3-17-17 Manny Navarro Interview

Friday, March 17th

Ethan and Perk Interview the Miami Herald's Manny Navarro on the current state of the heat, including the rise of the dragon and Young Whiteside


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Com I don't know what Manny Navarro made him what an Manny Navarro having his bracket. What I. Bracket. Yeah I got a you feel they duke and mark are actually gets factored he'd. India Arnold's or. OK you are also lie and b.'s ceiling in Arizona. And my beautiful. We're Kramer air and apparently you're joining us right now in Iraq and two announcers in being sourced guests lined. There truly steps beyond convenient so many. Lots of the players throw a log on other heat players right like everybody's. Is a happy ST I've ever seen. But that they're really entered into that matter I mean a bottle like that there in my you know a lot. Probably about is twenty Roy you've been on the plus minus are very few that play it on break. Changed jobs in the past that that such a player who leaked like he's number one and I both beat. You know he's talking about boron Barnes and BP like he did not wanna talk about council would have ever imagined that our court that would are so. But that's what has gotten through our disposal to speed everybody just go low around everybody else and when you're 22 and file I guess you're lucky. Well yeah I mean I eat it occurred to be many that you might have read very Jackson's article right because didn't Dara. They married just right about now about James Johnson's. Defense one on one. Yeah actually lead about god who told us that yesterday at practice that Berry wrote about it after Rupert the they eat actually confirm this or meet today as it were these numbers because the everywhere. On pots that's not and did our comic great website which showed me last year. And I've now become a debt master act why did the fight and keep showed me exactly who was. And indeed James Johnson is the number one right so the president won't do it. So many you know have sun is as all joking joking about that but what James Johnson gets defensive player of the year Amazon produces like. Second. Third trip. What is going to be happy about yeah I don't know about that I'd be right out earth you know. You cool thing is I think he's really trying to group. The product at at this boat everybody else. That he viewed about winning and and not about himself and not about as numbers. And you know our pockets UD yesterday so while little bit of ourselves about. You know who this Hassan Whiteside is because obviously so long. You you know eaten some from current team and he you don't respond to the kind of guy who you know he'd get assists in the game EB lecture at the score keepers. Nudity picked up an assist you know our I got part of that bought the ox though. I think he's trying to really go along with this whole narrative that he does not care about that pretty well for himself he's all about plus smarter people about wins and losses. And so that's what all of this stuff is coming Islam and you know what actually surreal I think he's really body and you'd say. They hit the moment where he really Salt Lake. Cosponsored a quarter was last Sunday when he had a crazy back to back with a place Toronto here at 8 o'clock in the nab that 8:6 o'clock in Indiana. You know what what our leader whatever awards he could vaccine effectiveness our Q model quite as hard to keep the aid in that game and nobody lost. But the fact that he played that hard. Showed you god or something really made it feel like we understand really gets it now not a or pick although I look at he had a password. This is we've got appear right. Talk to him and in a bar for the Miami Herald he covers the Miami Heat Josh Richardson. Looks like he's getting a little bit more comfortable. He's UT and this is about where his minutes are gonna stay at this point are you think Spoelstra is a bigger role. In mind for him going forward. You know it's funny because I think initially obviously Italy just this supposed to be that. Focal point it is eaten it and happy that brought the bigger role stature. But the way to Venus play are now I don't think spoke really want the mask or are they the only way Josh. Get a bigger role oldest something happens to walk. Are or something up that are underwater curtain cannot see that happen prost. Or those guys have been linked up with this report but I think right now this sort of rule for Josh but are these aggressive this season barring injury and you know I thought deducted a nightly conceded that go ahead reporter but what else are what I'll do an asset. That had to look so good considering that he's he's got shooting to report wrist injury everything to be you know what I think about it you that I was just in the flow of the game. But I know how to vote that for him because it it's been really frustrating student or at least the belt so many different injuries. Really for the first time in history or he's never been. Cart before and so it was good to see Josh come through and hit that shot and and also really need you more of a sudden it you know you get another weapon on the perimeter. To go and Ellington Dragic and everybody else who choreographed the salt that you everybody turn to what about you get a reporter it's a pretty powerful thing. They many what are you expecting from from the bench tonight. But one did the way they've been playing they've they've been dug a huge. It I guess energy. It's a supplier of energy but what are you expecting from that bench tonight and and going forward. Does does anybody standout James Johnson and and take on it under a different role or anything like that Federer or would what do you look imported. Well I think I admire that you know James Johnson talked about earlier about that I actually some defense. The Mexico and right or you can use among Carter Al burst you at what point you know he steps start driving it three quarters. And that sort of most out of that better position and they go or arrogant act. I think you know tonight the kind of right where you you're gonna need a list from JJ defensively be debated at bought a pirate Ers are. As much as it Jake you know partly thousands or are. So you don't look at it the same thing here and actually eat they eat these already went on to the alphabet it's priest a better job that you don't exploit it need. You know JJ this course well. I think as long as everybody's contributing. Sort of secret to success with this either its secret owners. And getting offers from everywhere it not to happen Carlyle bought. We're ER waiters are sought out here to Google. You know what he special because I reported a ball. I'm in a bar from the Miami Herald. Ellington in particular. Let's look at her son and his numbers I know it's on his coincides with him getting healthy and and win the streak happened but a lot of their best lineups include him. Right now I hate you a little bit of a surprise that he's he's he's played as well as he has been good on the defense event. Sorry and Wayne Ellington wait yeah I mean aren't you in that externally it was. Or is eager to words you know getting hurt right out the back at and and soul. You know last receiving game gets injured he comes back about by Peter what he needs dated and you know started to play well verdict and I'm not surprised because you know white part about this is what's your job. Let's wait a lot better shape he's beaten physically. Like 222. He first got. And he doubts about to a green value it's important are those spree. I mean he looks like we're out coming up speed the house passed equal it counts about all this old look cute that it. It's really amazing and Eric had to credit those who eats strictly it is your coaches. For taking another guy getting Amazon and look we can we can make you impaired and Bart when I mean. Aren't in all honesty six million dollar team option for next you know look like a bargain. Yeah that was gonna ask you about that because you know right now they'd have they cleared the bosh money off the books. They'll have about 39 million dollars to spend but that's assuming that they don't. Pick up the option on Ellington and I said the other day on the errant it to mean it's a no brainer at this point that they do with the way the game is evolved. It to have a three point shooters and knock down three point shooter Nike is six million dollars is not so much CE is sort of think in the same way. Yeah I mean I think what you're sort of earned that money now you're the industry when he side that you you are. Albeit the old Wayne Ellington know you don't you don't pick up that option with this you point out that we eat. Although I went 530 games. Without question you need it such a big part of this even if there's somebody points throughout the game where. You know Pilar but Robert is necessary which it got to expect or want to get the credit. And and so do you need that option C deck I hit the shock not mean it just isn't another development. Sort of the weight of babbitt's. And we'll start in light of a stretch the floor waned as being with that would yup back. And many I don't know if you looked at the schedule and try to it to break things down as far as. When you expect easy to actually see that eighth playoff spot with a seven playoffs buttered. But do you have any thing. You have any idea on win it could happen whether it's a week from now or or two weeks from now from you know next week next. Tuesday and Wednesday Milwaukee Detroit and Chicago. Are all playing back to banks. Yeah. I mean is that a spot where maybe that he. You know takes the sevens moderate have you thought about that. Right yeah I mean I think you know prescribing it could obviate spot at the end of the right right in the spots are playing the lakers a moral. Milwaukee act Golden State there aren't that big in West Coast trips so. Odds to beat the bucks it's all up pretty quickly here in our local leaders sort of sort of a I'll football state certainly it up apartment. Are so maybe by Sunday you know they could speed that that a great year. I didn't look at the scheduled debate you were Detroit's point oh record robust growth Detroit played and I ma. Yeah and it you know Detroit is playing tonight. I sent them who they have but they they are. It's ran to answer it the owners in Toronto tunnel at home there. Yeah I mean it be assessed clearly but at the Laker show up the site where it. There's a chance to beat seventh spot. By the fact that the united Miette of this five game home stand. This honestly feel that the opposite side. You know are they got Portland on Sunday ordered. Pretty much at all either you know I know there's still compete that's by the big eater. Matchup for the little plane and Edmund you know. They've already beaten Toronto Arnold from back here for another in big east. It's Minnesota team is as good as any it's not better than not that backed group our political play so. The night would be denied a big B you're gonna lose one of these five at home I think tonight I'd that it happens but. We don't really good playing so well. I you know they could show up again and discord goes up but he did get it right were thirty period in the eat what I guess. It Goran Dragic this year with the humans are gonna Manny Navarro. The way to score runs playing this year as free as he's playing is he does seem happier TU anyways last season. Yes no question I mean I think he's he's happier in the sense that. The team's winning now you know I think in the beginning it was frustrating for him. I think he's only sort of spotlight now were really not is that act Arctic and whatnot you can turn actually. Up in Boston University it's almost went off. Offer those points are points in the fourth quarter and NBC course in that scene. Without war I would basically live with us army injured it in that game justice sir back that barrel it great and we're talking with. Would corporate about fifteen minutes after that game that you suspect met. We're so much better they didn't do what we are all the records that we are thought you were pretty good team. And it turned out to be right and end you know I think partly because dispute partly that the best that I. I don't know it's that spirit it there'd be could wait though aren't you got a bigger role sort of ran out and beat her chair if people are. But I think it just because he he he goes indicated that. BP is as good as it's been the last 17. Many thanks for the time appreciate it. Eight chiropractic care Louisiana will lie.