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Wednesday, February 21st

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They eat New Orleans Friday picking on the panel again. That's going coming hikes are in the pregame excitement at Condit said eat with my feeling the heat played here all season long. On AM 790 and at the memorial for three HT CU that picket. It's wins wins it's good how they halfway through the work week more than halfway down. Her most of you. Alongside Greg likens I'm freed we'll take you up until 10 o'clock. I was on he practiced today Kelly elect still battling a shoulder problem that unknown. Shall promise only the NHL or they simply say upper binary upper body injury or lower body injury which is about as. General as you can possibly make it. Or the Miami Hurricanes swimmers say you went lower extremity or are considering. We try to be used generic as possible so I don't know what the injuries so anyway he he only went through nine contact drills today and he's doubtful for Friday there's really no timetable. Or is a return and I said. On the show person perk coming Eric's balls for pulling this very close to the best he's not giving any details. I was asked flat out and you know during the break we have an MRI or any other test he said no but. He wouldn't give much. And writing Magruder which were full practice again and second time so but he's not in basketball shape to will be. Always ways that's there's not bushels knew he racked it was a brief slowed eighty he will where patches honoring. In the stone Douglass high school and for the rest of the season they images in of that. The design is not finalized yet they hope to have on their onion or by Friday's and they did have a picture for a split up that's as good for them they're gonna do do that of course baseball. You know all thirty teams from wearing caps on Friday honoring doubles as well. Great to see the outpouring of support and as we discuss a little bit last night Josh that it's a credit to the students. Who have been certainly. Directly affected but they've overcome that to be activists now and to be taking up this cause and they are ensuring that this story. Is not to be forgotten anytime soon is sucked in a past the news cycles so. Between the students and the parents who've been a balls and that the teachers who were directly affected by the tragedy in and also the sports world commemorating it. It's such a horrible thing that happened. But if we can try to put a positive spin on it it's terrific that. They're making. Every one continually aware of the issues that are involved there hopefully from a societal standpoint who creates and change some good job by the Miami Heat. Major League Baseball and Anthony results on some of the other people who sports related who were doing their part. In the stocks that's right good for a good for everybody there and I you know a lot of you know that. There isn't a horrible tragedy but they're trying to make the best of horrific situation just and they're doing. Oh we engineer. Some change rooms talk about milk hyper. We're sure talking to melt paper but we don't have the hairdo on and he has other marked for a another mark trapped his second one I think you're gonna be surprise as to who he has. Come of the Miami Dolphins will get an of that Jarvis Landry that story broke. Grow a middle civilly part of the show last night that they put the franchise tag on him and yeah if he's free to negotiate with another team. But if he signs of them in the dolphins on match and then that team owes the dolphins to for routers and no I was given up 21 runners driver slander if you heard in the 6 o'clock hour I was chocolate person perk and I only immediate a couple of guys on. A very quick list I made of who I would trade two for runners for Curtis as it was was a much longer list and enemy you don't they're probably mornings that deserve to be out but the army to for stronger as a lot I mean he did bring up Cam Newton and Andy I said yes went. I mean here that MVP season of any of an off year and he's been hurt some is east east west east on the right side thirty. Rice probably what 2728. Years old still Jim Newton yeah. Yeah I easily but I wanted to yes I mean maybe he'd blown you Curacao and also Ben Roethlisberger Ben Roethlisberger is pretty darn close retirement I would document troopers routers and I would give up too for runners bring up for Tom Brady. And less I was right on the us. Right on the cusp of winning a simple. Yeah because as brewer's greatest Tom Brady is coming out the did all the rest the dolphins' roster news Seoul. While we saw what general easily this rally Jackson. Which is our great defense and Byron Jacksonville I would trooper Tom birdie right now two for for a but you also remember. I mean he's forty and and look at the quick drop the Peyton Manning had two years at creativity by a touchdown passes and 500 yards he was out of the league. Yeah. I'm well aware of the package if you're Jacksonville. Time to strike is now right historical errors hot you need a quarterback that's the real difference right now that your deficiency were boy portals but I can put pretty well. In their run to the EC championship game I would do that in a second day that that's just me. Now we can talk about a more as a show goes on certainly put. I'm curious to hear your thoughts because you seem very protective of these first two these 21 round picks. Now and I'm curious to understand you're your thought process on that because of you hit on 21 round. Or is obviously it depends on the position you know quarterback and I and I know perk is listening quarterback little more viable willing guard. Course per thinks that magic marker in the ruling there in the deaths is more valuable in the guard. But it depends on position you you if you get. Say a quarterback Cory shut down corner those are real valuable pieces with who if they stay healthy and they're successful can help you for years to come. In an end in this debate the or having. Age is a factor. You know to breezes if he's not forties going to be forty very soon Tom Brady is forty or Roger is probably what 33. He's got some mileage and he would be one I would consider Ben Roethlisberger wouldn't I would consider. And encouraged brother Antonio Brown phenomenal but it for X. In the end in the Kirk pointed out if you have ranked ten it was a quarterback I want you to for runners for Antonio when he got to get a mobile. Right. Well certainly age is is one of the big factors put it the other part of it too to me is it. You are working under the assumption that your going to hit only two for Albrecht and so that that's were I. Coming into this and take a look at and say yes the first trump it's a valuable. But it's such a crapshoot the draft we see every year that you know you hits and misses if you have a proven great NFL commodity that you getting in return. Every difficult to turn pass that up if you get that guy and you know what he's gonna bring the table verses to wild card you bring up great points. And I'm much less reticent to give up prospects in baseball for instance were you know there you know that there than not too many short innings. Then I am an end in football on and maybe I'm being too cautious with them you look at depends on the team it depends on their record. How closely are winning a championship and it depends on the Asian player in this hell they're a lot of there's a lot of moving parts went when considering this American make a blanket statement that I would never do it. They're there are a lot of things to consider you know I'd and and maybe chorus had a point Jacksonville. Getting Brady I mean they've got a great defense then got some very good offensive pieces may be he would be the guy that would finally you know I think you do apparently. Ideas and he'd have to assume Curtis after a personal lines and some not right now what you or I would I wanna see it becomes back to health permits I just want because there's YouTube. Age plays a factor there too with him being so young that you'd you'd assume general bright future and injuries a factor and then we got a good headlines here would you give up 21 runner right now. Andrew. No I would not not now no there's too many unknowns to meridian and as you know I just that's just it I can't do it with his help right now. We just don't know greet. You there's too many question marks or I'd be more competent in Carson went solicited to Shawn Watson and are worried. And I would do well that's the name came up as Long Island Watson doesn't hear it too small sample size. You look great. But to assault him and then the nameless author Jim Graf has seven Starks and some more starts than you when I c'mon you know. The Internet in the highest decor or highest paid player and to lose that writer you are it's only got a second round pick formally in a choice and now O'Donnell today it's funny there were you were bringing to a conversation the potential to be of 21 round picks. Right now that's the initially realistic it's within the context is generously agree story buddies it's intriguing for sure I. We'll continue this and that and the topic came up late last night we want late in the show last night wanna talk about it. About alma mater is an in favor teams and everything but first let's go to headlines and. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. My team back to work deceptive business practice for the first time since the all star break still returned to action on Friday when they take on the pelicans in New Orleans and new injury news Kelly when it is considered doubtful for that contest. Of course you hear the game right here on 79 it'd ticket. Elsewhere in the NBA mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been find 600000. Dollars for saying oh podcast with Julius Erving did his team should hang. The rest of the season. One other B notes spurs coach Gregg Popovich said today that it would be a surprise historical why letter return this season plumbers right quad injury. Finally to baseball the Marla aside free agent outfielder Cameron Maybin to a one year contract worth 3.2 five million dollars. The thirty year old spent parts of three seasons in Miami the beginning of his career is one of the centerpieces of the Miguel Cabrera trade back in 2007. Now provide depth for very young Marlins outfield and those are your red marks. I thank you very much. We you're bringing up beast last night. Yeah I was at least it's got an odd way we got to a topic yet we it was not intentional you know we we talk about show ideas before the show and and you know we talk about this or that. This was just accidental we discredit sort of stumbled upon you you read the liner for baseball with beast right you you brought the ideally what would the the winners talk to well he's gonna take a train right on the trial rural opt to west palm and then they're gonna heavy free shuttle bus to. To the ballpark watching Astros braves game. And I said what do you think he's gonna talk about yeah I say I have three preteens you know UN in general. Or the Red Sox and patriots and you said UN and and nice and what are you who is more partial to and and you you guessed beast will be more partial to UN and I as so we got this little debate then there's no right or wrong answers is just a personal choice. Are are you more loyal. To. Your all the moderate or to. A pro team and and and you are more loyal to Syracuse. Yeah I would say New York Syracuse because our city and everywhere Syracuse up you were in their purpose. I its domination of yes I'm I'm wearing it because you claim that lower certain stuff and also because they're put playing North Carolina tonight at an obvious penal very technical difficulties of the broadcast so Rommel. A little by the way by if I'm distracted all throughout the show just you know why is insert these games on. Problem but no ice at Syracuse native part beat him in you you make a really good point it's it's everything's personal there's no right or wrong answer here but for me. My grandfather was a 39 graduate by oh my mom's side of the family were all Serkis fans and so I was gonna brain washes cute to be a sports fan I had to go to school there. And the rest is history so to speak of always been a loyal certain span that far away use my eight. Our team and sold even above any of the special teams and our support and so it. In that sense I said that the experience of being on campus and being part of the sports programs so to speak I think really winds itself to. Real loyalty and and you're saying that your experiences growing up as a cubs fan and that's why. I grew up at Wrigley Field I mean I went out there searching yeah that's in the I've faraway in my favor team listeners of mine. Know that I went to Indiana University now my freshman year there are they won the NCAA title back when Isiah Thomas was a sophomore starting point guard he went pro after that. They won six years later after I graduated again Steve Alford and he's Smart making the shot that yeah. They beat here you. Who brought the British pay attention to. And but nonetheless the football team by and large stinks the basketball team has had its ups and downs more downs than. And ups. And it to me. I would I just by far away my favorite team as the cubs eight road team and so Kara throughout their will take calls you wanna seven a 63600790. Or the text lying Coral Springs are Mohammed Tex lines 67974. We go bump the phone lines. What's your personal favorite your home a moderate and and what by the way I will say this mean again we we did this late in the show saw tiger this is a different listening audience. Bomb. I was in the minority more people support their alma mater than did any exports it didn't matter if they were from down here in new Yorker wherever their from. The sample size of our party and support their Omar. One it would seem to sing with the state of Florida for those and made you move would differ longtime familiar with this but she you have. Like in the case is saved we tied into a local athlete which Udonis Haslem. Of course was a story University of Florida basketball team but still supports the university of army football team there's a lot of confusion so in terms of the loyalties ruler of the colleges in the state right now he's got families that are split between Florida State Florida or Florida or Miami or some combination of all those values CF and USF and have by you and if you. So appealing there's a lot of allegiances that are porn from so I I thought it was it see the last that we had some people who. Went to Florida State but still root for University of Miami like I was their first team Sosa that a possibility as well my whole argument to you was that I was shocked. Did you warts they are more loyal fan watching your loyal fan but you wouldn't have more loyalty towards. I Indiana and and you sit on the the cubs' top but I just thought that especially considering you were there when they won national champion viewer I have that a common tumor both freshman. When our. Colleges one national championships. Ought to that would got to stick with you when you'd always be a may be a bigger India independent than a cubs fan. I you know it just it it. This conversation never even crossed the transom of my mind at this comparison into what just happened upon a last night and to me it's not even close again there's no right or wrong and and you do very valid reasons wiring for Syracuse. Com our drummer I don't know if you were close the miner at this this SP least a couple of years ago so maybe not. We had a guy call in an office high school often to wind did say who was that they would school but I use very good. He had full scholarship offers from both Florida fort estate remember that says it has NYSE and one parent with 21 compared to the other may go as low last year and I eighties and what should I do just like you you what you would follow our vice president for Houston which are apparent bribes you the most go to school who was Joffrey the car. The record. Who wrote we go to school. And so I you know even houses are at a young households or are divided like that. It's for sure now we received a lot packed every there was a story. This this football season as press football season word what are RJ Macintosh the offensive tackle for the University of Miami his brother played for Notre Dame. And so news and they lose the parents showed up there from South Florida mes did the kids from South Florida they showed the game with us hammer Notre Dame. Through Miami having been made some shirts are not a cut on the middle and so we do see that from time to time but I do tickets and I'm curious though what people in the audience feel about it if you steal. A real loyalties your alma mater in that supersedes. Any of the professional sports seems that there you've grown up. Watching and rooting for or if you feel more loyalties is saved the Miami Dolphins vs the Miami hurricane eyes or what what if for whatever reason. And we have well wide open Paul wants you want 786360. 0790 the most extreme example boy you're talking about you know parents and all that. Is when the niners may be ravens in the super monster harmless yes I mean. You don't want your son is an experience that the greatest joy in his professional career and one's gonna have the lowest. Of little feelings and losing that championship. You know and you're gonna have to you know rejoice with one and console Leo now that's. That's a really difficult once I mean that's that's incredible two Brothers meet his head coaches in some areas Sicily run. Harbaugh family. And then I'm toppled added as you well know that the hardball daughter rather than this that the both Jimmy John's sisters aren't sister's married to Tom crane right so you are coaching is just absolutely all over that family. Com but yet Harbaugh is going head to head to Super Bowl and and the parents. To be extremely proud but then also how do you handle let's attrition beaches in one sense it's it's literally the greatest moment. Of anyone's career right if you're in that profession you with a Super Bowl and then it's also like. Gotta be one of the worst moments ever to get that close and not actually finish the job absolutely you know. And I even if they were Hampshire I'm sure Harbaugh Brothers were close you know by a browser close my brother I'd probably wait a few weeks or right. Could talk with them or text and or anything just I needed to get that out of my system right you don't get out of your system. Completely all right we're open phone lines again 7863600790. What are you what he. Where your loyalty if you had to pick one or the other here a professional team or your alma mater. Which would it be 78636007. Annual exec Greg likens them freed or back after that's. 6790. The ticket to our promise is to deliver the best sports coverage in Miami. And for you Bob Smith surprising as we can get our pledging a little hands on it. That although Robert and Pam perhaps you can feel like Miami Heat. Parents take it every taste and even special kind that the ship early on July 24 earlier he's hoping that these heavier chair rail passes into the ballpark of the Palm Beach and the Atlanta patrons is good Saturday. World's best beach volleyball players are back in town for the beach majors series starting February 27 to march Boris. And her isn't her catch your tickets to go I want more Miami Heat thing yeah you can whenever now just a quick visit to Miami dot com. I'll keep listening or your kids don't win big guys only on AM seven. Nine ENFM 104318. Q what about statistics. Family can bring. It's just fun. Christopher every afternoon on the ticket for your kids to a special event accessed. Beach volleyball players in the country in the world. Lauderdale beach as the beach major series takes place on Fort Lauderdale beach in February 27 through march 4. That my friends and they brought us. For more than one. Check out the ticket man. But game seven. Defensive side definitely. Greg why didn't I am Frito here taking up till 10 o'clock. 7863600790. Is that number we get some text here a few worries some about do you prefer or are more moderate deeper for a pro team. Yeah it's it's adjusting deceived their kind of a sample size we have here problem first one that we got on this topic says. It's a it's two terms as always all the moral or professional teams it's all about the U Susie universe of Miami grad there. Another monsters. I hate when I go to Tallahassee Gainesville on I give my UN random question because they did attend this school. We that makes me truer friend. Losses. They rep our city a group watching them and acceptance letter didn't decide my random. Okay well you know what nobody's saying you can't be a fan of these schools I guess that the question here would be. If you win 28. College that has major sports. Is that supersede. Say which you grew up rooting for right and he gets kind of the overriding question here is where is your boiled T lot right when it comes your friend. You know here's one I agree with him disagree with the guy taxer says a person should always view more loyal to their hometown team. More than all of lottery you live your whole life somewhere and you only go to school for warriors we use sir or ma'am. Are assuming that you're living your entire life in 1 city I am an example of something that doesn't happen I grow up and shook a mall in suburban Chicago Alan park. Once I you for four years and live in various other places including Washington DC for a couple years but I've been here for the opera. Romo's 22 year or so I've lived in Chicago for more than two decades yet. You know you know my loyalty is to the cubs even on moved away and and that always. Bothers me I don't that's the right word when people call me into the carpet saying when you should. You lived in this city now Freel for more than twenty years you should root for the local teams to in my comeback his. To them both online or in person when somebody says that the are you would dolphins fan Ashley are dolphins and yet so few of new Yorker gonna root for the jets remove the Boston root for the patriots and boy that stops them and their track so there's no comeback to that. Yeah it's do you know what everybody's got their reasoning behind their their friend on right so I aides this is one of those where you could argue it if you want to buy. It's one of the it's every individual's different I mean you're describing you little buster places I was kind of confuses cued just I was born in Denver. Go to Chicago when your opponent and I lived in Europe for a couple years back to Chicago then came down here of the Florida went to school in new York and I'm all over the place but I've I've kept our try to tell my loyalty to the team's. But I grew up watching buddy it's one of those scenarios where. I was all over the place but all along that ride. Because my family's influence Syracuse was a huge influence unsold cubs fan as well because my time in Chicago or you know I have that common. But as far as my eight greatest loyalty is so always into my alma mater just worked out that way that. Once again to school there was like a dream form. Well LeRoy hoard of great pyramid they should co midday show cohost. Tex as he's welcome call in if you wants. He said what are your protein is in your college teams rival state run an example Michigan Ohio. And he said that happens a lot up there I would imagine that you know there guys from you know all state players in Michigan. And an and they choose Ohio State and vice Versa what has got to be confusing that's that's got to be really strange is there such. Intense rivals and they Texan again egos are happens a lot of there are still root for the saints and here's a guy who had a you know a decade long career with with the browns and with the with the vikings in came oh so close to the Super Bowl. With Minnesota. And any ambush he'd rock root for the saints and and that's and I understand. Why his allegiances to that bad I just I mean. If you don't when the saints won the Super Bowl. You know if if they've played Cleveland for instance I I I imagine he would have rooted for the saints I don't know I mean would he can colony can text in the and let us know but that's who grew up with people we played for Cleveland the saints have bench I'm I'm putting words in his mouth and and if I'm wrong they'll let me know. But the saints have been his team since he was a baby you know this since he learned about football. That's what he know who's an end and that browns even though they were you don't have his pro career. User five years vs your whole life. Right yeah I mean. Agassi both sides or be does that that's been there in you and I didn't play for news seems like we Roy Tutsis got even more unique perspective. But that that's been your perspective as you grew up your whole life being a cubs fan. The moment I can remember right in Seoul did that that makes a lot of sense. Home we got this I suppose got a phonies is that what directors as a Floridian was diet are hurricanes fan when both were in the big east. Ray Lucas made it easy not a light rikers. That's a circle or that that's that's another way to look at it here so I was so based on that are taxer remains a die hard hurricane center there at 78636. 0790 let's go to Robin pompano hole rob welcome to the sick. I gave her dog on their man. Eight what can I deploy DeShea you know I'm not like long ball control and even when I lived in New York that killed. Now live in pompano and but I can hear you know neither did the University of Miami where I went to school got a bachelor's. Northern Miami Dolphins let me checks every month. Hold my allegiance goes to where I got my education and always will be our can't collect. Okay you know and edit and thanks for the call and and again I on the opposite but who might tell anybody that this is a subjective debate right personal right there's no wrong it's just. It's a personal choice. Correct and that's were I agree with Robin was so it's a teacher education so that it helps with your livelihood but it could also appeal like. Being on a college campus for four years by it to me as a more lasting impact in just rooting for professional sports today. What if you headband like to meet growing. In the only house in Beverly and then. And you stayed in Indy Chicago or suburban Chicago and and you didn't move at all. Maybe they would tilted the scales the other way I possibly you know because you you didn't have a set hometown you were you were hybrid. Right at it if you get your gnome. I and yes I'm wise and the the grazer uses people were much more nomadic chameleon there with a partly a military family may they're moving every year wasn't good that that in my case it. Certainly because arms shall sports oriented anyway it'd made it a little more difficult Seawright if I was just in Chicago. Or in Denver or in upstate New York or here in South Florida my whole life then maybe I would. Reflect differently backed on this one. My argument on this one is that the all the modern Jews means more because I feel like there's this a special connection that you have because you're there on campus for four years four years a solid your whole life bright and at the same time I mean that becomes a part of your identity in not did you aren't. It was a part of your day whatever your of the sports teams are but like. It's eight to me it's like you're not going and hanging out on the campus of the Chicago Cubs for four years in getting an education that's helping get a job. You don't mean like as part of your college experience you're also enjoying the sporting events and sold those things are intertwined and therefore that loyalties built up that's a way I look at. Tags thanks in seem. I immoral local problem like rook in Miami lived here my whole life and now I go to buy you are still root harder for UN sports in my wrongs wouldn't. That's census in one merger for the brawl there's a epithet well it's this one because even though notify you news yet division one as well. Deal that Miami and FY urine different playing fields when it comes to. The expectation levels certainly in the big conference affiliation in the strength the conference and in all that. Com and after you made argue otherwise are under Lane Kiffin now because they've they've played so well this past season but. I can understand that because I fight doesn't have a history you wan has in sports although all. I don't know why I would be curious though what are texas' say when they'd renew their rivalry on the football field birds all rivalry because of the proximity to campuses. Column how he would rule in that case of due to severe and active. FYU student. Would you root word would go the Panthers and set of the hurricanes I would think. I don't know I don't wanna putting thoughts or ideas anybody's mind but that's what I would do if I was going to up by you actively and their play UMI would refer the underdog story. What if once he retires for good. Who's Butch Davis report. From. Coach both teams. Khost bowl teams is a north Carolina's lone bunch of assistant coaches this spot are stops deeply. Zero browns fans still Luby's in the net and will matter now have a good that's a religious question let's go to oh let's go to burden Key Biscayne good evening Berger and AM 790. Hey look what that got ever growing up the number. Right in an embryo on the ears are too late scenario rate is not. A little bit down materially in Amman there are you at bat but they wellbeing and regularly at a adopt the bank. Almost closest Evita people appropriate behavior to be honest no Adobe outlined it all up to beat by. So we'll pay an act or whatever it is well. Why your for the dolphins rope there I mean it was at the birdies are of course perfect season why why was it W the jets and giants. The thing that I've prayed barred most of our. We're double as they did he got here IQ but you're telling me very you'd probably get it can't go a break adopted. And after big hit wouldn't get the cold. Academic the big division. I just don't know what would be gay and there is no I don't stop that would be yankees come my. Of you don't agree what he okay they would be able they did out there. And then in seventy Andre about a debate fueled. Ever to becoming a regular guy you feel you don't but and I hit a boy in the audit could not that they wait. Where might that modern that I don't they 'cause I mean are they eat out I want to approach is very common you're great situation. Okay thanks for the call you know he brought he brought up that tale to tell you how things change when I was a kid. I want a bad day in May he be full size wooden bat on the hang on anyone not done yet. On your way into the park they won't do that anymore and I can get a bunch of people bloated up on beer. And the jets a swing and hit somebody it's only a concussion the worst now the last time I was a fan and they had that day it was these miniature bats. You gotta coupons going in and the bad on the way out no you are apt to regain after the game yeah. Yes so that they don't want they to having a C has backed them full size that go warning now. A miniature bat on your way. Full size that how cool that review experiencing right now via net that's in. This state is no cost a lot of money for the franchise right you'll full sized segment sponsored or whoever routers in an area. Lewis announcing it would take a chance on some drunk you idiot swing and away Smart move. Because you just never know from Seoul you're right you're giving here the coupe auto are on the way out that some way to do it it makes sure there. Off the grounds of the stadium could edit there's no responsibility is exactly the organization I you'll alerted me that was a mock draft by Mel hyper and I think people might be surprised as to who he has going number eleven. To the Miami Dolphins talk about it next career it's. Today he's a guy in New Orleans Friday picking on the power again. Fast growing coming hikes are the pre game seven can come visit and eat with my little. The heat play here all season Long Island AM 790 and at and what else fourth street HT do that picket. Take a picture. Lost. Graham and. Okay. Lewis and every page of the ticket for the quarter as he ticket window your chance to win tickets to an upcoming. Porous Miami Heat technology partner and your local south ward a technology company. Visit them online at a course called dot com was sponsored by a lot of real BMW however times. Marion Ohio Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys he's been listening to the ticket to winning your win in the to a heat game he opened up. You know ultimately Saturday as the home and they play got to look. Probably it's the grizzlies. It was okay. So don't do your schedule right here yet it appeared grizzlies at home so it's our. A New Orleans home for men through cinemanow a couple days off before Tuesday Philadelphia I think at least five games at home going there for one in the plea to more homes of seven of the eight starting on Saturday yes aren't are at home. And it's every sixers game next users should be a lot of fun. Hopefully. Hasan Whiteside to all and be Vick in rural renew their rivalry on the court because. The last sound entities played and B was out of time before that Bissau Whiteside played just diverted huge game that was sick soul. Would like to see those two big guys on the court together consider that there. War of words both on the court in the pre season and on the Internet so it's like to see them battle on the basketball court come Tuesday night. Miami by the way is the EC they were they were four they were a hell of fracture and eventually from the third seed. And then told backlog they lost seven of their last date they are right now a game and a half behind the seventh seeded sixers they are game and a half ahead. Of the ninth seeded Detroit Pistons so they are right in the middle. There 7863600790. Milk hyper. What does he do about seven or eight mock drafts. You know something like they don't they doesn't. He does and I guess so he's on two point old today but then he says that the next one will be after the combo. Process so this is like his first which is next week 3COM mine owner you have won before which is Dodgers like okay were stored in the off season officially now. This one wasn't the first 13 com mine and actually be post column by Seoul all of the likely overreaction that we have on the come by and will be integrated units next. And by the way our own Chris Perkins will be up there are obese filling in and sitting alongside Curtis Stevenson next Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday. And Chris will be you know while Chris is in Indianapolis will hear from him. We're gonna hear from our dolphins insider Adam Beasley. He'll be on every day from the come I didn't as well and he's gonna get later tonight's art by the jurors Landry. Situation all right speaking of football. We came out with his. NFL mock draft 2.0 his second one. I think people will be surprised as to who he's got possibly possibly falling to number eleven on the golf. And so I'm trying to figure this out Josh and where we determined is Mel Qaeda per more balls agency draft expert -- tell -- of what he thinks or do you think he's uses numbers more entertainment because I you don't -- the cynic in me and I don't want to be right I mean he's I guess hitter and he's a choice at gunpoint whose record as saying it would go -- that you are bright but I think to the final mock draft is where he wants to hit the ones right now -- ticker more friends I see what you're saying yeah I understand that yes the look the last one of the most important the last one when GM Mike may act like that you know I build a lot of Smart dress of the bridge in my may doctor -- probably to resume the top. For the most part McCollum and finish and yeah bit like numbers into a long in the jail I guess is from within two different entities if you're gonna take a top guy from ESP and the top guy. Medical network. And those at a big Tigger losers of their final marker and actually to. Look at if I'm Rick Shea or paper or may act and people say are we all your your second mark draft you rolling you right in the seventh one of the final one. And I would if I'm then the easy comeback is yet but I won't from a more information now the last one and you know that was my final one in the and I just in my draft board as pro teams do sometimes up to the last minute they have more information they're gonna get look I I would. Based on interviews that piper does and statistics he gets from the and then everybody Hogan now from the Columbine. But also eateries a look at that of a big deal was when these players just have a chance to sit down with the teams in Russia look at it based based. You know and that of course that bu the gets what thirty visits to two. And they can careened you know players for thirty players come visit. Put the batteries were big deal his mock draft will change because of what's gonna happen both on and off the field next week in Indianapolis. Right character concerns there and you know how they these players present themselves in front of the teams in word leaked out good or bad. And certainly the forty's numbers and although the workout pants size given all of that is the source seems like silly yes dots. A lot of it to commit to look at you've got a small in size but if you could sling the ball downfield but what does it matter if you're your your. Hate to east inning to you know all the way to your thumb is like heaven shorter than what's. I do you'll all right and how many times you doing a cone drilling team and you don't like all of us all these different things. But eyes so getting to this marked draft over the reason I ask is he's doing this more for entertainment is because. In this year's draft every year's draft you we talk of the quarterback this year's draft more sold than in others in recent years. And so you've got these topple quarterbacks between Josh Allen Sam Arnold baker mayfield Josh Rosen and everybody wants a were there gonna end up so. Milk hyper has made headlines with mark Dre 2.0 because. And eleven and he's got one of those four quarterbacks dropping in Seoul the conventional wisdom has been along the way up to this point was that if any of those quarterbacks would go outside of the top ten B baker mayfield. But according to milk pepper junior he's got baker mayfield going number six overall the New York Jets and he's got Josh Rosen. Who some say is the best. Most talented quarterback in this draft falling to number eleven. To the Miami Dolphins that too he has in his latest marked draft the other quarterbacks Josh Allen. He has he's consistent with this year Adam before marked draft one point -- marked her 2.0 one of the browns at number one overall. He's got the Broncos. Teton Sam Dora the number five put Josh Rosen falling to the dolphins at number eleven. OK but you know the one of the reasons is is he was inconsistent this past year in a way with with UCLA there's just some medical and sore shoulder injury a couple of years right. But this is intriguing unity in renews description he says that if Rosen does indeed drop and he was saying that the reason for this drop. Based on his marked draft is because he's got sick while Barkley going number two overall the running back north and state the dryness. It was a couple of years ago who was that. The night riders draft a running back like the second or third round and that was the first one picked. I camera the name of the guy I know I'll I'll think it was somebody comes up and and tells me your. But I mean running backs cores the one the Cleveland drafted for Alabama. That was out of the lead late chart Richardson thank you Trevor. And he was third overall. And then they just so we don't you know okay rookie rookie campaign. And then they just swindled the colts for a first round pick rang Rex who was a first year general manager of the cold somehow. He got you they convince rank Greeks and two. Give up the first runner Richardson and he was just eight plus for the rest of his he did nothing. And so running backs on a favor and they lasted select the second or third round in and now we're talking a sit com Barkley now. And you as you write you and I discussed. You said how to go through the first roughly five weeks of this past college football season. Who was leader in the clubhouse at the time for the Heisman Trophy wouldn't take one bar no doubt and then things Powell in a couple years go to bed numb. The letter for an endurance format formulas you know and you know things happen they they change quickly. And running back to possibly go that high that that's remark when people could point. I'm a cowboys fan look at the difference he Kelly has made I think although there there were three and three I believe during his six game suspension. But an immensely gifted guy yes I'm AJ shows. All the way escape can change when running backs were so out of favor. And viewed as interchangeable and are you might have one going as high as number two by the way. Just for the jets chances to rubble salt rumor reporter Thomas one number two overall. And then this one away right as they that I think policy lost. Yeah now so. In for the jets whose I was brought them up date they have Carlos Hyde I think is one of O crows I don't get bigger you baker mayfield being taken by the jets' number six overall. That's what the other developments here at least a dent in this hypothetical scenario that milk pepper junior has. Mayfield going ahead of Josh Rosen because. Prior to this most thought it was in some order Josh Allen send Arnold Josh Rosen as a clear cut top three in a mayfield was. Among the four Bo was the fourth of the four. You guesswork care while I you know what I think besides possibly care during that thing may be people who bits because a man Zell. Is a lot of that he's done things that are is egregious as men's L I think. Hi is a concern me to a 64 right you know and and Kenny she over those massive office of wild Bill Polian to him and I've heard him talk about mayfield that's a. Real big deal. It is and you know there are some exceptions to bad guys have overcome their size issues later Drew Brees or Russell Wilson and I'm Eric Mike Vick was an all out either but you know had all of a bunch of other. Great assets that he brought to the table but so this is interstate I mean again this is one of these scenarios Josh where. Is this day is done to fill time during this time of the year for years. And quite frankly we all look at these quarterbacks and I would makes it more fascinating for Austin's South Florida's that it is the dolphins. We're gonna take Josh frozen number eleven according to an. No carper junior announced they had to go our projected number eleven we won't be having this discussion no because the first time around they had them taking one of the offensive lineman from Notre Dame soul. We had that already rarely talked about it too much is it wasn't all that interesting so. Now that it's a quarterback. You know I would not be oppose the doll and say your quarterback and number eleven if one of these guys balls there I think it acts. A legitimate way they could go and Adam gays could get his guy who developed for the future and there's so much uncertainty surrounding Wright ten Eagles physical wellbeing. But I don't know there's so many other holes to fill that you would you have argue it both ways go with a BA worthy. Selection there Lisa by that position. I've got more to say in this I'm sure you do is wobble were up against break we'll talk about it next or you're in the ticket. Issuing a ticketed welcoming the world's best beach volleyball players back to South Florida cannot reach major series starting February 27 and run. I think through march 4. And watched beach volleyball Olympic and world generally. Questions and hope for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money these free admission event takes place right on Fort Lauderdale. Elicited Curtis and virtual for your chance to win special event to access we'll see you when some beach for more info log. Miami dot com.