2-28-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, February 28th

The guys review a crazy night in South Florida sports. Tobin wonders whether Dragic caused a miscommuncation that led to a late game foul and also rants on the Sixers. Leroy has a problem with the plus minus statistic in the NBA. Beast is not happy about UM's new defensive line coach.  Dwyane Wade's presence seems to be helping Whiteside stay engaged. The NFL may change pass interference and catch rules, but this doesnt stop Leroy from taking issue with those who are in charge of the rule changes. Beast thinks that sussudio is overrated. The Jarvis Landry conundrum is discussed. Tobin thinks NFL contracts are stupid. The guys argue over the importance of different players around the NFL and who helps teams improve more.   


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Wait a way to bring it back buddy down by one width twenty seconds left in the game win. What's this green by a white side away. It brought across the top now the twelve of the shock but looking at first base way. Great backs up wait a tough shot. I've put my white Knight the second. Cool dude is huge crowds right now there's no doubt about it welcome back to your home. Hey it's Evans holding onto it seven. And Simmons gets it back gonna try to drive it seventh victim of the Carter. Not ready for free off the red ball that's. Credited okay. He's gonna whenever I won't know until why don't why. Has made plays and defense and play the way he went I don't doubt that last night and had 33 goal very flickering in the on the once again with a flurry corner right towards god where they win. And if they're depleted. North Carolina. But that these events that are very dramatic measured. By. On the north Carroll. The 821000. Fans are stunned. Fans took on Newton. Threw up my prayer. Or that it wouldn't answer then. She humanity they do that got them didn't have any and none of them are. I didn't do that I don't you think about isn't any. His recruits. We came over the head. If the revival and I think it can. What I know most of yeah. We will personally they were in the playoffs magic on the got through that project was chip and everybody knows that ultimately. First but it was that it was an almost make that they got a whole adult in the islanders series wasn't blues like. They haven't been opposed to the Stanley Cup and slot you bring in the Stanley there rat thirty seconds we're talking about pat Panthers failure. But don't quit right now. Why overtime winner plot points out of the playoffs legitimately not a Mike Bryan joke. Yeah I mean. But decades when you said c'mon blah yeah. Tony well there now right there in the exerts a super in there and put his life said here's the other problem. It almost seems like they've made it. They set this up to beat either Virginia Tech in my. Because of who set it up. Well it usually it was just set out to be that way because. If my little lost to North Carolina dim this next game would have been relatively little hole right Nixon gets going now what do you do. He took. The gulf so I know I don't they're both in other problems and right now what's brought to its latest record college and Virginia Tech and Miami. Well McCain's or senate seat against Alabama in the midwest yeah Virginia Tech shot up from attend towed to eat after their when he gets duke quote. I still don't know about the the ACC and at ten teams in but still they're endemic in dynamic and McCain therein and that they heater just a game at a seventh. Do that a staff on let's go. He'll it was everybody feel that I wrote a blog at a neighborhood twice. A lot of it at Miami game. With one clear though diffuse it doesn't really. Pumping him. Mean. This is either some animals created in the game theatrics. Somebody made a terrible mistake I slowed notably and then when he went to the light and he said. He was 56 was a light. At its. I I'm sorry. I'm still skeptical that that court dryers has been a hole in the Slovenian ace up his sleeve the entire I don't know I I'm pretty sugar. Because I sat there and I re wound it and watch the whole sequence again this token believe what happened. Is spoke gave instructions right. And then gore on relays instructions to wade in between the second and the third free throw around. And I'm pretty sure the instruction over any of you his son and the we refund. With the way explained it was spoke to said he didn't want waited to hear him because he did what we think and he didn't have confidence that he may call three. And so that would make perfect sense to go father and some of the you're gonna be trailing by one right it's a little bit liberty. If you're gonna go do it why you hide. How rare. Lester crazy like a flat tax and you're tired of being down there with no time to set up your shot his didn't want the sixers drain all the clock. Here's what happened. When you deal with people from other countries. We never really a messages. A little twist like that when 1000 men and knows English I would bet it's like you said. Didn't get the way great I think we can riders who runs get Goran on right now. Two. Recreate. The message he told to Dowayne in between the second and the third free throw. Could read yet we can't. Guess. A he's seeking to stand locker room at the place. I go on the with countless. Easily go to. Not seek a seat keys and know. What the instruction that's all relate to you at least I'm not telling you any Slovenian. I've unity than than they have hope is we don't have mostly what have mostly on winning biscuit old Jersey gambling of sleep a little some marks. What was work I look great snazzy for meets his goal he. Telling you with the government and pulled Duane who file or not fell but I only one thing. And Siemens is at home on the line. I would tell you summing they got lucky that. The one well they did well. When we Jake taper. You can tell me my dad and everybody went. Basically practiced pretty good you're one within thirty feet. To open. Movement usually open well. To open. By the way what a great drawn out play if that's how it all supposed to happen because literally. Every other guy in the court like all nine other guys in the court rained one corner and is as JJ Redick was just out there by himself just like a. I'm Richard Spoelstra said he uses injuring himself asleep watching the film yesterday. Because of howl that went down. By. Who cares men and inept performance by Dwyane Wade all timer. All time where they it to figure yet look the way he's been looking early on. Think he was gonna go that I know is bidding go to only in games. Telling don't normally games doesn't hairy in your ass for a whole order. Now. We terms issues about. I knew we going. Moses plus months yesterday minus six me. It doesn't matter. So easily what you're saying to me. This is how I interpret that yet to get his way for me I can't I mean he didn't and hadn't played. Won by double digits. I mean. That's not exactly helpless miners were not gonna blow you replacing him with it's not exactly how it where I mean is not how bold when your point. You and I'll telling you that wall he was on the record there are the biggest yet we did before the show assure here and listen to all and. It what would it does say is that wall he was on the floor of the team had the biggest deficit. Only Second Amendment about and that's that. You guys. We it's not as he's used to say all of whose gun that would I don't see what's the point of plus minutes ago we talked about over a sample of time. It determines whether or not you have a positive influence when you were on the court or not not always perfect. Always perfect. Unbeaten. That's an indication last minute apology that wraps. It notes are crops that scraps that imperfect stuff when you know that's a perfect when you play on the team. Okay in his teens or. Nears four of the guys as well to give an individual plus minus would for the guys on the argument is we. You could hear it the other canceled out statistic everybody here it was the other cancel out statistic. Plus sixteen and onions which cancels that out. Because he had giant sucked in yesterday and I'm. You don't want to lose in the added yeah they don't just block the. Considering how would you below are considered. The free throw. Up an old man is sucks man. Eight. And why. Poll just want to say out here that now or would ward and Siemens album Goran Dragic is pollster is. Laura and you have. Guess what. Debug and point embed pointing to the ground this is my house okay. You is getting. As far as the date went way they first did that. Not get off indie art I mean you guys haven't cop in the heat style. For the lord of the decade and a half now it's kind of crawled and gets journal thing and the flamingo on the stand back. How I there. And enough. And process. 'cause my body the thing you did was give it all tell we'll litigate and caution that was dis gusting what you did to him. And subject your lunch money to commercially or you had to do was go to the continual threes is 73 that it Dylan. Should be embarrassed. The real big men out there. Who. That's you has pledged no wayward just what was the real big in their last night as right. Process mast to me but don't belittle billboards. You're pathetic begging. You want that rat Fink in your domain. Get out of here you need to do so this team afterwards mine is all business he's the cavs dramatic. Yeah why don't you enjoy the show your rat bastards club into that mass in the playoffs. Real good. Would surely Clarkson. Please. Hang on for dear life against the Mets. Wade county again men re christened. It was it was. All I. Big splash yesterday man summed up the pump fake was more in shots Larkin. Was in a groove LeRoy. There was some island tiger bleep out there yesterday and come on man. Swagger all over the place his house. Pretty sure the toads are having a third baby in about nine months seem. I don't but solid the second 10. Military's opened. Last night was such a great father son moment because I watch it with the boy. And I said. Black. This and I'm the temptation. The greatest athlete ever grace. Which ought to is Cox quickly and you'll see would be that's great apple politics. It's much much. And so he did and he learned the legend that is Dwyane Wade. Alec that muck cavs and bulls went way that was here in the rest of his life gives you the real deal and about talking Amanda Holyfield. Are you done yet. I told you we're gonna headlines no oriented headlines after the break. As. We have to outline this the greatest in Miami history reminding Americans based on the audience FAU. He studies WEB. XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. show are closed to Redlands really. Three Atlanta Matt Forte is retiring my American league baseball the night open book against FAU Jozy is a call here in the ticket. And I hurricanes on the are replacing coach cool with a defender like coach somebody named a just Simpson. It was like an assistant to the assistant in the assistant with the falcons before that it was a high school coach and I don't know where he came from or why he's the pick. But there was about 78 other good choices out there that evidently either didn't want the job or Mark Richt didn't approach because delegates and just Simpson guy. Was like a high school coach two years ago maybe is good. Maybe. Most Italian I know he's from Georgia. They know very you know. Each other from somewhere Georgia he's from Georgia is due to high school court coaching Georgia Tech. I mean do we need a pipeline to Georgia though we need to. Around a problem that I have never thought given to thinks about McCain's. It matters. Is the reactor not rebounds and dolphins the line coach was Nintendo. Seriously and use that you know yeah. And Patrick and I would cellblock Charlie partridge and get Joe Simpson you're thinking that he's got to make a big divot put it digests. Think he's gonna matter to spiders and the panic over the hurricane yes yes. You mean by way to show. At Nicole. Show the again a well paid. Out fully. It. It was eighteen intently when that text. Seriously I mean I've been known to pull the reverse jinx that was over the top oh some attention he's a Georgia high school led. I move these what are theater and well he's more. Well this being a Georgia. Should Jordan's must image. It. Good. Good. We just have to the prod majority of their players are from Georgia on the yeah if I had here and yeah she does I hate you so much. Yeah I'm sweating shot to coach just like to welcome you. That's what you guys are excited. And talking about how to coach just a command were happy to have you. Happy. How could you on the on a day like this admonishing the eighteen day lying to his name won't be mentioned. Five times the rest of the guys can't get it drops him I just put on pants and you listen talk about the players. You'll talk about the coach. I mean I'm pretty sure the thing that's gonna bother me that aren't in Mac and housing and ignored are gonna be here it's another problem. Coach cool coach schools and putting on pads it's amazing. And it Alabama you should pay these players weren't amazing. What did this quarterback is a guitar. And Ella. Keep happiness to. I'd look back celebration. It felt good about movies on just about my dog why he's so I was just screaming for like two hours straight and the dog you know what to do. Dumb and multiple and blocked. He'll be fine that's my tough internally you're talking about get out of the way we're the only room. You definitely have a go to sudden slide competes. If you call and Cha Cha chart moos such are truly. Doing. Well excitement yeah I always knew all my life losers in my life to make it we're just going to the whole thing we'll tell my kids I work amount of Virginia chairman. My kid does I was solos a proud Papa watching a sports fan lamenting yesterday and you put him down in the UN made another on and may have existed because those given nonstop snacks on my. Whoever was he's dubbed the whole time watching the game right and yes they'll have a little brother sister and nine months. And hopefully sister because you can take them. I don't know see that it's the problem you have nights like last night it makes you appreciate that no single month makes it seventeen nights before that makes you forget about the effect that it may be apparel mania. Such as washes away or use throwing dirt at people of the beach. Since had a heat wave yesterday with the game well today this came to the thrilling game whether. To Kwon do and man that was so cool to hear him talk yes I mean on sports center where he's just like. He's like yeah I had a game and high school believe this is one of government or for the rest of my life of course you below us. Nor does it live only an hour and five threes the whole year almighty god that was amazing so percent by the way. Decade Berrian North Carolina. Holy wow. And Chris likes couldn't keep up with them and Chris likes its fastest. Yeah you're one of those on them. Of that that Helena free throw us today but a Micah. The amazing when when it came down to free throws I was like now because you know the candlelight 315 in the nation in free throws and it was all Warner wants yup. Oh boy well and I would not use that in real good good way to align with two or three when he had to make three better than. At any time I see oil or someone in order green on the line from his light. I was Clinton says that the words we got to me to read it means you got. At least so again meanwhile they still get you a little while the amazing. Personal. Like I don't wanna Celadon Debbie downer but isn't that not the biggest scam in sports along yet. Does it take you three are really just gonna jump India but they're gonna call foul on you here's the worst part. We. Being DE. He's that is a valid question he. Should it. I think it's is that they had people play. That is is that they were real respect. That might as well if I don't shoot you try to block humiliated snow this late eighties you probably know enough to blow past you know he's given the payments a little slick moves and yet it's weird it's old wily boots. So. Craft out and about that he did it I mean he's eight humorous than that one floor don't have got to maintain. Good well. Big. All onions Magruder and then you lose and write offs who falls right from Sioux Falls in California right from Cali. Right into the fourth quarter with a big clutch. A man of what they did that. That was thirty how about the spinning bones Jones elbow. Only that it took people's oboe player ridiculous. Buried with a physical game and really fun game and you know we talked in the tiebreak scenario just they don't like that. The down in the top. I like the sun don't like what has signed a meatball flooded near what he did a lot of good thing I was I was listening to the game I'll last night with a listened Roddy for a locks those in the car drive around and croc he made a good point which is Hassan gets way more dialed in. When Wade's on the floor. Because the heat he's expecting wade. Well you know provide him with opportunities. But also it's like off I can't mess around the OG around. I think this probably similar attitude that I think that we really want to get a legit MB matchup you know he wasn't in the last game. Hasan was sick the game before that. So. These guys and talk address have been won a match have been and he he really wants to show himself against that guy they've they know the verbal sparring they've gone through but. You don't like it wasn't one of those games where I think approachable lasagna is all of I have you know Tony and thirteen it's a good game what he did last night where. He's he's providing great defense is going on the way try to get and Simmons. Either steal that became the couple steals he came over the big a double block daddy had. Mean those are the plays they need the the bad they don't really need him to be that monster all the time and and so certainly that's that's the player we visualize now. Can you bottle that and some way. Mean I feel like we've asked that after every excellent Hasan game are we gonna be able to bottle this and is he gonna continue to be as I hope so low. I that's what makes a son who signed it is that. Just next day next game well he might be pulled nobody listen okay so. The song. Has probably had seventeen conversations with the coaching staff about you know folks into an honest upright. You do is probably take him aside 727. Times you need doesn't play room wade is out there every night. So if I feel like having wade back and having that guy out there playing systems sign listen listen man. Time to get your act together because we were you I know what's up and I'm not actually but he wasn't like that ordinarily we'd been your first time that. It's the market back in. In yet. It. The cultures come on your country's government do you understand. That's the problem wouldn't sign another cold is that's when he speaks not know I have to give them a hundred billion and a pen and all these two would the coach. If that's what it takes and only give him goal at. That everybody had to. Don't feel yes there wasn't one of those games and they did feed him at tons and I know just just it was like it was a two aura. What's the aura. Talking about just or only being in the house and I thought just. It was an angelic to me to go away if you think that led you to that was something that clicked with a solid credentials that it was the masters is his rival no. Really really. A parent pay by the way. We gonna bring no night in ligament and a half. In my teens has reached. Opel for war. As nutrients fifteen yards in the house. Our whole I would love that no you wouldn't. Want you teams won three balls with her you know what yeah. Yeah yeah you're fixing it now and the dead bride get to be catch. Manny the FX I'm tired of that examples there is too he's like Kevin put a definition of what it catches yet. Don't know you you get. To be it'll look like to catch. Its. That's not good enough and or did you finally catch we. Here's the biggest problem here who appeared to make it means little what is the catch and has not kept him never made a net. Well. You know it's been over. This isn't your profit how hard it is book due to be embattled while being bush didn't show. And guys who is gonna tell you how we should get to come out of the way and. I would also legged they moved it to back to college to one foot. Political want to go like to two feet no I would also like that being being pushed. That you don't get. Benefit of the doubt of you would have got to feed I like it that we did that that pilot that do you need separation from. The pros and Kyle and did two feet is a clear separation of the difference there is operation where the if the knee is down you can still keep going. Okay yeah well years ago guess what went up play in college yet you could advance a fumble. They changed that they're progressing studio ocean and of the NFL com iron on ESPN. On Adam gays vote. The story of the Bill Polian or a really tantamount. Tenements and whatnot and just you know we just being zero from his thoughts to slot on the better. Stuff from either her or Beasley. Uses up on the mark okay yeah I wouldn't have a new play of the jar it's. Really have a new plan to put that's tees where Iran is clear his genius. Yeah it's. A baby step. I think sue studios over rated. Week. Nobody read him I thought you'd be great I read this top fives all of them. The heavy smoke like it's amazing. So we felt. We join us. Your media. He's got the tender. For sixteen point two for her if bomb charm Slade. And I want to put some heat on the dolphins. I go sign that they know right now. But there is why. Worst case scenario you plea for sixteen point two. OK. Best case scenario. Gates' long term contract because. The dolphins. Don't want to be on the look into slot receivers sixteen million for one you. Yeah earlier boiler works like that though is what it's like he can sneak attack if they want to if he says if he is legit about signing it he can't they can rescinded. Okay and you did your free it. I did. You. Put it viewed but what did dolphins team. As if you bigger markets out there. It is but if it's just no market now to your. And you ain't gonna get sixty million. Right and I'd always amber yeah but but here. As soon as currently constructed. The dolphins have to upper hand because they control. How everything worked. Because he hasn't signed the tent. Both sides have their pluses on the neither wanted to had a hand right now how got a job does not. I don't think either one has never handle one because well I don't really hit the dolphins have a great solution nearly they're gonna lose a good if it is if they're there and lose wrote a good play. So you force the issue. If you Jarvis if you think you can get eight and don't point of the reason why you want to team to pay you because you think you get paid on open market. OK if he gave BD be paid on global market already have a deal done he'd be taken. Ten to eleven million average out and he says he should be make it thirteen fourteen right. Okay if that's the use. Forced her hair. Either let's get close to a contract. Or I'll make a sixty million. Which would be ridiculous 'cause you'll be a team made a slot receiver sixteen million. Get all your free agent. And you go out and test them. In any of this you control what happens now detained. The dolphins don't have the search no dubbed the leveraged vision haven't had a talent because he. He's done anything with the players think a lot of players think it's. A lot of players now is palladium out. Because the franchise for Ryan Beck is not seventeen Miller. Is like well. You them as well I think. So. Poor team perspective you're getting. A top five all the ground running back. An impact player for twelve million that's a good deal with besides yeah so he says it causes an average position like. The lies and going to be a lot shorter than Darby exactly exactly foursome point 5000014 boy if I only because Jeff Francis last year right. So so did so in two years. You would have probably. May 25 to six when he was twelve lashing B fourteen point five minutes and this year so does. Two years you kind of action and get toys originally guaranteed. It's an and it. This weeks are about fairly to have his out of the player of the ilk of Levy on belliard fourteen million but Kirk cousins gets thirty. That is as I understand your commitment you make your boys until you are only in this position I know it's so stupid. We played as a meet anybody better the report it so much more important that team in late portals as yet if they were afraid Sadler in Florida. You may have probably borrowed on a French. It's so stupid. It's so stupid and out of whack. That's a bad economic plan though that's how. So it is because the odds are you getting a real franchise quarterback who's actually worth those top five salaries. Is much less than finding a running back and they'll like it did so you over so you overpaid the rest of the class. So everybody who's just under who really is a difference maker they get. Forty million for Kirk cousins toward you probably bulls toward him. It appears that anybody is the problems is pretty racist yes here's the problem though. All that being said. Everybody thinks they have the spender their lifelong goal list of 51 Eagles five quart bag and no you don't do anything with the rest of your team but search for that quarterback. But I think at illegal I think with the franchise tag I think it should be it should be top five in the lead it should be position. That's like no no I think so none and I think it's I just predictions made differently that's just the way it works it works like that every profession. Yet but it's incorrectly paid in the NFL. It's no it is because if you're in your most important positions on football for quarterbacks most important OK next important. Defensive pass rusher. Okay quarterback cornerback left tackle left tackle and linebacker. And Bo yeah I did yours. Is not on with other 88. According to the position they. Yeah but his and I'm saying. Because the positions paid higher. You don't have to be as good. To get his holy month lesser players get so. Right because you played agent it's got the NBA you know the NBA got messed up in Tony sixteen with the salary cap. I happen to be a free agent that year you got blow molded to another strategize. Receipt. Yes we're seeing it a Bobby's gonna make nineteen million next year it is it's crazy crazy put in the NFL it's like I. Us and they aren't bombs probably a strong word probably portals Megan ninety million dollars is ridiculous. OP plan. OK I. I understand that great to see. Here's the problem I have with the. If you know right now. That Darryl only. Five or six quarterbacks. Who you know you can give the ball they they gonna make that much of an impact them. What keeps it a boatload of money for quarterback I noticed they are unwell and only inhibits the Y. If you have a quarterback. And you know what will stop by the stakes in those top five to six aren't available. What they should think you can just go for more. If Hugh Hewitt. It's only five or six out there that I consider you go I think given the ball he. Take me downfield to midst if you notice I don't spend all of your resource is trying to chase when that does. Yeah what you the other thing I haven't that is so you it's so rare to find it but you are gonna have to pay those guys who are actually worth it. Boatloads of money which makes it messed up that when a guy and Kirk cousins no disrespect. Can get put on the pedestal like thirty million dollars if he was tagged because where Levy on bell who is. The best running back in. The league the Mexican make is fourteen on the second biggest teams are much more lean more. Willing to reach for a quarterback and they are to reach for any other position but we have this discussion all the time that's stupid like you're gonna end up winning more games have been Levy on belt than you are having Kirk cousins like you have a seat not not if book with. Let me ask you question. Who would have Mormon impact we Jacksonville. Maybe I'm though her cubs. Libya and now know yes you Hamlet of four net oh OK you also have Blake morals if you think your quarterback way. Kirk cousins is the best option not here so he wouldn't make up more. On that everybody is different neat Nasr is money oil and but what I'm. OK Richard pay. Fifteen million palladium belt you have would've born yet. News after I've seen other four net taper off the second half of the regulars. That's your question. What what is easier to replace. Gay if you just had to go to you just on the open market right move a blade portals. Or let me and Mel. Let him bills or replace. Because he's one of maybe three guys in the league can you get close to go get it yet clubs who. We. Better lightly beyond. Well you got shady McCoy who's you know a little bit everything you've got tiger early. OK you can any outlet of for a net NA category not yet know David Johnson when he's healthy David Johnson. Ray that's it. Now the next step for guys like what's the difference it for a you have to look at it from this fearless perspective. What he means to that. Team. That's why I made the point that okay. Cousins would have more impact for Jacksonville. In Libya about. You don't have a way beyond bell what what you had is everything else you have a pretty good running back. And everybody has a big difference between Jacksonville. In the Super Bowl was the quarterback. This is spoken like a true dolphins fan. Just look at how much to send game ten Angel and his group are justified position or not he doesn't deserve it. Of course not because the reason why do those and is because then you know right. Well here young glamour positions get clamor money should the CEO get paid the same pays a secretary. Sir I saw him shouldn't I mean. Correct but also no offense to the secretaries out there Louis now culmination of assistance. They may not necessarily have the impact of CEO has. Where he couldn't make the conversation about a running backs him back reserve quarterbacks impact. I think there are more running backs make him more impacting quarterback I just think it's a racist thing this morning quarterbacks are way. Just. Did you think so any racial funerals earlier on in the value on Brett Austin I read all. Don't don't in those people. I feel like you're over comments a little bit so so you're saying that if you had it at a choice if you tell right now. If you had a choice right now. You can go do it. Maybe I'm bell and or you can go gay Kirk cousins in your Jacksonville Jarrett or did you think Lee Leo bill would make more of a difference. Abundant and I were general manager I would goes I was censor an opportunity as the both free agents and emotionally I think both free agent on him to do say yes right I'd rather have let him. He's the last. A brotherhood. And neither of them a little bit. Whoa I mean it's. Important to win us. Bull and understand and isn't and I. Don't ya I know you have super fair points on your part but. I can't I can't get all blue eyed over Kirk cousins is because he's the best thing out there right now none and no chance that you're looking at the Broadway. Okay. What gives me my biggest improvement what I am. I think you've I I think more defenses are going to be up at night thing in my house probably be on now even with plea or lesbian and they are Kirk cousins is due. I do. And that is stand I've been I've been on this pedestal I what you're taught you to vote you talk about both argued that vote best. Two or great team then a guy who's fifteenth media stops twelfth. In the league. We want you. All. Who would've gave you last year. We gave you a better chance to win the Super Bowl let me know about her cousin Matt Moore.