3-1-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, March 1st

Tobin doesn't appreciate Beast's effort regarding his headlines. Beast questions Tobin's thoughts. Beast's argument backfires after he calls himself lazy and Tobin and Leroy take full advantage.  Leroy likes the Browns listening to offers for the #1 pick because there isn't any one player that can change their franchise. Leroy says he would pass on former Wyoming QB, Josh Allen. Adam Beasley joins the show from Indianapolis. Beasley talks about the Jarvis Landry situation, the chances the Dolphins draft a QB, and how important the upcoming season will be for Mike Tannenbaum. The guys talk about Hassan Whiteside's issues and the amount of one on one conversations he's had with Erik Spoelstra. Tobin feels bad for Wesley Johnson and the guys enjoy laughing at Johnson's misfortune. The guys discuss what the most embarassing thing in basketball and football is. Leroy says the worst thing that ever happened to him was getting stripped after a long run, the ball stopping a foot from out of bounds, staying in- bounds and the defense returning it the other way. Tobin brings up the Florida Gator players blocking each other.