2-16-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, February 16th

Leroy says there's no way Beast could match Tobin's shenanigans after Beast was tempted to post on Tobin's Facebook. The guys discuss what Fox News Reporter, Laura Ingraham, said regarding Lebron speaking out about Donald Trump. The guys debate the power athletes have in the public eye. The guys discuss Dan Straily's comments saying he's glad Giancarlo Stanton and Christian Yelich are gone. Leroy says within the next few months there will be an article written about Straily saying he is a leader. Beast says he should be in the Florida Panthers' Roar Corps. Leroy tells Tobin, "You haven't seen entertainment unitl you see a six-year-old twerking."  Leroy gets distracted by the food around him. Beast wants Tobin to do a show after he gives blood and is wozzy. Leroy tells a story about a time he moved. Tobin tells a story about when his crib flew out of his car on 441. Tobin refers to his wife as "old pregers." Tobin's wife was actually listening to the show when Tobin called her "big and pregnant" and "old pregers". Robbie makes his Magnificent Seven picks. Leroy says teams stay in the same hotel when they play on the road due to convenience. 


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Still it. Happy Friday everybody welcome on and it's so men LeRoy obviously Iran we are alive with deep route performing arts. That's due. To the bus ride through watching people do good work here than they've been out here all day. Two big red buses that take your blood donations. Of course the shoe that was done apart from this past week and people are trying to do everything can help. And city community can sign you wanna donate them food he would everybody wants it done as little little away because there's a lot of new world now. But you wouldn't work going to be it's 00 actually a little long and go until four. Do little bit extra. Just but it can find his place easily do it they can now so. Lot of good work being done all of our sister stations in the whole cluster LeRoy it's a big ol' Paula it's a big old mart's big ol' party. Politics the home can't beasts. Things are a mystique yet. He didn't use this is so insincere weren't really honestly like I'm I'm only in here by myself when Robbie doesn't help. He doesn't use it on the same side of the window is rowdy or your mother so I'm sentiment told NC. Really I mean I always knew what buddy because Yoshiro. Correct like you always when it threatens like you're a fifth at the oral question first of all you gotta thank you so much for going out there and thank you for help expert in the word about what we're trying to do out there and for all the listeners that are trying to get out there please get out to the Broward center there that were there are other collected blood till 5 o'clock right yes. Yeah the heads of five and I would indeed be a little patient because there are a lie and volatile but. You know there's initiated this it was a you can hang out you know said the bill is does that mean that has not received curiosity of market is very warm up get it when you if you park in the garage across the street is a breeze to park your car up in age Utley right politics. Yes but not lower on the last we did that that also well noted it. So moral dilemma. W laughter FaceBook page and and and I'm tempted to. Start posting. I gotta tell you sale of LeBron. There is no way. You can match. So mentioning. You can't do even if you do they go toe. Yet we just like now but it was it was very tempting. I was I was extremely tempted to put others aren't on. I was better off. Actually back in LeBron today and Magnus it was going out this Fox News and ads on our show that register yet she is a real did you. Is there they'll be IT CH I got its you say he attempted to leave school early. Yet you call it machine all of a high school dropout. Been revels in his own didn't know that's on the though he uses so lost and he didn't need to go to college thing. But hey you know I'm sure Laura Ingraham has as you know. The fastest growing faster chain in America and you know a lifetime dodger and Nike you know pictures he has all these things don't media platform on their own you know but. I look. On the basketball court in the graphic ways you know you know I'm no fan of LeBron. But don't though I can't talk about the president how it feels it's really discussed yet that it's disgusting it's. It's it's it's gross behavior she hands and it's it is throwing out nonsense she's too. Or you know she's smarter than him so she's able to have an opinion and he should just shut up a great basketball. If you just spoke to LeBron for like three sect did you realize he's incredibly intelligent. And you know what I mean maybe he knows. A little bit more about his community that you do. I would say this test that does that. If everybody wonders. Why. Athletes take you approach that the tape that they take me. It's comments like that in which. Some people would try to. May athletes do that it through. Was it for him they wouldn't be here and in so she's talking down to him like yet you know. You can you add nothing to society of who then. Your ability to play basketball right and in I think a lot of times. People don't understand. How much athletes who away from the court. Case in point. You think she was stated about JJ watt. No no so so so is just an added. You know piece today so why. There's so much. Going back and forth between especially basketball because they're more outspoken. But also because they're mostly African American. Death and uses see where that you know the platform it came on was the bronze. Plus from uninterrupted views do in this thing where you Hoover's Carrie champion it was LeBron and Kevin Kevin Durant in a car really cool religious you know. Taught him stuff right. Lands. You know it it was mean. To think that nobody can have an opinion especially somebody who in his IQ agent is in god because LeBron has been open about his displeasure with the way things are in the country in his mind. And to say like oh you don't you can't say those things went really. This is it it's funny though because there on a Kenya dated TV. Telling somebody else not evident pure opinion. Is no good when I see other UCL the means that are coming out now with Fox News or since its all its task thanks Jonathan dribble right but they're just putting up all those ridiculous celebrities at Fox News has had on like Chuck Norris. Rats at a Chuck Norris. I will say this that I probably doubles advocate for 12 look at this logically although I really don't want to end I'd usually don't. But it it what happens. Weigh in you know Barack Obama with the president and C white athlete came out. To completely disagree with. With the former president. There was a lot of name calling a lot of you racist and a lot of moments ago so that but not from. I. Okay the president is going on his. Side and just say that with any athlete of of any persuasion and political background anything says anything this country's going to be. Under the magnifying glass that's in the you know. And this thing is one of the things that. Makes this country great. Is that. You have do you express tour. Opinion on anything. At the Bosnia about it is we have fallen about. LeBron analyst we're just we're talking sports with ES rep for the most act and we don't get personal wielded. You know you of the few people on earth he doesn't know anything about LeBron James that is a basketball player and a aegis. You're the one who comes off as ignorant and and and don't I think with this case with a bomb like every other political beliefs nobody nobody would tell. You know what was it was the Bruins was Tim Thomas I feel like I have at a later call it was to promise yet Tim Thomas studios to keep you know it happens. Showed its gate nobody was to him. And so. To me to me it's as if it was it was a huge dollars you but also not surprising. Not not huge surprise with the headlines. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Jeremiah. Only one local team in action tonight. And it's that Donovan error as you can hear university of Miami Hurricanes baseball they start their season their last under coach Maurice tonight. At the light against our bosses Obama mater Rutgers. Who knows record several of them that make it seven and a all leads you to listen there might just might be. Rob rob is scrambling to see both on his college days I haven't I've been looking trust me. Good for several hours are pre game starts at 645 with the voice and Miami Hurricanes do as a gag he hurricanes baseball right here. All season long names have an idea what a 438. And that. We've hit the all star break we of the rising stars game tonight but first the USA I have to make a pick on that I really don't want to. On the other news that child Barkley played an NBA game drunk because he thought it was going to be traded. That's the only wanna play drunk. At that that's what he's admitting to. A million. It doesn't really surprised and. What is it does say besides all the all do you is stuff. Charles Barkley is the who's that good golfers do it the problem Tom John Daly a basketball basketball and the good Charles is to that extreme but without. That's it to that extreme and you think you know maybe not the best in shape guy hasn't split it's ballot hall of Famer. I. Under least surprising. Is that Charles Barkley played a game drunk also I was shocked. Involves newsstands really is glad that stand in the electric got. Get out here I don't believe you. As a because the tax yeah you should you yeah you're out of here Daly says did Shelley's. To paraphrase. Is that hey if that it wanna be there get the hell out of here. Really yes and the more at bats to meet this this toast all that Isiah Thomas were is just and that boss asks these items of that big deal yes and announced it going to be deal. I have a new fair play on the Marlins. I do I have a guy am rooting for fully US either as he weighs more than me oh my god clearances so exciting. Oh the big Fella big Fella Jumbo a man Jumbo. Some row. In his effort on last name Diaz and it is. Office join the president Jumbo DS so so biggest pitcher in Major League Baseball history do do we have he's big and the company is also sees the best way bigger weights weight. Weeks the way as (%expletive) he weighs in bigger than sabathia who listed at 300 this guy listed through fifteen. And that's listed that is what what you want it made it what are three pills. Like we just like he said lasted that he at 342. 342. And he said he lost forty pounds in the off season just got the bomb coliseum seemed to get to four bills but. Numbers jumbled my guy Jumbo is my guy now Obama Lucy how much danced really. Likes that you're gonna win. He's pitching in the mail here we go we just one run of run support that would that show he's losing games three to one let me know how much of a standing Alex just DO. Words as justice Jerious that is what's going on that show is a guy immigration is a self with the culture here. Cheats on you guys. Sign me up you big silly thing to waste. No let me explain obviously Q what happens. How much you wanna bet. In the next couple of months. Somebody. Writes an article about the industry Libyan leader. Old wheezing like clubhouse guy oh yes it's. Beast you're familiar with his work right. That's how extra. This sort of ploy you move and it desperately. Get on to get on the bus is good side the glue that chemistry. Then. Until he gives up aprons. Then not so much. Crazy so that it lobby brown following our senate there collecting blood until 5 o'clock. If you guys look into how the the victims of mark Lyndon. Everything that went down this past the news terrific if you're looking for ways to help people at this Hitler sat. And wanna make some action happened disagree without they're looking in and look at take positions. If I get the exact that is its right across from the Museum. Of Science. Got a great. Do you. It is the arts performing arts 201. Southwest. Fifth Avenue. In Fort Lauderdale. 3331. Tuesday here's duo one southwest at avenue Fort Lauderdale. 33312. Mimics it do you which do you come down Broward. You make that right on to Fifth Avenue. There's a you go to the light you don't go to light. There's a parking garage or you right inside short of the line. You'll see a whole budget trucks fuel you can probably easy to tense up the hill right. Part in the garage before you cross street kicking a driver appeared. And the parking is free again and say it's it's kind of up red fish hill. And if you market if you landmark don't go past the museum of science and discover it's right across street. That's I guess we're back after this. Aren't plugged back. Don't it is clear a lot here at the route home with us and they had just brought a third bust you boy is. Business picked out that's how many mutilated John donate ability to bring him in other boss Tom CF three buses him now thanks recklessness. Really really cool ideas we are out it's a 5 o'clock so why it's obvious that get down here. On the did a fantastic job I think the bruiser from them. Man this was dedicated nice pizza through room. Pretty good blasts bay. And out of the rubble by monsoon having been underestimated. How do more out. I think that's the that is. How great about it is Yemen they're. Their people wait just to live bodies Mercedes over here. And they just brought and other bugs. Waited so. They have the the pants were to lose to Pitt is ice crew like what does the term for the ladies and there's now an ice dancers. And you know dance though they'd been up there and they sweeteners and pace in the eyes say. They don't like today that they clean race. Though I've only been one panda in the gym British I see them out with a Zamboni. While it would just like Japan this isn't big on each end of the the nets in the up there with them they got that they got rat blasted that one mascot. I don't know his last in his Bassam and of the got to rat mascot of course they got Stanley C path there DOJ and the the roar coroner. Shirt because I'm I'm looking at a picture on the Netherlands item about two females who have seen me dressed in red and they you see them then it seemed to be next to the status of the roar core wolf there are here now. They're here too. So got that going on. And lots of fun the lots of phone you're trying to help him do a good thing here. And it should be the roar core. I lose. Old I mean I don't know if they want the drawn belly thing. I'd at that time like this I don't lets you move but I don't know that if the crowd right Ali get hi come on your big if if the crowd I've. Of course does seem. Drummond on my stomach. I don't know I mean it is kind of hockey. A village on in his stomach is a thing. Hockey you'll like this don't. Give players know this about defense. Bear or a mobile. 1 at 6 o'clock as a light cold hot and it collar buffalo or college you could even go basketball because. College kids that made themselves enough. I'd shake idly shoot free throw at it needs to be a more intimate environment than football I don't believe my drumming on the stomach would have an impact at a football stadium hockey arena I think you could have an impact. Certainly for college sports but I think it could be a thing and I I paint my stomach whatever goes Tebow is. I'm sorry that mr. I get on the ice has drawn into the music I think org somebody it's expensive. I I don't I believe what I don't believe that the old ice dance but. Maybe camera. And then it's kind of hard columns people's you know who is to his team sorry. Nobody that just the just the dancer was it enough distance is Byron as a separate group for the Zamboni. When I think ice dancing I think of what Bubba Watson on the TV affiliates and it I don't think they'd do I stance is anymore I don't view that's the thing I think that used to be a thing. Is like them all of the laws of the Marlins mermaids and then they got rid of that. And then them handling the mail mermaids and Merom and entities you know him as they. Oh Sunoco a ball. No they were the amenities they don't do that anymore islanders to sign up for that minute and yes and it noted that intimately million tickets. Yeah Lyndon London clinic idea that it is it a bit amenities. As Baghdad. All the hides eggs apparently are gone out that do any of that stuff a model and I should do the truffle shuffle. That'd be awesome from doing based lemurs which the Marlins that said is anybody in your inability will there. Correct but much yet one way or another that's a million free hot dog I don't know. I don't know rule with comments as you clearly was for it but but they're not there anymore. What are the other gimmicks that have been in this town. Just brilliant a mass connects gold holdings. Oh go all has agreed everybody physical and I mean it's it's a pretty try to ensure a bit like the goal though is go out there. They do some hokey old song from the fifties and also the breaking it down. A stripper you haven't seen entertainment until you see the six year old torture was the yields. Golden oldie there's one dude who's like he's all the salvaged jacks that you'll break your neck. He's been there forever means giving technical little these names so I'd add ons Helen you know he seldom is that you do it conversation right now. Third today's show yeah. Well I don't know. It was exactly now real foods is so it was so distracted by it and get this straight audience that you guys are out there were out there for Costa health community is posted to donate blood LeRoy though is distracted by the food. Yes OK yet. And it's you know. I put specifically on the list as I told the guys I only had a well thought that I could donate blood is that I didn't I was worried if I donated blood moved to close the show that I beat you we will lose yet turn woozy. It is everybody's. And I love that all star game that's confident and he hit I don't think about what can donate canned. I don't know why blatantly not Isner what you do the show without eating he's starving he came in here really do. My schedule. That and I'm almost fifty. Has been set. And basically. You know sometimes you schedule changes due to circumstances. But my body clock has not. So then get a we had to make some adjustments. We came here so you call an honorable the line of scrimmage and we power through right. I'd like to hear told to do is show after giving blunt I think it would be great one I think there'd be less shenanigans in the truth we just come out none of them and willow. Probably even more. Holes back. Do you back. Aaliyah. Those analysts on some analysis of that inspired. Understand at least suspended. I don't know with the truest form of so. And we when he was a little bit inebriated. And he started shadow box. You must talk yet I would like I'd like to talk to the point where it would give us webinars that's that's about it. That's not that that's on the lines I wanna go to. Aspects of distinction is. Network that plus it was I mean this is crazy I Kimberly Miller. That's the best drive of us here I used to them to deliver for a Jennifer's or truck man that was. As Dicey a big an aura when a little bit. Fairly big but that was you know I didn't have let my truck license I guess it was one of those things are guy called out and grab a bottle me he would do it. No I got a terrible story I was moving one tough. Because I was lazy and when people moving because I figured. Me and some operatives could just wrote a grant in the back and we're just taking so I get when these the big truck 26 foot truck right. We packed it is right now I gotta make two trips does a much ground by. So we know well the first when we unload the second when I'm going to drop the truck off. And it says clearance. Thirteen. Thirteenth but. So. I go to guy. Right. Is. Stan it was apparently just got the ability to wit big guy. This year. Those. Oh. God it. Bono. Go out of the truck came off like a sword the apple logo idea. I gave that little. While they in 1999. Via. Oh. X series on. The Apollo I convertible to. I'll do my biggest felt a bigger spell was in my my wife and I we were. We just got to crib for our for our daughter before she was Mormon wife was big being pregnant. And I was I was very cocky in my deserves that pregnant. But I want why is it isn't like she's she's barely long it she's close to pop out. That used it yet she's me too big pregnant we'll listen to the story OK so I was super cocky in my in my A hiding things to the roof ability because of my time in the furniture business. However we do cribs so I was a little out of practice. So this things on the box a few. Feel like I do. And that's it for 41 home you know highly style if you like I can get all the way back down the beach I'd be all right. And I've certainly got about records of the way there Arnold was a gust of wind I don't know fight alluded to for you with a foot. But I got it. On these lights of over one. I lose grip on now. And it's right in the middle of the road thankfully not too heavy job it was too thick and so it's. Here. You're right. This past what gets out of the car I guess life yet with vote in both book and after this thing to make sure we could save the crib. And also nobody crashes into it because we you know we don't want an insurance they plan. Thankfully I was able to dry it off to the side and and national predators was able to not get hurt in the meantime. It's. His words inevitably frog across well it's dangerous it is all ages dangerously. Is. When you like cross the street. Google. As they write you I want to save on delivery and I got a little too over confident in my abilities. To keep this thing hosed down not like some of the things you see down yourself flawed because. And with people's lives with some of the things that China pole and 95 don't give a rat's. Yes I instantly. If my tailgate or drive the truck and tailgate so I'll go oh. Stressed that. Ole boy yeah. It's a teacher and and utterly. All pregnant your job no threat no there's about. That's right Johnny. Didn't never listened to the radio show played average you know what I do for a living to get to get to get the bills paid at times. And that they are able daisy decide. I'll listen what I call a big competitive and old writers and see that is a bastard slap in the face absolutely and you look at. Big Asperger's we we didn't follow up to you get a Valentine's gift. Unknown. Your little shenanigans about Anderson I don't need anything but really want something that didn't go over well no listen I have but I want. And what I want Lou what I wanted was money in the bank and that's a little money in the bank I'm talking I'm talking you know. You don't like you want want over sometimes on your relationship. So money. It does that we did. Get a get a I've some ugly but I gotta get out of jail free card real yup yup. I. Quit this. Thread. Support it legible. I think they maybe you could see is hot. She's just texted idol and view them. But we'll be back evidence. Is time for the Magnificent Seven boy. Sometimes it will rub though the Magnificent Seven yet to reach. And took the sports world because they got a dull an and it counts against them tonight. Well as give it you hear what I thought about it you're welcome at my house but unfortunately. They don't. The moved to my other parent differently about the pod still pending if you. I know my desk at. Rowdy Roddy got mad about seven plays of the weekend we got. All right there's no such thing as receiver action is always acts. So just that I will start up a little bit of world vs USA the rising stars challenge laid eyes and my pick what along. I'll go with a total of the ski to the total listen to 98. As so. It's say one of these teams is not gonna get to 150 which I don't I don't believe this is definitely going over. If they really wanted to defensive game it would have been on a bio play on the US AT through stuff like truth. An optimist yes. Give a couple lakers in the team will be playing in their third straight basketball games there's no way they're playing defense this game goes whales act. Smith yeah SE second chucked it into this now again getting into that David Mann. I mean because here that that the problem debt like. So go ahead Shaq. Inch shackle you committed jump this exact go into a moment. You're injured troops grew 2% say it is like is that the Russians do do do more to me Zhu's which has a what do you know Richard you screwed up. Right fantastic. We got exotic RA little college basketball tonight believe it or not the University of Rhode Island Lamar Odom went there. At saint Bonaventure but that's a quote when he always gives tweeting about saint Bonaventure and the bodies yet the bunnies are hot they want seven in a row they're trying to make a push that NCAA tournament. Now both go to Hilton tuna this game. It was that roar I was minus one yesterday now Rhode island's up to minus two and a half on the road at saint Bonaventure. And the bodies are hot amusing amusing they're home. At night on national TV they wanna make a big signature win to try to get to the tournament and if this guy Jim Adams averaging twenty points a game he's at 240 point games within the past war. Yet he's he's on fire. How old. Don't. Did run prosecutor and I noted he at a Providence. I do little. And look them up wells Roddy way above idea about oh I got the pick take saint Bonaventure and plus two and a half at home I hope dog three points or less. A Rhode Island down 20 rock hundreds. Rob Rossi is a proud of Rhode Island ram. Yeah sorry or point guard rob Rossi had the dribbles. Tomorrow we'll first Greek repeat. It's kind of six template. Is is to jump over people. You have to leave the boat out of it ought to shoot outs that loves like skills that's a little more refined right. Right before it reaches yep but this is also two years ago yeah so way ahead of his stuff yeah. Let's Xstrata all right it's go a little Olympic action we got the Levys super G and Alpine skiing. Lindsey Vonn is a favorite. That's it you're getting a good price at close once sixty repeat it's a big field I know what she's been waiting eight years to get back on the slopes you can listen to me the last Olympics as he was injured. And the Americans have been raking in the goals on the slopes listened snowboarding. Skiing. It cleaning up. And fifth place in group metals bus it on the slopes with a snowboarding or skiing. You know show respect. Yet and an ultimate to seek desperately. Desperately wants to stick it to tiger and so and so the goal right in the space take Lindsay on in the ladies' super G plus 12. You saw that it Lindsey Vonn you know a gold medal with that way Tennessee out of tiger so I wanna major. That time. And is tightening is tiger's doing that is done I agree on them right here but we need to didn't. Mean he. He was he had the first LeBron Contra. Oh yen well he's almost even more impressive because. It's like he changed us boards but guess what it also. It's your aid have to you from them now before net what's Xstrata. RA let's go little college basketball action tomorrow nude action. Syracuse at Miami the total this game now. We we go because what's team's offensive basketball league in the last few with just Virginia but did a pretty bad since it was brown. Answer accused the whole game going to be playing in that 23. Zone. Oh now now all game all scored 2 AM another match and search he's not very good offensively either so Anna told likes what the total should be hired. And it was in the Virginia game -- it's still too because severe on the same score -- the under in this game. Our it was next Robby are staying here same game now taking the spread not a sprint hasn't been announced yet life. It is a noon tip off. We saw how the canes played football on their new owners sloppy sluggish and after it today man but that's not. It works. Surges its. You're barely awake in Syracuse coming into town the case to be a pretty sizable culpable favorite maybe four and a half five point favorites. And I think it's could be very stressful ACC game could come down the Ryder. At Syracuse desperate for a big win to try to get a mentally tournament and they want revenge because Miami last year basically knocked him obvious double A tournament. In the ACC tournament mustard circuits that make it because of the team's size detention prevents keeper Syracuse new sleepy hurricanes' offense. Take some lessons and questions Robbie. Just curiosity. Yeah. Why Miami sleepy but not here cues what they're on the road. Turkey's on the road they're there revved up for this team out there on the road than McCain's our home a little bit worked all the no will of the road you're not as comfortable as your own your home. People are anxious to. The hotel rooms. Ben and yet you know below a lot of custard to Islam should get the intrusive Beasley in the stands somewhere hotel the Syracuse stat like when their travel in the C Miami. Leave it Syracuse is is this bit of basketball powerhouse for a long time they like really assert itself. I got to work I got guys. And is able to look like it doesn't matter how nice the hotel is like when you go to Green Bay used to it this fable told here but I'd say anywhere don't you know. Every team stays pretty much in the same. Hotel when you go on over. You don't change because it's the location. It's getting it out to an airport is comedy it like it's just convenient you don't it it doesn't matter how good the hotel that sometimes. It matters how competed it's just. There's a note to popular vehicles number six Robbie RA. Why you do it you're gonna be close at Syracuse. I'd love is like when we don't know wasn't football. Buster his football we saw dungy you know almost literally team kind of looking a little bit but that dude was such a flop her. And speaking at the entire time. Unbelievable let's adversary worried the all star game here MBA all star game total hasn't been announced yet but. They change the format. The past four years of scoring has gone up way up in the all circuit deep that's been going down and down it's been going up and up every year. I feel like a pig it's gonna have a huge adjustment and it's at a really high overall under. And I think it's gonna get back down under. It changed the format has to be a little more pride in defense with these captains go away yes no way expect the total should be around 370 may decrease of 85. And I think it's gonna go under this could be a little bit more defense. Now I heard that LeBron James in the in there with Jason and his like. We got take pride this game we it's on us to fix it that that's pride for you guys got to fix it. Designed. You and I think we will have. A problem with the game would go over under is there near 400 point it's ridiculous. It's been it was 192 to 182 last year. About causing MBA to make a change and I think it's gonna get that done. We want one thing is in the fourth quarter watching somebody pushed for the for the MVP if it's close like. Westbrook so is the guy. You let's go to the N it is I'm out rolls one euros Paul George scored for the scoring record and Popovich collect three guys on imagery was gonna score is ridiculous it was absolutely ridiculous Ira who Toronto last one. Pit at Florida State this Sunday. Now and he doesn't keep track of this picturing it has been a money making machine. Could tell you up that pitted again this every week. Pitt has lost fourteen in a row and they've lost the last four by 23 or more so now it's your last Magnificent Seven. I asset to take global giving whatever amount of points it's pitch and it came out like him out global minus eleven lol wanted to when he but 34. On Tuesday it was at home against Boston College Boston college's at eight point favorite. Picked out of to a fifteen point lead at Boston College still woman Tony for. C.s have put him to force state really good at home really go off but the team I took forced it to give a big number on the biggest gonna. Complete sets a little bit they'll there probably give like 20/20 two points but I still think for state Ross's. Ross is pay by thirty. This is an incredible this is incredible melodies and I got to tell you I mean there's like this is one of your best in awhile you'll it. Some underbelly of sports you did. Right and just him and just gave yet just gave to seven home runs right. Names sees bat that well if you remember the previous episode of the Magnificent Seven. And the credit you you keep a journal of your notes yes they do I'm I'm I'm a private to each of the last two weeks. Let's get it. Look at your headlines next.