3-12-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 12th

Leroy has car trouble and is irate. The guys discuss the NFL free agency news incluning Ndamukong Suh being cut. Canes play Loyola-Chicago at 3:10 on Thursday to which Robbie is happy that it is not during the show. Leroy has to play golf during that time and Beast questions why the golf tournament director would have his tournament the same weekend of March Madness. Leroy still says Suh was worth his guaranteed money. Tobin is out and Beast has no idea why he is out so the guys try to come up with reasons. Beast and Leroy play GM for the Dolphins and Leroy says the Dolphins should not draft a QB and Beast disagrees and that leads to a heated debate. Beast sprains a ligament playing tennis with his son and Leroy tells Beast that none of his ligaments don't work.


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I didn't ask. That is now for some reason they. I don't know I honestly don't know what is he was in the morning to either. While another form. Because we didn't light you know you have to work with me for two. And then you wouldn't show. LeRoy who's here at 10 AM to do to drop his car off down the street who's just tackling everybody in the building the last three hours. The worst. Then. What my car just work. Hold that thought. Dug into 2000 dollars and seven out of the demand gave a money contest you're gonna help me for. You can take a thousand bucks text org shelf the elf on a shelf. A 72881. And you're registered text shelf. SH EL out of 72881 now. If you don't win this time your next chance to double double the next hour it is the national contest message and literate and apply don't Texan. I Delhi Carter. Well so. It also ordered three weeks. OK I was leaving my development on the work right. There was a truck parked in the middle of the street. Delivering papers to my house who's getting a new nice circular that part right history. Because you can't park there's too many trees. So. It's it's a big truck would a bunch of papers so you market in the middle did you take in get the stuff off back. And in drive right you know to do a query right. So. Mostly you just go opposite. Where the guy ago. Gives you can't hit the streets you know when you both to fit him in the car. So he goes on left side. I'm going the right side. He's on hooking. The papers. He wrote when those big brackets over the top home right Ohman who. He didn't just hit a good he had the good end of sideman. Leaving that did both of sure it sting and pleaded dealership right right it's not you got to take. Hood in the side at all read and read it again exactly so I'd take it to the dealership I've always gone to. I touted guy pay thirteen hundred is it doesn't. That's too expensive I say but he calls would. I said now do you afraid I know it is but do you think. As it Deere dealership right Obama war. I'll go oh I'll swing by there haven't checked he would your estimate. Of 500 us. So like I did those guys that my goal and actually for better deal about it have to. So I set point before we get it have been debates. I need a little on the drop it off a mode go to work early Bubba Bubba blah. I needed don't win because I'm leaving Wednesday. Wednesday I keep saying Wednesday Wednesday where you been dropping off first thing I leave my house at seven is more. Geared takes our to have to get here. Lynn I gives them a car taking car and says OK now go sign online for. You know cork right what you just don't forget us it does do ship when I go to get a change I just pick up keys and just none focus that's does the body shop yeah enterprise right here it's different writer Aaron right. I'm way. Wait. Wait an hour fifteen minutes. For our guide those eight yeah your reservation number. Should number. Shot as a unit of since Obama is. Now I should have called you he said no I say that why you asked me point reservation number. Group move Q as a OG thanks Suzanne do you problem. You know the. Should remember reading if you drop out of the body shop well and I went to include it all. We need to would dealership that just has like a demos of daily loaned her eyes on Augusta whenever I'm gonna bodies right so they work with enterprise or Avis Europe to go to the rental company particular rental car. You need a number nobody's ever reservation you know if you. If you take your bare sounds are you ready insurance. You don't have make a reservation okay. It was Omar are not binding. Let's do headlines Robbie. He speaks WT XY AM south Miami Heat and WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Lots of big news today and I guess we'll start with the big news of the Miami Dolphins are planning to move on from Ndamukong Suh had just Donna McCall. Suit. Who is spell no please go at the he added but if the dolphins release and now they only say three point nine million off the cap bought it they were to designate him as it posted June 1 cut. They would save seventeen you know the cap so. I have a question on this post June. Designating cut. Kidneys I would team before June 1. Yes I think I think so you see it I mean because technically he's not to would you park. Those are some ankle legal tampering that starts today at one four and that's what catcher and that's a picture rightly legal tampering and then Wednesday the only year actually started contracts we signed so the dolphins are gonna lose Ndamukong Suh also the report Robby writes that 21 James isn't going to be traded yeah I did that mean they're trying to trade him by I mean democratic their caps basically galore but it's hard to get any good competition bat when they know that you don't trade in Richmond cunning and so. Get into the competency thing will ambled into rehash Landry thing because LeRoy was out. And he has pot takes galore on all of it. Who get it that so what else we are that he basketball tonight late night action because the Portland children to help trailblazers. 1030 is the tip off which leads 930s a pre game was as loan tummy time right here. On the ticket. And there's no Whiteside and there's no two weeks and I don't touch it don't trust that Dan ESP I don't know you know please. According to ESPN everyone's healthy for the heat and ten and actually what they pay attention. Don't but they have like some executives like ten year old kid do the injury updates for the ESPN's horrible here. What else is this. Because we are the plates that say. Sometimes well what are we likes to say well you were very close essentially ups. I would say that our information. That we had been outsiders. It's more act redeem yes we don't have insiders we read. Thank ruined it. We've insiders who. Frito. Waiting for my daily tax. Yeah Manny Navarro got bonds under Fernandez. We also. Have the heat's private injury. Twitter account which I subscribe to you which everyday tweets out with the injuries are. What would think that a entity like yes we would mile. Get access to that. Tension in the game is on their networks. Which really don't want to on their watch knots of sportsman of the captain played an agreement yes counting. Yes they are an action against at home August Ottawa Senators they are still two points back of the Blue Jackets were all ineptitude news. Is that. Possible that the Panthers are gonna play unbelievable hockey indomitable else. I mean the Blue Jackets just so much is on fire as the Panthers are they want four row and the plane Canadians tonight which were also bad. A dead that is possible. I still say I mean you go out and enjoy the hockey if you will. Have a thirty piece. And any other news yes we found yesterday but the NCAA tourney bracket has been revealed in the teens will be set to play Thursday and approximately 3:10 PM. In Dallas against Loyola Chicago the eleventh seed. She. What was are champions of the Missouri Valley Conference. There would mean elbow Leila Chicago Tabasco. The other rambler Stew we know anything else about them down media they they be Florida earlier in the year at Florida are pretty good they've they've won ten in a row. They need to shoot 40% from three and they played really really good deep that it got compared to Virginia. As a defense that's a good they are I am I'm just following my Twitter tweet deck scroll it seems like there's going to be a lot going on in the NFL the neck. Like where LeRoy not gonna have to have pot takes and you're gonna have to just pay attention and just jump in. Because like Adrian Peterson and and all sorts of stuff going on. I mean there's action everywhere it's just crazy yet now I love that you love the action so much tax free agency and determine the same weekend golf hall. You are just I mean you're old. Louder and so by the kings and played during the show on Thursday or updated later during the eleven to our show daily field shipping container bracket challenge green go out and simple Beers actually feels from all the other members of the shipping container. Mike Roy Criss and Guillermo and then pick a winner. Oh that would be awesome that kids in the case in McCain's gives an eagle on it goes to be getting wasted what McCain correct now I I. I guess a minute we're have to watches game here because it starts at right after we're done. Better in net now when you BOC. Where you're going to be on the golf course maybe. It's horrible. You need to do better I need to do better world less memo went to go a bit. I mean I just say who who planned to be on the golf course Clinton the first day of the tournament. I didn't mean. Or who lead the scheduled. The schedule been properly and we knew that this is it's always say weakened areas let me let them yet. No it's not. In the first two rounds yet they're usually it would do. One uses search earlier deter bill determine depth way and has never started. All of the turn that you play it has never been the same time as much Manuel of course someone needs at that tournament whoever Stadler. Needs to realize what's going out. I'm gonna go ahead and say that it. My partner yeah. This is the establish her of the golf course. So and I'm probably not gonna I'm going to help you not an object never got to put a fine on this one go and image ablaze and I'm fifth so. Collier did that you don't get. She let me I'd pick mob miscue in the first round as. Maybe this thing around on this display. I just want to big and turned it right there I just filled with five brackets. And I'd basic just lost all five. And why he's I would lose I have no hope I've won it in the 25 years have been doing brackets. I've won one bracket dean is gonna win you know why why she didn't know how to announce exact. Oh yeah she's. She's all over there at the shark she's got David of these teams I don't know anything about it she's been aborted just like she won our Baltic gum. And you could fall and all that's in my dot com just click on the I twin peaks hoops hysteria linked sign up and you can track all the VIPs does that load the Romberg and Amber's the robberies on the if you lose yet you on the VIP list. I mean for the first time ever title to break on the other side we needed to get to the dolphins' situation. It is in terms of Madonna can sue what happens there he got a sixty million. We get need to get into Jarvis Landry need to get into July James and now the report of the dolphins may be listening to offers. From Denver as they look to get into the CJ Anderson. It is. And possible dead dead days was working out no deals and Lola. Reports say otherwise tides change. Any situation we would just create some total lies. Like that Tobin was having some sort of rear end broke her something. The kids these greatest testicles again that could be. Possible got a violent wanna. Also possible. I have no idea why why he's not here. He didn't tell you anything give anyone an excuse. Me and say hey I've got this family thing he just said yet champion. Are you sick now just champion federal that meets. 67 knives and four if you dig guesses to where told it is and why he's not here. Mean eagle on as bit as testicles. If you don't know that if you didn't have a list of the show off and on Tobin has the testicular problem. He's like spring in them twice at a nice spring those but. It's happened. So yes be very careful with his testicles. What assemble what told us on heroes again it might be another testicular spring. We're just went to get us Cuban coffee. And this is not good because he's gonna drink this. And then I'm gonna set him free to just go hot take Johnny Jihad. Hon on the NFL would you start if done at a zoo Jarvis Landry to watch James CJ Anderson where really to go big boy. We Ndamukong Suh OK so they're gonna cut in donegan soup they're gonna cut him because of the money but he's done everything. What do worthless the sixty million guaranteed that he got. Yes he did that's a big debate right now he did. Exactly what you brought him in your to do. Cause chaos keeps my mind at that position not a problem though playoff wins guy. Really so you put real hip August darn hot underscored fire on everything we know so you put him no and started out there that. Most that something that never made to play out this fact nugget. I mean if that's the case do you should probably should never signed him news on the team and we're always sixteen now in a break. Robbie correctly yes OK it just just in Jeff Darlington reporting he cites culture change. As one of the reasons why. He's being released. That's got to be about hogwash right. Culture change. Aim or whatever whatever reason they put behind it. It doesn't matter I'd like to question that you have to ask yourself is this. We all looked at. Football players you want numbers to validate income. You want numbers to validate this out. And he plays a position. Where the numbers don't validated so when you don't see bill's numbers. You automatically think dead heat. Eden wasn't worth. Why he plays a position that causes so much chaos. If you don't have people around him to make plays and it doesn't look like he's doing his job. It. He has caused me every year he was he. In the middle of the field. He. Only games you miss the us again. Of food other in suspension and I don't out of Ali spent with the dolphins know there isn't gay. Okay I think it is. The game. God is asking the whole game means that I bet that is not a glory filled position right bubble what are you saying is. Is this to say. You got an elite guy. At his position. And he did exactly what you brought him in to do you miss two games 2011 it's only two games is government's threat. In his career in his career so when you think about what you brought it here. You do it now the problem is. Is that you don't have. People make it plays around him. And he is a waste to play. Not because. He came form. But if you don't have ancillary pieces going around. You know yours. A nose tackle making ought to get penetration and causing cast and admitted appeal if you to have people around to make your plays he's useless. And that's kind of where he falls and it. No one should ever think. That this guy. Didn't Jewish jump out. Because he doesn't have sack numbers are tackles were ever Ed job. Deposition doesn't. So. Let me out let's let's just be honest about this because you're. This is just simply a money cap issues. Right. CNET I could see me as I dizzy not mostly financial decision for what ever reason. But here's the problem. There's a moment. The dolphins are where you are because they don't have an. It's omens or radio or because when these undermining. It can't get that money on feet. Witness to review draft. Whether it's width trades where it is whatever. You understand it and say yeah so. Why we make in this about. Three and a money. When the problem for years. Has been. You head. Barney. Is this decisions that you made with that so we'll see we'll see how. You know you can't if you need to live back. You can't get rid of a nose tackle. To get a big time linebacker because now you got to and he knows that. Now you're certain positions where you can. Fail. I think they can get away without him majora slipped. Bush. If you don't have the right guys. In the inside interior vet defense. You're still not an rubio would hurt may put it. Well they have George Phillips and I do feel really good but the young yet a toggle the draft to last brought shock and and it's Taylor somebody somebody. There endowment had eleven sacks last year so all the deep the player. Let me let me let me friends so they're gonna get rid of and dominance in. That's one of the big names and the dolphins sea is a perfect text every. Having supported teams like evidently leaked closer on a baseball team that wins fifty games the wreck I understand until I get it. Ndamukong Suh will be gone covers Landry is already gone. The only name left is Ryan Tammy hill and it when we don't know what's gonna happen with him to the dolphins may draft a quarterback. They are completely rebuild in this franchise as much as they possibly can. That sort of seemed like to me. Normally the dolphins to have a decision I make a right hand out a couple weeks whether to guarantee is on his option for this year. But out of it almost can afford to just cut Tenet because what are they don't get the Corbett won the draft almost have to keep on a case to court if they wanted to draft as a make or. Quarterback is a little different. Quarterback of the little dip. Because. Save you don't. Pick up somebody that can replace Ndamukong Suh. You can get away with. Very if you you know you got two young linebacker coming back. Hopefully you'll pay you know you can move bills linebacker his rounds are right simply more natural position. You've got some DBs coming back from injury. You gonna have to hopefully. Who's the the young kid to address the first round match Charles Harris Charles Harris. Amid an alien that when the go to yet. So you got some guys that should be able to come in MB contributors. If you do get a quarterback and you miss. One start that train over again. Do we need a quarterback Trey. The right. How fun was that I like it like I loved that conversation. We're gonna have accordingly yes I that is all of the coaching carousel that is my second favorite sports conversation right who'll be the quarter now. Question. Just. Turn the the wanting net. So. Ed's dolphins fan and he didn't mind. Now for why. I've been on this radio. Every Monday at Dalton's. I've been on this show. Do you have complained about not having a quarterback. You're willing to get rid of your quarterback. We're just a draft pick in draft a quarterback. Would've Dedham pin that. Begin here I didn't look to motives. You know what you have their rights and rye and you know that he's not great he's good. So. According to what everybody thinks. That let me get this right. This is only 45 teams Dick winters who. Because there's only 45. Re quarterback correct. And what happened last year doesn't go forty. To make you realize that there's other ways of doing that besides winning putting all your eggs in a quarterback basket. There is urging him. The way I think it should happen okay. And and you can be did you know what you went to the fans what you'd be okay right and didn't like you keep track record AT get Iraq right. And I don't want it to fix everything are rounded quarterback so that you don't need a great quarterback to win. Kinda like the three teams in the final four where alleged. We think it's differs. Only like. You suck so yeah problems and it. What is offered day and you switch your legions already from Tobin LeRoy or he has a better general manager Clint the other guys as Winston want to draft picks on quarterbacks have been an hour or use. I understand. If you will lead a winning team. I mean you have a better chance. A fine needle in the haystack. Drafting quarterbacks every year. Quarterback attribute into being great. It was a good draft class last year. Did notice though you know and you did and then you got look. You need deck press guy. And you needed I'll Watson. To go to read it too damn good teams. Just a bit old and. My question is Patrick are you right Ted who is the answer. But for right now with this many. Different positions you need to fill all in this team. Went to new tricks all the other stuff. Right general's good enough. Because. If Ryan O'Neal's on Jacksonville Jaguars addicted at bitches whistled the ball. Yes the moment the dolphins' draft baker mayfield in the first round dirt throwing away 2018 they're saying too doesn't it he wanted to do anything. And to curb corporate feature good thing arrest. Risks he can also not be better right talent three years and I you're just hoping to get back sucker out paper baker make it better is your dolphins have the right to an oil plays this entire last seasons and Dick collar. They're better. How much I'd say maybe 23 more wins color went six and seventy mystery games so you tell me maybe they alienate. Nine at seven it's possible great. Wonderful. Won't be even bigger mayfield starts this year you're looking at a five and eleven. Do we don't know that there are no good is it good there's no potential. Potential no no potential from Santa and Egypt's flag Annika that's flag or I'm amanpour and do a little askew questions. Your response here's why I know. You don't know what the hell you talking. Well that's only because when I talk about Ndamukong Suh or what he's done witness team. Your first responses. One playoff appearance in these old no playoff points. That's Dutch your reply. So is that safe to say das with the reply is going to be for rights and no. So if Aaron Rodgers was here. And it only won once so horrible yup you beat complainant their guards who will win soon. But it do you. Accordingly it. Is one of the top five quarterbacks in the league you can win some ball we hit crack. You don't want one. OK so what is that he's won more than golf I don't know seven why is that telling you. Tell me it won more than double the nuts and cemetery is telling my point correctly to break packet to listen to. Three we have definitely. Come up with a divisive argument the audiences. Certainly taking sides on. Detail or not the ten hell. Each new who's one of our product techsters. Is raging against the machines in that Kendall has done nothing for you is Obama sat here draft somebody. Meanwhile plenty of textures are pay ten held on the issue go fix the team in other ways. So we've got that going on the dolphins. Are going to. Released Ndamukong Suh. Now Jeff Darlington sites cultural change. Really what it is is what I think is a financial decision because you're clearing cap space gonna try to treat trade to one Jane's. But it's hard and LeRoy said it's hard to trade somebody when everybody knows you wanna get rid of them. Literally give you the leverage. They've gotten rid rid of drivers they agree on. On the screen during the break LeRoy they showed the Cleveland Browns projected offense and you look at that up the GO you don't that's a bad. Much of that subsequent Barkley. Right. Of Josh Gordon can stay sober. Yeah Ed Tyrod Taylor steady quarterback. You've got a game breaker and Gordon. You've got to realize how good just. Ordinance they really don't because he hasn't played a little while in a minimum not go look at his full season 16100 yards as last pulls. Edit in the last bullet he's gone he's gone wait. With really low low bank quarterback. We've joked I don't know that at quarterback. Better Tyrod Taylor Ryan cannon. Writing. For sure for sure sure for sure. Robby yeah as a slightly Ryan ten slightly by its parent who does more has legs. Correct. He's two to appeal to both little playoffs and they wanna back. They give up for third epidemic the 2020 years and her negatives are there they don't know what they're gonna move up to draft a quarterback play and they have two picks in the first round back to back 21 and 22 in my try to move up. Which will be stupid because they got an extra pick because they traded backlash. Funny. The said that last week and now a ride home anyway. Haven't you a lot. Like you'll say something seven days ago and then all the symbols double bonnet and is a great idea you know everybody left to me about taking a running back first. Take on Barkley is gonna go for Greg Brown. I mean Elena lock there's no pretty hard locks is concerned important to address this when you don't want it did a dancer who's the best quarter. Now and there's four of there's more bright. For so. It. Have you got. To be surprised to be switches how about this. Sick while Barkley. Your take. Mick who's. Quarterback because Patrick who make a Fitzpatrick. And then in the second round you also got the first pick. You take Lamar Jackson or won a dog and Mark Jackson last the second round. Gonna happen mix and it's possible that things could just give it to you take a quarterback wood to two picks. All the quarterbacks get pushed down while the browns I would trade down the fort. Facility to get desperate to trade up to get a quarterback right Bubba so someone's gonna give up a lot to move up by the way. 16100 yards he played 1214 game. You hit hit a service suspension to start a year to I know does Gordon really good I understand. Pharmaceutical Barkley seven a four odds of being drafted first overall does he lets that's the favorite Eddie you're gonna make some money could have told you last week. Just say I'm nobody's got to award a 20 damn war. Could the browns bring good. Now Brian dean. They're replaced Joseph Thomas and yet I'm gonna get sucked in Miguel Angel it's not. It's defensively. They're yo ma. You remind me discovered a bum Denny Shelton. Didn't big government a their back motion to Joseph Reid and Joseph. Do. That's gonna make golf and feel really sad when the browns are better than them. The problem and that's that's going to be a thing in the long. It took me a thing for the long hall yeah I would still. Rather the dolphins organization. Well because of Brown's tribute to good use year to ask like how the browns a duel for years to. Did he owns sixteen to Balkans dale butcher yet now I understand. I guess that adults under I guess they're trying because it seems like case. Is trying to somehow have roster turnover where none of the guys are from the previous regime. You must you don't pick his own guys have is on guys. That's gonna get them to a point where is the rosters not going to be. Good enough to win not to not and then he's gonna lose his job them or go through this not enough and it isn't that coming contradicting what he said when he got here. Boys and yet. OK guys penetrate would ever for CJ Anderson I mean not of that actually happening to your religious and JCJ Anderson I think you need a better running back we have. But but that's not there. Of course none none do you need him supposedly now what would you be more advantageous to. Get somebody young. I mean we could take rob he's boss. At the end there eleven. There is kites and hope it noted. Our error CJ Anderson New Zealand took on somebody else and truck what are you guys always come and it. But I think I'm trying to do which. Trips saw Google it's. Even if you're probably wondering they're gonna dress well. You would be working with so that firmly believes they should be a GM in the NFL. I'm being wrongly on the switching. That most he would have been the issue being GM correct. All they do is exactly what it. Everybody else is saying then that validates what they believe. All right so your evidence is look at his situation be honest with it and not care redeemed by the so the fact that nobody's ever. The last time running back has gone the first pick in the draft is. Donna Carter John Carter holy crap just. Serious yes. That nothing he had 95 and also a state right. Then work to know nobody in the weeks and one the year came out Blair Thomas was second became mr. oh god his state. You know we his there's a problem there. May maybe we should stay away from Penn State running backs and this little prospect. It doesn't mean you're gonna work I've fallen below signal Barkley but now that I think Olympic Don Carter the takes. That that has me thinking. Even though 22 years it's still continued edging it seems to get something seems like it there. Only slightly at the dolphins I swear to god of my seat with the eleventh pick dolphins' draft from Notre Dame that stupid guard. No. I listen that he's got to make its load you know in the majors I'll pick myself I ignored until March to Davy. I'll marsh Davey a battle pick. And I I don't care we have to pay via Valspar. Well yeah you what tiger let's talk about that and is going to be your headlines. Cash contest word plus Robby would regularly in the next hour. We get a four pack to heat and bulls on March 29 totally awesome hijinks maybe possibly. By the die because as I listened to the show and talk about her all weekend. Thank you doctor NATO for seeming on Saturday after a sprained a ligament my flight. You only human beings on planet earth many you ligaments were no I it's seriously. I was trying to slander I'm like she's like you need to go back and you know I'm like no I'm not put back in the blue. Why don't amendment might be glad to be on the air with the both phones tell me but people who have done you'll compound fractures and bone sticking on the leg heal faster than I knew. They don't they understand you've had multiple injuries in the same foot that they don't understand they believe Lebanon about for the same injury for five years. So I GoDaddy love you know your your own wrist is where your off or sonics. The force be with you. I had to go all Donny Dion and tennis court decide I was gonna beat the crap out of my son not with my says the with in tennis. On top spin shots down the line slicing my backhand act had no idea what was going on that I step the wrong way. Contaminated blood he's tried to move fast. Paying your body used to edit text or pointed out over the weekend there's a chance I may be carried around a little too much weight for our. The way that I wanted to move up to has got to your body not now. The day not to date palm. Home you can't be where you all know why didn't you debt punchline of the joke. Oh Richard sermon Simon should just go.