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Josh Friedman
Monday, February 26th

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Wow they can't do it. Then 974 or your can. Second he reported steep ticket win. It's winter it's welcome news reported. Miami Heat technology partner in your local software technology company visit them online sports club back. Findings. Mirror held high after world citizen. Insurance determines he was the movie tickets for the to a heat game. Right pins I am free don't take up. For one more hour until 10 o'clock. The one and done a simple one dollar something the and released this is my opinion. One guy wrote in the oh those who wanted to Don is a rule is don't. Old one and done rule strictly from March Madness I disagree the old one of the one and done in my opinion Greg until we we think. Is the NBA saying look we don't want a draft guys right out of high school that are gonna need. Another year most of them give me quite a bit of development one who you know Lisa they play your college basketball it's one less year we need them. To train by doing the one in Don. They're making the NCAA at least for that one season. Did the free minor league. For the NBA they're they're they're they're. And it's no cost them and then the players get another your development the body gets a grown other your physically to get a year of experience on their ballot does across the NBA a dime. Right that is the MBA's rural sole right now we're passing right and I I'm with you on that because his first much. Criticism as we can provide for the NCAA which is deserved because the residents of tuition I mean I just really really war. But that's not their rule now I mean if you wanna be a conspiracy there isn't suited the NCAA mark camera the president went Adam silver you know whoever. Was involved we conversations said keep the one under on a roll it's in the best business for the best interest or ball below us. Because absolutely you know maybe maybe there's been a conversation so what's stopping nigh eve about it put at the end of the day it's the NBA's rule. Sold for anybody who's associate with QBs are stemming Gundy came out and he was criticized new civil right and I think we'd all be on board with criticizing its I don't like is NCAA. If for the most was a sham and they don't do things the right way it take him forever to Doocy stupor investigations. They don't seem to have. Even a uniform way of going about it because we've seen some programs. At the death panel is so to speak other programs get off Scot free like North Carolina who essentially for twenty years where is. Conducting a class which provided their cleats would academic fraud and three grades with pitting get any sort of punishment or very very little so. There's all of these inconsistencies. In a pot or C involved with the NCAA saw mall for criticizing them. But if you remember the MBA you have to acknowledge the fact that pits the NBA's rule. It is there's the one and done so let's of one that you can't say it's on the NC double file guy don't have many defenses from the NCAA rule when it comes to investigations and your right they're a snail's pace but unlike the FBI and you know they don't have subpoena now. There there really hampered. When they do investigations art or continue for one final Thomas gonna hamlets. News ones. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. Send cellular. Practiced today six games to a strained left vulnerable when it can head coach. Erik Spoelstra said it's unclear what political play they left open the possibility of him playing tomorrow with a triple reverse the sixers. They set it depends on how bushel appeals tomorrow and if he successfully goes through the morning shoot around in a wait and see how it feels after that. In other news are riding a great route and let me turn over gonna Rodney Magruder. Tonight will play his second rehab game pursuit balls of the GU league both games won the first on Saturday the second one tonight. Are being played in Los Angeles in the heat of origin clear McGrew are perk tomorrow's game. But it would appear likely will be suiting up for the heat on is just my speculation. On Thursday asked here at home against the lakers. Military Jerry Jones bank account and we have to talk about this might get smaller with Roger Goodell reportedly ready to Levy stiff penalties against the cowboys owner. The New York Times said the the reported millions of dollars will be in the form of leaf pine and now we ESPN is reporting that the league is demanding reimbursement. In excess of two million dollars from Jones for court costs related to the Z dual Elliott suspension. And Jones threatened litigation over commissioner Roger Goodell Contra you know lone point could tell me. 44. Million dollars in the singles. 44 million. ESPN's reporting that according to sources San Antonio stark while Leonard plans to resume working. With the team at the spurs' practice facility this week with the hopes of returning to the lineup sometime in March let's look at him call call him a star but he goes on TV. My friend Dave when it's our friend Dave pointed this out may do CNN that a picture Jonathan Martin with the trouble Leo last week and it said former. Becker and Dalton saw our something like that Jonathan mark was this Barbara Starr she could possibly get now everybody that plays in a belt that is a star. Press for sure. Oh my goodness. Or target I've seen earlier about the with Fox News host and trying to sensationalize things that that simulates CNN tried his decision lies things as well others say your views it dolphins star witness that he was the dolphins boss yeah I mean these dolphins player let's just leave it the way it is but that doesn't seem as sexy you're watching on TV new flip. Put put on easy to headline and it doesn't. Or attract as many viewers by. Sad story ego just report who Jonathan Martin. Certainly it it's one of those things where are a big period were becoming more more aware of the type of role that. Mental health plays and soul you know some people was just criticize him for what happened and I think rightfully so at the same time. I think it's a sad because he clearly needs help or at all and O'Donnell why he hasn't gotten more help. In the run up to this and that's what one of my biggest issues with. Everything that trains Marla bully gay. Was that according to the report that came out after the fact. Rescinded Jonathan Martin had gone and spoken to Joseph full head coach and let him know that he wasn't sure he wanted to play football anymore any don't do some thing. And as it said in the report that's always the goal on there was public record. The Joseph Philbin never followed up with them on the right and so I looked at them from a number different ways one just from an interpersonal. Relationship standpoint how do you not checked in on the guy. The second part of that is. He was transferring over from right tackle the left tackle he was going to be. One of the most important positions and all all Joseph Philbin. You're surely guy in the offseason I'm not sure don't wanna play anymore and doesn't follow until I checked. I it just blows my mind it why you did phone him right away and they win we've got to talk it's like okay well that's worth your mind and that's where your head's at. Let's let's bring in some medical pre let's do whatever we have to do to make sure we get this figured out. And soul anyway years later now we see what transpired on Friday. Very scary I just hope he gets helping needs and I'll be doesn't end up hurting anybody because that's what his post indicated. Was what he was thinking of dual. You know and and I mean there's a wanted to focus on mental help with the shooter park and certainly in and the word of warning signs that somebody should have caught something. But you know I'm Rouse looking at someone's FaceBook posting about Jonathan Martin and they just rip them and I said you know he's suffering from mental problem wherever it is. He's you know he's clearly got mental problem it's so easy for people to criticize people who mental problems is that something you can see it's Alec. They're missing a lake or or or are they walk with a win or there something physically wrong that you could notice him as soon as you look at them. You know you can't see that you know what's it to something in their mind and and so people were so quick to judge them. And I'll I'll. Get serious to the nth degree here I mean if you wanna take it to the ultimate. Three people and including a former roommate I know have committed suicide in you know and one was a former college roommate. And end. I saw no signs at all none at all that this was coming war you know one came to my wedding and I would've charged hurts me the most sane person I know. And all of sudden years later he told us of one was like college roommate who. The the game I ice was all time words with friends you know and ice to play with a whole bunch of people. And he would. The up real early at the crack of dawn and I would get up early from my kids and so we'll go back and forth about 6:30 in the morning. Maybe tourist removes a piece and then he would get on Tuesday an hour get out of my I get Al mind. And we'd be you know we would you know within the next morning will be the same thing. Any played 1 morning played tour through it was a piece later that it builds no indication whatsoever none. At all and then another person actually has a guest on the show you did some amazing things and enemies guest on my show in the station and and later that year. Again I didn't I put this guy had like the ideal life so you just can't see. The struggles the people how mental illness because it's not something is visible and have a little more empathy for people like Jonathan mark. Yes I am we're here and it's those examples arming. That's that's tough to go through and yeah so my initial reaction was he should've gotten help before when I heard the story on Friday. But I opiates helping he's now and and most importantly let's hope that that help. Prevents any other incidents from happening in which she could be. Doubts threat to somebody out there physically you wonder. I mean I I certainly would like to ask my policy that's a someone's gonna ask Richie Incognito with a built by the way. But early for the bills that Vontae Davis will join the bill's legacy interview with the dolphins last week that's the report out tonight. That a former dolphins quarterback former colts cornerback Vontae Davis is headed to a to a buffalo but I'm sure some alas were Jeanne Cagney and open. Does it make you feel a little bit reticent maybe just it you know for not full blown picking on somebody maybe just taking it easy and somebody even the rookies. Because you never know. What possible. Symptoms of fuel could be working underneath and hidden from view. And you know not to delve into the bully you scandal too deeply years ago New Year's back on sir we all did so by. It's one of those things were culturally speaking no football. L locker room it doesn't lend itself to a lot of sensitivity towards a mental health issues it just starts minutes is this the waited so. You know he talked to a number of either current or former. Football players who play to that level and you get real mixed bag of responses some tools as say. Thank if you can't cut it. Then he needs to get out of there. Know people say yeah he's got some issues he needs to figure out so that's certainly a difficult one to settle its. Not so. You don't now with a all the CT and all the you know additional. Attention to concussions maybe people will be a little more sensitive to to pick I don't know I one point C but it. Maybe the dolphins will tell my policy have to answer that question but certainly going to be a question about the mutant somebody else. Yes whenever there's availability and that you know it's can be brought back up because of that post. The Jonathan Martin it on nice Ingraham but always wanted to respond lower taxes. Here I didn't back to the college. NB incidentally NBA stuff for us is Greg even with the MB ruled no one has forced these players playing college that's true I mean listen. If players want to go and play internationally insular go to college we've seen that happen I mean not to the ball Brothers or leave it there comic book. A punch line now but you look at Brandon Jennings Syria was one of those the most hyped. It's going on high school at the point guard position he decided to play overseas is a number of players who have decided that even a guy playing tonight for the knicks against the wars Emanuel mood EA he decided to play overseas before. He played in the NBA. But I don't think that's a viable option for everybody. To attend that rally everybody just wants a leave the country to do that I'd have a seven European single live in this strange land re in my nets beat the language and you know nobody. Right ahead you did and some may argue that the G you leave now or the dealing with a geely now you could you. Technically did you go join out of high school if a team wants you. That you're not getting paid that much money Josh rewritten more money than you are so you're really in need to make ends meet for your fair connect and understand it. But yeah you arguably would be better off going to college getting some of your education. Paid for earning. May US stable time that's my point is due so your education. But then also getting the publicity that college brings so anyway I'm with you you don't have to. Go to college right on high school you don't want to but it's there in the ultimate Jews get the MBA soul. There are other options but they're not really for everybody the most ideal option there isn't sometimes it may just be better off. Ouch yep absolutely 7863600791. Guy takes in. I heard there what Jonathan Martin go up for four hours of question you know anything about that I think has some article. By you know Omar telling. The sunset and said he reportedly checked into mental health facility and I think an article off the chart during the break. Omar says that he checked with the police department who said that Marin is no longer custody. Well what I hadn't heard it here arid. And David just he was released from crusty but then checked himself into on mental institution that I believe. I was at the urging of the officers so I think that's where stamps now I don't know if he was baker acted or not you know it would. If he's getting the help he needs whether it was voluntary or involuntary that's that's the most important. Well I like the do you mean sarcasm that won over by his the earlier bosses understand your mental health issue. I guess I hate you both guys are listening. Our guess what we went on its ultimate album where you're actually you're leader listening zone that's on and I'd like this sense of humor though right yeah so is it written. What you think of oh is it deeply about the big picture topic that we're discussing is like count anti bullying. You understand your mental. Shearson starts outs so just doesn't show you can't ever went now. That's okay have a call La or 78636007. Ideologues our Republicans and three or back after the man. News ones. Now in Miami. He's doing it ticketed welcoming the world's best beach volleyball players back to South Florida but. Major series starting February 27 and running through march 4 you can watch volleyball Olympic and world generally. Questions and hope for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money these great addition event takes place right on Fort Lauderdale we. It was their Curtis and purged you for your chance to win special event to access real CU wit some beach for more info log. In Miami to. You buy GM's seven. Download the end it's pink is everywhere you go. Every Friday around her in the morning show was sponsored by portraying roam the taste of perfection. Award winning vote for in Rome Rome that is not just thieves but Merck. Greg White and he's bright light is on my recollections of freedom I'll figure this out eventually affect. Your Greg gunshot. We take you up until like 10 o'clock cope given a good Monday. Evening heat tomorrow will be in the second of a five game series they play seven abated home Monday or this past Saturday was the first game. They play tomorrow is it's it's almost every other day they play tomorrow. Thursday Saturday and then yet that is ever they present as Monday and Tuesday they go to Washington and and come back for two more home games for the it's it's now gone their West Coast swing. Right yeah and they tomorrow night's game. Don't overstate it right Jesus still twenties remaining so a lot can change and as you point out earlier Josh it in there are a lot of teams in the bottom of the Eastern Conference while standings that are very close together area including. The pistons right now our losing. In Toronto by. Many based in chains are never sure her time to heat are great example that have experts already are going for the foresees another EC went. The bottom line is it's there's eighteen historically ahead of them and it's a Philadelphia 76ers they've played two very strange games already. And I they tomorrow's game is a big game. Within the circumstances within the context of understanding there's still 22 are contest remaining but I think it's a big game because one. He needed trying to. Build yourself up a little bit after the vote though that's stretch you had. The second parties are directly above view and so this is the perfect way to try to move up in the standings there are part of it is. Like I don't like. The sixers now like to oil and beat her I mean I know a lot of new things refreshing he speaks his mind. But he's annoying to me wanna see Hassan Whiteside actually play a team against him. And you don't them Burma's voice battle out there and actually in. Forces will. On jewel MB down of the pain now with epic set a bead is a tremendous talent yes he has but I just think that he talks almost trash. So outspoken for a guy that has been injured the bulk of his career up to this point. So but it you know you're right and I wanna see those who go back Alex you'll be going back and forth not a means to ram or whatever but I'm not actually on the court actually on the court that's right so be good to see it be funny and watch I won't be there tomorrow I probably watching this. On TV sort of via a good one and I just hope he prevail because again if they if they if they lose tomorrow they fall three games behind the sixers. Win tomorrow in the only other game that gap between the two teams and if they lose. You'll lose the season tiger right because they party played two of four games Tommie Harris or time ever for. Oriental pointed out that. It is where they they'd complain and they played four times in about a month or so. We will Obama yet and so are compact a lot of teams that are very short relatively short time period facility also break similar to worthy orders a week off so. You know and and Tyler Johnson was nursing a bad ankle and and he told us Saturday night is either very good game Saturday night. I think has 26 point two scored. Once that he went to the free throw line nine times it was good to see him driving the lane and then an annual and drawing those files. Even Dwyane Wade was very complimentary but. You know Tyler had and a better had a real good game and. And you know I do I just hope he continues jackets he mightily out of he's gonna losing playing time and he's. He's had a difficult time because he was so good with James Johnson. You know on the second unit now he's doing a lot of starting Leo Dion Waiters of course. You know out for the season but those two were works altogether but sometimes you have to make adjustments and in your not with your you know Batman and Robin part. Yeah it's it's been kind of an inconsistent up. And down season for a lot of the members are of BC team are mean. Even James Johnson I mean he hasn't and what you would have expected after a guys' size a sixty million dollar contract and it's not for lack of effort. Necessarily buy dot I they did he's been disappointing Tyler Johnson's been disappointing. Of the injuries as a whole have been disappointing which a lot of that is out of control the players. Public if you look at who's in. Consistently. Reliable for this team you consider Goran Dragic user Josh Richardson. And I actually throw and yet we never expected to be part of the rotation of ma'am add a bio. Has been pretty consistent considering what our expectations were. By Tyrone Johns James shots. Hasan Whiteside played none of these guys have lived up to what we thought was going to happen and I think did. Wayne Ellington has been better than advertised from what transportation's were but he still. You know I think he's limited in terms of what he can bring to a table as an all round. And I think a guy who's exceeded expectations but he did sign a contract extension offseason was a track for some who you know and ended. On both ends of the court with the heat saw something that you they give muffed by and now think during the extension for years I think 42 million. Kicks in until after the season. But they saw some of the really impressed than the and and weight was talking about that today wade was saying. You know so he was asked about it draft as he saw Josh it is Josh is what thirty year. Is for. Believe now he's news is or whatever he you know Dwyane saw him early in his career right Maria. He knew upper Chicago is thirty years yeah users say draft classes just went on just those that aren't taken and and Josh was the fortieth. That probably your worst out of that could raise. And when I was saying the difference between the Josh he knew back then and only sees now is is. His confidence. And I asked to wait about that and and and I asked him my confidence armory interviewed me Reggie Miller sister or Cheryl Miller no time I think was regarded. As the best female basketball player on the planet and she was really good she's in the basketball game just like he has. And we were killing time what she was covering the MBA for a class for a TNT and she was down here. And there's you don't know when your covering things like when you're waiting for interviews and stuff there's a lot of down time and you're sitting there and you're waiting I'm not complaining at all but the truth. And I'll sit with her and I add that I've always been interested in in the mental side of sports and master. How much of your success was due to confidence and I'll never forget a racetrack I I repeated its into wind today he said 90%. Out of the U building that I believe I could do what I did you made a huge difference and he said. Today when a big difference confidence makes the aptly Rivero appearing on the number but the point was it just is it's critical for athletes like that the boy we will they qanooni said there are times when you die yourself but you know then you know the team has confidence in you you've got to. It their confidence and that's the difference he sees in in Josh Richardson is is the belief that he can do things and and look what he's done he went for a the fortieth pick overall to four years 42 million dollar extension and in even sheriff said. For the season when he auriemma Indian agent thought his ball long and hard and and maybe. Maybe less money on the table but he's also. You know as any young player in any sport if you sign an extension like that your all that's and that's. The biggest insurance policy you have you. 42 million is guaranteed every single. Right and so that can lead to competence is well noted you've got some peace of mind financially. I'll put that's gonna be a bargain with the heat that's going to be one of those we look back on and say wow they have him under contract for that amount of money because. Think about it it just within this context green next year Tyler Johnson. Right he's giving ninety million dollars and soul you know I'm not trying to denigrate him in any form or fashion but if you. They did Joseph Josh for should make an average of ten million dollars a year and then Tyler Johnson with a ninety million dollar contract ballooning Tibet. A dollar amount I mean that's just it's crazy when you consider what the ball bring to the table sought to heat really a home run with that Contra when Josh rolled slowly we're going to be say that for the next few years when we look at that by. And those other guys who signed their contracts who just don't think your living up to the dollar amount that the debate I'll put on the. You know he got given incomplete to Dion Waiters he was injured for most of the year right entirely shut it down but certainly James Johnson has lived up to his deal where sixty million he hasn't done that. The sign of the times has been great but and again Iowa and I think this is just the sound we're gonna get. He's usually up he's going to be down on their exhibit immaturity a times seat big debates it bit. For everybody who had hoped. That he was gonna turn a corner ended getting that the big money in all of this stuff would put aside. I think he's obsession with getting the contract right and finally having a home after being a nomad of sorts in his professional upper. You think that that's not going to ever happen and it and so Whiteside is what he is he's got some flaws he could still be wildly productive at times and other times. Beacon mag need be maddening because of his inconsistency I mean how many and which is a fourteen of the 39 games are you one more now that. That he hasn't played the fourth quarter at all he's been hole you know I mean that's to me that speaks volumes of of what Erik Spoelstra thinks. At times of his performance in his behavior. Well I I agree with you bakers or explosives in the business of winning game since Seoul. You know I I had this I have is an internal debate which goes to show you name yet on much barrels going on in my life and I also have his debate with the audience at times right. Hum because some people or highly critical virtue or Spoelstra for use hailing it was some Whiteside other people highly critical was on Whiteside. Other people highly critical of the front office for giving us some points I had the money they gave him so. You know there's plenty of blame always reload the blame people. When it lived out let's blame somebody first for everything but the thing about the sun Whiteside to me. When I look look at this from a very practical standpoint. Erik Spoelstra is trying to do. Whenever he can to win gates he's trying to put his. Players and his team in the best position. To win game it's so if he feels it has some Whiteside will be because an effort where the read because of practice tendencies would ever. The factors are that he's weighing in his mind if you feels that they're better off not having you on the for the fourth quarter I trust or Spoelstra. Actually at the same time as an organization. This clearly can't beat the way they mapped it out when they give from the ninety million dollar contract right if you're gonna have your highest paid player on your team. Just reconnaissance standpoint you would assume that you played the key minutes on this. Especially since he signed his deal you know I feared the maturity issues would go away he does have to go to their look at the raps and you know. Clapper since the other IK I got a piece of the ball has to pad his stats they arena he felt that. The stats were everything in the morgue kind of drop the better chance you have of getting a big contract out is that to do that he is a Torre the contract is in hand is all guaranteed. And it's tragically early and other times he insisted that he chose a lack of maturity like you dude come on you're your beyond this I mean you need to start. Setting the tone rather than setting you know we're showing this immature behavior. Said in its own and setting some solid screen I submitted McCullough yeah I I'm with the area that's it's a bewildering and sometimes puzzling when you watch. The way he performs a low I guess three you're at the game on Saturday night he gave solid after for the top news in there and he finally have the luxury of being able assist their players that is assigned Whiteside dated one and a fourth quarter close game. Because a game was out of hand and he could give him some extra rest which is. A nice position of they've been on accustomed to recently but. I Earl. I I keep saying Josh appealing we do we do B shows the real point side you hope he's turning a corner at some point I've remained optimistic about it but it's housing you've got to come to terms. Where the what Hassan Whiteside is and will always be. It he you know. Yeah I had just thinking he's he's. He's gonna howled at times he's gonna show. Flashes of for lack of a word of immaturity a times and I just think that's. That's Seattle liberal you know at times he's gonna show. Great brilliance on the court and put up in astronomical numbers and other times he's gonna just disappear and be completely invisible. Well and then I I also think good of an interesting topic for the C team the rest of the season news. Do you go to bring in clutch situation speakers symbol for the do we deal waiters injury immediate that was sees. Mitch this team read I was a specialty and it in his clutch numbers were or the row for me for as much as you can get on the awaited re winners for his. Four shot selection over the course of say the first. I don't know what 43 minutes in the game of the final five. Minutes of the game that seem to be proved so we just had a knack for coming through when it mattered most. I thought it was interesting when you look at last Friday night. There in that back and forth battle with the New Orleans pelicans or goes to overtime. And being clutch situation because situation they went to Dwyane Wade. And even on the final shot that he missed. Read Josh Richardson give the ball right back and Emery cleared out and was like pages deferred to Dwyane Wade and I wonder would you think about this Josh you're comfortable with that. Or do you think this heat team based on the way the roster is constructed they'd be better off. Kind of just go with the hot hand on a given night. That was my going to be my answer now wade I don't wanna set purse. Yeah I want the hot hand now who's having a good game right that you know route in the matchup wise is in their. But if you know if it's Howard Johnson having a good game of justice Winslow who scored a season high seventy the other night. You know if he's if he's a hot hand that I Wear here and you're knocking out of that sentence all too often. Put received a piece have a great night may be put him in May be let him take the last shot as opposed. Nor corn dry archer and a Dwyane Wade as absurd as that sounds of peas doing really well. They may be appears only put the ball in his hands as he woody and it. There because last Friday and again it's easy for us to play Monday Morning Quarterback and wanna give credit corporates do me Dwyane Wade. He would two buckets in a role at the end of overtime to keep them in the game mechanic in go back and forth and so when he missed of that third. And final shot of that stretch. Now that was the most crucial one because in a losing game because of it at the same time. It oftentimes we focus more on that and it's your shots he previously you want to put the team in that position. At the same time when you look at you know he's shooting for says that team verses were Goran Dragic was that's right question. Now our officers that the players are kind of an enamored by the star power the Dwyane Wade brings. Because of everything mideast Don and we're not take anywhere from his legacy but what are 36 years old does he still belong in that role. Or physical or drug user to Stepan and say hey I'm the one on this team who just spent the week in an LA for the also are blamed. Give me the ball and that if I had to dish it out who do you wait whoever else after driving in creating for myself. Then perhaps that's the best way to go is opposes getting the ball Dwyane Wade like barely able to robot tip of all the way to the Baltimore. I think I think you go through summer out of time and opens the Wayne Slater if it's not then just what that person you know take the last shot and I have no problem that a you know a year is you might. Surprising who takes a but they're doing while that game have a good day the office. Let him continue yeah why I'm gonna be really x.s the other plays out the rest of the year there is based on a trackerless team and have a lot more close games that are. They've they've proven a thing dividend play a lot of tight. Hotly contested ball games Snyder and at least they're getting healthy Kelly when it should be back. Again he practiced today it wasn't as Erik Spoelstra said he Thai training camp practice you know it was five on five with some contact. Which is better than he's done Nino in the last two practice they've had. He hasn't participate in the you do five on five he did individual drills but he did today any he came out you know he said you know he was a little Sorrell little stiff. You know little much pain but you know it wasn't the same as the right shoulder but still. It felt OK you said he's gonna see how it feels. Tomorrow you know after you know he wakes up and seized he's gonna try to go through round of the good to disable the trainer said he can do it and them based on that we'll see if he placed more I'd be a little surprised. Since he's had only one practice back you know if you play tomorrow maybe maybe he will mean Erik Spoelstra surprise me surprise me in the past but maybe you'll won't I won't play as Rodney Magruder he you know he he by the way it started 65 games last year and and he's been our all season with a broken leg he he rehab for two games one tonight. And on Saturday was Sioux Falls there Huey team in Los Angeles and and then he won't play tomorrow would probably open Thursday. Right which should be I'm did all of this will be fun to see how it's bowl integrates everybody it is and but it Joel when it to me he's been really really good so lose Syrian get back right it's going to be really really a welcome sight he said it's very difficult to. To watch unites have the team's winning that's wanting it is difficult to watch. You know one team is struggling all right we talked to Tom De'Angelo earlier tonight were gonna replay that a lot of insight into the Miami Heat that's next right here on the ticket. Your house ever wonder what it would be like her that I think it does games. So this man is that ticket you'll have a chance to win the man can mining 1000 dollars twelve I'm hitting my. Until March 30 that would act kind of cash you can tell your apparently believe me the hell alone because it gives you the front and then. Hi there for a chance at the man you cats lick. Ignoring every hour it's 6 AM and 5 PM weekdays and ten that word from 7881. Then and it. 88 or we have to tell you that message and Gatorade they apply I was senator shouldn't tech drag on. For fidelity national contest so don't assume that Maggie is going to be built by next week we can't man cave hunt right here on me in the pennant ninety at that point 0438 to assume that. And I just love you guys yeah now that ticket gates. Music videos give it to witness. Volleyball players in the country in the Lauderdale beach as the featured speaker series takes place on or Lauderdale beach. From now through Sunday morning born this amazing event check out the ticket Miami dot com Tom DeAngelo Hall event is free covers the he joins us right now on the rise fuels and down. Here's convenience stores gas line they're truly steps beyond convenient. Greg does ask me question who went to win this rotation gets fully healthy probably when I practiced today it's it's unclear he'll play tomorrow but it it looks like he's gonna. In a place sooner exporter said this wasn't what you call a training camp practice but nonetheless while the wings out to see how he feels tomorrow that the gets through shootaround but even he doesn't play tomorrow. It was like get sooner rather later you know Rodney Magruder is gonna play a second game pursue balls bowl games are running Los Angeles. He's already been to court out tomorrow but I I would I would think the resilience off till Los Angeles who put out. Once they get to a full rotation who sufferers whose playing time suffers the most water to go. Yes that's the big question number one has got the swing vote that's who we both guests and I don't know that they Luke Babbitt was already in the rotation be one that really the other guys because if you take jackets would go out there and go. You can you can guide you can give. Step generate guys really good minute to minute buying intent guy decent minutes so I think that might trip guys. Well I I think you can give dying young pretty good minutes and and Rodney will probably spotted it near the bowel. Are you a bit and I have to play. We simply game all year so he's not jumping to play there he edit the thirty minute anyway part two how big a jump and how it'll play 840. So kind of be probably to start to see where what he needed a petition with the rotation takes him I think you'll read cabinet that can guide the lowest. And I can stop the swing vote. That they played at Memphis tea and he had a nice game we did we had to do just like if they if and we both needed it for the psyche the heat of the scheme and and justice and it may be kicked out of a little bit so we get that we just snaps out of it but man. I he would eat was awful the last fighting for Saturday I mean just. The word you're not even coming up the action quite. And so will soon but I just to not see I want to get a kick out. He went Wayne Ellington will be spot when I don't think we would do and what we are thirty minute to eat. But he'll be a guy you need a committed to getting a lot of meat off the bench to admit that might drop a little bit and then again maybe gene if you don't forget just been. It was not a little bit we've seen it recently but he got to get really is that is that maybe you all a little bit. To get an up and got it ought to just kind of disperse elements but a guy but there are I just can't see anybody else haven't been a big drop by the with just. Tommy be mentioned that was a much needed victory for a number of different reasons and of the other guy who performed well outside of justice ones those Tyler Johnson and what do you think he can build on that strong performance and we will see kind of the Tyler Johnson. From every free ankle injury move forward. I I do problem eat eat eat eat only enable that it is very excited that he wore out. The two practices before. Did the won't gain that do practice proposal operate. That he thought he saw a little bit more of him more aggressiveness of kind of what he had seen before the ankle injury. That that would be that would be a big help that would be out. You know they they just need to just to play connect to god whatever style or whether to when he some well restarted era I guess who knows how to play but he did the other night. It will continue. Starting narron you know try to get some kind of semblance of a second team going depending what it again. That rotation was when we know two point going to be that we know you know we look at legal Kelly probably start we know that. That. That ban will be there for a bunch of minutes and change shots away you know so. So no builder for our number it's gone but I think yes I think they need that it's just the two men to guard spot. They needed to get you this being points 1516 point to it. Game and he did Tyler does someone the other that you he's just gonna get it when he's feeling good order right between capital equipment that about it spoke to. If you go to the bag goes about it so well and they want to do that go to the basket you would you follow like I kind of the most is that most he had gone on you know six. So so bad and all that and that they're that shows right there that he was feeling better into the basket so. It is for their sake if if if they can get back on the play out of him. They you know Dick Dick Kelly back healthy get him in the starting lineup could out eat there or changed on I really appreciate it. About tomorrow and then the sixers coming to town and a two wild games with the sixers were seemingly. No lead is safe they've lost both games in Philly to the sixers but tomorrow on the Phillies in the seventh seed two games ahead of the heat. If the heat win the pole within a game they lose it was a tiebreaker in the fall three games behind the sixers. And others can be port 21 games looked after tomorrow but nonetheless I think music critical game where your thoughts. Yeah it to them against the six is coming up the next ten days and yet but you know it it's very strange schedule to play this sport I. Within about what what the weeks. Critical of the little straw I mean. You know chip lead. Getting in the playoffs anything that anything that being in which you might dropping out of well this critical they are getting a lot of help them to. Who would get who put Toronto tonight you know soak it in Toronto so they lose in Iraq to regain that in between games Euro. The ninth seed tonight that probably where I get the look at right now because you know getting your seminary okay you play Toronto you bought it. You know I don't know matter to eat there who would make a winnable on the court. On both of those cold courts. Not getting a win either series but I think. But one is probably gonna lose but probably went maybe when a couple of don't know I don't know that but. But it would be nice to visit Spain if you can it he'd get beat anybody right now because you don't know what. I don't think six without the possibility I think I would probably you know that's probably not realistic that I guess not unrealistic but I think the best chance to. I can go right now probably stick and just about went what he passed without him in Indiana Philadelphia. Milwaukee there are a couple of whatever routine he is pat is cute you know it just six. And you can get you know get yourself a little bit and standing a little bit of eating that technical support by it. You know yeah beating you in your head to head just. You know we keep you would have a little bit of and it on the scene but they got a Wii games and I just gonna it's gonna keep it in that top eight. And like Erica I don't know eight or seven really matters to make sure you in at least eight theatre east retreat we in the playoffs about that the key to any. They Tom away from basketball little bit errors clearly one of the big stories. As related to the heat and the connection of the heat Downey's is the park and shooting and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school lawyer in the one. Student unfortunate losses like that and his parents reveals that when he was swayed his casket he's wearing a Dwyane Wade jurors. Com I know Dwyane reacted to that today where is your reaction gonna tell us how that went. My my reaction is this is. This good back the all star break I was there and I missed into twenty minutes of the interview ma a twenty minute interview session at LeBron James had a not one question about follow all of the socially you know the whole issue about. Basketball players to the setup a group that opened by the Fox News commentator. And I look at it and I look at these guys happy Powell boys and for anybody. Anybody to try to stifle these guys and not. Not allow them. To make a difference not allow them to speak out it's so ignorant. In this guy that is beyond me it's been on meet someone tell somebody they cannot. Talk about something publicly not to anybody people who. People who have a boy it people who. If people click it ticket Dwyane Wade get this in the show exact going witnessed this go to this go to that point this is the type of the back. The type of impact going to wait pat on on this this kid like that it could hurt her his parents that do that. Mean they saw something that Dwyane Wade. That Dwyane Wade is meant to this can be solidly made quite that this kid it. In in something that probably treat it cute light probably you know just not help it you know what would ever what they saw it. To invest just about the powerful statement to have him. Buried in doing security and doing secretary of state students say to our citizens we this is why we will much dribble. Com in India talking about to guide if you you know you wanna talk about two point it is whichever directly into an hour. And on another debut which Laurie Graham told both you know that it should be speaking their mind in the Indy if you told the way it turned around like who usually guy. Net and none of the we have had any kind of scandal. You know LeBron Dwayne Kevin Durant you got the model we've got the model that has been and these guys the model role models. And then messed this is why he doesn't like to try to play tell somebody like back that they. Cannot cut they have making desperate to keep what you can go making a difference in a whole bunch of lines and all we can go want hours of this. What these kids are meant to what these kids are doing. So those those that those three guys in many other athletes. And hero but every one of them but there are a lot of people who put themselves out there and make it our and that's why because the when he made a huge difference in this case like. Could just of those crap or do they get. But the latest somebody from doing at practice today on on what it means he says that Joaquin Oliver. Not all that. I was buried in his Jersey what it means that he was wearing two Wade's Jersey when of course he tragically was there. He really came on put that in words we heard for the family and you have good opportunity to speak to them. You know you just try to hold that the time where he was alive it. It's you you would they would help bring them home woman Julie who might have felt memorable. Story that is coming you guys to talk with. Tony little or no before I got to elect a retreat put. Go make me cries emotion even think about that but is there. Felt that very much during the summer that he wanted to. So take a lot of pride in what we've done and in this in this state. It would have meant putting you so appreciative. I adding even know army game it paid to talk for living a thousand doing issues I don't know how I'd say anything I just I mean the what you went to sounds trite but I mean what an honor that the two when the only guy in his life yeah so watch any and in the parents recognize that. Yes and I and I was playing today. This is part of that the US. When pat Wright went out got Dwyane Wade while being to go now. You know it was. Is Pat Riley mind it was it was about global primarily helped this team. Give it a little push for so many reasons but I'll tell you what when wade some we await coming back. Took South Florida. Eight so far you know it transcends just about what court what he means mr. muted reaction now. What he has meant over the years that there was some hard feelings of people were upset when he what report so it will what is like when what you are working people cannabis that's okay. We want to clean I think people were to stop it kind of plot. I think Iraq goes to media al-Qaeda did I don't wanna have a comeback that he now he he went completely LeBron again you know. But you ought to be wind up back here it just shows the impact does this guy has had on this community. And in what it meant to the community not just about what quarter. I mean it did it would no greater example of that that what we have seen. It into an eagle and actually less than three weeks and what we actually been there. People who went out gave that speech on Saturday night they expect it now Bob I'm in return attributes of the we had before the game that are for the victims. It was it was going in you know who did what what we saw yesterday what we saw today in what goes Aristide in your way into going wagers. I'll be that impacted that led attack. Should not be lost them what. Him coming back to the Syrian mean. Beyond court. Tom thanks so much for coming on we appreciated LC this week. Our thanks Tom the end flow of the Palm Beach post for joining us here on the ticket Trevor Marie again thank you for all the work you did appreciate it. Greg likens appreciate it then why beyond that again very soon I'm Josh Freeman coming up next ESPN radio. We give away. Listen every weekday for the corners he'd ticket window fortunate to win tickets to upcoming PTA we get memorial all week when you've got to listen to win a according to the official IT solutions partner for the Miami Heat had authorized Margaret Cisco Xerox VMware citrix Derrick would add more for more information visit them online at headquarters ct dot com. The court arguing it was sponsored by Lauderdale BMW have ever. Is Natalie and I'm married now high and Lopez and Marc. You are insurance attorneys called Israel by the 800 arm. The accord is he ticket window weekdays on ABM 790 and ask them 1043 HDT you bought tickets.