3-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Robbie asks Tobin why he didn’t take a comp day to watch the tournament later in the week.  The guys discuss whether they are fans of daylight savings. Beast is “thrilled” the Dolphins approach to free agency so far. The Fins “culture change” and state of the team is also the seriously questioned. Tobin points out that many of Adam Gase’s successful players in Miami were ones he stumbled upon. Leroy thinks teams should be more honest with where they stand on players. Tobin and Leroy also ream Beast for calling himself a “giver.” Beast retaliates by saying he’s being sandbagged. Johnny football is compared to Baker Mayfield. If Lamar Jackson gets drafted by Tobin’s Jags, he’s going to be doing all kinds of celebrating. A great debate is started, Cub scouts or the Dolphins scouts? Leroy maintains his stance on the Browns draft mindset.


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at best Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. Everybody. And yes there was rough. Testicular Robbie. No no the boy is a good look at the boys again I had to I had so that you fix my roof. We will update in the old structure of the outside an old house them. And rest hello I was gonna fix just and I had a comp day Myron against me get this done today. Does it it has sat around my house all day with people drilling it was torture. I've diversity or do you sit outside or inside inside and outside. Thanks well the wildlife outside the net figure like you'd go chase you want to or something so maybe edit content that you can use and either Thursday or Friday to watch basketball the business. Now and could do that he's not a degenerate like you Robbie. But the way. Am Friday. You get up in the morning. His basketball one bowl. I ran into it's a gamble my so called wolf the last wouldn't last game so urgently temp 4011 o'clock. Yeah in the last game is scheduled for 97 but probably certain little later to swarm of action. Imagine if we were lived on the West Coast 9 AM hoops huh. And we we are talking about it the daylight savings they music in the state of Florida wants him yet that would keep it. Yeah around get the hell out of here on a four man it's messing up the mess up my equilibrium realize they don't walk into the kitchen only get seven. What you gotta get to sleep pay my Monday Night Football is gonna come on at ten. Now that's gonna happen yet suck that Rick's got. A good. Guess what. I'm open historic and who cares what time. All with you I don't care about the getting out its its it's staying life. What. It's daylight there. MI AH overrated. You he. At that time here's the thing though is if you live up in Boston right. Or in the northeast Maine to New England whatever and it's in the winter Sergey target for. It messes with you depress you all my guy plays together receiver. And Al Pacino movie where Robin Williams whereas the Psycho. Needs couldn't sleep. There's obvious you know is courted gotten a spoiler to commit some crimes and so messes with Al Pacino as Gil and take any sleep. I just never sauce being daylight and now in Alaska just gets the warped mind distillate. Duct tape is room. Wild anyway to every jets were a thousand bucks the man gave money counts as a movie it's not a movies given how Hilary Swank and there uh oh. Check it out. Politicized blanket. Text blanket BLA and KET to 78 it won veto this time we have another chance in the top the next hours and not to contest doesn't matter it's may have lied don't text and drive. But a lot of things out of NFL free agency the dolphins make it moves he says boy your headlines hopefully. Speaks WE XY and South Miami and don't USF XPH TH O'Meara are. I just. I got up this morning and I saw the like the million Adam chef your tweets shift. In those like brought all the teams are regulars were the dolphins. Real yeah a thousands thunder and and does this problem and the rule of the apes just. Make you move don't need you gotta make got to make a move. Global golf. Global book. What he got Robby won at Talbots are resigning Walt eighteen year. And special teams. So there you go beats. Stay may be deemed special teams. What what do you think they should make a deal for would have been suckered in they actually meet. The last dolphin was the last dolphin these applicants who created to be just a whole moron dumb Gibson until the dolphins did it. Don't do that but he did his job. It is his job and then one playoff season in the including Internet is that it is not as well feeling good key problem. Him I don't know who. Don't know what is the last. Free agent that worked out for the dolphins we're just whose home run Ted Pennington. Chad Pennington. I again as. It got released from the jets could. Aren't took over a make register at its own. All right guys got some adults did make a move already Albert Wilson signs a three year and will sign a three year deal worth 24 million dollars. Spa he sourced media that is. An undrafted free agent out of Georgia State his best year last year. He comes at value and I guess that's the most important thing out there he's gonna make Catholic Sammy Watkins in the rest receivers and making good week for Georgia State. And the tournament and it's Al Wilson gets the deal was semester. They're the peppers or there. I know are easy pairs of a freak freak out right. Case Keenan with the Broncos got Alan Robinson with the bears Hummer. Guard Andrew nor will the jaguars are you stoked about that you are celebrated huge payday. These cigar never gonna watch him who caters no you need to watch and I'm not gonna want some big garden the history that tell you they a lot of veterans of that nonsense heated in the letter Verdasco had big runs or is. Gonna be looked at nor well although Leisle keys get the portals blown up and then I don't even know that's doing about job my Sammy Watkins to the chiefs three years a 48 to sixteen year. Passed each burgers it was her. Lets the Drew Brees three outs when the saints. Poll that was out there cool. The Eagles. And that Cisco but to tackle star not a threat the threat alive resides including none Wilson yeah that's natural as loading and unloading I was still playing you don't play is on now. One year deal who is. Putting party goes to the to the bears bar traumas and kicker Trey Burton parking blunder Trey Burton goes to the bears. This extra risky is locking into a good team. Now looking into the meat that's what happened you this is what's most avid yet terrible. You get rid of everybody. And then use war with free agents. And then you keep drafting and the in the big one that just happened is that Kirk cousins. Will most likely sign a fully guaranteed. She. Will most likely sign a fully guaranteed deal with a slight peace question he can right now. If you have a choice. Three year 84 million fully which means nothing no bullying does Garrett C let me ask you questions does the optics. If if if you sign a five year deal. 415. Where 84 million guaranteed what's the difference because. To have the entirety of your deal or it doesn't matter because that might be a jealous because we believe we as an adult because you know fully guaranteed deals no. That's in his house Doug Baldwin and me hero. What I thought was strong Carson went certitude in the NFL's crazy for years. As long as that Meehan told me having this conversation and I have said they should make you shorter. You might I did as much money would have more guarantee. Like that this Steele plays completely changed the landscape of the NFL Ndamukong studios phony baloney it was in response to sixty million dollars that is guaranteed money and then they cut. What's the difference it's just stop and bluff and quite frankly I wish they would do this so be a lot easier for us to figure I don't know why here's what I had. You have two years. You won't be able to sign. A whole bunch of guys. You know also you have to be. Pretty good at what you do and offseason. Because if you can give a two or three year guarantee contract. And should have barred rules. Our rights are burned right. So bet if you asked the guy. Portion of the money that you can. You can give him or you could pay you with don't over the cap. I was keep going on Leon headlines the local basketball and hockey team or off tonight after losing last night problem. Not and a rental buzz saw a man like what can you do that team that I can't believe hug the blazers are. They relive that even seen the Shah they were crazy were. Even sing and dance and I give would not want to condense on YouTube I'd give that I just did you do get Winslow credit for effort last night. On any played really good defense any any. Held them in a lot of ways but then there was also a lot of for the rally he got he got the lead down three at some point the fourth quarter largely because of winds. Winslow that god and the three in the got to 6 am was I don't know that was during last night listen what about foul trouble so he played had the door and there was one who's actuary at like three chances at a putback and missed he. He played the game than him because he didn't want to get out throw or you could also he got a spot with like a minute it happened game. They have a good squad man policy I want to see them against the rockets policy mats that backcourt against the rocket why not against. Golden State you know it gets closer to but I like Alec the united and is you know I get to see you've got to see him give Golden State or. By the way it was not the only wanted to re you ready for Shabazz Napier to miss every shot a score some Shabazz Napier stunk here. Swing swindle draft pick by that rat LeBron James. We have to playing games tonight L Liu Brooklyn against Radford W relate that same thought of UCLA. Let's get the playing game. And a big school to pull. Needed to do all the way to do it now it's the last four conference champions are the sixteenth seeds they get a playing game and in the last four at large teams to get into the tournament. There are Bernal Levitt's he but the playing and playing game gets an eleventh seed in the bonnies. Yet sees its sixteen team format now and 64 and build that he had no no business and Shabazz naked in the draft probably still pulled off because this is a rat bastard LeBron James told goes out there is that. Well senator play and the job what they don't know cap space Jesus I guess what LeBron. I deliver your fair play and stuff like that's a sweet pat but I'm gonna tell caucus on the side with you and peace out cub scout. He's out of Scott yeah. And this is Stephen A Smith's going on first take Tuesday saint Riley if you wants LeBron James Beck's got some humble pie. Hell out of here he's got to eat humble pie. Does that if you if you set set us all down at a at a at a at a king's table. And he and rallies tion to the browns and what do they say every day always seven Hubble I did riles rob gets up and walks out the one walks at a dinner. He throws a humble polite some space get the hell out it was hobbled by its it is like nasty shepherd's pie. Election on. Meat pie. From that slip let me be the first since agency is it is really Boston. May be the first to sentenced to. Welcome. And I. Lou yes of course wasn't planning and get an answer questions. Did at any port side yesterday. Did you wanna fire off to a team ready heartache and there was nowhere near when cameras in there. Twitter like I feel like as Italy I was able to get my must fill. I had the dolphin hunting acres dissident. Couple fastballs. To do. At the workers. It's funny man. It's a break. The dolphins culture change convinced it's on its biggest crock. To it's it's the biggest. Good load they're unaudited Arlen initial armada thug aero I mean just the right audience Armond. Exposed to ladies they elect and I'll feel like when no way and the dolphins when these guys were on the front lines were were today. Com on a look at them like. It looks to me they're putting up numbers. And it exposed their delegates is let's be all the positions once he Bugs Bunny. You know what's going on locker room. Two gadget guys that it got a good student cancers and here's the thing there's a thing about this. You had Tom Brady this year. Actually take out her hedge clippers and cashed in his coach. It didn't matter on on it for the patriots he threw for five on the in the suitable. Would they get hair and it was deemed reliable but he cares if they're meet. Meet first. The contract stink US thinks it should be me first. What the guy out to Adam Yates. It goes with those guys cross eyed stink face 60. No sir. This culture change nonsense next. Looks back over Friday's take you back together. And seeing it now culture club is on my bucket list. And a adding get to see who they are now put uncle to change clubbed. I think we're seeing that that the W band I. Cultured to influence money at engaged in drag and my kids may I tried to. I tried to log in to the ticket bracket challenge the and it's it's got some steps I'll I'll do it for him. If some steps I listen listen everyone needs to play. To a piece of stereo because I will tell you this if you do win a the ten person man came which is the what do grand prize winner wins. I would go to tell you legally the you have to pay the security at the stripper and a discount. It is awesome in your bay into the one debut at are there to the to a BX day the man came at the one in Davie. I wanna live there impressive. Very aren't we should go over their checking out acorn did you let us to do a show double check it out. Sort some some some round two next week yet to next week when brings us medicate Medicaid due up next it will be this critics team. Ron do besides advisory nevermind. This week and a week final four. Championship game I'm also trying to arrange for us to below the top of the struts up front about it on that side. It. Jade giant thinks about this culture change that's going on right now apple like. Yes but what out there and they're like yeah the stage I didn't didn't I did like when he didn't get the of the carries that he should have. All looked about like culture change. This guy's laughing all the way where he's like I was and Jimmy Kimmel starts this year. A national dole loses as a mother pleaded champion and these guys are squabbling over culture change. I have an untidy hair and with the dolphins in the culture change every every time every two or three years it's illegals through some shift. Whether it's Joseph Philbin or the the the love triangle between him upon day and Jeff Ireland whether it's that debt is taking your hand you look a blip on the radar Dennis that you. On with your use of elegant couple months. Like a like a fart in the wind just. Off although local. Global public sees it or lose. A little more time. Struggles real for you Paul Richardson five years forty million dollar regrets it's. Who. While rich is on the Seahawks last year's wide receiver. That you would be a comedian Paul Richardson now. A picnic games and the song from every. Just the ones at the red check mark. And basically if you want us out of you got a lot all the boxes yet you what if you want to be in the hoops hysteria which I urge to do because like I said the bank is awesome you also decide laterally and up and check every box. What you saw some broad enough and costs so and you get to follow Robbie DeGeneres. And eyebrow. It's already in. Understand like they're gonna come out here and they're gonna try and spin you on anything with the dominant like they're gonna tell you a guess of dominance it was the greatest team made of all time. They would have been 26 million dollars. The fear that led to believe here's what you have to learn to stay. I always question. He would that do things based on the optics. Vs Rea. It's easier. To say. We want to clean up the culture. Vs we're being cheap and yeah everybody understands. That's the nature of ball. They don't want to let you. Determine for yourself so. This morning I was on with a radio station in like enables a four Myers whatever they had me on for belt tot takes they must've been really desperate and and put it make you boys again sounds a lot like to tally with the Eagles. Like Miley and highway. A culture we live in a certain way and hell on that last and then he left and then they want to seemingly like. Adam gays is guys like who were his guys Jay Cutler and Julius Thomas and Hendrick. They stink man continued stepping on his side of it and this guy he felt as it was it don't just need that I was every inch closer look right for out of that. This guy's the best player. It's got its last throws and reports about the way the Broncos hold onto one games of the dolphins say he's not on the market. So that's good for them. Or dollars and middle of John James and he also second go bag tips and news out the door and a just ready sit back relax. Don't know certainly lives not making excuses for losing bubble gum leaves you good to know I just knew how to shape. Why did this white. You know all the nonsense. Just wait till after the draft me and see what team is going to be. And then go from there have you always recruit the scene they don't wanna invest in the money on guys sit on the it's ranked fourth with that I have read if we've come to the conclusion. The court guys on this team are good enough which they clearly aren't the majors are still won't be your ass every single year in the division. All right so is it blow up time is it isn't completely top to eradicate everything she added that's the case you haven't did it with Victor may feel tonight the draft and I. Is that is that or go what it looks like he's you're trying to get as much salary cap space as possible so you can add as much as possible but you're really not to be adding starters can be adding like pieces. To Philly and so that hopefully later on you can. You know Adams dollars and doesn't seem like. If we're Harry if you're talking a year ago we were doing the shows. All this franchise talk about is how much they love the fabric of everybody here and that they thought they've established 88 they have the winning tradition here. You know we're gonna invest in our own guys were investing Kenny stills and Kiko Alonso and and it seemed that a dollar consumers turn it around you know the attitude in Rensselaer. Or appease all decision Duffy were Jay Cutler was our quarterback Zach is he you know this reeks of gates wanted to put his foot. On French okay well you. I'm all for your own corporate and I'm all about their. Jobs went for bogey there and whether it's your guys and other guys if they can help. You win got to use. Now. That being sick correct. Decisions that have been made. So far. When G you can't you can't pay Jarvis that much more and Hud or EB finally ended with an engine point six million. We expect guys doing his job. Doing exactly what you need him to do and you can't I'm 26 million if you defense is that bad I agree with that so yeah. Soon too sure but why them why on the way out do you do it adds weight to get a story about culture chain bridge that's that's my point lead that's. You don't have them make a situation that everybody I'm just aliens. You don't have to try to make some good spin job. As more Christ I have this. Donut hole or didn't. And to be honest would you like spice she's due in the media for their appeal has been more honest. With the fans. A year ago. I'm talking about the media. If you talking about the dolphins do us. If people have been more honest wit the Dolph with dolphins fans. Already know. That slot receiver get 860 million dollars on a good team. An owner. So if it if the ire is demanding that. This new idea in the future this finger and M well I'm just. Yes but. Then that is what it is they don't come out the stories about hey why why does he obviously Angie that was. You know freelance to all the time didn't necessarily get along with coach did the at all. That's all I'll sprinkles on top man that's not that's not the ice and Sunday that's how it comes down to and so. That's just the thing I find bothersome at this it's like OK. It's it's Buddhist culture or his stamp on the team might be said. Money when he had his little tantrum on the podium and he did that they went to a seven. On cue the top action just I'm waiting for you destroy the guy. But that. Does it out of the topics on the third one. Just don't when where and when your homeland and only LeRoy how did you feel about getting cut by Belichick. I didn't hear ya I wanna noted that starts yeah. Cuts expire. Altec Cutler. The Obama. Global blah. What this is an NFL labor does does have a new dual locally down here. Bruce brown will be dressing on that on Thursday night I'm gonna play a Thursday but it did time you know he's dressing for Thursday. There are not saying whether he's going to play and play it it says here he won't play in the opening round but the mind you ticket one day and time. In my head I got my ears to the streets. Released its stock and street to talk this idea since a times and beat LeRoy gets his point and we talk it out. If you agree not at a higher than I have are due in both you lucky adults say we'll talk about any. When that happened and yet it actually can can feel legs. You don't hear a dam break now it's not quite as ridiculous appoint as beast was making before the show today. Get a break. Yeah I don't come around to eight. Notebook. All about list is out here. Just. What we have the goal to put a Wii well it really crazy right up against it how about that. It's not talking about and it can't be real just people. Being selfless answer. And only going to bug himself correct. There are still. Not well. I would never hit a decent. I am a giver giver to which totally looked at me. Started to return to me out of it out of the middle and stuff. Like what are. We're gonna build out of probably it didn't it's just that he said only giver it's like. Don't know the real me. It I'll give. Real friends talk of the people that really know me know Brian you so yes it's not all social media ass kicking empty vapid. It have a libel law that yes I have rips right. Do. You record everything now so I don't understand where these little pockets of windows there's guys a lot of times there's got to Donnie. I have real friends. I am a I'm involved like charitable work. I'm the person that you think and I give her I am a dimmer you're giver I'm a dimmer pop not a taker really a giver. Question yeah. I just didn't notice out. Because you Syrian. Make it and actually. Though it's true. Not many in London. If you try yeah with the building vouch for that. Sure. It may not be an ass A cute kids. Thank you leg you you want if an affront to Colin not a lot of really want a friend in the building right. I've friends don't want you certainly don't like you have a lot of friends works stuff. Richard are selling those who can hopefully they'll let me anyway this is the best excimer. Can you fully fill your legs now LeRoy you should see a doctor there's still on this. Content you have on the thanks for the medical advice I got to. They join the ticket. Basketball. Next Saturday the twentieth for the quality and a bit there yeah a lot of other brought about you dot com and use the promo code ticket. Through parliament time to get discount tickets why there's there's also the super VIP experience which includes pay me great with the bands like this. Yeah. It. We have to meet that matter really cool storm Debby also includes free dregs. They don't want to miss more than two tons of crawfish and genuine New Orleans food and spirit that brought about street. March 24 at snacks out of Obama to be gem theater budget by and seven idea at them before three HD to the ticket. We're just live streaming during the break of beasts. OK so alleged you know what those places turn an army because it. Listen. To it no no let it go now just wait. So I get an invitation. For something I don't even though some training some corporate training thing I have to do. So a lot to the bosses novels that's what the heck this is an easily our haven't we have a new system to do this XYZ whatever so a lot of the Mossad loves easily pay next week. We wanna do you a ratings test to see what the show would do without you want so if you could just. If you could. Come to expand. And Hindus do errands for me I think would be good now told an awful next week's though right to a two week after so Marty down in the dumps like at ten. I come back in here every little pissed all of the balls everyone else's building this is it decided. To bully ball overeat and you guys are so agony cart about agony on the social media could have dreamed about how I'm lying that I would never say it sandbagging would be doing it behind your back and you're street. Just repeating what we said to Uga it's not like Korean says. There. The great and I let you be quiet I was actually wondering if you are the least giving person on the station. No I we know that is little glue glue well no I don't know you tell me no no no AJ you know. I'll tell you outs and we'll tell you have guts. Know you have guts have got some bird there'll be no. No it's no. A man says of the dolphins right now there in the in the midst of making moves. And put in there at the Stella bigs they argue baker mayfield today which I think had a lot of dolphins fans excited. Because it's these new this new and shiny. Look put his stamp on this thing. Stamp on this thing is present were at this point. If you're Eric clear clear the decks. And get in ending clean house to Garrity of yeah yeah yeah yeah a fat contracts. Yet be either you wanna go the other movie is what you want people look over here leader this is the movement of front offices. A culture change and you know it's piece of good judgment and I think new quarterback. That's that's ago that it it's and David Blaine hocus tell you when you played quarterback a game you know what else they'd play would play coaching game. Yeah on that's that's that's the loop but that's also by it's it's it's like a bye week for coach. So when he gives Bryant had a hell this last year that's like all right I get one more year because now baker time shake and bake. That's outs and ago. Violators extra pressure from the dolphins take a quarter because buffalo moved up only the twelve of the tea cornerback. It's quite possible they commit to could be the division with buffalo. What will wait better off all the quarterbacks. Tellme which one's the best. Why do you keep doing that you know we can't tell you that big because most drafts reportedly get 45 quarterbacks. There isn't definitive one or two and then they may want to get your I don't let it Selig Donald going to be war. Selig Don is going to be one. And I would think that because of the measurable I would say damn big is gonna go of the of those four. Omar deductions are talking about late in the draft or like how their careers pan out. Let's say who's the bad I'm just telling you who's gonna go first he's asking who's gonna be the best quarterback I don't know that I don't think either so why is like. But gee do you understand how football works. If you see an oblong ball no if you see. A guy like acre mayfield come in out. Are you terrified that the last guiding came out similar to him. Didn't do so well done and short. No just overall the same type of what I hear you know it meant I don't know do you you're gonna watch bigamy feud that I remember watching what I. John immense though not. Yeah he'll start his body doesn't feel well let's diamonds I thought like minister looks like a hit amongst men and ultimately feel that watch him bigger mayfield to okay short. I don't know. Watching John and Intel and and genuinely fearing for his how I would if I told you Lamar Jackson was the best quarterback some people think he's the best quarterback played a bit all of this thing to a professional. Offense looked. As far as difficulty in heaven to make reads it's as Mark Jackson was. Head to do more and call Tuesday right now if he falsely not only that or take him. That's that's a no man's stance in the Tobin household. All the hot I mean we all are now let's situations where we waive the no brains is what just happened. To tell you right now. It's Lamar Jackson yes balls to the jaguars a 29. No payments to its okay. You Jose has signed a release portal you're not taking a quarterback and did just did. It for small that's the most. Phony baloney deal ever seen in my life did you just it would happen in Chicago. There pace so he does know to no neck guy. Right yeah well you name Glendon. Michael and mentally to Arizona and all we look at the draft and they drive the midst too risky there's still Lincoln Michael and that's still going on that is gonna Antonia. An official Mark Jackson. Jack were draft him. No pain stance. That's bad would that dolphins draft. Also would you do no chance to answer that happenstance. This would not. Well we would be exactly what does to be public morals what I can't stand for a chance stance. I'll probably go Scioscia while men balance where we're where Gary element your latest. As the president. That was it. Not about the bidders fell off his scooter or that was debts though Ron Hunter did a couple of years ago toward killings. Margin hundred that is out of the best ever again. I had the shot he falls off the scooter is those. It is what I love about text. Area. We get. And I must. Laughs well a lot so this LeRoy says if you don't know which quarterback is better and don't take any. We have filed luck how about teams have scouts whose job it is to research that. That is true they dips out on a sideline you definitely don't of scout deathly interest these doubts. Isn't wrong seems to have scouts. And get to the point where I'd rather have the cub scouts and golf. Polled just lend. Let me just sit here what's second or why goal. You put some of the workings of somebody's out. In somebody's GM select employers in mean hot dogs in the as the skaters the scouts were the two years ago they're scouting work woods. Hey let me tell us when gas mask he's really good thank god he's gonna follow us. That's where they did. I. Homo and. But well here's what I said. This to laugh out loud. I sit bits usually hasn't left and that if you have. The fourth pick in the draft like the browns do. And you are not positive. Should treat who is gonna be. The best of those quarterbacks. Didn't make sure you get sick Lombard yet one. Did you can trade down in end. Of one of those quarterbacks because new album is really stuck rated himself. Himself from buffalo. But his is is the troubled about it like where we're saying that we don't think that note that either one of them a sub brands of doesn't mean that another organization doesn't think that doesn't mean and I I'm not. I am speaking on behalf of the Brit notes as far as they had two X. Are you willing to take cornerback first so say Sam dark no lead is now saying don't the best quarterback now. You take given who's running back. Most. No he. You take a bit because there's four or five quarterbacks. Get one you want you still can get one well that was my. Was. Do you feel like that there's a risk of somebody in a trade up with new Yorker Indy. You're gonna miss out on the anyway the first. Or do yoga and end up with one of the quarterbacks that's all I was like if if they'd just sick on first. If that got him first radler either one of the teams out than taking Donald or quarterback. Went wrong because it looks completely awry but. Yeah I know text I don't know. It takes them dharma guessing you can end up with. You're not gonna end it was sequel bore. Because the giants are gonna take what is the scenario now yesterday buffalo moved up from 21 at twelve and also the 22 pick in the trapped. Buffalo can move up to twelve and 22. Give it to Cleveland and give a third in the discuss the Tyrod Taylor gave Cleveland a third round pick back move to number four. And the twelve and 22 and you visited a tyrant who for pre and at home in a heartbeat. I would do an RB. It argued because your bread. You really bad than bush you were you a little slower than you won't have a one game and a year yet. So you you would need lawyers are you be going over two years. You are. You need to pick on 31 over two years does matter tomorrow. Hudson in a way to re thirteen and up on like that's the record. That is the worst to your doctor it's hot to be right when he could tell from over the Internet. About the tip of the bay Bucs. No they didn't go. I drove it only sixteen and and they went to a fourteen the next years so that's about really since that one that it's only one better a matter. Yeah what about those bucks deal for box and they go for. You know if if it was on fourteen in those who have yet to own fourteenth that it all fortunate. Yet don't owe fourteen their first year you can hears God's jet sort of thousand must come out and about ten or liberties and it. If they'd be. Execution yet is it what do you think why do you you said yes I'm Paul among filed a ball at. I did says without muscular about not ten minutes. What they've meant gave money contest signature headlines all the updates are principles do boxed and up next hour.