3-19-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 19th

Leroy returns and gets into a heated argument with Will Manso on teams trading a bunch of picks for a QB in the draft. Will was not impressed by Virginia and says John Crotty was hiding his emotions very well when watching his UVA get blown out by UMBC. Heat without Wade and Hassan. Beast has hot sports bar takes and Nachos taste. The guys wonder what the over/under would be on Tobin crab texts tonight.


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Just look up drive from. Callers. Let's go to. Don't story nighttime and it sat next I sat next to. Rick goes case against his lovely wife Paulina who has one of the hot models and eighties and they just average of church and I is that liberalism probably around maybe 8089 and they don't ninety's doesn't she was I mean I'd get him. No he's he's got about a face but. But. I just sat there the whole time next to them it was their kid was in a production with what my best friends. And I just thought less of like. If Rico case it wasn't leads into the cars. There's no chance. No chance. It's you could say that about a lot on negotiations that are very to of the women you posted well. But he was he was formed category near the top. He was I social parliament the you don't want to lose only one that's bigger plot element when Julie Roberts Scalia that was that was pretty. I think that was doing that in her young yet those those are high right just you know she's just becoming showcase like I mean he is just he is age. Just pillar of something happened in his face that I actually want to stop it is exactly what we're doing what I mean actually want us to come on. Tiger gives what do thousand dollars or seven as the man gave money contest your chance to take over a thousand bucks soared song. You just heard the song drive but the cars still seven to anyone and you register to win song SO NG 72881. Texas now we don't win this time next chances at 3 o'clock in the headlines and international contest Moses and Gatorade and applied don't Texan got. LeRoy is finally you know. It doesn't catch it on your Hewlett rival school not really yet. We beat them right so potent. How's the food you like food the food right here. Yeah you're an accomplished. And Eric profit reported on what you. You UB him told him or not you can eat it. Whips out via it has a whole lot different taste in if you leader and across our newly profit spoiled brat overeat. Yeah. Yeah well uncertainties. But do you need do you want a little tiny forks duties fort. Yeah uniform and made them do admits I got enough students who don't you do that that's why I'm most wears them up and conveyed Cora to slow. If you good crawfish either you big. And to you it is does that wreck the state can't have Mueller tells us is the worst. Our Q&A I tell you I took a look at what allergic to the U. In your boiled eggs Scott about the to help track I'd get ready to show up this week with a bag of it's not I don't know Nene. You're out. One of those meal plans were the other day and you definitely see where Robby is is you're not going to be in this right back doubled thanks tomorrow and just for you. Yes I'm ready to go so. Mayor can't. You can now are. Does this brutal well you you know entity that you mirror when it hits the cool man I'm in trouble this I'm going to be stuck in traffic for a while well. I never because when a guy deer was. When he missed. And I had already been on the ropes like twenty or you were you restore our show over an hour from the show and never never thought about it. And then I started seeing traffic's. Going the other Wear on us so bad omelet. And saw people did not their car and he gets his is that right. Ed and I saw the choppers what's your secret shoppers and then the house goal in the long I think yeah right. So I never know what's happening it's it's not brilliant and we're used in about is closer to his state. Like write it my round exits Miramar rely right before you get all eggs. All of the exit T go to stadium we'll go to 27. Years walkway right. And that's where what is. And it was shot down I'm like only because when I look at my. My oh my. Among our. It was a red lines like this all I'll see you use like the ways apps or we're like the maps some somewhat ready and art and initially his yellow red. I'm like that's right. Did you go. You write their manual almost right around you're able most I could see the state eighty now but it will stop right right shorted while. So we exist everybody did got a car one. I. You know I'm sure full pot takes. Because we've been talking NFL draft and older Macs so won't get to that. Because I'm if you fifteen minutes the heat so let's native quick headlines and let let LeRoy does low esteem up. Ask what you XY and south why would you accept each show. Real quickly important story to halves coach Tyler taking time off because of chest pains. That had they can't seem to get a diagnosis for so he'll take some time away from the cavs as it can be days not weeks. But Isaac went up towards the playoffs it's on the watch there the heat are hosting Denver tonight 732 to about 630 is hasn't got a tie Embree and show the American Airlines Arena no way no white sides iPad display tonight up in Montreal against the Canadians we need. Three points are there any points any kind of points because they're falling further behind out of the other wild card spot it hardly is going to be the new coach at Memphis. Which is interesting but a cool. And it's not it's what's going on the world's sports we DeMarco Murray isn't dolphins last night. And a Vontae scuff. Mark Martin I am on DeMarco Murray a huge fire look. We your bed team it in almost say that. The jets are close and empty. And or. And boy. When you need bodies. Stop trading picks were warm place. Even at that one players the quarterback the next decade if you believe this is no way to guarantee you believe that guy's a quarterback next decade. Oh okay. Is it worth risking like look at it this way I would I look at it this way and addressed. If I have three picks in you only have one my odds are better damn good to get to go play. No matter where I'm drafted. In so. If you can give me three picks. For my one pick no matter where it hits now keep in mind you know do you negotiate where depicts. But if you gonna give me three picks. Odds are better with the guy in the three picks even if they're lowered into one. And if you keep quiet nets stupid game. Of trading up in sacrificing. It's gonna hurt to meet a moral one of those guys don't end. So keep X you look at. This whip for instance a couple of years ago the jets had a second round pick and they drafted their quarterback that they thought was to be a nice quarterback and they took Christian hack emperor. And two years later you're looking and when they drafted like we think this guy's got the potential development in in two years later he's he's obviously not their plan to make just signed a couple correction that was in that god is in their future plans are probably gonna take one. Where if you take a Josh outer baker mayfield yes there is no guarantee but stork with chance or better that your top five pick is going to be. Quarterback that can play long term then your second round you know I mean just we were. Broken leg is little bacon egg. Okay because I can tell you right now. If Cooley who. Were to take a quarterback instead of Barkley parts. You're either gonna pick right. Well I you would hope that their odds of scored double what they got to take a guy this big league whose biggest problem is they keep passing of the Carson whence the world in the key. Is. It simply a culture where I would like it will remain. If the last two coaches. We're still in organizations. Had to rent it Carson wins and museum. In an hour. Or does not want to sort of rounds awesome part of some well know what I'm saying is if this same or coaches were bigger. These guys would be consider books. So is it's more than just ran into a meat is very few guys. That have come into eighteen. Ages admitted to make a nomad a cultural what is it there's a reason why guys the first or biggest sector of neglect in the car that Kaiser can they dropped Sharon Keyser and he's now in Green Bay they give Michelle ushers terrible they they saw that he wasn't a guy you build around now we're gonna go get them the top five pick. There's no guarantee your right more often than not you're gonna find you're. You are superstar quarterback in that podtech okay well. It's like no way that's not. Accurate this Ackerman at the top two the two topics a couple of weeks ago golf and and went to speakers that you win a super what the other way here's what I'm saying. Well it's safe to. Choose. It's one I don't know let's act yeah. Go. How how good those guys have been idled at the well being and assume no they don't know what should Hingis is it. Of rape of a switch coaches. Write your fans just there she wants him to assure us that Ukraine is about copy that you. Yeah it certainly going to be an awful lot because of either so it lancer there's so many guys careers in the NFL at a lot of positions. Where you wonder. What would have changed if they'd been like if Tom Brady was never on the patriots if Tom Brady was on a. Right Detroit right what would his career be like would he be right now it is how come they are exceptions suitable. For example in an eight rating and Andrew. Andrew Luck we don't know where are they really got really got into the lead that team was and Robert if it was it was a big discussed right. Exactly. Exactly what what are you saying is that. Did lead the picks and I'll give you about this argue the last just last year's New York even go that Bogut back. You guys golf and Wentz went ones who both their team's playoff teams. Winston marry older guys that team's demand they made those guys are pretty damn good quarterbacks get their teams are influx MacBook both guys have been. Quality quarterbacks report that portals to Trevor develop producers pretty good and they've built around. He did Johnny men's dealt with the 22 pick that's why we NeuStar drop and after that five spot and you get into the geno Smith's of the world. You know then go back a little further yet Andrew Luck. Robert Griffin won ensue. Griffin Italy got her was pretty damn good he just got her. Did it Brit Brit go if I am even if I take Robert Griffin. And I put him. On any different teams mad I mean there was and his help he was pretty Google. Gets sometimes. And witness yeah Mike Martz. Abrams and head coach and coordinator you know he kept her head and he never in his offensive scheme. He never believed decided just. He believed the quarterback just buckled down hold it as long as he could end their release it and take the hit. Oh you don't recorded I understood that you put on the list again you know bore holes and then you'll look at other topic pick that Twitter didn't have a Topper McKay Andrew Luck Robert Griffin okay Cam Newton. Sam Bradford. Guy couldn't stay healthy but it still you know. This for Matthew Stafford vinegar quarter barrel rise in these are all the top 34 picks in the draft. Pretty good quarter. Now let's take this one step for. Of all the guys that were taken one to top Bible whatever clean cut guys. We meet there are guys that let you know the beginning they're going to be top picks. We know you'd. The cream of the crop but there's like there's an example what the future riske went second. I don't think a lot of people thought he could be he would do what's of that buzz about him slowly is the draft got like and he flew the charts in the bear no he was the guy had an open Darryl can still. Could be tough economy in three years because usually don't guys. You seem to me a hard time believe admits. Of the five guys coming out there's a clear cut big. So I'm not gonna waste a top pick and it got where to be eighty wanted to pot you think it. Now we do you believe it's. Draft a guy in the top five that was ranked seventh in a non par five conference on his team. I mean who were talking about here who we turn Boozer care from low Wyoming lost to Charlotte Josh Allen yeah yes. I mean the thing about Josh he's he's a polarizing guy because his accuracy and a stats. To all point to a guy who should be drafted in the top five or number one overall like suspects but its potential has talent and his arms strength. It's up that most people an agent George just noted Jeff George of the jungle game itself the. OK explain its there's a couple of things that you ever you do. And usually never really change. Accuracy is one of you can't do you teach actors and if you play quarterback your whole life. And you say Ed Ed accurate where he struggles with accuracy. Would change. And fix. Your vegetables and I. I think certain guys you don't let that you another election you see is it other than that you know goes like I would Josh Rosen stuff and some of these guys Josh Rosen put him all the UCLA team had a lot of drops. It in the NFL you tend to that stuff since this mayoral little because you had the lead the best of the best value Toronto even though. The so called okay of our receivers are hurt you know be stars in college so I think. It's hard to change accuracy but a lot of it has do the level competition here every players around him and ignorant. And prince you did I. I mean I think star Scott has let the Scotland's lemon. Guys limit to. And it's I think he is. Like a bow. And he's got an act of dollars damn good. We Robbie. Okay. Yeah. It's. And then at the. Played against of ordinary cars through church which. It and that's brought you by champion for months for. It's cost not let him in for my sport itself orders number one Jeep truck it is TV customization shot you're guaranteed them the hottest woman for monitoring decent down. I'll give ample by force of its X five budget reform for six that are Chevy four by four dot com and I. Marais an L high ankle Lopez and Martinez your insurance and attorneys call 305800. Irma. Thanks fitted me. Also brings us opportunity when it comes to the entertainment you loved XY and gives you more easily experience TV with X acidity. X one and all pro or the peak in sports medicine it's their job to get you back in the game with forza four locations there's one near Uga and all. Roll orthopedics dot com for more info. Arts of the heat host the nuggets tonight bitter that I see eight seed. In the Eastern Conference two guys the way it stands now. We had was a twelve games left the other they've got all the games the regular season as a math what twelve games at the overseas and they finally snapped ugly nine game road losing streaks he can put that the rear view mirror hopefully. Move for their schedule really lightens up after this week you know they've got Denver a very good team get a solid team out west fighting for playoff spot the knicks are horrendous. They got a couple tough road games Oklahoma City. And Indiana coming up over the weekend two teams already in the play a mix of fighting for seeding in the conference's. They think it's really and he got the hawks a couple times you get the knicks again you got some really bad regimes that bothered that the as the teams have to win that and that's I guess my boy LeRoy is this. I think the way the season has has gone we've seen this heat team kind of be will we thought they would be you wish help was better you wish deal would have been around longer you wish that guys were stay healthier. But they're slowly coming together to come playoff time but the one in word regret the most is those ugly loss is about eight or nine by my count to horrific teams. And that's going to be the difference elect last year with a mimic the playoffs that's gonna be the difference between these three or four seed and a separate seat. Which come playoff time do you have faith that the heat is a seven reaching can win a series. I mean Ed this win a series. Yeah but I'm not. Totally Toronto's the only team I'm afraid of the always you know I think while on a seven game series trials to two to eighteen they're playing great. That's a tough team to expect the went OK but boom well I mean. If you were third at 144. Seed. It beat the same situation because of the Washington. Eighty they played well against Washington the Washington. Phillipe Milwaukee's. Indiana. Those teams in that makes are all have a lot more question marks ninety S and ash this will surprise and shock this year they can and that being the three seed. Out ahead of Cleveland which I think a surprise a lot of people but I don't think Cleveland cares I LeBron has pretty much cannot said he doesn't care about seeding. I mean isn't that the same thing that Golden State. And eight were you more as a state is basically said yeah how is what do you care more if you're Golden State or we. Because could have LeBron and an easy I can give him through every what you is doing and west. I mean if you're Golden State you're like there. Which you got a case Nomo the other thing is is a Golden State's they're gonna end up playing Houston anyways. It's a lot of the times is also I mean it doesn't matter what seed well it's do you wanna start the morning and have a game seven in Houston forty wanna be at home keep in my net. I mean has. Mean hoping she'd beat three ever played comes. And I look that up I don't think you. Firm would have a Roddick Hewitt I don't I don't think that I don't think that's happened as Chris Oliver played enough of a conference final is not enough revenue was up 31 against. That's right just a lot of ground in the second round and that's you know. I think that's a fun match to look at I think from a heat perspective I don't you know the match I would love to these now we're talking earlier when you're stuck in an intra to with a guy shortage of over bridge is that. I think Cleveland and Miami will be a fun matchup but I think the best matchup like as far as on the competitiveness and there would be somehow. The heat and sixers mashed up in the first round I think can be on the sea to. Promise birdie at twelve trust the process it's overdoses. Culture you know. Don't what did you simply couldn't there's so much happiness but I think with Cleveland is I don't like their chances against LeBron I don't like it when she gets the least against Obama if you missed it will party said that if he played Cleveland the during its web for a pitcher right to know that's what you said Robbie played back I did here I sit and set the bar actually says that he yet that's where you say oh my god and our embassy in Cleveland you a member of the broadcast team are predicting a fabulous. That he and are going to nicely with the stat he's I don't why did you pick. Miami to win NCA not pick my my what you guys. Sister I picked on Gonzaga and none of them much image of game I do a mine in the final four and whatnot I was probably slightly to final four yet. He would get addicted to reverse or days and I know I. Asked how. To deal I mean I don't. It's one as of right now beast and told me and are tied for last place both of them are very life. Hi I'm the only one out of all all of us that still have my to reach a game intact. Clearly like somewhere in the middle nor do I do we have the security. Yeah he do you guys who I am an outcast than this the readers treat me no. He's the only gonna buy me and I didn't get your communal. Because it's all personal and dog reported drew also I text you 700 times Jewish showed it now I get things is still going on well he wrote I don't. I know non B take original line taste that day goes. Out. My teams are no longer with the correct that that means LeRoy now I don't got a couple of soldiers. And Elaine who is beating everybody's the only is a couple soldiers also does not have them any points left she went she was great the first couple rounds but it's starting to bad I hit Michigan to go to do you lead eight. I got a problem and he's and he couldn't he never had a generous pay for drink on campus again I did to Michigan State to be do. Here's here's what I'm into a big be Alice in Clemson lose Kansas pay big Fella. Is known cared about your bracket no one person I know. Really care about the bracket which are put right in front of me it's just it Robbie want to make us feel crappy that blue Peta is being announced and so is law a little bit. She picked hybrids. Surely this is the non fifteen minutes each segment next but I am curious if I'm the 116. Upset I wasn't that impressed the hole every amid a big deal about the Virginia think how fortunate I was I was Carty finally it. I was with a during the game. And either he fake it really well or he was slowly dying inside the. He was pretty good during the game lesson and even Virginia fans how do I have to realize that it's a horrible branded. Hey watch it special thing I ever watched a few years you watch a team play like I run out of the classic you know these teams play even up until the last two years. Watching some of the duke teams play that a cherry picks in the top driver six whatever. I I watch Virginia I never thought to myself while that's the best team in the country so much fun yes they were 29 who were thirty into whatever they want. That's great they did that for you'd be slow leak kill you death and any different than what Syracuse does so without Sarah should be determined their sole lucky but they've won three green. This is now and this is just becoming like a survival the average. That the economy and that's this year that your points perfect there really wasn't a dominant team in college basketball this year there wasn't that. He stored team you look back on some one I remember that team with these guys that just doesn't. I don't know there was so to the fact there's only seven top four seeds still alive it's pretty incredible on sixteen. It's Bogut we can talk more about a moment but as far as the he go what he did tonight with no way no light side and targets coming to town. Pretty and his team to a similar records. And support things to play for right. Position for the nuggets are more just to get in the classic brand preacher to make the nuggets are now only positioning within days and it's an outside but he and others don't have in doubt you are given. Half a need be with these games. I think you go from a title follow all the metrics of the game as much set probably shouldn't. I strike you as I'm just learning about the advanced stats personally people that know much more than I do want it. The advanced stats the metrics will tell you the heat are actually pretty damn good without a sign on to win on the line they can actually when they have. It justice and but I just go about what I'm told them what I'm shown by those but to me you the depth of a team I understand that those moments he had numbers may say one thing. But when you have to count on guys longer than they're used to you miss this on you miss his presence tell you missed Dwayne and those crunch minutes in those moments. Date they miss those guys. Mean you listen you you're trying to sell yourself on Ito and in numbers though showed no you don't it is because to me the flow of the game is important like. Even on games where the metrics show that those guys are better in those games decided Dwyane stow away. And other guy's arrest and you going to rotations and there's still the ebbs and flow of the game you have the ups and downs. And I like tonight those guys don't have that rest they're Assad and we are not play so it's like you'll have those moments those guys are to be counted on. Those that rotation how he worked in Kelly and how you work in the press for 48 minutes always on those breeders are nice. Only imagine it's O. During a pregame saying. This only your public of the net to make healthy scratch. You don't like twice. And everybody had to dress got somebody was always the hope and hope that twelve games and so here's the problem though I. So if it gets ready for playoffs. Is he going to be tinkering with the wind out. Because he's been doing all year but out of necessity if everybody gets healthy bimbo who's been. Members both for a couple of years of America the second your post LeBron would actually made it to a game between the for the comforts files are lost Ronald game seven number four that playoffs the talk was they finally started Hasan memory of what the bench in the story. It's not afraid to take chances to move things around mix matched and this is the product of not having the superstar. We don't have a go to guy you have to find different ways to win every night we're a team with a super Soros is going to stardom stretch that. They don't have that you know he's going to be ticker and until the end. We have a couple things to get 20. That move we may wanna finish of football discussion manipulate LeRoy needs a hole showed Marta do that maybe I like that. I have to sports bar takes the media to please let's get to those yeah and again we have to reiterate that were all being beaten by the mid. Midday DJ from the shark in our bracket. It's definitely has an international life has come to and that's how fifteen minutes of officially ends. My old heads. Roy yeah like never. Starr is not his fault and it almost deliberately commits suicide only to make light of that. I respect disease always on time. On the same web one of the few Cubans it's always on time I'm always. My it and put your might gun. Gosh I can't cede anything to. As much abused during that problem if you do intern or not it's not on you. But if you can drop but where's rob. Usually you win Baghdad or eating business. Oh my game these. Ellis editor distracted back here the past couple weeks and morals on yeah we. These stimulus and what's going on with sports Boris you have this York percent I'm not a crusade I got to takes a gang. The first was an easy one that will definitely agree with me on a day sec what's more for you we are here's the first one. If you're any kind of plays with televisions whereas you're trying to draw some sort of crowd to watch sports your borer yours how much rent. So what you consider our sports bar or not. You got TV I see these people think they can water boarding and they believe that you shall be your status and what sports. Don't we walked into your place. End at sixty minutes is a one TV. The woman's NIT is another TV and spring training is a no lose TV at the same time there's four NCAA basketball games go home I'll speak on their behalf. Now. Is sleazy. Because they lead the team he's on where you know it's they don't put it it's it's not his study of. It is not just lazy it's just not care. It's bad business still because you like walking like Francis I I work colossal so that he chose and a lot of times a bit early to be traffic that for 730 assault progressivity right. I wanna get into I don't walk into place and I'm watching it in commercial wore off on watching I wanna see like NFL lie if there's a game currently going on the electoral like PE SP and shows little poll shows that. I wanna see the. Is like double the buses I'm not name names on this one although on the names the next one. I've walked into bars sports bars when the heater playing that pads or you'll huge games going on. And the team is on all the time I'll go out walk in and be tennis on this I mean just terrible stuff freedom will be until I was armed. Your room so in can be used as we were scared. That's when he got to pick pharmacy. Well I listen I am I that's nice and hot take care. I think some got bored I want to go supplement that's he's obviously got some issues by the lately the nightly committee's lead or he could be in Seoul South Florida. It's not a drop towards. I hope you are mr. Now 54. War once and yet you're more. They keep it my next sports bar take LeRoy. I figured does not cause ugly did you first leg be aware and we all agree without any sale ads are on and who's gonna get a low. This one's in divvied Daily Beast and it's yet so. Listen I'm trying to cut back to my consumption. But regardless of blues or food food. I'm trying to up my booze consumption. So. I'll just use the name Floridians. I love Flint you know when a big fan Flanagan got the rim rolls they got also a great stuff but they don't have. It is a nice not just you know why give it nice big platter. Of 700 not a jobs but just one layer cheese on top vocal one you once you get into. You know she gives up that we went it was that they Hamburg police. The it's an in the mall probable. I can't picture and name. Can't we going to hear. Also opened yet it goes on the fashion rip rob red round and yet. Rob and you know my mom and open right yeah and governments have no idea so. I think these kids know. It wasn't there was beat up injury. So it's definitely is that it's already started out. And others of BW three open either I Bradley's. Yes I would normally spotlight. So why go there and I am not really hungry. But everybody else was wigs that you know what. To tease for some not Johansson copying yoga and meat cheese whenever. And so I would Sebelius and hit. Israel. Okay one night to. Outlaw it for cost you twenty dollars and war. How one winner go the first two. Wanna have some more and the alleged. I want so I won't. Have a much I mean. Bugs I need to do to make that happen and I think it. You come back the cost to the moratorium despotic. Event come. Now that government should. It is not known as dry. I'm not tip. The death and what happened she broke back gave the books guess what your for Tebow so I hit it we told life. Obama being an about it and I'm definitely gonna come true at the flag. The lesson I said the same thing to woman I didn't threaten not to government said. Listen you can separate ways of interpreting here here's what we like we don't want to Chile we don't want anything out of we just want she's my son will only eat cheese and ship out. They used the ring she leaves a little cheese so liquid months okay well. The nonsense is easier to get more coverage of the liquid nonsense but it's not real cheese release is able to drip through the holes and get to some other area. So what's Clinton's does that give you a big hot steaming plate of 700 ships or they put. One Arab melted cheddar cheese on top youth yeah yeah. He's got about it and then he got 690 chips left with nothing on let's actually said QE2 tricycle layering. We layer in something easier to you know hit it through those are older sir I can request is but the kitchen walls simply won't do it. So what I can do is though is I'll bring the Dodgers out muy the first layer than ever get back in Opel board she's not a look at again and then bring it back view. I said we heard all the work all over the kitchen just won't do it that way so weak that they bring the chips at one layer of cheese meat that layer they bring it back to the kitchen. They put cheese on it again put the other and come back now they'll burn and whatever because it just cooked everything again. What is wrong. All you want. And I understand coverage form I know I just want even coverage of cheese on my not to judge that too much to ask. He's just. Torchmark. Find my what a lot yeah end debts of evenly colored not Joe's life is good you've got my wife and I like. And why don't tell me what to do. They might require a little reaching more than one inch into your pocket yeah. I look at you know. Money and we went to Floridians I dwellers have listened one time I came here you and I pay I paid extra to have this happen. She said sir. We will not do the kitchen will not do and I'll go left the that they will not do CIA said dean. Your tip reflect the lack of effort you're to make me or not and I think this. Ball. Is obviously Margaret and there is and I don't care what people animated Tulsa OK it has denied to today later you'll. TVs. Which would like restaurants. Okay. Works for me you work but restaurant. And at restaurant food. Understand how do you make you live and I think but if this is. What about the automatic that we river Oregon has a matter of personal that would daddy's a busload not as yet but do they have TVs. Yeah but death because did these is only please open it read it morning. Everything is great on the extent does that the mean after your band of the day at its cargo and didn't have blotter on every single out. It did an article this I'd literate later the border there. Or Denny's has a way to but I had iPad stand. You guys are you talking to different language to me and you get this layering cheese. I'm 43 let me show us and lactose intolerant. OK. I'm not on the beach it's. And David may produce bar but I didn't see you don't forget times. As we have not till we bring. It is spread out flatly I am not show where every single chip covered. With two different types cheesy ticket it's a look at guys back hairdo let's go own it departments are going to be outbreaks amends that are yet. It will take pictures also planning its headquarters. Jimmy Dolan. I'm not a lie though I heat games are pessimism skip the media food in this is great nacho stand there in the concourse and I do go have nachos. But I'm the opposite you that's how we say just a little bit achieves. She's pissed when they do linger like that and you don't have third quarter amiss in the third quarter I can't can't do that Kangas we from the port of another guy that those sort of situations. We'll see him no more. 00 men in. Heard the stories we'll talk to me on that note on that that's the way that you finish strong on the show we still critical moments no doubt that hit you. Aren't Rombach tomorrow Tobin is listening into a mile. Entitlement has been to has text be five times commented on FaceBook three times between Miami twice. Authentication. He's he's a petition against that is more engineering. Over under on the crowd and I hope I'll go five alerts Robby what he thinks five for others tonight from Dublin. Only because of who wins has a good game and go under. I go over it would eat how we can agree to grab somebody else. Will probably knock it take partnership and against Morris Eagles under ethnic ethnic so you really. I meant that there's tundra just when the reminder of for the ground. I I would see no fiddler I have yet he got exploited in the Democrat doesn't have a single world LeBron. Oh yeah. And then we're Greg Oden. Out of the Borough.