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Zack Duarte
Wednesday, August 8th

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Family. It's fun. And everybody welcome. Here seven. Like like it's. Alongside series Jackson as we fill in for Josh Freeman tonight Fall River resort well have a degree week as always you wanna get involved in the program you can Texas here at 6797467974. A lot to get into this evening. Football season is here got a pre season game tomorrow all the hurricanes unfortunately. Our suffered an injury which will get into hard knocks last night a ton of things to talk about and coming up at 715 Waller Renault bit. Troy strapped for ruled joins former dolphins running back is so give his insight on what's happened so far with training camp where he's looking for in tomorrow's pre season game of very. Always good to see your stay busy this time of the year our event. Oh good Greg good to be on with the EU and we finally have a real football game tomorrow but after thirteen days and I don't wanna say nonsense. Because it's important and it's mildly entertaining. And it's cotton candy for fans it means nothing it has no nutritional value but detailing what happens in every snap of a practice I guess does keep fans and reporters entertain mildly for two weeks but it's time for something all the more important. Like a pre season game as opposed to just a practice which we've seen and eleven of over the past thirteen days yes. And I think it'll I don't want her jump to any conclusions but I would imagine and all this one of the few times where one of the times I'll put it that way. That the media. And the players are in full agreement that there they're happy to see a game against their opponent that is in the gulf Serwer we're happy to see competition that isn't among themselves I think the players are going to be happy to hit somebody. That is on another team and a different uniform I think to your point will be happy to tried to see if some of the conclusions were jumped to early in camp. Are valid or not when they play other top. Yes and from a dolphins standpoint for the two or three series we see Ryan to an ailment first unit tomorrow that is that many I guess the perfect scenario for dolphins fans would be. Attend an all ten play eighty yard drive ending with Mike de sac. Jumping over six foot four corner if there is one on Tampa to catch the ball the end zone just approved that we have Jimmy Graham right or something like that so so that that would be one of those things from a defensive standpoint. Interception for makeup that's Patrick who by the way is still not starting TJ McDonald was ahead of a meets at the camp. That would be encouraging and the run defense obviously will be very much. Under the spotlight moving on from sue a team Spence is someone they have a ton of confidence and so spends and god shop for now or your defensive tackle starters with bolts off the bench you wanna see how those two do you wanna see rate Kwan McMillan. Who never got to play defense in a pre season game as you know last year because he was injured on the first snap the special teams by seeing him tomorrow night will be interest in. I got one more name for it's going to be interesting Robert Quinn. Again not to overstate pre season we'll just see these guys. Briefly tomorrow but always heard is that Robert Quinn is going to get back to who he was in no once promising. Nineteen sacks like he had for the rams in 2013 but they say. He's going to be better than he was for the rams because he's back to defensive end he's not playing linebacker. And this defense suits him so if we seek Quinn make a nice player to tomorrow night I think that would have every reason to excite dolphins fans also. Yes no doubt about it and move on from. So really defensive ends there receive the passages doctored you know salvage your maybe another great year like Mario Williams and I don't take any shots and Andre branch or the use fully healthy last year but. Even if Philip looked expectations so. Let's see if Quinn can live up to the expectations that have been built up for sure we're gonna get in all the different story lines with his dolphins zero cures you've been out every practice so. I get your takeaways on a number of the different position battles in other topics at a popped up plus. Porcelain things to look for tomorrow night before giving it any more of that let's get to our first edition of had lots. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you call. Good injury news out of gables is king junior tight end Michael Irvin junior sustain them CL injury in his right knee he underwent surgery today in life. We'd be out for four months what is expected to make a full recovery. At least sophomore Brian Pawlenty and highly touted freshman Brevin Jordan and will Mallory to battle for the starting job. From college to the pros with the dolphins had a day off and anticipation of tomorrow night's pre season opener by we will host Tampa Bay at 7 o'clock from hard rock stadium. In the NBA the 201819. Schedules beginning to leak out and according to multiple reports the Miami Heat will open up the regular season with back to back road games. On October 17 they'll be in Orlando on October 18. Go visit the Washington Wizards. To college hoops where the NCAA announced major policy and rules changes today among the most significant the NCAA will allow a league high school basketball recruits. And college players we represented by certified agents in either case the agreement with the agent must be terminated. When the player returns to school third college player or decides to go to school. In anticipation of the one and done rule for the high schoolers they also allow eligible underclassmen to enter the NBA draft and go back to school if they participated in the combo line. And went undrafted. Finally on the diamond the Marlins and cardinals who play the rubber match of their 3 game series this evening Trevor Richards will take the mound from Miami while Saint Louis Connors would John dance. First pitch coming up in a few minutes from now. At Marlins park in those are your headline it's okay very soul not mention that injury news I think this is one of those situations for a for vocal local teams. The dolphins had a ton of major injuries a year ago on training camp been for the hurricanes. You know I think for fans of both teams are kind of hoping that you you won't have the major injury and so on fortunately. The injuries occur. Different severities album Michael Irvin junior will miss so most of the season I guess is that the potentially could come back to the tale land near for a ball game depending on where they are. But disappointing for him for the program and certainly now leaves a position with. Oh a lot of talents but a lot of unproven talent there it's either. Yes it's worrisome to go into a season without a tight end who's played a really meaningful snap for Brian Pawlenty. Played a little bits. By really raw he came here. As a kid who was known as a good blocker at the Texas high school we even as blocking. To this point hasn't met UN's expectations he was always draws a receiver so the count on him as being an ACC caliber. Starting tight end would be unrealistic so now you're looking at the two freshman. Both ballyhooed both highly regarded in will Mallory in Bremen. Night to buy or Britain Jordan I should say bank in the open BA yeah Larry Jones stands exactly. But. Both those kids tremendously talc that the question is. Do they know the offense well enough will they be affected the blitz pickup. There's so much to learn as a tight end and we're seeing this with dissect the endurance might put the dolphins but two of the toughest positions to amend. As either freshman or rookie of play. And that's why I think it's going to be may be unrealistic to expect them to come in immediately and be. Really really good there are going to be growing pains. Now the encouraging thing is Todd Hartley the team's tight end coach said today through five practices. Both Bremen and will Mallory at exceeded expectations. Are bread and he said specifically as a kid that is unbelievable what was schism. You saw that high school. He does stuck he can't coach you runs routes well has a good understanding of how to be pressed I'd understand coverages and getting in and out of breaks great route runner so that's the deal. With Brett and Jordan. With the other tight end will Mallory. He's very good target for quarterbacks good catch radius. Makes a lot of plays. Up to this point in practice scorned the team's special teams coach so the blocking stuff that we put in there with him. He's done a really nice job. So he says both of these two freshman I just need to keep doing what they're doing there on track to be where they need to be the worrisome thing though beyond the fact their freshman. Beyond the fact Brian Pawlenty hasn't proven anything. Is that you have only three tight ends on scholarship or else we now. So I asked that question today UN will you move a full back. Too tight end or will you move what are your big receivers like Darrell Langham. Who as you were called Greg had big plays against Florida state of Georgia Tech last year. But played only about a dozen snaps a game that might not change is here to this point they say they're not gonna do it if flying him to move to tight Indy pro at the bulk up a little bit. I Scott paction play tight and the defensive ends. Who has moved back to defense so that would be an option they lose another tight end. Although you I'm kinda needs in the defensive end so this is worrisome you're down to three scholarship tight ends none of whom are proven. The one good thing is that UN has the best pair of freshman tight ends in the country on paper do you believe they ESPN in the arrivals ranked. The Dow which is encouraging and so I I do know that based on the recruiting rankings everybody thought OK they have the potential. To be the next great tight ends for the University of Miami battle hurt anybody thought that you're one would be the time we would see it but they're gonna be forced into action. And I guess it you know cricket from wrong very broad you know might. Kind of take away at a most of time we get those the highly recruited tight ends out of high school is they put up monster numbers and high school from receiving standpoint I mean Jack. I saw it you know your. College does Susan headed written about real Brevin Jordan with the earth 11100 receiving yards and thirteen touchdowns as a senior saying yeah and then Mallory missed a good part of his senior year but his junior year 46 catches 900 yards and twelve touchdowns. So. With a all of that being said do. Figure parallel the Mike is sick he's a good one because these guys certainly. Have proven they can be offensive threats the question is are they well rounded can they block. Can they create the holes necessary and and protect formally Crozier here and do what they need to do is an all around player rather just go down the seeming principal. ER and one thing the US and hope to do this year now might not be available to them early in the season is a lot of two tight end sets. They really thought that helped them a couple years ago with Chris turned in and as Joseph cool before the show co moved on to the Cleveland Browns. They're gonna be able to get to that in time when I Jordan and Mallory are ready I'm not sure early in the season not many too tight and said you're gonna see as for urban. Unfortunate setback good kid to. Problem with the urban is he's never really been what they expected from a conditioning standpoint the performance has been up and down. Now I was told we had a good offseason for the most part that's with Thomas Brown. The offensive coordinator told me a couple of weeks ago. But it's a big loss not because of what urban has done as a player but because he was your one. Player at that position who has played in big games. Who is really played any games right who has lined up against Clemson the AC championship lined up against Wisconsin. Took starters starter snaps in those games with crisper did not settle lose them. Is pretty significant. They're probably gonna have to go a lot of one tight ends three receivers because they've got eight receivers who probably good enough to play this year. Yeah I saw in that sense that a player. Good players who can compensate in terms of the catches odd cure results they don't despite this injury certainly up puts a damper on things but. What what was the viva what what's the feeling down there because some high expectations. Certainly when you look at some of the pre season rankings that ten wins last year and everything that's gone into a Mark Richt is done of the program. I think six to twelve which is the range of what their rank great probably a little bit too high at this point I would say they're more of the fifteen to twenty program. Only because once you get top once you get beyond the top talent as certain positions there's some questionable depth. Opt for example they have or really good defensive ends but if you have an injury to one of them. Then Scott paction plays it be added injury to patch me up nobody beyond that. And you like to be able rotate four defense events defensive tackle they have a really good one and Gerald Willis but he's had issues with maturity. See don't know if you'll be able count on him all season behind him you have. Modest questions that pat apple a reliable kid that you don't know seafront light tackle. And you don't know if John Ford is gonna be ready for major snaps so that's just two positions but you can go down and see multiple positions where they have. Questions about depth beyond. Your top player or two quarter would be the last one I throw out you have a solid number one and Michael Jackson. We have a pretty good number two and Trajan bandy was their nickel last year who moved outside probably but beyond that yet for freshman. And yet the kid named Joseph Vontae dean was the top junior college corner. Coming into UN last year didn't play especially well. And that's all you have so basically you're assuming or hoping that some of your four freshmen corners will play well. So that combined with questions I have about the offensive line I don't see you know lead offensive lineman on this team except maybe Donaldson he's got the potential. To be that now moving to right tackle. That and quarterback not knowing we'll see the rose zero early in the season or late in the season all of those issues are just rattle off for a couple of minutes. In my mind tell me this is a team that is probably fifteen to 22 in the country not somewhere between six and twelve. But who knows maybe they'll surprises and beat it be great story they do what they did last year getting off to a tennis start. Now that's for sure so lots of questions as in any trading Campo for all the different teams in both college. And professional football which show makes it a fun time was renewed optimism and also. In a different story especially college where you've got you know people graduating weaving you're leaving to go to the NFL and that the new kids coming in the development that takes place over the summer so. To be fun to see. All of that takes place very aware take a quick timeout just getting started here on this Wednesday and I'm bored come back. Rick check in with former dolphins running back Troy Stratford get his thoughts on tomorrow's pre season opener for the Miami Dolphins that's next here on 79 it's an. A ranking speaks it is here once again 790 particulars partnering with the local tea. Whether or eating with cheap certified meteorologist at Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center and parking specialist Max Mayfield hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross. Stormiest. This way that it has copper hurricane coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protect. You would PGT impact windows and doors keeping you opportunity this hurricane season he had 790 NFL 1043 HD 21 but tickets. Share. Well. Graham and then taken my. I am. Less restrictive updates every day tickets sponsor right Jake jewels and coconut grove resident who experience the age to age difference or discover them they teach tools dot com bimetal law firm 100% dedicated your financial recovery. Fighting the insurance company is worth it and by Alexis of North Miami. Always an amazing deal welcome back here to 79 and a ticket Greg likens alongside Perry Jackson has refill or Josh Friedman on this Wednesday night. Oh for everybody's doing well. Of course looking heads tomorrow it's pre season opener for the dolphins are gonna host the Buccaneers and for more on now we go out. The deal Ryan fuels and ulcers can be sourced guests on whether truly status beyond can be a I walk remain Troy Stratford former dolphins running back in 1987 and up off it's a rookie of the year is also serve. Number years is a close game analysts in the Miami Dolphins radio network in farm on Twitter act Troy strap per Troy always good to talk to Iran does everything bad. Everything is great good topic feel like and then I don't they have better. I truly good to see camp recently good to talk to you. They Troy I'm cures for talked about the current team and we're did and so the position battles and your thoughts on somebody's story lines. What are your memories we go back in time a little bit back to 87 of your first pre season game in and along those line what's going to be going on through the minds of the rookie class as they enter their first NFL watched. Well there were any thing like I was they were nervous wreck scene. Stated the entire day this kind of crap Peru this guidance you're watching the clock when you were in elementary school and it would pick back. Just before you got a classroom which is. A long long day. But there and you get triggered the game and the mayor that they just kick and then you just couldn't wait for the game to start. And kind of funny that a kind of laughter that way for a couple of years you always give every marriage before the game will start to want to start. You know then it just becomes a little bit of football. I think the key for the younger guys. In tomorrow's game with the next week's pretty cute game is the fact is they got a slow themselves down somehow. And not make me into error that think that the biggest challenge of any young player in the National Football League. It's just seven years why it's down. And it out questioning myself that dale Greg. It might get a hate being an athlete that goes back in my day we did it this way back in my day it will go there. We have one week if I'm correct what I did develop memory is that they're great but our core. We have one mini camp. And also seems. My rookie year and there we had a train ticket yet training camp blasted a lot longer that we had a lot more practices. I look at that age Obama and it seems like they're working out throughout the off season and number at different times. And for young guys that they'll have a time and yeah or negate I think that the red flags so the young players they have to be mentally prepare for this game more than anything. Truly a wonder what you made of Adam gays listing running back is either roar is far starter between. Drake in gore TU has Drake dumb enough from last season where he should start and also. The idea that gore has this long consecutive streak of games started should that enter into gaze is thinking at all on this decision. While never thought that apple could occur but. Well it comes to coaches know what about street trust me they know about streaks. So that your interest in dilemma right there he wants to see that streak continue. But what it comes to Drake I think. Trinkets are despite he should mr. seated very stroked the Miami dull and we all know he has the ability to like go to the house or any term. I think you decide that would occur coached currently running between the tackles. I don't have a problem with coach listed them 121 hey I think both put him there and get a lot of work for the Miami Dolphins. I think of a lot of it is that respect being different courts well and it respecting the drag that the big bowl or herb. That that building right now going into the seat and let that they did so we're gonna separate themselves. I think jury could get a little bit more work than gore will in the preceding it. But wouldn't either start that they could be jury can then you'll get it splash of gore ear there. Troy strap her former dolphins running back joining us here on 79 the ticket I imagine there's some motivation there as well Leo they've they keep. Gore there they don't automatically give the job to Kenny Drake wanna make sure they keep pushing him. A Troy coach case would not reveal how much is starters will play but assuming we see at least a little bit of Brian Terry hill what would you be looking for. Out of him in his first team action since his injury back in December 2016. Coleen footballer diplomacy clean football. What it caused the passing game what were attentive ilk. No this discernment by the are often so much you don't have anybody wondered free agent quarterback you don't have to take any unnecessary it's. But what occurred to him actually slow the football delivered to its leverage to. What the tour bullets are real for them to be on the same page. They've played so clean football we we go back the scrimmage and I don't know which are so small samples side Atlantic from the Miami Dolphins. I don't believe there was any of the first. Also to players that had penalties like false starts. I think the Miami Gulf Coast need to queen will once again that's been something that has played between the last two years since gates has been here. So they have to make sure that want to go back to making sure that you know your turn meant. And offensively. I wanna make it's not our friend simply because there have been here guys debate this on the radio. Can't go to the coach comes down to a player when it comes to the all start because. Legitimize any doubts and to get started encroached that Christina first and twenty week to me because they could not overcome that I think what also took place. At start. It just comes down to that thinking too much could I go back to when I was young I remember being young and being in the huddle. Quarterback quote Coldplay. And all want to ordered review in the play in my in my brain in my mind that score low pitch I got to do this at this but we do that and I would literally. Like the whole. And I didn't really remember to count. I had groups fortune of being a running back so I was on all fronts selected this. Sure there until the bench that I can actually watched that but when you seal and so linemen like false starts. Questioning their climate that's what it is. And all of a sudden they don't remember what that that counted because this sitting here thinking too much. Trying to play bad mistake free football so I think that all contented just being very sure about what you need to do a little foot. Troy we still see a lot of penalties before the snap this year problem has played the dolphins under item gays. As a former player what's the consequence that would be most effective. For gays to go to was it making players run laps after practice something he's been doing the last couple weeks isn't taking away playing time. Is it's it's taking a needle sticking the air out of their tires what's the most affected by the. I wish I had been asked with Barrick bigger captain cannot be without power and you win it All Saints. It's because they're not sure of their shine it on that particular play in the door more thinking and just play. If you know you're suddenly you're gonna remember this snapped out you go to be ordered right page I don't know why. The solution and I really don't be you know what you're supposed to do I really don't think the coach can do anything about that word (%expletive) Well a new treaty like a college football fields. It gets you out there you have to do movie two a three game answered it in the practice good. I don't think that helps at all like I just think it comes down to know which exposed to do would have put. Well in Troy not to pile on this topic or the players are coached by demean you look did the dolphins with a fourth most penalized team in the league and databases first season there the second most penalized team last year so. Now there are struggling with the pre snap penalties in the scrimmage during this is a trend and it's not like this is just something just popped up. And you pick series has been a problem now entering his third year soul. I look at that I Georgia to say that there's not much the coach can do at the same time. At the end of the day were of value waiting his ten year in this is become one of the major red flags no pun intended for yellow flight and your sister called bud. But real how do we evaluate Adam gates when it comes this because at the end of the day it did stops or starts without. It truly does in the bad and it it's starts in it since it's been a coach that questioned the bulk. The tour you've been out the practice we watched the Miami Dolphins global art that looks pretty organized they look like. Everything is an order. It looks like they have order and practice. I can't hear you say. That back because of the way they practice there aren't disciplined team like cattle feed what I watched that with the naked eye I don't see that. And how I would answer it I really don't I just think it comes down to which if you caught that bull in your position. It's called the border know what you are supposed to do at that particular play. I mean I think it'll such sublime and every now and then he joked because we play against certain outstanding defense a player whatever KJ being trying to get enraged. For the most part of Jamie we know what could change my mind to me it comes down to she is thinking too much it is not remember in the chat. Troy what most concerns you about this roster is at the quarterback spot up Zabian Howard. Defensive tackle linebacker something offensively what what comes to mind for you. Appoint another point into the linebacker corps for the let it out so very loud and I think playing against a great defense. They have excellent set. Linebackers okay what team it is when you start evaluating your defense and it's out there and you trying to come up with. Wave of beating good people and if you can't we had to do. Worry about win this linebacker is the witness while back a lot of grip on this particular play. I would say that's a pretty good teacher yes everyone else has to play it forward they have to be at the pot. But I think there have been nucleus of a great B and start but my back of course so when it comes to the Miami dull but it this year. I'm I have I don't know got a very it would XP. Why in a second there. And I'm not surprised I've just I've just happy what actually back yet in those guys that. Excellent closing speed I think they have good three you know on the football field they had awareness like they'd go win a football is so. I'm pretty excited about watching that's secondary playbook and meet that one check that I have. At that linebacker position there Willie Young guys step by then so what role she goes stay healthy and get things done now would you go on the weak side. Maybe in a better position Sato and show you complaining acted they allowed back especially important. Troy is strapped for former dolphins running back joining us here on seven neither ticket as are we look ahead to tomorrow night's pre season opener between the dolphins and the balks at a hard rock stadium. They Troy a by all accounts tight end Mike is accused lived up to his scouting report he's been extremely impressive as a receiver make it's a great catches but has struggled. As a blocker or are you concerned at all about his blocking deficiencies in in how do you envision the dolphins utilizing him and his rookie year. I've been hearing about the bloc nations as well that the continued that it definitely a concern because. He principles of world school there and there were arch where all of a sudden they get that I needed more along with one rated. Excellent pass rushers and yet since we're probably what they can't keep quarterback so that's my big that's where we are about where we. That magical run away from that I didn't -- work directly at him and you know we get just had a mid good weather backe should be able to make one bad this year they. Mentioning that an HBO would be able to put forward somebody on every play by. You can kind of you can current sugar coat running a route. We got a great block there's just. Making sure that Peggy says that's that you know where they gave him all won a worse situation that gets an outstanding includes because. Right now that's just the mismatch and you get so bad he goes throughout the season that he gets a little bit more better column is gonna come down attacked me. I'm sure that strong strong young man but it's just so calm down Hitler. Better technique of how he can actually put him so what positions the slopes of these guys now. Troy we saw some of the energy that Jarvis Landry brings to a team on a hard knocks last night do you think they're gonna miss them at all. Either what with his ability to inject passion into a team sometimes not always positive but sometimes it was and his ability obviously to catch five volumes of passes and yards after catch will that be mr. do you think they have. Lenny receiver without him. In fact I have a question mark would when it comes to receive an encore we had the same questions like the bond they Parker. Are we gonna see the excitement out of here. I remember who like one play you actually you know we can't edit our first batter what are the case may be eighty shows some emotion on the football field. And I was surprised like just you know what I try my radio. When it comes to Avant look I just think they eat boring. An element of clash true that. That's football team and I think he's just a worker each one of those players. You recall watching him play with the patriot cheaply forward so little like the shrink court they. They're going to implement full well that they'll make some yardage that they'll make some played I think that Evan dole is gonna kinda. Cowher from formula for what the whole jar were not being there with the Miami Dolphins. Outside of that I'm wondering a little bit beware of any (%expletive) and develop cultural. When you needed overall balance there's an hour that's gonna be right candidate they'll boys go beating young draped. But I do have a question Marco and where is that it energy excitement passion don't call from. You know that you need to field a ball Prius summed up. Yeah certainly it'd be too will be one of the many story lines of we're following a Troy we are finally here you you talked about the nerves that you had into the rookies will have for their first NFL action albeit in the pre season tomorrow night went. How relieved were enthused will the players be at the prospect of hitting and they had a letting the pads collide against an opponent that is in themselves. That's awesome part about it because. And it just becomes normal Wear and you know that occur it failed it in that mine that are straight open just like. PL powerful pull it out and or let it. Well once they're hitting arts. That being being current option would occur and stole my goodness I'm in an excel being on the edge eating whatever the case may be it becomes spoke ball and so you really need to gain just are used as an all and to player. At least we quit the football of course could anyone actually care about talking 234 years into my career. I don't want actually they are excited. There and watched the opponent put together a long welcome to try that I let it sit there and banks are more I wanna get out there a Watergate it. So that this gain a part because we're so the you know spoke a day you gauge it. Addiction to play either talks from scratch on the record first placed their employer to gain. And that would do as like OK but it actually what this is all about and it becomes just normal regular -- well. So I've not been to play it would be good a ball first let me give it an islanders go right out what. Well I did this get me excited for the gates tomorrow night all right I lied I have one more question for Detroit I still I'd I'd still like I can't have you wanna just not pleased with desire very open ended did you have any predictions and do it comes to mind whether B dolphins or for anything else that that strikes your fancy. Been pretty quiet right now yeah. It's funny I have been didn't follow baseball that much because. You know you can Wimbledon excited. Just to better the Marlins are right now. But right now Obama and Clinton likened let me show up almost part should enact it makes so much great predictions could not come to light you know. Well done we're good guys and maybe this will inspire you because next time I talk it's do you know every time I I I talked to receive UA I expect. Bold proclamations. That we don't really you know wrong one and able proclamation nonetheless. I didn't. What are all right say Detroit we always appreciate your time thanks so much and enjoy the game tomorrow night. It got out of it thank strike aren't there is true Stratford and joining us here. On the program of course former dolphins running back 1987 NFL offer it's a rookie of the year he diploma on Twitter. Act Troy Stratford. Always did it is in Sudbury and I tell you asked of a funny buddies are very good question. About what the best consequence should be for dolphins players via Adam gays if they commit these penalties that. Are largely avoidable Rios of focus concentration thing here with Troy had to say. Today we opened that up and have some fun with the debate beat anybody in our audience has an idea of a great consequence is something at a gays can do to I don't we don't. Not to be redundant but penalize the players for penalties. Right right to let us know 6797467974. Will examine that a little bit more coming up next here on seven on the tech. 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Breaking sports updates to push notifications from all horse shows and hosts on our new radio dot com apps are downloaded now and make sure you turn on notification settings radio dot com your new home for everything 879. And if someone afford three HDTV tickets. Welcome back here's a united ticket Greg likens alongside. Barry Jackson as we continue on here filler for Josh Freeman Trevor Laurie with this is world news on the glass we'll take you up until 10 o'clock. Appreciate Troy Stratford for joining us so last set we could to get his spots is of course are very excited for. The first action of 2018 for the Miami Dolphins pre season opener tomorrow night and very wanna V. Topics we it would it would Troy one of the things it has become a major storyline are these penalties that we saw them. Rear their ugly head on Saturday at the scrimmage and soul kind of for fun. Would like to give the audience involved in Texas 6797467. I some four what's the best way for Adam gays to provide. Consequences will be best consequence that he can provide for anybody who enters guilty of getting a flag thrown because especially for the preset penalties right. Agree I think very we can understand at times during the games of fiscal gay or there's going to be certain panel is here there but the pre step penalties. Those the ones that do maddening for coach because. It's all of focus concentration and as Troy was telling us just knowing what to do in your job depending will plays call. Exactly you know there and this is lighthearted this poll who we're doing asking people to text the show about. Ideas. Of what they would suggest a pal Adam gays. Could curtail these priests snap penalties but I had two serious ones real quickly. The one that he strive which hasn't worked at this point is making players run laps after practiced I think one thing that would work is taking way playing time. Of course if you take a guy out first series and the guy who replaces them you know at Sam Young or someone else comes in gets up the sack. Then you're hurting the team that's a problem with that how about this with the speed too embarrassing. You subjected the next meeting that player. Q a three minute reel off some of his low lights and try to his peers is that cutting a little bit. To close is that making players will too uncomfortable that to me it would seem like a deterrent. Nobody wants to be embarrassed in front of their peers. No right now brutal team to be with the SP like alarm Mike sure mirror and know Michael I knew back and are as that's a great oil is that if you show three minutes to every one. Of this players low lights from the last year. With a lot of pre snap penalties and mic stand right maybe being blown over. First sack or something so those two things would seem to me to have real consequences were players who say okay. I just have to stop doing this. Right you mean by a gay son knows exasperated by the C use the word embarrassing last week he said this problem cannot continue. We tried to have the guys you know have to do extra physical activity after practice whether it's running laps or something else. And to this point as a work as we've seen still parade. Of pre snap penalties and flags throughout two weeks of camp and if this continues into the season there's no excuse for. Yeah I'm with you when you are so those statistics and in the fourth most penalized team two years ago the second most penalized team last year we need to understand. Just two years ago located some of the playoffs are won ten games and so I think we all overlooked that to a certain degree last year just a bad season all around summary different fronts. But at the end of the day buried our economy reflecting back on how this offseason has for breast insult. You don't fit the narrative it's been out there is that this is they're undergoing a culture change and at the core local bad character guys are out of the locker morally guys are causing disruption in Seoul. You know one made logically jump to the conclusion well perhaps those players run discipline as well viscerally Ndamukong suicide his own history. With the dolphins and otherwise of some of these penalties Jarvis slander you referenced during our interview. Bad doll but Japan always overlooked his four years in which. He resist too passionate. So to speak after the after the plays and you reduce flag Allman and DOJ Jai butted heads with. Adam Jason so if you look at some of the guys who luckily my accounts he was essential and they don't really prone to penalties necessarily but. That's been part of the narrative that we've heard a culture change in new you know eradicating. The roster some of the top global talent put us we'd better in the long run databases guys the other day though Adam's case is still the constant. And we all look at him to you know whether they win or not and he's going to be the guy who gets the blame you know we talk for the quarterback with the the head coach is right there as well so. It just makes me wonder. They've gotten rid of these guys gets it from the very small sample size and effort when he eighteen discouraged there's still these issues. Some right so we've seen is that players are getting along better and has been pointed out to me by number of people rob Bryant who is around team last week told me yesterday is he real chemistry and connection with these players. The other way that. We see a change in culture. Is that players are paying attention more and meetings we both remember that rant after the Baltimore blowout loss on the Thursday night were gates Rick this team has said. Players need to be in their play books more and you wonder. Oh my goodness how could this be an issue with the NFL team are you kidding me it's late October and we're talking about guys not being in the playbook is this some sort of gag. But it was true it was Adam gates is nightmare. And that has been corrected I've been told that these players study. As much as anyone gazes ever had as a coach so those are not the issues but the one at. Issue that your right does reflect discipline or lack of it the continues. Is a lot of the illegal motions before place that console certainly with someone who was the culprit. Last year eleven penalties and all the console third most among NFL players tied for third so I think he's got to look at himself and say I can't jump before the snap. This is unacceptable I have to stop this and but it spreads across the board to a mean Jessie Davis Jauron James they all high priest that penalties. Last year so that's one thing that. Hurt them really. A lot last year me how many times have we seen runs on first down. Brought back his holiness not pre snap penalty or a first and fifteen because of an illegal motion before play so this they they have to cut this out. Yes I agree and buried as expected we're doing some creative responses via text. About one Adam gays can do it to try to rectify the situation but. Penalize the players so to speak our first let's see what are techsters said there are very recent Jimmie Johnson would just cut their tails if this is happening who of course we know Jimmie Johnson all depends on. Who the player is right and you're not cutting council know we it's for sure. I'll Robin Hollywood chimes in says whoever has penalties during the game has to. Pay for a release flight on road trips but enough with the elementary. Oh. Season meant to leave these guys need to stop acting like nervous birds. Well I hate to break it here rob you probably thirty know this budget it's a good team charter flight so bright says Stephen Ross is footing the bill for the I don't know what the earlier you know I take a pool from the players to commit penalties to pay for the aghast for the finish exactly. And making players actually pavers that they would be a violation. Along the other labor so it has to be something where you're not asking players to pay money. We're doing something that the union could contest. Right the idea like virtual ball give you one example if you make any player who commits a priest that penalty have to listen. 28 continuous loop of Cam Cameron speeches all during his years coaching the dolphins I want these them going in this direction right if he had made it wasn't that for like an hour. I would say that would be a pretty big deterrent. That would that would do to make him also much put him to sleep but that's how the fifth at its we got another text or here it's there is com. Don let's see Don Shula called wears on the front of the entire team got away your reference yeah I like that one showing the real that's got to the old school. Way to figure things out somebody else's make them Wear warm clumsy. Admittance for practice this means look at it as a reference on the program not not gloves mr. glows and Britain's nicely. Somebody. With some real suspicion after Ron Caster is in the new. Well that would be unpleasant brought specially because this is open to the public there are fans out there it's of that that would not be an all appeal that my leaders among some lawsuits are there right exactly a little little kids shown over their parents and there are exposed to that Brett you know that's that's not going to be good for anybody with. Takes summary says give them a Jonathan Martin's hard knocks haircut. If you remember on our Nazi gave a bears a haircuts of want to know the rookies. Including Jonathan Martin. Which you know right looking back it it's kind of kind of a strange dynamic yes so what happened. You know one more thing you can do is they get a very nice spread for lunch every day and yes high quality food the daisy commits a pre snap penalty you have spam. And prune juice right big the most unappealing to think. Cod liver oil as a sack during the so I knew there'd be a way to do it. Right that would Ziad I would want at the dead more than once if Obama knows players one more oil rerouted to some more of these 67 on some form or more on review for a break. Somebody has the idea that you could force them to spend the evening at age fifty and over. Strip club. So you don't yes they would not enjoy that I'm thinking what we're you know everybody's being created tonight which we appreciate you can keep texting us is 6797467. Point 74. Bob Baer would come back brew gut headlines a looked issue on the Marlins score read a couple of runs scored up to this point between them in the cardinals plus. Jars Landry in the Cleveland Browns were on center stage last night is a 2018 edition of HBO's hard knocks. Debuted. We've got the highlights for you some audio that you'll wanna miss next here on seven and that's it. 790 the ticket remind you that it's almost time for that Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids next. Joining us September 8 at the museum of discovery and science we're talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment art and life concerts like Kennedy goings from Disney junior and Kevin Quinn who. Who plays general and Disney's fun it's also the public's favorite cooking school will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the event. Sponsored in part by Gloria female. His thumb drive twenty team October 26 at the Fillmore Miami beat visited take you Miami dot com for more info. Like nitpicking Miami dot com account upcoming event. Check it out. The sixers once again partnering with the locals since weather authority team achieved certified meteorologist Betty Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center hurricane specialist Max Mayfield is hurricane specialist Bryan nor. Across to keep you up to date. And all the latest storm news this season are storm coverage on the ticket respond to lesbian teen services protecting you with PGT impact windows and doors. If you're up to date this hurricane season and some and I mean after half or three HD to the ticket and radio dot com. Stations. Welcome back here's a 79 and take your recollections alongside Jerry Jackson filled in for Josh Freeman on this Wednesday night charmer with us. Well in the third body. Is doing well as Dell lots talked about in the L world of football because got pre season action this weekend including tomorrow night for the dolphins. Miami Hurricanes of course have their training camp. And now we're gonna talk rock hard knocks in just a moment very because. It was very entertaining last night we've got some are great sound a place for everybody. From Jarvis Landry and our old friend adjustable before we get to any of that though let's give deadlock it's. Use once. Now when Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you. The injury news. Tables is Hanes junior tight end Michael Irvin junior sustain it and CL injury in his right knee. He underwent surgery today and will likely be out for four months what is expected to make a full recovery. That leaves sophomore Brian Pawlenty and highly touted freshman Brevin Jordan and will Mallory to battle for the starting job. From Collison the pros with the dolphins had a day off in anticipation of tomorrow night's pre season opener while we will host Tampa Bay at 7 o'clock from a hard rock stadium. In the NBA the 201819. Schedules beginning to leak out and according to multiple reports the Miami Heat will open up the regular season with back to back road games. On October 17 they'll be in Orlando on October 18. They'll visit the Washington Wizards. To college hoops with the NCAA announce major policy rule changes today. Among the most significant the NCAA will allow a leap high school basketball recruits in college players to be represented by certified agents in either case the agree with the agent must be terminated. When the player returns to school or in the case the high school athletes decides to attend college this all. Projecting ahead that there will be. Though get rid of the one and done rule of also allow Els will underclassmen to enter the NBA draft to go back to school if they participated in the combined. And then went on draft. Finally on the diamond the Marlins and cardinals playing the rubber match of their 3 game series this evening and right now they just ended the third inning is 11 cardinals. And Marlins knotted up as Yadier Molina hit a solo home run in the first inning and then Miguel Ross and RBI single for the Marlins in the second inning. And that's where we stand won't keep you update on that. Throughout the evening all right very we've got says some more techs coming in at 67 aren't some 46797. Forceful read that. I'm a little bit but I wanna get the Jarvis Landry. I should say hard knocks in the browns but really you know for our purposes is the Jarvis Lander show last night. I really enjoy your hard knocks in general Barry no we have various forms of reality television that can entertain us all the different networks there and some it's these very contrived in staged and edited well. Hard larceny is the ultimate reality show. And I know where to invest it does its sports Sorrell bias the same time. I mean it you know they can't make it this stuff well this is all happening and people have their jobs on the line you see people lose their jobs on television it's all documented. And it can be tough but I think this is the ultimate reality TV show because there's nothing staged about it and I always enjoyed every year no matter who the team list. Yes it takes you inside the cocoon of pro sports better than any television program we've ever seen. And to see not only players fighter on TV but also the C coaches and executives deliberating. About players and some of some what we saw on meetings last night with hue Jackson and his staff or maybe they don't always agree on everything any have. A Todd Haley speaking up on an issue that maybe was different from you Jackson's opinion. That's the type of thing you never see anywhere in sports because everything is so confidential. And all of these meetings are so protected in their unwilling teams often are willing to tell us even whose it was comedian active players on game day. So it actually be able see how these decisions are made not just given details about it this Eli SE audio and video of that. It's something that I never thought we'd see in sports until the show came along and it's a shame that the NBA. And baseball don't is something exactly like this and the NBA. Has tried something we've seen similar shows college football with the year was Notre Dame Florida State but nobody does it as well. Or allows. You can get inside the programmers the team quite like our docks that's. Now and I always find it fascinating again sometimes like the the president win a game last year the Bucs were featured last year there were under a very good team but. I always find that are tea regardless of who or is of course we all enjoyed when the dolphins were on for variety of reasons home so Jarvis Landry. I did we kind of expected very that he may BA star on hard knocks so to speak of because of not just his personality what we know about him but. Also the way he exited in. And they keep you know regardless of the contract that he received he has a point to prove because he was traded by the dolphins are sort applicable clips from Jarvis Landry. On the so I don't know if he's doing this in an effort to you know brand something it'd crates and T shirts and all the stuff but he's created a catch phrase. Which he described last night now for those who didn't see it it's bless them. So bless them and while let him explain your driver's lender last night. The receiver pickle juice. It's electrifying can't. I like this happen. The arms and you do. The lesson that often every DB every defense doesn't. So bless him is pretty much. You know you know god blesses the visibility got him this give us this ability to be the best and other people. You know so it's no different than coming on here and going yes indeed he's got a blessing. Knowing got to be Sunday for them to do work a solid is solid as though I am Sunday. There. There's always a berries are gonna catch John I'm more likely to buy T shirts saying it is what it is and a teacher that says bless them okay. I don't see that taken off Greg likens yeah I don't think so either because it also seems. Got a sarcastic and almost like he's it. Being condescending towards anybody's going against and yes I'd be Neil cornerback Brent Wright you've been blessed like it was by me right alleges though they know little little adrenaline got complex there for drivers led the result yet. I don't think you don't traditionally in the sense if you say hey have a blessed day or you know bless you got a thing it's it's all very good natured and it's it's. Done well meaning behind it I don't think that this would Jarvis. But you didn't hear what his teammates and they showed a montage of some of the plays he was making. I he he's an impressive player Ramirez picked it. With all of the local law and the back and forth the referred a lot of it has been from him to be fair. That we've kind of lost sight of the fact that this guy is a very good player when you think he's a little limited in what he can do as far as where he lines up. I mean man is he impressive to watch when he looked. In his highlights yet he gambled on himself because the dolphins may what I thought was a very fair offer last December. Essentially eleven million dollars a year and over four years and he gambled on itself and you know what he won. And that's why it's been so surprising that he seems bitter widely seen all these comments from criticizing an ill saying that gays only ran for routes for him. Dude you won wire you upset. That's a good Segway very because. And he couldn't help himself last night even on hard knocks. This was Jarvis Landry in reference to the crowd they had their browns training camp. I. A letter. You know let it. When and it will make more healing mind you only had this day every right there being heavily on this street. Via car. As Landry only signed with the browns this past April. Last season with the dolphins he led the league in receptions. Proving he has the best hand in the NFL. There you go when they're showing much of his one and it catches and so even there he's got to take your shot is a in my area and have always crowd there and all the stuff which. It idol he's the only entirely wrong Berry to to give back to what you were saying about him winning you bet on himself but he got the big contract. You're exactly right at the same time. You know I go back and forth on this I still think did some of the comments especially in the Sports Illustrated piece. It is unnecessary by Jarvis Landry and is thought to move on at a certain juncture. But I do understand when you look back and I'm not comparing drivers slandering his some of these other guys would like buddhism the great. Players of all time their respective sports a lot of them are so hyper competitive. The bit they just can't turn it off and so if there's any perceived slight and I again no comparison here but are good Michael Jordan every talks about his hall of fame induction speech. And even even him. If everybody considers the greatest of all time and he is still bitter about different things that happen in slights that occurred. Now that's kind of what made him great says it really is that's how he was wired even though can be a bit of a turn off when you're talking money was a person. So I think Jarvis Landry is wired to a similar way again don't get that misconstrue that are preparing and Michael Jordan but in a similar way that. You know the dolphins. I thoughts on this narrative to everybody that Jarvis Landry. Just because he wouldn't sign the contract that you referenced that he was a bad guy behind the scenes Adam case came out and said it was the most embarrassing thing he had seen when drivers Lydia tossed under the bill the week seventeen. Dame which again not condone in depth but I thought that was. A gross overstatement when you consider you an assistant coach store lines of cocaine in his office during the season and among other things that happened that. He made that season off the tracks and so I don't blame Landry for being bitter about the fact that. They kind of killed his character so to speak on his way out the door. For no reason you what does he do wrong outside of Purdue's every game he was available AEA had a few penalties here and there which were. You know certainly misguided and regrettable but overall 400 receptions over 4000 r.s 42 touchdowns as a second round pick they were escapade forward. You don't want to pay it was what he wants and he decided those minister Eric I did like the way they handle the. Yeah I know I I am who I agree with the point to an extent I can tell you from talking to both sides great. Both sides graded on each other and that's one of the reasons he's not here besides the obvious one which is money. And I'll give a couple of examples. Landry was told multiple times your locker has to be cleaner. And I know their questions and this might OK why is this an issue. He was told we're not gonna run a lot of deep you know a lot of vertical routes where do we have other guys. Who were suited for that you know that's a strength that Kenny stills obviously keen grant became a deep threat later in the season. And of course they made it very clear to him when he complained that they didn't like it they didn't want to accept that and it was made clear to him when he was ejected from that bills' game that this is unacceptable. Now from the other standpoint from the other side of things Landry was bothered by the fact. That he thought his speed had improved over the course of his four years here to the point that he warranted more vertical throws and certainly there was a great imbalance between the rows. At or behind the line of scrimmage and throws twenty to thirty yards down field. I mean Landry basically was in a phone Booth on a lot of his routes he was catching short screen passes are passes just behind the line of scrimmage. And he grew tired of the fact nothing was getting those passes. But about the fact that they were not mixed in with more longer routes he feels like working with Pete bomber real local trainer and doing work on zone that his speed. Improved and he is mentioned my forty time is better. And the team just will not acknowledge that the terms of giving meet more deep routes to run so that was an issue for them now. Lot Landry was surprised by the dolphins' reaction Tim being ejected from buffalo game that was the last straw for Adam gates. I can tell you that he was so angry about that for that to be the memory on the way out of the final game of the disastrous six and ten season. So I think that essentially sealed his state first much as the dolphins. Played the game correctly during the off season franchise tagging him and saying oh we might keep them. I think after that game there was never serious consideration to keeping an the only way that with changes that Landry and come back and said. Okay I really wanna be here I apologize for what happened the last game I'm willing decide for eight or nine million a year that obviously wasn't going to happen right so I think the dolphins. Played correctly in the sense that franchising. Him did allow them to get ultimately little bit the compensation from Cleveland and it's Landry doesn't mind what city poison. But he played it correctly too because he got as much money as he ever could have dreamed for now happened from a team that was on sixteen last year but he did get the deal that he thought he wore. Or did so I think both parties emerge from this pretty well even though you're right it got a little bit ugly on the way out the door. I I do think they will miss his passion in spots. But remember this was also a team they came out very uninspired and must win game to buffalo at Kansas City Lester you can blame a lot of that a lot of that on Jay Cutler. But even Landry will all this passion could not lift his offensive teammates that day. But I think from an on field standpoint they're gonna be fine with this group Albert Wilson and until still spark Coral Sea woody does this year I think that group will be good enough. Yeah and tonight I do. Acknowledge the fact is there are you know. From his personality can I Wear on people just in general comments so. I'm anxious to see how that plays out in Cleveland we got a glimpse of that a little bit last night very we're gonna take a quick timeout. Oh come back for in terms of hard knocks so we got a very delete civil war have. The most six explosive moment of hard knocks last night courtesy. Of Jarvis slander we have the beep. But ready to stood to preview have for everybody so we'll have a four year we come back plus reits Amir tech's next year on seven I'd detect. I needed to get invites unit of the fourth annual John Clayton. Fantasy football draft party. And as C expert. Jamey Eisenberg in fact Sunday. Listen you come out. Apparently with the us and John and Jamie did a good table to table offering expert advice ask you draft. The failure to get back. Fifty dollar bonus card register now for the ticket money dot com. Space is limited had sponsored by Yang Ling a tap into your inner eagle in my twin peaks eat. Drinks and scenic view. Yeah now for that ticket gates. The music videos that event. Okay magical whole draft or. NFL analyst John Clayton insidious force forensic experts Jamey Eisenberg Sunday August 26 at twin peaks and baby. Festivities start at 1 PM with a live broadcast followed by the drafted or. Hold your league's draft was John Daly going tables table offering their expert advice to help you win your league. We commissioners gave fifty dollar bonus cards free but space is limited so register now to ticket by B dot com sponsored by Yingli. Happened your interview go by twin peaks beats. Drinks and scenic views. Bought them back here 750 hurt like usual it's a very Texan deliver pre built this evening. Will be out until 10 o'clock. That's a cool event and I went to a flat. Sears did different plays to work with those John Cleese and Jamie guys were certainly it's on an olive but I will say this we have a fair is a global expert in our midst Trevor Marie. As a great reputation of fantasy expert advice so. Are all say it for some reason it can't. Get to twin peaks for that Trevor is a good resource subtleties offering up maybe Trevor I'm trying to ditch is Sorin come here African we could find this. People out there that needs some awesome Tennessee imposed so I don't know if you're interested in that are not but I just. Follow me that's on Twitter Trevor Murray in more communicate that Dario and Trevor Trevor is less than a quarter for 41 tonight to. I did I around 1115 to the have any questions to shout out name's Adam well you know as you're driving by exactly Antonio Brown you know they'll they'll give me an answer. That would be at a much better alternative to the other drive byes we see in my regards here so it's the sense it all questions are exactly in return for Jon claims. Great that John Clayton really really nice man and others and obviously the more Prius did many years in Seattle. Now and a and a good guy so it's good that he's coming down to that. Yeah it's cool if their relationship is continue to be strong with with him here in Miami. As GB I's are a local guy too yes he's also very good to those got a national presence so. Cool events are all right very and we were Thomas Jarvis slandered before and it's an interesting dynamic to see him now off featured on hard knocks I speak while accounts Hugh is. The star last night so to speak and so. For those who haven't heard there's this is quite a speech that he gave to wide receiver room and so descended up. There were visited the practice which they showed in which it seemed like everybody on the opposite side of the ball. Had a bad day. Submitted the dolphins can relate to put a photo receive this training camp and sold and they didn't go from this montage of bad plays hue Jackson looking him. A frustrated and say is embarrassing or something along those lines. Anime show wide receiver room so charters Landry you'll hear it here. You try to put the pieces of the puzzle together on this will be easier to bleep out a lot of it but here's Jarvis Landry was an impassioned speech to his fellow wide receivers. I'm no. I don't know if why then go to war. But it. Please. If you got hurt. Afternoon well. All you'll hey bro I don't know that you shouldn't practice. I'm sure. That he's beaten and and she's. We'll be Islam they're being you know patent and only here for a if you will he's. This. You can handle and I know why don't you well. Yeah. You know. Yeah. Hot now and oh yeah. You. Yeah. She may. Know about. That happening you. Don't know. And I'm. But I know. Yeah yeah. All these ball. No. This isn't any bribe. Not usually in patients. Basis basis. And I was a while that was the most ethical lives I've heard. An audio segments since I don't know how many of our listeners will remember this but there was audio clip the treatment have been replayed for years. Announcer Paul olden asked Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda what he thought I believe Dave Kingman. Clubbing three homers and game and let's sort of went on this epic at multiple. Irate what do I think of this performances. Followed by a million out bombs and a that this was the closest thing that that I part. To you Greg woods is grandstanding or was this an admirable thing that Landry did taking charges the room as a leader in trying to change the culture. I hate the dole as it was happening and I'm watching at first I was like oh good for Jarvis is they're kind of taking a leadership role we got the big contract and he's here to speak up and you know we I think coaches. Ideally look for that so it's not just the message from the coach but it is what are your peers there is providing leadership that's encouraged but then as it went on. And he's essentially claiming people. Our in our our say there injure whether or not and knees. On Annan about it the more one on non I was like. Is this more about everybody or is this about him because he's he's said he's worn out because he's got a practiced more because there's guys in the depth chart that are practicing is get more reps so. It's about you. Or is this about the the greater good of the team because at first I thought it was well intentioned but. I also thought that may be at the end after all those F bombs after calling everybody out essentially that maybe he'd say. Hey guys caught I believe in us we're gonna do we have a special year. But we we have put it together instead they resist it's contagious they want Specter's seat and said doubt and the receivers coach uses a narrow it. But there are enough and that. It well I thought array it was a little bit too angry what you love to hear every receiver in the room on truths are. In the aftermath saying what the world is this we just sign this guy he wants commandeer Telus who's legitimately hurt who should be practicing. Ot it it's essentially saying the players are dogging it to rice who wants to hear that in that room that there might have been a couple were discussing your obviously. None of us can read minds the might have been a couple who might have taken it to heart and said okay this guys trying to be a leader but it's hard for me to believe that everyone in that room was thoroughly impressed and said. My deal my what do leader Jarvis Landry is the man is right we really have to take a look in the America. And what he's telling us is some profound revelation for why we've been in this decade long Malays Ruddy red as a franchise so. I would think there would have to be people that room looks skeptically at this to me there was a tiny bit of grandstanding and their and the point that you raised about. Him having to practice more. Because the others sitting out I mean that to me removes a little of the credibility. Of the intense that he's trying to convey with his speech. Yeah I was like whoa are you more concerned is because your feel more I don't know is is that why you're doing this and I also mean the grandstanding point is is a good one because. They all know all our knocks cameras are there. Now anybody's been on hard knocks in oh we'll say that after awhile you just forget that their cameras are very in the case of the meeting rooms Sully cameraman and religious set up. The cameras accounting did that aerial shot but. Part of me thinks in knowing Jarvis a little bit that maybe he's like hey are knocking at our nice cameras are here. Let's put on a show so to speak and and announce myself to the world and for those who have been paying attention so. I wonder what the motives there for Worcester religious sale wanna win as he said when they showed him with his. Little daughter and his girlfriend there or whether this is there's a little more to worry thought that. Some people could pick up on potential star power like his body O'Dell. It's all that attention all the time. Now team leader Richard generally given the authority by their head coaches to speak angrily to teammates when it's needed I know Udonis Haslem certainly has that. But I wonder in this case. Should there and perhaps there should have been but I wonder should Durbin a conversation. With hue Jackson or even Todd Haley about okay. Is this something of that you feels appropriate and may be Landry at least runs it by his coach I can tell if from what Udonis Haslem told me last year. Before Udonis has woman Goran Dragic. And James Johnson spoke. Up to us on Whiteside. In front of a group. The day after his son had that expletive filled rant here fast point dot before they got up there those three team captains and said Dennis on we can't have this. Udonis told me that he spoke to Spoelstra bout that's now that's not to say. That every speech by a player in a leadership role needs to be run by the head coach that's not the case at all. But you do wonder was something that was going to be on national television because. Will browns are doing hard docs should he add at least discusses with hue Jackson saying look I feel this is an issue here I want to address that with my teammates I don't think it's egregious that he did it without permission to jacket. But I do sort of wonder about that. Because how would Jarvis Landry know if this has been a recurrent problem maybe the brown throw it sixty last year because that Allen's really bad right I mean that's certainly one of the reasons but as the spent an issue with the franchise for years players not practicing. Because of the lazy mr. marginal. Injuries. So it seems a little much to me and I know he's trying. With the contract to prove these more than just a quality receiver that he's a leader as well yeah but it just seemed that may be a little excessive to me. A little excessive I would agree on that and now but I do think that it is the potential in tents to set a different hole moving forward is a good one to mean the ideals that. That decades it it we got a new sheriff in town release in the wide receiver Roman. We're not going to accept the terrible player of the past two seasons and so you know maybe it's good from that sample but I agree it seemed to be a little bit much. Com what are one of our Texas points out says they're great buried that hue Jackson. Showing vulnerability with the deaths of his family was especially compelling hit that was sad to see a mean loses his brother. And his mother within eight days of each other and soul. You know the scene of John Dorsey a couple of the other people within the up front office coming in the inaugural demo hog in the museum guys break down I mean. That it you'll wanna see something like that or wish I knew him like that that happened to me deaths do occur and it's a part of part of are part of life but. We we would never see some new iPad to your point earlier that access is unbelievable and see the head coach who's trying to put on a brave face for. The ninety guys in the roster and they coaching staff but do you get a quiet moment by himself in his office and he can help would break down. When he human moment and it was such a private personal moment. You would hope that NFL films and HBO cleared with hue Jackson yet showing this on television is that's the type of thing he should not show. Without permission of the head coach so I hope he granite that but it was a compelling up so much like that for a team that didn't win a game. This was probably better than anything they put on the field past five years her and how about. The RV the baker mayfield got for the quarterbacks us and we saw some funny moments because they have an obscure. Fourth quarterback on the roster behind Nate field Tyrod Taylor. Andrew Stanton whose job is to line the refrigerator with snacks and so they were giving him a hard time about how we had lined up the diet cokes or something bright and the first. It actually neighbors and bloody Mo is they were debating who's allowed the trailer besides the quarterbacks I guess those rules have to be established. No place. And surprisingly. You know I can't in the build up to the first episode of hard knocks that. But the local media members there ago weren't sure whether the hard knocks cameras will be permitted inside the RV is supposedly no real loud but we found out right away. The other tours from the fourth string quarterback has. So yes that was cool did you get any financial tips from Karl NASA as years ago. Yes that was pretty neat to write to giving as. Everything is on the show an expletive laced wall diatribe. About how to save your money what money to put away so it. It was helpful at its core two players who were listening. Very select that struck me because I. But some I'm here to judge anybody there you know if if you wanna use the colorful language so created doesn't offend me. But the same time for a guy is seemingly as intelligent as Karl massive. Like the fact he had to drop the F bomb in between all the his financial wisdom that does seem kind of odd this is making get across to everybody but. It just suited misplaced when you're you're gonna give some lecture. About how to save your money and compounding interest and I don't know why there's an apology to every and every word. It's I don't quite put those two things together but. Another odd moment but I'll tell you Jackson came out looking good last night very likable guy who obviously very human with a two deaths. That he's experienced in the last. A month including his mother most recently so here was someone who you want to root for even though. He has the worst record right two for two years for medical co truth retained his job. So he needs to win this year. He does a one other clip that'd there we can play for your record here this is are you referenced a baker mayfield. This was the moment in which he signed his contract in here is agents John Dorsey is there was well going over some of the particular resort will take a list. The most important person you are concerned about it right here. This teacher compensation can and can't hear your cycles and this is an obviously the biggest chunk of change in the entire thing almost point two million. We've got fourteen to come in the right thing that'll pay for college tuition. That shouldn't. Elect a like this is David I governments. Since the news this here here's. The close remedy be if you do something it collective default and that would mean is this guy doesn't he says yeah. So so there's all sorts of dangerous activities is in the windows Canada and England it's right now and so. You could still do it as long as you don't statin users if you sustain injury doing it skydiving and guiding rock climbing. Racing you know there's an accident so long list where you saw and what approach. Yes please. Here it's. Probably do is special. Their purpose. Jack you do for us this program. Yet Tom mills and Jack mills to good guys to Denver based agents going over the contract could baker may feel but it's funny there is a long list of things the players cannot do in those contracts and a skydiving atop the list. One other funny thing you'll triggered it took time out I did feel uncomfortable. At all bad for nick child. Who is is an unbelievable running back in college at the university Jordan was the second round pick for the browns. But the contrast between the reception that baker mayfield got at the airport and the fan or fans recognizing him. And then all of that he employees and we helping him carry his bags in the mix show is standing by himself. But where they are nice camera pointed at him Summers looked like who's this guy waiting to pick a result bags. And ended some clown on his phone is asking him there you'll football player. Was on talk to Ryan anyway so unhappy when guys JJ is a bullet today was a minute these are what do opposition running back. Okay good luck he couldn't get out of that airport baggage claim area fats are about enough meanwhile baker mayfield loses. Bill governor down as the big man on campus so to speak and now there is a quite a contrast. Bond fund first episode we will look forward the next a few weeks of that as. You know of course next week you'll sykora Coleman to traded among other things so should be. Entertaining we're gonna take a quick time out very got a lot more to get it to get some more people texting insider wanna read those. 6797467974. All of this award come back there were is a trade rumor I'm not sure how serious the trade rumor was out there regarding the Miami Heat will tell you the details very rule. I'll discuss that next year on 79 that it. Hurricane season this year once again 790 that ticket is partnering with the local T. Whether it's or eighteen which. Chiefs certified meteorologist at Davis former director of the National Hurricane Center and parking specialist Max Mayfield hurricane specialist Brian Knorr Crocs. Stormiest. This way that ticket has do you. Copper hurricane coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protect. You with PGT impact windows and doors keeping you opportunity this hurricane season he had 790 NFL 1043 HD two but ticket. 790 that ticket after may be gone but you can still get all of us. And shenanigans by downloading their radio dot com math. Making the favorite. 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Saudi and on hard knocks and some of the other aspects of the dolphins' training camp so far but very. Mr. before the break. Giving you some basketball with the Miami Heat that. Sam Annika of USA today and yesterday. Tweeted news coupled sweet summer freedom in order. And there will come of dissect those a little Brady says these things Corel or at least citing expected to be finalized. Later this week possibly tomorrow and other rockets rumblings have told them not pursuing are to student. In Atlanta's Kent based more as has been reported now. A possible rockets deal sending Ryan Anderson to Miami for James Johnson or Tyler Johnson or someone else they used to brass things can help. That's definitely something you have interest in interest in what is his no specific position targeted. But pays more isn't part of their discussions so those of the two tweets. So. You know it artist talked and a made of our last couple nights you know between him and yourself covering the Miami Heat for The Herald and it's like. We thoughts then outside between when you does hasn't decisions relieve the offseason activity. Is over so to speak to the probably are going to be any other trades and all of a socialist I came out and no word Unita lol how serious this is that this is something bit. He found out they'd be open to with a haven't had cover stations about it but I found it interesting. Especially the slow time for heated NBA news right now. I'd be surprised at the heat did this because they're very concerned about their luxury tax bill Ferrari three million over the luxury tax threshold by resigning Wayne Ellington. If wade comes back to the five point three million. Then they would be nearly nine million over which would compute to tax bill. Over seventeen million dollars so I think the last thing they're going to do his take on more salary which is what would happen if they made this deal that worked for either Tyler Johnson. Or James Johnson their luxury tax bill would be even higher. And they'd be getting a player at a position where their spine essentially that the trait Tyler Johnson then you are even more. Yet even more depth of power for the you don't necessarily need because you already had James Johnson analytic. Spoelstra is open to the idea of playing bam alongside Whiteside more so to meet Tyler Johnson. For Ryan Anderson makes no sense for Miami because Tyler's du nineteen point two mowing each of the next two years. And Ryan Anderson misty twenty point four. And 21 point three million Ryan Anderson earlier in his crew in Orlando is an effective three point shooting war obviously not much of the defender. But he has that wants Elton are surprisingly a lot of Houston's rotation. I didn't play very much for Dan Tony in the Western Conference finals. But I think this is just not the type of thing Manny would do for finance three as for James Johnson. The one advantage of the steel from that standpoint is you're getting out the last two years of James Johnson's. Or last year I should say Jane jets' contract he's got three years left. Brian Anderson has to so essentially that final year of James Johnson you would be escaping. But back to me is not enough incentive to do this deal. Because James Johnson at this point. Is a better player you wouldn't have said that for years ago you would definitely say that now because James Johnson defends at a much higher level. And Ryan Anderson Anderson obviously the better three point shooter. But that the money does not work and even if that did the he would be adding so much the tax bill that doesn't make sense so to me. I don't see a scenario where Ryan Anderson makes sense for Miami and trait. Yeah I'm with you and especially with all that information but also like you said a mean right answer essentially. Just a big guy to shoot. And wells is very of the table at this point his career very little and James Johnson much better all around players so. Anyway the it's always ensuing years these rumors that don't necessarily amount to anything what if things on ask him up there because you wrote about this recently. What is this the Kevin Pelton. Metrics report he put together for ESPN with the analytics department they're predicting the heat to finish. With 44 point eight wins in the upcoming season. But he also said that. They're projected win total take a slight hit if future hall of Famer Dwyane Wade. Decides return for sixteen c.s so according to his formula. If states get wade back in the fold they're gonna move. Lose 2.4. More teams and so they would go down from where we sit for a four point eight and subtract 2.4 potential. Winds from that's well. This to me is just gobbledygook writes I mean wade obviously not as efficient as he was in the prime of his career. You know a player at his advanced age is not going to be but to say that they would be worse to withdraw them. I'd to me is just insane. And of course it doesn't take into account need to. Say Tyler Johnson Dion Waiters are injured again. But having wade obviously improves your win total even more than it would with a full healthy roster so that to me is just nonsense now if you take wage. By the way discussion the equation and just say what is this roster I would agree this is probably 44 win team again you concede may be. I sealing a little bit higher because you assume Whiteside will not missed when he came to again you assume waiters will be healthier. But I found it interesting that David Aldridge. The NB ATV. An NBA dot com journalist ranked teams. By most improved from one to thirty and who was thirtieth on the list you have ten guesses the first nine don't count. Miami Heat yes Susan real birdies you wanna hear exactly right secular and I guess he justified by say what I haven't had anyone they were. Side Derek Jones junior converted his contract to a standard deal of course resigned Wayne Ellington. But the two way players are going to be just spare parts Duncan Robinson and Dionte may and so. I can understand him ranking Miami thirtieth to me there's a clear lie in and I know on paper doesn't mean a lot but to me there's a clear line. In 3 tiers in the Eastern Conference. And I would say top tier no particular order Toronto Boston Philly yeah I would put Indiana ahead of the other. Five or five teams he'd met the might be able lumped into its second tier I think Indiana to meet. Is clearly the fourth best team in the conference based on what they did last year based on signing. Tyreke Evans Doug McDermott. Oh Quinn the senator. Then I put another tier right behind those score with the heat. Milwaukee. Washington Detroit and some order to agree with that or would you change the oracle that. No I I agree with that in the top three pick are pretty clear card. I I'd like. Just like you I do like Indiana a lot based on what they've done they were surprising last year but considering. Those additions that she reference and then after that dance. You know because some decent teams but it's a bit of a crapshoot right to determine where those those remaining teams that third tier that you described. Will finish and I take. The positive spin you can put on the heat's outlook is is that health soft there they're healthy. Then they should play better at least as well as they did last year. But at the same time you don't still goes back to what tennis star power they have on the roster that's gonna be ultimately but the way we can. Criticize or scrutinize the roster and and wage certainly. Applies a star but certainly a star. In his prime anymore so yeah I think that's that's a very fair assessment of the way Eastern Conference will play out I'm curious to see. Acquire letter dynamic I think we all are and rightfully so are high and Boston's roster is just filled with talent and in Philadelphia. I think some of the shine it is more awful little bit because of the way they performed in the second Ronald while slow series. Losing Belinelli wasn't trailers a good player but that teams not improved it's possible. They might even be a little bit diminished. Yeah I agree so I didn't think they made you know there was so much buzz around them pursuing LeBron James and will they add some big name free agent and that never came about so. Yeah in Toronto it's quite letter that cyst I think he's going to be fascinating to see that dynamic so it'll Beatrice staying very but they're good you know he flavor. In the show tonight and the F river catch up with Kevin Pelton we got to this find out they do particularly he's a little common sensors and alls as crunching the numbers. Right and yet the way I think it's great to finally know heat on Christmas Day this year your five games Christmas Day. Box next under rockets sixers Celtics lakers warriors a primetime game LeBron. Act Golden State and then trail blazers jazz so another year of the heat not under your Christmas tree. There's two books. So in one sense you could enjoy a good rest the NBA action goes sense you see your take the day off from watching basketball you're die hard heat fans and you wanna celebrate. Christmas partner ritzy quicktime all come back I'll war have headlines for rule updates the Marlins score plus. Big pre season game tomorrow plenty of story lines spirit I'll discuss those next for the dolphins would come back and seven on and it's. All the way to block seventy. 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Take a picture. A wrong. I am and then take. I am. Returning to have updates every day on the ticket sponsored by HH jewels of coconut grove resident who experience the age an age difference or discover them and HEH fuel stocks come by bad aloft from 100% dedicated your financial recovery. Fighting the insurance company is worth that and by Lexus of North Miami always an amazing deal. We're back here is a united ticket as we kick off the 9 o'clock hour Greg like its launch center in Jackson Phillip for Frito. On this Wednesday night Trevor Murray with this as well as so we've got so much for getting too course speak. Pre season game tomorrow for the dolphins is they take on the boxes really not the opponent but just seeing them. Play a game for the first time even if there's a pre season game is they're going to be. Exciting and our talk about some of the story lines for this team not just for the game before the bigger picture part of the season and that just a moment both before do that. Let's get tore finalists have had lots. Use once. Now in Miami. XY AM South Miami. Right you know. We'll begin. It's out of coral James Haynes junior tight end Michael Irvin junior sustained they needed them CL injury in his right knee. He underwent surgery today and will likely be out for four months was expected to make a full recovery. At least sophomore Brian palladium highly touted freshman Brevin Jordan and will Mallory to battle. For the starting job. From college to the pros of the dolphins or the day off in anticipation of tomorrow night's pre season opener my we will host. Tampa Bay at 7 o'clock from hard rock stadium. Meanwhile on the NBA 201819. Schedule is beginning to leak out and according to multiple reports the Marty he will open up the regular season. With back to back road games on October 17 they'll be in Orlando in October 18. They'll visit the Washington Wizards. To college hoops where the NCAA announced major policy in rule changes today. Among the most significant the NCAA will allow a leaked high school basketball recruits. And college players we represented by certified agents in either case the agreement. With the agent must be terminated when the player returns to school. Or in the case of high school players decides to go to college rather than enter the NBA draft day anticipation of the potential one and done rule. Being. Got rid of so to speak over the next couple years there also allow eligible underclassmen to enter the NBA draft to go back to school if they participated in the combine. And win. On draft it finally on the diamond the Marlins and cardinals are playing the rubber match of their 3 game series this evening in the bottom of the seventh inning. Cardinals of the three to one lead over the Marlins. As I Yadier Molina and Matt carpenter was solo home runs for the cardinals and Marcelo zona with REI double. To make it 31 McGill Ross of the RBI single for the Marlins so we will update you with that score changes in his 9 o'clock hour but Barry. Let's talk about the Miami Dolphins certainly. I'm curious if you've matches have been off the top a couple of hours ago. You think we'll see right tale for at least one series what what's your. Best guess on how long we'll see some of the starters and specifically tale is real wanna see him in a game after he had that ACL reconstruct. I think it might dependent how long their first offensive drive goes a third three and out it's hard to imagine a case will be content with that Clinton and will not put him out for second series. But if they have along. Eight minute drive you know twelve play eighty yards. The navy you know would just be one series for him it's funny gays is saying this week I don't know that I had a twelve play eighty yard drive in my two years here. But it's it's just awfully difficult for this team to sustain drives and that's why. You need more big plays a mean every team talks about that but I do think there's potential. For some explosiveness on this offense IA with Kenny stills obviously has been and a terrific deep threat but also. A sec he gives you a weapon. Both in the red zone and in the no appeal the haven't had any. Watching him for two weeks in practice Greg is the most gifted to receiving tight end they have that here in a long long time. And I think it dolphins fans wanna be excited about something. That would be the most shall we say intoxicating possibility. That we've seen these two weeks of practice. And as I wrote about a Miami Herald dot com last night. They're real possibilities without Albert Wilson that are also pretty exciting we have seen him line up all over the place. We've seen some interest in trick plays they've used what the dolphins do not permit us to disclose. But talking Albert Wilson he said that case presented me with a plan. In early march that has me all over the place in the slot even at running back. On the boundary notices the guy. Who ran for 55 yard touchdown with Kansas City couple years ago. I has gained 82 yards in ten carries not as a running back over the years. And he's got really good speed so I think Albert Wilson if used correctly. Can be. A nice. I don't electrifying is overstating it but a nice explosive weapon. Potentially for Miami and we all know. The explosiveness is ticking granite injected in the softens last year so to me those are three pieces along with Kenyan Drake who obviously has breakaway speed. That might give this team an element that we haven't seen enough of over the years which is a speed which is explosiveness. And dissect he's case. A guy who plays above the rim. I mean Charles Davis of box was saying this is a guy. Who plays above the rim on the football field that I would last all dispensed when have we been able to say that about anyone. Who's really good now the blocking is gonna be added an issue with dissect ate there have been three blitz pickups that he has whipped dog. In the last seven days. But gay said we want to give guys a chance to do things that they don't do well. Before deciding whether to ask them to do it at all so there will be blocking responsibility for dissect in pre season. And you hope you'll see improvement he does seem like a studious kid who say he told us yesterday I want my weaknesses to become a strain. And we know he's working on a sub and encouraged. Firmer seating stamp on what I've seen from dissect it even though the blocking. Hasn't been great I think there's been progress there I think he'll learn the blitz pick up there might be some hiccups along the way. But I don't think it's going to be you know told. You know total catastrophe from. Well in the you know this was the reputation he had when he came into the draft so we know where they picked him in the sector around town knew this already so it it's not as surprised. I still think this area felony drafted him I mean I I wasn't sure whether we would have the results in terms of there is a pass receiver on the NFL level. As quickly as we have as you described. Just how impressive he looks in person. At the same time though. I think the dolphins will make a trade off any day if he's helping them score points in the red zone and is this threat that they've been. Longing for for all these years and if he's got a few hiccups and in blocking and in whatever other coverage he's providing then I think they'll take that trade off along the way with the way the NFL is structured now with. The points in trying to score more by day indeed the point totals scheme continue to go up with some worry the ways the rules have changed mean that that's the way. You used to do your business the NFL you get guys who can put the ball on the in the insults of decision to do that and not mess up too much America the dolphins be thrilled with that. Yup I agree with that but one thing I would have liked to seen these two weeks. Great there's a disappointment to meet. It's the offense not having more success which I don't blame can help sport he had a stretch last week where he had five picks in three days and other an idea hasn't thrown a pick. In the other practices three of them that they were to Zabian hours we were call. But most of the offense is offensive problems from last two weeks have been the result primarily of offensive line breakdowns there have been some drop pass is no question. By myriad players but. Which mostly then cam wake of Robert Quinn. Andre branch when he's played with the first unit able to get by Miami's tackles so to me that's been the biggest issue with this office. Drake in gore look very good in practice Gore's burst in his ability to get through small creases is really impressive and breaks able to make something out of nothing. But eat you and I were having a discussion this team is Ben. So tepid at times offensively over the years to give people perspective in the last five years the dolphins and scoring. Finished 26. Elevenths so one year they were. Really good 27. Seventeenth. 28. And the question is is the offensive talent on this team. Better now than another ranking in the twenties and scoring. Would suggest like if this team cannot averaged twenty points a game. And finished 25 the league in scoring Q is that reflective of their talent is that who they are or would that be under chief. That's a really good question area make a lot of the equation goes back to whether I details healthy right so beacons assuming he stays healthy. Then I I think you'd have to be disappointed if they can't put up more points. Bring their come off a season which they were 28 belief seventeen point six points per game. Remember the beginning of the season to sell putrid Dawson numbers were awful agree it was you know that was. A situation where I completely misread that team I assumed. That they would at least be exciting to watch with Jay Cutler fling in the ball everywhere and taken chances and Parker maybe go up again didn't. Seemed as still have some nice weapons offensively and could have been further from what actually happened so. I do think a lot of that comes on right tale but. It up very I have serious questions you know. Is debunked it Parker going to take that step and you may some really good points about the potential legacy he and Wilson if used properly but. Kenny stills I think he's a solid player. We don't know what he has Danny Amendola I'm not commit he's gonna stay healthy so Parker doesn't take the next step and is still inconsistent. Then you're relying on Allah Wilson's team grants. Maybe Isaiah four if they keep an extra receiver but. And are well I I I I do think the running back situation is pretty darn good. But I'm still skeptical as whether they can put that together and whether that reflect back on the roster I think it does. But it's a bit confusing right his file accounts Adam's case is a very bright offensive line and that's why he was brought here that's how we got the job soul as he must be. Really exasperated by it by the prospect when you look at those numbers. You know the best chance they have to have an elite skill position player would still be Dovonte Parker but I'm just not hopeful that it's ever going. To end up as well as adults whose vision I think will be a serviceable receiver. You know you could probably spend the next ten years a number two. May be number three receiver in the league we just don't see enough consistency. To ever think he's going to be a lead to any other thing you don't see is. A willingness to go with two hands to try to make contested catches are bent. At least three examples and training camp were balls and haven't been particularly well thrown have been in his neighborhood. And he's put up one hand I don't know what he's doing with the other is he having ham sandwich I don't know. So it's just so frustrating to watch but I guess a broader question is. Can you be at top half the league offense or even a top ten offense without a single skill position players that you would call a leaked. Yeah it's a great question so. We didn't go through this exercise now have some follow with this but top scoring teams from a year ago real well over the top tech. Look we can you what I can determine the united pretty well weather's a leap. Often it's telescope position for these teams the number one scoring team legalize there was a wraps. 49 point nine points per game. Girly now stronger girl wasn't as a rookie but he is now yes said he was rewarded with that contract though the patriots. Or number two actually tie with the Eagles balls were twenty point six points per game. So patriots and Eagles the next two so yes I'd like you to meet Tom Brady our boys and girls the quarterback yes we are rights and so the Eagles with Carson went is that fair yes palm Boca easily yes the saints are number 428 points per game Brees only eight yes now here's were. You know maybe we see our question a little bit whether there's only talent. Odd the Jacksonville Jaguars game the next 26 point one point in his letter format there yet snow okay. And it certainly voice portals we would consider a leaked. Right so that's a team that had terrific offensive coach if they can beat Italy in scoring and they obviously maximize. Their talent and their offensive line. Protected morals are yes and also their defense scored a lot of points and yes it was felt that he's does that help that total they're healthy defensive touchdowns and they get last year. Divert your question a little stub my head but I do know if dessert everybody wants a jaguars defense that that help their cause significantly so those numbers. Are credited the offense but maybe a little inflated considering the office actually produced it's number six the chiefs. Came minutes six and I they Travis Kelsey would be considered a leader of his position right arm but you have to play the dolphins ever we would be or might. Tyree kill I don't know if he's a sillier Levy's certainly exciting Aleks Maric literally neighbors ever considered Emily put as a solid quarterback. Our but the chiefs then it's six number seven the Detroit Lions. 45 point six points per game. Matthew Stafford. And the discussion right but I and that and right no one else no one is their running game is lacking. Rumor has been writing alligator blood that's your Steelers there and number 845 point four and aides certainly heavily talent. Across supports I'm so I was only three players who early on nine cents this next one is the Juarez said while I date. Don't have any elite players and I was surprised that they right beside that the ravens game at a number nine interest in one you don't plateau. They an underwhelming now for two years yes they search 44 point seven points per game. Despite the perception being that there weren't that great of a team although. I'm sure if you references game earlier the ravens dolphins game that's certainly helped their point total has spent its. So that it took that the consideration than the vikings were number ten. 43 point nine. Points per game and the vikings. You know Stephane digs just rewarded with a nice contract down Phelan is a very good point Pro Bowl caliber player Newton but. IRL two the vikings are another team to I don't know if you could stated it would generally have an elite talent offensively EL. It's an interesting question so this group of play makers of Drake. Gore stills. Dante Parker Ammann dole Albert Wilson came grant now you add -- key to the mix. We'll see who they uses a number two tie and whether it's mark he's great terms might their AJ derby that ten hill and an offensive line. With three highly pedigree players in terms of Satan being a four time pro bowler. Console and James being first round draft picks in that to you should be watt should that be at top fifteen offense should it be a top twenty offense it sure is tech should not be an offense scoring seventeen points a game. As they did last year with Cutler I mean at the very least you would think this softens needs to score twenty. And it case could be made that they could be in a 2325. Range but TU is that at least an average NFL offense or you're not sure. I think you should be having when you say that I'm lumping in topped one yes it'd edited maybe that's a little conservative but. And that's fair. Is I still don't know what to think of bright tail at thirty we're still having this is that I when he sporting we're going to be having this discussion also wondering if he's the the future for the dolphins dropped its. Meant we harking back to 2012 draft still looking back at that yeah so that's my big concern I'm just not completely convinced the franchise is clearly the way they've invested. There of their time the resources. And every bit the way to conserve the roster they feel good about ten male. Or leased space set themselves up for a make or break season rights but sides still have my questions about him by its. Sir I agree with your assessment though it shouldn't be as bad as it was last year. No it and if ten hill Parker. Drake. Dissect key if those sport played at their ability. Specially Kandel then there's no reason why they shouldn't be on the offensive level Baltimore the mention was stopped and scoring last year and Minnesota. Right right so obviously it all starts with Ryan but the other players do you see a ceiling there that's higher than you've seen in past years. Primarily because of this sect he. End to Drake gives you something that a dry A didn't which is the ability to do something in the passing it dries hands were on reliable. Now all three of your top backs are all decent receivers at the backfield that more than decent with Goran Blige as well. So that gives you reason for excitement I would've liked to see a little bit more after two weeks of camp but obviously. There are things that they're playing that they haven't showed. In front of fans Brenda and media these past two weeks. Very we're getting some questions via text lines summit this cool personal some his lawyers no announcement has on them Holmes is the quarterback in Kansas City were well we're well aware of that we're talking about last year's census numbers so. Thank you go for for Rick insure that we're. Actor with all this stuff all on what I read some of those questions we come back or get your thoughts and those of possibly have time. Dolphins fans it could be much worse will explain that in just a moment here on 79 but it. 790 the ticket remind you that it's almost time for that Joseph DiMaggio Children's Hospital kids expo. Joining us September 8 at the museum of discovery and science we're talking more than 75 steam activities including science technology entertainment fared in live concerts like Genevieve goings from Disney junior and Kevin Quinn who. Who plays center on Disney's fun it's also the public's favorite cooking school will be hosting kid friendly demos throughout the of. Band is sponsored in part by Gloria teen while. Kids love ride twenty team until it's when he figures have been Fillmore Miami Beach and it didn't give Miami dot com for more info. This is. Like that kick in Miami dot com check out upcoming events. Check out. Seven it's a good advice to your fourth annual fantasy football draft party would NFL analyst John played in serious sports fantasy experts Jamey Eisenberg Sunday August 26 at twin peaks in Davie festivities start at one. Fortunately strapped with John JT we table tables. And I'll bring the expert advice to help you win your league the commissioners get a fifty dollar bonus guards it's free but space is limited to register now particularly on dot com. Sponsored by being linked happened you enter illegally. And what's good excuse to drink she conceded he. The fact you're on seven particularly likens alongside Harry Jackson filled in for freedom tonight. Marlins now trailed five to one in the top of the agency cardinals have both put a couple runs more runs on the board thumb. Very wanna didn't do a couple things and read the text we have coming in a moment 67 on some for bud mentioned for the break. Addicted. Rightfully so we get on the dolphins for the report drops right and I think that's fair game. We've seen an acute affect were they have won enough games Stabenow enough guys hits in terms of become productive players. Or I'll play up to their draft potential. A mortuary anticipated and you know we we tend to get on them and I think it's. Right to do so with the same time we can always look around and say I admit it's not so bad and so the browser that example now obviously when you go. One in 31 the last two seasons that may seem. A parent but. The browns over the weekend Sunday night they traded wide receiver corps Coleman the bills for his seventh round pick in 20/20. And so if you look back at their recent draft history their first round pick from 2012 that's when he's sixteen. It's amazing to see that none of them remain on the roster so 2012 they had 21 round pick Trent Richardson and Brandon weed and Richards who was traded. After his first year and we knew was cut after two years 2013. The number six overall pick was sparked KV is Mingo he was traded. They and after three years 2014. Bit two picks. Number eight Justin Gilbert number 22 Johnny men's dole. And now it is story for interceptions and gave the CFL. Odd numbered 20152. More first round picks. Danny Sheldon number twelve camera during a number nineteen. Both of them have been traded in three and two years respectively and now 2016 and number fifteen overall pick Eric Coleman traded. In two years. So it it's just absolutely astonishing. Bit. They've moved on from Sony's first round picks and a third talent valuation clearly is completely off that they invest in the first round picks and none of them are still. Has this been the most poorly run organizations sports the century you look at the quarterbacks they passed the 99 to catch over Donovan McNabb. Course everybody passed on Brady in 2000. They to Kellen Winslow over Roethlisberger they took Braylon Edwards over Aaron Rodgers of course they passed on back press Scott Carson once in 2016. Passed on it. Gore drop below Derek Carr and Bridgewater to take Johnny men's deal. And corset to Brandon we nova Russell Wilson Kirk cousins our own Ryan can help. And others. So it just sustained ineptitude in their profits and I explains how you get to two and thirty. The last two years well and lead to further your point about the Carson went situation. Remember the browns made a deal with the Eagles into does succeed in that draft. Mean they traded back with the Eagles and Eagles use that pick for Carson Wentz. And Cleveland received five draft picks in return eventually moved back from eight to fifteen to select Coleman in that draft. And if they they've gotten actually no return for all those draft picks that they've accumulated because of that pick and yelled there was stayed put. They go to Carson Wentz who was on the verge of having MVP season last year. And I and helping the Eagles get to a Super Bowl. I ended has done Flacco and Dalton as well on their own division yes so it just hard to measure more poorly run team maybe John Dorsey. Helps turnaround in Cleveland out. Yeah I nag I don't know why I see them on hard knocks Tahoe open the can do that broke quickly very wanna read a couple of questions we appreciate your techsters. What are our text or raspberry any news on the Michael pink knee injury for you what. ES Susan Miller date and reported on this well we've been on the air Michael PD was seen on Wednesday evening limping and wearing a walking boot. It extended to just below his left knee however. A source tells Susan that the injury is minor. The Buddhist precautionary. UN said that he did practice today. So there does not appear to be reason for grave concern so he hoped to keep that group together Shaq or Norman might Pinkney Zach McLeod to. Could this be their last year UN very conceivable all three are pro prospects. Yeah so that's good news for some there seems like it to be worse us let's Goodyear what are other Texas says what is very predict for Kiko Alonso this year what type of season. And will be less tight in coverage for Keiko. You know it's funny I asked frank bush linebacker coach last week. Do you play Keiko in coverage less now the have more options with make up its Patrick Jerome baker is on your roster and he said I don't think we need to. And I like frank bush but if they don't think they need to and there's nothing wrong with this defensive coaching that the because clearly he was asked to do things last year. He shouldn't have been asked to do he was in coverage bar too often down the field you play Kiko Alonso around the line of scrimmage. He's an above average NFL linebacker you ask him to cover fleet footed tight ends. Down the field is miscast in that role. Someone mentioned to me they did not see eighteen cover tight ends more frequently with linebackers in the Balkans to last year. That has to stop I think it Keiko is and asked to be coverage as often as he was last year. He can be a good linebacker on this team so I hope that changes there remains to be seen at the well. And a lot will depend on how often we see make of the Patrick on the field and to this point Greg. TJ McDonald has been your opening starting safety alongside Rashad Jones every day. And you go look at this two ways you could say should your number one pick beyond the field is it his fault or you could look at it and say TJ McDonald had a good camp he hasn't deserved to lose his job yet. They more reflection of McDonald's than it is on the Patrick. Yes and hopefully that's the case is nice to have a lot of talent they're both the same time you invest in the first round pick number eleven so. One of the many store relies will be keeping track of all right big thanks to Troy strap for for joining us always fun to catch up with him very great fund to have you here on the program good to get all your insights and I appreciated. Trevor appreciate your work is always a special last of three days thanks everybody to and in Texas. Everybody have a great night ESPN radio coming up next. Breaking seeks in his ear Burton once again 790 particulars partnering with the local T. Whether it's or eighteen with cheap certified meteorologist Betty Davis and former director of the National Hurricane Center and parking specialist Max Mayfield hurricane specialist Bryan Norcross. Stormiest. This way that ticket has you covered hurricane coverage on the ticket is sponsored by BNT services protect. You would PGT impact windows and doors keeping you opportunity this hurricane season he had 790 NFL 1043 HDT bought tickets.