2-21-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, February 21st

Tobin is on the hunt for another iguana roaming around his house. The guys wonder if any of the Marlins trades this offseason will turn out worse than the Miguel Cabrera trade. Tobin says that is impossible. Tobin is really hoping Lewis Brinson doesn't stink because he is a really likeable guy with a good personallity and he is a local kid. Robbie points out that Brinson batted .106 in the majors last year in 47 at bats and the guys think that is too small of a sample size. Leroy hates mock drafts and Tobin hates the NFL Combine and they both think nothing is worse than watcing practice without pads. Dwyane Wade gives high praise to Damian Lillard and Tobin thinks him recruiting and whale hunting is why he was brought back to the Heat. The term Deadbeat Jeets has gotten very popular around the world especially in Fantasy Baseball. Tobin translates Deadbeat Jeets in all different languages. Beast derails the show the last 2 minutes to kiss the ass of the boss.


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Can we. If there was another ticket people as a result of the spring training if you wanna get away. You go oh lots of baseball movies this weekend to try row on up to the ballpark of hobbies now. So will be about a with a salary of fifty Majid wait wait is that man I can't wait to get this. Way I always thought oh. Do you wade is attic. Do you it's got to work. The first. In a new robbery at the household. I got a I got an old best seal the maturity. Must say I was staring down it was obvious I was Gil gross with a video while I was grilled rescue worse. And a look at that trio was like. Branch Leunen. And us. And it's a billion. Big gold dragon. I'm ready to take her out. She's going to be snatched up before the end of the week boy that I don't know she. Had a. A bill. Seeded Richard you want other heated one nugget like all their. Alma day. You go down you what you referred to by the territory's tobacco one of your your your monster friends before hand. This elicited wanna catch and zone. You don't wanna become a bit of the Tobin and into the Tobin household piggy get free range of my trees. Beautiful trees that yours that mine. So this didn't snatched up to just so you know not happening or what's happened. Utter shock. I just took a step towards it she dove for the canal off that tree is high dive as an iguana all the if you know dangers knock him. Just knocking. So guys are ready in about a college of about to bring a trophy number two. Yes ma we've been number one which is ridiculous. Is neither one of you would touch anything with scales. But all of almost totaled up the mantle Spanish. Do. When. It was talk about vision vision of ago. I'd go fishing and urban never finished it's only like I've only been like off the dock extend the doc I'll add additional time. It. You calculate odds of catching it kind of fish. Or is that just to know when when the batting ones are getting fishy dead end and the rights Meltzer and what happened when the fishing is fishy. Sure you store month to Italian and going into wrote nutritionist fishy to house. Let's get to headlines. It's got what you XY and south why don't you sat six HD true. But there's headlines. Brooklyn. Got no action tonight locally. No action. Peter practicing. That's good but no action as far as professional contacts. We do have the Marlins siding our old friend Cameron Maybin. Just remind us of the regulars there or bold. You only thirty he's only thirty really which is crazy what it. Seems he's been the allure entirely got a New Orleans thing. I. So. Welcome Cameron Maybin because they have no other outfield and so well. I'm jacked up you jacked up not really. Miller really I'm excited. This is like our river river so how Limbaugh's show it all their awesome guys this year and mr. remind you when they trade their awesome guys the last time. And got this guy by the way. Everybody senior gonna lose a hundred no one is the low terrified at an image that's a mistake last year I should they won't lose a hundred and you should get a little under think Steve. Had a minute that we export the middle of the season that never officially happened whatever you consider. Don't know. Have capital in. Bum. Is the decent would have also done. The Miguel Cabrera trade is going to be worse then the extent trait reagans didn't get any actual players yes. Because because the stand straight they got nobody because of how much money that pays him. The Cabrera trade fueling it and paid yet they just there's an okay an all time hitter right now. We know is that the paid is coming up we don't have a stadium. So we're gonna trade him. Or to get the vast hall weekend at all by the we're also throw in the most popular Moline of all time and that traded to another you mean he was never listened to. Put on trial. Either way he turned that he had one year right. A couple nearly two years ago 05 yeah if you don't need to record is here here is news good. And then 05 is really do is run up to the Cy Young Chris Carpenter now covered original one bogus. Don traditional one. Telling you Tommy John surgeries and Chris Carpenter and bomb. But they got the lay off we got a hall six guys in this trade male stunk except for the hopper who's a middle reliever. There's no way could be worse there's no way. It Miguel Cabrera is 12. MVPs. Are well Triple Crown. Which hasn't dozens jazz. I mean like. How does stick at all that he's gonna go LeBron regularly outside. Whilst. Consistent and you don't we hear it's the bossa groups you'll mile away from the luckiest. Look my. Way into. It's Oregon lose a hundred. Of those old games either but it's no its citizens is a back that's. You're right it was a 110. He. Text or you wanna do the dart board a dual money. Now we timber in the people in our shenanigans like that. The net bad news W really bad the first couple months they might get better June on but may April may it's can be relieved that. Sprint two guys who simply Tyrell. Who print and ludicrous and yet. I'm excited about what they want a guy like his personality that sound from yes Iran can go out and I just over doesn't stink. Because a light on things don't like the fact that. You know your honor one he shared his allergy he's number he's X the hometown kid. You know he's out immediately in the community go to visit people from the partly shooting. I just want to be awesome so. Is all those things are great Doggett had 150 in the spring. Did that one a six last year with the brewers and 47 at bats did. He barely played even playing regularly throughout the final 47 I believe you barely played this Tuesday ahead of betting he'd barely slaves LeRoy let's give him could be. We can't count that. He rarely played. It happened Amendola you know barely play you need. A week how many bats that he and run. 47 about it's not that that's nothing. Official games let me ask your courts yeah. It's clearly I don't know know about based. I'm here man you know again all the he had bats before. You know. I mean bottle forty said they need like a give 100 so getting to it a hundred up that's before you a clue. That Brady would have been hits ten to twelve bit. Maybe he got better in the second half those hundred. Or you would have got on a tea because it's a batting average and maybe things were balanced now firfer Bernsen. It's given the skin to change its little area money is and and his small stuff. Unlucky not bury him we were just. If we ought to run him back in adult who in yet. Life average of 3.3 yards we would. Comment on right. If you're got out of you played three games. Are. Latest total career was OIDF 45 carries and that was it. That's not fair. Would you like you based on 45 carries. I last dime on is really nothing going on in the why we have no. That period I'd change the subject for 12 'cause the latest melt hyper draft 2.0. It has dolphins digging Josh Rosen. Bigamy field goes in the top five. You know and rob he's guy goes a pick before at number ten and later I just froze and everybody public diplomat just drug Rupp quote. Not frozen there is nothing. It makes me feel worse about sports. In deterrent mark. Nothing. Is great and then some and pass the time dress over her two months ago like a mock draft. Neil we should we should oh Tobago relate Algeria to come on. No no not do that yeah LeRoy repeated element don't know I don't know I don't know they've. All we're on the Ford guys Eric Petrino and I don't know if there's anything I wanna see less than the combined suitable. Don't go to that you worsened Tuesday and I don't want bush trying and dominant. There's there's a couple of things I hate going to seek chemical giant eight ball in practice. Will go up to our news media and not pay. Off. All these wide receivers running through secondary. Like McCain did not out for in front and tell what they're doing there in pajamas. Lutherans are critical to rejects last year for seven at bats. Two it was someone's to his government's weight too is yes I'd hits and two home runs you any counseling would of course. Firms Beatles. I tried to anyway he's that man the true reason to way way it was brought here is revealed we'll tell you about it next. Okay. Yeah. Fifteen minutes. Okay. Well they yeah. My floor. So upload the would you talk should be customization shot or guarantee about this four by four modifications in town. Dog champion former fourth 7865023446. Gonna champion former Ford dot com. Rods and I'm at a high Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys. Call it at 305800. Or above. Him mile pro competed at all growth to be that its was medicines they're WG back in the game. With force up location there's one near you does it all but with a beat X dot com for more information. Tonight. Whelan boy is. Toyota's sudden. Why. Do you soon. Here. With a bow. And Damian lived all his whale. Did you not see what I say here or just isn't in the Photoshop. Because yesterday. Area Willard. Was quoted. Or diamond in the awesome breaks slam goes out and says let Notre Dame the quote I think him as good as any point guard in this league. And as quote. Who was it just in the speak. Dwyane Wade. He says. Take that word think out Damien limit you bad boy. Very nice traveler for Dwyane Wade. Supposed to debut that is the boys. You know noticed who immediately alert. Who that posted. A little. The two little note of that them OG that come write it down like. I'll take you know I would remember that we ways elect an asterisk next yes that you know why why do that the footnote. Yo-Yo footnote where after don't do business. To do it way that you were curtain. Two things. And that is why we have Pat Riley. It's come back why. Did YE. With the way that you don't work. So. He's out here recruiting and he's got the popular group but he's recruited and you have to think about it Ed Wade county new Miami Beach and this game boulevard. That's too. More on this X a one this stadium boulevard this dame boulevard. Change to just meant we could we can change the street signs LeRoy Nicky is a ships can travel to best damn day. Moon. Well that. These women's basketball story no man come on let's look at this whaling. Mark well with me. I we're gonna we've known. Look at it will. Go. And to listen to my way have we made that. Now he is see what we need sports. You see why we need sport I can do nothing with this this is nothing to you there I. Way way back. We said when he left the heat up all right well there goes a lot of players they're gonna look at your fridge and say oh you did different does guy like that at least. He's recruited for he nation we'd catch me when. He is. OK so so he just happens to comment on Damien Willard. Who is is in the lead is co would each other and it's not like that man nobody really is goes out of the blue and says oh. Takes it at a Damien. T get out you all the best point guard in the league intense. My comment on why do you routines I'm not thrilled she's on the door and exit spices. Like he said you're a bad board he did. US rights. He doesn't have to tell Damian Willett that now now we have to go is held in you're little is awesome this question. Before. 9 o'clock last night yeah. You care about Damian and I love David though it no no that's not. That Iceland is being mrs. totti a thousand times a day takes to weeds would ever yet don't. Net audio in my yet but now we're on the trailer house is and it didn't eSATA fighter contract is not afraid of three years but if he's disgruntled. This the NBA much disgruntled they get ready yet that's our 'cause they know you're gonna leave and they get the most they can Florio a that's how it works somebody take the Broward. We did that will Brower for a little bit this pilot lost count me and they turned to look coward. When monopoly championship though. Yeah they're. Literally because because because somebody gets suspended asterisk what noise management pastors just like Daniel hood to bring it out of his hand out. But I mean if you want account I want okay. I guess we can. I meant is is welcome together. Sort of together you see elsewhere way its way to. Number I know this Texan just Tex go ahead please give Tobin a drug test by the way the it turned out bottom wait an insane not to turn our attention and then you. He took it out picture him look at the three banners. And he says with the caption. We have work to do. You know what he's doing. He's on the recruiting trail LeRoy. Because no one's taken that deal the present McCollum is McComb has better. Anyway what held as little as one in his veins Eric let's just say. I is very talented player you know scores a lot of points good for him he's he doesn't have the ice water in his veins like Lou does. Lewis in the now now you've got its with Damien limited is finally sniper driving it and Tyler furlough alert also works. I mean look it when you poured into the year 'cause when she gets in next year don't work yeah I mean if you have some new B photos of the blazers Jim maybe that'll work. No EE I mean healing goes up a little bit elitism and a million dollar structure was so let's just say this was sent us irons since. It loads Utica area of trees zero. Near Heathrow little. Wait you try and try some kind of them yeah I'm trying to make sure the blazers Jim doesn't hang up on us. That's. Why they released were so. I'm glad you've come to your. I'm really bustling. They were in Europe they were given that giant south squad for justice when Lauren now who hate pink blue alert for drug it's bumpy and Winslow goes there. Not. Willard. The tournament or passed like a 45 million dollars 45 million dollar cap you give them what are you talking about. Sounds good main interest I was only talk for five million this year yeah this is where this would be in next year trade. Not even actually ninety million dollars and exterior door that's right talk to us. You are you you have the opposite of any Ellsberg. Yeah you are not a cap guru. Now again that's I do pay dues to just let you and you know. And a unit analysts and even though we got another year. No and it's. What are you were really under stretch him out the question. Is limited amnesty. Oh OK here's Titus and his team well it's. That's how it fits. Text there. LeRoy. Yeah it's portion of it there's our editors and here's our effort he gets buckets. You know yeah. Distinct meaning does he held the ball yet all he wants. All he wants that he wanted to what's gonna happen in the summer after you wrote me and wrote so. So here's what Texans do that you refused it. LeBron wade Dugard in waders embrace him. And whites. A capital LeBron. Kiffin amend sorry. It's taken. I was going to sign to remove reached three. Well he's he's he's not going to be happier practiced. What. A disease like these live with Liu who bought the business com news. I opened my in my in my house what do you remind you to hold salutes and we used to having him back at the point. I'm ta well. Only what it takes that to mean he's recruit him to come here he is. He's not okay. He's not recruiting LeBron to the doesn't want LeBron here LeBron Dudley about have a twice. And they don't wanna do reruns are off of the new ventures. That doesn't mean two way ability to be good. The fewest to show us follow a little bit with with the with the old Damien Lewis does he share the spotlight with anyone who men he's going to be cheered it would yeah he's been happening going to be to look if you gave it to where wins out here if you get in the as Damien Willard or if he's in that room to offerings on the table rials to somehow I don't care if he makes a basket the rest of this again and again. How does this happen. Has what happened getting little or this government is gonna be all right here is that Salmonella loud the Russian. It's. We have to win that windows contract urges in three years should he believe wade will be retired. Ember on the B 73 you say is retired Eisen is going to be the president about operations. Ticked up for what you. Here comes off the books. No analytic. You know winners Jim Johnson. Off the books you know who also be off the books. Hassan while outside. No chance and that's no change sides you're in. Or two more years he's going to be a either way off the books. You know you don't becomes a free agent in point 21. You know who. Amy Willard who. Young as a political blow. It negatives. Well. Oh. It's not a question. Riley will be the worst. Happening. These next two years while we wait for these whales come and enjoy the twilight is a way it may have to be fun. Funny and slowed trades don't like Blu-ray. So. We looked at you know whether literally. Great as. You show little grateful this to this franchise in you waited out smartly put up with the what did you do with the Marlins. That a door for fifteen years. Appeal but he. This to say. Fifty real and turn red tool and not fifty apologize to gonna. Do. You. I'm who's going to be discarded it is more do we Houston Texas and more at that bar gee I don't know if they signed Heath Bell one year. Well all these guys the older we showed up and act it out Jose Reyes uniform at the airport. And it's all. When about coli. Oh that's next summer. Also was going to be here today you don't get away for what is what and when I. So so movie and ensuing years. Do this team will consist of John he's. Damien live there to Hawaii later Randy Andy Davis yes. He knows and your payrolls going to be 217 million or not because you're gonna pay you pay jas and corn. Please somebody else were boat ride to pay that ultimately the hell has here's the thing of Condoleezza Macon. I won fifty or which you on is the enemy. Jumbo loans are to make him like. Nardelli under million plus contract. These are they on this first and organ that currently deal again. This how we don't it's because the celery. Got to deal. This guy would you Miller it into whether that team forever so it's going to be so you starting five. No particular order Willard. Davis. Coli. Greek freak out. You Saddam's towards. It's a yacht is angry for him enjoy his neighbors. A look at little or you know collide muttered yeah Anthony Davis is your Greek freak yeah and ban that's right. Room. Hot on the alert me. Enjoy the reds. Trade show. Yeah at the moment. Well yeah. Well yeah. And I'm Julio and okay it's a battleground. We don't get them. Some oh well we don't get some troubling news. There's a couple rounds we don't get some bad. Some level ground we don't you isn't I've only. Who knows what time is a must favorites. It's grown ass man. Being subjected to ask two. And nonsense and should go home and don't you love it. He could have a little. It's. Jarvis taught roast those who there was school there was school play. You do if your team is. There weren't on the Jarvis signaling a harder time than just one aside already to decide whether I'm obviously Andy's a dolphin. That's the irony of you wearing that shirt. Well anywhere in the turn over to ensure yet. What's wrong with the big TJ good to be the day I just abruptly left. Like at the start of that show he gave me the shirt you can give it to you beat wore green for the show it I wouldn't put it in my office. And then I had Randall color and that didn't go so well. And never really talked to do your instant when. You ain't. How's how is what I'm saying any craze in the willing as they is saying you're Isiah Thomas. Legend Isiah Thomas not the guy who's in the lakers now. He's easily agree it was Shaq LeBron you go to the warriors. President different for me speculate what they realist gonna go well and waited and other news. As a different that they. We get back to form a. That's that's how people communicate our days LeRoy I hear you are not on Twitter as often as he has lit. He explained to folks. What are my options have been today. Jarvis can engaged terms little contract you know a guy looks about that. 'cause there's a bunch of different ways and just different thought process is a wide to dolphins would do Ra and I wasn't will be shocked that they didn't read. Okay. It. We deep. Dig deeper into. One I didn't it's bull. What did you hear Poland which is that's a that's a Fairmont. Which. He gets excited. And David alone between. Get by. It's really the same thing as were talking about transactions. Yours is just a doorstep. My the little further down the road when it's got its first signs it's none of those breaking out of drivers Landry tweet about how he's upset that there again made. It's no different it's just I've seen the tea leaves before rubio says they typically do. I don't Obama goes on T. Those tea leaves you alone and also Mulder Dole's momentum you can't smoke everything you got young guys I see these they come for a lot of people don't. Given these temples. Derek Jeter told you use going to be a bomb. Before anybody else that. Told you deadbeat G. 25 million dollars or 201 point two billion dollar team. All came identical I coin and ended BJ it's now everybody uses that. Whose use besides new. Everybody who ever lose every little children the published report that is using deadbeat Jeep I can tell you with confidence to. Everyone's use of that. Again. Who I don't like to name names I dug my sources. Put trust me everywhere and use it to your source that's right. Moment. She is saying in private people are using you know behind his back. Trust me in your deal or has the guts to use a public that's our I find it funny. Jeter says I've talked to a lot of you wouldn't say keep doing the go work. We're behind you. Like lose. A guy that guy was it a bit since somebody went no. I wouldn't say each of by itself it at all of our somebody actually. Come running somebody. We distribution by yourself and nor is it because nobody's going to be you know it's gonna be rude to Derek Jeter they're gonna wanna picture it's that it. You gonna do it threatens the whole thought isn't it a little skewed he lives a very charmed life Derek Jeter. I don't doubt. That it and I've said it. It already came in would have probably don't. The same exact thing that dared teenagers doing now. But the way each did. And how he's said things were happening. That's where I think it gave everybody a day take. Stocks are rolling and on the in my office a baseball team deadbeat seeds everyone has year's Emmy in my cousin is that I use it everybody units in the mid it's in the daily vernacular now. Of Miami sports fans. A look maybe they'll be a time where. The molds are great again and there winning championships and they'll leave a repeat jeetz. But until then he's dead beechy. It's all over the so over the industry newsletters and magazines and papers were were. News that we've known last the world is our bosses to you know the world. That is that I used in Richmond Virginia. Peace to you really do they deserved it to our east you really like deer in the last two to two minutes of Russia has passed you and eight. US. And this is all outside the she. Loves to make sure people's lives and know what day. It can't just a normal person and gradually it I think it's our boss is birthday today he's taking over another station with us. Our sister station WUN's Wikipedia both. And he deserves all the accolades what is wrong with you could repeat on short review. On these unbelievable Americana homer a great human being at. Where's he from TV celebration in computers in my dad in Puerto Rico used to be jeetz. Soldiers home worldwide and and you know the Spanish translation for Debbie G held that beat jeetz. Women only want French. And look at it lit. Led the BT's. To. Immediately. Russian. You better be gee this is. Why. Gingrich. Bed BJ so I can't believe I get a look at the Robbie do you have her on stage management and yes it is not a social. Let's get lazy that's Italy's yes CN. So really little we judges mortal so the total dead beat. That is also jeetz. He's lazy in the lazy to work and hardly. And this is somebody to come home it gives it to you pay what the jeetz he has hair on his knees were bad note that. He's not dead he's just detonate all over the we call in the years. Over the years. Of your family. And in your ancestry. And his finance you have developed here. As to protect your needs and what do you realize we were like in the middle of a wrestling match and then out of the stands comes from the beast with a steel chair I. Ass kissing because that I would agree that getting ready to finish the match I again in my gosh yeah wildly entertaining I. Sure I gotta I gotta tell a boss can gradually as. Well he's told a thousand times congratulations that we all have these holes the weight first one on the email chain. Of course apple did that. Right and lead out. I'm somebody else emails like the next day he gets it and it changed but it's. All of using chapstick. USG. And lips loose. It's amazing. Q and did the show us how to get an end. You couldn't do it tomorrow. No today's yeah it's his birthday today he's community and wish him happy birthday like to congratulate him on the new job tomorrow. Mean every minute it's how did you muzzled you don't want to get hobbies are gradually into our two yeah you are you are. I let them are against it in the ballot that can't even keep up with you the board that gets in the now. It'll be here tomorrow or the next thing you are such. He Roy will. Performer. He would even handed good way to get him the other big you know what I was trying to think adding that would get me down. Unbelievable it is only allows a couple wrong jeetz. It's. A debate route the dude did you. Odom had a little. Talk to tomorrow.