3-17-17 Perk'd Up - Holiday Well Wishes

Curtis & Perk
Friday, March 17th

Perk gets Perk'd up about Disingenuous Well-Wishes


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Leaks ceiling he. We've seen Sealy past here and do their. Corey excellent wooten in her truly is a car accident on that that's a really good way for us to segue into perk up. We of course Chris Perkins into all sorts of humiliating admission. There are no longer look at film. But believe it or not he's still a serious journalists listening to tell you something about about sugar I can't buy I don't believe people who say that there are affected by sugar I rare part of a summary of a study showed heard does not make you hyper Google it. Let's get his thoughts on all things boards and in life. It's time to find out what's got grace. Hurt job. Happy Saint Patrick's Day. That's what's got me per club. You know I like a parade. I'm like dying a river green. Like corned beef and cabbage. Why can't we just leave it at that what we have to wish happy that port Saint Patrick's Day what we have to access this makes a limit of some of our holidays. We are in immediate right we. Here you have a happy Saint Patrick's Day or melancholy Saint Patrick's Day a white I'd feel the obligation to do that Mary Christmas. Happy new year. Pat beef Rican fourth of July howdy and happy happy fourth of July like what what do you do why why do we have to let these beings. Just so we have to wish something upon somebody with these holidays right now I mean I think. I am corn be passed earlier today might have Bailey's Irish Cream tonight. That part of good Saint Patrick's Day yet at Saint Patrick's Day they successful Saint Patrick's Day I mean. I I used to drink green beer and start nets in a year lag used to have a shot at Jamison is every Saint Patrick's Day. Was that part of a happy Saint Patrick's Day I am wearing green. But I. I just don't like attaching this happy and Mir he right to sue holidays right why don't we just let them be like Christmas Eve. New Year's Eve. Clay day right there you know say happy Christmas each. Right says you don't say Miree New Year's Eve of this let you go. I'm telling you man these are the examples that that we ought to follow I like pleasantries I like holding a door open for somebody. I like saying hello and look and people in the but this. Pat being New Year's been and then and all of this kind of stuff happy Saint Patrick's Day. That's foolishness just let it be Saint Patrick's Day. That's what's got meal for the. Have a terrible say badger state Kurt comes at a textile. Or replays happy drunk on Saint Patrick's Day. What am I mean that that's got to the other thing right there that. It is. You know it's the holiday where you do go out and get drunk recess like a lot of holidays and. And some people get happy with some people are happy drunks are some people who said drunks and some people are angry droughts. Yeah so you just telling him to be happy drunk. Yeah I think I I'm I'm just that under Andris against the fate. You know. Have yet because you usually don't meet its like asking somebody how're you doing Brian when you pass a law all but you don't really care. Well you know if you don't stop right. He just asking you just keep going is just yes just opened that June and attached to it. Like that you know mood I don't know I had it says just says since it it's ridiculous. Subtext noses of this started as a rant against Saint Patrick's Day is now turn into a rant against all holidays. It's not a rant against all holidays that I'm not against happy Mother's Day your happy Father's Day away well why is that different. Because back then that is sort of tell understanding with somebody your word. You know I I don't mind that that is 88 David who's been with some but Saint Patrick's Day although. Right I mean we wish each other happy Easter and now I don't wanna get religious but you know it's it's just let it be Easter that that's what I'm sorry. Someone just was you a happy life. I'm not happy life. I got a happy life Kirk has conviction on holidays and join him and not whether he will make the playoffs. That's true that is true I've. There we go let's start that a billion do we. Essays they perpetually gasoline that is millions single tomorrow is just no excuse to drink. Nobody wishes you happy single demy duly. I don't think that they say happy cinco de mile. Let it beat this let it be single to miles let it be presidents day. This is live right here nobody was slowly loses or any happy president's that this land that nobody knows why that's a Holland yeah. I this is app that's a happy Flag Day. Happy right 'cause I'm not against the holidays come against attaching baked cinnamon Judy Holliday one nobody's this happy veterans think is that serious doubt veterans day and Memorial Day here. Serious solemn holidays road. At. It is just attaching that that had to be you're remit attaching that eight cinema to. People are asking the sex and in some people are supposed to be alone during Christmas. You say that no no I didn't say that much to be alone I'm just against the again it's it's so you know when you ask somebody how are you doing and you really don't hear. Kind of right right so it's it's like happy saint Patrick just let it be sink Patrick's day have a content Saint Patrick's Day comes in. A yes. I guess. Is there a difference between a religious holiday in a non religious holiday in terms of wishing happiness. Absolutely like the Jewish holiday younger porous not a happy hell yeah I mean if if if there's something Solomon Buiter youth youth field it will know. You owe you one extends some kind of a sentiment but I there's this guy. Putting putting B. Putting I guess bad. What would even call it that. It's not really a condition. Putting that greeting putting that. That will thing you know the whale wishing. This is pretty well look at it when it's great that that's when our tires then there's no use port with Saint Patrick's Day right. All but I hope you have happy seeing patches are about a wake her wearing green I am wearing green was unintentional yet. Yeah sex doesn't perk means a drink. Yeah. Yeah that's not a sponsor. Budweiser right yeah you should head over to looters. They're watching is what determined games and looters. It was a sponsors were going to be over the next weeks this is this is somebody says have a blessed Easter suit will be good news right. The NCAA hate when people say happy memorial they rank that one doesn't make much sense I'll agree with a at rice purchases sure that your against happiness. No I'm against Greek cinema. Okay then that's what are we didn't test more fair yeah. Just again just just let it be presidents day. Right let it be arbor day let it be Flag Day you'll have to. I out loud to OK right. Now Duca. Do. Says by the way perk and I have to have a happy Saint Patrick's Day. You are happy person that's the thing you know you don't yourself the subdivision not. No I'm dumb dumb very upbeat and happy. It's. The makes them that's that's what it is really. Has no use we're OK I want and ceremonial Moline promise. This. It's been you mean it but if you don't you'll know what diet lowered by air you don't give a dim the greet me I'm OK okay and Amare I would bet. How about Groundhog Day. You know. And is this question comes in a few off the subject a little bit if you've covered coast today and high school does that mean you covered Jimmy king also. Did coverage in Kenya Plano east Ostertag was that Duncan do. That was the story I told you Jason long from Kimball didn't wanna come in and get his say as well all city picture taken of we gave. Player of the year to Jimmy keying a suburb June not a city two years. Teresa moment when the Minnesota are a remote. Did you wish him a happy send magic they might happy career contract in May they both did Augusta today via the best out of all level. The Texans in Merry Christmas happy birthday happy anniversary that's all I say. Says that's good that's good though you're right those are genuine and and you get happy Mother's Day happy Father's Day. There is there is you're truly wishing somebody something there right how you want them to have real happy Thanksgiving. How about this one have a great. Patent suitor better Saint Patrick's Day that's better I think that's better OK but it. And again if you if you don't really give a damn whether I have a great when our crappy when that you just don't have to say that you don't have to you know what about Halloween. No you don't know happy Halloween. Like what are you need to in my collaboration that sounds good at another Mike tell a superb example just let it be Halloween. Have a Halloween. What I have anything let us like have a Thursday like he's got nobody he'll say do you. Well a couple of so looking at reliant people on a lot of effort Dolly's. Scoot just. I mean come. To come that's a perk for example do not wish we are happy Halloween. The red and bright but just let it be Halloween that's all. I'm not I'm not I'm I'm not against genuine sentiment common mills breaks and now he's gonna after the kids. Bloom. Bear and I hope you don't remember your Saint Patrick's Day where your rant about it. No I. You know what if somebody does I I would yes I I definitely wish some 88. Had these same veterans day bag or a happy fourth of July bag to be polite yeah okay. Takes enemy is okay as long as this reciprocal. Well you wanna be like the right you don't want to be heard there a jerk like I am on the screen here right I mean look at BC Obama bumper. Single blow is good you know a slew. But six weeks away against. Roughly you know big holidays in Texas accent very closely and holidays. Just they deterrent isn't happy. Tax from the coral it will be you. Know.