2-15-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, February 15th

The guys open the show talking about yesterday's horrific event that took place at Stoneman Douglas yesterday afternoon. Tobin said once he found out the number of deaths, it was a gut punch. Leroy says emotions are a good thing because it helps people recover from something devastating. Beast says when you know people nvolved in somthing like yesterday it hits close to home. "When it happens in your backyard, and your friends are getting texts from their daughters hiding in closets." Tobin brings up that he felt things would be different after 9/11 and says school shootings don't feel the same due to all of the school shootings that have been occuring. Leroy says people tend to not pay attention to issues until it happens to you or close to you. Tobin wants the Dolphins to sign Sebastian Janikowski. Leroy goes through the guys' group texts from last night's Heat-Sixers game. The guys talk about what went wrong last night for the Heat. The guys discuss if Ndamukong Suh really wants to play for the Eagles "for free." Robbie really wants the Dolphins to draft Roquan Smith. Tobin says there should be a rule that if a team drafts an offensive lineman in the first-round they shouldn't be allowed to for the next five years. Beast breaks the news that 790 will now be broadcasting Miami Hurricane baseball. The guys want a Mark Light shake. Tobin analyzes what the guys saw on the nature channel during the first break. Beast mentions that the Packers might be getting rid of Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and the guys try to figure out where they'll end up. The guys make their Doom Box picks. Beast does not like the games Robbie puts in the DoomBox. Tobin doesn't want to see the new KFC commerical with Reba McEntire as the colonel one more time. 


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. A lot and stove and LeRoy beast is walking in as we speak I don't understand. What are the thought it was a good piece and every day yeah it reduces the leverage and it is ridiculous. Today is ridiculous today it is heavy it's that it's a really heavy days it's one of those. Those weird ones bomb. I've been kind of I've been waiting. On my wife pretty much all day is she's got the great task of going to a school day. Really so my life into my kid you know likes it has is this gonna go road do they go about this and then. You know in the midst of everything today there's another lockdown that goes down thankfully it was a false alarm and north proud proud so it's been a wild. Tragic sad. Terrific day. Horrifying day. 48 hour we have to four bit hesitant ones rose nodding almost what is largely forms now it happened I think right before in Russia yesterday. Yeah I was just tell them I said you know we love serious and you mentioned it and then I got home. As start to watch coverage of those Obama this time put anything out close to numbers or anything like that yet and my kids watch this atrocity. We have a leader in the house came back and boom it what is up on each. Does an absolutely gut punch. And you know a lot of victims are getting identified now. Think the shooters supposed to be in court and his time but you know this is it's it's a really negative resolve Florida and as have been you know tellem be able. His people are pissed. People are sad. And you know and I feel they were at this point where you know people. Men like bill that didn't think it's not okay to be those things it's okay to be those things it's okay to take time being in those things. And the urgency is really really crazy right now to you know people are a keyboard just such apparent is that a rush to get these things fixed and it feels like he. Your it's like this from an extreme but the stuff. Yeah I think emotions are great. Because. It helps you deal with the it'll go better in different light I get mad. I get angry. I'm done a move well. If Howard ever keep that in then. Did I wouldn't be able to control how we came out yeah and so people that feel said senator upset better. Is gonna come on the number of different ways just how. You know people react to Renault would just say hey let's all just take a deep breath. Let's all help to people who. Have lost. A lot. I know I now know three families. Who have lost loved ones in this personally I mean that's it's. And the thing about all of this comes easier talking about all these feelings and emotions. You'll we've been through this to any time before. The school shootings or whatnot. But when it happens in your backyard. Would you know people involved. It now it becomes. A little more personified. And human and really close to. Now. Outside of here I'd go I mean we could go on forever about my feelings about what. When it happened in your backyard when you know people involved when you're getting texts from friends whose daughters are hiding in closets. That's when it really. There yeah it is to come home there's almost it was too much of a normally two almost too used to the routine and it's weird you know like. June do you guys remember. Healy yeah you remember 9/11 like that day and what that felt like we all felt like things are gonna change and things are different from here on out yes or members visitor who I was and tenth grade home room I remember them we live in the that television to watch you dislike. Wall studs could be different from here on out and it really really was like you don't travel the same no I don't live the same offenses and a this stuff. Doesn't it just kind of rolls on the next one we had a great. I remember laid on my bed in in my apartment in Kendall my one bedroom apartment and Kendall. Watch in the column on thing going. This is life is gonna change after this and I can't believe we have a shooting at a school like this. Sing frenzied bidding didn't do nothing has changed it seems the acting that you guys are. Missing here. Is that one is national. And Warren is low even though the stories were big national. It's a local thing. And so when something happens in Colorado. Rate. Do people of Florida. And we need to me the same price changes that they dude whereas. Being written 9/11. Where it was travel and planes that end terrorist and stuff like that. That was a national day this is more local news and so. We all tend to not pay attention to issues until it affects us. Yet and that's an amateur and that's that's sure literally got leaked. I won't go visit me man is all just a matter today today it. Definitely know different waking up because it's just you just feeling it is lingering. Over the air Hitler have you learned in in and I don't weird mood. You know like a set them I'm in terms of my wife who's like. You know deal with the stuff and her school all the teachers that don't and men and jobless all the teachers are doing in this his. You don't realize that these guys these these educators are the conduit to our kids every single day than their every single day you know you be years of the stories of these teachers. Staff members coach is what they were doing Wallace is going on that's. As an unbelievable sacrifice to somebody who's not your flesh and blood. On the we will sacrifice. Always wonder you know and then. You know it's very easy to. Sacrifice everything or family member or loved one or whatever. Dare people in this world. That we know we're that we hear stories about. Debt sacrifice the people they hardly know death in the men that's a different level. So we're gonna keep you up today if anything new happens throughout the day after getting information we're going to let you know on the show Laura Tyson was where you can help. On some plays wreaking grieve let you know that's a blow we are gonna try and do the show today and will roll on as we can Padilla as soon. Send in your feelings as viewers 67 on some form the text machine or ridges as a Jameer whatever. Normal ways ago about for analysis at the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WSS best HD to admit. Iowa the top headline until and tell you and will keep reiterate in this masses throughout the show either in these headlines or. Are on the minor we do when we come back but. They really there's a desperate need to for blood donation. A lot of serious injuries involved in this tragedy yesterday so weak. Are urging all of our listeners to head to the one blood Fort Lauderdale commercial donors senator. 989 east commercial boulevard Oakland park they're open till five today opened from 9 AM to 5 PM tomorrow. And we also have a link. Twos the one blood location site if you are down in Dade and Palm Beach wherever you are they need blood so you can go on to our FaceBook page Twitter. Website and get the link to the one blood. Location site right now they're asking you go to the Fort Lauderdale commercial daughters that are against 1990s commercial boulevard Oakland park Florida expensive who have O negative blood. Please please help out this community needs you wheels of information on vigils. As well there's one at 2:31 at 6 o'clock. That information can be found on our FaceBook paid website Twitter. As well in the not important world of sports. All of the local teams are off tonight after the heat. Were up by 24 and lost last night we'll get into that the other. But that's of others are not as important as what is going up. In Parkland Sebastien genachowski will not be raider bro wants to continue to play at the age of 38. Randolph design. Want to be like Cody park he. Asif freeagent. Think it is I don't normally track tickers that go to party is a freeagent up while bring Sebastian down here now is local so maybe you'll stick around I don't know. But if he wants a little bit too much money. At all genachowski all the genachowski on southeast assuming a disaster where that that's a bad thing you think you still get after it in this age. Is it jogger still get after their own. A mean if you book done she you wouldn't say hey there's football player. Who too costly at least nobody you would say hey. There's a guy that I saw hanging out at whatever club last night the yeah. So none other than that there's not a and a bunch going on in the world of sports. Nothing that overshadows. Any and all celebrate yet. Yet nobody else are well those double games tonight but I don't heed the he had made an all star break there's no real scoreboard watching. For the heat tonight Milwaukee plays Denver Minnesota and. Don't need what schools were brutalized and into the scoreboard cling. Mean it's it's it's hanging on by a thread was a lot to get to attract game last night minerals to three seat. And by the way spun around it was so quick and by the way what comes at a fast. Thank you first two loves. The way. I hate you why. Because. I was at dinner last night. I was home last night watch in the heat games horrible reenactment I was at home let's play watching the heat game. And every time. Something bad happened. I type crowd and there is the MO energy and I have to push it merely just like now I have to do I can't I can't stay away from it. The bad when he got ready got swipe to listen and just click on man how do you lose that game up 24 also a note to Allen beat. I mean that it needs all MB they out rebounded you by thirty. Marco Belinelli went crazy I had however. Note that all that also voted well it must be other heat there were trade talks form. That's Sox. Yeah you have it came back in three great did it to be also the two countries also did he make a mistake somewhere late in the game is bad. Wish I. When it was wasn't it glad that we all the same time we started the beginning. We others they've got that wade was gonna get rejected by the rim did this thing where you guys read my my game log yeah. And listening well and a lot of it's mine because I just started I'd just start losing. Just start here but you have to and stay there its move. What do two hours of Virginia basketball it's amazing to see threats breaks right to keep. That. There's a BO. Crap we lost. Completely bully. Of the squad will recruit. Crow and grab grab grass really grabbed what grabbed what the Koran. Really birds just it just hasn't three point contest is like bobcat adversity. Couldn't. You couldn't beat them on our Internet yet. I always root for a while moves to may second fleet through history I always do that especially to the six is rebounding last night. I'm always afraid of the up with the rebound in the past suffered a three. Since he doesn't even got to rebound this out of three quarters as well as border guards out there. Grass whoa got a waiver to travel. Rim has got to block wait geez did you can't be beat by JJ were. JJ Greg drunk on one leg is better than any shooter my he has outside of warning stroke even if you miss they were probably got to Reba. His point by U Robby. You tried to golden arm too soon. I would've had an instant or death. Which came guests who should debt. I'm not an. Oboe I was thinking. But wait. Tell you what he should be excited. With the heat. Yes ma man I don't drive. It and sought. It really did it like all of the sudden you start build and build and we were to own. Being set. The reason why you have. They do in situations. And shot. Now it did it. As a great look went in and out. So eagle putts only four point Lee the only group in only silence and like I. Is. This being the last couple years. We tried to get a big lead you go oh. Well we all knew what was common and I can not be old news in the third quarter was gonna happen we. All knew that you thought all right I put enough to a bit of deodorant on this the smell permeate. But it does it smells like who hears I don't know what the middle of it all this other route. Even if you're not scoring. You can't give up sixty by Gannett. Chain you can't do it. Rothman felt so you can say what you want about the story. That was not the problem. The problem is that you gonna give up 65 points and I have you probably gonna lose. Then go look at who I don't look I don't need analytics or don't need to scoreboard tells me that. 65 points and a half. Probably you know Lou. We have. An announcement we should me. On the other side. And it will be that. Still it got seven do the tick kit. Justice. Report out of aside her room and on the consume. Now feels like a whopper and he's denied it but it's of on story. So you know Eagles get a lot of pub lately church as well as a rule courses are ya and so the Eagles defensive line coach. Chris Wilson was telling a story to use what soldier is Robert Clem cup. And he said on the team Bryce against Miami players to know how fast the heels players are moving. Your calls and comic consuming so impressive that he that he approached the offensive line coach with a offer suit told the defense of Lycos oil prices unbelievable. I don't care about the money at this point as they don't wanna play with the only shift for free. Coaches like to make that Redding. Walker. Whopper. While Hurt Locker. Whopper with cheese. No shots and said she had no Shia want to reduce the volume not taken it has beaten for. What about the two. Any free. The bigger they already were on describes he'd really obviously can't play prefer is so. So so did. It doesn't have a money is economically get dizzy already got a boatload got a lot of money Eddie's like from Warren Buffett insurers invest it wisely. We remember and maybe or maybe he's just like gambling always we and I know he doesn't seem and that I share dinner guests in our into the craps table and out all night now I see him I is that he's not just in the eyes poker machines with seven screens at home trade on the Asian markets. Well either way that's stories out there anything he wants to go play for really good team or I don't he has denied it I just but it goes into Adelaide. But what Bo. I never ever give the impression. He's looking around and wanna be somewhere but would you blame them. It you what he's played in Detroit and here. Here's a lot of different new Detroit. I mean here was a clearly. There was. Who's gonna pay a dollar and sued the biggest contract in the NFL knows a money grab and it was there I tell you had some great impression of the dolphins organizing help will it mean if you ultimately want to win the none of them became available where I know I understand that which is why he said he would labored early. Under those loses whopper with bacon entries here. Yeah lettuce tomato special sauce you know what's on the whopper is. Regular male male male model that I have grown those muscles us now in thousand. I mean how dare you you're right you would like I have a guy's expense and as soon as two TB. Calls Leo us for jags really high command line it up big and get sued the help that he needs. To be the you know the credible defense of force that he is welcome latest Campbell. Came into Greek situation we jacksons do everything that's what was gonna happen. It got here. Yeah everybody got cam wake everybody up Mario Williams and he got he got Olivier Vernon how a lot of money Olivier Vernon. Here's the problem never under estimate. You know what he does he has a good show because it doesn't show numbers. He's jobs cause chaos which he done. But if you don't have linebackers were. Right behind only behind you got it doesn't matter. And so what happens is is that. Right after the game we look at it's that old dogs who had no Tamils know. Give a deposition. OK we do people understand that I would hope so no no no and I promise you we we get it. And for all kicks around again. You gonna say we're paying a hundred million dollars were guy who live I sex election. Yet it's violate its its knowledge of your going up against the dolphins you're iris reporting a lot of album and on the consumer it is. His best ally has been cam wake who is amazing is also warns Achilles in that time diesel played a limited snaps. I handled these yet. And I'm. The most important thing. As I do believe you have pretty good pass. You need to stop the run because you have off for a four. Let go of the past. When you have front four like that if you don't have any support behind it creates whole know all of agreement that they need linebackers which is by Robby is. Purely cheerleading. Appointment for rogue policeman he's been saying this since as the playoffs. I don't that you did say it. Yes yes it's easy to be really matter when they don't go right in the raiders on them attends the you the draft party. Just being there and root and broke. Her at it either Robby has a big board yeah it's only march. He's there are eleven by dropping all scenarios already yes. They get to alignment quarterback like a do you drive racers had velcro how does that work. In your counsel Paula to death of the dryer every sport you gotta make logic yes course. That is straight up the new music site picked the trade off everybody because this way to me is that if they take off Portland. Such that it did noted as being a host. I think we're gonna lose it and this just another event on an album to lime and we're going to have whatever of Monday. Whatever aren't actually as it should be like Wheatley it'll be just enough to. Yes it's really NBA rules and MBA you you have to have a first round pick instead in the NFL he can't jobs and ovens of linemen was to drop one on the verge on. Just to vote for five years such a great rule that should be a rule that you literally right its meticulous how to get in touch with Roger Goodell I don't know. Robbie you again and ever forgive L a with the what is the announcer you want him. We have a big announcement here on seven night of the ticket. It's something we've been working on for a long time even before the merger with our sister station got beat UN happen to but I'll just read free use the first paragraph. Of the press release that are coming at rival leader in sports radio and the university Miami today announced. A multi year agreement eager to include broadcast rights of Miami Hurricanes baseball. And ancillary baseball programming on and it comes and 790 led ticket beginning of the season to starting tomorrow night. Miami and records Jose Jackie on this very radio station calling the University of Miami hurricane at baseball. Runs in his own can rule yeah I think there might be. Opening day rockers rule. So later determined to get your new home for value on baseball and LeRoy actually asked a question which is. You know what why wasn't baseball with football and basketball and QA and and last year Q and made a decision before they were involves our company not to broadcast Jim baseball. That's when we jumped in started negotiating the deal just got done literally before I walked in here which is while locked in here late. It's not all of the other isn't this conference call a parent or should look at leader field sports you believe what you want and I don't throw and the bus delayed every day. Again and read it and the real reason to finally be eight get mad that we don't believe you. Yeah you're attaching Lira Mora fish like don't don't add on to why you relate I mean that some whipped cream on the adult she's definitely. Prominence in Russia we welcome you baseball I don't. Have always for the eagle come done to get a we will look at the sultry tones of my good colleague Joe's accurate or with a number years during your baseball and I hope that we can all get shakes. I'll ringgit six two we SL a rebellion 6 tomorrow morning and resell Ramona Williamson sheik's son Mitch mark let Jake due to recent shake up to the station delivered. Hates the idea I'd better. Do you much when he won here look at the menu better have deleted and that has to be animals person to lose it I have ever seen it I. I Iger and I did catch him. To elicit all Obama backyard to Jesus lives apology uses are impressive we just discuss what was going on this channel and while we are in a break. It was Democrats city like you're watching his might look up and just is what Obama held his neo. We could decide the heat of the trailers which is a kennel of the basketball. Now. We go to break and we have a niche channel on here every day because. Got a redundant having the Talking Heads on television all the time as you're sick bastard well I just think it's also it's anything on TV. And so today. They decided. It's fit the crime episode. So we have to see some routines we got to see the fiddler crab or chip. We're seeing what I would like for dozens when's votes in his fit the god cheerleader adds that the crowd I was told pop bombs. It was ridiculous that was ridiculous but also not a not a terrible idea for the seed team. It's not. It's not. Democrat has not went adamant trouble. 65 points and sang and you can lose not polian rebounds it's in trouble 65 points in the second some claws out there. Tiny club it well. When he was. He's not looking good yesterday. Mean who neutral. And he is still love them. Still a lot of obstacles filled out on that last placed allegedly had a good shot off he did that I'm sure it was not completely what they were looking for but still. I. Tell you. Debt is an improvement. You get that shot off as we watch any games go on oh much does somebody get a shot off. I wanted to added to the can your before they went on that run that that all full record wise road trip in hand but they all seem pretty positive. Out of it. Late new. This season has an all time low. But out of the road today felt things were they were playing well and come together. I wanted to the CT even though they lost seven and they. And they've that'll all at saint Kyoto. Yeah it doesn't it doesn't feel doom and gloom just kind of feels they've run out of this team they've had a lot of injuries to deal with they're gonna get some reinforcements after the break and. Nobody really shy at the leg dazzled by the way because. Even last year. Regardless of how much they were losing. Somebody would always. Have a big night. Like some I would all ago this guy would do it changed Johnson. Or this is a lot of guys are playing. Near where they played like last year have bought this. And so you you got a guy that's Lex underway will. Yeah and also feels. Maybe there's a bit of inconsistency overalls because guys have been in and out and you're switching things around. That's your son's final lesson he's not I think it's gonna be not too long until he completely blows about it. Just saw this is popped up but the Packers are intend to move on from our Randall Cobb and possibly Jordy Nelson this off season. When reporting also and a. About during Nelson Sony in the strictly Aaron Rodgers they cut his QB coach is pissed about that another Europe has two very receiver Greg. Patriots. You know these. Say Robby as we know that my speech all nobody putting Nelson he's way too it's reasonably light. But he's way too tall white. I'll tell you what the Packers there and they're going to that. Colts territory of quarterbacks fat cat syndrome Bono yes yes because they had nobody. Route which is. This helps me prove my point then I've been trying to prove here. For a long time. Do your team. Don't worry about quarterback. You can get by with an ID support just not Corbett does that caution game. And do you get to that poorly like Jacksonville. Whatever it takes at this sport you're right date. We can get to that and we did. You. Do whatever you can get the quarterback you think you need to win community as a white girl. What Green Bay news. I. Would also wore you've not been. No amid and they are they've proven that you but anything around and it's going to be fine. And kissed. He is not going to be pleased about with our picks next. To handle we beeps I understand because he's assuming. Like individual. You guys to get two boxes of pizza super hybrid. And it's running over. We're both are doing Olympics everything. You know Robby went 04. As the don't answer was still doing Olympics or whatever yes we got is that we were going to. Basketball season it's whatever it takes next week is a chase we. Can make a motion that we only put events that have lines on American headlines that most of these events we'll have a line. There's odds on the paper. It can't be taken up information on these papers. True he is doing is putting in the work clearly can't have Donna I will say there is no currently in the box it all in all Olympic action is hockey. I guess the drugs first to be great who is like men's giant slalom on that you on this gallons of monkey man forget you. Your five and play and to. But I do want him to my board and it didn't look like snuck in under the table can't look to see what's on what's at the box people did it statement today. All right I got the slam dunk contest another four participants so I will be able to get two of them and only one of them has to win the because correct need to pick through the field. That's our Cynthia three point contest which man and copying which also have the three point contest. Possible to. Ray it's even it out cousins eight choices and there are so it's that we haven't won any shot he hit a 5050 such that every toolbox that we overdo this is to get half the field yes like I could put forth three point participants and only one of them passed away he doesn't simply isn't he made his. I agree that I don't care anymore. Alex every puts you fifth. Has you affairs with terrorists there. I've also got this that the skills competition. Which I have to pick. Two big men and sentenced to two small guys that the two others. Well because they're bracket that is for pigs in this foursome on guards and that they'd they'd be in the finals and you should be happy to be the best ultimately shenanigans. Iron because. Also families have have you have you seen it really was that's the sports out there and it had tied. I do wanna grab all three of them though that wasn't one of the what we're a little more. Oh my goodness. What. Color. I think to smoke so maybe the. Pennsylvania could Slovakia but. Huge rivalry. A. I. Doubt. That there aren't you won't be cute here. They'll be aligned notice the Republic of Korea. Burgess with the. Now in hockey is not anything with it in hot. As this the three. And yes that I ended north and south yacht went forces are and the Obama. The threat. It was a as a who is a team lakers against the clippers. That is the celebrity. All star game. I did right. There. Were. No and the coaching staff. Who's coaching staff I think Rachel Nichols has come to one team great Jolie to coach Jim Tracy McGrady and Michael B Jordan. I did the lakers got a pretty Cady Noland Paul Pierce and com. Man I'm telling you gotta get some good games. Thomas could. Not this is really yes she didn't play again I don't partnership the only game I love closely with the real sport allows the plus the the NBA game. Who's been downgraded the shenanigans picks. Hannah guy he's so when that's obvious. Very comfortable. You so proud and so. I didn't work. What sport is good girl hockey it's a sort of the paper pitted against the Czech Republic that's actually a tough skin match up as has Madison specify a man or woman on there. Has meant both says man yeah. Complaints and also we don't have points brits there will with a lot of these teams. It's fun to handicap the wind in Finland against Sweden on another huge rivalry you got it we can do it. Please let's get it a lot redeem them both ads though. Every country's. Finally almost a real game but not the world against the United States and I. Card game rising star sound like quick and it just hurts yes is brutal and you can't even Simmons. On the world. Okay the world this is headlined by Joseph will indeed lord Markkanen and and and blowing and and and offense and base against Tobin has zealotry. Neff in your right hand man I can't. I hate you. What's up. The only good fun I've got to tell it that it would she get the accent for two comments on Saturday night as soon they got here. It was open yet adults are only vs into the ears until he's been in touch with him. I got the Olympic athletes of Russia take it on America you know that is that's a rubber match up screw Katie they Russia. I guess the women's playoff quarterfinal of the Olympic athletes of Russia against Switzerland's. And finally. The old all star game itself team LeBron against teen stuff. No wonder you're picking. What's the adjective belittle it won't ignore it as a team of runs he don't know that you don't know that it didn't LeBron went. It's TV yeah he's just part of the team. Leader of the Fat Tuesday miscarriage what is the reason I lost six players yeah yeah LeBron he buys the report to a board now pay mad at him by the way. Don't any of these people. Who wrote the celebrity's name as the celebrities and again that are on the list Caleb cough cough I don't know him. Jerry Ferrara. Did and I could have a comedian yet. Start from off from mozzarella. Rachel did meet know and Nick Cannon I know who he is yeah it's got. Chris do you. Sterling Graham who Terrance Crawford no pretense Crawford has chosen the best possible plan. Great can shoot okay it's sold Davies did. Got the physical. I don't know but by LeRoy is well he's a while to its very small but LeRoy is a low point by leaders offered by Liu is logic since is an athlete you know I don't think no and and I choose different known known at all and from Nebraska. Nate Robinson. May. They're obviously around Findlay before slam champion. Candace Parker amid some good squad this is squad mark. I mean I say it measuring. Obama. On OK here's the other team team clippers. Miles brown. Brandon Armstrong. Daschle Polanco. Then it didn't Anderson. You know that is right blackest yet. He's little chunky two sorrow no way you admitted he might it helps. Zero similarly got up its. Andre did grassy no Jamie fox. Show is if we would sing and I pick him oh there's one. Ready is why I came lieutenant hard. Bubba Watson on no need to. Stall is probably cry if lemon left the common. Well here's. Why chuck. We Lou. I was hurt. Jason we do is on his back. Which went to Jason Williams stores it owns the Rondell. That Alan has a Y in his name. Yes and I admit it is or is back whoever he blew out his leg at the beginning of the Big Three season that was a while ago OK Stephanie dole says. In wind but. So early days of real dilemma on hand an ideologue but. I think our vertically boys. Grow and for good all week you know what I wish I had. Bigger lead. Where you don't have any lead. I cannot believe why I don't Q can we make what can we set some ground rules what the rules have been established and of of the ball. What we just read the NHL game days I didn't really like other financial gains then these hidden maybe try to hit it. This is where. No snakes bite or Dick Armey. That's a good question among pusher we'll figure that out. What's like looks like them and I think that is the old mom the mating call. And a the mambo mating call if Israel McEntire on television by Syria McEntire. One more time on my television watch undertones she is the new carnal. And I have is this real MacIntyre I was watching USC last week this agreement MacIntyre between every single. Round. Every single round I can't see must have ownership and he could see that I don't know about because there was so scared CI advertisement and every. And you. Obviously. It and that every round it was like music all right here we go to the other. Day. After every. Round I'm sick number I didn't help he coffin of that lead us say there she is. Pulled off that that that that's a big way and all the sudden she's the colonel we get to gimmick every time you're the colonel good for you. She knows the gimmick but somehow we McEntire screwing it up. Note to keep screwed now Reba Reba screwed up regretting give us 65 points in the second it I was watching in. The USC this past weekend and I was enjoying all the fights and then she comes on there tell about smoky barbecue. And I only hear it anymore. It headlines next.