2-20-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, February 20th

Jim Larrañaga gives a fired up pre-game speech about diving on the floor which he demonstrates himself. Tobin says nobody is better at speeches than Larrañaga. The guys relive the epic speech Mark Richt had about swag prior to the game against Appalachian State. Jeff Fisher's name comes up and this to a wormhole about coaches who keep getting jobs. Dwane Casey compares Bam Adebayo to Shawn Kemp. Leroy wonder whos minutes will be cut on the Heat when Rodney McGruder and Kelly Olynyk come back. Tobin compares Bam to a mythical creature. Beast had way too much pulled pork. Leroy didn't think Fergie's national anthem was that bad. The guys break down Baker Mayfield having dinner with the Dolphins. UFC Fighter Derrick Lewis has another epic postfight interview.


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How thick black. Things are. Alluded. But what I had. Old. We've. Let him. Articulate their record a Larry Tiago is also Pamela let me usually. I could see more. About whole big problem with that since I had a coach. That was so may have. You know back in the day we did have we had the little screens we put a plastic paper right there and he showed up what a painful plays right end and we watch until one side. He got mad and slam music or somebody did so Rome. Right to get out of did you. And there's blood every. Smithson has been and on overhead right. Like all of a terrible right. And so I have seen coaches. You know try to hit. This dude don't do dummies. Did you deliberately four weeks ago our guest arrived in arms over concussion yes yes. And so what I didn't tout as a coach and they get so emotional this reason why you coach them. Amended that when men they go oh yeah that was a big well are there any big road win for them. And you had a nice little lead. And in Notre Dame get on a zone not. Noted and that's. You can fight song nonstop. All it's a it's the if you like and about us millions in worse it is an as a sign yet now. I I'm not did not see do you see that play that Chris likes made. We've bounced the ball over the guy's head in the late when only waited up was completely anonymous phone should have me on visited sports that are cut and I don't know committed not. And this does Lonnie locker enjoy enjoy enjoy it while he's here in the way. They leave us authentic. And I didn't run the late Tom Watson the latest mock draft just came out Robbie were to have him go and and scored fourteen to rebels. He's. Didn't I look Jimmy Butler. Yeah I Javon cricket hops sweaty hands yeah well. No no he's got extreme hops. To shoot. If you'd shoe and chin to the best thing you wanted to know how does that play. In college. Look at how we shoot contested shots. He is and he didn't even though shock when you get around but Yemen. And finally you'll start to play a little bit it was a great past. Likes right until the middle to fuel it was unbelievable what life. The fact that late Leonard isn't a good spot because. He really to me was our culture he really did change the culture of Cain does what people do give a rat's ass about it down and out. Actually get people to go to that building to watched college about small never thought that was going to be the case or what why is there even an marina here with the with the with a little attends they were getting and he is completely flip that. It was that he is the only good thing that I course left us added that it yet. All the legal and edited it when he wasn't hiding under his desk. He hired Jim Larranaga that he went back to under his desk and it is not and went to Nebraska and he had many got fired and he's and all time speech giver like. Who's better than him and into I think in in college basketball all about it nobody nobody McNulty. Do in the Ali shell promoted the Ali shuffle. That's an on point. A hundred years I don't know. What a hundred years old blow smoke like a butterfly and any lazy for four speeches is football. The king. I learn. Margaret did it's like speeds no it was a good speech I mean it was very totals were Selig saved it for around a little rivalry game getting some good speeches you know and himself. Can't get good speech when I do big speech is. Our are are better use for big games or geezer actually need motivation. I mean he didn't when he did them in if they're just how you feel it at that moment. What comes out comes out to the marker speech would go for early Arkansas was voted out you would have to belied his employer. In read from. You. I think. You think market just go right off the cuff he's got a he's he's he's got the ever ever once in awhile we've only heard that one speech reviews like. It was all of our soul our man. We have that. And he was he was really into it sun and that you zig now balloons featured star like hey guys don't tackle him until you see the whites of their eyes. He is probably right. The only thing we have the fair. Is fear itself like him I'll put that. Dog that caught me on Al Golden is ruled until a number four. Just add Lye yeah. Speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SX Ph.D. true. There are still background does you know he moved from tight ends coach the linebackers coach in Detroit he had to move the pillars to a different room. To heavy task. Fine don't laugh until I appreciate. The split an audience Toronto north of the border when the hell the pin is and Mac from Canada. I feel like they've been on this road trip flights 300 days but terror of an X eleven or can you the playoffs. Mean there ought to get the play and while I know they've got another good science like every other night over. During a lifetime anyway and anyway and anyway I think you letting blood there was so far behind yeah I don't know they're gonna now got to really bounces of the playoffs I'll pair. Yeah you who got no Iowa. They just signed a long way to go about it and thought an iguana spread across the street to a boy in my car. Alms bowls buoyed Tobin called one notes. Did. I got back solely everything as it was thirty degrees so he could run that play like five or six points out of the last playoff spot many games left there's only twenty. There is. Their souls were booked and make you think they're in the final voyage out right. Oh is. It stands the test of time. So the template and that's great let's have gone on Marlins lies. Don Mattingly is telling Bryce Harper to shut the blue people. Is Bryce Harper's criticized in the way morals of dumb business this offseason in our boy. Our toilets are more Christina Ellis says the passage of Jose Fernandez was the end of the Marlins just go to nor is it like he wasn't real bitter. Yeah you know lot of guys would retirement. Taken a blow torch to. Dole regime needn't. He's also Tom to be patient momentum from the instant that you know we like about time for that is that you are who lives in yelled yeah it was durable. On your view is also asked about Dempster and his says a lot of really good friends on the team a so talked to Justin Boren a mute toe and Prada Monroe's. Source are really close that away and doesn't feel the same as what it is. And it. Hey. These guys get a little excited the dolphins have been interviewed bigamy you yet can we we wait on that first ISO more stories and in. Are you take so long may need to take to. And should tell you eat. Marcus I don't have Margaret speech I hate you. Car. Don't want to go back. Baghdad. Right. Does it you know look. So what you. And actually got a turnover to DC to DC wives the day log into account and stands. I don't know one decent countries cannot let the Bible's counted on you in your wives or cut it and it was I don't know about their part of that is like so why. Yeah antics. And it makes even the zoo that the ultimate entity in the heck. Yeah. It's got to editor Overton was back in the jewelry store on this week in and fix up. Get ready for the new season that's suddenly enemy even bigger lag too I can't dispose of and I can't talk about that. On. Louisville. Have to vacate their 2013 championship. Or 2012 runs in the NCAA championship game. It's all about it's all gone because that's what they had about a shenanigans there Rick Pitino. It all falls on him because he's that the scapegoat. You know there are cheap their asses off and you want to. He may be Ayers and now you think they also sought Rodham but it pointed Vince Young did go back and try to say that he was the Heisman winner after Reggie Bush did know you're. I give and celebrate because that Jeff Fisher was a real bastard them. I mean he almost killed two or just treasures killed a lot of court he stinks men got to had a jumper so long and he was so bad this. Like he didn't want it. Okay when you dig a coach's. Dad. Would keep get jobs. And had no. Production. Mean Jeff Fisher no moral as well I'm not going seven or not. Would he must in his. Own. It keeps getting jobs. I mean nor returner Malarkey. Well Malarkey I mean are born here. Elaine turning. Given the that's different. He's gone to throw in the back to college did so impact is still a means of the details on the contrary that he has of the they have. No one of the DS doesn't matter how well I'll have a guy who might just like. I mean can get injured. I mean. Torre's brother. Whole restaurant but the had not done he can't get jobs in. Africa who Ulster otherwise Camden jobs and deleted and Romeo are now the same kind of in the afternoon I head coaching jobs and I don't know buds in the manager Charlie Weis was told otherwise yeah Charlie Weis. He went from Notre Dame. Kansas Kansas game aboard to muddy and he said we saw. Take people money and weeks. You Kansas traditional woman that's Ozzie and here's one. Jag you know re. Moved east thanks John Fox I'm a. The yeah. Not to the level of Jeff Fisher. I mean he coached like eighteen years straight to officially got too is keep his job right. I mean how many places that he Kotelly to. But he's got two key so dobbs program is 200 head coach at more than two places. Drama. Technically Bill Belichick. Loan values go to the jets for day. Sniff. That's part of the two bills there have been 31 that is the produces as them as they're leaving because they shot in the giants' locker room at the new meadowlands stadium and elect. The other Julio gentlemen of the just like America now now now it represents and well known and oh part of that he's a case you can't use Malarkey because he took a sorry team to the divisional round. So not him. They didn't Norv Turner heavily for jobs. Turner got like I hired a lot. Yeah the job now. He's got courted the pet owners sprite. There aren't you noted that is not what like once you become a head coach in and you go do you let it go Redskins. Yeah coach of the raiders did a coach of the chargers. Did Dorsey follow issue it's a New York I don't know. Turner's been the office coordinator here's one at weight. One. And when you're quality. Also coordinator fly actual also important to sit and he's he's scored 78 and go to three we ask. More summit have been awkward isn't norv Turner's name always comes up so I've given crib and how about Wade Phillips. New Zealand. Where's he been. Dallas Dallas buffalo the buffalo was seen boat was as a coordinator he was that was the Cusick ordinary grass before that Chan Gailey. Terry gives you NBA coach again say great no envelope. Buffalo with the. Georgia Tech George. They're coached. And it relies he'd appeared now tend nearly. Oh god Chan Gailey angeles'. And he was at which the Birmingham fire. Ho ho hum. Two and Gailey was head coach of the cowboys. He was ahead go to Georgia Tech as a head coach of the Buffalo Bills that was in office coordinator or was the last the offer to recorded for the jets. Got no spine. Change and to meet their team better Evelyn. Nor exciting combat as Alabama about a boy is it's the mean that Jesus a storm rains on it keeps going for awhile for what that you have in their first round topic that's next. Yeah. There has customize my champion Paul Rudd. So close of mortgages to commissioning customization shot he gets you have the hottest one form obligations in town called champion bullet point 786. 5023446. Of them champion former Ford dot com. Talk about man alive Lopez and Martinez yards or attorneys. Call them at 305800. Irma Roger likes dignity when it comes at a team and you love X one gives you more jays away experience TV with a city X one and by. All pro orthopedic. At all Crosby gets what's resonance there WG back in the game with force of locations there's one near you. An all pro the Phoenix dot com for more information now we get seven minutes eat. Left Hong. In the and other than that it's that'd cash and cash countless. And the the average that day. NL again. We make a fun of the domain name it is what it is. So this is very exciting so you guys know I mean we've we've been. Race at Alabama on a bye and they have some one the most exciting parts of the seat season because is awesome. It's amazing the athletic jumps up to Jim rerecord them all the Michael Jordan off the jump. Brought CEO Ron Ross in the agree with rewrite record and now there's another ally in camp. Another ally LeRoy you know doing Kasey. Yet Toronto Raptors head coach youngest coach sheltered literature he shot. Well there are wrong. He was on the war loads pod. Loads was asking him. About his days in Seattle. And inching conversation came up heroes though Kim. You know is the next generation player comes on there's always everyone always compares this guy is like that guy and there's all you can always see a little bit of players and from different areas. Shawn how has there ever really been another Shawn Kemp is there who who is it like he was so unique. I tell you it's amazing you said because I said after our game against Miami the other night. The out of them out of bio that young man reminds me so much Sean I've known John since he was like a ninth grader and I ask me is our recruit new. Now Jose Kentucky and I'll watched him grow lights and develop a watched him win a lot of gains by himself. He would bring the ball down the floor of things to place you can jump shot. Play the point guards whatever position in high school he had to play. A day that's 50000 right here. That's tampering takeover was it was it's. Yeah. Did you know yeah Romo who he asked him specifically. Has anybody ever been a Shawn Camp and all these said was. Spam on abided. That Shawn Kemp. About that the 2000 Joseph about the gem they did thousand. Kimbrough yeah. We got to where it's got underwent a cent Marvin. Lugar ala tiger is evident wait but wait longest tenured coaches desert if that's the same scene. Yeah well that's why his tenure echoed elsewhere when we're talking about guys keep getting additional job about restaurants bragging right now. Did you. Image of Jeff Fisher is on that list because how long he was kept around since Tennessee. Drugs and he for a long and I really got another job yeah that was as one of the job in the dolphins won a mile away. Blue note that read it get a second job even after straight up your first job it would need to go into the third job after screen up too is feeling out on the news that feeling marvelous has been coach of three different angles. You know and that's how long he's memento like actual tigers were getting got albino Bengals. Got a warned Bangalore. Day by way beats them. We'll get back to you demo to buy you minutes so good hitters is that. I started to bring reason why we don't let you finish headlines. You don't ever do. We want to do. We start talking about bigamy for you the news ending you squashed it silly to give back to the onion. You never. Until we go off course it right now are talking enabled taught bigger mavens like that this. He's slept so well I got on the you know I mean during cases of Luminex or about them about it. What else so. Question a mill as you wanna go over again and then the the voting no LeBron James an idiot players around the league not to immunize and demeanor doesn't. It kind as he can they is probably gonna be back after a break I hope so him and their trials in their practicing today does that shrink. Time and minutes fourth son. We Kelly oh really gets back. Probably. Doesn't need to worry about minutes of sun and key and done justice yeah the two top I would say to fit those on the rim. I would say Tyler. I think Tyler were always get minute civilian and dolphins of funk because he millions ski if these don't hot he can score touch. Tyler Tyler off the bench can give you something I'll agree JR Smith. But the other two is minus two shooting. I'm saying if Tyler does it does and we you know right away with a lot Tyler Johnson has one of those night where he's either in brazile and out towards brick sitting right there. If its first shot hit the shot caught the right gets the ball out there and you need one shot. You'll just instigator to other day and I. So it can even if he gets a near the rim you know he's gonna. You know yeah the fellas take in full effect manly looks like backlog has grown back completely. I saw this embarrassed and you shall I mean so much time on foot or shops I. We do it on the web at our local power that's minimal time there. Mention of the person's. Good. Who. I went back in here yet if I commit earlier committed try to get my lunch in ia and he's just over to this would help ignite a and here. Yeah. This is from Jackson sports buzz column Bosnian. After a short of hitting 103 pointers and sixteen attempts at one point just this Winslow is now twelve. For his last 46 from the field when he 6%. He's made just two of his last 113 point attempts 18%. This. Now players offended by Winslow core to bury our shooting 45 point 7% in some slightly lower with issued overall fortify. Horry to bring up that stat of how the heat of play in the last couple seasons with Winslow verses with solid wood over the weeks ago yet we're still right. Hey this drug habit what puzzles do with the run. That we were dug up on the positive side does. It was all happening Winslow is out like war puzzles to do with the fact the thirty and eleven and that seven game win should all happen to coincide with Winslow injuries. Tea and if that's fair or not to. I guess coincide. And you don't want to. Because they know they say is a winning player and you know sometimes the plus minus comes out good on him. But the wins aren't so a lot of I don't know he's just a bush. I don't know what it is. Body and equating to wins like. Is a good thing. He would be an anomaly to the numbers right to demand to those aren't even out more on the negative side. And I mean because like when you watch it. If you put those numbers and you hit it. Is it safe to say there's certain things you can assume oh he's good finisher Ryan grim numbers showed yeah. Woods started out. He's he's basketball by offering man looks good until it's freeze time and it's clank clank city. Announces. Open which is a sports. Sports a new Phoenix has arrived. Name's been a lot of by name is name is Ken Jordan. Can Jordan. Like the way you think that the actual dollar facility that Kim Jordan. Hopefully on the north to place team Griffin have eagle half line. Kim Jordan. Well. The Griffin. Griffin you guys' ability Griffin is. Oh you crazy early in the east is called the golden griffons. Yeah. Yeah. The aggression to legendary creature with a body talent back legs of a lion head and wings and an eagle and Eagles Al Photoshop. It's not real and mythical creature it's not real it's not a midnight. Apple is not a militant Pritchard is the first round pick for the heat this year he dropped to the Griffin. That's what happened. Two years ago the justice fiddler crabs they made good they just have aggression. Pass eagle half life wasn't a Democrat but Tony assured a re mad he's been a Democrat but for awhile the progression was in Detroit now. That's Blake Griffin that's the last name we got an actual Griffin. Playing basketball for the Miami Heat they had to customize his Jersey the wings let's. So gifted as he goings through that hug him but his talent in his sneakers this it's it's a challenge. But ninety may have happened. Actually dubious pause causes hind legs or pause is his hands are actually tell us their point by you it. I was looking at the Griffin backwards now now now you know if it happened right. Yeah you look at Evan Williams faces it's only a matter of time before regular checks of Sam's face on a Griffin. Well look I mean I don't tell you can get everything against whites that the guard Goran. And iTunes we're out of its value but but if I got. And if an NBA coach Tommy he Shawn Camp. Which is what Riley told him shout about drug is he's right. That's O Reilly said after draft night. And if I got Ron Rothstein said Shawn Kemp yeah I have I have Ron Rothstein sand he Michael Jordan and if I have professional athlete LeRoy hoard. And he's Michael Jordan what do with that. I really say if you would also told you. That just Winslow is a big contributor non never Ross in Sanaa on similar a regular old Ralph weigh all that. It hit Bogut. Now. I hit programs that Boris Diaw is who has. The legendary creature which has the front half of an eagle on the high capital warts. One's an hippo I don't know it's a biography doesn't make sense. And then there's us emerge. By the way similar not a lot similar because of his son Don Imus to lose is your view of some mortgages today. We got the final in this poll result from yesterday and. Question why it's. Should every men know how to drive with it. 220 mumbo. Strictly by brits that. Yet. Earl idiots. 65% idiots like tomorrow really. By the way to turn back from a source. Well on. I. Am married at the guns and from the final fun I don't know where that is I think you've listened to her. I'm a hard time dealing would Tobin highs and lows of the players either mythical creature or rat bastard there is no in between. Storm this win since Arnold in anger helps final file and it's a New Mexico. She can be Mexico now welterweight. I'd Eisenberg gets the show and he gets it. I just back from a source. The you are wrong about the Marlins stadium than the percentage went down as the years went on as far as how much lord of the sitting down. Are we wanted ago 5% idiots 5% that your. Want to zero next year I believe that's a march yes after march aren't. Anyway it was. Oh it would certainly if it and it's. Not a little bit in the coming him in France and the people you build the stadiums. I should Gloria become an older now. We get me ma'am I'm with Quasimodo come find me. The area on in the final Loria that some political influence and was sent here that I showed us. It wouldn't. I'm watching. It is going to be acknowledged they were getting tackle left the running for thirty or forty yards thirty. Dirty thirties it. Now. That placed you run up the middle and NC where you get. I just tried to show you you wouldn't. Facing new outlets once hasn't played it's facing year. Third and 37. Really who we're and do more clever all at the metal let's cut to the right. Oh you should take in order in the house for your loss to speed. I drafty death nearly by the time I got done I couldn't breathe if you're slowing down and her ball on the dolphins hot on the trail of baker mid field. That's Syria he busloads of them got cars apart and listen to every chance to win special about access to the best teacher volleyball players in the country and the world. I'm more upbeat as he beats made a series takes place on for oil -- from February 27 through march 4 to draw more information on this amazing event. Go to money dot com and don't forget to listen occurs in part to wind your way in brushed by a M 790 anathema for three HD two. The ticket. ABs is over here in turn lead to bust I am and I had a real whom I had. IA I elite bully too much for launch injury. I had some pulled pork. It is principles really gone you restricted list don't know that's good because it's soft. But I just it's not you'll look you know it's octaves and moments though and look I got the stomach and Billy goat. And even I struggle pulled pork ultimately will I just I just I mean I had more than I don't live at our spot at. And arguably mission they have pulled chicken is the basis. No big grid prior permission barbecue. If you're together and we brought them will speak here in the at noon we played the first National Anthem. I don't think that would take you back into the U they would dictate a. Yes. Like I heard it again. He was air ball like I give this airwaves here let me put it this way yet this singing wasn't bad well it's. What what they would lose an appeal lie hacked. To Israeli Jews said. OC can you see. Didn't talk about like it loud and bigger mayfield but he got Tobin. It was there was the my I think you. I mean their dad and arrogant with him there's certainly it would all make it safely into. You know anywhere made time out Ponce. This is the part of the shortly Rory goes. I know exactly with the doing that played football before so don't buy into it anyway and you mentally and never had to use dozens. Mr. never. You guys don't know anything you play sports know this that and let's assess what I got it to you a smokescreen. They bring in the bunch and a year ago and for some reason. It sounds great. Because you can write an article about it if you talk about all the quarterbacks they bring every year neighboring and a bunch of quarterback. That's a mean look. Lets your your coach is an alleges. And I I use that were urged wrongly. An alleged quarterback guru. If he sees it quarterback that he really likes and he's telling the front office today. Let's really trying to bogeys on this guy I see them wanna put a lot of working on them. As far as the the drop it from Asia is just the process of the draft. Doesn't mean like to be a bunch of people you bring it they bring it that you won't even about it. Probably you go top ten top elect you know it doesn't matter if you're if they play in a lot of guy is your drastic. And you and that that meal on ten and bombs dime that you you'll learn to Los details. No you know let's take a pro day as a ticket to go into a. Couple of places I went to Kansas City. And I went to Cleveland then. And New York. And I went to lunch all the time. It and they need they need. Today ask you to put square peg round hole. Didn't mess and adjust their conversation didn't get it out you know what I'll be honest view. I mean this may sound stupid. But you know that's the role I play in the show. If you make every field has chance to be good. I would draft and because. What it would it would give me so I mean this team is lack excitement for ever. They give you excitement that you can't protect them decked out as tightly as tight credit he's advanced tech bubble but he's exciting he's got a personality. You win the Arab guy. Of what we've come to expect Nadal I don't understand you're gonna see it's. You state quarterback guru that's recorded big dude you. Pictured team before you start region. I wouldn't you bloody if it if were at this point it any less if your coach really likes him this very honest question. It do you. This quarterback in an address. Do you would have eleventh pick. Does it make your team better right away no and let me and did. That's our only. Did get better. As a coach you. And you hear the quarterback again well. The seal of the I'd ask is your offense being at amuses mine has that heat like do you go into this and say look. Had a hell wasn't my guy I took the job with a mere yeah oh yeah had a good first year. Bush everybody's hurt you got hurt at the end of it's also hard to their dad compete when you know often in line you. Please don't these guys as we say that no he's. In. The daylight they've used first numbers on on three fifths of that offense I don't know ordered am. Nelson. Will it. Seemed this. Robbie. Oh he knows that's got to Tunisia is you don't think hey you know Robby what I have is your board and make it to eleven. I'm very worried about that really worry about the raiders would say about raiders attack which by the way how the raiders have a higher pick in the gulf as a book of the same record and the raiders beat the dolphins earlier in the year they're clearly the better team did make it through its. I think there is here it's political and it's not a job it's the junger general it's gonna go by strict schedule lubbers easier should the schedule goes by strength of Chuckie. I know that's an avenue. That's what happens when you play in this divisions during the schedule goes out the window. So but yet. Many. Leads and so for you out here knock out the week this week. And I shot to our guy Derek Lewis. Who we're not dumb are seeds number I UC awesome this week. Ole Ole boy whose lives that entire fight by the way came back and knocked his ass out. But better than the knocked out on the economy and closes Panasonic job his post fight interview what do you say well he got old if you if you don't remember. Derrek Lewis is that of well run around the finance that. After winning a fight by knocking out her husband who. And apparently his wife. In the sex ban after those comments he did not differ. Him publicly run arousing and refine gas that an anything goes a Romberg sex banner he's got going on know a different sort of for a different day a couple on their. Iran is upon us. So this time he decides I'll take it upon myself to to show the wife he yeah and plans to later. Yeah Derrek Lewis everything's bigger in Texas. At a crowded. What could build up in six boys. Some adversity early in that fight the amount. But Europe power stayed up late in the fine. It's you have and it that you would get it late. This will fly and we knew to a degree because you know political. Appreciated against the this Susie got that space that combination did you know you heard and you know was over. Paula does believe the milestone just in order to teach more to their noses. That's a Texas boy isn't certain. They want. Why couldn't the blood sugar to lose. Yeah. But maybe they didn't graduated. I'm going to do. Yeah yeah. You select her pregnancy went. To get trouble would you want to have that not on T shirts already. All men. The idea of nervous in the newsroom good so he's getting it. Actually actually measure was that was owed I was showing on the replay and as to what you want kind of sweet. Yeah sweet. Grocery shop should autos romantic going. I'm gonna do.