2-23-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, February 23rd

Vontae Davis is visiting with the Dolphins which reminds the show about him being traded on Hard Knocks and needing to call his Grandma. Beast says its one of the most embarassing moments in South Florida Sports history. Tobin wants to have longtime Dolphins long-snapper John Denney on the show to talk about all the different Dolphins Coaches in "Denney's Diaries." The guys do a little 15 minutes of Heat are happy to have the Heat back. They wonder what the most important thing the Heat have to do in 2nd half. Beast breaks down the numbers of Bam and Whiteside playing in the 4th quarter. The guys make their Doom picks for the weekend. Tobin addresses the disturbing instagram photo by Jonathan Martin.


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OK so they're the rumors true okay we just strange okay we traded Indianapolis Colts. All right. So. You okay now common ground you could grandmother okay this isn't this and hit the papers or anything like that. From Campbell. Won't won't win this dual dual business first OK before you call Ramon okay. I about Davis. Suited to swim suit up and coming home is that one of the most embarrassing moments and quite so I don't think I don't think. It was they've fiercely. Actually here's what I thought. I thought that deep. Because. Like. Every kid what was actually happening until it AD trust anybody around here. So he just wanted to talk to somebody. That helped me through it what it's like. Let me just an element Teddy bear. And how my will be. And who quit Davis hitting catcher with you a bomb was born connected capacity whatsoever you're a mom was born on my mama right. If things are going downhill look for a berth that you local. Let me think Vontae Davis is that it has been. That is your question is tough does how quick do you think about to Davis was out of his boot. Right. For those who were just hit it out of Jeff as a boy that but it is is visiting with the by the dollars and a's got a big freed tore. I was like go by as he thinks the alleged five teams in nannies you know he's gonna make a decision yet well. He went nuts or and he was done and I guess he wasn't having than those so now he's back out and could be haven't. Little little return to action from but it is it's out of the drafts the historical disappointment that dues Devlin the most talented. One point what do what team whose uses statistically. Top two in the league. I mean two point fifty also very good pick but it has Banca. Between him and shows live. Yeah and it appears to be the future and all the way back wait there that we. There's to match that yet Grimes is good. Grimes had good years at a couple did you publicly years not an attendant. Now now I don't know but it is this. Here's the point wanna be here. Is that we are so quick. It's a Liz cue rating of removal on. It didn't search but that same guy. Yeah I am with him it was all maturities stuff that those there was going to be Lego I don't I don't know if it's ever gonna click click now. Maturity called out by Brandon Marshall out of practice he throws a football what you can view allegedly came on over. The process of the much maturity by. Because a lot of compromises we make in the NFL. With with playbook vs there's there's does not who has and I tell you this. I probably didn't really mature. As a football player as far as being a professional. Until after it left wing. You got to Minnesota. Not any other reason then. How. Lake and so you went a season to waste of lightness. I'm like. A wild weasel it should win is. Like cute they're little apple reduction. You need to see. Watch your speed at level of reduction. And better. Okay. Up here. Like hey quarterback all their own quarter we could go in. Which you know does. And here's the other thing like you look at that coaching staff without dealing with the charity like. You know Silva this Silva is prices. If there urges any kind of of rockets I just get rid of this get rid of them. You you you'd be looked. At all on all teams it all organizations. I don't care what line of work you re. You have those. Few people. That do their jobs. But don't necessarily fit the mold that you looking for yet. And as long as they're not give what does Joseph Philbin is bull hosts. Don't make him happy. Alicia well plane the only major the guy the like that the multiple play at least Joseph Philbin happy is like the white daughter. On special teams the dudes are straight loss not an easy enough for the blind guy so it it's like backed up. Never understand how is definitely it's definitely back up YE versatile tile guard. No they can see and it is here to tell you what the coaches. Well now you're taking a signal you go into serious mode where we're playing I don't on the you don't candidates would do. The coach's favorite owners are now you're you're right the right thing punt take you do. You called team now. Teams all Africa us all exactly. We use the guy got the nick world. You know it is to try hard guy it's cold blood did that that's that's the I'll you know it is put to rest of the Galilee you know it is who long snapper. Delgado has broken out on Danny yes it's not long and any yes longer levers don't know you know. No I asked adding it to be fascinated to get John Denny's thoughts on the dolphins' franchise to cognizant thoughts. It's in the last fifteen years I have you been here since like 79 when I got to Minnesota they had a guy. There whose lone example like sixty years but Boris. He played so long. You know when I played with giving Cleveland. He actually played guard yet agree that's it that's it for you the ball. Like if we could just get a a couple of craft Beers or couple a couple of hard Jewish whatever it is to get. John do the loose but to say John let's spit you think he its history been like a picture of him coveted. You is like 240. Pieces of offensive line or prove their resolute could have like what position do you play right into it becomes there was like a suit. A tie if it's in the Beattie crosses legs like imagined we'd newspaper yet imagine that dire. Courses let. Indebted diaries it's just like. Man ironman would you woods when Tony Sparano came in crime because he found out Stephen Ross is on a private jet trying to go get Harbaugh. And Tony would weaken us and it's okay Tony it's okay Leslie. OK hey you been around longer migrant. It's just that he's been here effort I'm Beverly well over a decade daddy diaries or Marie and I actually told bill Orangeburg that. Humans have plagued politics I had to wait a holiday of hello hello bill boards or group recruited me. To go tendency. To use due spam deal you are hole. Their home. Hey don't let Jerry just said LeRoy. And he is terrified no where we you know. With that in I let's get the headlines there. Speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. From our Miami Heat are back in action tonight to get on the allegations. Did not LeRoy is hometown abusing. 8 o'clock in your tipoff 7 o'clock and dazzle anti Italian your pregame show right here in reflection station for the Miami Heat and 790 FM 1043. HD two of good ticket on that he's been at dolphins to doesn't. That's Betty them all that's even. That's Toronto. That's Philbin. Is that Cam Cameron that's meant Campbell candid camera on the kids get him around and camera wrong can you Cameron stories uh oh god is there any that you want to stick. Ever was the wide receiver coach would that be like that and all he did we yell there's this was your. And that exotic I think for in my life via a moment he retires I want us to negotiated deal with John Denny to do. So at that moment guys don't say thing to do was keep his career going. Well what's what's Israel and what he's ready to burn the bridges once these reds is melted all down that's when I want John Denney. The Cam Cameron let's see. 56 months in in control of the student who are the best six months of dilemma to our Joseph ever. Dissent. We do big trade in the NFL. Deal Jericho had Marcus Peters cornerback. To the LA rams to a victory to become more common and elected in the. Have a feeling that this might. City is going down the path. Like almost like being dough going a little Marlins owns. Brett is it differently and what the quarterback let me get rid of them is market to market street just to get ready to. I think is to raise public strategies on his rookie Becky do you write it had to do with that right before as you rid of light. And we've got some Jackie's fertility and let's go Chris diver he's been released. I didn't even know we put him knitted and I. Of Michigan fired their offer according to LeRoy and Tim Brown beat Tim drive now. This late into the campaign via. As we are afraid. Let's start one usually coaching moves happen again in December beginning of January at if you call the plays I had to pick to an out of here the Ewing used lose your diva like coach is Nick Saban comes thundering and with a helicopter noble way money they admitted what your buddies. You know the fans don't. Sometimes overlook. This job right it would job you have lived your life somebody offered you more scratch you're going to. So real and if you let the outlook due to Hubert in my elite. The Denny diaries. And didn't act does this have you guys centers. I'm Rick Cole Cam Cameron explaining to us the first day of his job how we were going to fail. Forward forward. And it was going to be passed. I just and I just kept a aggregates a store but there is no good that the like. He explains the science all of the thumbs up. And he says whenever you think the film is doing in the direction of down. Time that. Frown upside down it's only got some go this way he was Saban right to yeah. I remember the time it's even walked over player that was almost dead I recall when the little Debbie snack truck broke down at. And Nick Saban had a temper tantrum like a five year old. Because there were no little babies tactics. And I and he said somebody go to the stores. To a young rookie John Denney and they said John John we've please go to the Stella and gets Nixon incident that respect X. And it's it's that do but don't pay all the original flight it. Even move a little babies yes but we loved him Telerate and ones with the look him in the middle. Denny diaries I remember. Nixon blocking them home the secretary said coach thanks to her that she was fired four minutes later. I remember. I heard in the Jonathan Martin walking into the cafeteria. It was after Tuesday. And only the office of Lima decides upon the good is good jolly good joke on him. By when he sat down they all stood up to college itself like a baby. And he decided I don't think it might not nearly as he ET English you know and I kept doing. That. She didn't. It's just you just decide every guy can play against and I developmental playbook. Well. Oh. At all Agricole pulpits today John walking into Adam cases office one day. He was just coming off consecutive. 202 games in a row. Nieces and rule next. Supposed to happen they'll buy it we need it diaries or Chris fours to 00 Agricole. Oracle is close to the middle after Q if you use the can be as CDs. He had himself a lady of the night is all. That it's a bit of snow under his old. This really lead and who should be. Into the had been. The next day in the music and I had definitely a special to go for the London. And having a snow. And I said. Really it's this this and how much does he lake. Three million that's what that it's an idea. Of vote. But I just. The ability to the Honda leaderboard rod in my blood gulch problem denied it and it was a guarantee article resulting with. Yeah. That the pundits involved it is more than that human. Can instances. That just today. He took it all. No you really don't know it was an hour as an hour via but he was if you get the rain because I did. Just. It. Are we got out of that leaderboard. Daniel Berger is now in the lead through five. Is the probably have to be were redone because he's done he's at three under par. Russell hit the Rory Sabatini Webb Simpson 21 wears algebra. How much your brain out evidence we have even are against what. These people. Art he's moved up six by oh that's how difficult it is. That windy out there today it is windy. Every lie there's all new people also the way it seems here's how it looks. If you teed off an aborted it was that as we did it it was difficult. But you able to get a little bit at a bar if you teed off that evening it was a stroke so now these guys that teed up there's more to play catch up. The guys who teed off. Yesterday morning the start and struggled so keep tiger because it's almost like he's once we away from their beef up. Well they are finally back in action today. Announced me as well my good so get that fifty minutes he's next. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. The. Customize the idea at all by yourself blog that we keep trucking as fast as they shot. Who dared to doubt caused by 400 days in town hall the buffet 7865023446. For the champion Paula for dot com and but bud Meyer and I'll hide Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys. Called at 305800. Irma. And by all pro with speed at an all pro Peta gets what's Mets and it's their job to get you back in the game with force up locations there's one near you all pro at the Phoenix dot com. For more information. You are finally back and finally it's basketball tonight has taken on the pelicans got the unit brow. Which would be cool. I saw him the other day he said that he putted it to Marcus doesn't stay healthy thought they legitimately had a chance at the finals which I think is ridiculous but. That wasn't that it does sting that bad duo isn't there for them anymore is that that was a little thought magically there are a little bit. Counter intuitive to the rest leave which is don't know them with threes in and and running gun they got the two big fellas on the team. Well with the date they are pretty active big guys they're not just. Put hey guys though so I mean. Artist of cousins shoot threes you're 23 yeah opiate that's experiment that's that's tough injured American torn Achilles Syria. Are they you know what of all the injuries that you see. That would looks. The least like David. Like you just kind of just yet you don't see like when you see it mean that guy like football schools and cubes or you can see you give. Now with those. It is a Philly cheese. After he's done a Megan's album positive led. He saw easy post the other day is like I missed my baby. And I don't think he's been to Miami he's been LA. And he said yesterday back on my diet. At this this evident asparagus but they browse other posts of via the pancakes. The work suggested he's got the news pump the iron but he's got the giant green passed on merit of the user come back. You're cut to backs wolf Philly cheese. Suppose I mean he's probably won't care. You I don't know but when I don't know it ain't cool. Yes so let me stop no way to beat it which welcome as soon as boss has good yesterday so that giant green cast on her. So I don't know if he's on crutches if you can walk elegant they've modified regularly walking boot and cast though because it could be the weight of it if you if you're now weight bearing they probably have it all the way up. Maybe yes it was all the way. Then there was all the way up because they don't want you to put any pressure on an attic. Well the heat coming up they got this game on the road in the they're coming back for five at home you have a lot of home games that I don't home game space it out I think giggles is seen it's it which subtly. The in his car when these days home home is not been that does come because it's fifteen it's it. It got picked point five games and yet things about Brad solo that put them out. Unit is completely different stand 46 lives. We got thirty would know wouldn't it now in their thirties when you. Thirty to 45 woods. Which would aliens were reported. So. 44 wins. With the amend it and they get it gets him and I don't know that it gets a much higher than sis did then maybe six. Y. Or five. We waited too large we're gonna get what he was a first round match of morally if you're going to be if it's. London the matter out what's true here yeah it does matter is that you'll. Want to own accounts under won that series. For four years. The stockpile abroad by the way that this is crazy so they lost yesterday. I think it's the first losses that I betrayed yet. And it brought James. It was his first loss. With the spurs game after the all star break since 2010. Asked titans on the tabs. And they've won by an average margin of seventeen points so you know that means if there's any degenerates but they're like Robby got cracked. You got crack that was crazy. Low. Really feeling no sleep America's best use that we need picks it up and it was all over late last night plus plus yo all that rest and have the F first Lawson. For him and eat yours yeah crazy. Yeah that's so while one for you all kinds must stop. What's that all trades must stop all trade let's stop Robby just let the dislike the pitcher rich and had to get off. But just as the producer rob we develop develop the ability to raid right and then Reese's pieces actually going to get off a train tomorrow today I'll take this out. Which is still on of workers who in fact you try to bring to recruit different sports yet one of the baseball. One McCain's did brokers rule wrote this book I mean you could appoint one when a cheap to put that amendment of seven when the so reliant on it. We kick other games without lines and put him in quote there's going to be lines in the scheme in those games. That was a Friday night it could have final into the game and wanna cheat and stats. What do you guys but this this report could stretch where he is the most important thing to Iran help. How many vote because yeah it's no no I think revision next in the next. Three weeks. You need everybody healthy. Just so you don't have the play around and wonder what you have what two rotations going to be so when you get totals finals say. Ten to twelve games. You have all hands on decked you know who you war. It you can go from there win or lose it's not gonna be because you're trying to figure stuff out well I think I wanna know about. And I don't care. To see how is gonna play out his son did say after the last loss to Philly. That he wants more minutes he you know he's he's he's been talk that he's been garbage that these. He's cool about it or make it seem like it sounds to make a mistake not a was like behind closed doors but the media. He's being kind of cool about it you know he understands those decisions mean. What's he gonna say he's got you know three left on this project making huge money so tall against great for him but obviously wants to have a big influence on this team. I think things could be missing is. Is when will we get to the that we get to the playoffs that we're talk about rotation the regular season and all these guys you know be the as the playoffs things shrink. And so when nearly in those games the you have spam out there you have Cali or you have Whiteside. And I don't know man I think if you really are going to be in this next level jump. In and young. And you know that rookie wall hits at some point. Even though they've they've limited is that's enough. Think you're really argue it's it's everything you need Whiteside to be an important piece but I don't know how long a leash bodes really and put on him did you see any proof the advanced metrics article that they'll lose the boasted that merited. Nat comparing everything it teaches. Am I mean I don't I don't know prep and I prep. Via. The Mets metrics he did. But it. Analysis of the sun and banned in the fourth quarter moon and basically if you extrapolate it's about the same even a ban has been getting in the nine. In the fourth quarter just because. If Whiteside isn't right early Spoelstra is not gonna stick with them. I just think would I think that's those tired. To play in the game one mentality showed up tonight you know him look it's it's gonna be rookie mistakes and he'll do some dumb stuff you know like. Not telling somebody as the clock is winding down I mean that was sort querying that he had Goran Dragic yell at him. Very that's crazy as you know boy that means it's like he directive about the get on the extent gave. What freaked out on him like he was his Slovenian team mates. So you'd have to do that would ban them but at least you know is trying hard he's flying all over the place. He's job but added the gym I mean look it's. There's a reason appears abroad haven't over the program here here's here's the issue. And now all did this will be this way in all sports. Your coach you have responsibility. For a team and organization would have. Sometimes you see talent. But it's been consistent. And it's horde dealing with. In that being with some of the mistakes. That is sound sometimes weeks. You just throw your hands. Like you just that we still don't would this. Like these calls it the front risked. Death respected news talk that does is is that in the games. What. Type of players thereby put me stretch is forwards. Guys who can you know. Going to plumber perimeter and shoot the reads you can't be stuck what is in the game. And now you have a guy in Bingham. Who can do that plus do some of the things that aside to do any younger and you'll feel better worker where they have do you do this unless they're designed to put an assigned needs to figure out. I have to beat this every night and not worry about. You know. Hey I need this or I need to just go play men to get over on the discussion it is those are just need the minutes. You give it admitted security opportunities I'm gonna put the numbers look like that though. Don't work like that. There's a reason why united. Find out stop doing it. Would that he thinks the reasons are. I. Here here's what it among lineal Woodson. Coaches doesn't like. He likes the other guy. Think he'd do and a world. Is that he's sampling of what pieces say the numbers are awash. You're gonna go with the young as you know bill bill no hope you have a do. Not giving illustrate that you we've here's you don't think he's here in the contract hasn't investing in time no Libby as you question. It is is their McKinney. We use your guy come into the game or. Five guys come into game from the other team we you know all the sun's out. Oh we bring in is smaller guys that would start bring it to you read or or auto to pull a youngster out of saint. Have the same conversation with Boehner you don't just went bad a block their guardian. He can do it I'll always have present what it would be dead bit there's been times you looked a bit on. MVP candidates the all time players in the sleet on on Davos on staff and where he's had opportunities to lock them down. You retire I know but you know I'm at a point in the game he what I do it right now. And usually comes at in that game. We knew definitely don't want to be mismatched and in and you don't have the silenced the home where no one which still Watson's eyes and. But the thing is with family get to our you'd do the mistakes to deal with the flash is too we saw we mistakes bad mistakes then as the flash does have. And yet but what I'm saying with ban is. Did you get the mistakes but then you'll get the late kick outs to win on 2 am as you pass for twenty year old war. Or bandits like him that was very pretty great shut down defense or here. The only bad you look at it like I agree can we really say are big Fella Ruth throated two years we got an advantage and you go get it. That's not there yet bright but but here's here's the other big. Waited UC. A sampler. Is there anything the sun goes on the floor. Where you saved up and gave Dudek. Not that not this version of him and I do think that's another question is is it you know he's been dealing with the neighbors from the start of the season you know that's a lingering injury. Is it the same guy from an explosion standpoint because that was keeping with the sun. Don't forget the reason we we we fell in love and got into watching a solid he's he's very entertaining but it watts he was paid. Well no never is applicants that. Never be ever be ruined yeah are not going to guard the perimeter but the dunks and blocks flying all over the place yes he once. He wasn't it. You're telling me. Yet. A sigh. And eighty in his career was as athletic as spam from the dunks put the stuff around the rim the flock north. You know look half Al Al Leo he's locked in double digits gain yo. Yes. Not to interrupt and I apologize. Until this'll be up to you him. I don't forget to break if you could just check Jonathan Martin's in Stu grant. During the I I know you're talking about IQ it's pride. Okay well I will show you what he has up there. And I feel like maybe we should get intuit but I don't really know. Sooner Olympics. We give we could talk about the dog news side and below due up next idol idol you go to UC can verify that this is all correct. I don't I don't it's handled like what would be easier for its new art. Oh well there's that there's a posting on the boards its program. Allegedly. Although I don't know subdued so that is to grant him. He's got these post photos of guns it's one gone. One dollar and honest with a budget handles. One of them being Richie Gagne. And also it it's talks about a high school and the Miami Dolphins. And the post which again allegedly. From former dolphin. On the marginal note who knows this voters doctor you know no one really knows. The tag line is when you're a bully victim and a coward your options are suicide or revenge. So cannot verify whether this is real. What now has an incredible. I don't know the view of the some screen shots and it has that I Kagan who's accountants private. But it is is there that is verified handle when he doesn't have an avatar like that so. There's that that's going so we'll get to a Dixon will suit involved on this on the side. It's. Looks more important. He's turned me come. Which is what you see. Acts one in the. Still take time. Big week poised sweet very busy today easily very big week for you guys. It's not only got to win one game not for me I'm good Ali got to win one game I mean the idea I'll have to win one game. Robbie ready meant. Oh yes definitely is a big week this week let's do this thing are also a little hawks and the pacers. It's an Indiana Pacers are seven and a half point favorites. The hawks are really bad and we need pacers to lose so the coming in Covert when he's got to the pacers cut. Also in the NBA the spurs. And the nuggets the nuggets to captain three point favorites at home and a the spurs and what does some turmoil with Hawaii Leonard. Myself in the mine. It goes the thousands of those things like. Just think he's trying to force a trade with the use yeah he is scared and you know he's going to us enjoy says. Well it was very important as the it's enjoyed the climate beach logo yup that's it. Chose to you boy. He knows he's on notice. And but despite the turmoil I want to take the spurs in the three point atlas think there's too many points to give experts okay what's next are right now let's get to the real action here a guy. Women's. Curling further gold medal he got so we didn't against South Korea. It is even money and the Swedes Qichen NASA Gerling put the there's an old rule. Three points or less you'd take the whole team it's on home ice for South Korea and Iraq has cost on the market this week according to a raucous environment and there are tickets South Korea at home. The gold medal a rockers. Currently. That's me is a good point the Bruins are going to be out. Robin Roberts all right and a state in the gold medal for ice hockey the gold medal for the men it is all hail coming in Russia and are in the Olympics against Germany. The Oilers a 21 half school Weaver now they've been pounding people left and right into the cause they lost their first game ever since then the close game they've had is three nothing Cheryl does. If they probably are critical to a bush idea imitate them to take always our particular Russians are taken oil art. You know he's he's lost 39 years old seat deployment throws at us when college kids and image. I'm articulate to the oil are covered the two and a half and Arnold too bad about it because rush is not in the Olympics and is a solid they're widely represented so. Russia went to an oilman as soon as the big battle of the Soviets rod in these the only game apart some bees go ahead and. All right we start with the Celtics in the pistons. Boston is a two point favorites. On the road in Detroit Boston been pretty good on the road this year they're nineteen and you don't take the Celtics. The cavs and the grizzly is cavs are. Act the grizzlies Cleveland is a five and a half point favorite. Now the grim look the cavaliers actually are under 500 away they're coming off the loss last night it's back to back. The grizzlies are horrible team but. I think the grizzlies will cover who. Go to business also because he couldn't placing. You can take care though if Greece resume horror. I'm Lazard and jazz. Q does a four point favorite it is at home they are good at home at all to the jazz minus four new. And then finally for the shenanigans. Yet two more I get to your guy's got his. Yeah right right one dollar would you talk about. In ice hockey. The the men's bronze medal game. I mean can high Canada and Canada and in the end what is it. Reject revolves anchor pub in Miami. I'm taking Canada. We'll tell you you're touting your preparation RA last segment I read articles let's go with the first. Gave I have the woman. Women's bronze medal game Hughes early huge have no idea who's playing in Japan vs Bertrand. Which is even money he reminding them. I'll go with the British. To Irish yup and now I have the gold medal game and cement curled. It currently. We Israel did some reading Sweden vs United States if you have that men and women. In the finals. Did you good at salt glows we want. On American pastor they're giving a point and a false or rock and have two and call it. Stoner rock and a look at donut. A rock and a double RE anyway. Now basketball. Is 730 I have the box visiting the raptors. Directives are robbing a the aura seven point favorite. And I'm gonna take that apple moved and we got the clippers vs the suns. I'm taking the clippers I don't care what to straightens the suns took. Oh boy quickly mavericks and lakers late in the fourth what they're gonna go to lakers table at the rockets. A concerted tabloid favorite. But I see what the Big Easy get it you can push rod defensively at another convertibles and slow opened up to not lose by that much on him to take the points of the timberwolves he got pelicans. The world stood up whatever yard though he nation all the way. And wizards hosting the hornet's. Wash is at three half point favorite liberal without Joan Walsh some of the go to wizards. To update you guys on this Jonathan Martin's story. There's a screen shot going around allegedly from Jonathan Martin's. Twitter account which has like 300 followers duque getting his private it is verified. Even a picture of the shotgun. He has tagged a high school is his his former high school. Pastor Miami Dolphins on the gun and would have the caption when your bully victim in a coward your options are suicide or revenge. And Tyson dolphins on there. Mike proxy. Richie Gagne you know James Dunn leave NATO members guys. As some looks like some renewed TJ Taylor so those the as he tags on. And apparently this was enough of a threat that it shut down that high school yeah Westlake high school and out in California has shut down. So. I'm sure Curtis impart a lot more moves data at. Mr. Martin's should be expecting a visit. From his local authorities. Yeah I would say so so that's disturbing to read from a former dolphin who's. Miss a lot of headlines of the dolphins for all the wrong reasons that's pressure so. I'm sure we'll have more details on that on Monday and shook her super club more details on that everybody have fantastic weekend we will talk to you on Monday.