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Josh Friedman
Monday, February 26th

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Take a picture. Wrong. Graham and. 10 o'clock. On a lot of talk tonight parts of heat because they play the sixers tomorrow. Two games with a wild swings when the camera when no lead is safe in the first two games we've played. The sixers we got Erik Spoelstra talked about that a little bit. Dwayne wade was asked today about the the young. Shooting victim. They all were young. Who was buried in in in Dwyane Wade's uniform he really had poignant comment a poignant comment to say about that. He tweeted about it the other day talked about it today and it was really some it's it's really quite touching. Oh Dwyane Wade felt about that and we're gonna put out as well. I also west wing united asking that court mass amount of the comments that the course all startle Laurie Ingraham a fox telling Albright to shut up and durable. I Gregg Popovich yesterday came out and passionate defense. Of LeBron James you know and and and just taking her task. And and point out at all the good. LeBron has done you know not in off the court for millions of kids and you know thousands of kids and me when millions of dollars and things like that. And I asked to wait about ten and Dwyane had heard of the comments you and your specifically when I told him what Robert said. He and and again some really well thought out his very touching comments about oh LeBron his good friend. And soul play those as well. It broke a bottle an hour so ago the NFL has Jerry Jones said in his sights and it looks like Jones. It is gonna be a little later when it comes to buy his wallet and after Wright's next checks are in next check to the NFL. Sold certainly talk about that. Price these out of the MBA like acquire wondered. Might be making a return to the spurs so there's all Gregg a lot going on right now. There is yeah as far as letters surrogate sort takes is for pop to speak about that situation last week which seem like. The relationship are afraid to be really bad point to now was sudden while honor has returned and is back practicing so. I'd just never know what body sports. It it's a gift that keeps on giving her right there in the mid that the is associated with it it seems like there's never a dull moment never a down time. And I'll look reported talked about everything you just mentioned there yen we're also gonna talk about you know charters Landry our proposals and Adam Beasley and with chorus of perk and he thinks that. It's always a matter of time sooner rather than later that Landry. Will be dealt and it and it will be trailing the no trade him become official until March 14 that's the official beginning. Of the league season but it looks like he's going to be according to data Beasley. Definitely playing in in another uniform. Well and yet you pair that with Adam chapters report our online today via social media saying that this week Wednesday in fact. Jarvis slandering his agent in the dolphins' brass are going to meet and they're going to discuss the possibility of a trade so. You know what's interesting is what's transpired so pros sauce Caesar the things have been ahead of schedule in the sense that. We saw that Alex Smith trade happened the week of the Super Bowl normally we don't see any of these deals become consummated or or really discuss until this week. When you have everybody. Descending on Indianapolis mrs. word you can get into a room with. All of the other decision makers across National Football League and this is when you start hearing the buzz about potential trades in acquisitions all sorts of things so. But the NFL offseason has. In ahead of schedule of what we're used to seeing in other years by. It is Jarvis landry's situation is going just as scheduled I mean we're on the year one last Tuesday when the news broke. That the first day possible they're gonna put the non exclusive franchise tag on him which. On the surface seem to be a really good thing for those who wanted Jarvis letter to stick around but as we. Yield back the layers of the onion so to speak. We realize that this is all a great opportunity for the dolphins to try to move him to another team and it seems that chart is literally hold urged because not a big team is gonna. The trade forum and stick with that sixty million dollar tag unless they have a chance to reduce that number by sun and the long term deal right and so it's I think it's a matter of I'm sure where he wants to play but also more importantly at least breed between the lines of the team is going to meet. Is ask imports. Right which reportedly was what four years fifty million right hours and that's the odds and not a guaranteed part. Nobody wants on averaged something similar Dovonte Adams has got fourteen app million dollars a year or so there's a team out there. Who's willing to pay him that and give the dolphins some level compensation. Then we could have seen in the last. Team of jarred is slated dolphins uniform which I guess in enormously now incidents where there's going to touch on being ejected from a six game. Now you said everybody's descending in Indianapolis a gallon holiday you guessed it very quickly and if you normally think about it during the update. Can you in the one person that problem according to reports is not going I you know I do know. And so well at the listeners think of the desolate and victimized not show on his face there. No no surprises no one of those subprime not at all headlines and then if you watch sex in 67. 974. If you want Tex in the Coral Springs auto mall on text line. Was not showing up in Minneapolis there's one name and one name only let's go to headlines. Use one string. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right here. Kelly wanna return he's practiced the day he missed six games due to a strained left vulnerable when I can head coach Erik Spoelstra. So it's a clearer what do when equal or turn to play they left open the possibility of him playing tomorrow at the Tripoli vs the sixers they said it depends on how we shall repeals tomorrow. And it is it. Our Robby grew to Knight will play his second rehab game pursue balls of the G league it's in a Los Angeles as it was Saturday night's game. Back he'd already declared grew out of tomorrow's game I don't think it's for health reasons I mean he ease. Maybe they don't wanna play back to backs is coming up a broken leg he scored sixteen points on Saturday. Maybe it's again back to backs and maybe also just coming you know he's gonna get in he's got to the red eye. If you're gonna make at all so there are just gonna there's good chance hopefully Thursday just won't play. Tomorrow it looks like Jerry Jones thank cal might get smaller with Roger Goodell reportedly ready to Levy stiff penalties against the cowboys owner of the New York Times said that the reported millions of dollars. Would be in the form of a fine and how ESPN is reporting that the league is demanding reimbursement in excess of two million dollars. From Jones for court costs related to the Ezekiel Elliott suspension. And jones' threat litigation over commissioner Roger Goodell contract ESPN is also reporting that. According to sources San Antonio star choir wondered plans to resume working with the team. At the spurs' practice facility this week with the hopes of returning to the lineup sometime in March. Thus far we've not received a text. The guest who's not showing up in Minneapolis one guy said. Okay and return metro what's the someone said. Why the bleak white tree Landry. And though there will the reason is they don't want me to spread they're not happy with the one they think he's you know he got immaturity and got some issues they're and they don't wanna pay. You know and a slot receiver as Mangini knowing who has trouble finding the end zone at times. An average of one to use of fourteen and a billion dollars a year that saw the best in all appropriate use of a money. Well and I figure it's more the latter part that you mentioned and not a maturity things because just let's like let's be frank about it's sold Jarvis Landrieu rejected for a game at the indices are not controlling it. He gets. Probably too many. It would varieties. Celebration penalties that sort of thing but generally speaking when you look at the war where he came from. As the second round pick in what he's done in terms of the statistics. Mean he has been their best offensive player in his four years since he was drafted out of LSU and you could argue he's been. Their best player on either side of the ball during those four years or stretches those warriors so. The fact that the dolphins finally hit on a draft pick and I don't wanna pay him I think immaturity issues everything has to put out about that. That's more to protect their own image. Why do you think when they move on from because they don't want him that much money at the latter part of what you said is the real reason but they're trying to put out all the solo stuff at a gay saying that's one of the most embarrassing things he's ever seen when Jarvis Lenny was ejected I mean all this BS that the putting up there is just to make themselves look better. When they get rid of that I might hurt you on the air after that did you want have you one of the guys your team a little longer really I didn't notice it was really it was really quite good well because and if we just won at the top on the list Adam gay said he coach. Are a member of his coaching staff doing lines of cocaine in his office and documenting it. While corresponding with an escort that he found on some website and he said that charters that are getting ejected was the most embarrassing thing you seem. You know ironically if you know I'm I'm really I'm digress into the second. But that never happens there may be Adam you know drug problem for a long time. But that never happens of Herman doesn't happen they went out to LA did to California to practice because Turkey Irma S three met this woman right so they're back here. None of this happened. Well maybe it. Maybe right to probably not he's somebody out here we might just might add to that a woman based on the South Florida instead of one it was recent California Seles I don't mind saying the other station because now were all one big happy family right. But someone sexson can you guys toxin baseball both you guys in the guys are by six here only talking Landry. I promise you it's not pollution. Well Alex and try to get back to college and what it shows what are you doing that's music interiors right there and how many times you review I ever heard that that's right normally don't get pets or reinforcement is it the other way around want to start talking baseball people hey let's talk about something else has someone in the same guy right spec shot please talk some baseball man your comes in my yankees. Collision course there'll ago in the health care at the ocean. What organs some later to be sure odd yet Josh McDaniels somebody gets judgment in this course TTE. Accepted. The job to coach the the Indianapolis Colts and then at at the last minute to do you turn and and decided to stay with the patriot someone. Set on. Some article I thought you know if you watch him like one of the great steak houses and orders like a shrimp cocktail they mentally. Poisoned with like Xstrata horse ran and there's no listen to resolve like. If I I have some taste my food if I would be assistant coaches in our Josh McDaniels and at some point with the the patriots I have to go to Indianapolis to play a football game and be a coach for that. I'd bring my own food with the amount our rainy room service not going out the anywhere in order room service from another coach's room found that if they don't think it's it's him ordering and yes you bring it -- years that's a good yeah that is something right. You see it yourself ordering food with people don't know who are no no and I'm also. So that's it now we're gonna talk by the way about sick at 715 is so we're gonna talk with Tommy and fill the Palm Beach post talked them. Miami Heat talking to analytic isn't you know it's gonna come back soon he felt pretty good he said to us today that. You know his shoulder as a his left shoulder isn't as good as of right shoulder but he's missed six games and he told me that it was. Difficult listening on the sidelines look at your team is just. It winning all the time that's one thing going it's you know it's losing its arms and struggling is really to appeal to sit there and disliked. I'm not knowing you can do when. Right and you know it's I think it's also on top of that Johnson mean outside of that the big winner got. And much needed win on Saturday night they're glossy of nine the the glossary in a role they played seventeen straight games decided by single digits so. You know it's selling deflated a bunch of games in the of those losses they've been blown out I mean they've could've gone either way so must make it even more difficult what I think we all wake. Potential return writer on the core Magruder coming on to the forefront so that we talked about already but I think. We will really become a storyline is is how Erik Spoelstra manages that rotation. Because it when he's got pretty much everybody available right. Who are the odd man who's the odd man out in terms of minutes at the it's going to be fascinating to see how that plays out look peace. Today I'll play this summit a bit later to reset. I want guys wanna get in heroic guys that wanna be on the court by the same token Alan guys that are going to accept that maybe. You know for a certain games they might not Keating or not it is nearly as much playing time. As they want we gotta have guys that wanna go team for right well it's it's kind of like the first part of what you said you know relaying what Matt Lewis also message. It's like well courts every error every guys and we wanna be on the court right I mean. It'd be strange if there were players who were just I guess you could say just collecting a paycheck and didn't really care whether played or not so yeah you wanna have that attitude. At the same time the competitive nature that has gotten these guys to the highest level of basketball. I tickets it it's always going to be difficult no matter what your your in the league if you are on an NBA team and you don't get to play. That can be tough pill to swallow Udonis Haslem has done it with grace as he has aids and got in late in his career and is captain. But guys like Jordan Mickey that cats except down onto the playlist is an ultimate emergence oh area were kidding the other day Tommy tiger and are washing into the game like you know. In case of emergency break glass in Udonis was in three Evans are Jordan Mickey was for is it. Probably here Ayers or Spoelstra couple Summers but that have talks about having hungry and yet unselfish players guys who. Guys who want to be out there and it won't compete and wanna be out there and express themselves. Competitive to help. He also why so. Understands. It's all about. Chemistry matters he wants. Guys that are committed being good until. We have looked from. Yes and ulcers bolster about I'm playing time in the changes now that. Olympic is Bakken Magruder is about three and other guys are gonna help you a bigger rotation so how do you manage all this time. Does the impact of he would dissect myself so if you are trying to accomplish something greater than we are right now but these are. Well it's challenging. John Lott and you have good basketball players. Buying and competing for time. You know really since training camp and this would be a good thing for us to be good for us to. This is better than not having enough for having to choose from in a really bad players. It is as big though that through the overriding bigger picture question is do that the heat's still does have a bunch of decent players were above average players. Or can this sum of their parts win when the raw help the make a porch and up their seeding in the Eastern Conference and then you don't translate all that over to one making the plows into. Laughs success because I think the obvious in and still buried. Much the criticism of the construction those rosters they just don't have heat superstar that's strange for a Pat Riley led organization well. All of that's why tomorrow's game is so critical right now as it's stands or the eighth seed they're two games behind seventh seed Philadelphia if they win. They'll do down the season series two games to one. But they'll be only be a game behind Philly lose your silly three games behind billion you'll lose a tiebreaker maybe if if it becomes necessary so. You can say what they're when he went 21 games to go twenty games to go 21 games to go 22 games ago. By going into tomorrow. And you can say always you know and with 22 games doesn't matter this is a big game this in terms of tiebreaking its seeding this is a big eyes do this. It is definitely is Amir a really big game tomorrow no doubt about it prosecutors who will talk about with Tom Diaz an expert if you were you you were in our schools issues. Which one or two players to use fake he sees the bench more often than not when you have all your healthy components are the justice whistle. Only think about the other and down the order that the rosters think about it but I Winslow it's weird Wenzel started. And they putting garbage time the end of the game you know you talk about polar opposites well they are Spoelstra has this. Habit or this tendency where he wants to keep his second unit. Intact right soul whatever that takes so I reacted that's why we've seen where the B justice ones those are example ribbon Derek Jones junior starting at times like. He doesn't wanna move. Things around too much in terms of disrupting his second unit when he has that intact so it's kind of a strange tendency because you make. Well your next best player she just stepped into whatever that starting rollers but he'd prefer to keep. The chemistry there for the second unit and bring somebody who maybe isn't seeing the playing time. To the starting on it we gotta get some who resume it's your question why there be justice Winslow Luke Babbitt certainly doesn't play neutral right now doesn't play on now but he would be you know push even further down. After that I'm babbitt's almost into the point warrior though in case of emergency break yes. But I will agree reduced justice Wenzel the question is is there another guy there. Because deed dues join ways see less minutes I don't think so there's Tyler Johnson's US news is coming off a nice performance the other day. You know off a great game and as it's a good question left to wait and see how are exposed because usually it's nine men rotation me maybe ten movies are more well he'll have more than a consulate and murder back coming up next Tom Lee Angela Palm Beach post talks in the back after the. We give away. Listen every week for the quarters he ticket window fortunate to win tickets to upcoming PTA we give them away all week when you got at least into Sweden a according to the official IT solutions partner for the Miami Heat had authorized Margaret Cisco Xerox VMware citrix Derick add more for more information visit them online at headquarters ct dot com. He's courted ticket windows sponsored by modern nailed BMW have come from behind a member. Did Kelly and I'm married now hi a little visit our. You are insurance attorneys called real bind 800 arm. We have quarters he ticket window weekdays on ABM 790 and ask them 1043 HD TU bus ticket. Wow they can't do it. Yeah you're here. Yeah are. And. And join the ticket to watch them best beach volleyball players in the country in the world take on on Fort Lauderdale beach excuse me is that the two major series. Voice of moral I don't know which. From now through Sunday morning for this amazing event check out the ticket my background. Now late this for the next three days now he's doing it for her after neutral effect Curtis Stephenson that he apparently broadcasting from. That beach volleyball. Series on Thursday over a quarter of the. I'll I arsenal remains the if mystery as to be a great setting though to be a lot of fun you know you know beat the state. It's true on the of them in the northern part of the country's in you'll some still some cold weather MIT the sand ornery if you. How bad it doesn't get much of an unknown on the streets but to vital players around us right now I mean it's a good gig right there is like a lot of fun I'll look forward. To that show along with Curtis Stevenson are right Tom De'Angelo along with anti Anthony chain covers the heat of the Palm Beach post. He joins us right now you'll Ryan fuels and downstairs convenience stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient thank you for take an atomic model this tonight. Duty did Josh let's talk like that TARP duty US writes his roots are sitting in there and do that show on the on the ball for a lot of built peach that's that we there's now reached it in a murder you know I believe watching out. Watching one go ball or Europe would be there you go millions Lavar you get Alonso Lamar come and sit courtside. Out of I think Lithuania didn't coach him. Coaching is he coaching Luther good I think he took it to be coaching his kids go to something Ortiz isn't we'll never reached the NBA. Kelly yeah yet again came opposite the buyback and a plate or anybody and I love it love modeled on the wanna play or anybody unless they are you know they they. There is keeping his brother on the team which means he will not play another NBA game that he does that. That's true that's true. Greg just ask me question who went to win this rotation gets fully healthy probably when a practice today it's it's unclear he'll play tomorrow but it it looks like he's gonna. In a place sooner Spoelstra said this wasn't what you call a training camp practice but nonetheless what the wings out to see how he feels tomorrow to get through shoot around but even if he doesn't win tomorrow. It looks like it's sooner rather later you know Rodney Magruder is gonna play a second game pursue balls bowl games are running Los Angeles. He's already been to court out tomorrow but I would I would think the resilience off till lessons suitably dark. Once they get to a full rotation who suffers whose playing time suffers the most one or two guys. That's the big question number one has got the swing vote that's who we both guest and I don't know to dictate Luke Babbitt was already in the rotation he wasn't really media he the other guys. Because if you take justice would go out there and you can do you can guide. You can do. Step generate guys really good minutes and then on my intent guy at the minute so I mean that might attract guys. Well I I think you can give dime guy but he didn't and that Rodney will probably spotted here and now. Yeah that the guy has played. Typically gave all year so he's not to play he'd been at 830 minute anyway I do I'll be jumping on how it'll play forty. Total kinda beat probably start to see where what he needed encryption with a rotation takes him I think you'll read cabinet. The tenth guy the lowest minutes right now and that I can start getting run project that's what vote. EE can make a big deal and make him any anything you want out of what we saw Saturday night but that was against eat eat eat eat and actually what was. That they played meant just keep and he had a nice game we did we had to do just like that they. And they both needed at this psyche that he would Keenan and justice and immediate kick start and a little bit so we get that we just snaps out of that but man. He was he was awful the last fighting for Saturday I mean just. Word yet not even coming up the action quite. And so we'll see but I just could not see uncle to get a kick out. We need what Wayne Ellington will be spot while I don't think we get when you're gonna when we are thirty minute to gain. But he'll be a guy he'd be committed to getting a lot of heat off the bench to admit that might drop a little bit and then again maybe gene if he doesn't get system. It was not a little bit we've seen it recently but he's got to get really to this and that maybe you all a little bit. To get another guy you know to describe dispersal movements but if I were there are I just can't see anybody else haven't been a big drop by the but just. Tommy B Mitch and that was a much needed victory for a number of different reasons ended the other guy who performed well outside of justice wins those Tyler Johnson and what do you think he can build on that strong performance and we will see kind of the Tyler Johnson. From maybe three ankle injury move forward. I I do I'm not eat eat eat eat only in maple that it is in Eric's that it that beat before rob. The two practices before. But the won't gain that too practiced the postal operate. That he thought he saw a little bit more of him more aggressiveness of kind of what he had seen before the ankle injury. That would be that would be a big deal that would down. You know they they just need to just the place about two gauntlet of style or whether when he summit will restarted era I my guess is that Tyler plays like he did the other night. Do continue. Starting narron you know try to get some kind of semblance of a second team going depending like it again. That rotation with which we know two point going to be that we know you know we don't count eagle tally probably Scott we know that. That. There will be there for much of but it should change jobs a weight so. So they'll they'll get some are almost gone but I think we are in big lead actress to two men to guard spot. They needed to get you sixteen. Points 1516 point two. Gain in the Indian Tyler does. So many other they eat each energetic ones feeling good order right when he got the secret about it spoke to. They can go to the bank goes about it so well and they want to do that go to the mat it. Would you follow like nighttime at most if not most you go on value was six so so that an all that and that the that shows right there that. Utility got to get into the basket so. It critics say if if if they can get back on the clay out of him. They'd you know kick it Kelly back healthy get into the starting lineup how he changed on the derby a pretty good shape. About tomorrow and then the sixers coming to town image to wild games with the sixers were seemingly. No lead is safe they've lost both games in Philly too the sixers but tomorrow on the Phillies in the seventh seed two games ahead of the heat. If the heat win the pole within a game they lose they lose the tiebreaker in the fall three games behind the sixers. And others can be port 21 games looked after tomorrow but nonetheless I think music critical game where your thoughts. Yeah the two of them against the six is coming up the next and then Maria but you know it would cherish are scheduled to play this sport within. About what an odd weeks. Critical of the rules rock I mean. You know to me. Getting in the playoffs anything that anything that I deal in which you might dropping out of well this political they are getting a lot of help from the pit. Yeah who would get who put Toronto tonight you know also in Toronto to open losing in Iraq to regain that in between games hero. But nine seats that probably a year you'll look at right now because you know getting used to generate okay you play Toronto or you bought. No I don't know matters that relate to win on the ball on the court. On open those cold courts. Yeah not sitting at winning this series but I think. No one is probably gonna lose but probably when maybe when a couple of don't know I don't know that by. But it would be nice it is the thing if you can it he'd get beat anybody right now because you don't know what. I don't think six without the possibility I think I think probably you know that's probably get realistic. I guess not unrealistic but I think the best chance to. I can go right now probably sticks and just went what do you passed without you know big inning we cannot allow the Milwaukee are a couple of whatever routine you pat is keeping you up there just six. And you can get you know get yourself a little bit and standing a little bit eating that but equally important are they. You know yeah beating me in your head to head just you know it is you're not a little bit about. And it gotten clean but they got a Wii games and they discover that you're gonna keep it in that top eight. And like Erica I don't know eight or seven really matters to make sure you you know he stayed here he's actually we in the playoffs about that which he could be. They Tom away from basketball little bit errors clearly one of the big stories. As related to the heat and the connection of the heat Downey's is the aren't we shooting and Marjorie Stallman Douglass high school in the one. Us student unfortunate losses like that and his parents reveals that when he was swayed his casket he's wearing a Dwyane Wade jurors. Com I know Dwyane reacted to that today what was your reaction gonna tell us how that went. My my reaction is this is. This going back the all star break I was there and I and into twenty minutes of I'll be interviewed. A twenty minute interview session at LeBron James had a not one question about follow all the out. The social you know the whole issue about. Basketball players to you know shut up a group that opened by the Fox News commentator. And I look at it and I look at these guys happy how local police and hurt anybody. Anybody to try to stifle these guys and not. Not allow them. What to make a difference not allow them to speak out so ignorant. In this guy is beyond me yet to be on meet someone tell somebody they cannot. Talk about something publicly not to anybody people who. People who have people in it people who. It people cricket at Dwyane Wade get this initial exact quote you missed this good this goes to that point this is the type of back. The type of impact going to wait had on on this this kid liked it it is her for his parents to do that. Mean they saw something that Dwyane Wade. That Dwyane Wade is meant to be escaping solidly made quite that this kid it. End in something that probably changed his life probably you know just not help it you know what would ever what they saw this. And that just that that's a powerful statement. To have him buried in doing security and doing secretary of state students say to our citizens we this is why we do much of com in India talking about to guide if you you know you wanna talk about two point it and Kevin directly into that. It was an on and that interview which Laurie Ingram told oh you know that it should be speaking their mind in the Indy if you told the way it turned a redneck who usually guy. In baton none of the we have had any kind of can't. You know LeBron Dwayne Kevin Durant you guys a model we've got a model that has been and these guys a model role models. And then messed this is why he is and why to try to play tell somebody like back that they. Cannot cut they have making their particular. What you can and making a difference in a whole bunch of lies and all we can go on hours of this what these kids that meant what these kids are doing. So those those that those three guys in many other athletes. And hero but every one of them but there are a lot of people who put themselves out there and make it and that's why because the when he made a huge difference in this case like. And just those crap or do they get. But usually it is somebody from doing at practice today and on what it means he said the Joaquin Oliver there aren't that. I was buried in his Jersey what it means that he was wearing to wage Jersey when of course he tragically was there. He really came on put that in words we heard for the family you have good opportunity to speak to them. You know you just try to hold that the time where he was alive did. It's who you would they would help bring them some form of joy to his wife and I felt memorable. Story is coming you guys to talk with. Tony little or no fourth I got to elect a recruiting foot. Don't make me cries emotion even think about that but as a parent. Felt that very much during the summer he wanted to. Sort of thought that applies and what we've done in this in this state. And meant for the U so appreciative. I adding even know army you get paid to talk for living a thousand doing issues I don't know how I'd say anything I just I mean. The way you by the sounds trite but I mean what an honor that the well we've got back in his life yeah so watch any and in the parents recognize that. Yes and I and I would say today. This is part of that it gets when pat I went out gut feeling weighed on both been to go now. You know it was. Is Pat Riley mind it was. It was about what moved primarily help this team give it a little polish for so many reasons but I'll tell you what when wade from going way coming back. To South Florida. At age so far you know it transcends just about what court what he needs this community we can now. What he had meant over the years that it would apart healing the people were upset when he went to port so. It will wasn't much we would probably be people kind of understood okay you opt out when he went to Cleveland I think people were to copy and top. I think our social media al-Qaeda did I don't wanna have a comeback that you value what typically would LeBron again you know. But you ought to be wind up back here in the midst shows the impact missed the guys had on this community. Column in and of what you gonna to the community not just about what player. I mean there there there were no greater example of that that what we had seen. It into an eagle and actually less than three weeks and what we actually. People who went out gave that speech on Saturday night at eight Bob I'm in return a tribute to be we had to litigate order for the victims. It was it was going in you know who did what what we saw yesterday when we saw today. And what the Aristide you're going to blame wagers. Be that impact is that that attack. Should not be lost what. And coming back to the theory of V. Beyond court. Tom thanks so much for coming on we appreciated they'll see this week. Take care now so tambien jewel of the I'm exposed I wanna play when we come back another somebody come out this particular topic we Dwyane Wade bios west wing about the comments may not only once and name. By the fox commentator to shall tell moron I mean retirement puts. To shut up and dribble and then Gregg Popovich made some comments yesterday had me coming vociferously to the defense of of of LeBron and all he's done all security work. And to wean echo those sentiments space will play all that sound factory here and it's. 679. Needed to keep our promise is to deliver the best sports coverage in Miami. And for you Bob best crises we can get arm punching your little hand side. Offering an amber have tickets to see you are Miami Heat then you're right though they at least have tickets for you to Joseph Rogan at the film that technically Gutierrez Curtis Sumpter. Yeah yeah it's EU and the baseball. If you want more Miami Heat tickets you can win it now just click it ticket to Miami dot com. Keep listening for your chance to win big. Only on CM 790 NFM 1043. HDT do what about ticket. I'm cool. Download the apple campaign doesn't everywhere you go move. They're going to hit the home team Jim Morrison's. All right here on the ticket including the game Wednesday afternoon. He has your free and perfect your team your baseball into the plus invite you. University of Miami sports. Or for coming on. Talk some heat basketball are like let's play some sound bites. We we played one SoundBite from Dwyane Wade. This young victim Joaquin Oliver seventeen year old who was one of the seventeen students. Who we're shots and unfortunately killed at the park London February 14. It happened a little less than two weeks ago and students are returning they've they were turned with parents yesterday to go in the school the building in the world most that happens. It is close remain closed having a part of the active investigation but students are gonna start back full time. On Wednesday just a modified schedule 7:40 in the morning to 11:40 in the morning. And even the superintendent of Broward school said. If there's any student it's you know completely uncomfortable going back there we will let them transfer schools literally bending over backwards to. Anything and everything for the students they recover from that to treasury I would imagine I mean. Going back on campus me wanting to eventually going back in that building if they ever reopen at you know the people were in that building is just a horrific memory. But Dwyane Wade of course was talking about locking calvary tweeted about a sweep in the seventy year old who was. His parents decided to bury their son in his Jersey. And we just way to solve it from doing Lina and what it means that. Alum mark you know upper did that. Here's also here's another cut by Dwyane Wade and the impact he can have like with Joaquin el. I'm definitely always fitted that he would collect those living in a basketball player here and beneath this on the things I've done on the court. Nothing off the court justice you definitely have felt that crucial fumble my mom always told myself with the moment big duffel. And always carried it around but we try to treat people how to treat them away don't wanna be treated you well my kids' futures. And also understand the position that a man. This ability coming got to give me this probably Robertson in to play at this level but they'll accomplish that you know from a role model standpoint so. So there ago. I don't know it's the opposite of Charles Barkley there exactly that's right at it. So that's Dwayne wade and you know the in these guys tag can have such an impact on young children's lives you know and then the underprivileged and you can see women he. Obviously Dwyane LeBron their their blessed with unbelievable physical talent. But they can point at them and say I mean they came from from you know underprivileged conditions you know went and one guy kissed Texans show talking out to lean. Has been coddled all his life no he hasn't EDT the back robbery came from his mother was a drug addict is rather. Per child was out of the picture I mean he came from you know rough surroundings to be sure he made his way out of that. And and so you know of young kids can point saying they did it why can't die. Right and night painted these guys are role mark role models whether they should be you're not writing him in the sense that. They have a platform that people are going to look up to them and so I say that we should be or not only because we win over Texas point here is that. That maybe we should meters should be their parents went. There are a lot of people out there as you just pointed out Joshua can relate to be a range that these players had in maybe they don't have. Aussie someone in the life who could fill that role and so they do look up to the lights of a LeBron James or Dwyane Wade or or you name the famous athlete and in these cases these guys. I mean for the most part have done a really good job of handling themselves the right way and creating a very good example now. The you don't get a the bigger picture. Topic about the shut up and drivel from a the commentary. I think this is one of those things where. What what is lost in all of this Josh unfortunately with the current. Dynamic among our society was the way I look Kennedys that. Everybody is so. Set in their ways in their opinions that it feels like a lot of people don't want to. Allow anybody else to have something said it's different from what they believe all society's going in that direction does it feel that way as it does because. The way I look at the LeBron James situation news. The Fox News anchor she can say whatever she wants about LeBron James that doesn't mean anybody has to agree with. Just like LeBron James can say whatever he wants about politics. Some people did agree some people can disagree and I think it's it's a little when you don't when you have. The A list celebrities speaking out on eight candidates perhaps when there's a presidential election. I mean they have a platform because they're famous but it doesn't necessarily mean what they're bringing in the table. There is any expertise about politics but I think what's lost in all of this instead of people. Listening in and saying why decent disagree or I agree. People just all the sudden start claiming that people can't have opinions which is completely against what our country was built a Seattle think he. Realize that the what you're saying is very contradictory you're saying she's got a right to say what you want right yes OK and so the city. But she doesn't think the people who disagree with their ever right to say would they want and that's the prompt a court she's got a right to say whatever she wants. And she should recognize that others do was well. She should say O'Brien sharpened dribble she could say I disagree with everything comes battle Brown's mouth and it's helping put this completely. Suppress his right. To say well why should somebody saying it Sally she's suppressing his right. Has the best part of our focus and that's part of what entertainment right that's so they'll look at it like why why are we taking it so seriously. It's some woman who has a platform is saying something right it's just like when you when are you take seriously she's a woman torture fox one. I don't take seriously defective she's saying LeBron James doesn't deserve an opinion. I sixers in the fact that she wants to draw ratings. And it's good for her to bring LeBron James in the conversation because that a raises her profile OK that's where we're gonna bring you look she's gotten out of respect you say almost she's saying she can't wolf who is she. Image she says LeBron James shot a patrol. Cares what she says just like I don't have to terrible LeBron James doesn't like President Bush say that that's a whole point here we're taking all this way too seriously and to me it's like a beat Furman your beliefs whoever he or whether you were someone in the radio. Whether you're just a regular everyday citizen or whether you're a celebrity. As big as LeBron James. Doesn't mean you have to believe them maybe you can learn something from these people but I think we're taking all his way too seriously while bed sheets. And on nine and I disagree I mean she sell look maybe she said and maybe I'm not nice being naive. He said it to get ratings are right and new knowing that she would be on social media richter otherwise any publicity is good publicity maybe that's. Going through her mind. But I I take what she says seriously or soundly I I have a real problem and I've had this for a long time. And I'm taking her her words more at her word if you will then then then then you are I've got a real problem people simply don't. Respect the right of other people to voice opinions that are different from there yes and that to me is what she's too and I take her at face value when she says that. Have a real problem if she says I disagree with LeBron that's light years. Difference from her single brush on a and triple and don't. My opinion. Is more if she's saying my opinion is more valid in Europe because you're an athlete. And meet you and of the educational background that I do you and I got a real problem with people suppressing other people speak report even comes out of the well and then part of the problem. In any case in which are going to have say debate about there's anything in her case we're going to pick her case in particular is there when she decided to go on news. Rant or provide her opinion on LeBron James she claimed he didn't graduate from high school. See immediately discredit yourself and ruin some of any it. You know credibility that you have if you don't have your facts straight when you talk about summary you decide to put them doubts that's the first thing to sit out to me. Because Josh we do this for a living in terms of talking officers is giving our sports opinion. And you know as wells I do the moment that we have a fact wrong or maybe we say something that's a maybe a little awry and we may we don't do it on corporate sport here but from people immediately so. I always do my best try and none of us are perfect and have my facts straight to do it a disparage LeBron James who is no that he did graduate from high school right. So it all anyway so that's why I am considering the source Syria and I'm taking a look at affected. She is probably doing this more for attention and anything else is she just says. Police say it'd just well I disagree with LeBron James. Always gonna pay attention that she's a shuttle dribble and all the sudden we're all paying attention to Gregg Popovich is talking about a two weeks later you know so. Well I think that there are part of this is for entertainment's sake and to create the type of buzz. That we're still talking about it now as opposed to wealth I have a nice discourse about LeBron James then and nobody's gonna pay attention to its I think there's some element to. There were she's trying to get attached. How old label to go play doings council later I think coming up next apple talk some baseball as one guy wanted to have some other things are sort of baseball fanatic out there for just let me just a white old little way this has been a pretty heavy show thus far and I wanted to being a white now. Ease up on the gas a little bit that's next right here in the ticket. Issuing a ticketed welcoming the world's best beach volleyball players back to South Florida. 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