3-12-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 12th

Leroy says he had no idea Richard Sherman signed with the 49ers because he was watching golf. Beast says he think we are all going to get fired up for the Panthers and that they will not make the playoffs. Beast shouts off events that happened in history that Leroy might not have known about. Leroy says Tiger is back. Leroy was contemplating eating butt nuts that fall on the seat. Beast wants James Johnson to be more consistent. Robbie says that Justise Winlsow needs to take it easy at the end of blowout games. Beast cant live without his orthotics. Florida wants to make Daylight Savings year round. The guys get into why Daylight Savings time exists. Beast isn't down with the possibility of 9:30 PM kickoffs for Monday Night Football and 2 and 5 PM NFL Sunday Kickoffs. This leads into an argument about who should be on the Monday Night Football booth with Joe Tessitore replacing Sean McDonough.


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Montevideo. We're staying cool. There's no way eagle I love Toto. That's the angle. Rose. Gone but dude it's. Okay. You know I'll tell you like this but you had even managed. My anatomy combat it's okay. For leaving the leaving if you believe that you know hey no no. Just being you. I still me. So we don't would. Now we're not done. Who. Played really. I am. Series. I did not know. Average Sherman's army troops. I don't know why didn't know. Know why I can tell you why didn't. Tiger is back. I was watching golf all week. While when I used ends in. Instant interior. Has my back. Hurts. That's why. And guess what. If you watch a basketball ESPN. Some have with tiger. Thereto were accurate read on the bottom. But if you watching golf all Golf Channel. Rich or Sherman's son was ever Cisco. They don't care. So desk where. They sure went. We were watching us get your full ball boycott of that to north Carolina's correct. The fix was in when North Carolina played Miami. Let's do the headlines real quick rot away and I'd get to the cache contents were right do that first. Then the headlines. And a leader in the hot takes about LT gray. And maybe some more dolphins. I've Yemeni hot take six and I'd some four on the text line if you'd like but you're weren't. For this hour. You ready pull over you wanna wanna write this down. You know pad ready. The most got a gust even dry area more like us their previous if you such an inside joke. How many Q how many people we audience get that joke. I did a lot of you'll get that really isn't a hard game it is odd game and the cash contest this cash contest in which is the rip off to you. Leggy keep us trying to like work in this new post because the other guy that you recorded what does a month ago the you have with the same white blue ties socks. He worked in the new live close last night he blows like this and you're not. You better off just. Having the guerrilla lottery the questions because all we care about the money we don't care what stupid hosed because nobody nobody. Could be quiz Khalifa Scott Mruczkowski. And his silencer preakness is hot. Here's a word average of 20000 dollars it's not that it may give money contest your chance to come a thousand bucks tech support voice. VO IC be voice announcement that it is odd to seven to 81. In your registered. Text to voice to be all eyes seek he drew seven to 81 now you know when this time here next chances at the top of the next hour problem export clash at three. The national contest that is Gatorade and applied don't text and drive Robbie hit that months. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true. Peter back in action tonight out in the West Coast taking on the Portland trailblazers. That is a 1030 tip off. Which leads 930s as all atomic type of pregame right here in some and IDF for more affordably HD to the ticket no wade no socks for tonight. Does it like it's go work out well for the heat on the West Coast knows what's game the blazers are a six and a half point they probably did drop from eight earlier. I do believe in the first half of them wanted to play load and pull out my buttocks. They need is about to but it's. This whole. It is revenge scheme for he. Is gonna enjoy that. Fact it's it's that are it's a revenge West Coast road trip all three of the teams but they play on this trip all beat the heat of the American Airlines Arena early in the season. I. Two in wade when he when Dwyane Wade gives us a little of what he gives us. The fields man. Makes a whole season worth it I mean to anymore. Eight seeds seven seed. Per round out doesn't matter I don't care. Yet weighed violated Justice Department to crazy plays in a blog came with ten seconds left in it it almost got a job now. We used to. Crap and nonsense I'll let four points just run the clock out passable on us Udonis Jordan Mickey but the takes shots don't really be stupid the last twenty seconds of game in a blow out. Yes shirt tell athlete to not be an athlete. General. Mike. Well is that he got the guy in the shoot hoops and Crocs. To the croc. The Crocs off for a shot. So your mayor. Of bare foot and game time and publish it says if that's healthy for her. I mean that's equivalent to Eden and now later ground floor will never be the same along is not only have been on the ground floor. Yeah what is because people go to three sectoral the 52 rule now and sexual no no let. It's actually get to where you are if you think. Yeah he is key. No change is in no sector. Little washed. The sticky. In speaking are you ready to get into this tiger. No no not yet we have to let Ronnie tell you that the Panthers went. Yes they are against the Ottawa Senators 730 face off between 7 o'clock beast. Of the pregame concert. To him. There are still two points back of the Blue Jackets who are also in action tonight but as a Texas pointed out three games in. Yes the bed is a three additional games ahead of the Blue Jackets that they could catch up on. Number we're gonna be all and on the cats were gonna sit a year ago and this is born to bad there's. Really thought rats I'm gonna get two games it's going to be great and then somehow the economic collapse although they know how and games in hand so know. Why do you do that I don't know because legs feeling it lightly you don't suddenly look. This is a bare. Assets. I don't hear. What you guys think. This is the reality of professionals. Don't necessarily need your team to win the championship. Every year. Which you won him a round. All year. The magic question. Well Robby than the other headlines. We endowments who probably unit cut and adults okay and they're trying to trade to one James and CJ Anderson's on the trading block there's Zemin's gone. About a Texan Tim those don't get that started in the lake boat lesson veto Richard sermon some of the 49ers running. I don't know. Also are of the don't know if you know this and output we have signed the declaration of independence. And got independents. But to what people. Also the dinosaurs went extinct. These are some things that happened Billy Ray may have made may have missed out on. Is O'Dell Beckham still gonna be the highest degree there was a Second World War I don't know if you know that. I. And the same things that matter that may be LeRoy. Didn't know happened. Fess up now. Mean offering me Richardson doesn't much care T money OW is like three years thirty and I'm really really ought to fight million dollar signing bonus of them understand it correctly. That is only really guaranteed five million and this year in the first the first year the they got Jimmy team and and Richard ass holes. A and usage and see how he. How he does when a four year. Because I mean that's a president by the way by the way do we know I mean they'll say he'll be back by attorney Kevin come back from an Achilles who. Chairman yes it your term here. Which is amazing. Like I always that you couldn't get a cup. While you were hurt. It's a nasty businessman but the only thing speed of business although you know what a way to the Slater because I wanna get here you're tiger hot takes does everyone in the Texas she wants at 67 I had some four. I do wanna talk about him we might have to get to the game out of detailed list till tomorrow and double back. But whatever curt whatever deal Kirk cousins signs with whatever team. If it is the deal that he's looking forward to three years fully guaranteed to. This could end up changing the paradigm. Of quarterback deals in the NFL no. Okay we'll see no. We'll table that one for now on just merited on. Is tiger back. I mean. Understand like. Matt look at your success rate in basketball. And sure success rate. In baseball. And those are low percentage. Relative 200%. Mean just 15%. If you're 20%. Hopefully. Solemn and what you want. As a professional golfer you want to be in the mix. In the mix. Wasn't him he'd written and you miss a couple of putts could've made that would have given them. One to determine he's. Rented I mean I didn't want to just ahead he had a lot opportunities he missed a few short putts. Three putted like UE one net turn. I'm he didn't. When he's in the mix. Now pay attention next week. It becomes our next week. And throws a Madonna I. Would. I wonder if that was not just you know you've really fired up to come back. But he's not bad if you look at the last term is that he's put. And a mix in the mix in the mix just can't get over it at home. You know just can't make the putts that Tiger Woods makes on Sunday. When they met. He hasn't done that is how do you think his schedule and go from now until the masters because everyone is waiting for it there's a mess there ever wants tiger to be in there. The hunt for the master Bo could compete in masses in the sleep okay Disney's BL not he's broken. This it's 60 he's so. If you I was an analyst at this week. He's gonna play bay hill that's our Easter writes of course he does while. And then you'll won't play until the masters take some time getting guilty to a lot of practice he might go after his some balls would. It's it is a big last week the import. Into masses at two weeks from what you've bought from what you saw him this weekend. As he'd look the part yes what what are things that impressed me is like. Forget the iron shots give the party. He was hitting his driver. All over planet earth. And he kept their opinion fair reduce so if there's anything to be positive about. Is the fact that he has. Straightened out is dry now he didn't use drivers who use a lot of being. But. He kept his ball limp. And back. In itself is a big. You know big deal for him because that's where he had problems mean he played the last term reprieve even par have to determine was in Iraq. So there if you want some to be positive about tiger. Is that. Means hitting his ball far. He's got all mystery bag. But he's playing golf he's in all the golf shots he needs it short game is unbelievable right now in a year ago he was. Yet the ups so there. Robbie we I mean does not early masters odds are there. That's too early for physical tournaments he played four rounds I nurse now where they tiger is right now. Fifteen is when you. That much of that you and I mean. Really. Is a favorite. And the problem is is that all of for Dustin Johnson Johnson's biography he had a towards beaten Tiger Woods and 91. 91 what you just it is too early. It is too early but there's some early odds out of an out of the county to battle figured that you would find them good Robbie that was probably after this week. This that was as of today march 12 the right but I'm saying if you went before this weekend number dropped this right before this week he was a fifteen what do. What I thought the odds are going to be I didn't mean like eight as of last Friday what do you think beyond the last us a look at. And I know all Casey talked to one we. Saw Casey. He's a very happy go lucky nor should. You are hurting it in he's he's really far from who would you. Well he's sold over par it wouldn't like Mozilo he's so happy go lucky. Nice to everybody. I tell you what. I would say right now who might be one in my early picks but to mess. Just some were. Real sixteen of one. You know it's hilarious is Robby didn't even look down for the acute or. Beyond what you got you know I NRD memorize there's Justin Rose has to be in the top ten. Where's what's his face. Bill no the crier. But Watson yeah he's tornado one move well wait minutes or beaten seek it. The golf course to make it more important yeah. I just underwater from bubbles tears all right will be to break we have fifteen minutes a heat coming up plus. Isn't he gets a giveaway we'll do that during fifteen minutes eat you don't know when. Don't know when I'm gonna say it's you know what are you going to be listening to the fifteen minutes he'd. Zig when it was a four pack of tickets to see the Miami Heat yet play a little basketball wonder that I have him as he comes to next. Bad match. Yeah. Mom. My budget in four by fours I'll plug number one Jeep truck in SUV customization shop. You guarantee that the hottest format for modifications and down. Called Chevy four by fours 7865023446. Committed champion for my Ford dot com also rocky by. Rend Al Hayek Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys felt real five. 800 per month. It's trinity. He Comcast but it comes needs energy that you love X one gives you more change the way you experience TV with the acidity ex wife and then. But by all pro. Orthopedic and sports medicine it's their job to get you back in the game with four South Florida locations. There's one near you gonna all pro orthopedics dot com for more information. Ellroy the. What I'm wondering if I should share this with everyone yet here you can Wear Sherri to ever show. So we know felt there I came back to my seat. The Dow is contemplating yup where that should eat but not. What. When you drop. That's going to shirt yet it that you did there in the city. When you come back and I think I think it's fair game. Although. Had little low and well let's bring about all of the people in this seat is occupied by you amber and Merck. Wasn't thinking about debt out existing in general. Can let that seat look across the way were I normally sit Robert suits. I would never touched anything from Nancy. Now I just. So that's what I was left in about. That's it. So I thought I would. A decision. Tough decision well Robby. Robin will look around this is anybody any peace. And then he would have bet you know make itself behind. It. The soldiers home. We feel about two and I'd I'd also good because there's no way to know Whiteside is the first night of the West Coast trip up Portland playing good I'd I don't feel good. Do you feel good. Robbie I want to access the resident got hurt for acting as it will be good for half at least. And then I'm word but the Portland dries piling on I. Dim to be held. So I don't want. Dim to try to fight through this and be hearing dealt what we arrested Yi so I keep wanting to have the discussion about. What do you do at the rotation. When a they're all healthy and a bullet then I'll help you want this one game boy game is it to be heard again bright correct. Their basketball don't know it is a byes always being done I got a job every night please. No money keeps to dig them. Legends got it just like him to be more consistent. Mean part of reason why he was where he was in his career is because he wasn't. Didn't he make people rise to the occasion I mean isn't what this does them out to a certain X. If you want to Dow falls of the heat you know LB. That all those guys that they got heat culture. That couldn't get a job because they weren't consistent. Come here and they're not consistent. I think because how how we feel about way to. He's kinda. Inconsistent but that's what he's been yes but. Wait wait wait is there for one purpose okay Brady's been inconsistent we saw Johnson is there for more than one purpose. It. It was my god it's supposed to be hot from outside sometimes not being hot from outside because. That's that's us that's a that's a part of the deal okay but he's that bit streaky if people Robby is close to pressure. Now denies he's a club had to be it yet here's moments like he did the other night we trust one point eight. An hour getting suckered into the Winslow hey when those amazing you know I heard I heard this morning. There were there back to windows the next equality I really apply cumulative Thursday right yeah I guess delegates Republicans I. I'm telling you he's more like metal world peace and quiet. Same body builds same type. That's an album Oakland. Right. Have you ever gotten this excited over nine point. Now. Don't think so ray. Like I'm not taking it away for me anything because he's. All the things that we question about him he has. Improved. But it. If somebody had told you dead about another player needed no just Winslow. Won't be the first thing you would say it's not ports. He's chuckles under the games though so Jim bluffs. Your your bag today. Well it's a good it's a good problem that you have created something so stupid and we got injured. He'd be Bob knee is holding nick at nite is playing in a plane and I saw that he's not entered. The could've. It got thrown out dog gets the suns on necessary. It's a product of good product that you haven't that he can put five scrubs on the court again he'd have to put somebody at the justice when those odd man in Collins it. I would hope and what within the show would have less stupidity hijinks ridiculous this note it's an end but I limped back. He is unique. In his heart takes that they don't really align. With goldmans but they all come out the same correct it's like. It's it's it's as Darth Vader at a different version of the dark side of the force. Still dark side to side but it is like labor is is written it differently yes right yes. Any any other nominee he yeah he's holding his video in the game he's lucky he's played tonight. Evils both it is. Did you Jameer foot up in their. I mean you showed us you sinister picture of the day and half boot. Yeah I've got the surgical shoe. To have this surgery. I don't live products ready. When you got me what I did. Oh man well it of the but I just a doctor's office a lock in. They all know me up front they start didn't like the shoes ready this list ready that boots are ready the I mean she's ready to take more more desperate act. If you live what to write. Left leg. Right pork products to go. A I called it last week eichel and Friday like 5 o'clock just the operas is closing. I call up. And it mustn't call ID and she's like mr. London went it he'd come in due in Salem. And I go wins the close the book actually you know what were open tomorrow for a couple of hours odds put two and 91 employment you might need. Like seven not Urals. You'll go to their and toenails cut. I'm like important to elect she's degree burns Dodgers cubs and she just lets you sit here and again. Would you do now. I go laws played tennis is like one question is one answer one question. Were you wearing your products. Now it. I can't explain like I'm just like I said but I got this meant to tennis usually. It's great rewrite their products no I can't go nowhere were among rent it out where do you put up more doctors that don't. But I've been net like any time mile walk. Anything I Wear because. It helps what my back. I am norm from cheers of the doctor's office that's what I am. Demos of sleep there. You're to guide it goes to doctor's office tells doctor what you have based on the web it deep. My symptoms I don't know I think the dock when I have but I do question. His. His guy he diagnoses. Are you sure it's just a cold because I was reading. At legionnaires' disease also happens to a noticeable symptoms each one test that. I know it would jarred my turned completely 3000 dollars to test for rare disease but it's a good idea. Let me. Oh my god could you imagine. You're the reason why did the piece the Peabody coming in Dodd's office for a little swabbing go. Have to wait to read what this club and go like if you have the flu to do so oh yes sort of flew. You guys to go that's it. Give it a menacing ya out. Slob and. Jiang subtly somebody else. Where and when I went to allergic kid a Monday at I got back. From Vegas and I thought I was gonna die. It's a surprise of peace insurance company is not conducted investigations of these alleged foot injuries. Yasser I don't blame you for saying that the good thing is though we've just would keep switching insurance is. That the company. Therefore like by the time like what insurance company out of figures out my scam. Were under the next insurance company totally scan my team and during my football you don't think. We religious economy would sustain. What are the odds are not and a half rounds is it's six of did you say oh yeah it was a statement but Kabul hours seems awfully lowest total. The total is set. 4209. I have a hard Tom Lehman. Nobody here's Erica. First game they haven't played since Saturday re. Correct. Travels Saturday night. Sunday Sunday. They should be arrested how long is road trip. It's a three game road trip. You won't give you got to give their best effort tonight. Out Dixon and and usually when when they go to Portland they have expo has a restaurant over there and you know it always party and hang out that it's Portland restaurant and I before ocean you've seen them. How will of course. Certainly you do Portland. What do you do because of the Nike factory no goats who. Is Nike factory yeah there's a lot of wineries out there yeah I'm sure that the NBA players don't know one of the wineries witnesses there. There's some good golf Julia I'm sure that entered into a Pacific time. No games are three hours earlier. Always a plus is there on the same time ago. About how do we feel about. It being daylight. When you get a. Well we can now that never change and actually take about I want Taiwan that. Subtly Florida for half Theres going to be in central time zone. No I think will be the opposite they will be an hour ahead of everybody in East Coast. Is it wanna keep it a daylight savings time around but they wanna get rid of Felix it is not wanna stay on daylight savings on point here they wanna go back to standard time. Moon. We all know a daylight savings time originated because of agriculture in the crops and you know more timed. You know wrote the fields or whatever they do. I mean that's a month daylight we don't need to do that and did not know until dead. I just did you might. Would you say it is doesn't change them on the daylight. Is sort of thing gets saved actual mile. Use it is doesn't change the money they like to give every day. They did it sowed had a cute would have go to school in a veteran right. No it has to do with full Arlene no that's. Resell this after the break. You know I like this one. You might want. The song is. Its own. I'm asking you you know it's not you know it's clocks. Hey by the way. Blind people misunderstood widow saying. It. Good time. That it is daylight. Is going to be the same. Regardless of what time you make it. You understand what items that. Daylight is longer in the summer. And shorter in the winter. Regardless of what time you may get down model daylight does not change. Makes perfect sense. I would watch and so that the reason the the the fable that we've all been told about Benjamin Franklin starting daylight savings time hero in every day I did not believe it's all fake. It was really sort of by the Germans after World War I. To save electricity. So we us and. The jamaicans. The jamaicans. Change. And anxious. To block. From coal running it. This German that's pretty sure that they were copying the Swiss bobsled team no. Are you share positive I don't wrong. Robbie the what Bob sled team where they. Was it the upper midwest and everywhere they look at it not a damned slave dependant. A bit. And yeah. Okay let's just bobsled and and being so sure. They get only to realize when you finish your sole role. And you. What it. To make. I mean. Everybody thought it was because of scoops right. So why why we nineteen did everybody ever get an explanation as to why we're in now when I don't know. I don't know I noses. Here's what I don't get so if we stay on daylight savings time right to restate now. Correct the rest of the country. Gay and whatever time in the fall in a November wolf fullback. Right to will be an hour behind us correct so you can tell me. That belief in the mud and it'll all come on at 10930. Yes. And an out of pocket costs will be at 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock alternate day. Do you eliminate new kickoffs down here. Comfortable in eight. I am not ice when I got to my step until 2 in the morning what's been Monday Night Football but. All of them deliberately got to be the biggest shot McDonough that if we don't distort. It's gonna do tests yes they've come off well. Yes and then John McDonough going back cultural and all. Suited over the weakened and as a tournament game because sexson. Guess you can scoop it got pretty creepy about good concepts to wasn't it was a more Colin sexton more gimme more. Cynic might at some. Whose piece desk. Note though there's only one beats listen listen. Listen until it wants OK what time 11 thing. Some adult it was a bad idea from an affable great broadcaster grow watchable the Red Sox games amazing. But not government and a couple to a door on the other hand is perfect for college football. I don't want to mama Monday Night Football. He is towards doing mud and capable and according to. Are source Robbie gamma. Lying under rejects. So who's going to be the other. Day well I think everyone's offered Peyton Manning and. Alien a year and they. Us so it was it was going to be one of the it was going to be one of the others. Boring dudes passel back. Oh. A sort of important news. Yet is it was as we how's about you he auditioned in the probable that is correct. That that will saw. That on my money and a football home and you want me to leave gruden. And Romo. Who's like a football. Lecture. And then he wanted to go from ten and a half. It is probably come in inferior product right. Sunday night's game third and litigate. To suck when that's because they can flex. Today they collect signal Exxon and Sunday night games as though you always get a good game. I'm telling you gonna move out. Is there anybody more entertaining to Rome. I mean everybody thinks they may think you're doing it by. You know when he's funny nose screwed. And where it. You do the wounds are not and they Tony Romo does. A it is going to be on the left I did the right side because you don't he has problems are yeah sorry I couldn't. A lot a lot of whose. By the way along who works is one of our sales assistants alana she is much better hot takes about sports an idea. He's been a joke. She should be on the show I just politics hey I just went politics and sports are in it now can outwit ninja mode on earlier today. The door was closed I win in a note it's. God. She is so scary. It's frightening. And in a problem she tried to drink all of the poor water. At the picnic. All of the lake water. I was like I to a year ago those things you can forget it. Because she says she could she give you Bordeaux Lleyton yeah. A wake boarding did so legally poured in they get fired like the next day resembling that. No I'm pretty sure the stolen or Soto went wake boarding and then like two days later fired. I don't remember who was I think somebody's at how many times has a bag match and that he used to play football. During a bright kid I it's god it's just a maximum that a problem not watching it Joseph Torre stick out my college football I'm going to be this. Summit on the boring tilt toward metric console already flood zone between. I don't know that victory go back please again did anybody were seven other networks in my Patrick a retirement. No. Mike Patrick doesn't have the voice though we 8 PM. Those morals like this guys that are good for God's love your guys that are great for the pros. Right in the hey hey hey Jay Cutler should replace glued on and I can imagine how about Hillary. I think was your Walsh I don't care I think his personality. Is a lot different tests yet smoke. A satellite. But I think this redundant and it is planet packing. True. Totally back tomorrow. You be happier. Markets. Roddy. So marble.