2-19-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, February 19th

Tobin asks why the crew is doing their show on President's Day. Leroy goes off on Bubba Watson for crying again. The guys get into some Black Panther (SPOILERS). Leroy has a super hot take on Lebron. Leroy says Lebron is a player's player and Tobin says there is always a Lebron twist to it. The guys break down the ESPN article dissecting where Lebron will sign in the offseason. Tobin is adamant that Lebron is not coming back to the Heat. The guys discuss the festivities of All-Star weekend. Tobin though the All-Star introductions by Kevin Hart were bad an he hated the musical leading up to it. Beast and Tobin both want Rob Riggle out of their lives saying he is not funny. Leroy is apalled that the rest of the crew doesn't know how to drive a stick.


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Our everybody then you for downloading a podcast for today's episode I wanna put fair warning out for the first segment we bleeped up all right we talked black pants there. And we have little to lose of the spoilers and everybody like during the live show was very upset with us some put out there right now. If you don't want black Panthers spoiled at all these haven't seen yet skipped the first set it. And he sensitive. He'll find out about an hour. If you don't want black pair at this Boyle. Scored delight. The fourteen minute market as podcasts. And you'll be dead but if you don't care if you seem like brands already it's a really great discussion I thought. Anyway enjoy the rest of the show. No one to two hour he's brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. I'm tired at all. Residents today. You gap while here. Have been getting confident now let's let the manager LeRoy million cup. We show up. There because of what if if we're paying these days and has it although he did so over the Rebecca which I found out he didn't know he really had to bring her back until late last night to the school or. Yeah it's probably the however a school that no she didn't know she does not you guys are well known you a lot oh shoot I Turkey and make of no no listen I know it's not. Impoverished county today the following is an do you your wife was that a met gentlemen strip club passing out with the girls is that the bear she somewhere eroded. I bear that sooners were good. All game and earlier you. You go but today is national out there in Hawaii and it landed on how it's done is Janice she is out there now. What was that boring ass conversation has around before the show you meet the analyst business yes. Yes that's how it is now once they all less on the show them and always the other conversation that he has an endless ago. Let me hear this one. Which will you know present and play lots of news. Because it's got to be in a throw win. Like to go. Is not a whole bunch going on that itself boring. Watson wins court. And why did he didn't income contemplate retirement. Wait a week he wanted to argument for it won by two hello. They get a bigger than NASCAR driver was also a bubble for the second. Is okay black. Once again once again I prove that I cannot read Twitter right way and wait. What's that what's Indianapolis I mean at Daytona 500 also right. Glad to say oh you're thinking how can pass on that OR radio yeah. Yeah. So love me some legal system honor day. Anyway. Back to what I was saint public crying and I was. Quicken between that. And the Daytona five under. And just like leaving the whole way. And it'll shorten in the left flat. Is it children's or drinks injury is that Hendrick thing about NASCAR. Totally not into it. Totally. Don't care but if it's on and I have this for Asian. Ready I'll watch it right like I did it all with twenty laps ago ask her yet yet. Is that every interview you've been to an actual NASCAR has been in a Formula One car okay that's not the same thing. NASCAR race yet they noticed the turn left him available in the explains yeah. All the cars yeah. TV doesn't do it just not sure does it's no. How loud it is yes I would like to out and I'd like to go well fonts right down street from Daytona 500 like he's about too much kitty kitty here's the whole thing. The crash and everything yet though I don't know and a nasty when sob like idiots. Which doll black and all black like do me. Iraq. Others you guys look it's ordered me. We charted where when liberty sewing up that OJ documentary that was the best thing ever assembled and then we watched it was a it was good but not super awesome black Panthers an awesome freaky movie now that I did not get the message to Wear my gosh cheeky but. You know I should. You guys Lowe might ways make decent way to lie and has been to the super awesome movie and I've got you mad I didn't find it is awesome as you guys it. I'm excited I thought I thought it was really great goodness. I mean it sock this from 02. Off grade testing job of making near. Villains. Like like a war almost. Like just bad ass. Beat in the way you could you WVU. And all of that investigated over here rooting for because he's creed right and if people want to get all greeting. CRL a couple of Weller I really feel I have a conversation about this because. I feel very strongly about my stance with creed and where he ended up with a movie. But I can't because it's a brand new it's the first weekend and I feel like we be ruining everybody's day we RD just didn't discuss. Yep born and say how. Does it matter. And does he dies. Off. It's important to them pretty what was that yes there I'll tell you the best. Okay wait this is it now because this is the renew most ridiculous thing again. You go to see a movie about a superhero. Yeah okay the building in the movie. He's got a liver guys don't use the bad guy I thought the bag as a mascot was the bad guy well he was also bag give us that it is the real bad guy. In an. This and guy and. In the marvel movie with I don't know I don't want to mark you know I don't know. Avengers I didn't see that they've got an avengers and everywhere else I didn't see the avengers I didn't see imminent and other critical to America's they'll follow us on. Every move and warehouse over them and cut his arm off right yeah that's why he did or. Does the same guy who. Great like you don't care about gotten. Where did these how could you address black hat to without seeing all the other avengers movies and that's all point and if you actually read about all the stories of the black panther is. Yes it did include other story lines from other marvel movies cuddly and worked well as a standalone. I just watched his stint he was then he was in good for him beggars and a little less it was an uncivil or I haven't seen it. Liked it wasn't so we hope this whole story it was bangers and mash in the rights against. No David the match was an avengers. You saw. Does it really like obviously go to road of forming. You tell me OG black panther. Not not star black panther OG black Panthers pops until I got. It's a black panther like he's in slow roller spoiler alert from. It had to cut. It. It's a row for thirty and right and it didn't get the three bed. It went good in my bag the guy that played. But the dude. That one of the travel guys that want to hook up with bad black panther with created yet. You've done outside he was guarding what he was guarding macondo well was always his deal he was it a million other movies bullet and Els was to be enough of yeah actually getting an early exit too much to us. There I don't know. I doubt the right hosts yet getting out there and get it out. Or it fuels like using get out that well okay that's ones. I was ultimately what movie was just and by the way are brightness rivals are bad that's cool day at school. And guess what what nobody moving them and how good example blow mark how many people are pissed it's as for the text right now he gets. We didn't we have the plug in the movie no doubt that you can't go see this superhero movie without RT knowing. The guys play superheroes and quiet and you didn't. I feel good and I. Under move ormat. These delegate will be XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD true Miramar. So we got. We have black paved the suit that's my next Halloween costume and come a couple of them you will do he's glad a little deeper ability body dumped the black leather mask and did what though. He's. I have a six foot five skinny old blackmail or. Like the got to be ripped beset LeRoy nuclear in the OG old black panther. Okay it's fallen. Clown nose while. And remove it never son salad with some oh my goodness she seed. Just so you can see to roll please no thank him and trying to come back. A lot going on today today after the the all star game. The bronze team edged out step steam by 33. Doors down 123. Combined three pointers attempted in that game. And LeBron Steve hit two more and staff member who was the difference. How does yesterday who in the LeBron is showing us after the in the game does that make some thing about go to the warriors at all no. No Chris Kennedy was what they put them both put more like that those kind of those chemical might as an aside espn.com. Today view of not logged on as completely dedicated to all things LeBron book that's discussed. I mean it's it's an uncomfortable getting into weights or get into it yet legally get a good the one sporting event that is tonight the Miami Hurricanes are up in South Bend to united Notre Dame. They needed to win this game badly because. That loss to the queues over the weekend a really hurt them a run out and I didn't look up there RPI hired the latest bracket all hear anything yet they're there of their of eight seed until an artist bracket I'd say we're like five weeks ago that they they need to they need to win tonight somebody and you takes us. I did and the younger double hit. Since then that's when you know what. You know special view goes to the ghosts of the main. For not seen any movies now offers swelling. Listen. Black panther wins tie Yana. Just like in every other superhero Mona Lisa how are rarely say wow. The super hero movie. That wins. Mean Lex luggage lately haven't if there. Did you see how many people went to see it so I think more to have the people singing black print already. The bet black that a lot of that doesn't mean that this begins not going to be huge as well so there's a lot who haven't seen. Listen I know school nail a view of the day off they allow. Oh how about this. Chris Evans played both human torch and Captain America Michael B Jordan played both the human torch and not a villain of like me at. Really didn't think you should have been a villain. I think he had some justified grudges because he was creed you would definitely you he didn't wait. A plug is yet. Yet which can hold their body down yet he would just address his body grudges but he went about it the wrong way he said. Which are weapons down and we can handle this in the differ and said he said he said I'm here can now look at but it was like it was like we'll. Drugs yet but it doesn't want any new black Panthers yet. New Smart you he thought he was your video we want to lose if he doesn't take you may pan there to know the system is gonna sneak over and steal the stuff spoiler. This just goes late I'm not lately gag sorry my bad was queen panther. No gimmick that aside to pay. Yet they weren't they weren't really together they lost their office on again off again that's is does she want to do stuff to a solar royal loads and he'll bring her back. But at the at a luncheon at the end isn't Sheehan at the end with. White white wolf spoiler alert this way it will. Do you stay for the whole thing is what it wolf. What all is actually. I had to go into a worm hole marble white wolf is a family was on an airplane that crashed into a conduct. And oh G a black panther to commend and he's actually like an adoptive brother to black panther. And he vows tempered protect will conduct. But that he was like frozen and some other battle and powerless in the movie. Don't know it was going to be immediately it's always to the end of the credits it was an adult to hell I guess I've possibly do to scenes. There was there was though the one scene. What was the first. Seen the end of the movie. Unedited or don't spoil anything but that the further talking amongst others in the United Nations that's there at the united neo anything we're gonna give all of our. Yeah we're gonna what kind is gonna help the rest of the world and then there's a lasting or white wolf awake from his coma. The budget kids like Adam and then you know he'd says you know you got a lot more to do. Hitler and in. It's really matter you might say that was bookie that was one rule is both its well. She needs she says it's just like every character has two games you know. Parker Spider-Man. Heroes got some monster hot takes that he's not he's got a huge LeBron hot today so fake widgets that now it's LeBron. Hot today. It. I want to start this segment that apology to parents to a lot of other stuff you're wrong. We are we ruling came mostly we're wrong discussing black pants there not enough time has. Simmered over I will try to make this right by putting a spoiler alert disclaimer before today's podcast. But that does nothing for all of you listen to us loyally lying area so nice every night Agassi while I was running with a piece of the holiday party what I'd really want to discuss black pants there. The attacks with the with you guys but it yeah I was I was waiting for Robbie to give the go ahead begin. You also you did you all shenanigans and Crete Greece does this movie history he's creed it's the director from creed is pretty. I'm actually were I don't think of the right cooler is due in creed two from little worried about. Who else Elliott. Also hopefully. Hopefully it'll work out because the new post a developer agreed to him very excited about it but I don't want to get messed up. That's tomorrow and Simon who. Yeah we'll hear from the smooth operator in the Sherman and there was there today Sharon and chairman it was at today's. In earth every school they got tons of money. Everybody were the knob broke ass scissors while everybody notes all. Cool bowl will live from the smooth operator of the letter. Our LeRoy what does LeBron tape yet tick is this is waterfalls drop coverage and go to an ago. So why I was watching in the day. It it to him that then when joy was pulling in the other players. Were not. Like. This in all week tour. Like so nobody's ever say anything negative about LeBron they all love LeBron tunnel like golf resort with tiger. And so I'll start him well why is this. Well. About this. You know joy in May have made the game popular. With you don't hear me magic and bird and Isaiah. And it and all of that really got basketball gone. LeBron has not only done that and take a basketball farther he has been an advocate for other players so. More lawyers. Have benefited. From LeBron being in the leak. And have benefited from when Jordan what's. Does that make any sense. Would that benefit from. The money. The increase in salaries. Mommy and he's been. Does dump or basketball he's based saint LeBron has been the voice for the players unlike NJ whose voice from self. Well no it wasn't necessarily a voice for himself he would not wasn't voice for any. Letters by hand me and my brother get a billion dollar sneaker deals simply because of Michael Jordan who revolutionized the sneaker industry. Correct the Greek. Debt doesn't undo the years. Eight taken this billion dollar shoe deal. And just zipped. Instead. Republicans buy tennis shoes to. And we would albeit with debt. But he has taken an active role. And not only help younger players in making sure they get the same benefits that that you know gets beat you think. Tyler Johnson contract would be possible. If LeBron wasn't play basketball right now are probably not so that sort of thing. I'm like what he has done for the sport. Is why you. Say. Though. That. Kind of move on his car like some are sirens agency. Kennesaw. Yeah. And yeah I thought about it if you yeah. He relied insect like has never really genuine guy so really so you call. You called BS org has Oz fifty. In his advocacy younger players in and believe. I think he has an Imus advocacy for players and do vis A I think he is a player's player or do they gestured him in his body is the vice president. Analysts think it has LeBron twist. To go is as aloof and a little bit biased because. And Bruntlett. And just. About stuff like this when there's no sports on TV mostly about wise in Cleveland and now watching cars go around a circle. Stood me so you have to dot com has been taken over by LeBron. We have the where will LeBron sign article was on the pros and cons for each team and how they can make it happen yup by the way. Been in Bobby's contract pretty much means that he's you can come. Is it up to offload bumping Whiteside. So just just put that. Especially as it into what yellow lights and lead at the end of the articles where the the authors of the article which is their summer Prius paean. Do a oh hole of current NBA players as to where will LeBron sign where should LeBron sign which coach do you think the bronze in parallel with. Got that article right. Then Williams and remind me as an article yet so where will LeBron signed in the off season of the players that were pulled. Stadler 59%. Lakers 42% heat coming in third at 7% others 12%. Others gaining votes grizzlies rocket sixers and not the caps. Where should brides on the up LeBron sign of the offseason cavs 66%. Heat and lakers tied at 8%. Her interest in which coaches it would Roger apparel with Popovich 46%. Tyrod Lou 18% other 36%. Exporters among those that were. Which Mel Uzi and he also mentioned. Blared music LeBron to pair up with like no one of the votes was LeBron coaches themselves and Iraq yet. Whitman who's he. Which player does it look Roger pair up with week 312% Chris Paul 12% Dwyane Wade 12% of their time at the top there. Well he's already in Munis left when weighed twice. Again I don't understand. This this this high in the sky thing that he fans have or this hollowing out. I tell you what this doesn't need these either NBA players and. That's good that they're all just like us they watch sports center and they just think things out at the simplest and I didn't. Is it in fact I would say. Yeah probably one of the least likely teams he'd go to next season and that's that's taking take out let's say any Ellis or does some wizardry again. And he clears out Hassan Whiteside James Johnson and Bobby Johnson and he's got 35 million dollar Mac slot yes. Dear miss him. He's not what's real what's it other than the weather and the conference sorts of loans saddling up with a way to. Again whether. Whether okay is he can't go anywhere with nice weather and he's settling up a ban. He's not silent and Michael and Michael Jordan next Michael Jordan I'm with you I'm a high and bam as as they can get. All right not sidled up next the band or. No not following up with a Democrat on the tees you also by the way he hates Pat Riley Pat Riley hates him know that any I don't. A feel like you so am I one point. There it would be like everything you do low note. It would be like we used to head dead other singer. To never had another steady did they did. Last wouldn't let her do you get bottlers say 08. What I went down like he got bag to get. Went way left Pat Riley. And came back and epic failure. When Chicago ill hated his guts he went to Cleveland they'll hit his guts and by the way are on a ramp it smear campaign of Dwyane Wade's legacy. Yet nonstop reports no one lasted two and wins idol like you will get to that that's for another time and place. LeBron left Pat Riley he won a championship and the was ESP anti by the woods tell you guys that you Miami jokers they said it was the biggest mistake in my life to leave. Where your quest. To. Team that he and if that were you. Know we do. And who put little personal tip preempt my ability of the market. In many ways Pat Riley and LeBron James or one in the same almost too light. They really are. The question I agree I would probably dance on his grave. Put that being said. He's not going to be in a position like it is where he says you know I'm really miss the days of Miami you know why wouldn't it but that's because it's the he's had success. And if he comes back you'll still be able to. So he can you don't come back like we do. Which is why which is sort that you agree to me that here. He's not being back here he's not silently up next poll asked Wayne waited. Man at all I think he's got a shot. Or even as we conference and whether conference and whether it was not an argument as. Yes. The last time you immune nobody podiums commute. Out now and I'm not gonna only to roll it. The wind does it you're. I say which one. Gibson uncertainty. It hit and it is a huge difference in coming here in the situation mime is in right now and inside on the up between wade was the top five basketball player and Chris Bosh. Who is a top twelve basketball player in the league a huge difference man. It's huge it's not close the same kid to have for the same money. You hate you paid wade. Bosh and the broad. 33 million dollars grown ups are forty like forty million dollars for the all played together. About 35 million dollar but as someone comes in with I think LeBron and Durant are both can go to Miami with one monies that are. Yeah okay. Our LeBron is gonna say it's okay. That that that dream on green. Who's who started throat brick city and Klay Thompson's gonna leave and a year anyway probably a dollar to watch it trade passes and just ahead. Likely and that's the LeBron move way. As the one thing that blows me about it it would take an accountant and of course it is the one thing to have problems you blow. Beat being spoiled and he paints. Ready. Trait Tyler and they would take a cut. Nobody reads anything anymore. You rate cuts. And to 35 this year. Oh yeah. Yeah yeah the guy who's making these news may get his owner in Cleveland lead at every turn. Three's I would Clinton just to make it Gilbert leads the more money. Because he'd have a 300 million dollar payroll he resigned and they brought back Rodney hood. So this. Does it makes ads aren't humans for him coming here our whole war they are. Although he's missing his time in Miami. Well where is my anytime where he said my Cleveland title means more than my two Miami titles. Still there what's adding to any of his legacy. It's I told you these are beneath his other title. I guess. Everybody. Might the first question to ask any body that's mobile two championships. Posed as well suited to deal the moves that you won and they always say all of whom every player. This is the most important one right now in a give X among reasons aha. I will not c'mon I'm not worried on it again. Get used to board to question. Kinda maybe perhaps. You're teen Eddie oh yeah she would it course I would want. Exactly what LeBron did just that and I and you did your so good way. To pick. It up exactly. Stuff fifty here on what I was saying though. You know as I mean I thought about it there's no there's. So where does not goodness hey. How we ended the first. Gonna say that the heat he do anything and it won't happen I'm not CNN. How will say I highly. Doubt that LeBron will come here. At least because we all thought there is no way. LeBron. Bosh and at least it was a road to there was a road I think it'll never say never had a regular job make you wrote I don't think I don't think it's happening. On the other hand I'm not going to completely who who had because a Monte pet. It's not happening in the purity is no he's not coming back you can delay would you what are they doing right now now any Ellsbury empower there in the labyrinth. Right now in the lever and they can't find a way to free to to to freak salary cap space can't. The kid wow. She's laying down and laid out an album got James Johnson who wanted to pay a little one day he's not a bag and you're ready. Told him. You have created bits. Who wants to bully begged anyway. I've read lose with the team we have right now in the joint. It's an impolite. Of course that's not a Saddam anytime in his radio station rather lose a lot of that went with them and they just considered about Barry Bonds. Didn't you mean the guy that got Amy get him. If you think you mean the guy abroad as Anand says he was busy as watched mr. actually this is not a bad date which the bronze to an enclave and I think Dan Gilbert goes before he does. Two will sit across from each other while the Cleveland cavs Golub of pulling its. Neither one budge an inch. Between gay Dover and Mubarak eventually the Brown's career is gonna end and end Daniel McCann still on the cavaliers. He's kind of got lead you money play doesn't really matter if if the cavs are property wants to keep the team if LeBron is what I do. I'd leave. The team drops in value. Retire by. As it is my turn off listened to you guys in the hot and happening here. Interest on. Well clearly. Yeah. Looks cool thing for. Us to mixed up and put doesn't. Do broomstick on that. You know to me like people potter and it is shaken up it's just sticks on it hasn't been an issue forming a tiger I know there has been an issue for me. And so. The Texas on this LeBron thing Romero who's who who blues is it's a pathetic I don't know if it is yesterday it happens. Our what did you hit at. And that there's an app so yes it LeBron puts up this this photo on its programs are hurting worse hole he puts us Sullivan's answer a story of love Pat Riley in Magic Johnson hugging and he puts the caption tough. Adams who should. Not then people should Magic Johnson. I. Talking about it only like that is because they were my brother. Is a job he. Don't be surprised if LeBron thought up putting a smiley face and OG over pat Riley's face unease yeah journal of magic due to get. And LA is they don't have yeah. Yeah. Who Max slots that have a legitimate argument made too widely would come there was party. But hey players actually go to lakers. Magic you're gonna get finally seventeen million dollars you can hit eight. Q&A few. Not to ever met Johnson has been a lot of meat to tell me what the ears it is. An old players. You don't get reporting as ordered it to you. All stuff. You ask already and Huckabee is not to be. How about I tampering finds he's a gazillion. This tech's most regret. Which is argued we read it we'd be reunited. Tobin has bandages kits in the logic one in the brown coming back to my. Next neither well we happen and secular. Taxpayer. I was two points because the holidays special raises they can always Armitage. I hotline at one. I did. He was not dead was a moving though he wants he's now. Reading that. It was better that's in my life was so terrified. She just like you would. Because. So there's. Whose interest in the rumors out there you know Jimmy Butler didn't play there again. Others lots of tweets out there that it was because he was on the decide this and self doubt which. The venom at some. Other what's the template for the big game GNP tango or good friend for surprise more me dude yeah. Like today I mean Goran should've gotten lose it put eleven minutes got one basket. He should've gone out there it is it's Albanian dragon. We have Bob well Kevin Hart introducing him as he's got Brad Brad I don't know man that Kevin Hart and shows so bad well not as bad Fergie. Not as bad as Fergie but it was an air do you do you see a lot of boy I don't watch the video. She duel is actually practicing countries is what kind of birdies who's going to be jazzy and sexy and idleness is now the national at the disposed of be what a source data Roseanne. Final verdict is that they are Carl Lewis. This. Carl Lewis closed is bad but it ended being classically bad. I don't know hers hers is his leg move towards birdie or Carl Lewis. Oh. Yeah it's big you know office about adjusted that says I just happen to you as. The free throw record close canyon very evening as they used that we have problems or rule homeland. The as a minus appointee at the mines and annoy your point about it does yeah. I mean I've done bad ones but I would give anything to show whilst everybody wanted him to. And Scotland the week million updated engine you're buying golf clothes and you're on your computer to do with your big company in this matter you got shenanigans going on. This sudden you're actually illegal status. Isn't everything in though you might have a listen even here though. Some of the guides X and banana boat crew Miami Tony 1819 market down there are going to be. But a bold thing died once everybody realized how bad Carmelo what's. It's over man lake. If you were to come back I his heat fan really really is. You jones'. Jason dragon the heat finish chase in the relevance dragon. For years they're did his dime for any semblance of one it was you realize even if LeBron comes back and he comes back. Maybe you know a lot easier that would be awesome. Because that it's not gonna be what it was a text from proposes that you should have to eat iguana if he comes back. Don't mind I've I've paid my eating backs all right let's go more but more of what you'd want. I hear they're tasty. Say you're 10. Can they optimizing Kevin Hart was removed or. Who's done some of it you know well it wasn't in Schroeder's it wasn't like him may get the jokes about the main. They did like his whole musical with a rob wriggle. And Kevin Hart like Hezbollah to be an all star and Robert ogle get out of my life. How do man. Why you're not funny what I how did he just holes I think in the ball and everything. You know he was better he was just a movie I saw where he played a like a serious actor. And he was much better and I just try not to do comedy you'll be okay. Legislate easy zip it up he's typecast in these sports loops just is no I'm not dot. Tom Tom I'm on your coach. Not to rob wriggle you're actually playing of music you'd try to pretend you're actually coached. But this is the most beat actual play they were watching here. Let's had slept at heart if you want to go out there at 21 liners Herbert let him do it why is it this huge when he did that lead up to. It was weird so much sing song and also a weekend home games in him and he was and always and only its spin them to sing song. Like when it also serie did you watch all the studies also set it lasts about five minutes and they drag and number two not out as did not watch all the festivities. It's great that I watched it taped I tell you three point contest. Oh. Shorts oh my god you terrible evil heat and air balls opened to report I did I didn't watch a lot of the dunks on the answer ran. I will say this I like like they like giving props to the old school box me I'm not pour out of insanity. It's a pandering Alec the Nance junior props in his dad. All that you couldn't do it. You know he can do it if he's gonna be as good as Vince Carter he wasn't by the way just about his. It would have been more magic trick is that they would it came down and is dead Wednesday. Right. What are the race that they can you see movement. You know he's changed clothes. I lot but what word you bounce the ball off the hoopla and things don't look that the double tap one that was the runway 2000 gbagbo and input on the glass in India by the school to get ahead Catholic relating to. I think what are the best ones I was with would you agree or look the that he blew up the Coptic. I went. Who's the sinner. What Howard Dwight Howard stuck his picture up there but nobody saw it so I didn't give him his full complement. Yeah so they get there they get to watch reviews now I notice that I guess that's I don't know how long it's been a thing but people begin ways Hillary on the double tap one that he realized he did the double tap until they saw the review. You saw who won the geely dunk contest and now are my American coupon Jones. I school Tobin in islands they call iguanas to community treats. Polian and gore and I think you have to. Yeah why because hey that's the bad about it a vacuum and we got to have a hard time getting a real dogs and to you thank you we show it hasn't been. Eaton who want to know you have you have no good reasons to while the bronze coming here. You know the reason I think you're right that's why you shifting to do in order why so I just wouldn't do this weight. So look are sold a lot we each you know read random text Arby's the club up. It's a crickets in headlines now.