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Wednesday, February 21st

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And I just love you guys yeah now that ticket gates. The music video that event and that's to win. Your chance to win special access to see the best beach volleyball players in the country and the way. Fun for water all because of the major series takes place on former real meat from February 27 and march 4. For more info on this amazing it's amazing event check out the ticket mammy dot com and don't forget to listen close. Virtually Norway and for a few by AM shows ninety's and after immoral for free agency the ticket. Oh you're accused didn't quite make it. 17874. Unfortunately we came close we come back. I don't know see if if if Beasley now listen to us right now text that just Texas Syracuse won Nadal can get a I see you think that's funny I did you and I don't think that's on channel. Who's. Oh. It it. Mrs. gets back to you apparently told a story earlier about you know annoying your older brother and being happy when he's annoyed council is a Pulitzer Olympus likes great joy the same thing news. Same sentiment is coming out right now. Elliott house talking in my deepest wallet today about you know. What kind of person has to be only give me an athlete to be like in the middle of the body of form and bows to you you're Runyan jumpin and you keep your head down. But he he said that was a really stupid come you know. He said that it all the zippy sprint Jersey three strong a lot of a track stars are. Easier for you or your running an IC upper row basket to get that bobsled moving again accelerating. I don't tended to look up. You know I got wanna see blows gonna. Yeah well I guess you probably get that out of your system in some of practice runs right do you it is do that but if you're. Actually in the Olympics and you or barreling doubted sometimes a you know over eighty miles per hour on this track. On ice you know I mean like he attended look I gotta look down. Looking at the bottom of the bop consulate. Rudd bill to simulate for when it's when it's right now in the Olympic stage you don't do anything in all it had to look off you do whatever you've been trained to do. A visitor gets on less from less real winners is what a practice run that you get that out of your system that do on the practice for a which you're OK given the choice skeleton where you least faced down on this tiny little sled you will. The Skelton and or luge where you're on your back. Mostly personal space for I do the if if I'm trying to steer myself and feel like cattle moved a little better control. Home. I might do skill really now but he's so afraid like a DP you know. Curves and your your going headfirst or shoulder first into something that I know. So I would wanna do either one quite frankly I don't what you mean this this sport. We are talking about that the of the day right which which of diesel exports are free to a monster spears are the most. This this is right up there you do lose the Bob slid seems a little safer but the luge we seem like for your protect with the bucks right of the skeleton your bureau exposed I mean you you're on this like a sled basically brought tears to me and you on any protection. It's fascinating to watch and their role what 7080 miles an hour just fascinating. Well if you if you you know if you wanted to look at and I mean these guys like by you really EEC and see them woman went medal and come legal real. What's your left what you're right they're goal right the united actually with their show and NBC right now is a pair of historic runs. Well because it is one Casey had the first ever. Women's Jamaican bobsled team have been mentioned it above the team is as we all know and in the first ever. Well Nigeria's represented and they knew they had a run for a response let's first I was have been an African country that has participated in the Bob's. We're gonna go for snow. Well there's this story for the Nigerian women is that it's a bunch of former sprinters are living Houston now OK and their parents are all of Nigerian descent the parents and a jury and they are Americans put their representing Nigeria OK and so and so chemical history. That's part of what makes the Olympics fun as you you do have a lot of stories on our four years that are either heart warming or you hear about people the obstacles have overcome to get to where they are represent their countries so. That's just part of the Olympic experience but of course. We're always concerned about how many metals are winning ashore but you know anyway you know I've seen some of the Olympics now as much total whiteman NBC's Donna real good job telling human interest stories. Yes you know they do that like of course they were analyst for months well once and with the way the American team has represented itself they needed those you minister stories having more than ever because. You have the US delegation is the largest of any country but unlike this Summer Olympics where they're always do right up there and usually winning the most medals. They're pretty far Dallas. Yeah I mean when you consider that they have the most athletes there. Now they haven't had the same to have success like in Norway who's had the most medals what. Clearly the bearer delegation is much fewer by compares. All continuous talk but first let's go to headlines for final time. Use what's. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. My team back to work this afternoon as they practice for the first time since the all star break they'll return to action on Friday when they take on the pelicans in New Orleans. In an injury news tell Billick is considered doubtful for that contest of course you can hear the game right here. On 79 EB ticket elsewhere in the NBA mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been find 600000. Dollars for saying on a podcast and Julius Erving. That his team should tank. The remainder of the season. One other MB notes spurs coach Gregg Popovich said today that it would be a surprise his star Y letter return this year from his right quad injury. Pilot of baseball the Marlins signed free agent outfielder Cameron Maybin to a one year contract worth 3.2 five million dollars the thirty year old spent parts of three seasons in Miami in the beginning of his career as one of the centerpieces the Miguel Cabrera trade. In 2007. You will now provide depth for very young Marlins outfielder and those are your headlines and broke quick to follow up on that Josh. You brought up the Mark Cuban story last night and you said to me. You say he's is defying going to be more lesson to report over a quarter million there and I sit out last set I molested I could even further. Wall on the terms that oh my gosh. Wish I know I was that he practice today with the other media we're waiting to be led into the heat practice court and and you texted me 600 I was I couldn't believe what I was reading. That number I got in the lower on it when it was breaking and it was one of those right I do like to triple a sick did they do the put a high on here. 600 grand I mean and to him it's it's. I wonder bra of something interest thing if you're really wanted to hit Cuba hard. You tell me camping in the lottery. Well and that's Nassau I mean that would be huge because that's the whole perverse and exactly that's a lot of women defeated the purpose right so I mean that I wonder if that was even inner you know if that I was even entertained by Adam silver. Yeah that would be really extreme Amir it would be one thing if like Chile Bill Belichick and spiky you know they they were found guilty of that and then they took away draft rights. But in this case it's not like they're cheating. Date that you could one cents say that we are cheating the integrity of the game that's a big deal anyway you want if you're the NBA and you wanna get in this gambling thing you have to make sure you have to have. The public SS cot test has to have confidence in these games are on the up and up and Hewitt you have a team. You find out during the season is trying to lose that that. I mean the integrity thing I think is of them enormous importance of the MBA it is that is important and a real minutes earlier points pursuant to gambling element I think. That if there's anything we've learned a Mark Cuban is move. It's too Smart to make a mistake though is obviously doesn't care that much and sometimes he's. Candid nature gets the president but. There's anything we've learned about this within the context of the NBA is that. Tanking. Happens with a regularity. It's something that we. Can all acknowledge which if you are part of an organization. One of those thirty teams you can not seen anything about it publicly we can all acknowledge that we can all clearly see it's going on. We see teams all the times or whether younger players get to more experienced established guys not having as many minutes down the stretch we know what they're doing. You just cannot say anything if you're represented morals organization. I was in the Astros did it now there they hoisted World Series trophies they couldn't say it out loud but they date. All they cared about was acquiring as many young players either very young professional players or. You know getting you know moving up higher in the draft. And and you know putting as many players as they could and their farm system in Washington in the tricky way to the majors dating Caroline Major League club did matter fact they would sign. Free agents not not big ticket items any girl two it's a Neiman Marcus assign these guys they would sign lesser players they knew would be good enough to be in demand. At the trade deadline and they knew their gonna deal them for young talent you know low level minor leaguers or or or. You know guys that have played in the just barely in the majors that are runner secures control. The Astros lost more than a hundred games three consecutive years the cubs lost. A 197. Games over consecutive years and people forget now because these teams are so successful. But they did that they actually take those words were never order outside the opposite the executive offices of those teams. But they did it and they were successful in doing so. They were and I mean I understand the thought process why did I understand for the mavericks won they wanna give. As good of a draft it is possible with in this lottery system but. Again remarked you know moments it is the second year in a row now he sits on the first time. Meets season last year was on interview after the season that he admitted they tanked. And in podcasts or his goal was like we've been tank you for ready Euro and hack and this is a last summer do. And I told that to the players right now it's in our best interest and it loses games. And we all know that it's this there's no reason for him to say the public now for all the different reasons it's certainly now as 600000. Reasons why he's regretting this is really are. Only stupid on his part are something happened today. Which Purcell for a sports fans might remind them of one of the worst memories. They've had. In their sports spin them out I'm sure you're you're Warner what I'm talking about. And now explain that next right here in the sect. Hot Saturday explain that they end. With the chickens. No we can't keep twenty that we. I'd like to take her break the news followed by that sort yeah. He thinks the Memphis Grizzlies on a Saturday night showed how pre teens are. The 630 without blood at that you're able to hit that 730 in your home for them I handle heat DMZ open ninety. I am 10 which we teach teach you want. Family bring. It's fun. Plus make this station is greatest possible we. Reasons that I was surveyed by you know. Senator club trajectory on please take the survey is not a member of our intent or. Joined now by law. Take it landed back condoning resent out of Serbia who you hate mail here about the couple officers being with a rifle. You appear right your opinion I think it was tonight and if and when we're three and through the ticket to please take that servant for. You've got to know we do. I don't say congratulations by the way to our boss when Wynonna. Not only is his birthday today happy birthday he you know he looks good for 67. National had to say that it is several years younger than that happy birthday but. Josh Freeman and try him. But he also he knows he's been the ticket program director for a I think for going on five yourself like that. And you know we we knew we work for intercom that one out CBS radio that trade there that trees. That's transaction became official few months ago and now we we use the Entercom owns both us and I'll say dominant QA Cam Newton. And he was just named to the for a record not only for us. But were QA I'm also he's gonna run both stations so. He's got his hands full be sure and congratulations to him that's quite an honor quite a birth apron. The timing on that yes so good for him so congratulations to our boss little wider your hours just got a lot longer. It Albert that are going to be bouncing back and forth between stations thank goodness they're just on the block where to look if he's going there we know is gonna come back and we asked for copies run. Right near the Duncan don't grow and I'm glad I'm on the put him in that is I don't drink coffee soda and this is greatest you can do that network there are. Well it's a lift you and willow and Josh someone set I rethought my produced street opera Whiteside Tyler Johnson. First on counts his contract is gonna explode from what you make it about six million this year's comic by nineteen million next year in the right in the hurdle for your deal. Follow. Whiteside. Winslow Dion Waiters and Tyler Johnson required for wanting to salaries met even come close them out now up to got to be who. 15% go to that should do what they call the trade machine. Bright idea to treat similarly has been on yeah I go to air in the you can see if things can work but just remember. Would you want. That trade if you were Greg Popovich. I think you do held like that are well and mrs. Really. Unique constrained situation because Gregg Popovich for. And his entire career it seems there has done a terrific job of balancing the egos of his players and I figured. He was really viewed benefited from the fact it Tim Duncan. Willingly. Talk a ton of heat. From Popovich and set the tone for burial smear as the story goes right profits could just absolutely rip into Tim Duncan in practice. In a huddle during the game and Duncan would take it. And he would willingly put up with it. And for the better of the team because if Tim Duncan the best player on the team won a best players in the MBA and a future hall of Famer was willing to take that from. Gregg Popovich and set the tone for everybody else right nobody else is gonna complain if they got the same treatment. So now you you kind of reached the the end of that era and a few years ago announced why Leonard's team this is the first own nursing Greg Robb rich. At odds with the superstar because. What he said publicly is that he be surprised if quite letter plays again. Is interesting that that's what he said publicly and Nader won't trust you historically release tonight. In which he says essentially. Letter could play. There's assault of the matter is campaign manager with his quad injury. And why Leonard is at odds apparently not just with obvious but the training staff the spurs. And he had gone to New York for second opinion for ten days was away from the team so there are a lot of dynamics here which we are unaccustomed to seeing where. The greatness of great Popovich in terms of one of his. Players seemingly seemingly repelling a little bit it's funny you mention that about Tim Duncan I was washing a and then this is a few years old they've aired it over a number of years. But there was a phenomenal documentary and HBO by Vince aboard the neo you know of course the Lombardi trophy named after him hall of fame coach won five. Championships including two Super Bowls only one win three championships in early won the last NFL championship and in the first two Super Bowl. And Bart Starr he took over one win team in two years later when the NFL championship. And Bart Starr who was a seventeen for a quarterback seventeenth round draft pick out of Alabama was young quarterback. When they won one win he had no allegiance to Bart Starr when he took over this team it's our was named the starter and and you know. This'll Marty was not shy about ripping anybody and one time students are told the story. Businesses can opposite of what happened Tim Duncan. Star told the story that during practice once I mean little party just written a new one K in front of the whole team just was relentless. In and links are had a and after practicing coach gonna see in your office and then Omar is a short come on down. Anyone whose officers look I don't care if if if you're disappoint a mere matter me. That's fine but please if you want me to earn the respect of my teammates don't ever do that from the team do your office all you want. But not in front of the team and Lombardi was probably has refused anybody. Instantly agreed that never once. Took him to task in front of the team ever again and so. Wow and so even forward he's like a prototypical old school coat yet polite yet. Most of the time goes there's already flexibility is there were at a highway so it's it but he agreed to a visitors shows use like. That's part of what it takes to be great right. You need to manage egos and different people respond differently within a lock groom that scuttle those different personalities and players that are. I let me. Something happened today which were reminded me. And maybe south fort sports fans of one of the worst times in south for a sports history and I'm referring to. Cameron Maybin sign a free agent deal with the Marlins for roughly 3.3 1000001 year deal he battling U he's getting a ring because he's on the Astros last year now. You know he's in a World Series ring. And this reminded me he was part of me. Six player deal it was Miguel Cabrera who will be an instant hall of Famer the second he's eligible to be all they were. Miguel Cabrera who won by the way the Triple Crown he went back to back MVPs. He was traded December 4 2007. From the Marlins to the tigers. Pork Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller they were the mainstays of the steel may never lived up to their expectations. Dallas tree Hearn Brunette named. Frankie de La Cruz. Mike Rabelo catcher. And work patent happ who probably was the best return on investment in the steel copper is that crazy yeah Burke may not come amid room you know middle reliever. As we get the most productive Billings Diana Miller when he was here he was a failed to start. Yeah which is every now when you look back in Seward Miller's comments are awhile they got him but if you remember. Andrew Miller Marlins uniform remain did not was not very good and Maybin was you know heat. He finally got a five your 245 million dollar you'll few years after he departed the Marlins from the pod race we made his money. But I mean that that was that's gonna go down as one of the worst trades. In in baseball this is is is that deal because they delta and in now. People ripping the morals that in in the marlins' defense. They weren't going to be able to sign. New York Harbor he signed for like a 167. Million dollar several years gone how many clubs at that time could have written economic. See I don't agree with you on that because. You don't if you have a talent it is just undeniable one of the greats of all time means that we didn't know this was before the triplets on the still I mean it that's why I mean it goes down to you're trying to defend this trade no it's one of the worst ever and listening not but he T they did a badge still rush her. And if they felt they could have fought. If they felt they could afford and at all you gotta get something I. Would you you wanna talk before the show me if I just Israel's short it's been in baseball you can afford it basically can afford the oral anti Orioles. Start properly poorly there is that chance in hell gonna sign Manning Chatham discolored they're gonna trade and I'll trade I Q he's probably get or upwards of 300 million dollars. Lee is in baseball if there's that you can throw excuse out the window you can be debased so the way the bats porous structure compared the others. Regardless salary cap yes they've made it more. Prohibitive because they did you of the boats that tax now that they can put money depending on how high your payroll gets a baseball to me it's just a BS six news. Because it's all it's all a matter of your owner win the oral wants to pony up the money or not the owner decides is going to be cheap skate in his nearly keep talent around in the federation support the organization. If you have eight or transformational Taloqan Miguel Cabrera. Or even a Manning was shot oh. You gotta keep morale you doing your yourself a disservice he shouldn't be the owner of the team. You're doing your fan base a disservice as well because in baseball it solid in the NFL in the NBA receipt can afforded he's got other other PC business salary cap proposal to stop. Baseball that is that excuses doesn't exist. Well first of all I think I was second murder the example I don't think there's only one example of a baseball team winning the World Series. With a player taking up and I think and I got the number as much as 21% in the paper that's it you you don't go higher than that you'll never go higher than that. If he won't win which is to disproportionate and I I know people probably don't wanna hear the math and a calculus of this. But if you're the Orioles and I don't know what their payroll as I can look it up. But you would have Manny Machado eating up such a large chunk of your payroll despite that trains transcendent talent you would retain. One of the chance to win as you're not gonna be able to surround him with enough good pieces. To make that transactional work gin and more is taking on that payroll Ontario captain of the team while. The Yankees certainly are gonna throw everything they can't amending the channel that's why they treated for this guy was Drury last night. And an easy young guy they'll probably put America at its third base. When glamour Tories the guy they got in the aroused Chapman deal from the clubs and yet he's a infield that Tommy John surgery don't hear about terror alert he might move to second base but they are gonna keep. Now the thing is with. Meaning the Trout was gonna play short this year he wants to play short he wrote Aureus is a great shorts for the Yankees. Will he be willing to move I don't know why they forced TV Rory to move if they make a play poor. Many missed shot open and what percentage of the payroll the Yankees we take out while the bearer of Kim OK again I am I'm doing a little math here so forgive me. A price did it and all but I don't I don't know but the point is here is if teams get low. A payroll of a 197. Million dollars this year. Then they won't be taxed as high when they exceed that next year by signing these big ticket free agents they won't be taxed as much as they would. Is if they were over a 197 million dollars you're talking about being taxed fifty cents on the dollar against twenty cents on the dollar. So a lot of these teams bring out the Yankees the clubs. The the Dodgers are all getting below this 197 million dollar threshold they're gonna save eight on the money. These are all gonna exceed death partial next year. And since their bold at crucial this year there going to be a 20% tax and every dollar they spend about. If they were all all 127 million they would spend baby text about 80%. And every dollar they spend and that you're talking millions and millions and millions of dollars but they're gonna save I don't know with the Yankees payrolls going to be. But they will be much more willing to goal for under any seven million dollars now they are bowl this year there are gonna go after him Bryce Harper. And quite frankly amateurs a cubs fan I want breaks our readers are gonna figure of so many players. Once they start getting paid. You know these young players I don't Apollo one guy who's gone over thirty homer one time in his career has an injury history amateur I want him on the team earning 4050 million dollars a year. But he's gonna get a ton of money Clayton Kershaw is on the wrong side of thirty is gonna declare free agency he's gonna get a ton of money. But I. I guess here here's my question you back to appoint a written for the Yankees are willing to take on someone's payroll they're willing to pay Mary McDonnell TV network. But why why why can't editorials because they don't have nearly the revenue that the Yankees do it's not even puts it isn't about revenue hours about dealerships willingness to spend money well but again if if you're an old. Your phantom aside for second at your older you know the status side you'd saying. If any sirens over 20/20 1% of the payroll you're not gonna let you do as well his threes on my side and a mathematics is on my side you can have one guy siphon off. That much your payroll. If if that's the case. Then you know what did it do it doesn't make sense to resign it's the topics might look terrible but it your job is to if your owner your object is to win a World Series. It's probably best not to sign him then to sign in my know that sounds awkward but your goal was to win a World Series and your lessening your chance. If you're if you're the Orioles and Simon in each. And is there are you saying and I know it's going to be easy argument to say spend more money spent more money but I do and weak in that sport. There a possibility because they don't have the salary I mean how many or do you think that the twins can afford Manny which I'm picking a small market teams they're. You know and price harper Bryce Harper is gonna probably exceeds 400 million dollars wouldn't you know your body teams that could take on that kind of money. And K annually at least admit that. I didn't he and the brewers have the revenues that that that the cubs have the how accurate the Dodgers the have an enormous TV deal that the Yankees the Red Sox. I guess my question would be to you will baseball into the revenue sharing system they set out how how come that hasn't. It equal the playing field or even the playing field because I think with the local TV revenue you people that and that's what's driving up salaries will mean that. The Marlins get I don't know. I totally believe what it's. What Perry's have you I was to a eighteen million dollars from the Dodgers local TV revenue alone are getting almost two million dollars a game up a game. Okay. And the cubs are gonna open their own TV network at a couple years when their current contract expires in its the revenues are and are not equal when it comes and that's the. Right so the big question then would be or just moved the only way to. Count Iraq that is if you have to say they like a Steve Ballmer asked. Owner a guy who just has a ton of money right who doesn't care about that this is his hobby right Rite Aid this isn't make or break in terms of the finances. It's just something he's. Doing he or she whoever the owners is throwing on the side. Afterthought edited the of their other businesses the one that's actually make them the money they can spend Imus but if that's not the case and if you're running the organization. For profit or to try to break even bets were becomes and it's OK you know we need when he brochure and Derek Jeter. This all the mark's locker. 6798. Tickets our promise is to deliver the best sports coverage in Miami. And for you Bob Smith surprising as we can get our blood you little hand side. Pat wrote Robert and Pam perhaps you didn't see your Miami Heat. As parents take it every taste and even special that the ship early on July 24 earlier this open at least heavier chair rail passes into the ballpark of the the poppies and the Atlanta patrons is good Saturday little. Best beach volleyball players are back in town for the beach majors series starting February 27 annual march Boris. And Curtis and Curtis have your ticket to go I want more Miami Heat they give you when I'm now just click visit to Miami dot com. I'll keep listening or your chance to win big guys only on CM 790 NFM 104318. Q what about statistics. Share. Long. Graham and then take in Miami. We've got taken out the screen I think when we got. Headed your South Florida you can hear me. As well so many ways to. Disuse kotsay told. That I'm not sure. But I know he works on the line. And I think I don't know intimacy thing that's it that's beasts you were called amount earlier we sues a run on sentence. And that when I don't know why it's who is someone wrote around since Obama sent all of an email saying read this and strongly worded email I usually in deep breath before us in a person's every were. So. 7863680790. Is the number O reverend a good Wednesday night he get up pack under way. On Friday in New Orleans. And would receive Saturday there playing in Memphis is Memphis okay. W all you know so that they that's the first of five home games. And then they go on the road I think for this one game in their back home again for two and then they go they start the West Coast swing. So that. Decades ago to Portland Sacramento and Los Angeles a three game stretch in the mid march so. All right so they say only 2.4 games left sole way to meeting its bread and it is strange just because were only a couple weeks removed. From remember the argument we're having about them being in the four seed. And describing. That as one of the main reasons why they should have and also represented like Goran Dragic. But it is a breast aware of the team he deserves who represent the team at the all star game because. They're the foresee there right now there in the top half the Eastern Conference and they deserted rewarded for that and just over very short period of time. And part of it is because he didn't play well we'll also just goes to show it is not a lot of room they'll in the bottom part of Eastern Conference a playoff bracket. That you go on a stretch were you don't win some games you're gonna pay for because now they're in the spot as you mentioned earlier. And I guess you know probably the biggest surprise to me among the teams that are in contention there. The pacers but I did not think they'd be able sustain. Their success but the right now we're in this. On gather they've won seven of their last ten games they've won three in a row. And it it it's such a bunch up as you say look right now the heater in the eighth seed but third just three they have games moved if you will. From a foresee were the wizards currently sits. It away and and now they're ahead of them between and the wizards are four pacers are five box six. Six or seven and heat it eat right and pistons not far behind him well in the heat trailed the sixers by game and happening lead this this this is. Don't point Griffin there are so we'll see which would seem that because because they hadn't in instant bomb with Willie Griffin showing up new whiny I use a row now they've. Come back on earth and lost a few games Romo for the all star break but really the the wizards have gone ice Ron after John wall's injury which is the surprise. And then the pacers to me that that team is that the biggest surprise arguably in the NBA this year because when they traded Paul George. For ritual deep ball and the mob to sabonis most people put myself criticized the deals and that's all you've got in return for Paul George. And criticizing their front off his war. You know of basically letting you already know they did you get rid of Paul Georgian. And the whole deal summit criticize him for letting management know he was gonna resign there is so that was a whole mess. We come to find out petrol depot has descended into one of the bright young stars and league first all star appearance sabonis has been a pretty good player. And they've been. A much better team than anybody. In the wireless with a imaginations would've anticipated through. This point in the season so that to me is the biggest surprise of the box with you on us. On the wizards obviously and and even the sixers from knowing the young talent they have that'll make sesame. But the fact of the pacers have played as well as they have mean that's a team that you would expect to come back down to earth at some point one. At this point of the year I don't know maybe this is assume they are. Refresh my memory in which. We're at all people who school India very ago boiler and important player personal address as part of the reason why he wins Indiana. Was because. Tom Green had coached Dwyane Wade and the idolize Dwyane Wade grownup and have similar games. And so bitter there is a nice back story that when Tom Green. Was recruiting Yemen and eventually had him and I use it. Dwyane Wade was in touch was patrol depot because of Tom green's connection there so I that's our South Florida connection they're four ritual of people you know Dwyane Wade was talking today cracked. As as was Goran Dragic a lot of the guys were look with only 24 games left every game counts and if anybody knows it is Dwyane Wade who played for the heat last or further the bulls last year. And anybody who was on the heat last your readers those who teams tied with a forty or 41 record because the tiebreak. The bulls went to the playoffs in the heat watching them. On TV so they indeed the message is there there is a sense of urgency among everybody on that team. That every game counts or the only 24 games. Left you you can't take your foot off the gas pedal and you can't let up at all that's it you know it might sound like old 24 games it's not that many. It's not by of their concerning thing to me is even though they say they learned from that last year and certainly. The fans know all about it because it was a painful wait for that second half the season going 3011 to conclude without the reward the playoffs. But jocks I mean just take a look at the game right before we also operate it blew a 24 point second half lead and sixers. But how how does that happen within the dole a few extra for that you've got the worst team in the league at the time the Sacramento Kings come to town you lose to them they've had it's been such a roller coaster ride an appeal with the team continues a play to its competition. But man there's been some frustrating. Losses though not the way did you put any of that I'm Spoelstra. Are you having a look at it he's out there on the court not the law and it's easing up on the gas pedal he's not ones blowing a 24 point lead. You know that he's got to bear some responsibly he is the head coach and he's got his challenges ahead of him because you're gonna get healthy guys eventually. We don't know he wouldn't say much about Kelly when all he would say about Kelly only today was that he went through non contact drills. And he's doubtful for Friday and that's it you know when he was asked did he take any more tests because the knife to the injured the shoulder. He he had X rays they were negative. And and Spoelstra was asked the next day and subs would days has he taken an MRI no. He's getting and Spoelstra said today. He didn't take an MRI or any further tests during the break he's getting better but you know they've been very vague and playing things very close to the vast. What regarding Kelly when it certainly he wasn't there for when we arrived at the practice or he was sent down earlier. And work on a lot of talk to them but. Once they get healthy Rodney Magruder is on his way back Cory was a fractured leg right at and NS if surgery you know this guy. That's heralded as the other guys but he started 65 games heavily for the US season. And before the season started he heard of sodium we had surgery on that leg he's getting better he practiced for the second time today second full. Contact practice five on five told me today when I asked him he doesn't think about the injury when he's on the court. But once he gets these guys back you're gonna have Blake twelve guys part of rotation admitted that maybe this is a good handy to have Whitaker Spoelstra that's a lot of bodies to manage. It is then I bet that's one of those were he'd he's an unenviable position because got to determine the playing time figure out. Indeed it does raise the question when they are at full strength so to speak you know how much is Dwyane Wade get to play right pursues some of these other younger players because. I say is doing where does deserve to play but looking at the very very very small sample size we have of him. He has not been very efficient from the field and he is not taking care of the basketball. Soul you know we do need him a little more time. Surely but at the end of the day Eric Spoelstra may have some very difficult decisions as he's trying to terminal this and then on top of that I don't think there's bolster brings us into the equation but certainly we look at these types of things. You know they paid a lot of money this off season for the likes of James Johnson we go Tyler Johnson is is our country's gonna Bloomberg guys like that. Sourcing diminished roles are diminished playing time. But that's the way it is he's got to do what it takes. To win ball games and even mid am at a bio taken minutes away from Whiteside and they've paid what I ninety million dollars late Spoelstra doesn't look at that we can. And we can start to question. Well why were some of these contracts paid out if these guys are playing big man you could see white side of all the players useless and how more than anybody else yes. Yeah I mean yeah I don't think james' chances gonna pop if he's going to be disappointed at all. You know when I've known James Johnson along MP up Colorado where Europe pluses everybody else has here. You if you have a problem I think he actually would do behind the scenes I don't think he'd make it public what's so. Well and it was a bit of surprise to me but I think it speaks to the type of person that he is that he was voted one of the of the tri captains so I mean to your point I agree with the he's not gonna make. A public issue or that it certainly you want these guys to be disappointed to their competitors and that's the way they're wired. But you're right in the summer Whiteside has proven track record of it affecting him publicly more than other. I think we just for a I mean look he's been here long enough I think we just have to accept Whiteside. This is the whites ideas he's not gonna give Max effort every game. He's gonna how some games he's gonna makes a silly mistakes he's at times he's gonna play actually brilliantly and being an incredibly dangerous weapon on both sides of the ball. Well your not gonna get that every game I just don't I think. If if he hasn't changed now or change maybe the best way to phrase Greg if he hasn't changed enough. Right by now I think he has changed some. I think that that this is where your getting this is Ruiz gonna be the rest of his career. Unfortunately I did think disease group that well. Yes to a certain degree because you know if I think that the heat were planning on the idea date one they were. They did put the B word of the fires they had to make a decision on his contract would be reprieve I don't blame for signing them know what I think. Along with signing him became the idea that there would be more maturity and absolutely made in God's money. Right that was that was the reason he got his money doesn't worry about things like that anymore are you would go this scoreboard these score late. You know I I blocked the ball hit the wall count game to had a steps to get a bigger your bigger deal and I think also with the support system employs there with. Alonzo Mourning be very active with memorization Juwan Howard being on the bench and pat rock you know everybody. The world aware of big they thought all of that combined they give the best out of us on whites and just. Hasn't happened unfortunately despite the fact play paying him so much money. I do think though that it's telling to right after that. Lost the 76 is before the all star break. When Hasan Whiteside was Aston Barrett Jackson was there and he relayed this in his stories saying that they what needs a change for you. We're looking to improve in the second part of the season after the also Brittany said I need more playing time. Green he's it's not like he's he's trying to hide. His displeasure at the fact that he's losing out on minutes it is employing the same number of minutes and so. Part of me says baseball your payable as money get a bottle of port plant in crunch time it seems ridiculous that you're ninety million dollar man is an out there when the game. Is on the line at the same time. It does speak volumes to the over fast development anonymous are coming to a bad about a mile. You know I I mean I don't wanna hand eye I see what you're saying but. Gives bolster credit I mean it. Easing his job it's it's an am one no longer present it is not his job on the facade declared of bank. It is his job to to. Make playing time decisions on money and who's making my point tries giving me the best chance to win. And it it's now he's getting a white tent warriors ninety million all guaranteed. If he's not playing. Bring the boy in the front office maybe or or all of the coaching staff deserve some blame and and and Whiteside himself certainly deserves some blame. But Erik Spoelstra friend who was best for the team at that time in that game and if it's not playing Whiteside. You know part that maybe is is on the fraud and look again there's enough blame to spread around but it's not necessarily all Spoelstra spot by ball by any means. No I agree and that's why you could also if were looking to point fingers and if it gets that big you could point to some of the contracts were doled out right. So whether whether B Whiteside a couple of seasons or the contracts they handed out this past off season namely James Johnson ordeal waiter and obviously is injured now for the year. That's where you could. And certainly look back in the rearview mirror. And questioned looted the wisdom ensembles sports of all things forces and meritocracy no you know and it should be and that's the way it is yes and Erik Spoelstra. Is in the business of getting w.s and so that we is going to be the first. They ended dictates his decision making so that's why for the most part I side with him sometimes though I wish he would stick with Whiteside. Moral. And BBB real or more open to that and putting him in a crunch time when the game's on the line as opposed to. A lot of these games we haven't seen that and sometimes it was just a little when it was healthy and provided that you know. Stretch. Capability from the center position in his ability to knock down shots but other ties between then because of Brandon bam has been a more efficient defensive player overall so. Will say a lot of interesting story lines that will develop for the final point for it snub me if you have they. Ohm at the plants was at three of the last four years they won't mean. Are to believe it Xena and that's now look there's something a lot of injuries out of central bosh was a big deal now is out of his control on exposed you know so. Oh a lot of different things. In a bad way of that well then okay. Parity just goes to show you again view in my an element here but you lose the best player in the world LeBron James that I read that pleasant and it's about her as well. Trevor armory thank you for you it's terrific job or use while we world we are greatly appreciate it Greg. Thanks a lot coming up next ESPN radio show. They eat guys New Orleans Friday picking on the power again. That's going coming hikes are the pre game seven tip off that he would like lower the heat played here all season long. I'm AM 790 and at and what else fourth three HT CU that ticket yeah.