2-26-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, February 26th

Tobin is fired up for the upcoming Joe Rogan concert. Tobin was excited to come into work today and Beast ruined within 3 minutes. Tyrone Spong won over the weekend against a "Brazilian Jay Bilas" according to Tobin. Beast busts out the Boston accent. Tobin explains his raucus weekend of activities and why he is so happy to be back at work. Tobin and the Heat basketball announcers rave of Bam Adebayo's dunk. Armando Salguero says the Dolphins are interested in Derrius Guice which draws moans from the show.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel in his. Casino. It's. I think it's cash contest and hey man and and then so I've been back to work period. And it gets out of his of his as an almond I'm so excited about that work. His views that country should you know you guys as a result of this it is all month. To kinda get Medicaid money konduz regularly come our way every single hour freeze has a thousand bucks. Yeah Texas seven to edit one and heads into the causes national consciousness and then applied don't text and drive temple or afternoon talk about it I don't work. Up next the work. With and that's on movement this word hours desk. Desk TE SK desk. Text that to seven to anyone in Nexus One comes at 2 o'clock. It's a good attitude and also got some Joseph Rogan takes it away or give that away fairway every day as we would've gotten stoked about it wanna go to Russia. To exit good at the Fillmore on March 16. So it's a about Juergen not only. Known for is an accommodating but his standup comedy relief Rula. Funny guy. I'm excited and got because I haven't had returned to my house and missile promotion they are really excited because I have a do we recover my house. It is that it will be delivered by 8 o'clock. They always delivery are worked out. What is come and aerosols and just excited to examine loan notes items meanwhile Ike in my entire upstairs guest bathroom actually his leg got blown out. What was that so. It's a long story Gavin do we really have to get into it. Other than we you know you want to do you brought it up. So I don't know why. I'm waiting hesitant on really brought the searchers you want to bring it up. Why so little you just don't don't even have a wanna start the show here we use weight on it like bring it up like later. Is because we have other things get into that in. The city of Philadelphia put up billboards and Cleveland about LeBron I don't hear rats as well abroad all talk about them out of body or your boy Blake portals hosts Ottawa that I don't want that. I don't want to and B I don't wanna be brought down ESP and rake to the quarterback situations and lost 32 teams. Miami was 26 to actual 22 pages in that guy boatload of money. The only thing in Miami's quarterback situation is worse yes in Jacksonville port situationally because that money didn't get a new one. I didn't read. It's because according to another situation here and really not doing my due diligence and birdied the other choice was Cutler. Format more so eight. Just you know I'm just gonna go out on women's eight quarterback George Miller will do the headlines. It's got really XY and south my. USF XPH. Each O'Meara are coveted this thing hog while running that heard it I didn't need to play the headlines I would lay out. Let's do the headline over it and talk about the man. Then we'll get into us that I was excited coming to work yet he change in my nevermind in three minutes. You kill these little because the bosses over the other building so I kind of take care of everything over here. Are pressing everything in stress and everything stressed out. And I think in the nature and boy what a great fight over the top spot in did you guys that museum era. I'll man so. Until Tara slowest clay in Mexico and he's in his Texas I was looking at a lot of people what that. No well and yeah yeah yeah it could on well here's the reasons I was gonna buy I want to buy and him in no that was of FaceBook linked to a and so I hated the ten dollars for the Mexican. Pay review feet. Do you think it worked now now. Horse not so instead we got some you know Ohio Facebook's in college it was illegal which annoys me even more so I email mowing go boxing. I say had he. Money where's my box in the I've refreshed it I've gone on chrome safari. On my phone nothing is working the way is my Mexican boxing. And they dislike sorry you'll refund you. Was actually did a surprise wow. And here's here's a FaceBook link which I don't think it was up a FaceBook Lee why George and people tend Ollie deserved people say it's simply a racquet. That it. Anyway I said thing I tuned in just in time deceit towns bone just wish to Roy in his Ollie Brazilian looking. Dish to Reuters he looked like LeBron threw all my unit of had this weird hairline that started back it's mine I couldn't watch it because it didn't bother a lot of me. How long did fight last what five rounds. It was a slow beaten as human gutting. It. Yelling at some rounds union and you know that's just a little bit but just don't tick box easily through round red. So what story that stamina I tried to strike go off the heavyweight title. Although we got a Wii units and some some some ring ring time big heavyweight on showtime this weekend actually little browser and Alex's face the Cuban guy who's or to use Bob six's the good bye week we saw that we saw the build up. And Olerud. Highly hopelessly in two which means you know we get on HBO. Now we get Russian National Anthem a home. I love and I say yeah yes. Yes yeah. Yeah it accidentally the Olympics. The old yet and yet. And the and less than five million. If you got a birdie was bad on her look up Saturday cobol levers is a reward to Russian anthem on YouTube I don't enjoy. If you all about your courage and wait did I say yeah. And. I'm. Ran. It's. And let cool then he's lead. This rule Mandy guy. We'd love to Tehran. You food got fooled me is really our president and I've never seen. The actual person seeing the add them all days it would end any don't blame and. The whole alone. Even. I. Don't you was Russian goods like we all lean on you're Russian singer like I gotta figure that's in the arsenal but he's not one. Hey hey. Gary has got to Vegas lounge act they would like some club that would delete one of the place is not done our Fremont street. And legislate a let us in the Russian and commodity double shackled the only thing that's funny about boxing it's like I don't mean to stereotype. The duel a Russian fans need to be in track suits. Like you win the women looked. Yes and they're all men all have flip phones so there Alter Russian on the it it was like they had like either black striped. Or read to register with the whites in particular company. Oligarchs were in attendance. I mean it was ridiculous man behind and just real real quick there's none no local sports action to analysts negligible and Robby the Pentagon and it. No tomorrow. Wait Robbie that's the first time I've asked your question you'd know right off the top your head. It was on the favorably to put more nuggets Toronto home. Oddly he'd like oh no effect beat the sixers tomorrow the heater scoreboard watching tonight. We have a little love Memphis Boston we will lol that's going to be dead eyes and it's over once. Because. For the grisly to see you could get the first pick because. Of so the us Chicago and Brooklyn if there really is no scored about I mean let's take a blues that's lawyers or Detroit Detroit Toronto. Create a pollution. Other news so this Philadelphia company called power puts three billboards up in Cleveland. Trying to entice LeBron to go to the sixers auto good. Sure that's orca and Gerald uncertain show LeBron has been swayed by billboard for the pathetic Knick fans. We're like giving him a standing ovation please please go and never member once it was on CNN as they announced as LeBron announced the news all of sectors is now a New York sports are they go to the next within via government Alia lookup on YouTube got an all new threats coming out. It is yet a look at out exactly that bomb. So she has I actually did see it because you'd you sent it to me Patty Mills. Yes. Being racially taunted during the game in Cleveland. And Boston zone. None and noon new. New coach I know. Temperatures I would say like Cleveland won't heat this weekend and eight lead the way he goes yeah. Intended tags Cleveland just as both Boston. As an acidic let it pass him for the day. I know today because my yet there a couple of laps down. On Boston Boston is the Sonic the Hedgehog of racism here. Sheets. Among my for an error or human Arum yeah toys from bots. That's diminish human awesome she didn't know. My comments. Went on. Or is she white yet. She went on Lamar how she from. George shoeless Sheila I don't know how does the voice I don't know soon hear not honesty 22 putt Erica I don't know Orlando locker is a said that. In she took offense to. Legally to grind of the launch moment not may be some tonic. And during one out of the bubble he's been known to sound like today it. Like Jimmy's on I am. So so I so that likes apple McFarlin. Off I give us here. Are some of. That's why you have a real or. Hundley. I can't take I can take this itinerary my wife has every weekend. Student yeah. And wait a minute don't under the because. Well all I get all weakened from the 200 weasel cutesy family pictures oh and move considerable time on the time we get to spend together hungry. It's all lines all like you put stuff like gives a row I would yeah. It's so exhausting. First of all we called off the bat. Friday. League with bonfire. Right now it looked like you had a great time as a picture first of all it was a great time because my son is insane. Because my wife decides I you know on the buy them some new shovels to the beach on though. He decides. Hey you know before the bonfire. San how to pull. So he is dousing. What in the hardware and everybody. So I had to move where we have an original station run by the bonfire which was fantastic. And then we have to move because he's bigger than the sandstorm. So. That was awful. And then they tell. Consisted of going to be Barry University alumni weekend that all great you should you're hosting the two yet for small. Shots are radio station WB OY which is now WB huge day on FM Johns of them. Great what was a great is the alumni. Activities that they had the rest of the way. Not to mention it's also an hour plus drive with screaming kids and this kid was so hungry afterwards I mean it would happen. Attitude but you for whatever reason he wasn't in the hot dogs at that so we had to make this stuff at Wendy's. What was the longest Wendy's line of all time he's screaming bloody murder the entire time he's screaming at the cars. I did it was taking forever. Somehow a moment of weakness also and all this he's convinced me to work an extra 45 minutes yesterday I would tell the boards at which I was oh it's a work. Which I was able do because it meant 45 minutes away from other family activities. Today I gotta clean the roof because it's nonstop. Leaves on the rim and so I didn't think he's a fireman. And so he's cluttered up the ladder he's too all. Read the white what she doesn't look Hedo halfway up the latter. Already ready to get a halt all onto the roof what all racan. I give you bought this kid anymore man he's insane is really too. Yeah he had it's. We don't don't usually file I don't know why the hell yeah. And what does a relief today that it is almost scared to go up to steers right now. He's vibrant he's climbing. A ladder while shutting off amid the. I like you're not a fiery. Out of fired in Omaha. So he. That you can do it all inadmissible as I'm trying to do yard work world club and hedges he's screaming and because I won't give the hedge clippers. Screaming at me. Clippers. Clippers. You know you made him right. I'd I'd heat come from your DNA allegedly. I don't know policy responsibility for the spelling. Hedge clippers Q what's what's called. Iguanas you don't think he's gonna want. The. Yeah like star delight. At. Getting you in going. Allen to be like you know. What he's like what would do right now I can't use. Yeah. Picky about everything personal life with her itinerary would do and on fire. And the every reunion and then Sunday is is landscaping Sunday. You know obligated to sway you but honey if you went to chase DeWitt and iguana. You probably wouldn't have been critical and is always gonna think like we were planted to go to Disney in March. And like I'm trying to watch sports and she's like what we fast pass was too fast past. Six weeks away. Pick whatever you want wanna watch him on by you get out of states. And that's why you have them you might know. Just. Anything. It better if that's president of small world order Peter Pan ride in the dumbo it's all the site doesn't run on space now with the two tie weeks so it doesn't really matter she's like. Just like. I oh really. She awesome. Also note this is delayed the elusive. The treasure the lost ark he's in which they open their odd Toy Story world. He's. Anyway. We'll talk about the greatness that has memo about your next. Domino's days we've been destroyed by a two year old Greg contraceptives I swear. Picky about men talent in. Some have been great news. But my opinions. Is that he's learning from that. Me and we mean what do you mean. If you should do we may see you chase a mommy downward lively one. Think he's being. That's cool. Yeah that's why I need to get okay is it clippers no offense listen. People which he did you tell plugs don't you talk about the heads. Tiger is Thai government because he won the hedge clippers limit to cut down some hedges like his daddy so like I don't like compromising given some wires. And give. General blinders. To forgo oil and him did imply he speaks to the mat and well as usual and no offense but. All he sees of his dad is one. Chasing wild animals to watching wild animals kill other wild animals and fighting and watching boxing in USC. And you wonder where he gets is aggression from. It was let's let's watch three things he likes he likes nature channel USC puppy dog pals that's it. List. About guns now. Surprisingly. Ovals bingo enrollees the mysterious bastards. You gotta say. It here hop and takes her. Boys and Jordan boys. This spam out of bio. I mean look at Memphis Grizzlies when talking about a must win that was me now is the senate is bail out the sumo bluster of the lead. I'm in debt that's when it definitely team get right yet when you need it would need to get fat and sassy and you'd just as with the job and seventeen on your osment as you go problem. All right wait a day nobody's and we glories and go ahead. Because of arm. In show shenanigans. Justice shot at the reporter. Not like. On the now well. Always been shooting lately. I mean you should do a pretty fine and obviously gonna come down is like this look at towards is the slug him in a drag race hate us on. Net to shoot at home dad to all of. But only he was five feet away from the rim and that point. And everybody. He's got you don't over all five grizzlies. Mary and you reached that he's he's. You know let Levitt's presently there that the league is retail bash dress feels he got yet he's one of the month starts. He's she's a super. He keyless. Remote watching him play in those talks. Or read secularist what some of the calls this is Mike Inglis yesterday biking or two days ago Mike Inglis. On the call ever uttered by you don't from nowhere amazing. You know the demand of the bulls from wade right side and stop the killings and the county. Oh well ma'am. Ma'am ma'am but that's going to be that's the room. What's up man helpful party as Teddy would've been happy with Dan blue of the. The political. Feature a couple. It's I don't like listen my it was so flummoxed by by US lettuce is a bad he's just rattling off Flintstones characters. It was amazing. Erica Tony let's American Tony on the call the damned dog. Ohio that was. Boy. If we drank we get that we wake up and apologize. I. Should do it. Watch this but again I don't like. I think it moved. Why is incredible. It's this all. That's that's it somebody takes enough bam was what Dwight Howard should have been but he's not didn't do we get to the point you right now he's now. He's not pay a slight you know that definitely. You know I know well like in the in the soccer sometimes it just put the first name on the the Jersey really does give them. You want to be like gal yup just gives ban on the line reserves India. Maybe doesn't want them don't they do get a win and then they. They do yet so I can we just give band. We laced alibi immediately last analyst I was in in May legally drop his last name. Rodney Scott Katrina confuse us with facts we just want them on the back managers who does what he does. And it's it's great and it suits him and it's much easier pronounce and out of mind did it and and it looks like he's 45. We dirt you know I saw Emeka Okafor was signed today I didn't even realize who's still living his employees is blocking shots against the heat who's looking lightly. He was. Ended his leg just gave out from under use the woman ground. Leo you know the Obama lost the dog is really good game really union yes I though it was it was late bucket Daimler's and then. Got a couple of them couldn't hold that lead as it is good. Wasn't of Alabama bio and a three point play I know plan. It's. Mean to defend the perimeter. We took we took me a lot wait till the unlock. It and with a lock the chief coach and wait list. The week this is why. It had a question on Paul. Do black people like who's. This is why don't like who's. So we come for two points Tobin and so are going to win you basketball games and championships. Fundamentals and Timor will in great place. But as well. Dexter but his fundamentals are all awesome all the it's serves. Air port of sports is no doubt this is a guy like Virginia basketball you. All. Yeah. Garbage but. How. It's out there I met Robbie and he. Certainly Richard updates its dork. Court to this yeah Pittsburgh at seven points in the first that yes yes it can lead to it's. At a how stupid to get off the pitcher in not making a mistake again how do you 713 at least a final pending action tomorrow night Miami North Carolina what is a winner. I did get that under right to that game well bungee. Like wow. I must. I want its who want to wanna producer on this weekend I when you into. I was going over because I acted. Early to say light and USA. Debt we're gonna see a second coming of a miracle and I cited in check is the matter Mayo sail boats shot closer to busy doing stuff that so many plans. C'mon man. There's been a lot of body. Why yes you gotta he's gonna go to he excites me in a way I can't explain why do you liberal and would stand first came out. He said the bird yet if first look at it to stand by towering home has seen a freak this is this is that it's. Except the when. They say can shoot. But he does. Like to see him take it jumps out of you know that's why that's once and wait until the lock box is open you know to be open. When they get rid of Obama talks well about who's on. A a new trend in regard it is a great first half against New Orleans. But he like that's a whole issue with him. Like they don't want to have the follow him around to give him a good. And is like. Every time something goes wrong and UC bear jumped from Bollywood to a jam over five people did he comes out into the sun comes just a ball. Read Tony's reaction again to the band on 'cause I just thought it was it was so perfect. For how I felt watching that dunk. My hope that wounds. If we track we get that we wake up and apologize to her. I mean he's sore spot on yeah against sexual Ariza you know I do. Like a hole. Do you feel like the first time we've seen on scrambled porn. Yeah took the life. You wouldn't you have corn. You are born. Until downloads. Was amazing. I know you've Texas 400 times into weeded and digital see how far away he will ask you is yes you want remains I. He got the more. They'll talk about yet they got the more well good because they miss on the one the year before all right well while that in this the second. Yeah okay I gotta tell. Like. Every time justice she. I'd. Feel that way it should feel like you every time he shoots what do you think it again and why did you shoot that. You know your game yeah noted anyone into one in game nobody's around season has seventeen men know buddies around him ever. I fully expect that makes impact Philly expect at some point they're gonna pass the ball loom and defenders literally just gonna take in the NB like whatever. And Kim take a shot he stumbled like me Bob. And yet. I mean jump shot. I don't think their I don't think that slate his role and that their whole lives. That's leveled is heroes dug on your progress level do bam we haven't gotten level to them bureau at level 100 I'm he's he's a scene that Bob Dole wants. I understand what are they don't have to hear them in the scene is nothing more irritating. Did you see your guys standing by himself on a basketball court and then he turns his back to the basket to end up speed limit Bob Kelly Nolan and practice today. Uncertain of Copeland Mo. You can do play a throw down like guys together sparkle dude uncle was accorded little athleticism barn exceeded. Anything we thought he was going to be we've done he was gonna be an enforced catalog and hell since he got hurt. He got hurt. Late into. I get to. All the themselves and interest. To play makers. Next. Welcome back so they try to sit with you on a Monday afternoon travellers in moving given away parroting a stooge Joseph rode in. We'll be at the Fillmore on March 16. Would go away it's. Before the end of the show into the fairway every day this week. So. Months ago. Is a piece right now in the Miami Herald about it with the dolphins may be used to that the comments about it we said Lois. Not only yes no. Or not is very excited loses as we Oz a sort of meant to separate from the boys. Is it yet isn't really well I've I've given Rabin new task. Because. You know I think the Magnificent Seven has turned into a marvelous thing for our show but I know that rob is on the edge as. On their link there's a taxed on the Texas in Kamal and Robby to epic losses not even close ones first and last time I follow your lead. Look it was a terminal to a bit losses from I don't. It's not it's not the results it's the process stressed the process although it's a process for us but there's listeners out there that are winning or losing trying to Robson was over 500 in this calendar year. Yes and what about since like symptoms since restarted this'll shenanigans. We're looking at it refreshes every year. So works not be able wallets. And not alerts meant so Robby is he's he's somewhat of a draft guru. So either side is a draft and he's drafting and so I decided. Well we need we need Robbie draft room. As a Robbie. Does a break you know the prospects for us so get ready. And then they like his gambling tips Zuma south. Spewed beyond beyond looked like so he's just gonna randomly be on the look out. It's all the works. That's who question sure. Don't. We are her up to your shenanigans. No lobbyist. Well one I don't know how you have time when the bonfires and try to keep it from deep into the hedge clippers ha. Coming up these ideas iguanas about you know what goes on the show do you think maybe yeah. Your bottom before this comes eight. You know of exactly. From using them or sees in. My goodness. Right now that for his. Courage award bats are usually employs agreed to take away. That it won't use the screeners Mick duck and it usually if I get he had daughter who's Dupree you would suggest that. We didn't those go miserably correct. Here you know what a tailback. Out here you get. A green said. 00. No we can't speak. Then Ernie. It's just bulldoze the blaze and we should be included some year show shenanigans. As well nodes involved in my shenanigans that's me is Robby wool will play in the shenanigans you guys just react to you here man and play. Every real quick. Putting really quite a few of these elements that we should it. The kid tell me what what would you won't be struck from Ottawa east after a while receivers. Yeah boom were eulogized phrase slot receivers the entire time while running backs Rex been. No so I don't would you have been I don't know baseball peace over the weekend was a great time takes the Tyrol actually. Do you really easily the shape you just shot dumbest segment and you need to kiss the sponsors asked who already has passed on Twitter too though don't but I I do I met who I understand I'm glad that the try road did you write. I'm out fantastic forty everything nobody I just for inviting me by the way I appreciate that also by the way he tried to bite me again. On Saturday. Ahead actually take its yet that need to eat out to the that you try to get to the office which nobody wanted correct because. Who wants to be you know last minute invited to a baseball game like that. Considerable. You can insult my ideas. And then you become over the top rope would still. That's just. But I do I I promised two little boys and give them a shot out because they're on the train with me and to the baseball game OK you like Kurt. Like you know you read against me. Given an eight year old and a ten year old shot out. You know I am. Screw this kid. I don't want them to get a job out. And shouted yes they are public that because you lie because your line you want next hour may be. May be over right now that I just dumped it. What that and I got another one voice and try try a little pitiful look again. Yeah is that I didn't throw a divided their time Zenyatta and Johnson and sit. Aliens and they know him we gotta be care mobile since males you know until they go to commercial. Do you have ideally Dem apples. All due out in your ticket as he's got a hard network I'll do is I'll do it. The dolphins president and you can think about what you said. Told us saga reports in the Miami Herald. The dolphins nurses they play maker not a quarterback LeRoy. Apparently they have hot and heavy interest. And LSU running back areas guys now know the way. And Bob fool is. Now. A couple of years ago. When everybody was saying you can just replacement Mexican internally the NSA. That's all the teams that don't have running. The teams that have an opportunity to get one Rudy feel is a game changer. Jump on net and if you look at recent years the teams that have done that have held their team. Net. War. The dog does it take to run him back. That is that going to be a game change because that's a little. And I don't know much about this guys although. He did seem do pretty good even win. Four net was here and at a point where like you go wow important that was their dispute would be for a net. So he's got to be pretty good. Say Barkley. Is gonna go to top five. Which is they did Jenny. Would you it has nothing to do weight running backs are interchangeable. It has to do it. When you don't have a running back. You design a different offense. But if you look at two teams that compete. For Super Bowl and that would usually have a pretty good run again. OK let's say the thing that bothers me about it sure I'm so in saga as he lied to talk about on what not a the thing that's funny is the guy hits compared to a lot. Is the Jai. Physical runner. Maybe the. At any smaller all these little small yet it is a violent style yet. This didn't always. It always played I always playing catch and see how it fixed here's my question. The question I have. About all sports teams but damage IE and good you are these leagues that same time there are. Yet filed eleven to money and a dies 66 feet 21. Guys is who passed. Just I don't know what he's done and how much you not notice a speed back. OK but but here here's the problem ahead. It's that. We have all these teams in every sport. Dead. Goal that get rid of players. And then spend the next five years try to replace a guy. Why wasn't the guy he had sober. Now will say this. In defense of the don't. Go out light. Did you were. You know he's got a ticking time bomb. As the meat. You you know and others and he was getting ready to give grew expense puzzling Geist has some injury issues to tell you have been swell. You know if you wanted to realize somebody sends LSU player British. Ports. And David it was Bryant to suppress that. It's I didn't always agree and here Boise are numb in the moments and it died. So I understand. They think you much when you get rid of a job. Don't know that this opportunity is going to be here is not like you got rid of gyrate Ford draft because this guy is going to be available. It may well probably a good go good draft guys if you think he's a playmaker and he's gonna make your team better awesome. Always playing catch men they're always feel they have always reach Dave always tried to replace daddy just right it does look cute and usually the guy they just had to let go from nothing and and they spend a super high draft pick to replace them rally. You know that they're outrage obviously injury. And probably get you know a second or third round pick form. Good. Second and third but you know it. Organization you're probably would've locked Doug Jarvis Landry now under way cheaper had an opponent or. In theory it's okay but I shouldn't say. I went and let let me let me say something about. That situation. Okay. You can't. You're at a point now. Where it's too expensive to beta porcelain receipt that's right. And and so Roger Ebert caps right and so from that state a point. Economic got to go to move well. You aren't here yes it is. Hobbies give Russia steered to. Shout outs. Got to get that in a while you're going to be getting will you don't want. It now.