3-13-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, March 13th

Tobin airs his frustrations with someone who wasn’t happy about his rant on Tyson Fury and talks about the new insult he got thrown his way. Robbie has a hot take about St. Patrick’s Day being a terrible Holiday. Beast and Leroy disagree whether Kirk Cousins’ new contract is ridiculous, then Leroy gets distracted by a rattlesnake on TV. The Heat unfortunately ran into the Blazers who are unstoppable right now. A Hippo fight forces the guys to go to break. The Dolphins found their new slot receiver. The guys also go over the doombox games on this Tuesday March Madness special.


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But it actually is to do with the other thing is just another muscular and a couple minutes. I've set hooligans or against. You're not pleased many of the day you want to send you random thing. That's does do in this it's a fight mysterious and is that I am right hand to get. I was talking and I was gone a little rant about this Tyson's fury. Of the president Gerry talks a big game. You know is they don't lose weight will be glad count the rings. They're like OK great and so is that where the fans wanted to face at all the fans overwhelmingly polls numbers have come back there on by Shannon Briggs. And so I'll let this this this way securitized and fury. He just thinks that you just string along everybody keep gassing or we won't interface or you'll face. They keep tell them the same answer. Sucked the wind here. And so I put this little this little clip out. And she and retreats it obviously. And I got this this this Q and who's upset with me called beyond professional because they call of awake here. It's like you lost me not to be watching your clips anymore. Because you called blank here. It. And a city isn't going to what do you do about it yes but what we set. If you're gonna be if it in the early you'll understand what waking us. I yes we're all familiar white king is when you go out there and you keep stringing people along giving the old you know what right. But when you don't mean to say say to meet me to say don't deal well and so this guy goes. Typical on educated. Unprofessional. Yeah anchor. You would. They hit us and you'll you'll think which apparently I had the good news of an urban dictionary. Is they lend between the Yankee and a weicker so you're an American winter my editor. I was I was shocked at some you know odds it's it's so that when you get into insult thrown. Oh yeah look it up to see would it mean. We'll be offended and or even know about what. You know check in get back to you know and the thing that upsets me noticed a more from British culture itself flow of the make. And this guy's gonna go out and Lennox Lewis live here. Let's hear what it did do for South Florida and the British culture. He's an actual rain. I'd so is that it simulate. What's really has lived here as one of those places. Double from Bristol to the mean let's be honest. I got everybody on the I don't know this guy go out there called me yank your. It meant present Jerry has a swagger and you need to get your priorities straight onto the real champions in your country. Item British and claim Brad he's a Gypsy. Just travel all around to go to is much fluids and blood sausage I mean. Tips yeah exactly and those souls and Alia I still think men and good for the in the fair amount to overcome no good parties not Gypsies other Gypsies travel. Little. Is it just seems I notre McCarty and I'm Gypsies I promise you he's more familiar with terms and Carl did you. In your I'll be little Boston here we of colonels to help out like down here how Boston was the poster as any guys from the French. Those so possibly in the top kill fan and console fear to get off the cut at the Irish vests. What TAT and the Irish slugfest. We got Sean Irish oak pollen we as anybody in Boston they add. Look if you if you're Boston and your boxer all respect to you but can take another nickname aside Irish. We Irish Mickey want we got shot Irish joke come. Irish oak flat. There's other ads out there yeah it looked to Irish. Nun you know. He didn't and obviously that's what a thousand bucks in the mid game of the kindness toward this hour is audio. Audio text at the 7081. Audio seven to anyone feel when they stymied a chance at the near the top next time be sports Liasson national got this message doubters may apply don't text and drive it headlines. DJ do meaning. He speaks WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. What's what was the rain and TJ do they mean that's the guys. Oh against. I was GAAP. Do Haiti sounds Irish yet. But Lewis at Patrick's day. The worst holiday of the year for seven years it's more so here. Well why is that we go to falls on the Thursday through Sunday if it conflicts with March Madness and you all sports bars are really bad down here. No and even games on currency Patrick's day of that shooting well the YouTube will be too drunk or exports have for you. At that I was more conservative green but like that what's on the true TVs on the TV. Any other articulate to get out there is not as bad as it was last two on Friday and the World Baseball Classic and he'd action. So this is on a Saturday not as bad. And I I I mean. I don't do that but like if you smoke right were you as worried about a over the next five days solid there's a good chance. That I don't know we got one or eight. We got Memorial Day. Oh no. You get to tomorrow tomorrow's a normal thing and then Thursday and we want to put anybody does have a dude it's just are on the board on Thursday you'd be okay our amendments a few breaks. Mentally multiple times in the back. Okay. We're having panic and you're dead into the girl the studio. Oh my whole it was in Austin and a lot of a lot of K mile an erotic for about the show I had to be started light. Yeah. We are in the legal temporary period. Yeah good cook up a book. Like make you feel even more awkward I was after the break. He. I news classic. Hilarious. Until August into the headlines dolphins started off. Early this morning in the NFL legal tampering not quite free agency that sort of free agency starts tomorrow period. With Albert Wilson. Son of three year deal with the dolphins three years 24 million a million a year he's 59. 200 pounds from the chiefs he's fast. You know. It happens there chair makes up for our drivers lenders that just. You know make a germs they do sketches. Damn tired a bit easier culture guy Brett salads available he just got released. It we start to write 33 it'll. Like he was like god have been intense I go to is keen on going to the Broncos. While they need to get turned back into it. Did you know before last year he wasn't that good Ray Allen Robert Robinson go into the batter's. As his former now know former dolphins kicker Cody party going to the bears. Are also is. Was against the entry burden the former Gator that tied and slash quarterback going to the bears. The Panthers signed guard a former Penn whose guard Andrew nor well go to the jaguars. To be the highest paid guard in NFL history. Let's day. If you are the jaguars are. Dilemma for Natalie can go continued I got to be who said he want Putin's go into the chiefs. 161000001. Years. Three year 48000016. Million a year. Not for. OK you know several what is game changer I've Ellis is also always gonna miss half the season. Always yet he is always hurt he erotica he had as a four catches for 150 yards allowed a one catch for two yards seasonally. Really down drummer injury signs with the saints polluting not is going to the Eagles. Kirk cousins. Is set to sign a read on keyless dealer ridiculous. It's re don't you not ridiculous three years 84 million fully guaranteed deal with the vikings and gains to land let me ask you NFL from here on is that any different. There Matthew Stafford get 92 million guarantee. Don't try to trick it was your semantics. With a disorder is. Hitters if you're guaranteed money why did you rig contract shorting guaranteed money Paul Posluszny is retiring. I don't linebacker with a younger and now to politics in the son of forty the five year forty million dollar deal with the Redskins. You were up to date on NFL free agency boom Keaton Panthers are broke both off tonight. And now we've got plain action LU and rat oh at 640. And it's at the Bonaventure saint the bodies of saint Bonaventure body is is that arousal and I intend. I'd. With. You yeah yeah. I don't it is easy on of the science program he has the students. The rattlesnake had his beat is even the constrict a beast. That's not supposed to happen that's not nature but there rattle snake head. All conference that is tremendously scary about implementing a mime in a coming as NC. Scary is so crazy I like about four that man I'm not the snake got to question I don't start any thing all. But I'll. It was Robert needing to remove Vanilla frosting this morning I don't know man don't pay attention to the Vanilla frosting all over this composure while he can't see him. What he's eating because he's only did it because there was no frost who follows keyboard and I'd just got it on my sleeve and I didn't eat anything with no frost and lately. So to task and really for friends mean well. Your give. I never give her yet. I'd like to give the support. That is via spin rate is he gonna get derailed us now that Damian Miller he was amazing. And they came shortly. That was a lose a game you're going to anyway that's the hottest team in the NBA right now. Day they won ten straight they've put themselves in the foot in the three spot in the western generally anybody and nobody would ever thought that at San Antonio falling out of the playoffs. That's that is incredibly above richer and I. First I don't know twenty years like could be coming back but we're not quite sure wouldn't be so they weren't and play probably 96. Yeah. Pretty dark and when when the 22 years. She is that's wilder as any team on numerous Mecca of Iran. Even doing this the playoffs. Oh yeah here at the dolphins went to a unified younger. Is there any in any sport that kind of Iran now. Got to go adultery for remember eighteen make the playoffs. So that those same as every small part of your Tuesday at baseball if while. It's not like ours is 97 whispers to come race are you basketball football six and global. About multiple sixteen and a boss who. And if it is it bulbs twelfth six of these companies is to reach out and put them please. Now has two teams in the first round bye. But yet but you can't they make me he's playoffs. Limit the west play them homelessness and condominiums sold only about. Ted it is only three spots per tourney team that they could get an attic when the division what you want the two wild card spots the Portland Trail Blazers made of the playoffs for 21 seasons straight from 83 to 2003. Grew. While I was incredibly does that mean he was it and everything in the heat they really did a great job to come back into the game after getting off to a rough start by. I mean that it really doesn't miss a exposing him as easily is I don't know there's a good plan at a high level right now and Amy Willard and this ad B he raises pretty much and stop its gonna be James Harden. Maybe you could sprinkle in some Anthony Davis with how he's gotten the pelicans back into the playoff race he what we dozens gone down. But I don't they anybody's gonna cry from James Harden. But Damian Willard is he he's in he's really awesome and I can't wait to see them in a playoff matchup because. But the two scores they got and markets that the got a lot of skill that team man lot of Stillman a team like blood. It has mortgages. The heat is a bully is ready yet he beat out. That if this and it required him outside the may be looked on all. But just with the continue to play well yesterday which is good to see he really does that looting and ride it. No none I just use use don't know big stops there it blocks the rim like he was he was the catalyst to getting them back in that game. No out of the way to the public eye fell asleep after do. First quarter. No it is going to be existing game. Any loss of sixty. That. It poured on late that they the public comebacks are the got a story. Then pleased are pulled away again in the they got to six so it was uphill fight the entire time not as currency like they were completely. And it but once they got once they got to the point. Mean Willard to mess gonna miss it and just some just some shots and that is looking to. Yeah I mean I do have a nice 12 points. Eight straight loss for the other way on the road. Hope that you jamaat Sacramento I mean it's tough. And as the teams of the rulers against them the rumors of oysters is it's on the road to revenge scheme. You little better than those at home. Despite allowing it Robin idea that stupid stupid NBA rules in which like twelve hours for the game starts to put spread out their. Come on secularism plated you don't play like it to be is red by the way yesterday SG and a columnist had known without for the heat. Yeah yesterday espn.com. Said no one was injured for the heat even though we knew all they that wait what's that place but ESPN. Failed to care. Moderates who have been word of his way to hamstring thing not just with the injury. Andrea. I've just 'cause of the injury because. And swing not now playing and we were really happy about wade you know getting in this quote unquote heat shape. And now he's on the sidelines of these trying to yield an injury in. I just worry about how those those injuries. Go with the older Fella. In now. I'm not quite as well that's what I've played it conservatively and he's not he's sitting out couple games. Light meter fee or younger and spry he'd try to give it a go of it but then. With him not playing basketball. Is India is getting a little bit longer for the old enough to crank up the engine. You rattled that he's gives it right into my doors you sure yet how did some Democrat back in British I got science have no idea what signers say right now science no I don't think this is how he knew after the all star break. You can find. So luckily there illegally golf they're practicing like MSU with the Pentagon doing everything lazy he's known and pay them it begins elemental if I mean. Jump. As you get older. Those blue screen the bill to snap back into action. On the and he is a viable. Sure it's not going to be like tonight by a properly. You start listening. To him. About strained muscles. You already levels yet comfortably in. Your. Coaching and about my good guy image yeah. I played a back into the jar. In the right way the next time they play no urgency sure it'll. That's all that led. Role play those sectors and every minute when your kid at a shallot stuff down. Then you and so what we do Muslims in that it hit it anywhere and any ordered her to be American and immigrant. Showed on the way to LA and and human Pinto are sharing. I Brian your ever grow enough. You're. Are you were ha you all that played well no actually I didn't really do anything now a matter of fact my kids this is no I'm not joking by kindergarten teacher one point. All my mom until the issue of where I was and make in school. All hit by let's go to break. Okay. Yeah. And yeah. Room. Brought to my Champions Tour bus floor so close it was Jeep truck and as she be customization shot. You're guaranteed to have the hottest ballclub while engaged in town called champion for about 47865023446. Good champion for a while Ford dot com sponsored by Imad Al Hayek Lopez and Martinez here's our attorneys. Call 305800 burn up and all. Road beating all pro to do that and sports medicine it's their job to get you back in the game with force upload location there's one near you go all over the PX dot com for more information. He lost yesterday. All the trailblazers star road trip. Quietly. The wily move in out. In Western Conference because if I tell you. The teams to look out for in Western Conference. We momentum slowed. You're gonna go where you know pay huge Stan yeah it's important. No but there on fire right now all in the spy ones and straight. I'm. There's just there's. It's it it's look at look at the west right now there's a global slump. Global golf balls are literally there's a lot of superstars and his millionaire team rise up between what Anthony Davis is doing what Damione Lewis doing yeah. And all of the great teachers and Tony Tony wanted to just wanna say that. You. Room Miami Dolphins or expect to sign Danny Amendola well. Well then that there's Jarvis later that that handsome devils gonna clean out South Beach. That is really clean up on south PO issuers in his career who. Things that you why he's saying that he's at the end you know why you say that. Why did he say and not Richard can now because patriots. Once only get rid of players once they're no good that is correct that's why he said dad I. Out of those and I'm pretty sure that I heard about to give Danny Amendola more credit for the is generated that he did Tom Brady. Yes a personal and yeah one like Tom Brady could run up the score man. Showing off your cut. Itself at that two month old story so don't see your boo boo. A year cumbersome time that was deep cash it wasn't him personally and his fake news. Used to watch the game you'll get little Flintstones bandied on it. Now all of a sudden it looks like he was in the Walking Dead. At camp Bradford is going to silent Arizona. Aren't. It was not a bad position it would eat in the last year with terrible quarterbacks and no David Johnson about design about position coach this year. It got to the Panthers. Merit. Bark off. Coleman not Sasha. There's sort of non who was Steve Wilkes was robbery in las the Panthers was harboring blog is gonna go to colonel. While ago Trojan. There you grew up in this community blood. The coolest. Story. Entergy idiot you can name anymore he doesn't. Somebody Texan. Danny Amendola does not to kill than some beach. He has a girlfriend. I. That's funny I. Speaking at girlfriends all my god you know doing slump buster no more. Outlet but this just Bible are my coo is on the curve has had done today. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. The same man. Element I. And all right because you you you thinking slow bluster. So Amy from above slow bus is gonna look like you're right I read a one good for him. And he's he's slipped. Like in just a board at Yost at the slate is I know he's got so and sheiks now is he where is he where bag gloves now. How can no okay the way that's when you know he's crossed over to salt. I gotta yeah there's going to be in the sex excerpt from a boat excerpt from ray Allen's book. This is discredited revenue nominee for beasts NBA character. That it was Mario charged but it may be in one. Ray Allen writes it came up this is this is his religion of the Rajon Rondo. I trust him again in the Tony 10s111 season and that team meeting Alan writes. Rondo told his teammates quote I carried all of you to the championship in 2000 and he can. Allen continued the rest of the team almost a news in responded you what's. Rhonda says everyone on the team had problem with them. When Al told him none of us have issues of view he says you did to you told me that I was the reason you're gonna be traded which issue. Which district their mission of Memphis I. This Rondo. That's okay that's a new type but the blues I knew it was Jack I didn't know he was a delusional jerk. I heard you all in 2008. Let's. Hope I saw Rondo in the sports at a commercials. When he made some nice passes some nice yeah you're right he made some nice passes and it is amazing sometimes. How and where. It is where they did in 20. I didn't examined all of dating gets into those acts. Among that to two dozen necks this unit of famous. Yeah she and is universe. Posted. An article Al Golden corn authorities just because turner died as a you can look on the menu. That you declared that he did say that and that is is albums still employed by the end game tied at the linebackers coach. Patricia if the narrow the astrophysicist. Rocket scientist. Decides you know Al Golden great but we don't want my dolphins common defense or is Unicode linebacker. That's what bridge is now just are familiar with his best he could keep him out and in the job interviews had listened Matt. Got the same. One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind but dresses like that's amazing you union Tuesday. You don't think average user is like hey man no that's bad that's not that's not your quote I'm thinking he said. You don't get to show your fired. Nobody go to Matt Patricia and show him hey he rose to the safety and and down position. Because no this has to Photoshop and actual money game and you'll see a defensive back lined up at a different county. You know that was when you get eaten in Arkansas State will do. It. Like. And number wanted to exhibit when I'm in the lawsuit when it came lawyers. And they don't say exhibit say it's like yeah we feel it was necessary to play a team that does admit he's. The judge is gonna be like. Case case dismissed and that's how normal. Nolan got a shot to state as Smith. You spout netstat Ella. I'll say it's not cents. You seem as it was the first report LeBron James was governor Miami. And he was the first to report. That he was the get go back to Cleveland. Took to listen. And you wouldn't say yesterday on first take about what he thinks about a bronze. Possible next this nation. I am going to tell you right now pay attention to the Miami back and let me tell you my it's two reasons to do whether he stays in Cleveland. All whether he goes to Miami. I this scenario involves humble pot. Deity in whether it's by Dan Gilbert. Was about that round. From the standpoint debt LeBron James is the king. He's the best player in the world where ever he goes you are immediately championship contender. And as a result look at. Pat probably not be he did anything really really brawl but India and you got a small it was a little bit pep rally. Might wanna consider argued that black and damaging to wrap it you don't get my next point and that's that you're absolutely right that's absolutely right I think that it's important to recognize the fact that. You know what even though Pat Riley. Might it might require him even a little humble pie I think it's important recognized pat Robbie it really do anything wrong I'm not sandy he eats humble himself. And it's if he's done something wrong when he was in Miami he ran the show you do it's Rican. No doubt it'll come aboard the South Beach may do you go run the showing he's all about them all sort of view. Pat Riley believes he had everything to do what LeBron become an outsider does much LeBron did which is much as. LeBron James as you now. I when he has to be in the sand and then all of listening to him via email there. I want you guys to be here's the scenario and a Mickey and Dwyane. Tricked patent to a meeting where there on a boat. And there'll room. And all the sudden. That's like hey guys great you know good season made the playoffs. Nice that Paula Dwyane. Wait a mentor the young guys thanks you know receiver you back bygones be bygones and pat we gotta we got something here for you. Oh really it's on the birth and understand. Yet our. It's LeBron James wearing a shot past. And he has a high that's as humble on. You. For a it's right in front of them. Is as we're gonna speak to the media. I'll be all mighty raised about Riley. Djibouti this humble pie. For no yeah no. No this is June of this before. Bradley is about one day. Win. Now keeper and is Mickey and there. Yes and then manager knickers that yeah. It's it's yeah everybody that room just yeah one thing you you know Google has cut that nobody you don't the last superstar. Coach or front office man he's a mobile guy. Belichick. He's a mobile violence we last year right. Owners stepped it anyone Aristotle is kind of I would like me force in the who like me force materially broccoli. Players eight. What are we to. Relatives of them do. Not get the damned full Kyra as you have this and he picks of the fork is a no. Now and and and the bronze goes so I know in the Miley is going to be like and then you Mickey says. Nobody will know what. Let us. Going to have bad pat takes the pint Roosevelt LeBron. In this space. I need to stop before. I did do a mini. Mobile. And I brought. So too much better and and they rallied knows that you never eat not them from Iraq. It's true that the dolphins a sun like bomber played to the same receivers and Mario journal fast one that wants faster ones like. The light and fast no nothing. A mask you're exhibition of speed is a lot different in my definitions B. And green and like her yet. Yeah you know we're not going to be degraded it like on Deion Sanders when you're shocked to white guys that I'll. I guess. And see attitude receivers that are less than six feet I mean. He has an app come by department a big day when I think they both take to four. Impede each other like waiting so Syrian together. Same town saint saint. Albert doesn't unity he does not overly so you hear their room nobody's gonna find one thing. I understand. Why they got no Obama. That he's while women. Arrows to let harrah's about ticked by in many looks of them LeBron has a cell phone out. It's. It's. It's. No. Would you make of Bob magic. Being up with maverick the other day. Now I'm sure there are just talk about Davis called opal I'm sure. That's all the was he gonna do it again he's gotten completely defined as he has an out he's like I'll just talk about Davis called open what's the deal does say hey I had a we gonna we do another one year deal you don't pay eighteen million dollars this year who it is called upon. That was the make it hasn't poured into this rich all they sent to David scull boat out to the free agent market that was like. Want to give a multi year deal and so because news I. Can. And the does that help and 11 year what's the big deal we don't want anybody this year anyway waited for the big fish. Do you. Don't box next. I do this legally resident got a couple days this week. We games come on Thursday new bag that is as well the high and tight. And things like wait and see Ryan did look like units got a haircut and Shandon. There. That's that's an interview to our that's you. And into what is it he is a watcher and he's an observer as a server. We get four games form she's in. Observing the Internet does not know he does a lot of people are. Finally the twenty teams in the box. Sam Bradford 120000015. Guaranteed. I know we also mentally I was on the. Me it's. Slim. Oh wasn't no don't bring up. I don't know we believe how many real quick like four or 47 honestly think we don't know if we're there now that we are a promise to send him though is golf. Scenario free agency I got for you scenario here my games his that I got. I ten seed Texas that's the bottom of the one point favorite. I got buffalo take on Arizona Arizona losing nine point favorite I got Marshall to get on Wichita State which dossier eleven and a half point favorite. And Stephen F Austin who they Robbie. The lumberjacks Oka I got the lumberjacks take on Texas Tech and we whether the red raiders yes red raiders who are eleven and half point favorites. It got man. Yeah I have Virginia. Burris is all hot and terrible boo if you meet the University of Maryland Baltimore County believe they are the retriever us. So soon. On Larry looks a lot of that game winning two and a half you know what's Virginia basketball what's the under. Want to want to. I had taken out and seeing all virgins are into each state seeing all is to a half point favorite. I have. Auburn vs Charleston. Tall and minus 101000. 49ers. Now that he's the cousins at the college of Charles alone. And the plea the or the cougars. Have a college told an edited and Alabama bureau and our trials. And did I have Miami vs Chicago. I didn't win and have always agreed that underlies the cougar you're right it does. He simply ask yes. Only one. Loyalist Chicago's really good they are really get. Here's mine Iona. The gales ya iota and duke. Fifteenth he gets too easy deuce in 99 point favorite Kansas State at Creighton Creighton has the ability to boost its tomorrow of course yet that's an 89 game Koreans of one and half point favorite. On this when the if you get this one I well I don't know penalty North Carolina lipscomb that's been out of the prices. How just how how what's the latest order to coast. North Carolina nineteen now nineteen half point favorite in Ohio State vs South Dakota State a company that Saddam of 1000 times. I left idol. As. Little insulted that you gotta do you may be tried to give you when we're gonna have to go like division to bracket insulate him this is loses knowing how to hit 98 no we're gonna go beyond and dvi. And I T is still division one we are adapting it like any diet or something. How does he know lips and listen I don't know what was ever term. What ya rotting our analysts are over the UNC Greensboro spartans but gets Gonzaga Gonzaga is it twelve and a half point favorite. I got the bulldogs of Butler gets Arkansas bold 107 matchup the Butler 010 seed is a favorite one and half points. And I got the cal state Fullerton titans even though the baskets and elephant against Purdue the big huge spread Purdue was it 21. Point favorite where. Oh meth does that mascots and a mile and all the pictures this is an elephant then tell us is Kevin Costner on the monitor. No I didn't. I don't know. And on and Alaska in my have a cold 611 match up. San Diego State against Houston Houston is a four point favorite the old 611 yeah. Get it costs accounts Republican run Tony brackets are you going to do well I have a rule I only live and die about one bracket imitated a bunch of times. I live to tell of one breast a once in tips off on Thursday as it the chips fall the Macromedia and multiple sites so I always thought the same bracket every everywhere god gossip you're all in all your ticket at all or not at all score do we we don't boarded human right. We're score. Or scores aren't worst score in the tickets to assist area out of them for four months ending a Lang. Passed to us throughout the dart board which she won the bowl champion and ridiculous but it's a little bit harder to mobile people yeah. Until an hour on the building that she shouldn't and do this because she she quit while she's ahead is if he had cal Stiefel to go to the final four and you you just don't know any of the teams might be in for some trouble may appoint a team lead after each round. Such as the first round. Yeah a curatorial a lot of sweeper and and she's gonna and the beating us to my fetus and a lot harder than than the bull took the we had enough time today as some in Omaha takes to get to. You have to do that takes try to cram in this would have revenue day off the convoy yeah actually ID indebted indebted to my hat taken iguanas in the brains bashed and will have to different of the day to remember I'm again. Never got over a snake. Did all my English I would illusion I and I oppose about those crazy. Nobody would bite us. On the tip of throwing a crocodile on the Randall. Low you to know if you went to a Lakewood numbered balls that he was well. Meant so don't hear everybody have a fantastic rescued then we'll talk to tomorrow.