2-27-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, February 27th

The guys discuss nickname usage and Robbie's chances in a fight against weekend host Zack Duarte. Leroy wants to know how much the Heat really need Mcgruder to return. Beast is put on blast for too much ass kissing. Tobin reveals how he thinks Brock Lesnar vs Jon Jones will happen. The guys also ponder whether this will be Dwyane Wade's final season in the NBA. If Wade returns, could he coexsist with Dion Waiters? A new segment is revealed "Robbie's Draft Room" and today's episode includes quarterback talk. 


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Tidbit this in the production. Just delegate. Go into the archives. And when he woke up this morning nearly no right to visit today to start to show you guys did blow. Yeah today and get that is to the seven units as a thousand bucks man. So that men gave money contest yeah. Ironically here's your desire of addiction this. Nor at this hour is no. I. Downloads and oh yeah. These next the 7881. We don't win this time will be given away another total word at the top of next hour via the chance to win a thousand bucks to national contest. Resident that herds of my adult Texans job we also heard Joseph Rogan think it's a giveaway are strange times tour is that march 16 at the Fillmore beach. The more Miami Beach in my mind I'm proud I was bitter about. It's amazing. Bite. It and people are not gonna believe this. Comment right before we win nightmare. Obama told is no right and that I jumped in and then he cut us off by saying my nose looks like a shark fin. Then the next thing that comes out of his mouth as the keyword is nose then let it might end. And. I can do prepare. I don't know if I had my condolences but I had not looked at them. Well you is that something was going on before the show is what I locked in my password did not know. Well no I asked him on the glass or two is yeah let's go to update a Johnny bones Jones has it is California's athletic guys that commission. Hearing toll on right now on this day and computers go so slow wanna watch it obviously guinier. Live the wanna find out whether nine's gonna get off suspension by the way all you people Texan into the regular text numbered knows don't do that test is 781. Seven to anyone does not want to ask a text number nose stuck to anyone not work for you need to boot in about 101000 grizzlies in Vietnam. She's playing. Well he's probably running for his life from a grisly. Why the basketball team could use them. Yet they can go out there that you throw seminar on the floor would be better though to have against the heat on Saturday night. Rome crazy day also an exciting show today is the debut of Robby draft room. Yeah is he is very good about I'm very excited about it and I'm not excited about it. What point oh is today he is if he is a peacock yellow yellow spread his feathers he's not just to gambling bust box and then you know. We we've. And trust in rob a little bit more. Will be co hosting this weekend again this comes as arch nemesis Zack ward doughboy freight and heading to possibly swing on each other important abort well. Probably just the bond it could be Esteban life. You mean Steve Esteban. We just remain domestic box doesn't look like Steve. And oh my god so one week I just messed that I put Esteban on the schedule. All he did not like that. Was born up in my shows who listen you wanna commie Esteban my face a fine don't write it out. My name is Steven's little bit disrespectful. It is also questionable it beyond the games have but yeah. We don't have a weird direction without Allen. Life should probably like Bruce Hoffman. Yet late I'd say if I feel like that be a little funny year if you know he looked super white. But because Steven. B and Esteban I feel alleged infringing on some dangerous territory that as a manager. But I know we'll give him. This is what makes it difficult. It's at least. Eggs yeah. And sometimes. Accused being thrown you just bought what. Happened that way back is back in Robbie. At each other they hate each other and you just have what do the kids this way and none because it would be a league Robby does giggle and he'd. No no. You what you think you try and be careful. Think he's fighting back or rather you take a punch. Can you take a punch absolutely what you that he's break him uncle who would you bet on in a fight between you and door to. From them publicly we have fuel the market don't just like literally physical no yeah he's right. It depends on how may have Robby gets about a topic. Because again you that you are. About what he well I know his big time parcel trigger does he have any does it in martial arts experience to be do you. I know that Zach Day as a bomb lag and all that money is actually less weight. Have you had any martial art experience. Is on. A street fighter. Did you combat. Weight did you you've got a ride alone when I Kevin Hart to. They're making comments about video game what are these out there did you go edit their Robby just are you in street artist's stuff. It didn't matter is we're more combat British. Look at it and to Robby left the crane kick it. The headlines sign. Speaks to what you XY AM south why don't you. XXX to show our leaders of the basketball night tonight. Oh yeah yeah yeah everybody's an act we got action. It's a big one the American Airlines Arena Miami Heat. The Philadelphia 76ers they're doing business 730 is your tip times like 630 is that those type of your pre majority of legislation. Put money game 790 FM 10438. Speed to. The ticket now. We. All we might see a little chilly out tonight. Yeah he's prepared to play a few minutes I think we. We were. We more excited about the comeback of Magruder. And today and the problem. Six is more important is he gonna do the more healthy they get the ball and scoring is he gonna do. One that you need Lugar to stop scored for new side when you have to score yeah hamburgers or seeing the junkyard dog won the hospital now isn't that way that's one. Noble whistle shoots. For what reason thus eliminating. As it was as best skills probably running an offense league you know facilitating that's probably it was a may you categorize is less skill set he gave him little ball with a certain Amalia I would say that's probably his best skill set. Is it's you know you know Chris all the about what is it voted categorized. And ranked where I would put Winslow skill set that. The data that the you have to take in consideration OK if we'd move Magruder in. Is he gonna play with Winslow and if you plays with Muslim I got two guys that. I think it's gonna be one of those things were rotten is gonna seems to me like this heat team has had definitely. Areas during the game where where their effort isn't. Quite where probably should be and I feel like you have a guy like Rodney Magruder. In order to coordinated defense that stop you put Magruder in. Asked to asses kicked on the boards by the sixers by thirty. Mean they do run a lot of refused to go out there and he's going to. Talk white sat him for not downtown in the story. It's instead he league junk yard mentality Julia. Should wait I don't can I get into the rest of the lines before we don't have we never know we never knew once. And there's let me please let me talk about the Miami Hurricanes going at North Carolina dean dome tonight. North Carolina's number 922 and seven McCain's are 28 cain's accordingly its projections back on the bubble may somehow need to pull off. This win. I think to really cement them being in without them go deep in the ACC tournament. How many games have level forty CC two. Tune into the get tonight and they got Virginia Tech on Saturday we go yes swimwear and to be 21 and nine inoculated now I don't know it and took it and I would want. Yeah well he sure to 23 wins area where it's at duke last night that are really good team and they're gonna probably given them and you're gonna sweep over Virginia Tech get it Robbie with Virginia Tech wedding they're right ahead of Miami in the standings so if you beat yeah. The can't you move bag. Indicate to you Fredricka teams get in from the ACC because right now it looks like at least up until it already has ten. Yes well this turkeys of is a friend 910 bubble team. But yet. Eight or 92 teams I don't know I don't know earning ten teams and in. Well you be surprised a lot of teams are getting a lot of covers getting a lot of bits yes he might get eight teams in there when you do get had a crazy at the top ten win tonight if you Internet you're tonight it's it's officially its initial that's a lock themselves on the road yet know up there aren't a prime time. I've seen Miami on TV a lot more announcing it meets this without. In his don't get too attached the easiest aground enough I don't I shot docket to attach is projected as a first round pick out of state got to remember any. Why would he wasn't named what are you talking about it I don't know he died about. I I mean now the raw sister stations. No offers all the biggest load hole. On the Panthers host the fair. Well a Toronto tonight fi VDs that are 730 feed your face off 6:6 7 o'clock is when someone has a premium on some station you. You think they're doing that over there. It's they're going to start no doubt. The second. They had no state. You have been full no I was told and yourself. Who you decide what is. Just relax so this morning. You told the three fuel in the stalled Dick my first schedule of QA and I've made out since 2009 it was from a house on a schedule. Group. I don't make the schedule retold the tweet that knows not. Three active why can't you did not want you. East Europe professional excuse not so hundred no assurances can you not hide behind the net and say oh I'll still don't. Every as gives an opportunity you. But it I am not going to kiss ass in the next. Hot take that I have is that okay. Proceed this morning I tuned in. To the Joseph road show up to listen to Jim Larranaga who is going to be on her he had no voice as usual. Source and they got a bit awkward when Joseph started asking about the FBI investigation. Because. Yeah now. Right so Joes like us and Joseph figured out like halfway through the question to any sort of deep Torre like Linda. I mean I know he can't bring up specifics but what could college. Me into basketball dude clean up this war. Which is really awkward man then it was like it. That is that do you hide that. Form of questioning behind I had to ask. Yeah I mean yes you can you can't because here's here's here's one and issues is that. Doesn't that become you you can a little sketchy when you have you know the only reason why he's come in on his because. They broadcast it's a game day they're coming on tonight you have the games in. UK and in the theoretically yes you should be able to ask that question Jim Larranaga. But even if you know he cannot talk about it OK but so why go to air. So it does bother me though a little bit and loses. This is some other than that annoys me because the Philly dual radio bully radio a little bit can you looked upon as a flagship station enough partner. If he was going on ESPN and he had to do a sit down with whomever. That is yeah has probably you know so in fairness laid. You really should know hey I talk about I'll tell you this goes to be freed us and Russia has been there's been a million times I've been a part of interviews. When I've been told by a PR person you cannot and I'm sure you have to you we cannot talk about this. I've I've that an evolution for the Jessica said. I says look. If we don't ask you someone else is going to ask you you'd best he noted and into this with people would have good relations as with a you do it you're better off. Doing it here. And getting the way in getting your message out there than. You're gonna be badgered by selling so this sounds that I bought and aren't yet we basket and you can handle it however you want. If you wanna say I don't wanna answer that that's fun articulate that's fine. But you but it's got to be passed. And I and as it boasts the time when you explain too much out of school who judge those ten to the stand for its. And he zawahri do you gotta gotta hit the break round let's find out of John Jones who beatle fight Brock loses this year tees. Look backwards to clear it is stairway viewing Tuesday afternoon and probably her followers this afternoon first vote ourselves a big old sports night he'd had this canes all action tonight. We'll explain the most important games of the McCain's. Yes if you're telling me they're getting it with a with a with a turned away it's hard to argue that I will say. That would be if the heat lose tonight that this notion out of the tiebreaker with Billy. But I say up by like two and a half games up by three full games Detroit yet. I don't care where there's a lot of basketball left and you know they are behind Philadelphia to a U2 and a half to the idealist who had so far it's a it's a full two to 42 game falters so if you lose it's like threaten. Our view and it's like one. Let's go to the move to six weeks of trying to catch a believe Milwaukee Madison is not this not worth it it's not a matter of where you can turn his did you look at the basketball that they're playing plus they don't you need to take. It bandage. Of any Arab to you where you can have an advantage because that's what killed them last year but this is but tonight for the kids Paisley winning your end. OK but it's not used to go more chances correct you but if if if he lose to Philadelphia. That employed him in. Three weeks have as a as an important thing because there are there out right now so they need right way to get any points so it's a big it's a huge sports that men is that there's a lot of stuff going on right now such a hack he questioned the way it's. It's a good look at the most important game tonight not yet that's a that's a little exit question the big. And opulence Latin myself. Now if you wanna take calls on it and I'll and I'll. Annan on on on on that and again how. And Heidi most important game now all of those followed and we got important we got aboard think it would have been about ten minutes gonna be the debut Robbie draft room. And I are very excited about your very excited quote this. I would say I was. I trust his plan. Mort and I trust your play with Mike and how you plan is we religious head to segment Rowland Evans. Because we've actually had that we've actually got a heads up about this. In a very. You as well here cement sting notice that oh Baird Jackson has put up there he'll await what's going on booed Jones. Out of here another bimbo jeweled glove stodgy white people on this. And am finding this Rome motives testing in the public. There's like a more painful white he would it too black. Discussing the future of the one black purse I really have to get really is really not a jury in the pierced by news. And I need them to do is is that everybody goes how my hat. Give him a year suspension retroactive. Means he's cleared July. That means training camp gets it to train some of our goals are Brock Lesnar let's do that you don't gonna be amazed. Because I'm committed to a bowl beat these guys work. Recklessness and he's gonna bust leg on a testy. I didn't know. There's going to be a tell you right now if John Jones and brought was a Sanford test. They're gonna go full Russia corruption on the join us. It would have been. There have been slaughtered the cuts at the drug test it leaves like they're chloroform whoever collects the year and Ed does give Obama a fresh a fresh set a year and just says as clean is it easy to relate. He brought to the golden lab because your peak came back as the same as golden Labrador and brought in here to put it on dry ice could thumbs up to her own front runner what do you hear about like booze with. Oh win STB Brock Lesnar you you he would like ninja turtles and he won't have to say about this green. It needs to renew. It. Let god job I to judge anything. The container melted yeah him what do you have to say that you. Go to drug does a Hazmat suits littered by these two guys. And to. So Dwyane Wade he spoke to you Barry Jackson who asked him if he is going to play next season. Knew it had this to say quote I don't know. I've told everyone around me that they've taken it after this season and go from there the first year and ever gone to a summer with that mindset. I was led to into it as a free agent or opting out of a deal to get another deal this the first summer I can say I'm going into the summer to see how I feel. To the position the organization. And go from there not really console that honestly I'm cool whatever. I'm cooler decided do it'll be my decision. It is. Now. Deletes. Of interest and man. But I wouldn't be shocked if the ones you must end he doesn't wanna go anywhere else he made that clear when he came back right. You make that clear when he came back. And he also said that isn't the Kobe tore the he he is getting the the the full circle thing here I will say bits. Did you imagine do you his last game him now sixty shot. No. I can't be because he's never been that guy. But I think you did Carmelo would. Criminals deathly known on the go and please the glory. Your. All. Well and that's to think that he's saying things like do this. And knowing that he had his little journey of going to Chicago how bad it went in Cleveland. Because. Here's the thing do you wanna go into a summer where. There Hagelin over given way the mid level exception war. The minimum deal I don't think. Our weakness that. Like if he comes back Egypt he comes back. What do you have the unfortunate crazy finances involved images that you want to come back in play for the minimum. Order not only that they wanna already they let me ask English hire them yes. Number just where is out there yeah. If you. Hitting it in the glow and he's not this year but he'd been sucked and they know or why I. After awhile the U what it when he first when he when he resigned when he signed originally with a victory and he was deep. I could see you. What you put the odds that. Do you think it's more likely that he's back next here are more likely it is and it does depend on what the hell I think is two to one and only a matter for the on the playoffs. It's somebody they adore him who has. Rock the good news did you and you don't that's bad news is you're right. That title of the next topic from this no one funny it is it is funny. I would say this I would say. Let in less then literally makes some ridiculous run to the Eastern Conference finals. That is I don't think whatever they do in the playoffs is gonna have any impact on whether those two guys come backer of but I think I I do believe. That we are has the queen. On Monday. Here's you're not gonna. Obama you know like way to become an economic hagel but still from a salary cap standpoint from Andy Ellis had a you have to it because of the media room testimony dozen different conversation right. That's a stock but they're not gonna I was gonna I was talking about there being haggling. Brent. Then you've got him he's coming back right. He was asked about do you need to. Determine your desire to place is definitely death led to check on that. A lot of things go into it. Do you wanna put in the same grind again. As you get older it's different kind of try to get ready for games did you body ready. Thank you immensely go through another year and giving your all and not be checked out in the middle of the season he does is always talked about as you get older you take a year by year. But does the first summer that'll go to the summer and say I got much care left. I'm gonna let my hair down look at everything as a hallmark family and basketball. In back to your health situation for me makes makes the decision even easier announced some macaroni I can sit down pat and Micky and everybody NC was best remaining go from there. So income yeah. Does seem more cheeks event but that's the year I don't think the conversations that you've heard from him. Whether he comes back or not will not be about money. And so they say hey you come back and say well here's what we're gonna pay okay. It just seems like where he is ease. OK with that net. I am I didn't I didn't tell you that only watching him here you can tell that the super group the the Superman cape is gone he's not the same guy by the way. You dig up four million. He sort of get like a partial but so brazen look at one of the Texas Jane. Like. Doesn't know none under men you know more about other people's money. You don't you can't you can't do that in professional sports. Guess what if that's the case. How do you feel the fewer veterans say import all you make five or six million dollars a year and a rookie comes in makes fifteen. Well he is getting all like since he's been back here he is the guy getting shots in clutch situations even as the small resembles many know how is it going to be from a fits standpoint. Right with Dion why here's the here's an issue. Every guys talk about. The shots in the beginning. That wasn't the problem with this team the problem with this team before. So so times. Because because people don't wanna dig in and still don't. They're gonna get to a point. Let's delve into the lives have been productive with the amount since the numbers the numbers dictate that would wait on the floor. With these guys there are laws like he has he has had a positive effect right. Here's here's what happens. He has to be. Either the guy who gets the shot or facilitate. It the ball has to be in his hands because there's nobody else they can do it. Was ready ammunition of the way you were to give the OK but now as he says looking forward to next year with Philly cheese. Needs to go and they co exist in the Kenya and have them both sure. Absolutely now let me ask you questions. Would throw this out. Do you trust he weighed me in good. Smart basketball play. Boarding your trust via. Is Deion can get a shot the announcement if you have to behold they have to deal Smart play is Deion makes the planning. A. So. That's so can make bold yet the end game to get out the move from better you. Above for better or worse literally if you're gonna have Dion Waiters. That's what you pay him for I don't pay ideal way is to go facilitator I paid Dion Waiters if on the need to go get buckets in clutch situation okay we're doesn't it help if you have a guy. Is able to get the ball where it needs to be or if not socially of dios. OK we notify a shot we wanna run media in Dublin in. I mean UWD wade big I double filly she islands Seattle I would suppose that probably depends on what kind of a nice foods uses haven't read it but that's a Democrat. About double A vis doorknob finally he'd I would persuade you wanted to come back simply for Jersey sells loan. And a I'm sure that's that's part of definitely. That studied about. Whole season not accurate to you watching. With they would have. Having him back as a heat fan it does he does it bring more joints you I don't care that sucks. Or that he's not the same guy with a jump shot or how does that mean it just feels right just like you don't like having Dwyane Wade out there. I like the influence that he seemingly has with the guys around him. It just edit it feels right corny as it may be I can tell he's tiger will be I it's a mature into a heat game adams' they were the most enjoyable things to watch. Was demo by U. And who haven't went way back. Let's coolest. Justice and missing layups. Effort and a do think there is no losers who think like Eric wants. Yo there's this talk rare where he wants to rich to be more assertive I do think there's a benefit to having wade there. To have almost this passing of the torch to try and say hey. This is isn't where you this is the mentality you have to have when your win when your team needs you. And you know wade had that promise him it was Shaq so let's say managers can turn into the next Dwyane Wade. But there is that almost paying it forward where if you do see whatever the next linked his there for your franchise. Having a guy have to Wayne's how stature is very important and I think beneficial. Robbie your role with the sting man so scary moment on that Ronald had an audio it's it's he's too old man. Come on weak the dollar the me it would Jarvis Landry. Well I don't know and they also Allison got some big decisions to make this Dracula. Roddy is our own draft guru I've dubbed them. And he's ready to roll and tell you who would they should go after who the hell they should stay away from next. All of us live graduate roads and see what he's good it felt more. On March 16 we also have an error he does dollar code word coming up we end of the there's. Freeman. Yeah we have momentum and an entire week but wait no you're out to write about the next week on the next week that's right the nineteenth the 23. It's appropriate for that spring break March Madness. Emma so I'm doing well and me. I'm doing what will it. You're past. It's a via uniquely you'd need me on this deal better to bury it and Pearson and you don't know law. Beauty and that law that got him up a picture book. We've yet the task at hand that aren't as job after Ronnie. I've tested this week without giving us. Your quarterback breakdown. Was happy about it so the game works is you know we. We would go like each position and we picked two of the group the best prospects and two of the worst prospects to today's addition it is quarterbacks so it's a start with the good. Number one. Baker you may feel. Now Heidi is a concern easily at 641 but Bill Polian doesn't like which is a plus in our books. Could be the next drew believes. Did you read it you know he's I got a little too big of a chip on assault he walked on at Texas Tech at any at any picket them wanted to keep him out any walked on again Oklahoma. With Trevor and it was a Corbett any unseeded Trevor and I didn't starting quarterback. As a walk on and let these guys ahead of problems. I don't know that it got an iron will I don't know thinking about a Texas. Well we did at Davis Webb was a star in the heat just transferred out Texas Tech we know what to just grab it and all that stuff Obama gets that. Already did the dolphins do Doug Corbett which armaments good idea I think this will be the guy they should draft in at number eleven. He struck for forty touchdowns and listen ten interceptions that each of the last two years and he's a fiery guy. Fired a joke I biggest worked to his fate recession that Kansas game in the Kansas play his way out of line not sticking his hand and midfielder was politically and he is going to be children debt do us is that Kansas hale I think it was Kansas. The at all no room to about. Me again horrible. This is your heels and then had kids there. And those sportsmanship and the Kansas and offered to say Kansas is Daniel Missouri he was a loser whose other guy that was the only when he played Orange Bowl talk leases. Todd recent. Yes yes. As soon after him. Is that what it's all they had been had and ordered him transfer. Toward Hillary. Dayne Crist. Than a special guy. She's a very tall. Court. Is. We'll figure ST I think that's right it's a bigger may feel he's one of the plus if he's there are eleven and the dolphins think about dropping quarterback I think vacant for the guy another another guy. Lamar Jackson. Eight plays his legs he's six foot three and he's another guy that Bill Polian doesn't like you to just be a wide receiver. Now if it doesn't work out as a Corvette for Lamar Jackson you could always pull back of your receiver Connolly Terrelle Pryor did. Him so you have some insurance there because pin on a quarterback. Might be able to get him a second round might and little little pork in there for Lamar Jackson. And eight plus character I talk to mobile quarterback was on his team couple weeks ago said he they were all in favor of him not playing in the ball game but he played in an anyways why I need to be represented by his mother and out of my agent. So eighth plus character. The mark Jackson's death we won among under team especially given a second round. As smartly it's probably if you order your job to the dollar mark next get jets from Islam and who has a one item on. It just aren't Robbie who are you to boss talking about four songs pretty easy number one Josh Allen military something. Last year this year is pretty bad and we'll battle raves about him and his than the year before those great but guess what. Because it is completion percentage was in each of the two years to 56%. That's passed in the mountain west. He was seventh in the mountain west last year passing yards you look for twenty touchdowns to fifteen interceptions two years ago to sixteen and six figure afterwards now you miss this work it's really bad. He is really really bad if it's a power five he played three power buy games and is two years of the start. Do does sixteen lost 52 to seventeen at Nebraska and he threw one touchdown and I. Interceptions in that game. And then the next year and put Iowa. Opening game of the season lost 24 to three at Brooke couple picks he did have a legitimate deep bond touched on that was dropped it still he doesn't lose. Yeah posed a spiral can cut through wind according amount spoke hyper I don't does about congress'. The covers sell on the tape today I can't I can't do it. With that hair. This year's Olympics over a we will win it's been exposed if he don't basketball and that they'll Khyber I think you finish after a million shipped side. It is in his third of final game it's a par five last year he lost 49 at thirteen at home not on the road at home to Oregon and organs great and known for their defense. And Josh Allen was nine of 24 for 64 yards and an interception so yeah I'm all up. One touchdown and eight interceptions is the par five he did also touched on Russian. What do you make of the popular of their outages because the hose just as opposed to spiral can cut through wind. And you we've degraded to cold weather team like Cleveland all tight moment and the united I. People look at a CE diplomacy table remember in the Senior Bowl you're not allowed to start you not want debates it's only a base. Based defense the entire games you can evaluate quarterbacks gain based on the C double. And hoosiers next bluster all right Sam Arnold. Not yet relative come on he's not even though the character. Lacking character like that character he went from 31 touchdowns and nine interceptions to 26 touchdowns and thirteen interceptions he's reminds me a lot of Mark Sanchez. He probably could use another year of school night we made the right decision coming out is going to be a for profit financially as remover as far as this football game is concerned. Probably could use an Elliott school. And USC quarterback since Carson Palmer when one must of these quarterbacks yes Matt liner. John David Booty threw Matt Barkley. Cody Kessler. Puzzle the last several NFL draft the quarterbacks that USC's put up I'm very scared I stayed away from USC a statement from Arnold. Unbelievable job rather well done was it the debut really obvious draft commuter light there has acknowledged your grass and says he settled Zell mill went into with who went to. Was OI and it says it I did sell it to get these Jethro I want peace got from so that you don't. What part of be shot from other late arteries and was the sort quarterback played for Kansas 2007. Orange Bowl against Virginia Tech he was 511 there was tied reason you. You know the last quarterback to make it to be drafted in the NFL draft out of Candace was in 1986. Who's who. It is nice to go back so do ignores murdered did some name I've never heard of and. The most world who wait what you numbers as the most valiant yards but she didn't know leak. Michigan don't think it's Purdue. Lo green sea breeze. Public. Internet news editor and it's I think it's produced Mike. Not yourself Kyle Orton also went to Purdue to the Cleveland Browns Mike Norris. And you must out of lasted longer can Wear. Your HS to a thousand dollars Elizabeth the cohorts to about twelve mezzaluna Bagram after the us.