3-5-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 5th

Tobin is worried about the Heat tonight because they are playing a bad team at home after a big win. Tobin says there is nothing easier than for a good player to be on a bad team like Devin Booker where he can take all the shots. The guys talk about how bad the Suns organization is. Beast is surprised how well financially Grand Canyon University is doing. Tobin and Beast shout out the Panthers. The guys wonder who will be the Canes starting QB at the Spring Game. The guys wonder how high the Dolphins should draft Shaqueem Griffin. Tobin thinks there is serious buzz about the Dolphins drafting a QB in round 1. Beast makes things weird. The guys all assess the entertaining fight between Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz. Beast thought the commentary was too cheezy.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock hotel room at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel And Casino the there can. They are Monday. So to be used to live here over the next couple hours LeRoy got a couple days. Steve Lopez spent. These people. All a lot of people out there that I can artist attacks coming in Ecstasy just assume you are going to be pissed about that right. Foreshadowing. Oca and why do you think that is because. We set up the fact that people don't like me and they lightly run. And that's the case and has plenty of people they get a LeRoy. It may be able union and take back part about not like me out of that's true I mean you know that. You nailed that. I don't know what else that you the pub the morning to the sport you'll appreciate you indeed accurate publicity. At all accurate but it is fun. Sure nailed it. So I think it did under the ask freezing part yeah. That being late to the show yeah. The loving publicity good or bad yap so everything the liners Clark. Yeah liners are scheduled for his part yet so but. I did not try to take attention away from amber which is Gunther catcher Matt. I did. It's personal on him and that's the claim I think the claim was you were upset that the cancer being free took away from attention that you got surgery. Know of another and out of there at all other forcing you wanted more attention on al-Qaeda and its failure upset that you didn't get more tension because now cancer and looking back the same date on that that's what it won none of that is yet none of that is correct your show was stolen and none of that is correct. It is. First off. Top of the Medicaid money contest toward the sellers emerge text Mars is 78 at one and ER GE 270 anyone. That register you and you'll be eligible to win a thousand bucks national contest. Mess and outer it's been applied don't text and drive we're gonna talk to the magic man Paul he Mallon you today about. Saturday is amazing heavyweight fight which was really really enjoyable was the religion at 2 o'clock super super enjoyable. Did out there water walking through the fire almost there's in the seventh round came back. Not out Ortiz in the tenth round of the visions upper cut really really enjoy it also talked ball always enjoy having him on the show got a big time matchup tonight of super nervous about the heat. Take it on the suns I am petrified if if we're gonna be very honest with that because he's been home. That's it at all this is this is Kryptonite. This is his life Q are walking along everything's going good saves an area as the sixers game. You just beat the sixers. Eastern Conference contender that you're battling and jogging playoff position with. You have a nice win. Exit looking good at home shorthanded. Still get the win and who comes to town state you Western Conference team. On your home floor. I really don't like how this is gonna go I don't feel good about how to Devin Booker effect most it took to Pat Riley for not drafting of wants to prove it just that he's better than justice Winslow you big he's got that on his mind I'd advocate does really Pat Riley a Kentucky man did a draft is all Kentucky guy to justice wins votes that he's got better as Kentucky and out. Pastor who's got my got Norton's got them out of body temp Jordan. But I I am with you look all eyes are gonna be on that matchup tonight between justice Winslow Devin Booker because. But it just is one's worried now and there's a good piece of bondage posts about whether nods as well as Lois turned the corner. And if you wanna hear it's it's if you really do look into. What he's they'll do especially on this home stand how he's been able to produce for them. You know things are looking good for justice and his teammates love him pay they give genuine praise about the the kind of back in for the roles that he's been put in in and out of starting lineups and different different assignments and he's got every single game. He's never gonna be asked to be the huge point producer that it Devin Booker is which by the light. There's really an easier position in the NBA. Then a scoring point guard or scoring guard on a terrible team. They're all over the place and so yet is Devin Booker electric he's one of the three point contest. Kenny Kenny lighted up with the best of them absolutely. What does it resulted in four Phoenix having that kind of talent on their team. I think great. Awful. I mean there are future in future franchise. And ultimately what's gonna happen that is. What happens at one of their guards that becomes good believe. Because that's what happens in Phoenix to justify its hubs to fire each hit it into a crap all over another sitting down. Citi just the sun's out justice on its low key of Safire they leave Isiah Thomas leads as he was traded so score yet. Gore it was always treated yes for tree as he forced his way out. It rained the night off I mean that everyone is that it's built for them. It goes in and just up in smoke so well the last and it's been different. Is seven seconds or less Steve Nash Amare Stoudemire has private. Yet Tony with the mustache Shawn Marion Shawn Marion almighty god Shawn Marion so good about plundered and back in the day is coaching Grand Canyon. It is it is viewed it that it really university as it is to profiting university makes more than doubled to be you have brought Britain yet Grand Canyon is rolling in dough another tournament eligible then an actual campus visits one of these real scam usually usually the antelope is going to have a schedule when I stopped in Alaska that NS facilities in the herky dive bar why and then go in the black doing. What kind of scam they have going on her. The only forefront for profit university you know but they probably wanna change that because this summer has been the property tax they can't keep that the girl in the University of Phoenix star plane. There are for profit university I don't know man. Regain his actual place and thundered as doing good things for them but the point is. Booker as amazing as he is and I'm not trying to take away. How beauty is he is good and well I have more doesn't it is our debt I mean I'm not trying to not chided to sell you on that. As does he did an electric and talented as he is. Now. It's the best place to be a prospect in this league get the light at numbers yet to put a big stats it stinks. Really bad. And they have since he's been in the league so that's just something to keep in mind they're not exactly in the same situation. Self. You got to Montana and all you don't wanna hear the just is improved. And that he's terrible I looked lord knows we're guilty of on the show column a fiddler crab pact we text each other crap means crab shifts crab the mode he's. Every time he misses the basket. Strokes get right he had no crap moments ago on Saturday. Stroke is dead right it would just as Winslow it is to get the headlines. Speaks WXY. And South Miami and tell US FX page to show our IU radio. Headlines you mentioned the Miami Heat tonight and the sun's. Heat are not and a half point favorite. Injury update. Man out of my it was back Kia had missed a game due to a funeral and for him about that. And as for Tyler and Wayne last we heard it seemed like a Wayne is closer than Tyler. Neither are definite protect a 730 took time. 630. Is when our boys as low and Tommy tie. Had the pregame show although I don't know is that working to Dieter what does he do I mean had no idea I mean he wasn't in the morning Giovinazzi into the basketball. All last and yes there was if he's on the morning show I didn't ask if you is can I couldn't trust your schedule. What I understand that but for once I got to rise. For once for once for one I mean I understand you question in that. But didn't you text me it asked me by text above the same time hoping to get whoever your immune response oh I thought you because that other people who were involved with the show we need to know whether or not they really had to be here is nobody knows whether or not to supposed to work. Well I like why wouldn't people here are not because it's. When I am hosting right on the morning show Steven comes right. It's been doesn't even know whether or not he's supposed to be here you have schedule he does okay. You you say that. It doesn't even talking about beast. People in this building don't know whether or not disposed to show for work cannot they can't trust your schedules. All right well do bring those concerns to really have to fix the minute I just I'm quite certain they have. Bobby amongst the board ups. And brought his concerns to bees before I believe they have yes Coca. Mentioning names. We need to. Picabo. Stephen. Kevin. Ernest. Eric that's another good immense lobbying schedule thing. Now from Stephen did ask me about Monday Tuesday email me last week and I aim of the back yet you're and broker does up so it is hosting her. And forties the email you on. No I don't want the middle of connecting to do that once go ahead. So yes I can continue their lines but no no god please please do some more headlines of the day beyond Hewitt says the flight attendants were streaky and they deserve a mention. 'cause they've won six around is that imagine that deserve a breakdown O had yes there in the eighth spot there in the second wild card spot. And on his spot to Japan does in the house is already wrong during the second while part of it were yesterday. Know that lost the Cologne Columbus one yes it is the past them back you son of a biscuit Robby and him. Do your research they were in the eighth playoff spot yesterday that Columbus played at night. Pass him by point it doesn't matter. That's on fire now they're gonna past the these other big games as we Montreal and and the Rangers as well right off the route us to Rangers can't stand them New Yorkers New Yorkers discussed and taking bribes anyways. Love so we've got commanders and an also. In your black and your bracket apology McCain's in the latest practicality would be a succeed. Am so that's pretty good after they get the double by in the ACC tournament so they don't play until Thursday. And still reports that the bears and ravens are interested in drivers Landry. And now we have the hole almost trade on Saturday all fake news. Woes of the of the joint larger area says the bomber outside about a guy on the air though. The got a big government BC Chicago that plundered and that trade mideast right. And what is trying to go hush hush you Robert Bork to hit the tree was even discuss definitely get it and she came as big this is this guy doesn't have any clue. This rather report questionable background sometimes marxists and this guy with a lot. So just it's just keep it wouldn't get up there would be insinuating incinerated it and just say just because somebody says. It's not true doesn't mean that it's not true. Think about that. Change spring game will be -- April 14 6 PM hard rock stadium who we're going quarter spring practice will start march 20. Who will be playing quarterback. I think it's partly. Do you think maybe. Malik. He's by the spring game notes on her confident about well I mean. There's a whole question about who will be verses who should be verses that battle to two should be well. I'd like to see because he Perry play for myself in before I'd give you a hot take on at. Want I want you need information in Arctic. Will be at first but still I would like to see him. Asia and in competition a quarterback forties and router who should they start I think Moly grows ears and heads of favorite. Now see again and I think probably look to try to give the co seekers start last year. And Malik Rose is one enough evidence of like three weeks that's a fair he'd wait until. Money market told illegals who never played form and he still started last year. Yet that does give me a lot of confidence that Selig. It's talent he had and casing with jade died early as soon as he was able to get him off his team he did I think as soon as Mark Richt. Can get moviegoers year out from under senator he's gonna do it. Has to do what the guy he said would never play for you. It's got no other options in his first game would be it's OCU and a warm up game. Williams demand this comes in god beast is horrible where's LeRoy he would have gotten headlines right. No and tennis is never it's that runs right. A lot of back. Don't be silly if you on the ticket there is that the next couple days you know he never fails probably. This is a teletype special. That mr. Tommy would be one of his BS monologues Ryan right right in the thick of things. Try to way he league and is one of the shows we got on the state others go to about it he's fantastic Tommy tiger is I've said this. No offense to open but. Tommy tiger is the most consummate professional broadcasters that we have. I'll definitely says that on his way more emotional than any of those bombs yet. He writes everything out longhand. It's beautiful it's amazing beautiful. Beautiful. Him Jagger ever what's the highs the dolphins pick and if he's on the board. One handed him one and not he seems so what better than ego that was very impressive what he did this weekend I mean a 43840. Put on the the a prosthetic. Leg inspector gadget. Just thrown up 21 Iraq slowly when he wraps. You're having the disk because there are a lot of golf fans would love to see the dolphins take him I mean he was a menace that you see. And you know obviously the view it's got. You know physical situation. And I and we discussed and the break was. I wish the NFL would allow him to Wear some sort of prop static arm hand situation. Am but that got out of control with me suggestion maybe that let him Wear hook. Seems harsh which would be bloody and stuff but I do like rog put that damn Barry Bonds arms thing on his on his best in the game. I mean probably guys that have like though club Oleg they break their wrists and out of and they and they added to the big club on their heart and media. But. I flyer and empowered Kamal on that guy's stick as government also. I think he's like now projected to be a fourth round pick out of this past week which is pretty impressive to think that it wasn't an yen by the to come by and elsewhere is now. I don't know man eat out I'm I'm. We rooted out by how much was there seems to be with the dolphins they gonna quarterback. It's it's like getting every national media out they see that they just made it date with paper may feel the day before his pro day they're gonna go have a big dinner with them that's not there yet and there and supposedly. I mean again I guess I knew this but it suppose of the deal is the the the teams that meet with you the night before your pro day they really. No I think the interest seems very legitimate that they wanna do this and I think you sent us that thing from Peter Caine weather like. Penn man everybody who were talkative here thinks the dolphins are really want a quarterback. They're not really sure about Ryan's NL no matter what the coaches say he hasn't played what's gonna be what we want months. When the season starts. You know I don't think this is that crazy. Anymore I don't know this is just smokescreen stuff the seems legit with the dolphins make you try to take quarterback early. Here's a thing here here's my might not take on this what's. I tried. Get out when I was doing the show from the beach on Saturday which it's always hard to do a show in years sitting on a beach and there's. People walking by the elect stare at. I'd like you. What you do that sorry I didn't make you weird I always ask you that I make everything we're. Why incidents where I go. It's the exist if the dolphins truly believe that there is their quarterback in the three future franchise quarterback the God's gonna. Somehow lead them to the promised land regardless of Ryan Taylor not. Should they not. Taken should they not go with their beliefs. If that's what their conviction is. I think the thing that has to be. Look out here is what gays wants because ultimately this is his show he's the guy that they have the big investment and I don't know how much will believe they're gonna thrown Ryan to in the Mike tandem bomb. If they have another botched offseason or they haven't offseason they don't deem. Good enough but they all don't you also want to look and say why are they really are they just stuck here in this medium Landon they said you know what. It was six in ten last year we didn't have Ryan we get things right we're broke back to being a playoff team like who were the before the terrible defense we can do this thing. Our is gays really want to put his stamp on this thing and not rely on a guy who's coming back Frederick is here's the thing. If today. Go with Bryant and a hell bush isn't he blows up again. Cabinet they play but the history is the history. He's a mobile quarterback. Down a ball leg which got hurt other non contact drill let's do to you and answers in the first place fine whatever it is it's still got hurt. It's it's been hurt twice or two or dot org got worse over the span of two seasons. So. How much of the east most important is that if you got engaged because another bad season that goes into a year that's how hot seat season. Well I I agree which is why I liked even if you're out of gays right and you believe that Bryant and will be fully healthy. And you'll be fine at quarterback. You're thinking about the situation and your skin you're in the quarterback whisperer. And your studies quarterbacks that are to come by and you have a firm belief that you know what I know about ten hill but there's a little bit of doubt there. I if there's a quarterback for us we need we cannot pass up the opportunity to take. A franchise quarterback regardless of what our roster looks like we just cannot pass up the opportunity. And I think it disaster be looked upon as well here's the other thing with Ryan. If you really do have. I. Realize that you're going into a situation where any terrible game rides and now hi as people look at because the syndicate. So I think if you're at eleven or if the dolphins trade up. He has to be your guy he asked the star from the joke I don't has to be one of those situations where. You're gonna take you have any let Ryan play Munich groom him and it's going to be a situation where you know male political leaders now. That's that's not really how it's done anymore guy gets in there you place mats that. I think with the with the dolphins is that we haven't really considered. You have all these teams that provide for Kirk cousins you know the chef to put out the the the list where he's got meal or final four teams. Jets Broncos cardinals the vikings were the other team. And is it you're gonna wet on on getting Kirk cousins and Panama all that money. Which means three of those teams are going to be scrambling for a quarterback. And so you've got to look at that say well. We fleas one of those team and trade them rides and a hell. We still got to Florida and start over and when I when I read the jets were scared about Minnesota over Kirk cousins I was like. That's big that's what they are right and so. Did dolphins. And you can get a second round pick for Ryan can help. Off surgery heart beat with a big contract heart beat I don't no doubt I could. What are the great aspirations than you think that you're going to. Rise above the patriots. And win this division that rides and a hell with the more tutelage about a gays. He's gonna become way better than he has been well what's the ceiling for him. I think you put it in the right situation he's good enough to beat your guy. Didn't you know you don't sound very convincing with that I don't think I don't think rides and a hell can he be great. Excels at the highest tides that whatever greatest QB ever get to his right hand and hell is not going to be top. It's five or 67 quarterbacks in the enemy depending what team it is he does have to be great. No I think it wasn't the question Robbie and I think we're raskin is. With the roster with this roster. Candy cane can Ryan be good enough to raise and six short cup and he's he's a difference can be sure it's going to be the difference it's it's. Is it good enough guy that he can that he can cover the holes. And I think we know the answer that is no don't we. Munich coach is Gupta goes through it to know that. He's a guy you have to supplant with a ton of talent around him. With with with a good with a really good running game. Because when you have them back to throw a sixty passes he's gonna take a lick and we know the dissolve the line's gonna have questions around it. I'd sell. You know it's not the satanic hill can't your quarterback and you can't go and win the Super Bowl because we just saw what the pit with the Eagles dead. This this this process nor closed to being Eagles good yet. There's a lot of Dixon have to do. So the question then becomes. Why do you want to start this all over with the coach getting to go with his guy because we know that he's talked about. I don't wanna compromise anymore. I don't want to have garbage offense have been watching garbage offense for too long. That's including the years lieutenant user uses throw the blanket statement to. So. Does gays wanna put his real signature on this that this isn't a case where. I'm gonna go and I'm I'm going to. Go with rides and a hell we're a stubborn scratched because there is gonna be a bit of a rehab process. Just some news because it relates to all this is it just kind of unfolding. Right now it's just a little bit of speculation but I'm in Seymour more. Reliable sources report that it's down to just the jets and vikings for cousins with him leading towards the vikings and the Broncos are out of it. Browsers or semi is the cardinals the cardinals welcomed when he at quarterback and they're picking at fifteen an argument at one of those top wrecks in the draft. Would you would you be willing to trade fifteen for Ryan to out of jail. They went 88 Lester with a bunch of bad quarterbacks and note David Johnson death I get David Johnson back are missing is a quarterback. Darman and if you do valued fleece. The cardinals will be desperate. Pretty wild. Somebody asks would you rather have Blake or Ryan and index and have Bryant. You gotta realize is as. I don't think that's a fair argument. To go with here at Ryan be. A quarterback on an Eagles roster or Texans roster wore a Jacksonville roster or vikings roster. But do we think that the dolphins are that close are they that flush of talent. That he is going to be good enough to be here and be a piece of this entire puzzle. I think that is no that. Maybe he can be in there and it's QB not lead to sub motor or he could be good enough to be there but. He's cutting back is coming off injury. You've been in the playoffs once with him he didn't complete the job to get their 'cause he got hurt and also he's going to be probably losing his favorite target this off season. Which is another thing so they have Bryant had help coming into an offense where his favorite receivers probably gonna be gone. You know at this point doesn't this run with this group but guys it it feels like a lot of the veterans. Should be over. Let's let's that's sat. In the house wants the two big reason for Philadelphia. It. Taxes that was Robert Quinn back which was a good trade and I mean he does have a Mardi trophy so still that trade. It's a good trick that we don't know that with all the sort of patted tied it would trip made a trade can quit the crystal you easily made a trick anyways with its site. The it just making stuff we have no idea. He is we have no idea. Military was easy because an extra fourth round pick to trade which which hit at this point I think that you have a didn't baker may feel every. For all the stores of things the dollars and true adjusting quarterback. Is different scenarios a lot even trade for quarterback. I don't think we can actually look at this and say you know the dogs are commenced rides and it feels they're guy. For the next five years they clearly want they couldn't seem to have their eyes on younger quarterbacks. Who they think are gonna be the answer down the road not Ryan. So what do you think he's gonna be the answer this year or anything he's at the answer. Whether it's easy answer this year he's gonna be their quarterback this year dollars and made it clear he's not the answer for their franchise for the long haul this thing right. Isn't that clear and hopefully this is college I'd smokescreen I mean obviously. She's this delicate ninja well. I mean I think they have the same questions that we have. And they know more about his health and what he's got. And at the moment you drop the quarterback in the first round the clock is on tanning whether he's good or not the dogs could be an awkward position where they have to get rid of them because they divested of for tropic in the quarterback that may be no more. You know Ali you know Ted about Benazir to the streets. It's analogies he knows he knows what's going on who wants quarterback who needs quarterback and they are gonna trying to unload ten two and Ellen and drafted god. We're back after this. I look back don't be used to it with the U Robby on this on the last there is out the next couple of days. Paula now value for showtime Peter enjoy this at the top the next hour and talk a little while there Ortiz the news in the building on the call. With more now low and Al Bernstein in Brooklyn this past week he doesn't do their ideas are and to the the heavyweight fight those awesome news a great fight ask. Net so much you know his commentary was even better now. You like more now. Too cheesy Korea towards over the top yet he's just too over the problem and I've seen him do low as you do bella is he did strike force by live to the stability that you bella to learn. He'd I feel like I've seen him do some sort of need to nicely. He does I think is on the Baltimore team but he never does their cards are designated some sort of MM and he does he's done it and if I don't want to voice a strike I don't watch. WW sought the death origin but he just but he just has is Carriker lake I'm gonna play caricature of what a blow by blow announcer is. You Jose putting a dot right yes he is always on my use of the morning show last week and this is slight. Legal and audible answer the question like this for four minutes one question for an unanswerable draw that conclusion. But like I do like only exciting he and he's disk activity does his job fine it's just a little. Like rewrote it will to a she's from me but that's fine Kevin Nazis but the rest of the the rest of the crew is is good they got to go on yeah and then I mean and I loved the book you know the check in every few rounds and on there are guys that score in the fight and Polly's always get the disease engraved bleep out. I had no idea Malia and this is overrated do I don't like web tool for report these professional buttoned up Jim grand he flub a line he gets so mad at himself when he flub. So that about like. He says in the blood was everywhere in the face. On blood. As is he does so in other words he'd pulled me see how many gallons onto the storm authoring. Did you try to store bought by the mad because somebody tried to fight deal that is yet and it called security and and everything in the death of the user Matta Gionta and while it's always try to fight the other after the fight yet if sales gonna jump into there into their I don't know the union idea yeah it's this is very dumb thing to do. Anybody uses they should. Anybody who tries that after I don't it's not what sort of grounded to talk about her drunk on. Yet amnesty which is a that I like the other got beat up and edited Alec I was I was surprised in watching imposed flight. That he I mean I guess at that point adrenaline just and you just got to victories won on these belts your gear you know you have weight champion of the world. Like he. Look it's pride considering he'd just went through those ten rounds. He did I think it's just because you just not to mow the bleep her out so you're it's probably about the highest of adrenaline sports you can get. That your manager into the world again I agree. I do agree loses. His assessment that. Yeah he was taken a lot of punishment I don't know if you ever got hit super clean. To the point where you're like it did it didn't look like Klitschko vs if they Joshua were Joshua look like this is really badly he's going to be completely out. Got to the bell maybe there's another forty seconds. It could've got to a point where he would've gone down or the rest would have maybe at some double those exchanges after the bell rung and a couple rounds yeah. Pulling almost knocked each other out to stop yet no double double knockout it was very easy and crazy so much Paula about that and the second techs are all in on Ryan ten hell. Our dealers in all I'm sure upset saying there's so many guys the Sony holes on this roster why would you want her place something that seems like a sure thing. And I understand that I understand that mentality from. The dolphins fan that says men look. Is this really where you wanna go do it seems like you're going to complete pair down in that regard. And heal the I'd say that is at this point if the dolphins franchise and you look at where you are right now. You feel close but does it feel like if you ports you. Added pieces onto the odds of the defense. Good enough fixes did you fix enough things. Where. You asked players that you have right now so let's say Rashad Jones. Donna can sue Robert Quinn. Robert Quinn is now here very exciting. Can't wait for God's sakes well. Due to the dolphins know silly about cant wait that we don't know like he's old. His old but I think he's rods could be more to specialists than in even was last year and you I think that's with a probably signs that I don't know Fisher a Charles Harris. And I know that they were disappointed Andre branch so. That's surprising that they were bolts of that I think that if year if you have any concerns a dollar and and you probably than saying. I hope yet another question of the first round pick dozens more were at this point again with Charles Harris. Where there like we were let me console where we're not quite sure how good he is we know is good guard as you French has left tackle Delonte Parker's you number one receiver CIA just can't say how the Pennsylvania the biggest Russia would if you're Dalton and you look at these first round picks and you're just you just take that guy and know he's awesome. And it never seems to happen with their first round picks. Has been so what questions you felt like that would Laramie like are we got one here this guy's gonna seamlessly make a transitional left tackle. And a lot of issues on the line last year. And his inconsistency I think left to be wondering whether he is that guy or if he's getting better served in his career to play guard and they should fix left tackle who knows. By Delonte Parker. Shortly shows flashes. Definitely has a lot of talent. You really shore that is the answer. Receiver wasn't consistent now not consistent. Not consistent with a health now and if you were sure about him this job as lead they wouldn't even be at eight now correct a previous press does seem like it's close to them debate right now. I think a lot of the reason there even. A little bit hesitant to get rid of Jarvis is because you really know if you have that guy at number one. Your church her fur. About it Parker so. I think for the dolphins fans if you just look at his route which are great they got a for fourth round pick that's dividends at the Jai trade turning into. Good he's put up great numbers you are great defense and it's always do what he can pick apart the bones of a great defense on the just can't afford everybody anymore. So I think that's very positive but the government beside you gotta wonder. Okay do they do they think they have do they usually think evidence or Charles heiress. About all the boss yet but all that thus far sub backwards it's hot times for crazy what is it what is what is being big. An odd to me a little fishing couple car. If Ron Lewis is. Big last week right all the talk when they first Indianapolis Adam gave shining brazen Charles ours. Bothers guys gonna have a break out sees you need last year don't worry about it we believe an emblem LeBlanc. Analyst trip for Robert. Like there's. Noon. And. You pillars Fisher had good they're hedging their bet there. I think there is but I don't know if that has reportedly with Harris. That has more due to disappointment injuries that branch had last year. Org urges us to do with him and publish or do we think that this this miracle against Tyler and Cameron waited. I was on we think this is gonna last. Eventually it's not going to correct eventually it's not and you'd like to not be shorthanded in that case so I get the more it too. Stack the deck a little bit because. All of those three guys. None of our sure thing I think jams probably as sure a thing as it gets because. He's probably gonna be you know he could probably go another few years and if you just gave the role of getting sacks. He did is sacks. To get rely on him. Out in down out of more than they've already tapered back about a ton. And as he gets older they're probably about to do it more more more so I understand the trade but I do think it sends a little bit of a nota begay is a dollar and fans of ha. So do we have belief in the guys that we we have here are ready dispersed to always been a first round draft pick on and the guy we brought back at a big contract. That's that's all a fig. Should be the negative you tape from the Robert Quinn trade other than that sled dog forum look you've got a nice piece two time pro bowler. I put up good numbers last year. It was not as a lead as he was from years past but. Still very productive and he was also on the defensive line that was stacked so now probably gonna get all the numbers and you'd expect got a yet so. That's exciting for the ball and on as the match Manning's gonna join as the top the next hour plus we got a chance of a thousand bucks coming up next.