2-16-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 3

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, February 16th

Beast and Tobin discuss who would have the better first pitch. They agree you have to throw a first pitch from the mound rather than in front of the mound. Tobin wants to go to Europe, Beast doesn't want to go to Kazakistan. Beast and Tobin discuss what a columnist from Jonesboro, AR said about Miami not playing Arkansas St. this past year due to Irma and Arkansas St. suing Miami. Tobin impersonates the columnist who goes by @wallylikeitis on Twitter. Tobin calls Arkansas St. a pimple. Tobin then makes fun of Paul Finebaum's dance moves. 


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Yeah back everybody. We'll go next hour here today we're doing a fantastic where'd you guys do event that's we're quite frankly I am impressed to see how to be glove come out. And it helped a great cause blood drive today you proud of points on senator. Are at a com station cluster here policies that they've found 96 has not in on the show our QA and the beach all of us here. Gather saying a lot of listeners have come out in support of the cause to help donate their blood. And held everybody was affected by the try to achieve this we can Parkland. Men that vigil this it was amazing the city it was touching touching touching blown away. It was logic here Anthony Rizzo talked yes it was amazing how common collected he was. Are there really was. This is yeah this is that this is good in a crazy week obviously deal with the tragedy and also seeing how. People are reacting to it as well you know this is that this community is is wounded and the serious I mean I got tied around blow it let's see with these kids are doing. I really am on the way the way the they've been handled with cameras in their face. Actions that they're called for. One of the high schools out here this today had a lot of walkout to protest. Gun violence in and wanting gun control. And whatever you know what levers by the virtually on do get very sensitive and angry impassioned about these issues. Do you know to see this community. Really really upset and painful those kids seeing that their friends got taken out by a monster. And see other doing that. With the whole world watching has been pretty. Impressive and it blows your way man and see what everybody's doing here today to try and and help our fellow south Floridians. And how well he help a fellow human beings. Is is is really great and in a week that's been one of the old one of the worst in our State's history. See guys get out here till 5 o'clock were taken now blood donations they got three trucks out here the staff is doing an incredible job become you give your name. The trying to move things along is. Efficiently as possible. But everybody's been really really great really doesn't really friendly atmosphere today. The amount of food that they brought two to make people comfortable the Shea the tenor to the weather's been fantastic. So we're here for another couple hours as far as blood just concerned that goes until 5 o'clock our show is gonna go until 4 o'clock. And that's a we're gonna go men 201 southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale the browser and a performing arts. And were right across museum of science and discovery of the guys in a landmark good part of the parking garage for enormous threat across street walk of the ramp. And you'll miss it you'll see all the radio trucks. It's pretty pretty easy to spot let's get some headlines. Speaks WXY. And South Miami and tell you sat next to each each O'Meara are. Donovan Harris of Miami Hurricanes baseball playing their last season under coach Moore somebody get back to the college World Series in the post season for that matter. They start their season off tonight and it's the first time we will have her keen baseball right here are names have an idea of someone a 43 to do that to be your new home for Miami Hurricanes. Baseball we're gonna have love fifteen regular season games the entire post season all that stuff so. Be a fun year hopefully and the canes and rockers do it tonight 645 is your pre game 7 o'clock your first pitch. Josie Jackie has the call right here you know from I'm hurting baseball in some ninety. FM 1043. That ticket eight teaches it is is era throughout the first Dutch. And it's actually Braxton burial survived I'm gonna ruin the surprise cool really yup that's awesome that is a new one with a first pitch. I can arrange that you want yeah or through hell yes I want on first and I don't even of the diversity at the college. Yeah we can put a little wooden good out there Rogen sheiks who thought our first day of the shakes. Let's go shout out let's do it. Who did it custom Jersey out of the four of us I'm guessing that I have the worst pitch but I don't know. The better educated if you get nervous any of us can bounce the get go from the mound you're gonna go in front of the mound you gotta go from the mouth now you have to go from the mound if you wanted to be real you gotta go to the mound. I did first pitched the ball one time and I I went wide and about a book batter's box how many do you think will be more people like he's game or the ball game you through the first pitch at. Whom. I. I don't boom and the crowd you know it was a Dodgers game I don't think the crowd is that bad I don't really remember because I remember we were walking into the bowels lot we were in this real one point. It was a great crowd I would say probably the ball game but they don't buy much maybe not much of that shark was active for the ones that the secrets of the just got rid of the shark was Tom little enclaves Leo the one they ever wonder when jinxed Julio Villa now. Now without a fantastic news it was a fantastic story that they got that did the different lawyer was actively wanting Julio to lose look David Sampson came on and and said. The kind of refuted some of Craig makes is reporting it. Ugly for a I just due to our. But do. I mean he knows his baseball and those Marlins of the guardians. He does evidence but I'm I'm I'm gonna go Mitchell now one guy if the us it felt like David Samson. He soften the blow a little bit. Thought I get Hussein. You've done what you what you believe beastie figures like okay we're gonna just have Julio when a bunch of races or do you feel like now. Lloyd demanded that tirade because Julio had the gall to win a race well what happened is it was supposed to be a thing that Julio lost every race button and may weigh in when he if he won by accident it it it ruined the whole story line. Hough delicately at the sky like a wrestling their story lines. I understand I understand I mean for anybody who thought that the races were on the level and include not bomb. But I I can't I can't not on believe. That there wasn't. A situation where David says who's yelling at a person in an octopus costing her title and I don't think that happened. I think it happened. Really the adult thing that happens you that it is is one of ducks back let's let Julio went much I think there was yelling by David Sampson but I think it was that some other meaning who went and go when yelled at somebody else ya know I because I picture. Three so I I picture force what he faces. Of guys holding their fish heads in their arms while they're getting yelled at while still being in suit. News in other news appeared to skid against the Calgary Flames tomorrow night out at Calgary 10 o'clock is your. Is your face something here that one our sister station WQ I am also the Panthers are a decent. Now the two games over 500 could call the army honorable when they Calgary to home take a hike. I now does room that storyline it does it does it does really ruin that storyline. I have I don't know I have such an affinity for younger but I I really damaged who. First of all you seem to love everything eastern European I'd. And show trip there. Where would you like to go. I'm well models start like Buddha passed and then maybe make our way over to check. And like today often has a fight and Kazakhstan and we could just go cut instead of is it like a plays a wanna go. No now I mean I'll take the Czech Republic LT congregate. I'll tell you draw the you'd draw the line it has extent of expands team that plays they don't want ago. Mean I don't also do not want to go to Turkmenistan. That's a place that is the place just as. The place I've just been told by the by the powers that be that they they would like people who plan on doing trying to get by 415 because of the amount of people here. So. Just keep that in mind observe your little for the view okay. But I've just been handed a note d.'s so everybody wants come down to the crowds and performing arts and you won't donate blood trying to hear about 415 to do so by the way the god gave us we'll team hosts Syracuse and again I have to win. The zone and Martha Watson a senator noon it is your tip offs are accused of Miami you can hear it though right you have. And if you missed the Magnificent Seven in the first hour around his lets you know the canes are going to be hung over. And sleep walk through it because literally sit there or. Sleeping donors. What does happen we own tobacco is back and that. That come out yet diversity aided design us all hope was lost to passionate. But takes multiple multiple line. There's. A sleepy newness. Yes you that I Mark Richt says movie reduce those starting quarterback yet. Yeah and not worry about anything hurricane related in February. Why nots it's income market. We articulated this jackass is columnist and Jamal and we talked about that race for the whole segment on it exec this this this. Ask clown let's get to him ask him from. Who is this guy. Ass hat what schools you from he's from Arkansas State he's the clock is the big columnist at Jones oh. Wow this Jonesboro Arkansas clown we'll talk about him next. Welcome back everybody. So many of these come out here live at the Broward senator performing arts. I'm Joseph wants out west Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale as. We are doing a blood drive. Trying to. Get some donations. And in need of it. So you guys get down here they're recommending people get here by forces team like it's it was was shut down at five that's in the united in this show tonight. So there ha if you get a bigger play on donating and men have been blown away about who have been here. Who have been waiting it out thank you for doing that. If you get about 415 that's when they're open to it's trying to get everybody you know they don't want people waiting and how to get turned away. When trying to do some and possibly donate blood so just keep that in mind we are here technically it's a five but they're recommending people get here by 415 if you can. Beasts. What is going wow this dude from Arkansas State what the hell is going on well let's let's go back OK let's let's let's take you to step back for second. So. Miami had this game was Arkansas State right. Scheduled in the fall that we have this little thing called Burma. This whole thing but just just a little titles they still think we'll type thing cult Irma just a massive storm that turned our. You know. Area of the state upside down yet to settle for just a tiny little thing so. The mighty hurricanes obviously opted not to make the trip to Jonesboro. And instead of decided up with a game. Fans. There is that they do wanna make the game up for the wanna do it like that you know in 2024. Or something when it when McCain's feeling when they feeling you because of freaking Arkansas State. So yet. And so this guy. And the rest of us actually Arkansas State is now wants to possibly maybe sued the University of Miami. Forget that came out this week they wanted them to buy it right yet they wondered paid 650 grand for the money that was lost him by the University of Miami. Not playing this game. And the in Jonesboro Arkansas on the Mac right of nothingness and anyone. So then income lose. The local columnist the local. Hot tinker Rogen Wally hall cuts and yet well Wally horse because of course it's Wally hall that's yes. And Wally hall. Goes with this let's be frank. This is in the in Arkansas the Arkansas Democrat gazette. Cheese. And Wally hall is looks what does that so fully three tumble weeds and he's. He's incredibly arkan saw looking. Let's be frank he writes 650000. Dollars is a much for the wealthy party school in Miami. The arguably spent more than that on bowl parties hoping their own economy when they played was not in the Orange Bowl which it lost 34 to 24. Let's let's get the street while it up bodies you know yes it is a party town might that a party school. At a factory to the top fifty US news and world report meanwhile you're Arkansas State. What Matt's got a thing and Reynolds Reynolds sub that's a 166 and academics and Wally. 166. Subsidy there would be proud you know what you should know because there Arnold red wolves media Walter W school. So this is that it's just their editors in Miami should. Eight but does but it comes down borrow which is best plays a power play that football game. At all. Well this is Wali. Campaigns are cowards there pol tell them to pay 650. K and I'm not talking serial pol disgusted. Everybody knows for breakfast you like eggs and bacon. Ice vegetative I'll probably some Miami vegan. Not all its players in the contract right out of there I'll. Go wolves. Let's I don't want to have is I mean. This guy who took to Twitter handle Robby and try to find him it's something really. A special. Tumbleweed halt nine TO it didn't matter. It's like Wally hot today I don't know it home and you gotta find it I mean. So like arkansas' players like they really upset about the money or did they think that she had a chance to beat the hurricanes and they muted is that about it had a cage fans go after those guys. Cat Wally like it is. We'll all be like it is well liked it. To reach out to me the social media offered you a chance to come on and on on the show and trying to argument is tacky piece and to hear back on power easy to our beef chicken you yell or. This is great he says might shows do you ignore any issue and use arm as an excuse although it was recently discovered that mark. Richt admitted his team could have the justly made the team made the game happened yet. That the justly Kodak. Have just like. Literally could of logistically gone to Las Vegas the week of the storm of the week after the storm but you know didn't want to leave our families here behind his you know. Powell was going out left and right people out without power for weeks. But wishes lead kids that we should leave family members or people who depend on this stuff that right he's just he's just not or incredibly stupid football game. A it's a terrible team that nobody gives a rat's ass about. I'm talking about man. Surrogates do. They should take the contract or whatever kind of loophole. Arkansas State thinks they have grounds to stand on lake James should go to camp campus. Fly up there he should zip his pants to his Turkey's deal and win is all of their contract for considering even considering. Suing the University of Miami because they added that hurricane a category. Hurricane come near our state. Get the hell out of here you acres I mean Christ you play football games and you have your players can trust polls. You'll love it perfect once you fill out that. Is the most embarrassing. Lowest level of football there is it is a waste all of the hurricanes tied you pimple -- pimple on the hurricanes asked. A football history. We'll leave it like it is. Kick column. Go to the room and instead use the toilet paper use that on whatever kind of rat ash trees pay per your newspaper on you brat. Pastors. It. Wally like it is. What's it like this. And obviously. It's the craziest thing you've ever heard. All you guys are afraid to play Arkansas State all that money's not that you. Like you we're here we're here at air and our views all six certain about their mansion. You know kind of a myth outside of my art subsidies are not well. I. Best meant there is 100%. Year error I also watch stop that's Eisenberg pol. I. Hawk about Wally. When you are the natural disaster or does not roll through Arkansas because the national disaster wouldn't bother with a Arkansas were taught about man. Tonight the University of Arkansas darkened house Arkansas State Jonesboro Arkansas State I mean it's. Sold at Arkansas. Made this kind of claim against McCain and there SEC team. Arkansas State. And what kind of nonsense is this and that and then. Have the audacity. To turn down the hurricanes offered a plea and the like are. Will make this happen we will make this can happen in the dual dual mode. I don't know you don't want your money you elect that you like that mobile app elections state that wanted the trustees have taken on the hurricanes. I think they can win and and and then they got their asses kicked hey I did you think you'd think your mind Wally that the hurricanes are actually scared to go play flown. Read the wolves. The color your wolf. Like Clifford the big red dog ads that take it on. Saudis don't. I could have Robbie. Call looked. Google Jonesboro and finally a Bob's big buoyancy re its biscuits and gravy delivered to. Wally Wally Wally like it is disease are elected is maybe beauty use some biscuits and bravery just to kind of you know make them popping. Powell. It then column. Like it is here my biscuits and gravy. Love. Well. At all. Costs but she. Rat columns that nonsense and Whitley. Yeah. I went. Well that's. Our state actually doesn't varsity Woodley team. Do that really yes that you should tattered Whitley yeah that that Whitley wolves we call eight. Now. Disgraced pol and Pol Pot I'll be on Tom to you go to your rock there wall in your ride your riot when you ride your route Wally. This fund bonds knows. Fine that he came out there and he said the key is to get their ass kicked and then he's on there with DJ Williams dime late for her keen turn over chains dancing like he's never danced to. B of music in his life. Like like like a whole little coward in the total fraud in sit there eating it he acted in dance like a fool because he knew he was dead. Asked wrong about the hurricane while it like it is. Like it is while it like it is at the hell out of here. Unbelievable. I mean really they think this dude thinks that that that the that the case they'll walk into that gauntlet environment. In shelters pearl Arkansas. Where have they can take their eyes. All the little. For three seconds there were gonna go and they make this crazy atmosphere. Gets the hurricanes. That would make that are working so intimidated. Arkansas State and win. And I probably James take that seriously when he takes these calls from from these hillbillies. Aid Jonesboro Arkansas how can take that seriously. Post roll his eyes and and just do a double middle fingers at. I believe he probably did like. Do you think uh oh all giggle Wally the great journalists and he has since he is discovering the mine is a party school which is not accurate at all. Do you that he gave globally he call you think he reached out to some don't well yeah well you know he think you know Blake of the message. I'm Blake. Wally like it is now that they've that I love that that's always the thing with the hurricanes all of it was they were just sitting there spending their money on parties that what's expected of them yeah like 650 daily needs and off. Bridget they go out there they just trip over 650 tightly it's not like this like you have no idea of what the school's. Struggles have been raising them is the doubly to exit Don because. Morton knows many athletic directors failed at that trying to raise a dime for the hurricanes programs about this guy's actually got it going. But he wants to make it seem like us what is it is just write the check. It's six under for the grant a lot of towards. That's what finally Stewart I'm not talking Wal-Mart joy it's either the it gives them the brand name you're like pennies because of any dorks do you think art it's like in Jonesboro like what's the hygiene it's still lucky brand or or how. Like he got lucky yet and that still lately do you think it all pol. I know that there wranglers in Bol. And it's his go to the view that as well cut his jeans below the knee or above courtesy you'll have to eyewitness cut is shorts. But what is the line and by the way pol. It's hot it's not if Bobby or I'll go hot not hot pants shorts they Apollo. Arkansas State has twice as many students and you there longer like it is studying. It was founded as the first district actually agricultural school. Oh I forgot about all the mean they're doing for the men like who the hell goes and digs about forming an Arkansas. Is Arkansas. We have mortgages. Providing some beautiful road to the society of America. As the best import from Arkansas although we agree neo you didn't call yet we import them from Columbia answer. That's not natural. Import export. Mary Henry not be immediately RVs and Arkansas. Dia that Jonesboro ark does and Craig head county. Courses. And other campus of the BB campus which is in white count. Surprising. I'll. Do you think black candidates and you released in white county and I'm saying now of save models get that one. Pol. Apollo. We got this they were freaking want to pick shades freed there on the drop through. Made meets them home late clients they Apollo. What that is must have a couple jumper cables don't don't bother I do not forget that the our state Red Bulls did when the sun belt and he doesn't want to doesn't thirteen at all yeah inaudible last year what an accomplishment. The Sunbelt. Because the sun has a belt it makes sense unbelievable. I believe if the if the if this huge amount of students there would know what that's called it's called the equator. But we got some help their pol. Got another match. The equator. At the health of the world. There is a connects at the markets Allstate to your guess it would -- its Allstate at Leo lemon of one in fifty dolphins faithful and one touchdown. Hello is that Greg demery a wooded out of the great late Jim had a skull and when Richard I Richard which is whatever area. Unbelievable. Wally Wally like it is. A society does this LA area k.'s largest payout. I'm sure Paul I'd sure while he's got his law degree. Cherries out there officiating weddings for all the cousins. Good god I Miss America 1990 Debbie turner went there. And it's so funny to like everybody wants to Utley with both my I was up outs Arkansas stereotypes. Usually it just think we're all just sit here on mounds of cocaine with with big movies and just cash flow were some of those things are true. But they don't always have to be written it in ink. Sometimes a sometimes there's some hard work that goes to these things you know. But this makes it seem like we're just we're just rolled in the illegal WB stuff like it. Hurts the feelings you know while Lackey is Hank Wally. Kick rocks. We got a pair what was it four or parity is at four point. We are four back. Guys get on out here you gotta you got a little bit like 45 minutes that like to get you where it's a five technically. But because there's a legal trying to help they'd like people who want to donate to get here by 415. We're doing the blood drive right now at the proud performance art senator to all one southwest Fifth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale you can part of the parking garage that's freed today. For everybody's out here donating. And if you need a landmark museum of discovery and science and four or else it's right across the street from that so. Get on dowdy are 201 south west Fifth Avenue in four Florida Al if you want to donate blood to help those in power. Our plan would back right after this. Carlos back guys to open it with you a lot of the president of performing arts. Due to blood drive. So about it but in park and it needs it there are asking people trying to about fourteen users away. The cause of shop around five but has been told by the staff members here. This location where you are right now they have another truck one blood is another chart at the Westfield brown moment you regal cinema. And is obviously there's no line there's so if you're in the area and you can make it here in time where you don't know if you can do all the way to donate blood. There is another truck there might be more commute you guys and apparently. No wait there's so that was bill Broward mall regal cinema live in other truck that is taking donations. And he guys in the Dow we've been here with the blood drive all days is not in my entire cluster of stations here. We've been blown away about sport it's it's overwhelming to see. Our community come together like this season and it was just a horrific week. And people wanted to use takes an action and then how about I knew that could mean the arts have been open it's been really really presidency. Is a critical story this comes from the sun sentinel. Fred Davis and one of the moon or. Covered stories out of all of this has been news that was the incredible sacrifice given abide them assistant football coach Eric buys. Who was one of the victims who covered a students' community service own body for kids that weren't as washing blood. Has the as a young daughter and the dolphins. Have presented him with a check. Her 171500. Dollars. There and Rosie went around the coaching staff and he says uses the countries that we got together on the morning of the judges aren't talking about. We're really want to do for coach by the Stanley next thing you know we are close to if you will donate money. Everybody from out of gaze to the entire purchase Africa where evil security video of people everybody hears him and gave some money because everybody is affected by it so. David sexier vice brother. Chu how bout that's a really cool move by the dolphins. To do that the coach by as the nose there's ago on me out there forum. Is his story is an incredible. Just an incredible so as our prize very very sad. We here's South Florida but that's a really great move by the dolphins do that for the coach in and his and his family and their time in the you know nothing really can subside what happened in and and fix what happened by. You do what you can and that really will certainly go in some ways. So yet out here that there's a 5 o'clock. Askew if your body for fifteen kind of cut off because so you're on your job done but the told by one of their staff members to. Coach you the Westfield Broward mall regal cinema then another truck there from one blood. And you guys go there he tells me there's no way does away here. Westfield Broward mall real cinema that is no way it's EST check that out if you look at it don't Westfield from all regal cinema that another chuck there. Would like no way that three trucks is battle while it's been great Tennessee so. Really really great job by everybody here involved. Right now one giveaway it's what you as a fully in the breaker giveaways for. Call about accounts slides seven point 6534079786534. Posts and continuity for patsy heat take on the suns. And you can in good luck best luck to you right now 786534. 07 they were too hard on well it's a lot of horrible our boy Wally and Ali we learn hard right obviously we were you that he. We look good in they had these guys are a matter of fact I think we should. I think we should start some sort of put her campaign. They just get after him. What we're doing that well I think we should have all of our listeners who that are on Twitter. Q go hit up at Wally like it is in just Daschle a little Miami class you know. I'm with you at a big arc it's not a good case still has got to put his color now not Arkansas Arkansas State Robbie sort of it's a state listen listen the razorbacks they've done to wedding especially basketball. Well it's Arkansas State I'm told me. Nothing would they've done what Oil City Jonesboro done for me they'd done did nothing stressful. Dude that that that should be the all of all the evidence we need is the trust ball. That's the craziest thing you ever seen in a football field a guy plea dead. Actively play dead. Instead of punting. Crazy. While we. Like it is so what's actually got a minute freedom right now and it and treat hey and say hey Wally and Wally take a break from wiggling. And writing garbage it breaks from Whitley he's the wiggling. I feel like you would be the WI DD ally in G idiotic. That seems right. Would it take a break no that's not right it's as strong. This is not a good I mean we're trendy to holders of spell check how well take a break from wiggling. And write notes that he TO ING image don't you know you're teaser you're d.s idea to an eight iron to tease. According to perk. Take a break from wiggling. And writing garbage columns. Garbage columns. Take your shoes off. Your shoes. Go outside co ops are tied. And kicked it short. Brock's. Ross. Perishable like signs. Love well. Love and shorts. The outings before. None of Senator McCain to Obama would that would seem like not a signs. Like chips. That the I don't that your understand it's edited to love. Marker. And a gate way. Not a good idea. Our combined will go down the staff. Love many idiots listen. We just picked up the rights you have baseball can we not try to infuriate the real point of load Joe's again. I love that game four is. It looked at it and got. You know. Yes that Laviolette sent prepares you. Old man. My good. It's. Well today. I was impressed then again I can lead on you cannot you never know liquidity when you do these lever knows how to put it come out. Odds are close decision that some is still Melissa is that enough of this thing. Luke who listen whatever you. Whatever political persuasion whatever. What ever you are life whenever that like this happens we all find away do you want to come together and help out and that's what they're the idea of community is and you know people ripples down here in South Florida for for not being a community but. That whether it's natural disasters or tragedies like this we can come together just fine. Yeah. Over a hundred people man that's crazy insult over a hundred people. The fact that they've done that with with the it would they had with 2003 truck by the way into the with the bunny turtle that I didn't see a blood like blood at three trucks by the way I'm crazy this plan did not come together until about 4 o'clock 5 o'clock yesterday. There is no free promotion. Other then maybe this morning on the morning shows on all the stations that's again. You have really really cool really cool amused businesses you can to bounce back from a week like this it was it's it's great see you open up the consulate that. And the iron shots all to the restaurants a rough prove reels of an optimist out here. Who's doing enough and that people got fed well. Got to have a great. A great sign here hanging out. On some pretty cool and I got to do movies. This brought several months ago the most bathroom overseeing all know I've volley got they got futuristic bathrooms I and I did he made like three excuses to go you've never been there for show. No no a look at the Broadway plays. Sorry. I avoid that too is like a gun to a lot that's bumpers vital like plays. And I love me a good musical do you now yet. There was a very reasonable. My favorite music goal as got some. You know. It was a real flop on Broadway but I like because when I sighed it was really cool lawyer involved roller skating they'll be starlight express. Once yeah it was really cool regular lever. Back in the eighties. I mean you can never go wrong with a Phantom of the Opera. To the rocky musical ever make it I don't know I didn't see I'm not into the newfangled musical I've never seen Oz although I love to see my nausea Hal and the I go back to like. I go back to cats. Lane is a rob. It's the miss Saigon. Selig into the Alia I look I'm I'm I'm Artie love on you you love you some theater yes I do love some theater. The guys who like the answer is courtesy park. They're gonna come up again and do the show in general on this afternoon everybody have a great weekend. And we'll be back Monday to document.