2-19-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, February 19th

The crew get into a recent Q&A by Ira Winderman about Hassan Whiteside. They try to figure out why Hassan doesn't play a lot of 4th quarters. Leroy is appalled that the rest of the crew doesn't know how to drive stick shift. Derek Jeter and Bruce Sherman speak on the first day of Spring Training and say everything is great. Beast and Leroy still claim that Tobin caught a dead iguana. Mets GM says Tim Tebow will make the majors at some point this year.


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I look back it's totally right he's had a presence everybody. So what does this white sending us keep talking about you it was actually a Q&A. An hour was asked answering questions about its irons mailbag right of a listener rights in our great reader I should say it rights into Ira. Basically it seems like. You know for some plays well Eric sits some of the sun doesn't play well Eric sits him. On the message seems to be I don't care how you play I'd just like Q how does that possibly get the best out of anyone. Andrew Coral Gables. Ira responds. If you recall was January 29 after the victory when Hassan Whiteside dominated in the victory of the doused mavericks but he spoke to his hourlong meeting with Spoelstra. The two had cleared the air since then the minutes have been limited even after Spoelstra mentioned at the need to play lights item ban on a bio together more often. The most troubling element is that the latest limited minutes have come with Kelly a clinic out for the opening time. In the power rotation it would have seemed that once a trading deadline passed another meeting of the minds would have made sense. Instead the lasting impression going into the all star break is why it's such an in the locker room in Philadelphia discussing desire minutes after the break it's as if it's as if it's Kevin lottery oh locked locker Deri a mockery and runny site. Eat two point I can tell you what that means to. Being a lot. It means there's a portion of the story. And nobody knows. What to think. And it could be what the suns to wing on the floor. Virtually I would think it could be. What he refuses to do. It has to be some there more to net because of all the people in that organization. Players. Front office people the person who. Probably has head in the last few years at least the money ego. Pets have been. Suppose. So. To just say he's just flat out. Won't play because he doesn't like him. That's stupid debt that sounds ridiculous and doesn't sound like. Something that a person who really doesn't have an eagle that I'm aware of would do. Is it possible witnesses to the point where there is. Tired of having to flip a coin each night whether announced he's going to eat into a mean man we've heard from we've heard from outside that. There's rules are put more time into sunlight side. Personally. Am irrationally and any other player. Out. I will say this day. The wind you have eight players who has skill and has ability to make a difference on the court ordered field widow. You don't see him play a lot. If you go to coach investment. Why doesn't he play more. He's not consistent. We can be pinned on him to be dead type player all the time when he doesn't always what four F. You see it a lot with the dolphins on net Dele. You seasoned guys come in make a couple of plays here and Phillips. Right what is it wouldn't oh he takes a whole bunch of plays off and he's not. You know so we get the claims there. Are so it can be something along the lines that. Small window to prepare your team for deployed. And you can't afford. To be in a situation where you can't count on to get people to do what is needed to be done one of all before. And we see it we are. Seeing it. One day. Usually after. Somebody says something about the sun. He comes out and he is common. I'll tell you you're not get the rebound from him you know I didn't put bet he is dumb and he's controlling the game. Does and does it is. You can't do yet it does speak to. This subdued event this past game in Philadelphia where they're just getting rushed. On the boards grass brush immune ignore them at a minus thirty Warren similar era yet. And that's arena and all the things the suns' rebounding is probably his best asset. And now I make you strip. What do you say it aside and what do you do have do you group despite a 340 years. Yes and then the fact that he's not even going to amend those moments. There's got to be some merit. But it's not like it's not later Spoelstra. Hasn't given us on a lot of chances. You know they do see some fans are well. Why does such and such give this lead why is Dan get leeway to fail why does justice Gailey would have felt like. RW you really argue over their ten year that Assad has not gotten more I think role than anybody. Many people also forget the sun has been around for a long. Long. Time to be given chances by everybody to the point where he found himself playing in Lebanon. Yeah but even in every tape got out like he. I think I think that is he career should be what he's done what he's judged upon here and even with that we know that's been an in and out fame has been those. I signed the ought to be motivated disarm we need to bring every night the sun is not good enough to be good on some nights society needs to. You know if you really this is it's not just about numbers Asad lodges and I'll blocks its. They've had all the conversations with him and I don't even know any of that has a really really sunken in. So basically what you're saying is the son has been. With sun is always an excel and like a new relationship. He thought he culture would. Get him to be more consist. He altered did get him to be more consistent media got him to be a hundred million dollar player it's just that it's also a time where. His position is that is that minimal importance in this league what does a lot of things that come into play. And and the one thing that makes it easier. To your point. You know to play without him based on how the NBA is. Is for him not to bring it every night well it's okay are you to give it to. Even if we are gonna go to the argument. Well a satellite side he should be given opportunities you know that he's got all this town or need to bring a guy. If what results is supposed to bring his energy and defensive effort. And not getting that from him. But I can get that from M ought to buy you can also guard the perimeter guys which is on what I can't or won't like is as the level. Like Amazon is not to be trusted to do that even if you know even on the rare occasions where they've done that Lleyton gamely when they don't put us on our staff curry. Each each hit you can't. Rely on him to do that for an entire new out here. Actually seems important. If you dedicate this cap space to him yet the loud and have bad patch. But I'll say let Tex at what all ups. Okay money is one thing. Which you have a responsibility to do other guys on that on on it team. Yeah they know when a guy's given maximum effort or guys screw it up and if you're one jobs due rebounds and you get beat. Given up four offensive rebounds all three throws. And a game do what players are gonna commit to say. We can't play with this guy. So. Responsibly and other four guys that are on record at any given to deadlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and W exact fix HD true Miramar. All right let's go let's get into this. Leave Miami Hurricanes have a huge game tonight in South Bend, Indiana if they have any chance of making the NCAA tournament they have to beat Notre Dame tonight is a 7 PM tip off. Jozy Jackie as a caller sister station 5:6 WQ I am pregame at 630 I believe with probably OnStar and Clinton Trimble us. That losses circus stuff those those tougher also not that they got zoned. Yup correct. Syracuse is like oh. I mean there almost like a little. Like why didn't go to the result. Root. I mean that's the way to play Miami they they cannot defeat the zone Major League Baseball impose a rule limiting mound visits to just six. They will not impose fees among visits NK yeah. To any pimping rulers is out of the game. Six inning of slowed game. They're not gonna go with they were gonna have a 22 rule or something in between pitches that's not gonna. There's been working on it DiNardo pitched clock dead the pitcher's got to be and work. A bowl. Go behind him made the sign in and sing and at the resin bag cheeks. Damn ball and I think the best story that is at Austin Dillon who won the Daytona 500. Went and got champ tattooed on his ass. It offered to really short. Are all. Drivers pretty sure because in the early in the car it'd be sure O seat belt for you. I don't think they have ceased fighting. And of seat belt from me. Oh they mean it could. They could you do is a cargo lots of our party you be the passenger seat. I'd bleed over the blue he bogeyed at CP. Due to be how to get that guy. The Italian yet actually that. Seems they so we should get do these get through all of they have don't they have like that even good on a homestead and elect the race thing or whatever. Yeah so ends I got a need to drive the car that are not drastic shift button war. And drew didn't give me cart you know drug distinction of never hunted there aren't Robbie. Same. Yeah yeah. I. Ship I mean I want you but I don't know how do. You. Sticks. Never. I tried on time to return the stolen a strong ally installing eighteen. Never had to me I had I don't think in my recovery to a move it over and you can like you know. To turn on the I had that opportunity for us because Ford Explorer automatic response no clutched the Clinton to try and yet we know what to do with the clutch was like when you had to crank up your car back and. That's shoot eight over to the same point. And you. Know how to drive stick. You might drive listening not because guys that he drove home says six point two door president of the gutters and that message even those of a text and it was a down to homestead and see mine get into a car yeah. We were you smug about women adhere to. I share buyback yesterday. Can bail high to arm how did you read just the top just like the top is that the Harris government back like it almost looked like it was gonna go into my head. Those are now much as I get a group. But it's too much. I had to have my backseat phone that it's okay beast there automatic and homes. I don't need to drive the car I exited the Selig didn't. Eight as we should go do let's go race cars. We'd go carts and cars cars cars on old I know all. Or Gary. Does on ideas on the high NFL take yeah. Not really format interceptors account. Bill Polian Sonny is in that if a lot than if you were Eagles GM. You would elicit any offers for Nicole's publicist started with who won isn't Hutus. And a little bit that I lie dirt it's not yet. Back to help a lot to ask what role in the bill pulling out personal. Hundred years old. How is that possible. Admit it admitted they. Think their wedding day no dropped steak. Or who to pick up trucks list action. Pickup trucks and and thunderbird and mustangs is all that's why and to date. They'll stick continuously wonderful girl automatic now. I don't think an F 150s at six. How persuade. Well why out here you go wow what does my dad taught at fifteen and some girl. My dad and not a drug. Stick shift. One though because embossed what a waste of time your dad put on you and do you use a clutch the big deal via the manual now or no. I don't. Well the border where. I'm forty port now and we're far as exit good pretty sure earned 44 year old. Now where does goal. Jeez. Us is that we what's the point of even drug fastened maybe it's got to the the horse zones everywhere noted none of no it does is a lot of big trucks and in Doug's big trucks woo go mothering. Oh. And end all jog ball we use all my gosh oh wow. All of war and new truck. You. And it was to counsel logical problem while great under who's done tires the built for speed I lie I will say this I have always been. Enamored with driving a semi truck and to do that you drastic shift day. Zoom IDs so wouldn't speak to roll right now. LeRoy I got a tractor trailer and debut with the not a manic. Just one little. Thing most people have access to the ticket putter count. Sure we put up a poll yes. Your roommate if you can't draw the state. It can also put on that are you are you old LaSalle if you got if you know how to drive a stick sure. Both sugar and sugar during the break and put an hour. And you showed that obese that we are on this shift knob stand for race. Did admit yeah. Yeah. Customized by champion. But for south it was a moment you toughness you customization shot you're guaranteed out loud as well what more modifications in town. Called ship in the last 478650. Shoot the ball for six champion for about four dot com spots like man how high. As Martinez. And your assurance attorneys Golan at 305800. Irma. Roger likes Kennedy when it comes and is it that you love X one gives you more change the way Kristy Lee would expedite the X one. And by all pro with a heated battle prohibited in sports listen to their WG back in the game. With Forsythe locations there's one near you all pro the PX dot com for more information. He are back in action on Friday ASA Goran Dragic had two points two points one of three. Eleven World Cup coffee in the game of the C that's our guy we are. Among those that about it Michael owns out that he's gonna like throw volumes off the backboard. I'd be there or has blue I don't. Did he get done but it's an effort. An effort it's not it's not his first choice we've seen it. It takes like it takes the two hands. They says living in little dragon legs can take it there go I mean you got more retool won it yet and it's important that group thing yet. They get a grip and that's why. But yet he doesn't know much. So I was gore on Wayne Ellington he viewpoint shot getting into the championship round DeVon burgers at a record in the Tim beach of rose three point contests. Did like. Didi I think I'm. It lets you put your money balls what do you want to some yes and you get bad so he put all five money balls and warmer. You know did the money ball each rack but you have one Marty ball rack which you can put any station you OK there it is okay that's the way it works. Oh don't really sports when he because they have money ball. Yeah well. He's he's still live up. He's still say. We're stupid for a while in the old days he's eight guys and you get to the semifinals of four guys the needs of the tip to put to its went straight from eight to three and that's it and ended. Yeah Purdue and he skipped around the highlight of the question but that's because the players when I didn't guard well enough for the time bomb observing dollars. Now I'm just Curtis Sumpter what do musty today and and I'm not doing it BC Tomas I'm not gonna comment like you are about Craig's own directory. Emma Booker. Went. Amanda lunar order must say I mean of course should on no emblem just they didn't have a choice. You don't border if they went response afterwards. It's gonna it's it's stings per share. We do that with every draft so we were talking all the way draft almost the minute drive up to populate drop into the Booker and all of a sudden just wounds out of nowhere falls to heat and I got to just once I just Wednesday. And I somebody's got to write a sudden death struggles all the way doable Clinton's political step. Is that true it was me. Yeah I think that is true. It kind of levels on the bench but he was point television sit there that is thought Kyra in LeBron or yup it is not just make angular crazy. You think. You man the relationship there. Debt LeBron has with other players in the lean. Is probably so much different than people think what he thought I read hated abroad he did. And now he does. Is LeBron the person a big hits the BS that comes with playing with LeBron. But all different you know what I mean Sally do you think LeBron about dudes dislike. Our err I mean they don't want all the Cleveland future being held up but what he's gonna do Steve Kerr might play we Jordan. But to think he really like play and we Jordan. Ready. To Asia to go to practice and wonder they don't get it would hate me. What is Jordan's auto Marlins and that happened. Jeetz column that favor. Opening day now. Opening day either museums are the first pitch. No teach enforce Frankfurt known as a therapist and that's the answer. All that's right I forgot about that yeah. I'll put it past winner yet Michael Michael could Michael might throw out the first pitch. Try to think of what other celebrity. Way ambulance right now because. You've taken to monetized thanks men ready Hewlett Charlotte that's they went for shrimp on the first pitch. Damian Marron chairman editor yes I don't think so when. We edit they have this from the sky today Robin what do what do it deadbeat chief septa said that camp today is the end saying. We're looking forward to Friday and it seems like that's what told you guys. Few days ago things like we. Ten years we'll have four months and yet the play games I think this is what everyone looks forward reports. You know it is what happened. Field. But a lot of noise haven't been out there are a lot of stories that announces that now people wanted to see what happens. Tell him more jeetz. And so dreaming boom boom you're really John's been sick any thing we have an he just did this is what everybody is it progressive for the baseball and he's right. He does say and now I didn't hear that he was say in the baseball's hear the birds chirp and the fresh grass is cut or more does the does energy have to selling a more. You mentioned the fans' response we've gotten great response from a lot of fans as well I think that narrative you start to change that every single fans upset. I've met many fans of the last four months. We'll also have patients that I understand we'll work through it and given us a chance I think mentioning that all fans are upset that's that couldn't. Quest you know we will let me just throw this out to sort out there. We oh. Talk trash about two more yeah. But Jeter was sit right here no tone mood killer after we we we would not. We would handle ourselves quote. So to us and obviously that he isn't he doesn't do enough to hold on let me makes us say anything let me make my point. So to say that all the fans that he's made. Haven't had a problem. But does he give me chiefs did you not gonna attack. A mark miles manga in the piece of his mind about town hall of loans made it. Guys available Marlins men Monday. Talk about the amount of a romantic. I think it was yellow balls then Monday it be fantastic. We should given Sherman later we hear that guide as a parent sheriff Sherman it is an olive oil isn't sure Nader and I give me some jeetz duties there are no I don't wanna Margie Gillis and it wouldn't wanna hear how they are they use all of the money he's got enough and she lobby to reach terminator. From my perspective I think the media management team has made all the right moves I've been involved in every decision. I support every decision I don't know partnership for every decision. We're building something for the war on wall here on their entire communication most times when you'll it's a great organization I'm learning a lot. Well if you look a lot later routing number. Probably could pick out from British version everywhere he denies that that is ownership troopers broke. Brooke is a joke. His tireless and and now we financially that they got bailout to dial. As I said to us. So my fellow owners that they Major League meetings nothing because. From the truth they know that. That's why we we unanimously approved and there's nothing further from the truth we are very sophisticated. Well heeled financial. Set organization. Not just this year but for many many years to come. National team in what the government want to queens can't trusting god and man has money has fifty mill. Course should financially stable mutant. Tens of million dollars for doing nothing. Bonus get in Australia he's gonna lead the way. Really so happy that Jon Garland themselves or is gone he's he's an important his career where he's in self preservation mode. Eliot's well you know it's definitely not as awesome ms. hatton. Junco Stan and Aaron judge Leo the good of a stand and yankees uniform off and I was jealous at all. Season. CD's. You thinking and about. Stands at a admitted they had they had judge bat second a lot last year Obama who but leave off a day. Louis Wright got more. Brought to us I got them on. Drugs illegal here to Stanton. Stands Astride a mortgage d'antoni pressure of the new TO ya know pressured to make it different now. You just aren't just the records broke an zero for cant teach an old old dog new tricks. I'd say. Then there's a better theater to injure I'll tell you it's gonna happen. Stands thanks in April always does. The thumb was dished used to coach that knows you got in the face you start up pretty strong he stinks in April. The thing that's I don't play well on the tabloids are. Other pressure's going to be ridiculous honestly I do like the bubbles. That's one. So what else could arteries and we'll talk about it. So that I do and yet when we hear from Russia and never again never too weak to LeRoy homer cut from Sharon why Ali from GOJ. Actually yeah lawsuit cut from their Tito wanna know what he has to say about the malls given their asses sued an apparent trouble. But yeah. But I think that that's what you need to point out it's unfortunate like I say this you let the legal. Dog but this has nothing to us we could joy I've enjoyed. Meeting the local government officials the players work plus its takeover of sorts as. You lose the faster the whole time he hits a double. Thank it's amazing how bad joke field by different argued it did Bellman new stadium. By the way I don't say that they're brought out of the Marlins Dougherty membership and are happy about the lawsuit is a light guess finally do take attention away from the avenue to me like see this guy I was the bastard not Thomas stop being mad and a son correct lyric correct me if my math is Ron you're the math majors and undergo. So Gloria o.s they claimed 5% to combined in the city in the county. He made one point two billion on the cell and another. We've yet to deduct okay to what he paid for right. So is it like less than sixty million dollars and ruin that. 5%. Don't know the ghosts yet. The jags the tried subject here's what he's got to do you dive on the ground for a nickel I would never dive for anything here's what they gotta do appears or was he doesn't ever. Jeetz has to be yes to be flipped by the government. Yes Dick character witness for the counting which is the Russian investigation character witness for the county that that that Loria was scheme in the whole time to screw over the county. That'll get everybody on their tutors side to know that that Loria goddesses but he doesn't he doesn't do. Oh no she doesn't Jeter will flip why he's not he's not a government weight has got to keep in mind. He's one of thirty what if they agree one of thirty what do they agree to get rid of the statute or the other sculpture who. Tough negotiations there you know that they say because they've been saying this if the statue he knows he's very expense and get that home run sculpture. Yeah you care if you're character witness against Loria right. Jeetz. We get ready excuse sculpture that is a lesson I usually get rid of it doesn't feel that's an idol to Jeffrey Lurie is something you can FedEx that. They might have excited I don't think you can FedEx that opinion is on private. Oh you can't it was on private you know why it from Amazon. And I'll tell you don't believe the regular like EU RE ST each other financial and I assume that's old think when our team on the Cleveland. They follow blue banners. In front of the owners Condo down he edit and open up and Amazon prime account just to sell the sculpture even though I have no rights to wait. You won haven't dashed eBay. And Amazon prime that's the way it. It has bubbles the armored truck. Hey LeRoy mob that they've just called me about balls and he knew it was me. You shout. Out. For your by now you stop beating that means that everybody in your family no issue got both its products will only is shipped packages of 250 pounds the border a bit. Do. A shared too big to me Amazon can definitely deliver that sculpture no. Yeah. Yeah for Amazon lenders should know is it their companies is called break and go he got to do it. Will we work in the county which means that statue was ours which means we should be allowed to sell it on Amazon prime. No definitely know that even though it's the county does eBay go. That's not out of its own though I'm going to sell. What's that it's called homer right by by a red Grimes or something like that I'm gonna sell the sculpture homer on behalf of the counting. And a cell amid a send it to a whomever wants it. EBay you don't do it on and I'm pretty sure Amazon prime can do that no watch Justin on Craigslist and it's a 100 men back Galley and that's we need CD. Pete you're working towards your goal of what have in the show by itself. Didn't you at that Hollywood is going to. They'll go oh yeah. I think you'd be great we'd be doing disservice to the county who's going to be against. Who we take bids. For the for the statute yes we just auction off the phone that last segment all up all look at I'm a hundred dollars. Our starting price for whole mark if you ego enjoyed a lot of five. So that it has received those OpenId. Ultimately right now you can just responding. Think that spot before and not exactly yeah by. You forgot to give another number in the contest slider so it's expired to force about victims of Sheba and even got the barter. It's out of the season on the line is there all just written definitely. As of Roosevelt. Actually know the content liners and lose and it's I don't want to miners go. It's totally bully people into the Serb eat eat eat more guilty. Go to our beer argues was recorded promo for that the sweet. You talk to your shenanigans with you want us. 'cause of the major EU with my taking a lot of take the survey not a fake wanna. Not if they want her name is -- And she's violent eligible housing girls and Ziggy. They eat. 08. Well you know booting real fat no wasn't. Skinny little oh you guys just don't. We want you guys he does is make things up a little green iguanas. I'll look orange line is on the bucket list. You know some salty quantum is you drive up and it's just lay it on the pay somehow worked it was. You guys only saw like we couldn't film the entire thing you guys couldn't see the chase that went into that I share higher. That's how went it takes gives chase moves less I need to Carty. Without the prod a mom a mom project a Monday five project guardian. A spaz are real bastard out. GA yelled at the Iran for more than twenty minutes is I'm not actually have this lady who just hatter ladies just out and it's really awkward when you're just like trying to stair master and up and her bizarre New Zealand. You on the stair masters stair master dad's she's like he's doing on the do yoga poses on the mindlessly. Could that's what it is that's good inspiration now I really wanted to do is it's nothing about it as Jim. Would tell you and again or cuddled you see somebody next to you you want to take a look at yet which. You can't just be obvious weight on totally so waste. I'm totally waste did you try to look in and finally justice Pletcher is a must so we have this side and our Jim we of the site I guess I guess it I don't know if you. Squat machine every jump yes religion. We didn't the machine where you get the the the bar and do squats. Yeah with the little thing yet BAA and got a yet. So there's a female that comes in and and does that for about three hours because she wants to be like about model or something. And Jesus there referred the entire time that everyone works out. And every guy is just look in is just and she looks at us in the marriage is in the window and she she knows you know chip puts up. They. Do. You got a court. Did have owed him by Tim Tebow the Mets GM says there's gonna make majors are done. And here and my sources are telling me march to a that these guys got is got a much leaner. Outfield body this year doesn't look like. A big hole a quarterback. And which itself. Sounds foot and swings got more compact. That. Would like to place a wager on Tebow making the majors was everything a meal wager on this and I'm just informant that some in his that when the legs of the guano pointing to the sky then back out in the jet ski. To. Go up and it. As we get up to acts I gotta tell you it didn't look like you put up no resistance. To that hired. The chase down man who we do it like it was like rocky in the chicken yeah. You know you can Google does it just running clubs are eager and take no more served for the doubt. You say to the gym once a month but I don't so you can public lunch box. And by the way does. Some Hanson ties in one of the studio yeah his criticism pack yes. Touched your didn't genitals. And then. All Rebecca went in it. She's bored because they're plug to her. And it was broken I don't know who's in charge at the we going right away. Results total. And we need to get when he's right. Yes bud scanner knew then. As your this is up as a whole going. Have him. Good solid look on due date. Is going to be like a 1003. Which you re clowns being mid deliberately account to nudism. And voted yet question from big mouth LeRoy is on seven it's a disorder account to every man knows how to drive a stick. Fifty votes and so far early returns. 52%. Say no. That's the majority to me yet seem like I when. Well why wait. One guy every person. It's 2018. Does this yep he's right spot on sir WellPoint anyone else selling point for us. The president miners what for LeRoy for China for China mansion amounts. Not cool and fact you may be on your way to a sensitivity training and also the. It into a fight that weight. I gotta tell it to us they're going to during. The last that's going before you too. There. Since it went. You should do what goes oh yeah. How. I love or hate it more true to tell you. So it gives area. Good does it. The to a mentor and he's had some in its rich. Mansion but around drugs. Not. Well shouldn't an just 52% sported exit. Yeah his big majorities say no don't say you know you're in radical. Your battery pull the polar I was the official poll and now the show's over some real question now that I think. Over the email.