3-2-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Friday, March 2nd

Isaiah Thomas lit it up last night for the Lakers last night and Leroy wonders how a 5 ft 9 guy is getting open 3s. Leroy says he saw a woman texting and driving while eating a cheesburger. The guys discuss the latest with Jarvis Landry and the Miami Dolphins. The guys wonder why J.R Smith threw soup on Cavs assistant coach Damon Jones. The guys break down which NBA players would not get suspended for throwing soup on their coach. Robbie gives his Magnificent 7 picks for the weekend


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino. Let's do it. I would like Jeff Francis on the estimated anywhere in this building. Lighten things on fire last night. At 601 Vista boulevard. What the hell was that. Those broken player all year. Just what he can. He's he's just disrespectfully slapping you right in the face here's what I've here's what I thought was that's a lakers game. A couple of a couple of days ago. And here's what I thought. No that's wrong constant. It is almost like people so much pressure on you. The only problem they have is the key ruby shoot Puerto. Who don't have to. Well they've now written now. You beat the heat don't have the felony shoots 656%. From three. That doesn't happen every game especially with their numbers they don't quote new one of the worst in the league there's a problem. A year tied us in the big road as they around the top shoot the three. Yeah I could give we do so today boy time let's let's get the opportunity to do something it's happened here. Anything. Is how could a 59 guys who's probably. Five inch shorter in next guy. You get why opens this crazy and that and the other guy who's who's laid up from downtown is it was Brooke Lopez that oath. By the way they said it was morning out of the broadcast say I don't know how that's possible and I'm pretty sure he's 42. I don't know how he's denied he went to and certainly with the same schools searched off Micah now a days 48. Envelope was a bit around since Jordan. These are the low. Around forever man is Brooke is the youngest right. By a couple minutes voted in the other two win us dads as one's real weird look at even we will look at he's got the Wii and hair. Well Isaiah may not get as Max concert but he got a chance for a thousand bucks is still South Beach listening. Take out right now as you Wear this hour's share. Text that the 7081. Chair. CH AIR Texas to 72881. Now if you don't win we'll get another word next hour its national can't dismiss and that are its. May apply don't text and drive Beazer for some headlines man I'll speak in the text in driving. On my way here. I saw a lady. Texting and eating cheeseburger right driver which cheeseburger him. Over the cheeseburger has its teeth are left she was looking down tax them without the aid. A skillful. That's pretty crazy veolia respect. Rub is these there provided no lines men. Only a beast is not here at the moment he's taken his usual late to the segment our fine and a full let me get headlines donut because they couldn't we couldn't we couldn't dare. Bombed the manager. He speaks WP XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. to Miramar. Top tax. Isaiah torched overrated. Riches and everybody at A times not he can hit through an overrated I always picture it trumps voice completely overrated. It's an. But it doesn't overreact if they see him a lot of lists hawk it about man. Tell you what though Dwyane Wade unbelievable. Two games that are up I don't if you want to wait to be doing a freed up to zero no I'm having fun but I don't I don't know this is exactly the role I expected where. He's carried you bird rate pockets of games. It's not exactly what I was expecting a day it was useless big guys out there yesterday. Except for bam it was a political as Beck pat back panel Carlos the rules of law as they are open threes. Kelly Olympic Kelly Olympic was it was like putting a shark on land you just yet it had it had no purpose of yesterday's game. It was terrible anyway. The the Florida Panthers that back in action tonight to take on the Buffalo Sabres cats are on fire they beat damages that was yesterday three hits is the cats would keep it going tonight. 730 for the BB NT senator. He Miami Dolphins and the jobs lead to trade talks is where they stand right now yesterday. And it's not a report that the dolphins have given the injuries Egypt permission to go seek a new deal. Which which means he waltzes signed his franchise tender and they'll try to facilitate make that happen. What is being airport now by the Miami herald's among the senate Darrow is if they do not find a dill. That the dolphins are completely fine with bringing him back at the sixteen point two million dollar price tag this year but there will not be a big. Long term deal and there'll be no deal apparently after that. So that's that's where that stands right now still manages the departure. We don't know that's gonna now. Open look but we'll allow Olsen and let me just wrote this out here. You go to doctors of. And you say. It hurts when I do this and he says well. I can go in to do this type of war. And fix. And you go well why would you just students. View the Jews say that you think you can do it go and it. If it meant. Bill of should know who's. The national trade guy's a professional contract workers the professional. Football people. You'll have been called into an eternity. Well they've probably how it then. If I mean. Yeah this is. The Miami Dolphins yes I don't we we arm. Disputed all. You know. Trade. War on drugs and drew Altman had been immune solid receiver dollars in what you'll form Tuesday. He. Is gonna signed a tender for sixteen bit. Steep price and he wants it be buried. As a matter of days ago at such as picnic at that there's so. So they probably say it will give it germs injury. The two ovals. In the Kingdome. Right at that time. If out of where it would take me to. Just decent drive to. No he hit you know why I. Isn't the whole idea and if they'll both the pails receiver fifteen million dollars. You know I'm sure. All this does for the now is is his agent gets to go on the phones start don't talk in its he's he specifically like to go to OK now. But let me ask you this. So he goes out. In the end up with twelve million a year yet. And he works out that deal to go somewhere else. Is safe to say he does that would be. Yes or it now he's eat crow. And realized he was going to get that so he's not gonna grab bag to did let's talk about this little bit before the show like this is this seems like it's almost turning into oh we need heat situation understanding with the tenure with the stature of there. Damon and accomplishments on with the team. It feels to me a little bit like they're the numbers today out in marriage Jackson's column where he said that. The dolphins or offered a contract that was in the neighborhood of thirteen here what what was the guarantee Medusa it didn't set the that that's that what they counteroffer was something in the neighborhood of fifteen year. Which I was like. Like that big of a gap to me but he could be the guaranteed money you write in so. Understand that the contract that averages thirteen birds is vs averaging fifty at best when. We originally start talking about contracts. As that you can make everybody happy. If you give them a long term view guarantee a little bit more money would be cuper less per year yes it'd everybody's act. Because nobody really cares about with their average. Per year is. If you get to guarantee might well those if those numbers are true. I don't really look at it is being disrespectful from what the dolphins are half her know it is Howell because you're gonna. Here understand it. If you make somebody. The highest. Paid player at his position. You're now only competing with yourself and yet here's do. There's little bit more you are setting the boss it feels like developments are now legislative Ernie who wants to clear cap forests. That's that's what this has come down to which kind of sucks because jars has been a good player for you but both the player. In the organization have to be reasonable I agree. And so. From from that standpoint. If you run a business. And you go into a situation say OK. I'm paying more than I've ever paid for. This product with this plea or we'd ever. And did they come legacy we want more. And I. That are you grown. What would you want more and Ambien hesitated to this did Skyler one of those things where. NN but we know it is the other thing we're Jarvis goes you know where he goes and he's going to be paid all that money. It can be looked upon a little bit different than being in the guy with the franchise he came up with and being paid good money really good money. And so wherever one of these places goes. You know it's almost like they could be shorter with them. Then it would be if you were to stay here because you know that he's got injury report quarterback you know that these are favored weapon. It's almost like yes you may not get all the money you want but I feel like there's other comforts like public oh OK. Now look at it from Dobson who in. It is it I can't believe them to a news because you normal Erica. Throw in all the others. Okay. And win every evil save makes him feisty fiery. Whatever. You got to consider all that stuff. Now you're gonna give them boatload of money yet a boatload guarantee might give some well here kind of without the side of the all the stuff that's they did all the stuff Q when you're making league minimum and use the guy Lebanon but he eight didn't it just rescissions and that. Man all. Arms age. I'm pretty sure does that to be live it was yesterday played less tournaments. Load that have more to do with mark Pope as she pretty good. And it's Randall bullying him lose half his size that but it's a blues he would he would eat he reminds you. Of like one the old basketball players they can issued a lick but always in the outscored twenty cookies always by the rim did. By the ahead of the game on here in the poker to return offers this the slaughtering that would just we know it happens rather watch people to come on work out of this. And we with his. And we inside has got power another of those other out took all sides. And finally we'll get to this next JR Smith yes and apparently it was suspended for throwing soup on Damon Jones. Did you also. You can. That's right we'll get to that. Those agrees having guys. Still there. You're. Several hard rock poker room on this beautiful Friday. Yeah red head into the weekend. Hopefully the fuel bounce back tomorrow very importantly it's the pistons their take on the magic tonight. And Frankel. Steve Frankel can do a solid tonight hate us pay but the way via. We have just come to a conclusion yes that if the blueberry. Is not in and Pincay waffle. Or a muffin it is useless a smoothie. Odds movie. The data on the list I didn't find that I thank you never really a dominant effort Zeta blueberry in my jaws just got coral but because it was so somehow. Quite what. It does nothing for it now today we desperate. As it is a fruit but it's what bigotry it's one of those dark fruits. Of like the antioxidants and stuff. And good for you to bees. From dark. And again I suggest. Despite a pastor David Jones and the good. Reconnect the arms race. They're able walks over to. JR. You two need to do to be a better pro. Was. You need to do this this this the list. If you did you our policy. Oh like you. And a great. You go back of forfeited pots yet just a slight pay. Oppose it get to the career riding on Shaq in the bronze coattails. David Jones Protestants of the Smart like. You're stealing money. And that's when you guys saw some disk all of you base that had until you it's up at like. We've got a really paid a lot of money. Yeah and a half there approached. David Soares the basketball players in baseball players. You know don't Manny being Manny thing was because what to do you may take you back. Right. The committee illegitimate election of clubhouse attendant yes yes yes that it is ticked off the Red Sox. Did that ultimately I think that yes that was all part isn't religious at the end those those too much of many being that many. The first thing I've out of what is the story was added to the dollar port doom. Suppose yeah. How hot the super well I mean now boiling like he'd do you obviously can't hurt you put it's gonna have to be. You know tolerable but I'm uncomfortable. Doesn't play guitars too is it just soup. We don't you discuss that. Technically this idea to elected JR shirt or completely shirt if we get to reenact the area of the other put on soon it would coaching here. It easier than you do soup receiver that I'm David Doug is on the actual badge and that is behind volleys one of those guys. Like at like twelve guys that make dear dead he's not let I don't think he's officially on the bench but he is somehow sticking around Cleveland so in other words he's the coach. But he never as in here any interaction with the head coach dirty game that's critical to signal to do your. You remember David Jones immediately get a really he turned as you're here into a big contract Ayman Damon Jones. David Jones Alex sixteen the four year sixty million issued for a three day here I feel like he was like on fire if the resisters to. It was a I don't know which was that ability to it was a career high. And being here are Shaq checks check you that you get screwed up the MVP I did well shooters dream you don't look she's Dudek Dwight Howard. Why are you get to. Three points that's right well. Standing on you would that would that that that crew of Jameer Nelson Rashad Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu right. I mean they were lighten it up shot 46%. 45 point 6% from three. Then why is that same year he won the three contest. Exit with at least that's the he aren't you started associate originally wanted Angel Nadal won it but I was heat and 66 games that year. And a musica but he only he would but he never started more than 26 in any other year you ultimate ultimate one year. Which I got it right that's Jack got messy Ike Austin right there. David does not want report contest. And things unfolded before them who voted twice once with a heat and Daequan Cook counsel with the Daequan Cook it and you're Daequan Cook. We've barely knew at that surface was willing Goodyear was that three point contest and just never the same. So. I'd go does David Jones walked in at times office covered in the soup. And he demands a suspension might slide. Slide it didn't do it time to this kind of induce them. I it's not like it. Because here's the problem is yes it does go to jail on his late you know he suspended right boys or say it is it despite those years ago. You know can do some very. Gates has beaten some political terms narco. His brow. Now. You see how we QB Tim. The business and when something goes down off wrong. Eagle look at Dave Jones is plotting. These sort of praised. State breaks debt because they would go after I think David Jones is already looked upon as Euro here because the brought you use your boys of LeBron. But I really good boys are just like you kind of like bridge. You've been here and abroad feel sideways using TAQ yes. All my David Jones as always he was on the bronze like he was on the hip pocket when the prodded it before the front came here. That was guy that was run in your mid three's though. Yet he was good uses an exclusive good friend didn't. It might home. How he uses a uses uses to good use Damon Jones. Honestly like it's it's the move with peace like he founds he finds the right asked to kiss. And he becomes an end they become boys and that also he is basketball version win wars. Kind of know this is about numbers enemy know where Edwards who's your wing radio Mario Chalmers diseases at. I don't like you refuse to Rio we're deeper yells at him. Or is this a lost cause right. I've had with these every now there Wu. Suitable for you to record record with thirty seconds left it over and play I'm still trying to find out how that Dequan Newton chalice from three quarters of growth. Telus in heaven opened an investigation into your beloved sister station I mean it's not just act yes evident in bringing it up. Don't use these days he's you know I think he knows he's doing he's been he's been doing this a long time he got excited as do we know where he was sitting what did you have courtside seats are it was a one of the simply the reduction he was courtside because I had solemn on the TV now. Is there not live like the best soup cost of 94000. Yes scheme checked out soup battery do you abroad it late now suspending LeBron LeBron. Still in some way that. Hold on but let's say don't let them the right. You know every adult my my my my hypothetical let's go which is that if let's say LeBron James is joining us else it'd. Some French onion soup and started. Stupid hi Lou gives am. Some business that he likened he's just not doing you any day that tied Lou. The word got. Had a by default is David. David what I was in charge and Aaron David let go go so give it time to get into him a diluted two and LeBron. He tomahawk slams and soup right on his dad also does he would if we did. Did trickery just applause and it does get suspended. I. Stupidly team 5000 dollar fine let's go Italy LeBron would like literally just like go to one of his mind lackeys really hate just dispersant cat. It as well what's the level on that is that Kevin Love ports and Siobhan Tyler I don't know I don't know. About all. No in the more studio executives. That team. Let's see that's what is currently NBA. Could Greek 30. Awesome. Yeah two to a good like. And what about Anthony Davis went hard in. You're James Harden wasn't suit Monday and Tony now. Mike first you can't just be real confrontation. Russell Westbrook they both had bad days the odds are. Two went to an already had the key to vote everybody. This audit that is Russell has to surpass. Its. He knows that for you. Would probably about a it is got to Wear to your looks like he's. Net slash I that that's what others. Dwyane Wade tosses and soup. On Pat Riley. Does he get suspended and not even yes now. Does meet its residents vote no because apparently yes. It's been to a zones and he would get suspended for Toyota apparently being suspended for messing up the Armani suit. Harrah's and is easy easiest casual clothes he's is that he's in the guys locals according you don't want it doesn't mean. His money Jeanne sorry but he's got he's got a monies for day good to rates possible car. Yeah attitude that is seeking assessment. You need to be boy he needed more relied upon. Burn. MB. This much is that battle that would LBJ that gives us the they would be giving him first bowl of soup and apologized to him have to wait to inquiries sort of Brad Stevens. I know I too knew it would take up to you don't even get like. I mean well most of the Christian most crazy people out of high. Perry would you do it created an ILL. Make it drain on departure arteries get suspended he gets kind of particular someone in the nuts. Well I mean. The it has to be like. The Greek postal board of bush to be. Like Westbrook. Probably throw Basel as descendants of the nobody has yet to pass the type whose fiery who. Such as sports. Tom Brady. Then we know that these guys got beef right now. I union. Tom Brady Sunday morning you'd get on its audited you rejoice as they oatmeal he's enjoyed some Sunday oatmeal with McConnell and Belichick walks in gives them little about it's Terrero. Brady tossed the oatmeal on them yet he's not starting. To act and who's not starting not starting not starting he suspended. Yes poverty would be suspended no way. Nowak and I'll post again because Doug I don't know I don't think somewhere near. Went to Europe and discourses craft get a gift a lot of backup Nobel's Brian right now. In here yeah. That's who's there dances and what game is he's in his late season they know what we would get. Sounds. Steelers. Four on the road. Steelers we twelve other suing swings where the control is right now you don't have seen no chance because desolate. Broke crabs and Colin Campbell and happen. And wounds. It is a bad news is group known. Him. Since they Belichick even screams. As if he gets title below and I think is usually only if he here's the UN and those crazy there's lightning when he's screaming in the upper. When he screams. Rape. And in this is full bloom. Yelling. Everybody looks around he is and isn't there a. Revealing feelings is that a good thing though he just eat like. He's had either different. Dude which you did where he's come before. So impaired they use that that was disrespectful food item you could throw some buddies and soon. I mean Al Green gossip bloggers drove on him is avoid this is back to throw soup but somebody a portrait of someone's head. I mean if you put the jury to you could talk about those little tips. Note of today. It Barkley ran a four point 41 ball. Now in a way didn't Aaron has to somebody could somewhat cold drink. Who alleged eat he. And I'm. Like Robby well where we don't expect it will win and added an ability. Right he sees beast shoot from half court did he starts you've record of course we care that. You know it you aren't around Leo we we get loose. Though when you are here it's like any. Hopefully. Have you left your own devices and bodies lots of the week the Magnificent Seven next release of magnificence that it's kind of the stock market gotta know when to sell selling on the picturing announced that I think you start to slowdown and expect Virginia. To be giving up high totally tweet tweet my points. And the way Virginia plays basketball it's us to be way too many points and it's senior day prepared to have a wanna gain an easy play for. Why oh yes I'd rule with to sit in the points wherever discredits. The I don't like this domination. And we'll start the top. Right see here today 66. To 37. I think North Carolina should be like 1112 point fever and at the the gonna win by close of thirty points in the game and fortunately it's the king to take North Carolina. Minus 100 points it's very quickly in the. Lauren. The flurry corners play towards jobs where they win. Did they do have created North Carolina. That that these events that are. Bobby you need the bounce back this week lament. Tape a man and it didn't and I can't I. You need the other said the Robbie. The true champions they get up what they're getting knocked down well as it'll say what you do when you fall the horse kept back on this and Zoolander. Or how cool what was that first. America layout definitely. Definitely Iago the Ira everywhere we go our way. You gotta love that I get is when a quickly because game's gonna start at approximately thirty minutes and on midday accidentally better than midday action here and that is Michigan. Yes that keeps music in a gets Nebraska in the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament Jesus. Michigan is a four point favorite now the good news this Wisconsin missed its stake is still going automobile and why a longer for the games start so. The criminal wanna told people the hard rock puts axed and on a one of the TV's. Nebraska beat Michigan by twenty in their last game. Nebraska is rested they had apply Michigan played yesterday. In an overtime game against Iowa and won. Nebraska desperately desperately needs a win this game to get in the tournament. Michigan that kind of comfortably in the tournament no matter what happens today so they could probably take the take it easy today Nebraska needs this win. I like Nebraska in the garden had taken a four points and if your girlfriend seems opportunities to be a Miami hurricane he's leading Nebraska scoring seventeen points a game. I thus summit to Nebraska. And the four points in the game so it's about thirty minutes or an hour so be it adequate. It took around. Starts about thirty minutes or Hala media with this Michigan State Wisconsin you get an obstinate targets that you give time to have our for a permanent no problem we're. And they don't want Marko maybe don't know works. Awesome midday action during the show. I'd focus Iowa State and Oklahoma. That's tonight the total is set and a 166. Big whopper super high now that that's an average 83 points a game for both teams now. Both teams have only scored 83 point of their game once in the last seven games last time this game happened Iowa State did win eighty to eighty. I think it's gonna. The equilibrium epics and keep kicked in it's gonna Livermore Los game equilibrium affect Atlanta and Troy young has been throwing up bricks for Oklahoma left and right through two was two for eleven for three in his last game. Grupo fiddler. Full Democrat. While me wolf rivers who's on three's does make layups but. I think there's games both teams are gonna get to the seventies to be under this total it's a huge Vegas over compensation. Take the under in this game. And duke to win utterances of the shooting threes and I do him doing leg as a furthering gets away from the basket the better. Your goods you guys have been the first basket yesterday it barely crested and it was right there and yet somehow the claw almost blew off. The cool guy that's stroke though. Stroke is working. What else Robin Murray. Little late night NBA action tonight. Him midday action and late night action could mix and the clippers the total set at 226 now. Both of these teams of playing extremely. High scoring games or pass for five games of the 120 to 17118. I want thirty does that put out of control. But it feels too easy to take over and to forgive and extolled at port sega's. Again equilibrium effect has to kick in here I think Vegas huge Vegas adjustments huge line call with the under in this game. Our our way but. Your reasoning is a little too easy. It is it is too easy to David David going over for five games a row so this is an easy to have and something has to even out life finds a way we dissidents Russert park. Everything always no algo and how you write a bold set of person right. Where I. I'm skeptical about that okay and what's what you're only skeptical that it's this land and no Wesley jumped to Souza working on his ankles up what is hard to to the other day. Normally normally Robby has gotten got. Very sound explanations of things and his today for this total loses. As Matsui easy it's like I don't know violent content it's the biggest adjustment you got to try to catch some of the right time the Senate's so especially it is fish. I got to iron out before Roddick all right Virginia Tech at Miami is a new owner on Saturday now. The team title raucous victory over North Carolina it could be a little bit of a hangover it's a sleepy. New owner at home yet beasts. It is it is like that's okay are we doing yes home I'd Xeon meant using just app three. The canes have not covered at home in their last seven. Games and it's yes. They are one and not a one and eat it gets the spread. But awarded seven against the spread ACC play at home. And the canes against should be a small favorites it's our home bolted to the same record both teams are probably more of the tournament and the teens did beat Virginia Tech at Virginia Tech in the last match up. But the case deeply just gives away too many threes at the Virginia Tech got kicked hang around this game it should be a pickle McCain's part B of 45 point favorite. And take Virginia Tech in the points sleeping lunar in lobos are one win against Pittsburgh. No they didn't cover gets Pittsburgh aka the added that's not that's a bad they are home against the spread it was a first game the first in the cover of its four state. Seven straight at home they've made enough cover. What's Xstrata are right one of our favorite trains of Virginia undertrained Notre Dame at Virginia. It is senior guided Virginia senator could be passed the ball left and right holding back on the ball. And as an art to the seniors. Now off they did have high scoring game last night against bulls lead to go overnight gives you can imagine Virginia is gonna hear local and yeah huge miracle and get that get to back in the second. Virginia. The eight. They did over yesterday. And they're bitter past month Notre Dame also they're working and articles and back in the line of what was this like eight weeks and EC stoked and get his feet wet. And so I think obviously this game easily goes on her senior day. It's at no matter what it is we we know the rules Virginia under a little over two games roses over the last game I hit Virginia is so much to do this coach has mesa meditate the cost the shot clock. Does exist to not cut out what I would love to see how many fast break points they have this year. These stopper at the it's just. We reject we reject the pass republic bailout. You're probably more likely to get suspended in Virginia for going on the fast break that you offer price of that coach. I got the I have to look it up right now. I can't. You've got routed them are numbers that say inescapable hole at NC state this is also Saturday. Acts in the line is that out yet but we saw what happened a little last night. They're gonna be completely demoralized. They right now are psychologically broken. And they're asking themselves how did they let that game against Virginia slip away and it's crazy. That no business was I don't know I don't know how that happens one note to the lord will. Virginia shot a three and got fouled once second leopard Thomas for they make two free throws the than the third when the guy goes only violations so. Global taxable out of bounds what you can't run the invalid when it's not a made basket and the guy ran in bounce and then love Virginia got the ball back the title he yup. Or multi unit gimmick it's the raptors. You see look it is today likely. To. I didn't realize that he played in the first game and has diminished sense right now one minute. That pay them I don't believe what to do about it. Wait what would happen to blog saying the equitable and fluid related roles and ultimately to our next game like you're being quite funny don't you insulted. US ultimately garbage men that. I wanna by our be there this summer when they stretch him. And they have to try to find lawn nine B where he uses anywhere hounding NG buses money. And Asians and hit it can anybody find local I don't know he's on the team any or we're just gonna stretch out his contract. Yeah we can't find we can't find in this bus we can't find them. He says tees off just counting his millions. Joke unbelievable this there's two there's two like. That he really have a group we'd love to keep holiday. Okay great as it is they that they offered 72 billion dollars it was nice no no hey Rory looked good well thank you for those two years great. You know you really stepped up when bosh got sick and and good good knowing you. You know he knew what I. It's a rally anyways anti stay delighted at home that a blowout global out of the door take anti state ever discredit it should be too small so tickets he stayed at home all right last one here. ACC tournament acts in the first round that is on Tuesday. Dvd against Pitt Pitt as the latest. Their net. Can he beat me. Well we don't know that we'll get you give it an upset here Pitt does it play doesn't play this week it it'll play till Tuesday. And this is the last chance to ride the pitcher in not heard in the open open the previously last week I screwed up I should not jump off but the trade and it was embarrassing and I picked it cover in their last game so the chances of them covered two times in row. Very very small another item a plea for state. There a play Notre Dame to adequately Syracuse that I can they beat BC. The only way the only way doesn't covered it gets here accused of nuclear that's low to present cut defense but even that I'll take my chances three out of four a bad. What are they Pitt plays in the first round it's gonna be an abomination that is it's a last chance 'cause this the last game pits can have a season as a last chance to write the patriots so. A goal to add a goal down Angela don't percentages. TB deep well of course played it in the first round of the AC turn your. So this was there. If you go like Gertrude degenerate. We knew. He'd be deemed old though will know by the weekend. And it is. PUTTP. While passengers as an appointment up. Plays a big wager on that. If tiger before state Notre Dame Syracuse or Boston College noted you can bet that the Pitt game in advance. Right before we make that because of the book is that I don't care who they're playing to be better odds and I'll take whoever it is against Pitt. They. This is something we normally do that Bobby and I don't care where they were trained as. Has anybody ever heard anything like that now not only that. Rock I'm going to radio I'm guessing that Robby spoke he's heard a lot of strange things. Their oh and eighteen in conference play that game but it did its due to Robby is due to rob his bookie with all the winnings they've collected from now it is it is handled more than fish and he. I applaud what ever sketch you root and you know. To have that it's the room it's the honor Iran beat gambling dungeon. He's on he's on their wall of thing you know close game Robbie but Robby who set my second daughter to college is. Sort of remind everybody even 500 on the year so far we need to seven point that's that's what it's February yet but also Bethel and authorities say publicly. And good luck. Will give its answer a thousand bucks second growers don't have next.