2-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, February 21st

Tobin talks about Michael Buffer and Bruce Buffer both have famous catchprases but both very different and perfect for their sport. The Marlins brought back Cameron Maybin and it reminds Tobin of the Miguel Cabrera trade. Mel Kiper has the Dolphins drafting Josh Rosen in his latest Mock Draft and this leads to a conversation of would you trade Ryan Tannehill for a 1st round pick. Leroy says Jacksonville should approach that trade idea. Leroy and Beast accuse Jay Ajayi of acting up his british accent saying the accent wasn't that thick in college to which Tobin gets offended. The guys compare Jay Ajayi sound from the combine vs him a couple weeks ago. Leroy was shocked the Dolphins decided to franchise tag Jarvis Landry.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. This like you. This because I for the show why don't. Right up on this floor and tonight. Does not only for this like tomorrow and yet driveway as did against about a day it was an online ads they miss in those. Just make better than we never put the Michael Buffer version. You know he's got seven emails on that today. Respect Michael Buffer meant leaving Jamaica may get off. A few words that's that's a career so brightly you know you don't sexy funny. His brother who is the USC right. Announcer Bruce buffer who's in tennis the respect allied action you get egg you laid up into the face and let. Don't say anything what I can say and now let's talk cadre yeah. But he he like he's in it's totals like their there's. The exact opposite opposite also heard other sports like last summer I saw Michael Buffer was when I was in Vegas with wooden hammock. As usual around wheelchair. Guy well Louisiana guess last time I saw. He announced oh Monday Night Football he announced the starting. Our offense with a Green Bay Packers the last time I saw him was chamber express governments to fight at the hard rock in years as walking around. Michael Buffer league you let it. About Kristin you know. That was all Thai men hosiery to play that that be amazing we can. Two point. Well. We could probably play in that her go to your man and not onerous it's and that's the one benefit to having a suit is that I got an out at every point. Like Welch a week now fans and the jacked up yet. All of us. The Jack yeah just triggered it say oops that he's jackass he's he's you know looking Jews to the gills on his Clay Matthews right now. I pay a visibly gassed to celebrate here's Cameron Maybin. So while. Small islands. Just again resort which is the fan base enough. Look at the key piece of the worst trade in baseball history of the world champion. The field. She did everything led Houston got to ring. Our right. Yeah dude and he's due to the semi pro on the Flint tropics or do you exams. Start. Headed its way IRA awesome he's here great. What are reminder and the like Mike hill's like talking to the media today he's like you know we brought in the player in. Doesn't let the schism some speed we have passed public yet you do have a past don't yeah. Yeah you got past him get fleeced. Yourself out here you. Still media. You know. Text and remember it's up for Brothers did no chip didn't we actually did it. They got much they didn't want it and we noted though it's other it is Bruce was like running around with the birth father. And healing broke the news to him but they both became. PA announcer right well Richards became public after well Michael. He's got a note after he knew much good as originally what his his job was was protecting the copyright Dow that's what he did he marketed Michael and before Dario was room would Bruce do before he met Michael. I don't know it wasn't announcing. It wasn't announced against and how great it shows just like you don't like driving a backhoe for construction company knows that he finds that he's a buffer so he's like. I got to the BA what it already know he was well whatever that it was related item of evidence for failure here and part of it is hey how are you Monica numbers buffer how Lauren. Yeah. Growers are losing voters. Let's think shaggy. Shaggy comes out as late pale it's a bit shaggy what's going on than is there and what I can do that but you know I'm sailing all said he became Jamaican taiba they. It was a Misha yeah yet where he comes out he's a paycheck went on and as Richard a love. And then Alison these are really did I do know I mean this is Tucson and out of Seattle it was a it was ours to bombastic and it wasn't me a Carolina. A lot of solid generalize and a lot of collaboration yellow yet he does load up Britain's money about that. Of all the artists. Now reach into the music world and allowed to say yet told we would like them. Should we try to show he political songs and okay you open. Friendship I did Ronnie Robbie Justin did I it's probably illegal I don't care but just try to and something of shaggy talking. Like to the media. And then play a song on it's it's like not usually it's ridiculous the other way but before that Robbie hit the headlines. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FX Ph.D. true. There MRI. Bullies. No that's well back. Tomorrow practiced yes it's great. Marlins got Cameron made in Austin. All of the whole thing about having Noel field. Kennedy made it back you always great every time came back to what was the Padres with a brace of India he usually night for twelve to three game series when he would come back and super annoying. So that happens we're gonna get rid Andrew Miller down the road to his like just that slot him in off Tommy John surgery. Just just to go full circle. And villas era had to go to get a really good reliever. You know riverboat when he was here EU and Arab war and never try him as a reliever they just you economists start as he was supposed to because they just traded the that's right handed hitter in baseball form. And he was supposed to be an ace and he'd get mound his Jersey was about four sizes too big. Eddie Johnson Mo he just Buick. It is available home run. And just head down just a big deal are right there on the mound. Look like look like in the crushed Iraq. All while pitches. While this pitcher was was agent was AJ Burnett how crazy is it Burnett. Well boy they had this promotion and most part with a drive a Ford or on the warning track. Major and it's just let one loose while it was Laura broke the windshield. For the tenant real. Is that we don't. And I mean AJ Burnett struck out. Peters UT he due in hard hit you where you get me you know. In nine walks and no hitter any advice isn't the opera come back to. He is the gem was the best part of that trade gosh. Are they got issues in Dallas. Is. I mean the former CEO. Two dharma posturing has been accused of multiple incidents of inappropriate behavior and Elliott Mark Cuban is a known about it. Well that's I mean from this it's a bomber story to read that you had you have that kind of us combat work and under your organization but it. I guess is the big thing and this is is a going to be enough courage real one market to sell the team. No that wasn't doom no I understand the big thing you just about climate Jerry Richardson. It was him yes okay it wasn't Mark Cuban now he may have explained. It may be people who want an explanation as to how could he not know about it. But at the same time it wasn't hit them in so that. What does view. Blood. In the climate dour and today. Where that that mafia can build up in the outrage can build up. A bird it's not gonna buildup like with all the other end incidents. In most cases it was the actual people who they want out couple other scary and flooded so it might right away so. He didn't really try to. Well I mean he got in front of an accent began his the president church that had in years. I don't know. Mike Patrick via a renowned play by play voice of several sports and ESPN has done. He's opponent quit got slow all. And under the most famous Patrick and his the end it in the latest. The latest smoke hyper draft mock draft 2.0 oh. Dolphins. Projected to take it. At number eleven Briscoe the quarterback. Out of silly Josh Rosen. Released on the far. Baker may Philip and the top might hit the giants tickets equal Barkley said Josh Rosen. Acre mayfield up into the top five and it really broke once Smith selected at number. And by the raiders took of the day is bigger mills and again and there. Indy. Do you not learn. English year's playoffs don't coop who wonder did you see last year's playoffs yet. Unfortunately what what was. The theme in my shoes. Let us is the it was Blake portals was awful when he broke my heart oh let this year's theme in the playoffs. Was been delayed dream team honestly you just came out at an uplink I and a delay of game you idiot. You've done yet. Mean I mean you're attacking me and higher game. And all the sudden you're gonna lay back on humbly bring Brady no pressure all year at this Jacksonville. And then all of a sudden you play like a bunch kittens. Now you're on the other side of the ball. A man at a mall on which start probably Bork he's the worst. Which brings me tomorrow. Is that if alleged years I was gotta make you change your quarterback. Excellent sign. With any indication. Of what you need to do to contend. It is build the team around quarterback what is the jagr give up right handed out. First round. If it between ninth so well look. Here's what you give up a first round Florentino. Because when your team is. Quietly picking anyway it has been one for Roberts going to be out like an Atlantic. An amateur. Or for granted and now I don't know what to do that. Wait let me get district. And I'm just curious you guys feel like you know you can text. 67974. Robbie you can come that we to a high take. So. You'll know what to dolphins drafted Josh 2000. General Ryan said no 41 and a three. Received Steve is not not the 29 pick up to the ball to go to between a quick. Did Jackson really fit OK now concentrate more detailed to. Jets. Well there are dozens of right. You turn to buffalo they have to for shoppers expect to back but you'd want -- to look at it quarterback in the division. It's. If you're trading your quarterback in that is in you and worried about them so yeah exact Obama questions this. I'll glued. They quarterback has come and you know to dinner and why would your team be better off if you draft. Clear. In how your team instead of trying to play the quarterback gained. I don't know if you're getting over jump it for a Intel even from the jaguars off ACL surgery just because part of his dynamic is that he's very mobile and his good run there. So I do think that that has to be seen editing gas field of the display there before his trade value gets gets back Colin. Yielding so let me. Sure bro one. I think if you are that ticket if you're actually you don't want. Cuba. With what. And where anything you are okay. It's not going to be higher. Or lower than 25. Let me ask you this though would you would you durable one or reject or would you just give money and son Kirk cousins. At that point. No. I'm not I'm not sold both men if the whole team. If only he brits are you two years in a row and they don't wanna pull the trigger. And some here. What is. I don't know what is. I don't think again you don't think that gets in close enough so quit adds. As teams need quarterbacks. Or they say is bad as some teams need a quarterback. You do that a quarterback pitcher franchise twice no. Noted that gives me a little bit of though maybe you're better about that is the Redskins. Brett and their terror organization okay to make bad decisions yet let's hope that's the only thing now let me let me ask you this. How do you think to rest and we will look at the golf. If they drafted Josh Rosen. An entry you were intent. I think in these final. That be good to they'd look at and say Adam gays is going with his guy. The only thing that they were bombing as a fan is. If you're gonna do that you're you're saying we're starting from scratch again and looked. I can be a quick turnaround held eagles' turnaround equipped with a hug when they drafted because it lets see they did let me get to that point Coca. Yeah they turned it round but they had this team. Didn't it would be easier transition day here and it would be your. And all of our war year. You need to do something around him not say Iran generals. And so you get to that point where Jackson Bruins. Where. The Eagles are weird. The vikings are to where this port of round that position is so good you don't need to worry. Yeah understood but I don't think that turnaround takes as long quite as long as you think it does if you get it right especially Jackson knows I mean they're three and thirteen LeRoy. You know like they had great talented pieces but even on the office of on the offensive side of the ball late. A fantastic and and they were able to plug gaps in free agency you hit on some pics it's like if it if you really truly have a conviction of a player like. A quarterback. The wind to kick you ever. Can you ever. Have any mine all the quarterbacks that are both be great in this we write let them. Know Eddie woods. For sure but any album. There war but will really turn the Eagles I mean if you're look at the Eagles want to run the the the the play of their their quarterback play. Elevated to the wreck the record that they had this year it it. And so if you do it surely having conviction. And your your coaches opposing the quarterback guy. You know that I can that I can I can get I mean I'm not going to be an idealist that why you would be happy about it. But it's volatile hasn't had his Rodney has had his time here he really had us. So you you're gonna penalize him. Because of how the defense has been played and ended the weapons he had around like it's it's a bit it's a bit unfair. When you have a team that has struggled in the last three or four years and say that if we would have changed this guy. Everything would have been for. Ruben Sierra felt mentally we just give them what he reckons the quarterback like if your if your position if somebody had a great fantastic weeks nearly ten meant. What's now the hammy. So the hammy what while this new Yugoslav for this guy. I mean it's. Like it did to cornerback bias. Treat them better. It is. Okay this entry justice fairly good for you man. Look at after you Rebecca to that's. I think that being an ambassador for radiated it it it it doesn't just fallen in my hat's. Chip on his stubble yeah. Oh wait I that is them playing hockey again. I think that being an ambassador for radiated if it doesn't just fallen in my hands on those Polamalu billion riyals with the collective. Don't know is talk like this. It was Muslims did he hit you you'll always find a way that to hook by the way when I got to look this up because this is. No it does yes we knew he's got 800 and honored to call the love you guys are being insulting I wound to run they'll find RJ jive talking at a Boise State people don't seconds. The I don't this hold on Seattle but that's fair because when your Colorado it's fair now we are college detritus did it. You can't be yourself I mean what are the best running the English yet they're magic go to Boise State and they'll like. Hey Fella. Annie's gonna be like it is yet he's Cuba. Well he's got to sit and be like hey what's up it's boys say no to Texas on up from London. But that would get back to back to a New York games that he can be who you wanna be illegal to tell you different checked he was born in Kingston. But he grew up his entire life in New York that he was in the Marines. Nicklaus yet and I knew I actually interviewed him before in like twenty years ago when he first came on the scene. And a FM station or gotten Boston. I and he didn't even have the Jamaican accent like he sounded like he was from Brooklyn. No growth among men. That's what I would with the dog ruins silently bag bag and today we interviewed me an opportunity in the U Kermit the Frog right. Trying to get exactly everybody knows Kermit the Frog sounds Frank Oz yes and it's is that your interview frank got there by some new guy. We have guys who sounds enough it was supposed to sound enough like Kermit and this guy gets on the phones later years ago on environment needed. I. Boat is. Making great submitted to the voice. Refused to two point 68. It was supplied. Yeah you're supposed to be and character. Got there and give a better than ever that you use guises and if I'm off the clock treatment. It degree that we had that happen before two months. Where somebody who refute all. We had a comedian in every few refused to do the voices no heat no no no doesn't that your. What happened was on I wouldn't do you when it was over the phone we did remember you can emit any case and in. He refused admitted over the dude dude yeah. Guy is pretty neat he does. Like. Forget he did d.s Caliendo did on and no black did you apparel though not and he does there's. This year's yet yet. In the the bodies that now I want to impressions. And nobody over the phone he said doesn't he sit in any case but guess what. The all bells before you go oh I remember. Wolf we let's start over with forresters. Aries spears. Art whenever I'm he has cause he was he really don't call somebody is that the radio I'm sorry no yeah rating. Got to fight the radio host. Right no I know we did with the real attack. Right because they got into it did not do an and then there was some verbal altercation in the radio host lost and that is why we're like hey. We're look around you look at sensitive little luckier on it won't have you sensitivity training. Joined three of us well you certainly don't Monday zealots like four or five years ago you run. You know we've all I did we've gotten older and we Merrill's by the studio. Well we did you weren't here yet genuine guy that was read in the shop his slipped he was here is here for one problem. Will go to shirt. I'll call. And I I'm I'm just we decided that we can move on there is only one constant in all the altercation so. You may. I've got a look at the mayor. Let's begin an altercation is what is entitled to it. Mr. rumba was speaking of altercations Miami Herald is reporting that Thursday there's going to be hearing to service the opening act between Loria. And the county over the the sales and percent is a beat down he should get. This is every tape I get out of love to see this oh yeah. We don't need to know we dug underdog hangs from the Harrell will be there we should get him on well I'm isn't that. It's a morning. Yeah we should get done what what's what went down tomorrow tomorrow yet Doug makes on the 2 o'clock our market we have. While Australian dude on in the 1 o'clock hour. Probably use the Australian came around mountains or did you have so much you know is it the celebratory and Emma are we have weeks due to a new low. If somebody's in history we just want him asylum strewn you know it's it's all the tell tell overwhelmed Australian and a. Yeah. Hey you did you send. What's disadvantage. To a sort of didn't they did it. JJ when you come on girl isn't she is headed turtle that turn on the and I I don't subject Jaya is notices adapts well he is British. He's not like you live from like Texas that's college you gotta earn your stripes before you can put back your bread. It's a symbol that simple math you can put back British yes. You kick kids is walking he kills though the NFL don't blame when we get history. And let me see what you're doing until until now you can. If you can't he was a fit he picked nut and about what other. The volume. Or the British was at level one right yet and bill when you start bawling and he turned it up to eight correct I like. They give it more of he had his American up to eight. To protect himself and then. When he started being good he could be as true self who's who's gonna tell my otherwise he's ball now. That is sumo champion a meteor relic Queen Elizabeth now it doesn't matter. Moon. We and the residents. Don't imagine your first year in Cleveland all right. And you're drafted you have a news any year that you have in your class. A guy from Britain and he just says look. The bill in order to get their prices might I. Play this guy he is caught immediately I've played. With a guy from new zeal. Did you talk New Zealand. Oh course not big Dave he he probably talk a little loopy and let them know and don't want to keep his job who would. Who was being gutsy it's nice sound from the carbine and from Jay's dice out the other day okay. And here Robin let me hear let me here I'm buying online column Biden's age I suppressed afraid of being usher self. Yeah I was recruited by TCU. Baylor. And I believe. North Texas none of them quote the trigger on offers those but I was I recruited by those who resist. I can hear intimate. Tiny in your hand out of it to monitor the than to energize that a couple places in this. I'm so I have. I. Well this case. Video yeah overtime I would not let me back online only. I'd come by we're he supposed to be his true self 'cause he's about to be drafted not he does not allow producers above is true self. But we drafted here. Yeah I was recruited by TCU. Baylor. And I believe. North Texas none of them quote to turn on offers those but I was I recruited by those who resist. They'll be here let me here. Champion a Jai who is now his true self. That a couple of plays in the overseas with the past they do it's it's well. He saw what happened at more light. Yeah. I will play. And you moved all of my guys and boxing president. What is what do we see all the time in the movies. British people. And Americans. Okay. It's much harder. For a nervous now it's much it's not true and partner cannot put Americans at British military as a Brit to act American not true. Might not true your actions terrible. Back from house dad. Is dear to every big for us he's Australian. The guy from house put his name. Timorese X to the glory yet. He was also in wouldn't you like kind aerial Lorena Wolverine asthma is the really Brothers rural Georgia Bulldogs are in the one blows your mind is like. Is. My Brody from homeland. He's Majorly British what do all the guys in palm city library that I am black yeah it's our dude yeah it is slice. Every African okay well does it make my accent right there. You guys are making my point for me is easier holes are. Eric in the wires stringer from the wired or well again make a point forming. I'm glad you guys a group. My question is is. We're not really didn't look we destroyed away actors and what do these new age guys are in idea to go America. His view of the disease. We don't stay at the when he first came when he first came shootout like three ring no I never heard this big bill and the Jackson. Before idol in this week. As a guy that sounded like I don't know it could be. I don't know where he's from Red Hat you have to earn your stripes. And then he can be who you want to be out of your mind I'm not in my mind you can you can't walk around here. My late late Buckingham Palace we haven't run bread you all the NFL. Does who. She hurt her she's heard a stripes. Also works with everything. Is. Less. Says the man who lives in South Florida winners a million Texans look around here so. You was it didn't sell quality usable easy sullen zones like Christian bounds also British really didn't know. The other is actually some dolphins news we were rehashing her much of fake stuff here where you guys and trying to bridge drivers last year China and and she. You guys are trying to attack. What a champion of one of the great dolphins of all time but but you know it's fun it's fun as he Kabul Xena folks that's it you are. I I got pregnant against him because he's from England yes a college and country whose capital city I named after. Venezuela Chenault. I'm you know once remorse OCC year old you want associated with yourself. Not written. Really discussed. Full. You'll win it all you don't need the soft snow. In all the does she did it won't go. Try it may you want is small. There was never know where I hope all of what is Claudia this day and night goggle girls. How strong volume ten. All. What they send those back. It's all or not. You drag. Okay. Strongly. Sam we're. Won't. Roosevelt started to. It was a way it was such a long ago. Feel let me drive it's being. Tarnish the legacy of great Ingrid to John that's right champion. How does quick update on this is we talked about this yesterday about the Stallman Douglas thing you know news Caribbean. I'll wrap bass is about an island somewhere during the game they now are. During the game yet new era is is Megan specially designed Stoneman Douglas house. Why. That's why. Because. New error is not deemed I had my old fool yourself well. There are the I guess like twenty of the thirty team reached out so now all thirty teams are going to Wear before the game with the option to Wear in games they please. So original glad they could fix that. Vicious. Think about where we are. Whereas the Marlins especially. Wanna just do the right saying yeah and in honor. Of the legacy of those that pass. And MLB is like. It's not our official. Carol can't do it. Reza said they were in the NFL went really well let people were gonna charity cleats red lake I don't dig. Don't they do it now ambulances and a forensic yeah for a weaker among a ticket material there for most one look and they have in the well month as the pink month where they were not over yet I think I think you're able to do. What you want there but it just settled down to I mean usually uniform policy but exceptions that we made. Again. I always thought that that we get worked out. Because it sounded through the loop and you know you that on hand and part of the reason is is okay. You know these companies pay a lot of money. For Weis just. Group pretty old to hold on. So when somebody says they're gonna do it. The end of a media day Major League Baseball has the first. Acknowledge who has that licensing and didn't reach out to the Edmonds and they can we do some question. Merely baseball Sony's tax the don't know. Yet they knew where. I just gave me a book about re hats. We need. Would you feel how large sport fall. We need a large to a large admitted to double X. It's just you better not do it you know his body's gotta you is that there's not. Much. I'm on 738 rowdy what are you ardently more than that as crystal my hair gets really great he beautifully he's got to bear on them you know your hand sizes. 07. And an eight. Eyes on two a's M a corner and we knew what he got similar quarter. So I'm an eight bigger than it pretty closely. Finally had a guy I know we got these you draft that's an ailing a whole box of them Perry as they can go around is so aside as. In the late kick out Avago up and up and up and up the talks to a guy his size I'm I'm number one time. When I was working with the first team and they brought Hatcher you know to a deep phone gold in the Jones got a dominoes had to toes got this own president and there's no added there's no way he suffered a concussion nothing is huge. He looks like when. He looks like wanted to own caricature is their brother Robbie stadium. So the only president to say he told that you were a busy day. God. The speed of the dolphins job as lady got for you guys tagged as yeah as I do yes here's what. Understand why they'd franchise. Because now puts pressure on. Both sides negotiate. What if you Jarvis injury. It now gives you. I'll Wear it. Because. You want to obviously don't count sixteen point two million against the cap. With all the things you need to do. So you really need it basically just adult bridges to Jarvis and put him in drivers. Well it it also feels a little bit and in in though the Washington. Kirk cousins thing its telling or just punting on this again you're not sure whether or not you wanna invest in the guy or not. Little bit different. In that you're not gonna pay them. Like elite receiver. Right whereas where we're at quarterback. You're basically. Yeah it's not about a quarterback it's a wonder do you positions. I left tackle where you don't necessarily get paid. For how good you are you get paid conjure one of 32. What I also get you wanna do it because you don't want to lose him for nothing because it besides as somebody else. They gotta give you 21 round picks. But Ellis feel like that's gonna make it impossible for him asylum anybody else to melding of has given up 21 round picks signed Jarvis Landry would have been. It doesn't matter more important thing is the money. Did the most important thing that I've got out of this is that. If you wanted to make. Fourteen of fifteen million a year. You just guaranteed him sixty. So that if he says you know what. I just signed this deal and waited out a year. You almost hamstring that he that'd be pretty close the deal would have to do to not let him more. Bly. Well they did it this early because at today's the first and we can do it right. Which which it here from a lot I guess being the consensus that is. What this means that all was really saw wanna start called up and work in deals and seeing if anybody would want to trade for him. Let's say. All right this let's say just I don't know Baltimore's interest in them had been recruiting him. The other dolphins can call Baltimore. And say did you guys wanna negotiate with jars on the new deal and then they can work a composition that maybe isn't 21 round picks. But it's something that. Wolf still most of the compensation. Were true that now that that is something that I didn't consider we went in order for that to happen first dale have to answer the notion yet to sign. With attended as a sound bite but I look at it. This way. If you don't wanna pay 1415 YE guaranteed sixty. On our beat UC would mean it I give nodded a look at it from that standpoint. That is still give them a little leverage that they can go ought to work a deal would trade with somebody. Instead of just led to more as the biggest couple of protesting if they want to get an edible products and digitally. Using Eudora feels a little bit like. You know they know he's worth something. But it's it's almost like Jarvis that don't wanna do edited with how cirrus like hey let's pay and listening in the highest paid center in the league. You know like. But positions will be different. Like. It did there's like it would be. Paying a guard cinema. You understand what usher. In and the reason why I say it is because what do you think. Say jobs as we get forty million. Guarantee. Just guaranteed to happen that. And you know outside guys are big guys every game changer right. Yes you don't just reminds me of your wit a squabble this contract kept coming up you know it all he was get his numbers numbers numbers numbers. And it looked at him instead. These game changing doesn't separate but he just catches everything you know and Dave really wouldn't commit to them like they did to leverage Gerald. That's the best of Ellen got to give it like they're looking at him. Kind of like in Guam Boldin and when you look at Anquan Boldin. Lee. I mean he's. I mean this saves and no real hope they grumble a bit. And catch it runs on. And had stood for and if bill. You tell me instead it's as tough as it was for Terrell Owens again in the hall of fame earlier in the I don't know I am the ultra wide receivers and especially with the air that he played in with the bigger names I think it's very pretty suffered brilliant and even if the numbers but their collective debt means that I don't like them -- also it would Edgerrin James the other major names it's no look at all things even though his numbers are way up there aren't as far the hall of famers concerned and he was real quiet and he did his business news like the third tier in Indianapolis with all those young page in there with I would Marvin Brent with a Reggie -- You know you're in Dallas Clark like dale all the guys who call from me and telling pay out more shy than ads did. I mean. It seems like. This is a situation where. We've apparently mumbled into. That in the hole often or that it's one of the great receivers. He's ninth in receptions. Albeit in between Owens and Reggie Wayne then coming back and how was ultimately on how you may have had thirteen seasons I'm telling you. All remember is every year and looking at this guy's numbers and he couldn't get no load as towards contract says 72 with the I just work. Is the only issue that I have a real tea break but as sort of differences aside the only issue I have with what you're saying because it does make sense is our. Let's say the guarantee that he wants is forty and now it's at 168. You probably could've got them for the house that last off season do you probably. Orders showed more love off their back there in a veteran of the bird that's that's the kick out you don't know they can decide to him I didn't let go because he was. Don't you just Bobby hadn't won the highs eight while he's been talking about that all Y yeah so. They tried and it wasn't even close and so. He's have to. Why men in light. It has the same feel it like did you know Obama was ninth. In the reception to eat right and that's what they treat atrial legends thirty. You have but. But I don't I still think they give you were to give a general manager of the slew of wide receivers that they could start a team with he's never going to be your one. And so it's sharp it's going to be a year there's the dilemma. Is the dilemma so dolphins idea. Keep in mind they've already backed themselves into a corner to where he's guaranteed sixteen million. So if he's unhappy. Read how much more are offered him. And we have begin forty Lilly. 062. It is due to reduce the song and dance again next Joseph the delivery dumbo ride exactly so I'd buy this I just think you should know. Made a mad desk beside him. I do understand I didn't even consider. A trade aspect. I didn't consider that would now like these countries we just yet. Think anybody else think the double want. War. I had this image in the find out meant 67 some for you guys to Tyson your thoughts on the the Lander finger now which you want the dolphins to do about that runs after the us.