for take back again now. The hood. It's been a good. Thing. I don't want to be a pitcher and we're going to I. You that you got the same competitive juices to become let. And now the prime time dolphins you do as you go against I'm sure they don't hear. On the game's gonna be over at the coin toss as you know out of case can can applaud the patriots for that could be over right there little to nothing in an art Ortiz you know already. He admitted his artisan doubles gore convened hours ago Canada. But it's just not give the ball is you know and doodles scored in the stops and what you did today. Acer what he counter puncher always. Next game. Eagles at the rams the two would have point favorites. Humble with the rains home importantly 2000. Sites home crowd but in my game at the rate that the teams that she's. Point favorites but they're horrible. It almost. The raiders to disappointment through the biggest disappointments writes each other right now. A big teams bounce back roll it go through good about a week ago. Yeah I don't regret about my games either at the cowboys at the giants but. I do of one fact ago from here. That's what I like to call the revenge factor. Eli Manning. He's going to take his rightful place he's going to attempt. Tom Coughlin who I think is going to be watching this game sans pants. And I'm going to take the four point in picking the giants to with that and say. This is another edges herbal of the game bears at angles well. 06 and a half point favorites. With a lot of points or stinky team but it but it's this is the quarterback but a Petit that's directly Roland you think his line with mine therefore I will lay the big points. And go with the bald Eagles to win that game and finally the titans that the cardinals. Well this is don't want my heart is right now I want tied to fall flat on their face and it's it's it's a heated race in the AFC south sister of the titans. I'm an ago with a home dog cardinals. And take three points that's dupers for the sweet boys. Everybody enjoy themselves Google weekends it was my until that is what is you want to bites. Those are wanna buy a lot like they did researchers and make news but fake news and a seat and I but he news military with a big news. That's not an iguana by rank and an even me. Identity to BC's Jonathan as boxing match how much tournament. Gentlemen because then he'll show up about that but at five advises if I would let's just. And you productive to a joke you know asking congress tees. Put together among the G.