3-16-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, March 16th

Beast says that Tiger Woods has to win a tournament before he's officially "back." Beast explains the hoopla that happened yesterday at the station when Freido walked into the bullpen and ruined the Canes' game, which included Friedo rooting for Loyola-Chicago in the 2nd half... baaaaad mojo. Beast wants to curse all of Friedo's teams. Tobin isn't happy Deena Lang is currently leading the bracket pool at the station. Robbie defends himself and says he didn't influence her picks. Tobin lays out the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference, and says who he wouldn't mind the Heat playing. Tobin and Beast discuss the situation in New England and that everyone is turning on Belichick. Tobin asks Beast, "Why now?" Beast thinks the dynasty is over. Tobin doesn't like Brad Stevens because he doesn't like his looks. Tobin says Flo rida's fanhood can be bought due to him performing on the Cavs' ring night in a Cavs jersey and doesn't like when Rick Ross hangs out with Robert Craft. Robbie makes his Magnificent Seven picks. Robbie doesn't like St. Patrick's Day. 


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No one to two hour is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. So yeah. Well. So there hoyas beat us. This young bride to be he's a little hero group in this era is up to us. Is this week it would back on Monday and told us. But the board right now that is said it was the weekend right and ladies. What he has a lot of what we're pit packed packed house really really grounded as you guys. That's March Madness going on right now tigers on the prowl. About. Little wind something that's his favorite wins something just went something that he's back any. The very exciting win something they were editor woods. Right don't you think well it if it's something but if you would determine that you really is is not very user only with the major than he's back. Another Austin need to win a major amusement of the answer yet exactly the 12 and a major say that he asked do. Our would catch Jack Nicklaus. Well only ugly because just sort of husband that I got I got it is investigating him because of pictures final went down yesterday at the station after it left almighty god. Suggests that the bush Ahmed give money count as the war this hour's yard text that the seventy anyone Y a RD yard dies at seventy ready wanted to go when this time. You try again. Near the next hour as we give you another chance for a thousand bucks national contests messes that are its may apply. Don't text and drive. Our rights when the headlines just think for the headline this they would have yet. These kids WT XY AM South Miami and WS FAS Ph.D. to admit. ARAMARK. Now you guys. Stayed back and watch the hurricanes in the office I went out the limits on it and pose that. Very fun thing extra awesome job budget Wakefield packed house. Really awesome to see the crowds and so it's all listeners who who like our show do you judge it. To the Beers I Elliott try AJ Wakefield beer I don't know if it was in the competition. Boy it was delicious. Aren't let's get to the line for the Pallet that thing. What do they call that the east conflict yes the flight. I think that that was like a run at Disney World outlined it was crazy. These people were dead into the competition. So. It was it was Janet there zip it. Slams just randomly on a Thursday in the afternoon to an. And it was was it that we fifty minutes to get down the windward and it took me almost twenty minutes the park. Just to get through that window and people are believed movies that you knew would would so popular here. Ten years but still very exciting very exciting so. You guys are watching it means here I didn't really get a good depth. Watched McCain's game I mean obviously wants the end of it right then and heartbreak. Take me to where you guys are high and why. This is such beauty watching Xperia so here's what happened a lot of creates camaraderie amongst the people's we had in turn Brett. We it and want it Robby we had me we had a lot of people coming down to our what we call the ball. Write a room you're familiar with its like it's not do a wide it's it's narrow it's been asked the officer to computers it's got up. For computers three once one on the other day you do that work and YouTube televisions small but to television's. So as you know what it's it doesn't call for. So I moved my futon from my office into the the bullpen to be export market and then with loud and follows what's Gabler squeeze though. Tight squeeze but still. All have fun watching the game. It forced green going off for basketball got a four screens go and knock it out yet and Robby had the iPad and iPhone just in case. At a sell ads on army basically yet we are ready to go and the freedom. Just decides to show up in decides. That he needs to quote unquote air quotes work. What he's got to get ready for shell. Is still at 7 o'clock that he started preparing for. 330. So afraid I was doing and I choose to not the afternoon drive correct. You guys are watching this in the midst McCain's Gately is it right at the start of the canes and he comes in like midway through the first half of so you guys are well yet we're a step you you have put you put the right so I left the doldrums for second. To go do something and I came back in my food I was moved like out the halfway out the door it's an admiral was quiet to stated up. And it logical to hold though for those I got to work will it's yeah. I kind of lark. I work to do. It shows in the four hours worked and so that brown what time is this it's the 4 o'clock to 4 o'clock games. Yet 4 o'clock yet bring out before she. And the kids in it when McCain vehemently to five billion US decreased yet the entire second half of regret Zoellick I don't know. Offering a prepared for shell I don't know of the literal he skirts out every word but he was working on the show and he did not want to be disturbed. And I. A little bit ticked off yet we have set up a nice little space most of your watch party. And I think all of the people that were into the lot party kind of got a bad vibe. Because it went back there old stick around like what do we do this guys messing with our deal so what happens to guys in the funny and you pleased Palestinian here's what happens. When and what happened and didn't yet. I couch behind Rio to move it back in place and I sat on it. Well and Rio goes I guess I'll have to move in and I'm like yeah I guess you will call me. And then watched some of the stuff you noted I don't. Did you lose a can't miss it shot well they suck Chicago I'm from Chicago would go well. While that's while on Capitol Hill club. The prison and a fan it's in the Mediterranean in the tournament. Doesn't doesn't matter easy YouTube just to get a huge oil Chicago and Mandy started changing everything that happened guy doesn't line up he's gonna miss it because they snuck used in the bad old super and moto. Super bad votes ago. And I think South Florida. If you want if you want to blame. I know you wonderful Larranaga on the hot seat and the fuel one of one of lent money walker from missing for those other stuff you know what let freedom does he put the negative. Hi box on your team yesterday Libyan asked. Well I got a lark. I didn't serene environment to do my work in on a brain surgeon. Hypocrite. That that is doesn't have to prep 33 hours for a first I don't know that I ever done that Peter three hours to the show. Odd now you don't know the morning showed UWQ what purpose like twenty minutes of the Jawad says in my past on the bench obviously. Got a stuff do we just vanishes and it's negative to look at it do today that's just not. Not the sanctity of sports what do we do just mass of people what's gonna get a new leader is skin that's basically my prize. That's it mean every allotted I eat it in in the terms of you know all the main topics but it. It's crazy we I would feel like you wanna be in the party involved. Right and that he's just two weeks stuff about me really ought to love up yet. And then I'm putting back at them from right behind us right behind you answers are to be each other yet revenue at war. Right behind it all that's amazing. The repeal on the last night. That he did that you fantastic. Like this guy. And could disrupt the party benign and made. He wants you want ever to be quiet and then when he doesn't get his way he wants to but the I've lost he wasn't the bad juju and everything guys is one of the great pleasures was to watch this what's in Watsonville what did you do with these things they've things don't understand doctor is it. Do you see my reply. Accidental the cubs get the play. A super cute audience acog and the rest of the year you guys you guys are you on the cops due to economic I'm gonna take on the and the cowboys. That's the other team. Don't ask the I don't know he's from Chicago heated submitted loved god that's fine but what but like what you know don't take them down a 160 games you're gonna give an update. I've taken. I don't know what to slaughtered goat I don't know what it is. The year reforms and Padilla. Whatever is out the cubs yes you would you re enabled the goat curse whatever it takes man. It might give the bubonic plague him cubs if if if the Dallas Cowboys have to suffer from Steve means I don't know what it is. But something's gonna happen is Robby you're very animated team watchers. He is not happy with the way this is all going down and you can't scream series and most releases saying until he was because we just decided we're going went about it. When I touch screen app made the initial move of no doubt Bruno on count backward exposed to B and you can move as an administrative and about. Down. That. Would pick Italy the premier guards three. We all don't in the bottom of the door clothes. While. I need to prepare for my show up three hours from now. There could be breaking rules on who's gonna get into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2000 when he separate. It's. There's actually have a in sports so chains whose games. March Madness no squad right yet yet Texas a and M is up my one on Providence at the half and produce and a dog fight so far with the cal state Fullerton. Early on in the first half. I have Purdue minus 21 on the content could there. Yeah though. I got how is though it's yesterday I that. Texas Tech it was a close it was edit they Stephen boss was a close game to the end. Be edited and Cumberland points and eleven points. Here's the atlas it was crazy and then obviously my mind higher bracket which again reduce sports contests and I'm not trying to make this thing. But somehow. Deal from the shark is kicking all of our grass courts in another sport guessing competition. She's she's leading amongst all hosts that are entered in this contest. That's crazy she. Welcome Robbie Robbie but if she made her first round picks and didn't realize you'd keep going right correct I was in Robbie you weren't there. When she made the rest were picks yes it's did you give her any advice no I state as far away from the computer spot possible and wanna inflict any pick was there anyone else in the room. Nope. One there was one thing it was there aren't you wanted to maker tiebreaker score like 35 to 31 as a tiebreaker score in attributes edema dearly want to put that somewhere in the fifties or sixties I only did not only on the so. So you helped only in the tiebreaker score was so you helped what you're that it I don't know anybody that gets you well know I don't know. Yes or no again you help. People's brackets as it were imploded just because the law just crazy homers for the mine all mine every single wanna mind. I think that's ridiculous. Man I've given. That was at the Easter they can't leave yet hopefully for residential apartment and you demand them to take all the TV's guys. Screaming at him and I shout out from now. Load factor in this. Is. At this Starbucks courtroom here today Monday and agreed to. Don't play and replace it yet to 5 o'clock. I am tired of ours VP. At that it would stick around and dove and I can help walled mosque. Well. He doesn't the other building today it's not so I thought I could get away with one but then he showed up at our mental problem yeah. To react to liners. And if you listen editorial schedule again and doing tutorial on our new one of our new systems. Again and it is not within the system the also there's also stuff. Citing. Very exciting dividend is systems and while you back an accident to take on the lakers. There going to be back up again. The last time these duties played the the lakers kick the crap and I'm not too these blogs that this is a not too. I don't have a positive outlook contact you know like nothing's gone right now not only the trend. It's I mean constant losses. On the road even though the NBA is on you today. Are bad a bad lies in the script there kings game screwed up there sorry but so in reality. Should come down to two calls or whatever in the last two minutes not against the kings. Correct not a conflicting messages but today these things are doubting it useless this year. Can you say. Fox so. Maybe use program might not just love everything. Tell you what though so this display of those pictures start to get a little to clear now is a bit Eileen out books so right now. You got the once you seem like it's going to be Toronto Toronto's lockdown aren't Boston's five right so. If you if you're good at the seventy project on the Celtics these arguments in the correct to want to lose locked him yeah. Now. This line that you want the Celtics right out of it seems normal carrier Irving. That's an issue of the store yeah as broken down in the midst of a playoff before. Just argue if you go into the Toronto thing they have experienced that on you the very tough place to play in Toronto. Matchup problems sometimes this on Whiteside acknowledges. The giant polar bear just stuck there in the paint. Boston yeah over at Brad Stevens. On what. It's doing very depressed stuff yeah yeah yeah broadcast carrier ring and acted Gordon Hayward back correct. Although. Even though they keep saying not coming back. There's a lot of people of Boston like you know he practiced today and no against those in the conspiracy. Everybody's everybody's outlook is always secrets on. Say they wouldn't let. That love the way. I. But is wrong and who's out there Amendola your free. If for one Bill Belichick and this is turning out on them this is not and I told it's over the patriots dynasty is over. He's the same bastard for a long time well it's a lot. July rate when now the Brady manned up now they ultimately taken and a oh Friday that would seek their fallen Brady when Brady was like listen. Ultimate chart we just do what he says. It would falls in line. Race that decided you know what. Not going to be that guy anymore to get Jimmy. Out of here as you know what I don't want him around and that everyone saw Tom Brady taking over the locker room like you know what. Forget politics with Tom. If Condit like bill we don't like how good does it feel like it's gonna and a bucket and well that went over all over. With McCain as being the coach and it. Oddly it's gonna and it would be Paladino gets season tickets to delay because again. Once again and with that rule because lobby of the penalty if Tom Brady's quarterback guy you'll. You can't he's lead to yet know now. It is it is easy to like player coach. If you revolution it's good to sell he doesn't need to do anything he loves it and he loves what he loves what he loves eating public housing. He loves football being pliable so weird guy. He loves being obsessed with football he's never going to. Brady is going to be a coach if if you up to right now bird bird Robert 'cause you be afraid that you resign there. Wheatley what was it counts as a free agent he right now the that you silence the guns. And at the hell out of that out of that we your man burst of all the fact that he put two sentences together. But the fact he's like be free well off at the white yeah the first law. Let's via his personal assistant wrote that post. Run as an assistant yeah. You don't offers its degree and a you don't think there's a personal assistant for Barack. These you know could may or may not be stupid on the side look. Personal assistant like you think that's to get a lot of responsibilities are just to look. Less it's it's looked dapper. Scheduled my appointments which is really nothing you can push people have to push ups probably what I need to go off on the next show that I do. And and send my tweets from my and superimposed. I just by the strains like this he had so what success I've never seen a franchise be so they. They wander it happens every franchise after you win you know put they've won for two decades run and eventually it's got to come back button and what you. It's all. Old. This has got through this at this is this the first time government decided to. The man up and say he. 'cause they all know Brady has finally in the wonders kick rocks belt line now. I don't know why now maybe it's midlife crisis I don't have any idea. So strange to. That's what. You. The vote for seventeen years Brady's been like this about Jack we when you listen I'll check you listen about it. Now. Like police checked in else's league telecheck. And that's what's up is it feels like this is actually. A time with the patriots might be in more chaos. That any other team and its is that they're not doing anything freed the party lost free agency. In the AFC east experts do. It is not going there and didn't get Jordy Nelson how dare they let white receiver ago. It's ridiculous it's a Jordy Nelson gonna pay three Nichols. Having to that attracts bears drafted follow. So you have to put three receivers death roll yes. Like you think right now this is the ID quote an element of Philly and am lonely as far as Austin citizens all of them more stable lawsuit it's yes it's treason. And so the jets. Got two quarterbacks and even a little safety. About. Made some moves that none of them. I disagree with them at all over there and now third. It's over nobody likes to about Jack it's. All of amber Tom Brady's still gonna go but and the game of the room 500 yards though it's all over the club they only. I imagine these little white receives are being built in the lap. You know it looked like bird bees but there is pressure her brother. Look at Chuck Berry of someone I'm pretty sure that that that Bill Belichick went to all the Toys 'R' Us that a clothing bought all the verbiage. So he can break them alive and make it receivers liquidation. I don't. But anyway I want the Celtics matchup that he just because over to Brett Stephens. And like I think like he's their star he's obviously a difference maker he sees that he's had great playoff success for the site next to the wrong. And just like that little bit more than. Teams that are going to you have a little remorse it's router does that stick to them they act they got some jokers think to a Boston. It's higher in the first time being in the main the playoff race that you're gonna have to ride two very young guys in jail them round. And and is Tatum. I just think the Albert who's very very solid but I'd like that adds a little more if you gonna talk about that he actually pull off some kind of upset. Com a more content with that plus that Boston over rated environment anyway. It's with that with their crackdown escort. To editors of the cracked passport. NBA that's your roll out there machine yourself the market legendary buddy let's not let you know. Professional. Professional basketball team let if you throw a port with cracks on atlas in the pocket is disgusting wicket legendary dom did this it I just did not I just did now you get out of here that's what you grew this this smug Brad Stevens is gonna sit there with his gospel on the silent sentinel what it would have against Bratz name space. I like the looks of tonight your judgment about Islam never I never actually you know and what's surprising that's that's not surprising you know what I don't what you like frank called idol like the looks. Unlike Frankel I don't like is is his stepbrother digger on the kings. No. It looks like it was like a smug young Boozer Frankel now you just judge people based on looks. All the time that's ridiculous now it's not not for coaches I can tell. All the goods. It's always a sour puss on the guys it's always. Anything that looks like but with the most mundane questions are being asked you looks like USB anywhere on earth and he's just tease him. This is the Saturdays that's the question his eyes go crossed in this of this Chris Perkins as a question. Greg professional question Chris Perkins. Or another question. Just they were made an important apps on. And you easily two years we talking about is like five reporters of course he knows the name. That the white guy the Latin guy the black guy in the white guy you're doing that you have this is basically everybody race that's only one hole. Is there and he does he absolutely does but I've judged based on looks. Up. It's all up on with the coaches I mean I'm greater radio I don't. Have that it's not coaching. No but if I did have to watchers ligaments. I'm sure you have some bad body language as well. You know you know body language that Credo we want to interrupt what is the end game. About bodily Bob I think it pretty straight up with what it is talented guys I don't work my heels three dollars an hour to get by young. List port 2040. Roger Clemens that grants aren't going to be on guys. Like down gate alcohol. Credo that you lost to move the ball down instantly immediately ralphs Fred I've just birdie on just as someone takes in the dispute tool we call nominee hopefully. I will email warship demanded account nor reject its low running nominated today he joined the Simmons what. Fluoride is a fan on the tape. He likes to read real five. What is is his entire ship has been called to question. For example after the cavs won the championship he performed on ring night when the cavs Jersey. These guys these street Jude. Is George junior is just that his candidate can be bought. It's the only and I just look get paid that's fine but you can where you can Wear anything performed them. Forecasters. It's it's the county's lake where a teacher or or something in that regard. Say they would patriots electric Ross goes and hop nods with Robert Brown line growth. The line would be doing. I thought it was like a dust doorstep at home be. Okay. I don't know what you know how to help but did what was on the hospital is alleged that the economy and I don't want to lose a pillar of the community. I don't either but also at the politically did not hop number patriots listen money talks I understand but. Now the patriots dispute there's a lot of teams if it's important that The Beatles tool. There's about three teams that you can't do with the dolphins jets bills patriots don't do it. Just down which he could do apartments or something else. You don't need Robert costs money. And here is he's old and that Lombardi trophy at the same thing is there's there's 31 teams that you can't do that went well. Knicks Celtics taps as the ones can't do it every team. Brought kings Jersey you're prone to flooding grizzlies Jersey. It the capture of the those organizations. You tip the guy who got kicked out by Gregg Popovich the NBA finals and then be draped with the flow rat catchers it's not it's not a good look. It's not. And this is a mix your pettiness is so far beyond its not. Make widget points here. And look you wouldn't see. Bull show up to the Mets in a masters. Because the only ones you're the only way where is one tight leaders at the monsters. That over the Mets invite those are Internet now and I see pit bull in any Jersey other than a South Florida team Jersey what do you say that. Not anything the champion Mets Phillies. Nationals or yank would have to Jennifer's. No that's a load of some of the band. And from what. The joke never had a mom and that would ban from from from one event which is part of we kicked out the congregation will meet group we will liquidate the bulls fan. That's not gonna work. And we will look he's got to make millions of dollars wherever he goes by. Elected same you'll you know to lose a respect. He's out in the catch. But it won't have our fan respect it doesn't matter how it does it doesn't matter there's some level that these guys good to a lot of the technology and if you use sports is a marketing tool. People know who the phonies are. A guy is that bonds and have a left but never the arrow GE's never is up on the DOD. Catch us up on the jets in never never never. Johnson got out and never never never that's right. I'm just saying I don't I I respect to the originals on who can't be bought right at Ida. Going to the calves who perform them on ring night their dad Jersey. That's what gets nominated for total recall fame doesn't mean he wins but he gets nominated. Robbie your agreement gives the seven man. All year. The other boys next. Robbie is an all his lawyer right now there's more action. Body what you get exports are deployed as it is it all the action that's going on right now we're viewed do you like. The big games like Super Bowl there's a lot of different bets put on prop quietly put. What is your real house I I'd say this is better because it's accident twelve hours straight backs in the super believes of that one game and it's great Super Bowl is great. What's for 34 hours Max and just twelve hours of action. Malt and tapes. I've Manuel there's is that it's it's not designed to best plays of the week what he got our I gotta get this when quickly. Are we at a spot at halftime at cal state Fullerton against Purdue Purdue was up by nine. And the second half line has come out Purdue was minus nine for the second half. Now for the game do or minus 21. And so I think I'm watching the and his game produced soreness slowly counted on these guys at the Purdue should cover the nine point the second half and I think this is still get to two the minus Tony what propagate to which I have to block action on. And so take Purdue minus nine in the second app schedule right now before. The second half to soft. Instances that is a that's a Magnificent Seven first yes and progress in frogs is a week which will conclude before are showing is even greater. So no no rub his record to go into the weekend before this is all said and done was a bit too rowdy RA tonight Syracuse. Against TCU. TCU was a five point Bieber now Syracuse played in the first war on Wednesday. And one obviously north it will be playing this game but. It team out of the first four has advanced to the second round every single year since the first forest started while saint Bonaventure loss last night the foursome is only one team left. Are the first war. And Syracuse they split 23 zone them about their law the biggest height. Out of yeah an average height is six foot nine for the entire team I did it give TC all sorts of problems. In my no wind when you're getting five points a tickets are keys plus five plus DC is very overrated. With a three Ruddy all right he in the lakers the total is set at 219. Now. We saw what happened the last time the lakers came down here if purple 130 by themselves. And the biggest from the heat have is with pace and probably know Josh Richardson tonight the heat's best defender. It's it's getaway day it's at the gonna go because we points flying of the ones who. And I think the lakers can almost carried over by themselves to take deftly to nineteen is a super discount it should be around 230 satirical take over. 219 heat lakers on tape of the bank. I'm going to be so abundant potential losses in ten straight road losses and over wind was and I mean you've got about about an. I can't feel good because of where that I think they really it's understood how bad the missing Dot Richardson in Iraq in mention what a good defender is. You have that fact that he put a lot of pressure on young gun ban who still learning some of the good it sees the game and you can see gets lost sometimes on the court like. Put us that they like just go like this guy out on the perimeter exhausted by it. You know have a color for guys mistakes and cover gore on days other area that's that's that's also that's got to come cells I am deathly worried what we got Xstrata. All right stay stay here. Now the spread the lakers are four point favorites and right now we know how badly that he had been on get away games. Proper history and on West Coast road trips its allies is a getaway day before to come back home. If you have lost nine of the row on the road and we talked about McCain had a pays them to the south. The last two years they played the lakers in LA last year they lost a 27. And the lakers finally Christine was that now that was during the first half of the ski season with a heat were also bad but it two years ago he Tina made the playoffs was a three seed. It lost a terrible lakers team in overtime. And so the fact that the the lakers give the heat shall so much problem with pace I hope I'm wrong but I think the lakers gonna cover the four points pretty easily tonight. There aren't too with Xstrata are right. And ninety action on Saturday at noon. Penn State at Notre Dame Notre Dame is a five point favorite as a new game on Saturday now. There's sleeping owners and the sleeping news in the MIT. A I mean I watch the Notre Dame personality game. It was quiet or super quiet nobody has it it's hearing was closed to press that'd make the tournament. And I could have a Saturday noon and I T game at home there's going to be the BBB but we people there but it's to be super depressing. And always take the road owner generally and now and and an anti gay went only cares take Penn State and the five points. Sleepy hitter and I it is Rosie and most deaths and that's as close it gets. What's next probably. Frito we will we would work just fine in that environment. Sneeze the hook up. All right I heard and Phillips from terrorists second round accident Alabama gets Villanova. Is also a new nervous NCAA tournament let's get real here Villanova is an eleven point favorite now. Villanova has been upset in the second round as a top ten seed three out of the last four years obviously the when you're didn't happen when the national tip tip. But last year they stumbled to get Wisconsin. They lost at Tuesday one time and lost UConn another year. As a Warner to seat so they're they're prone to the 18 of the 19 upset and Alabama's been playing really well they got super star called sex and and they Avery Johnson's kid out there and yet another guy with six threes last night. Alabama plays really well. They're getting eleven points very high for teams assistant susceptible to the 18 the 19 of some in the second round take Alabama policy eleven. Where do rap are right. On all our old faithful UMPC. Course Virginia the total is set at 11. Now. For most of the year you can almost bet on Virginia being the under and be right about sunny by 80% of the time. Another plane UMPC. I think that they have a really rough time moving on Virginia. And Al Arab that you NBC's and get to 45 points which means map purposes. Virginia would have to score 76. For the game to go over we know the Virginia does or simply six us open global. Very ops very often. At them going down a goal Intel percentages I'm taking the under dissent as I've been doing. All year Virginia the under 120 and the cling to a BC take today. Texas or not and I'll backboard Robbie. He has. Is that's not a part of sleepy new owners the sleeping and on the and a longtime team and the fact that he's gonna tune in to that. The fact that these party watch the Rockies are blocked part of that's the sick part right that's like the fact that he's putting in researching on. He's got the lives in a basketball right now. He could be getting into the cubic NBA games he could be any of these it's doubly tourney games now known. I'll go in and I see on your athlete themed shooter and I dude sleeper. And I. That's the sick part that's that's where he's like no bother. We come back yourself policy patched it's also about you know rub it's it at all. Why he hates it. I because he wants to go out of the bottle watch the action everybody's their party he's just there for business and he do you think anybody cares what's on TV at Saint Patrick's Day today getting people to be over here. It's a gut yet this president bill this holiday adultery yet. He's must be degenerate. The generous in about you do not mix. Well sometimes it's. Now. The debtors see is business it's not pleasure the countries that met the budget so they can't mingle. It's like he's watched. Like club Madonna where they don't allow alcohol. Well. To be distract. Just like you know yesterday. You'll use buzzer that would Josh Freeman firfer. Not want to be disturbance cut this into law on our I'm wanting to bring in the party bringing action and more men as a bring additional Hillary. All along our freedom and I. Newark upbringing in the barn. William mead requesting to have more mad and killed. What party are you bringing exactly wall wherever I go to probably not gonna have the March Madness on dermatologist no more presumed about. The Saint Patrick's Day nonsense that I'm Lilian I'm saving the people March Madness and it's a pod fitness is also under on the processor even the party. Like wait years sports bar superhero yeah yes you subdued as just a lot per country green Beers gonna stop the almighty god. Vanderbilt on gas. Does that do what's gonna happen we guise of criminal groups say about Tuesday's surprise who have next.