2-23-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, February 23rd

Tobin says there have been a lack in trash talk on the Poker tables and Robbie points out that your not allowed to talk about your hand or influence play and the guys wonder what kind of underground casinos Robbie hangs out in. The guys wonder if 007 is still cool. Beast says he refuses to watch Roger Craig Bond movies. The guys go over great spy movies. This leads to an argument about whether Mr. and Mrs. Smith is a Rom-Com. The guys talk about the Dolphins salary cap issues. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 picks of the weekend.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. I have been happy Friday everybody welcome and so they are pleased. That I alive and Seminole hard rock flows of the around 3 o'clock a little while yeah. You have woken the good things have to leave some. You have to talk about a 150 plus. 100000. It's it's it's time they yes everybody in this room. Who's the gamble there have been sizes. There was getting ready for the weekend I think the massages bad luck. Look at what kind of nonsense is that no thumbs they would you play poker. You feeling good. Did you go in only get a dollar a minute you go go broke it can fit a bit. Do you think it's early on. And I've made it to. Give him all the chips targeting of the dealers. I mean I don't hear a masseuse when it comes to massages I mean when you when you when you get the more minutes against the Moore really that gets done gets massaged. You could just sit miniature sorely could do this back and shoulder audit necessarily mean in a chair. Oh crap there a medium dissent we you do is gonna make it weird you know why. Output to we've been the only one getting massaged an entire table although that is awkward in Kabul. It's not the only ones in the room though. Plus everybody's familiar with the besides years so. If you get a massage units debuted only one is not like nearby as believes they can act because you know. Everybody wondering also Robbie could not get a massage until some one else in the room did yes that is true you don't just you know the program does lack. A little bit of what. Trash talk. Like it's the UR Filipinos and you're not feel like I kids I could smell against a cover to his room miles away. There will be used to watch in a TV broke Dan Alison where everybody as mine policy one of those affiliate everybody's so relax and maybe it's because you know you're so relaxed or being at the hard rock they're just a Newser. But policies of high stakes like when you got nothing I tell you why he's into other reason why. Is because there are six flights. So you go to six flights to date to startle and on Sunday yeah once you get to where you start getting a little payout. To where you can submit. Fair and it probably starts get a little respect in the you really don't have that they'll lose right. Oh as ideal of brands you can't really talk about your hand it's in polluting plants illegal go to talk to the floor managers do. Something could happen to somebody in this room oh my god Robbie. You see him I talk to us yet. Yeah that's the rub his tell all book is gonna be like right about late to Chinatown casinos that he got to be thrown out of her beat up back. I'm telling you he's the dude from boiler room like he's running some underground casino awoke with a live but that's ten to three. Good this. Gonna be a day where we're were supposed to start the show and he's not going to be there. And we're just give aborted due out where is he always probably do some good rub his or is responsible doing his work. But he's not gonna be there at 1 o'clock because he's often an Alley somewhere. Because you know. Tiny broke his columns so yesterday in the big promotions meeting where we discuss the big stuff. I've gone up our whole XT Robby to Vegas and let's take the whole trip to Vegas for that July 7 UFC fight. Yup and a dude that works in the other building knew who like I've met like twice those. Yeah agreed not to take Robby to Vegas and they don't know that the idea he's like. All out beat green does know rob oh yeah he knows us. Members people who don't let people who like just getting into the show. The first thing here is about rob. Right they wanna know about if he's this much of a degenerate if you really has this many we haven't and you guys we'll find out who that is dollars in dues magnificence of them. And you'll see them the method to the madness the mad scientist that he is that goes behind his gambling it's it's. It looked. Robbie you shy of his record very I don't care about Romney's record and now know that I want to know the outlook the process I don't care about the missile it's at its. How he comes to what he decides to write. Is it and whether he wins and rob is a national treasure he is it's. Well we will we submit things for radio awards we like where you if we could nominate ourselves and mark toner over the yeah ours right. Just don't even dominate the show or the station just nominee rob. Brown and DeMarco is it for best on air degenerate. Robby Robby. Out at the headlines. He speaks WE XY AM South Miami and WS SS HD two Miramar. LeRoy you lug the gulf ready for me in a moment summary tonight. I do want is set to shout out to the Panthers last night who did win. But also honored the victims from the amnesty strategy we're Burleigh Longo just an amazing speech before the game. And so props to that organization for. For doing it right in the heater aware paction. You know the Marlins are gonna do stuff in everyone's everyone's doing their part the props to the Panthers. Who got a right. Last night no doubt about it we do of the Miami Heat packet action finally after the all star break tonight there in New Orleans and the pelicans 8 PM easier took time. That means ads on Tommy tag have your pre game at 7 o'clock right here in your flagship station for the Miami Heat. And have an idea that went 043 to do that to get we no know west lead those sorry Kelly Olympic. The other like and Rodney Magruder are both out and although Magruder after a stint with the sky force may be back in a couple of games. Yeah from from what we've rose's game shape things that's all the due in there right so the big champions don't back you go back in politics when you think. Way to go back to Sioux Falls like beat me they like yes of course of course are LeBron that. I think that that's fate that brought him beautifully has a plaque somewhere. A late Italy employee of the month like whatever that have its involves just discouraged him basically he's on the simple puzzle fame. Natalie you know the whole anyway. You know win do you like him in the bowels of the AAA right you know like you we've been in the bowels of the Tripoli we see on the great pitchers they have up on the walls but in the hallway that leads the locker and all that stuff. To date they have had a big wall with McGregor on it. All that. I think the only the only references who falls is indeed critics say who are you familiar with these work. I can put that off before it starts he has. All we are you familiar at my work since he gave me a minus eight over Twitter yesterday but that's neither here nor there will get to that sooner. Thank you remind us but I can't come out of a hundred and that gave me minus nine the fans are upset with you that's why I mean you know. Analysts and let your nice smooth his smooching his bleeding over the Twitter. Dad is dead long live in the real headline the you'll. From BE mailed the national. This Aaliyah in the wrong place. Before you the leaderboard at the Honda classic let's tell you that there's a big Yahoo! story out there. Pat forty from Yahoo! Sports has been all over the story titled the FBI investigation in to the NCAA violations. Mentions a lot of schools like duke North Carolina Kentucky Michigan State and Kansas mentions a lot of players that took money from agents including our own bam out of bio. Good for you and gets cash. A largely. Bomb it did not mention the you you know and in any way shape or form so it was that we're not sure about that. You'll love affair part of the spreadsheet was like. They. It quite a story that that refer to address out of Baidu. Yes I would since its fifth fair assumption of Yahoo!. Do you think do you think that there today it was it was shipping all over the the coach through no coached and well three. I I don't think I don't think everything's in the clear yet because that's just one agency I guess just like that just like dude two agents. That they that they took down in this article like Oz missing case he can and will middle finger the FBI guy yet now I think there's I think there's several other Bo Bo ball to drop below we hope they're not I am spell his name witty Yuri and I. Alba yeah. That's it that the British yes debris they were gonna make him James Bond they should of this is still dragon that day in day and I haven't see one day and Craig double down and stuff I. No I use to watch a James Bond movie. With a guy. Does not have dark hair or is not Roger Moore. He needs to be like your like you think of all the day's bonds were like big. I mean like a easily Eugene you buy a little digit odds are glitzy Sean Connery was a first. Okay then you had your you're Roger Moore. Right then you had your the guy that was in the the movie the TV show what's his name. Here's frozen peers yet he had back guy and the guy before him was that dark you're got to look here Brosnan. They are in the double O seven anymore the late if feels it's a pretty outdated thing like equal spy. Like miss them off it's no different we have coming back at Mission Impossible is coming back. With Tom Cruise yes. An old fifty something year old Tom Cruise going to be with it being ranges and it's who he's going to be hanging from may thing again it's going to be doing confusing his enemies of Scientology's. You better read several men they just don't think you'd centered on an US on and I'm address titled too careful listen they'll come get dressed. There's one group he'd don't want him just wait no no there isn't the grew government and governments with the biggest ones that was the last not a spies aboard the that the last that I spy movie that went about a way. Downwind it's it gently. Siege on me on Netflix the you're asking detect living let me explain to the Indy. There actor in the war. Would've made it more exciting. In mr. monotone. Would no matter what movie he's. It all Keanu Reeves. Right news. Drew view that was the only 200. Metres that was just a week. Like its act and Timothy Dalton was the guy I was the import it feels but if you like the spy movie has gone away Lake Superior movies are at an all time secrets. To do. My movie note that there. He's out there it's just they don't get hyped up as much because they get overshadowed by the by the premier Julie's she loses by. A Russian spy old problem what is the best qualities is Obama is good enough attic and now where we're at sparrow. It's a little uncomfortable CN. A superhero arson I'm a spot among little extra legal Iran who's that. You. Arts Jennifer in the we'll sneak this would Russian exit well about a year ago one of the best buy movies as mr. mrs. Smith Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. That's like a rope line knows so great are they were telling payable and aid and loan in the kitchen floor as a man show. They won't come with us. Out of Ron Brown waves like it and got robbed. There's blood everywhere. Would Vince along with the commute if they. Blah impose needed today talking about that isn't just that the qualify as a spy and an actually injury. I think. That. We need job now I don't know all like that I hadn't really I don't know teams at all. If he's been said that she stole all of her drugs all of his guts you're just go it's not a rock com. You're crazy really no way to personal problem with that Biden ticket. I'd say this but residents that he can thank god that who lives there today yeah has he was elected to higher. Shell won this round come that you don't have new nudity is not a requirement for rom com. What are you talking about. What are you talking about so despite movie almost it's a rom com that you. Then I understand. He realized. And but I love. I. Were there other. Hole. Three way. But it is sad to see that. That Jennifer Aniston broke up with her guy. And he now there's some speculation that laity should a topic of the was I movie yeah I hope it is awesome Yemen is that they with the atomic blonde like. I was sentiment Odyssey Captain Underpants. And the the movie theater was playing in the wrong movie. In Captain Underpants theater. So all the sudden they throughout the atomic blonde trailer. And I've delay shield the eyes and go out the to go to pimples at the snack machines and hey man. You underpants in the right theater. And the like all sorry man we were thrown Baywatch on it went out and don't we stick here in atomic blah. You noted chick that she made outwit. In the movie. Right that's the same girl with the blades on the bottom over feet of kings and by the way. For the record every and we have to get to the Honda classic leaderboard once I got. The academy has officially. Categorize mr. mrs. Smith as a crime film slash thriller no yes wait there but tribes it. Mr. Smith was not an action movie. It was spies working on their marriage romantic comedy no not according to speak and show you. They're not according to date Saturday. That academy's full of corruption. It is always you should be up for best picture you know that is true I graduated level target like the movie I didn't go to hell with that take what what we got the Honda plus yeah yeah but you buy side lounge uphill with a hundred day you are not needed items I guarantee it's a rough day boys. Ever buys back it up the only reason why Alexander Gordon is still the first. Is because he's in on the first hole. But I did it dead it's all changed Luke list. A day you burger these all the evening guys use a couple of guys at three under to wonder where tiger has just started still ahead. Even bar LT Graeme. But I will say. It's gonna give rough voice it is gonna get real rough. They are play at your back it up I'm telling you it is. Display like. A major move beyond which it would scores aren't going to be at a double digits. It's very windy everything you've got to firm up. So what tiger Brady his ball straight with a some things happen right now the dolphins could be getting a familiar face back in the fold but first as things happen in both Dave Byrd and lose some faces BS the call was removed. It was Baghdad that's. This wanna start off by saying that. I would impart when the living there for the last twelve years. My wife was born and raised in that area my kids go to school part when she. When I'm done playing hockey onus on the my life and parking him I love that's the plus last week it was Valentine's Day I was in Vancouver. And obviously we don't know what happened then. Who is hard for me to. Be on the West Coast I'll be able to. Get back home and and protect my candidates old. No child should ever have to go through it's terrible. It's time for us. As a community. To take action. It's not enough is enough we've got to got. Begin to. Build wind Hoover. From there really. Was huge and got the page. Nice guys beaten. Him pocket some as yet. Emotional strain and he's going to evaluate that means they have a bit and they won't last the last seconds of the day. Those are really cool it was it was you and Alan back with Vanilla Ice and I love and allies finally lives in the areas by listening right now hey to a stop until freak. But. I don't know this is necessarily the Moussaoui should come out and I think he would be and I can tell you guys did little solved today. Beats yeah yeah. I mean any time. You plug growth at the wrong time this month as well we get we gotta gotta do some bounces. This dilemma. Like we can't function because you always try to. They need to get it in where I can do that stock is chapstick. For I have a burst he's alive or whatever it is birds bees whatever that that stuff news. So double big moves boys Norton noted known that boomers now now they can move to your question. Did you get your adult yet. The wavering and Vontae Davis at a ten. To Regina. Irons. Yet down. Next. News of a certain and no. The bronco. That's seen him. Yet you know. It terrible hundreds usual. A and analytical program so we come back. If you bought. For a job and he just won a free agent to look like 98 built. In doesn't matter. I added that we we do have some breaking out of a. Global with the gobbled up. Need jeeves and ran as finalizing a blockbuster trade for cornerback Marcus Peters. Who earned 20. Well as over the dolphins cornerback wasn't about what made a couple of at issue bonds and yet though no good eateries. Peter me to be pleased until he was the one at ticked itself out of the game. In the big guy spit it yes yes if you let. It above all with close to let the feelings say that's Q well that's correct. That's right. You know tipsy so it is big article in the mine in other months under it and all the possible cuts for the of the intimate because there would do with a cap. Right ads though one of them is probably unity they'd have tested the reports that the got to cut Julius Thomas and lowest heavens no surprise. Do what they want a guy whose dog he stinks right. Put the I guess the the big dream. That's probably goes to one James. Jews figure out that the nine point three million right so that's at least 141 round pick I don't think that's the biggest and their money. It gets us up maybe you will happen pieces of the stuff that's gonna happen are probably gonna happen. Relax spirit goods and who's jumping Brent convert to the percent are dead bodies it's always gonna not gonna happen because the releases. I'm teasing it was so was some was a Caesar salad him and relax a the only reason why you sell it because I know who's coming soon. Lewis a Jawad James is probably just lose the 20141. Topic about the 2009 differs from that so it's kind of a wash. And you question. I had inaudible rod of Vontae Davis a wildly and year rip me April I'd move. My way better holy land that they're getting they're getting back. That doesn't nine days if he signs Corey was literally. I mean. You'd think he can still play. Who about it Davis you go to. What did the white used to bring him as the back of the adult web via usually need quarterback help you be linebacker altitude. Would you go live back quarterback first in line. I'm I'm back you it was probably aback because well he's knows what he's doing. As far as rookie concern who's gonna Ebenezer transition is recorded just. But Alicia Lewis jittery it's easy here. If your front seven is good we'll speak to the front seven that's in Stewart in this piece because is. No answers at this year's when he six million new look g.s and it's gonna show up as him being cut. But basically what you're gonna do is he gonna take that 26 million you can restructure his contract they go to that last of the news went out. Don't know that it I don't have an option mister OK redo it contrary basically just means this I in all the stuff we cut it and he mentioned we cut chew. Indeed resigning him. That's what restructuring your do you use now yes it is. You have to beat it notified the address to beat know the bull Tuesday that I'm pretty well. British or delegates are restructured his deal before last year. Against. There's your mix isn't what would you know this happened until this happened to the 49ers years ago when they had all the guys. Basically what they kept doing. It stayed one year ahead of the cap. So every year they will greet you all their contracts right guaranteed of that money it just push it down the road both of them really don't really bad. Because. Old at the same time you know that all the aren't ahead of the cat because they got this in the got sixty million dollars to jobs later besides as a be its franchise tag signs which is Eva. By the way. And here's why I wanted to. Somebody discussed this because. If Bulger obviously you're thinking of the big payday. But. You handicap. The team if you signed whose that was balls that no problems. Umps. Sixteen million is greater than the dirt was allegedly shot from the rooftops it's the second year decided extension forms forms that. Is to delegate some say where we are net. It would hurt to dolphins more peace signs well in the season said that bigotry economic ensues. Like three million on the cap. And relief. But if a condom condom condom not what you're talking mean condom Brett it would be sixty million dollars I think there's failure of you dig your yeah I mean Izzy is that it'll even if they restructured is he worth that amount of money. The guess who question I mean you do you know how bad. They're deep it would have been without him no I. I understand the worst in the league I have before and I I I get Utley grabbed a save like. At some point when your team that needs to build the and you need cap space like I don't know that it's worth spending that much money even if they restructure. On that one guy at that position. Aren't I mean I understand I cannot understand what everybody though they had. But at some point to be good players on the field but it and you can't have all you please read it with your kids. You can't have what he is hey guys this slot receiver yet but I. OK understood but at some point you hit it solid you sat I don't think you and you shouldn't have to satisfy. Quality for quantity. But this team needs. Plenty of players and they used it even if they restructure prevented this won't prevent them from being able signed what they need lets lets think of it this okay. Okay. If you say. Sixteen mil yeah okay and you gloves on additional players could you freed up sixty million. What Lindsay and you gotta have some stars when you remove the threat would of this it was not just the coincides thicket you're away with a victory about sixty million in jars of sciences it's prince's that it might but that's my point my point is is the dolphins to me. Or in a tough spot. Because big stakes dip into him. Dad put the franchise tag on him because they don't want him to walk run will it and it. At sixteen million here idle and do. Oh you don't care if it's at that point the reason they did is they just don't want an office right question. Is eighty by. Good to give generously to sixty believing. Politics one what it's it's hard with all the all the bad organizations. Don't care being of football. Pick a football coach at that that butler's game Ernest Wilford. Fat money he stuck in Jacksonville they came here that it will look unity desolate not letters anymore you tie it and they are useful for wasn't the Quaker oats go out and meant. It that there's a lot of bad bad bad organizations that'll that. Look at you look at Baltimore bullets was up there flirt with them. Need receiver out there we'll get a solid effort Joseph Flacco to overthrow the entire season. You know I just think that yeah there's a lot of money out there and someone will see it again. You know was worse than him a lot of quality to spin. Room yes. Yes yes and so you're boring and you're bringing quarterbacks did you need linebackers I'm not saying you're okay Arizona. But when AM stated that you ought to be you can turn over some rocks was some sublime back that the and and being used is that. If you have one guy they took of reliant on every week on their defense who would be. Odds that John Jones tell you is part it was outflow long beard time the year before OK but I'm just saying. In the last 32 or three years or is that distributed three years via news of his worth here. He has been no one guy defensively that you don't know. That you can't let I'd goes expensive. Which need to have what little puzzle each side of the ball. To where you know every week. Every year every gave every minute that guy is going to beat. Who's like an office. Jarvis. Right. Two in the in between stuff the stuff that doesn't show up the stuff that's not necessarily I guess score impacts as far as stats are concerned. Mean those the guys the those two guys supposed to be your highs due to the highest paid players. You know I'd I'd dearly. Ideally. If you look at a full. Ball team. Your highest paid is you have pass rush sure. Some type of line back or worry be legal or quarterback globes alone decent soccer. It did on off bids. You have leaders stood elite skill guy. Or you left tackle you quarterback. OK. And that's the way that's always work and so if you look at the team. Eight your highest paid guy. Only be decided to blow someone different. I mean it's gonna give you play is that if you tape as Whitman Whitman why is there as being opposite allotment. Sooner or is there an awful lot you don't not get with the dolphins little different because. Plus contract was up in his young guys outside and so you know you kind of that we to her dad quit if all things are equal. Eight. Years signing guys you know you left tackle. Is going to be what are your eyes big guy. As abusive than those CL a plays out for them Robby read a magazines have enough men to question even need to be asked Koppel. Hello he's right. She is ready to help and that is sevens next. Obviously. The weekend. Robbie I know you've been in the laboratory what he got horse man on man let's get started right away. With a little bit of action tonight little college basketball action tonight very rare to see college Friday action. Dayton at Rhode Island. Rhode Island is a ten and a half point favorite. Released it it will be all right as an eighteenth in the country isn't just escaped a defeat the other night I'll get to that OK this. You see okay Rhode Island has only had one game at home this year decided by single digits in conference play back to the other games the closest anybody has been is twelve point at all. Now you mentioned this piece they've had to. Stressful. Road teams in a row they lost outright to we'll just team saint Bonaventure and they narrowly beat loss I was terrible in overtime. But both those games on the road. So too stressful games in a row I expecting even more and the last time Brian played Dayton acting they woman fourteen points and other home. I sort of easily win by more than ten and a half. Take Rhode Island. Covington and order rock rusting cover can focus on tonight's game with Mike Inglis. The about the high stakes of tonight's game of this is Rhode Island rims on their plate receding it's a huge kick off. Oral route you can cut to. What I'd like IB IRA little NBA action tonight the clippers and the sons the total is set and it whopping. 229. Outlook forty elephant who has at this game Patrick. The clippers had inflated people over that total in four of their last quite keen to meanwhile the suns haven't have been under the total in seven of their last nine. I did the line is huge exaggeration of how bad the suns' defense or it's bad. But not bad for math purposes. If one of these team scores a 120. The other team doesn't score at least 110 this unity over which I don't see happening. Definitely take the under the scheme which is which why said the defense is bad but not bad. While bases accounted for their bad defense. There's a big you know I'm ridiculously nights at the rockets they they but the the total very high and the rockets keep going under because because of the total so it's all right it's the biggest class biggest adjustment. Let's get crowded. All right stay in the NBA good mavericks and the lakers the total set at 223. Now. The lakers the last three games they've given up 100. 1913930. Points but all three of those teams have been on the road. Lakers deepens on them at home much better and a line is that I simply because of Isiah Thomas being in the lakers. It'll spent the last two home games. Big deal. The last two home games only get 9381. In the last two home games so. Much better at home it's it's too bad teams relate to get to bad teams going up against Tony in the mavericks but to lose so they're trying to score many points deputy under to 2.3 in this game. Both of soaked in scandal. And a lot the last time these two teams played as one point 13. Equilibrium effect passed kicked in it has to even out expert on low scoring game of the equilibrium. Affect its sights one of the Robin rules its sights. It's science books for Robby are a little college basketball Saturday acts in the line is not out yet Syracuse. At duke now duke has been pounding teams at home lately especially even without morbid badly. In fact they were minus eleven the other day gets law will mean curse talk about is that while it's a lot of points. Wall duke woman 26. And then the other day it's Virginia Tech the record holder minus twelve while it's that's kind of high morbid that was playing big moment 22. And so the last and the last three home games have won by at least 22 points. And I think the spread should be on the same minus eleven minus twelve to look kind of high but trust me. Duke's gonna pound of they know how to play against the zone on like anybody else sorry Greg likens he could hear tomorrow until the four on the ticket. And an Essex at duke duke went speak. 888. When the drive by Robby you're not dropped by a different you're factoring in the FBI probe into duked it all coming Wendell Clark will be playing tomorrow nobody's going to be suspended by tomorrow's game welcome. They may be later on there might have come and effect but not my tomorrow on. What's that about Robbie all right let's total classic basketball game Virginia at it this he and Clinton. Virginia's number one in the country Pitt might be the worst team in the power five. I would rather watch TV the ABC soap opera. That it's happened. Matters. Worse the nonstop that this this is not basketball. Team complex in case you guys haven't noticed birdies of of the under has been very popular in Virginia is a matter how low it is and with PP one of the worst teams in league. This game easily go under bridges to hold the ball for sixty seconds in Mosul thirty on the shot clock. And this gives it definitely look at what it is and Normandy and you know the total is an idea. But it was that you don't you know I'm wouldn't I can project the total to be around a 119110. And it's gonna go wonder okay. Soccer is that the other the unions Virginia Virginia and track under. They believe it or not it's in the scheme going under with that job because they've stayed here same game by the way Virginia at Pitt now the spread up spread has come out yet. But he case you guys haven't noticed the pick strain that was a thing in its current finally started to slow down before it was losing every game a twenty plus points. But in the last game. It gets weak force they only lost by six which covered. And in the game before apple state you're getting twenty points and actually hang around in the cup and the covered anorexic wearing a game at halftime so. It's come at the stock market gotta know when to sell selling on the picturing announced that I think you start to slowdown and expect Virginia. To be giving up high totally 20/20 five points and the way Virginia plays basketball it's us to be way too many points. And it's senior day prepared to have a wanna gain an easy play for. Fri oh yes I'd rule with to sit in the points whenever discredits. The I. I don't like this that aren't it's your it's your right is seven not mine and I put it over to throw it you approach that bag gives them as a whole. I mean I can expect Virginia scored sixty points and kit is expected to score less than forty unit and that's what beat the spread is going to be around this time around to a close it out all right. Miami at North Carolina this is not till Tuesday. Night now. The last two times Miami has played North Carolina away from the Watsco center north Carolina's want each of those gains by exactly 25. Points. And the canes they have a lot of scoring drought to admit it seems like every single game beast they have like 67 minutes trying to donate whole idea exactly. As a two and get into the zone it gets real sloppy and on the road it's even worse. And North Carolina in the corner that kind of restrict its North Carolina to be relieved that. And I think North Carolina should be like 1112 point favorite and at the the gonna win by close of thirty points in the game fortunately mr. king to take North Carolina. Minus whatever the points and is there you have it lover do big still up by the end of the show that nobody goes picks like rob it's not us it's us it's amazing. As masterfully masterpiece what did you headlines next.