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Josh Friedman
Monday, February 26th

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Just love you guys yeah now that ticket gates. And me it was a video that event. To witness. Very does it get Miami. What's openly rabies and all week for your chance to win tickets to see your role with the bill or Miami Beach and Jackie. Peter says he brings his playing time to work files were. You don't tickets which from the big guys I was going to live nation. Rock you by AM seven ID and have someone. Against divisional title when it comes only after. The Yankees as well so that one guy keeps texting using but there it we assessed by a little bit but. I mean taken to task here I guess you are too little bit. LeBron used foul leader some of the techsters here 679 some for the Coral Springs auto mall on tech's line. Let's see. We read some techs are gonna. Go scroll back here. Will bold Bronson about the president and heating give a bleep about. People was a total lie it was despicable Frito LeBron is the one acting like other people don't have a right to say what they want. He immediately called a racist when it wasn't racist. And saying the president Doug doesn't give a bleep about people that's why I'll only see that's the same guy yeah that is the same guy texting I didn't notice that. Soon they're the same guy again so is a lot of long guy. He keeps texting someone else rates. He has a book called shuttle and saying it's a thing she says get off your high horse track. Well right she said I believe is about The Dixie Chicks before she'd written a book about that maybe a couple of other. Singers who have been politically active so that's her shtick in again I feel like it was more sensationalized. So they cheat period. Draw attention to it at the end of the day I its users have been done and certainly in this current climate doesn't seem that it's a realistic goal would you would hole. The people would just be open minded enough to hear the people's opinions doesn't mean you have to agree with that. Arm at the same time April LeBron James used and so many great things for the community bid the has been in in terms of Akron. And really around the world because he's Donald a lot of great things went to his charitable work. And he's very very conscious of that and of his imaging and everything so it's difficult to criticize him at the same time though I I would say very. If Ozzie showed up dribble but if there's somebody out there that doesn't wanna take their political vice from LeBron James finally be able should be offended by the I don't know I disagree I just think it's his right to say what you want a but I think there's a happy medium because it went from like. Somebody saying when you're not a lot of talk to then for everybody seeming to say. You have to listen LeBron James you know because he says truth you know he's so popular and so prominent but I think there's probably a middle ground where. Certainly you can listen to what he has to say. But to don't have to say he doesn't have the right to say but you also don't have to agree with that guy guy writes in LeBron is a fraud he acts like the voice support of politics his body panels to order forty dollar sneakers. Intercity kids would IA and that could very will be true but he's also paid for college educations for thousands and thousands. And thousands accuse you seemed to ignore that one that's more important. The 250 dollar to reporting our shoes the same guy writes back LeBron is chasing Jordan money and fame he's in this for herself she just caught his eye Popper shadows Alcee the Packers right there. But tell you what let's do headlines personal plea to doing bites. About this all right so let's go violence. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. Sarah Kelly a winner. Practice today in the six games due to a screen left vulnerable when it didn't. He coach Erik Spoelstra say it's unclear whether he will play out tomorrow they left open the possibility. He'd just gonna see how he feels tomorrow and if he goes through shootaround and if so how we feels. After that after the morning shoot around in other news tonight Roger Ebert rural plea of second rehab being pursued balls of the G league. That game like Saturday's game in which he scored sixteen points will be played in Los Angeles. The heat have already declared the grew out of tomorrow's game and it seems likely he'll play. Thursday at home here against the lakers it looks like Jerry Jones bank account might get smaller with Roger Goodell reportedly ready to Levy stiff penalties against the cowboys owner. The New York Times said that the report millions of dollars will be in the form of a fine now ESPN is reporting that league is demanding reimbursement in excess of two million dollars from Jones. The court costs related to the Ezekiel Elliott suspension and Jones threatened litigation over commissioner Roger Goodell is contract. ESPN is also reporting that according to sources San Antonio star while Leonard plans to resume. Working with the team at the spurs' practice facility this week with the hopes of returning to the lineup sometime in March and those are. Your headline only play a couple of someway tear from Dwyane Wade this is at today's practice I asked him. You heard about Gregg Popovich was comments about LeBron James is that I heard that he made some I didn't know they were slight. I give him an outline of what Popovich said and he he talks along a divided these. Into some waiters doing wasting LeBron and the rest of us should not shut up and dribble. Abroad he speaks well of what he does and obviously understand the site Moscow and other guys. You in this position for us four. You understand that you are the boys put on put on muted on the it was for me to so. What that fiance musician is your duty yards to speak up for people who look like you did don't know we'll have a voice yeah. And those who don't look like you that don't have a voice. In your community and we have responsibilities professional athletes. Com without community support us a community you know. Behind us to have access. To do day so. I'm always brought area due to stand up it's become known for some they believed in before what others believe anything given a voice today and so. You know he's not a is that correct talk about what he won't talk us. That last sentence is a harbors or not we even disagree with Eminem spinal problem that he's a 100% correct and talk where he once talked about. Well in New York teachers sing about this whole conversation is that. How many times have you heard people over the years criticize. Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods is not ordinary Jeter or any of these guys who are prominent. Beloved athletes during their playing days even beyond for not having a political opinion that's now all of a sudden it's become more and more common for the stars of today. To voice their opinions that we actually know where they stand on some of these. Hot button topics and now you know. It's a socialist affirmative criticized the players that didn't talk now there's a bunch of people criticize the players that you talked so again. I would just warn everybody release. Implore everyone that. It's not that you have to it's gotta be this political climate that everybody is on top of everybody and there's just seems to be a lot of negativity. Like you said Josh. Listen what you want to say don't have to agree to it. But at the end of the day at least know that somebody has an opinion and they're not just somebody who's looking for your endorsement dollars they don't want no. Isolate anybody does that's what the Michael jordans of the Tiger Woods did for an a number of years they just took all your money and popularity. By being neutral when it came to any of these hot on top. And here's a Bruntlett right two meters Dwyane Wade saying LeBron does so much so many underprivileged LeBron is the one and amazement. And in the cities and sensitive Akron. I mean he's tough to sell me logs and so realized. What he's going to cut and the thought you could sign a certain ways you know. Go back to fool with someone for too long with toggle mode and before. Scenario that's and you know again he's he's funded thousands and thousands of college educations for kids. And Akron and you know we did Zorn no chance of being a professional athlete before they can really get ahead of the use a college educated. Yes there is not a EP yet tonight that so again I just think this comes down to. One view him being more open minded but then I'll both sides of the equation right for everybody who who advocates a LeBron James should have a political opinion you should also know that that doesn't mean they're ready asked to. Believe in stop what they're doing his LeBron James as a political progress at the same time for those who say that he doesn't deserve to have one you need don't put up as well I just beat. At least available and willing to understand there should be discourse about a number of these saying but I take. Josh that I'm probably speaking about it a much too idealistic scenario than what we're actually realistically experiencing right now on our coach. Why Taylor to get people to keep texting in. I just hate LeBron does this buys emanate. However is that right attacks from my god I mean they just know that one text after another to aid is gutsy by the way. I turn to Twitter here just for a second let us completely off topic okay. But it's not headliners I'm tweet I thought I would see. It says road to impeachment OK. Here's just a sentence I don't think Henry Greg you ready for this we are. I think I'm ms. I'm process in his last name a spelled GR I ET NS Aussie greens. Missouri governor Eric greens as in danger of being impeached can't let that sink in April. After you was arrested for threatening to send a naked picture of a woman he was having an affair with him or for a valley the load of the of things here for a little bit. So that's just we're getting away from. A lot of serious talk here are I want ice in a ransom baseball talk here. And let me ask you this. You're judged John Carlson when you had to guess how many combine homers they would have. Total and then we'll do individually but total. Forty guess what border over under over under on combined home runs and embassies. I would say the. I'm trying to figure would Vegas would do there's. My biggest recited this is does your likens forget it let's forget about things let's say because usually if there's injuries it's let's say a hundred. Honored okay hundred to mark what do you say okay and our neighboring Vegas and picture what do you think the over under is. As I heard this on an earlier today. The over under homers for stand in the over order homers for Erica individually individual. For Stanton I'd say the 554. OK and for judge. I'd say 53. OK. And then this is why. When you're in Vegas I want to try to part of a second wicket. To the over under on stand. 39 and a half. The over under on George 36. What really yes while 7576. Home runs combined. For those guys how is that even I don't know but I want the over I want the overall. Under on both combine it with you over and I know stand the look he doesn't have many healthy seasons. And Angela yeah he's he's parked repeat it a whole whole rather agreeing can't write but there were balls that he hit in Marlins park. It didn't quite make it over the fence he's now playing in especially right field friendly. Yankee Stadium he's gonna play nine games in in and wait are you from another nine in Camden yards. I want almost 39 and a half and I want over thirty on him well but see these sorts of things scare me because they're begging you to make arrangement like there's there's just they're putting it on a platter for you so what does Vegas not we don't that you know the you know either realize all the wise guys notice right that's how they would phrase it. I don't know you know you win every seat like a football bat like he game they're like a Super Bowl. You know the Eagles are you know this or that or whatever any any game that looks too good to be true you know we just have a feeling. Vegas know something and resume regular daring you. To take this bet with which this looks great so like I medically if we would debate is tomorrow and we took the overall bulls were. What is like stand get sprain is near something you the next spring training table and I wanted to 139. And a half for Stanton and Afghan. He's playing in better parks in terms of hitting and he just stays healthy which. That's a big deal with our current stand right even when it's not his fault. I mean getting hit in the face by you know picked by Mike fires of the brewers. Obviously I was just you know pure accident put. Any easy it is he was healthy up until that that was a 147 game of the season he'd played well and he missed the last seventeen but. For freak accidents or not he's had trouble staying on the deal this past season and obviously didn't and it will look and you know the numbers he put up. Well and then. Also eats V protection that is gonna have in the lineup every debt that's a huge Obama got they're gonna they could just this lineup could just reek you asset that's why I mean. I could understand if for some reason you know Jon Karl stand and one of the White Sox is super summaries of right wing would nobody else around him in the lineup where you say OK well maybe go 39 or wherever the home run toll said. Would be due to the mark where you say over under. But in that lineup in those ballparks. There I don't know how they won't be just unbelievably prolific offensively the answer. And you know yeah I remember covering the Marlins won. You know Mark McGwire comes on people who watch batting practice I mean just to see batting practice with these two guys right you know hey I I called. Ballparks. Around the majors let their fans in whatever it is of the Yankees take batting practice in honey he's coming down and the Yankees do the same when their New York. Because they don't take up away from the actual game but it could be worth the price of admission the gold watch and Hector V can go sit in the outfield. Friday gate collect some souvenirs some of those balls in me hidden out of the park is now batting practice. Did that that really shocks me because I was making like a hundred combined to maybe I was being a little conservative there. Because I figured based on what people just accomplished and oil factors we just discussed that did the number I agree to the road. Hi as soon as I heard that this morning and he was the Westgate sports put the put those numbers are correct the guy I got to bring us up to Greg and I told you the show before the show. I was gonna ask you to guess this but I didn't give you any indication now as to where these numbers were ideas that I'm gonna ask you this on the air. I'm not giving any hints at all. You know I'm none at all. Interest and it's well. I'm going to win again and again that's one of those were you feeling Vegas is trying to trick you. Right there they're just trying to lure you into their trap and they know something right now we are thinking about. It's incredible often their right yeah it is now let's mr. park is because they're not in that they're not in that business to lose money. Seoul went in what was just repeat what with the numbers again as far as the spin. 39 and a half have been on the Drudge. 36 and a half now. Which one would you feel better about judges stand from. Stand. Getting to forty home runs yet at least it yeah yeah I judge I mean I guess there could be a sophomore slump there seem to be. Enough of those and I don't as a phenomenon or just something that we we kind of take notice of put right it just seems to me maybe maybe the league would have an adjustment against him and now it's up to him as to make the investment. Stands in doing it for longer is that there's more success over a longer. Period of time and certainly mean there was a lot of scrutiny surrounding judge become I had its wounds after the all star break and everything by. Yet he still put up monster numbers may didn't seem to matter at the end of the year right an inmate. Without stand coming game you go with the World Series owner behind the scenes they have some kind of better with each other it's more at a match so right these. Well personal there are all making enough money stand to be sure want judges make and some middle salary. Still has bargain and baseball still blighted by most people's. I believe by most people looking at that. And their expectations he's still make nice money but I gotta get your point is not astronomical money like taco stand but these guys are competitive. That's your that's how they got to it where they are so I'm sure they have something on the line I would say it. Let's open up the fault lies or talk about anything you want to watch football basketball baseball. Wall opened up the fallen seven a 6360079. That the Yankees fan is ready and guys by the way. I'm taking my six year old Yankee spring training in Tampa this week it'll definitely be watching. Batting practice and I'll be a lot because I again McGwire he suggests that piece powering. Upper deck homers and batting even. You know it is one other players watch these guys to batting practice you know that's a phenomenon. Bright and it's also an intimidation factor. That's like to all the young pitchers out there do yourself a favor yet to face the Yankees don't want batting problems. Just stick save the bullpen stay in the in the clubhouse all right 78636007. Ideologues side Greg likens Humphrey or backup service. Your house ever wonder what it would be like her that I think it should be. So this man came through it and a ticket you'll have a chance to win the man can mining 1000. Now he's twelve I'm sitting until March 30 that would act kind of cash you can tell your apparently believe me the hell alone because it gives you the front and hi there for a chance to win the man cave cats lick. Ignoring every hour it's 6 AM and 5 PM weekdays. And had that word in 7881. Then and it. 88 or we have to tell you that message and Gatorade they apply Alexander shouldn't tech dragged on American. Imports fidelity national contest so don't assume that Maggie you're going to be built by next week when your man cave hunt right here on any pennant ninety at that point 0438 to assume that. Video tying run on family bring. It's fun. He's we've got the ticket out this agreement. The ticket Miami dot com or even on radio dot com and net asset. Edit your salsa or you can hear the hate games online as well there's so many ways to listen and so many high. The lady. Sixers tomorrow and the minute wild swinging deleted seemingly safer you of course. The most recent one just for the all star break had a 24 point lead and just cost to. They bleed all over themselves. And lost by two points so not not good and and the sixers had a 126. Point lead something like data and almost blew in the heat aren't they closed within six points. And now but the sixers held right. And yet that sixers now one Dwayne wade missed at the buzzer yeah barely missed. And not the best way to go to the all star break and then Tony four point lead in the second half we channel onto it. Seoul. I don't per number different reasons they would be in good shape to begin win tomorrow on as certainly are more work to do by. You know part of it Josh to me is that. The 76ers. Certainly I look at that team and they have a really bright promising future all those young stars of avenue and the potential to be superstars of the MB. And Simmons. Top of that list but also I mean. If you're so Whiteside you kind of created this rivalry with oil and beat so there's some little play for their budgets and generally in the standings. Mean they're in seventh urinate right you've come close the last two times get the job done all my Davis was needed and they haven't have struggled at all and an Erik Spoelstra came in the other night after they won. Amelie is that I know you all think in his you know wars like to have a game that was. You know what basically you know not decided that area right prop finally a lopsided outcome I mean he could clear is that seriously green and there's. It's not I thought Chris Quinn might soon. If it's not just that. Okay they won the game and won handily but also due to use these seventeen straight games prior to that reporter it was decided by single digits. Bring that is physically taxing busy playing all your sure your rotation players the bulk of the minutes but also mentally that's taxing as well despite the also break. That's got to Wear on you when you don't have a night where you can count at take half the game off like a lot of these NBA teams have sole. I think that's what Saturday served as the question will be. You know we're not far roof we also brave enough or move now from the lopsided victory will that be what they need it now attorneys the final 22 games this season. It is something positive and actually make some. Waves going to play and the east is so bunched up on you resort the season as a marathon and our getting in the spring terror to yes capsule. A pickup few text here and we'll get the one ball calls on Markel poker you hold on. Were all okay why rupiah one guy Texan girls want to people who currently say this stand can stay healthy. The doesn't have a lot of injury free seasons and all he is a bad hamstring. He's constantly I Iranians and then another mosque or prom on another leg he took a pass all of space that's a freak injury. Not being and not be able to stay healthy thing all right that one season your right your Ashley right that was a freak injury no question about it let's look at it as the games he's played. 2000 eleven's first full season 150 games that's fine. The next 22316. Those truly a 145. In 2014 now was the timing and in the face he was helping. 20152006. And we seem to forget those 74 games deeply in 2015. That said. Less than half the games 119 games in 2016. Again because of health last year finally healthy to a whole season. He logged a 159. Games he has had a promising healthy even if you take out their season. Three got hit in the face with a pitch he's got a lot of big problem. Staying on the field and another person correctly writes in and says. I he's never had more than 37 homers in a season until last year that's true you led the league. That that's where poking it in the O'Leary got hit in the face and you this some pretty amazing. He'd win the league with 37 dollars in 20142014. That's not that was leading the league. But you're right that he's at 37 homers twice in 2012. And in 2049. Year to have to serve my purpose here 201237. Homers. In just a 123 games I had 37 and and 14145. If he stays healthy he's gonna reach over port there's no question about it if he stays healthy and I not a big deal with them so. He has that a lot of homer seasons he's only one season over 37 homers and all of last year but he's also a problem staying on AP state I'd estimate. Before and he actually greeted me. I said isn't the most important number for you. Is game's played because after that everything emanates from that any couldn't agree more actually does AP stays healthy all the other numbers were any plays a lot all the other numbers will also. Right here he's he's that good. For president as well he's out of the field the numbers look on the production will be there. And you know my surprise and skewed about this. As far as the numbers you provided last segment about the over under being 39 and a half home runs. First and that people texting and the over at the over it it's it's not so much that helps that concerns me or it is the bees back to wanting to hear that number. To me it's just the new environment for him. And playing with that lineup to me I think that's what's gonna provide him. With even more possibilities in terms of power numbers you can put. Now someone Texan and end this is parent and the guy who just texted about. On the same guy said what Lester the first Syria more than 37 homers he also Texan this is true. Some players don't react well to the Yankees and the pressure in the media especially him of course. Playing in new York and that's true some people Z rated John how is the possibility that day he signed would that be like who wanted to hit a reporter on the street or they should if I tell you what he was one of the biggest jerks I've ever doubt I mean just a check off just apps. All I can stand him was until would you cover Kevin Brown. No I arrived at the very and suddenly I heard his unit here is that he was owed on jerk and a half that that was the reputation yet as well. Aren't big wind Barry Bonds and Jeff Kent came to town until Drudge Afghans are having a I'm not sure bush into and what the years Jeff Kent we're gonna get to mark brought promised. Jeff careless point for the giants course you want an MVP with them. And quite frankly I think he deserves to be in the hall of Famer that's a side but he would he was a gold medal winner and has been a ligature Huey was. He was very good at it he got a perfect ten by the judges. So a lot of times when athletes are you know at the carrier in the clubhouse. And they're getting dressed some players don't mind talking longer getting dressed. Others do and I was the only one of you know that I think the giants' media had talked to him and I want up to because I needed some sound from the giants. And I waited till he got dressed and then it went up to us about 56 feet away just kept my distance. And I suggest you got a second Goss nor you had your chance get half body here. Get the F body here you had your chance talked me. And he would talk they want to jerk I mean no word that conference and knows who he wants. Well right in that reputation was out there I mean it's crazy to think of a guy who is on the team Barry Bonds who many thought lose someone who's. Disagreeable. Putting nicely into his personality the Jeff Kent was by far away. The worst personality and I'll tell you one of the best. Wolf first on Jim tome. As nicer guys have government going in the hall of fame not this summer Reggie Sanders was on BI Sean Casey was one. And a guy who no longer with a sigh you know when I say ID gets down from the other. Clubhouse I had to get sound from bowl because I was doing a lot of stringing a news some organizations wanna sound from both sides. And it was a game that when there was a rain delayed game was extra innings. And it ended about 1:15 in the morning against the Padres. And I needed to get south from Padres and contaminating the you don't you one time MVP who passed away. Due to excessive drug use. Com. I went up to my city got a second and he said no I'm really tired I'd prefer not and I completely understood you the team lost it was want to team in the morning could. Didn't blame it on us okay no promise are walking away. At least EEL I come back here he goes you really need it nice and while the I guess sort of art what do you need. Annually you know that's what arrest two or three questions I was to quit he didn't have to do that right I would completely understood right but that was the opposite ends of the spectrum and yes. Yeah Joseph well lighted tissue similar Jeff Kent is that only heard that store already are there you are confirming them actually yeah metal being jerky after the fifth at the on. How bad was he yelled cover. Used that was it yet you just a bitter guy. A bitter. I emit heat bill he came into the other radio station from before his first season with the Marlins. It did turn their caravan of goodwill to promote the upcoming season. And he was nice enough band UT can't go wrong and ample opening day while as you stated that point he had played a game for the Marlins it mattered so everything was good thousand Jeffrey Loria citing three years 47 million dollars. Now let's go block to the phone 7863600790. Is the number. One guy right stop talking about the damn textures are writing MB professionals. OK one surely other sectors. Appreciate you very much about this guy's phone number has to make it exciting right. Let's go remarkable Boca hello Marco. Yeah and I'd look it up but I'm driving dominant app you'll get out you got knew what you brought up. The over under on it in judge. I figured you're doing it per rebuild it in MP. Lowered it looks like bought low but I think it would be. It would be a good idea I looked up what about there what are your top five seasons of any 20. Italy history and it's a bit hundredth home run even between cheap guy. Merrill and mantle and Maris in 61 bought me ample amount I thought I'm Ahmad stocks span but they don't back I'm sure. Ortiz and Manny are we had a hundred. On weren't in them but not at all so in an Arabic and baseball. Jews all. So recently I thought it was a great text that want one guy pointed out he only got over 371 time right. Jagged at the old sophomore slump among Tibetans I said that he had always know bump right bigot always know. They they seem to rewrite any eater you can order one of one of the the quarter pole wise guys know that we don't. As a lot of times these bets whatever spurred talk about it when the ones look don't look too good to be true. They probably are but he still won about in recent history in the last ten years or so what it. Dynamic duo on one bus. Honestly I'm not sure they went it might take a while the shots they went during the break. I'll do my best to check Medicare and can't can't guarantee I'll get an answer for about all do our best to to check that out. Are you calling. No I well I can I can tell you just debate it during the phone calls just looking at me randomly sort of found. In the in 2005. Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz the Red Sox hit 92 home runs combined. In ninety eight's Ken Griffey junior and a ride. Get a combined in 98. So in 1998 data combined 98 home run was the first pretty much before or die now in short I would. Org the most formidable power hitters in the Inkster who was the first sorts of human dimension Ortiz and Ramirez and Red Sox okay. Both sport right though those are among raid at home run hitter in history a gay. Challenge is going into its second season ranked UT can't call it a career yeah we cannot item op. I do I do at least according to data not. Stay away from the guys Porsche so great last year don't pick and what the court that. No guarantee what happened here and on that same note of adult and spend. What we all bought and wind up in the bat right there and play great and we're about to get no bump and there is no guarantee that Georgia. Forty biography you almost it's here or that there and they tell you that you just pointed out eat out and only they know not in the UDP. Under. Look how well thanks for the call I I'd really like to figure over I mean you know he says things that that that makes sense but. Maybe I'm a soccer. That there you're the target prevail already in this. Let's put up these numbers for freedom look at it. By the way I know this is in recent history Brit to the point about great home run duel was in 1961. Mantle on merit guessing out. 170. Almost you you're just you're a little. On the high side Lanka once he was he's a 1151506154. You've got. For Maris and mantle. And their combined home runs his teammates from 1960 to 1966. 490. You know so here just a little quick look at more than decorum that one season right. I mean that season was. As prolific as they come one right when you talk about two home run hitters. 7863600790. Is number alongside red likens Humphrey or back after the S. We give away. Listen every week date for the corners he'd ticket window fortunate to win tickets to put up. Coming he gave we give them away all week when you got released into Sweden a according to the official IT solutions partner for the Miami Heat had authorized Margaret Cisco Xerox VMware citrix barracuda at. More for more information visit them online and it Cortes ct dot com. You Cortes ticket windows sponsored by Lauderdale BMW of. His family and I'm married now high and Lopez and mark. You'll our insurance attorneys called real bind 800 arm. The accord is he ticket window weekdays on ABM 790 and ask them 1043 HDT you bought tickets. Like that taken Miami dot com to check out upcoming event. Check it out. When every hour. He's 6 AM and 5 PM Monday through Friday was for the cold war in Texas to 72881. And the chance to win. Look at me and me. Messaging data rates may apply to text and drive this is a national contest was giving away news. I names have an idea that immoral war between eighteen to the ticket. That would be a great. Would former house years ago I lost the man he's my wife who's. It Flickr craft or so ago it and so I I lost out. Yes sounds like you and I did so. My guess my question with that contest is if you win the money if you past due under you're obligated to use that money towards America I will find that I'm not sure our current rearing because like you been in any case. If your wife for your significant other steps in this is now we can present money. For something different than other than a man cave then yell sometimes you don't have a say in the matter we need to like our house we need to re tile the bottom floor and I laugh without warning oracle man in the morning. Desolate innings on a man and his coterie Thailand which is. Awfully expensive. 7863600798. This the story broke on Friday with first chance I've headed out to be on. Since then but. That the NCAA thing which is really no surprise means anybody shot. That there is possible corruption in and pay outs and greedy agents and and coaches acting improperly. And players taking money under the table laminated it if you're shocked today you just Hammond thankless than they've got to be naive when it comes that. Wherever. I did think it was a bombshell was dropped too late Friday night when we. Found out that through FBI wiretap Sean Miller the Arizona head coach. Was per. Discussing a 100000. Dollar transaction to get Dion greed and one of the best freshman in the country to play full while capturing. It's one thing Josh when that report came out earlier in the days. Cops via Yahoo! where there are describing. You know a few hundred dollar payment here few hundred dollar payment there. On now with deputy says some of like the more prominent athletes like a Dennis junior. Europe am at a bio they were getting five figure payments and this is a 36 report right so I mean you know. Every situation is different when you heard that Gordon number of whom we're just like a meal here are some entertainment there ain't it seemed like that was a bit underwhelming. Put down the Sean Miller story that's the one to me really have my eyes wide open in my jaw hit the floors Mike. You're dumb enough. To be on the phone discussing 100000 dollar payment I don't mean it's certainly didn't have any suspicion of the FBI would be ball. If you do something like that 022 to learn more discreetly somehow these if the FBI's involvement they prove this Imus you looking at possible jail time. Well I think through the FBI's involved or use I've heard a lot of people bring discipline wise the FBI spending time on this. And soul and not other things like collusion welcome brightness despite the rush include it's a valid question. The same time it's all because of IP PI IRS implications here right along a lot of these schools are publicly funded. Where have publicly funded elements of them so that's the reason why and so let's put that to the side but you're right I mean it for Sean Miller I picked there could be some we will legal ramifications certainly. Mean there's no way he ever coaches in college that's why I don't think so not. Here's what's incredible I I heard about this in the dare rebel. Verified the Senate's week this is I mean the fact that the Arizona board of regents approve this. Baffles me in a tribunal lumber a booster I would just be live in I had one for every one of modeled on out of their position. If Sean Miller. He's fighter. Or call you need any of us get fired for cause we have contracts as I do if I'm fired for cause. I get nothing I get you know there's the door combined give us your your your your key year pass or your goal you you get nothing. As most people are eerily alike if he's buyer for clause he gets ten point three. Million dollars from university Arizona because he did something egregious enough to get far here. And the rewarding him for that if he doesn't get fired for cause. He's really gets five million dollars how in the world. This school agreed to pay that it's okay got by the eyes of anybody lawyers all the contract are says. How the league do they say you know what that's fine if you do something bad enough to get Parnell we get ten million dollar reward. It's outrageous and I mean add this to list do we think about the disparity that exists between the athletes. In college sports and the coaches who mean the thing about just. In both basketball and football. You've got coaches who can change jobs whenever they want them in the players if they're going to. Transfer they won to have restrictions over the transfer and have to sit out a year so that's 11 part of it but to go it's a Mega Millions of dollars they have to if they're gonna also Morales they have the run up by the current coach and their Beck Turco spoke restrictions on them they get him play right away. And then you've got this situation here where. Essentially. You have the opportunity to Europe coach. This isn't set advising you to break the rules to a certain degree regularly there's no downside in fact. Like you just pointed out it's more beneficial for you'd be fired because you broke the rules then not. For Sean Miller he would rather sheets. In terms of the financial. Outcome of this as opposed to if you just has a bad team will be okay your your right. Put. That on the other hand as you said he's never gonna coaching college or best ball again right right now if you if your running ESPN. His best all knowledge is still there. You hire and I think what Bruce Pearl had a show cause cause a show cause. They need to get back and count fastball they hire them they did you know. You know and pack a mean Bobby Knight was was hired by a you spirit for a number of years and he had all these other controversies as well are you wasn't caught cheating by any no review had we choked a player Joseph and players all those so. So I wouldn't put it past ESPN Pak Iran openly chew at number two overtimes and he's now got them. S gig in baseball aren't just into Brian Cashman and I hope I somebody. Abused just sullied baseball soul. Yes that part about it but I guess when you look at sports in general its interest in. Are we are Brothers before if you cheat and you use performance enhancing drugs in baseball. Then oftentimes is that can be more beneficial to an otherwise in the sense that like AC or right and wrong whats is used him as an example. I don't know certainly at that he's probably good not to be a major player without juice and he jurists. He got a huge contract is guaranteed yes sitting at paid while he was suspended. At the end of the day then number dollar amount on the like that contract is so enormous that it was well worth the risk their. And a number of players Nelson Cruz and other ones that the bully me their agents to the calculus on this one OK your caught you cheat you give a happier salary but guess what. You're gonna make so much more money of that contract. It's he delivered at all fame guess what you're not a whole team player anyway right right I'm gonna get you huge contract you'll of the stigma of being caught using performance enhancing drugs. But damn I'm gonna make you'll. Older money. I feel like it's similar in Sean Miller's case where it's almost like it's worth the risk of building this unbelievable program with terrific. Terrifically talented players. If you're cheating because the other day he's getting paid a lot of money as it is and then even if he does get fired it's well worth his time but I think bigger picture Josh is that. You know this is such a disparity I talk about the transfer rules when even the fact that all of these it's the only it's the schools need civil itself there. Make you so much money off the lightness of the players every year and get the one and done rule that's in place and sold for almost. All the sports except for the football. You can enter professional. Sports of whatever you're given. Column is loser category uses sport did you like. You can eternity eighty Ager walked right. Except per the MBA and and because Astoria to show for a year and ought to do was get through your. Porsche works for the first semester right beneath him that's should be and it's just such a scam. Lot of Taylor is very simple talk about this week about why that one and done rule is and has nothing to do with colleges and talk but the next it was a. 6792. Tickets our promise is to deliver the best sports coverage in Miami. And for you Bob Smith surprising as we can get our blood you little hand side. Offered an amber haptic feel our Miami Heat that we are hoping at least have tickets for you to insure a that the film that technically either. The unity you have baseball I think you'll want Miami Heat tickets you can limit now could they get Miami dot com. Keep listening for your chance to win big. Only on CM 790 NFM 104318. Q what about ticket.