3-5-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Monday, March 5th

Pauli Malignaggi joins the show to talk about Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortiz and says there was some fishiness during the fight. Tobin and Beast get into a heated argumement about whether the Heat would rather play a really bad team like the Magic and Nets or play a good team like the Bucks and Raptors at home if they need a win. Tobin thinks its no longer ridiculous to think about Kawhi Leonard coming to the Heat in the near future. The guys wonder how Lane Kiffin does at the Boca Blue Martini. Tobin entertains the idea of dangling Ryan Tannehill as a fishing lure for other teams.


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Over the crime beast. Boy is out for the next couple days. And pieces missing. Which is par for the course. Gets headlines and do it nowhere to be found grass jets without Bosco and about four minutes. Poland on on you from showtime sports he's gonna join us as well you talk a little while north to either of them I also. I think that's why let this thing. I think this is gained steam with a wide Miami I'm not BS news this is it like. I know sometimes they get accused of told in this is this issue from the head this is just your hot take Diaz. You don't really mean what you say. I think this coli letter thing. Has legit legs that he wants out of San Antonio. Isn't new news story out them and gets it in fifteen minutes he. That. Really portrays the fact that not only does he want out of San Antonio. Put that he's probably gonna be driven to a glamorous market when it comes down to who they're gonna trade him to yourself. Just just got you selves I think it's an event doesn't he take on the Phoenix Suns tonight. Yes derbies we got we got we got a guest coming up I can't waste lets the headlines Robbie that you are. It's got what you XY and south why would you accept each each O'Meara our Peter actually in that tonight. American Airlines Arena Phoenix Suns are Intel and sounds a willful but that doesn't really mean much. Peter or not and a half point favorite at home 730 to 630 zapped navy and Tommy tiger pregame show right here names of an idea for one of 43 she too ticket. It preempted for tonight it looks like you know bam out of bio his back it new unfortunate attend the funeral relative. Over the weekend missed a game but it looks like Tyler and Wayne still questionable. With Wayne being closer but is still. The site confusions or whatever they are. Still a problem. The Panthers are streaking. Street king in the world meant six enrolled and Austin stuff. Right there in the console playoff spot married action tomorrow night and we can't be happier. For the the Florida Panthers. And finally the group George allowed them a driver's Landry. The bears. The ravens and now there's a reports about three mystery teens who. Know mr. seemed that are also interested. So I saw that. In the you know Indian out those goals of the one of those teams are out there but apparently day. Don't damages to the price of their asking. So there's that I think the titans and all of those teams has been thrown around with would Jarvis well does that look one way or another Unix and don't this year. So yes I mean eat listen just by signing the franchise tag he gets he gets money yet so that's that's something. I don't feel like dollar and fans are. I don't over the level of acceptance would Jarvis being gone or if it's just. I should question what are dolphins really that attached to them. Well as he's just a very popular players who's who plus he's got kind but is he really had cured himself legacy like a beloved dolphins. I mean if you don't love Jarvis lead you what dolphins do you love well it's hard to love anyone from the steam definitely get on selective this message there aren't diehard. Dolphin fans that live and breathe to thirteen right. If you're not gonna love Joseph obviously injury. What often are you alone he is cam wake. Yes yes for sure but Jarvis is gonna be. You know he's he's leading new interceptions. And a ton of touchdowns this year but he's either emotional leader of the team and he's not he's not flashy. Goddess he'd stir SP he's not even dynamic. Playmaker. He's just a steady playmaker. Yeah but he's also like give them but Parker level consistency wise not as drivers Landry. Then I would feel like you would be a no brainer people would be all over the amount depart. Men like him but he's not. Correct but it's not so that doesn't have to count for something with them I guess. It's not an average as were a thousand bucks. Text or drive to seventy rated one text drive. The RI VE eight to seven to anyone in your register when a thousand bucks. You next chance is derby sports less than Dominick out to national contest message that it's may apply don't text and drive go to the Iran if you oh Ryan feels announces to restore his guest line. Joseph is just beyond me or was appreciative when pollen on Ozzie makes time for us he was on the calls last week for Dion there while services Luis Ortiz. Paula thanks a mega toppers again really appreciate it. Don't we don't go men were doing good so. This is it it was a thrilling fight this past weekend both there are there are scenarios were both guys. Look there are gonna lose this thing I'm multiple times. Just give us I guess your your reaction in the in the Russian do one it would all what it all came to an end. What do you think in the and in the landscape of the many fights you've seen this year where to balance standout. Our in our country and got her where boxers always an actress thrill when the parts are exciting we're degeneration a very exciting when it. Renewed generation or are really shaping up to be a very very want. But there's just applaud the vulnerability to Mickey got exciting we get dismissed skill and grit and determination to really meet the guys collector quality and well he also. I think. It's high blood that's what we've updated our election we Ataturk terribly try with science major actual lottery Klitschko. A lot that I which saw triple battle that saw a lot of momentum switches and now I think it's some kind of at the scene at the scene. Well in that will once which involved guys seem to be. On the bird turned and fired her trailer a one point turn on the four all resounding you're near and so. Suppose they're really terrific I did Garrett start to shape ultimately didn't hear it looks site. Jail what what do we learn from Dion says is it isn't a big deal that he was able to to take Ted damage in the seventh round and keep don't do we need to see that or it'd finish. More vulnerabilities. OK well why didn't hurt as a little bit Chris you know a little bit productivity in our department. It's fictional story neglect careful that our run you know and I wanna look at it I think beyond Kate showed a lot of character to meet people that weren't sure he had. That's right Robert could be knocked out golf not only did not get knocked out into the sideline and he could hold him out to be able to come back. And you cannot count we'd himself and that's a little sergeant Joshua last year as well poppy Donny what do you wish program that kept poll. You can recognize that cannot count we did you know I don't fight where you don't want to hang in the balance sheets so I think bald guys show that back character. Which is which you definitely need attract skilled talent whatever you need to aren't power all the other people unique character can really get checked my actual market Bianchi showed us something deputy job right short question it. And that isn't cheap we should meddle in character. On if you want a particular security out of me you know yeah I shouldn't you be back in trouble she could could practically on you don't let it differently absolutely don't waste. Nitpick little things. In now and they try to do we do a little bit better but there honestly when you walk parked cars right each other. You know I didn't know what part for our lead and ignore it each other would call it an account that each other's. Lord you rely more on that sense out of Paula do you do you look at it more half full or half empty with that. I look at all. Oh what so if you own a mobile tablet in the world you know we came in undefeated. In New England sort of what you're madly billion in battle to knock outs and now I think we can't fight. It can get along we get W at all accounts you know because you usually can be checked to dominate every single point especially a quarter of the trouble council. A little bit we can be marquee fights so that their competitive. And they get a competitive fire you wanna look at you wanna look at big big criticized you are immediately to have a one radio they'll hear him speak incredible suites. Don't you wanna keep tight right now when you get beat Carey Price. You're excited for the beleaguered star but he's a minute when they are tracking and they are competitive you complain that war veteran initial impression of not all. Subtle point that I want you that it got it each other a little of what you wanted to create or what they ordered that actually visit H. The poly Ortiz flew on the scorecard at least looked to be ahead. Heading into that tense round. Was there a point where you think that either he let up meeting given his all he did something wrong because it sure looked like up until that point. He may have had a chance to win that fight. Accurate and conductors. One little fishy and wanting that you wanted to he doesn't bother me the tragedy is going to be around. While horrible Sam dropped and he got extra time in between rounds in the rock prosecution about the links usually you take action content between around that I got to believe that's right Porsche guy had caught somewhere that only chat on the board. Yeah it would that we look at the blood. They decided at the wrong about the start in about accordent supporters to check on him more. All that it would get him on the rest. I stole a so it can't figure out what total box also that was part of why oil oil may be part of something that's. Wouldn't you don't contribute court he's not getting a job and while that would undercut between rounds then the other thing is more critical while there is scored anger and I need to hold did not return she give it to which ground and it ignore it from the ability accountable and we aren't shot. Or ten ground the entire final secret happened. In each pledged to double AG Edwards slipping Jambo quote so I don't remember that nobody went underneath it became over the top with a with a great right here at turner and with innuendo and bought back. Got an app rock looking to add attention and then not follow history you weeks on the Apollo club. Actually that. It's in the heart not an obligation not to come which and fights so long that ultra knock on the ground in agriculture and the fight. Are so he just in what do you worry LD accountant. Our outlook that you are victories were just a lot wilder I don't know I don't count are geared toward peace action packed part of the carrot. Building that Yucca while that it would just. You people obviously you're good mental fortitude and hard they'll let the mental fortitude to despite. There are difficulties you're gonna wish to have mental fortitude to trinket manner and Mickey just. We're up fighters were to spin around will we know talking has received from off from our novice. Point of view and and I feel like with Dion to embryos has all the styles not very good it's not clean it's not Crist. What are you see Paula as a got a braced on styles does does his again as boxing skill set does it need to be that posh when he has that kind of power at that weight class. Our choice helped Powell helped Kook all I can think beyond character began I think people alone on battery back after Saturday night ghost. He did not use that procedure very well get the help Portland particularly for. Not everybody partner scalpel what are you fighters are samples you watch out they give it right in the fighter is the dominant factored like I still think. It's irregular fighter. Yucky giving the big tractor and like you cannot look at our great former goatee he had a bigger market but you do on the. Kicker away we've been completely united at the Jack yeah and you started on what a way to accurately write positive thinker. Off if you put in an air strike if there's nobody you'd get very well. You get you ready either is it looking at a complete different car in your wallet out of reach and can beat them on the united. Are you trying to I'm not saying all like that I took a properly be Josh all that we look at got a lot I'm not saying Cheney ish. That means a lot more full and Ortiz got the luckiest and helped or eight new market where that get well Morgan okay quit while they're here we are either. Talking to Paula not Ozzie showed to a sports who's on the call this past week birdie out there while there against. Luis Ortiz big mob the box into an upper showtime sports editor Joshua is taken on Joseph Parker at the end of this month. Bob Pauly do you think he needs to I guess in the arms race of who's the more impressive heavyweight does he need a flashy. Knock out performance like Dion did did for people to be guess swing back the momentum of people saying he's the better guy. I'll Narnia you know a pretty out of her critics aren't any heartily but you. All but the most important thing bursts your current credit cards you are encouraged where you're at risk to loosen talks. Well you play you kind of fights all. You can't teach what he took what are establishing what aren't big party fighter who are your title also very good fighter I know how to take advantage to attract and meet you also were vulnerable and optional so I don't think. All chip LIP got a terrible perk to what Ford is just Parker I think you get that just being go to Parker. Your statement and that you'll Kyle but it will obviously just what are your being be structural. Make a statement well you know I don't I don't think. Have a look into the little discrepancy they'll vote all the things that loss wouldn't want to look audio of this week that it better and better and better. I think you know you break it down we Warburg bounce. I think every want to to better target that's who they wanna see you won't be looking. There what you're you're terrified you'll keep quiet Larry. Well for its earlier policy going to be gone live the fight coming up in and London with I would and they just had a partner it's so he's such a monster star than the so crazed about an Olympian undefeated knocked out power. Why doesn't that equate the same way over here when what what do you think it is I guess the X-Factor in why. Bobo London. Live people London support him the way they do as opposed to what Dionte is where. You know he's he's getting of a bigger bigger star here in America but it's not quite what Anthony is as far star powers concerned where he's from. On the play what they are all a big big differences technique actually knocked out electric which. Our Dominic have you had to let her near snow but the big factor here now. All but aside from Matt. All about it a bit export option is not followed in England and it right now box Republican transporting them aren't stock looks well get good he global stock. Inaba just what in the country. Are you gonna be of Pixar and equipped you're about you know. What they want there's probably better starting to me in the US you don't let alone got from the UK were at the actual abuse story going to be. Even watching a boxing that not what the same way the US has done and you can't. You know. While they're also happy hour the opposition now by its faults obviously the pressure PV tests and are your theories. All but now it's a big orange beat this is this school along with it we don't what you want when it. In not to talk anymore restock our PO I mean when they get to buy tickets go only into. The lead in the stock directing the public will kick them while they're already are not a body to get the no alternate. In the years immediately commute has kind of killer is popular combat sport you that's not application of the conscience not to generate popular recording box and still. On the border more morsels court you know so. Well Josh why that are going to be UK. I think that it doesn't meet you what it is a young kid while there's just a matter of. Getting him out there you know he has the pressure out of got a sure in order to keep stocks and are awarded each stock you know I think beyond K. Our identity we can be stock and just keep getting the results. Of course but also your eternal Olympic out of that Agricole. Oil is think you give about always appreciate give us some some time in member Reagan on the sides of us and look for the rest because my because get a big month and a great slid on showtime. Are coming up thank you. Thanks man on on on you guys chasm showtime sports really really great by the sun coming week now on a next. Talent you piece this climate beach I'll bold leap anymore like it. You can't throw what he's doing I'm not just hot taking grenades here kind. Things are happening. On just talent you. Better get ready get the boat. Aunts and sharpen up that spear. As we're going Whalen. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Fifteen minutes in this customized Champions Tour about some frozen Jeep truck she. He's guaranteed the hottest robot form obligations in town. The champion for about four dot com also brought about all pro orthopedic and sports medicine with what's up locations there's one near you there. But all motivated dot com for more animation and bimetal high Lopez and Martinez Georgia. Stories all of Israel 5800. Karma in my mean heater taking on the Phoenix Suns tonight. Which is terrible. Is that bad against the terrible team right now. If you tell me. The heat. I'm playing game for the playoffs yup. They need to win and therein shear and if I had the choice he of that game being against the Toronto Raptors. With a Phoenix Suns. At home. Raptors all day. All day Robby do we have. Like factual analytics on bad teams at home losses yet they never win them except the only time it did grizzlies who Woburn mark to market sold an even play they never win them yet here's Sacramento Orlando here's your analytics yes. Bad teams yes at home correct that aren't the grizzlies right he never win that game that's a rule that is the rule of this year. And kind of going back to last year. The rule is. That teams. At home right against the heat not grizzly that aren't the grisly correct prisons varsity players and they never win that game. Never. So tell me he'd need to make it into the playoffs. And the game to who's who's rolled sound I got a choice they got two buses. Like this and Roman gladiator style OK and I can choose a gospel songs or boastful raptors team the raptors all day. It. Yet all that you don't think I give like playoff environment now AAA. Leg it's packed. It's expected that old school feeling you know that they can Muster shortly up no. I should overlook the suns. They want played defense. I know they'll blow dean up by the nine and a half point spread for tonight yet at the points now I don't buy open and oh by a you know. Mullen on the he is I mean I don't know do you think they're gonna win that I. Do you feel good about I feel really good really good. Good. The band is back all right we got. We Derrick on June that he does do a contracts. Mean Derek Jones junior under wandered Packers back yet. Yet while the dirt mr. Bolten the juniors are just terrible to know he's our long junior all right good to have Mac welcome aboard. Good to have you. I'm telling them and they got to Rudy anyway if you if I had a Matt if I'd applicable magic I think. I think justices could get two new justices Gelman his dominance. May be the fiddler crabs can become a positive. Do think that while. If I figure that on this thing about it is that you're gonna take credit for his resurgent al-Qaeda take credit and I think now. I. Obama and you're playing well what taking credit for the things that are great ideas that I have. I think. Robbie bus full of magic or a bus full box pull up to the arena oh yeah definitely boxes or even close Nestle the box. They all the books this year up. And national pretty when it's okay. It's directly kid you have it is really a play in. For the play out of the playoff atmosphere for the playoffs is it's not a regular season game in the middle of December January Jenna. This and maybe it's not get dirty look at a bus full Mets I RE at a bus full of sixers. We want you to play sixers nets. Why is that it's been broken leg balloons that didn't. Change everything changes this doesn't change what something is on the line change with I mean a game 82. Not a pure play in but they need they win they're in this game. Is it still like if somebody is on its regular season but is it something on the line if you win your and yes and Jay you'd rather take on the nets right yes it's silly. That's certainly. Always a recount in the mix with Corzine is as a bad team. Now next hour as they stand. So because could have an address the case they have not been a bad team core Oklahoma outside of the grizzlies since December 26 at its Orlando thought yeah. Idle talk about that that's that's in the hiring your public once it's sold long. They stink against the bad teams at home why is that what do you think that is don't know I think they're cocky example fat cat does. Hot shot. I think we make an Eric's bolster coached team is going to be cocky yes. Eight even more Eric's most are coached team without Philly cheese is gonna be cocky know. Even with Dwyane Wade. Mid day today and that may. Leaving day. Oca. Will the box on my side. OK you just have anecdotal thinking I'd take I'd I'd take heat all day tried stats. And science. And I've been proven track record. Then I'd rather that he played good team. At home then a bad team because I know they're gonna come out they're gonna stink up the joint and it's going to be a scramble even make that came close. We've seen this stance many times. To see what the lakers did to them. The audience. Agrees with you a couple points they say brokers and drop a hundred. Possible and the deal with the hair Payton he plays from hook it straight holes aren't out yet he's a son now idea he kills the c'mon it's basically like to add a bad team did a bad team plus a magic. That's like that's got so bad team which is like double trouble for the heat. There were onto something here rowdy on calendar. I was a forum to discuss and I can basically count one handyman at times they've been a really bad team comfortably at home and away. Less fitness you get sun sports a new TV package. You watch the heat well Mort you know please trust fox sports go man. Lovely or greatly was barbecues. Especially if you're hoarding no hitters you brought pestered. And also starting family aren't problems. Gospel of kings yes. Or boastful of patents. Caps. The cavs never went down here I want to cap goods has accounts I don't wanna play what I know you want and what team you. Can you. Tell me what the kingdom of the trap on talk you hope no team I want to tabs right you want tabs. Or playoff series. Or anything. A lot of by the way it looks like towns of fixed. This road so yeah and they get their asses kicked by the nuggets waited he fixed. It. Art is Pat Riley had runs it Stanley fence just down. And look at dapper as ever handsome double. News asked about his roster where things stand here's what he had to say. We have everything we need. We have both shot blocking me god picked it will be successful you've got to pick and roll cage you can casually we got shooters in the defenders Rio a lot of versatility. I think coach is done a great job in developing a system that's for everybody and so let's get on with a. Yeah let's dollar and by dead on that he means let me go get a superstar like why Leonard I don't think that's what he meant that's what he meant that's what I heard. That's what I heard no net Maine and yeah I know I think that's what he said no what he said was I think we're due to Iraq and now we're gonna stay put we're gonna go now. That's what he said no. What he said was these guys are you and it's nice to have Duane back. The need me to go get a whale we put the kind of get ads and see my herded and everything to do is listen again and again and again and make sure you hear him do the whale calls in the midst of it because that's what I heard it. We have everything we need the we have bush job blocking me god picked it will be successful you've got to pick and roll. Hey you can get to lay out we got shooters defenders Rio a lot of versatility. Coach does a great job and development system that's for everybody in. So let's get on with a. You can hear that. And by the way you can see that arrows actually dressed up legacy captain. That is in this interview and they are having some fun element of Homeland Security there is ultimately used him loose is. Ideally it's. I'm Iraq Iran about you interpreted camera that's like you've played a little. Knot the game is usually little. First of all just remember when Kauai island and is getting edges of the American Airlines Arena. Where and he Jersey you heard it here first OK if you've been uncle Miami Beach for awhile now put up good for you. Now things start to set in motion to we've heard about the I guess the view discontent that he has for San Antonio not a happy not all not happy with the rehab correct. Check this keep him out again this story came out yesterday from two Ramona children old customer and Michael C Wright. Welcome to reliable ESPN reported. Not to spit on now not a whole lot Leonard stalks. With Jordan brand about his new shoe deal have stalled. That's right. User apparently about to sign a four year forty million dollar contract. With two or number end the reynolds' sudden. Act up off the negotiation table guess what boys. I wanna be paid like why let it should be paid. The two time defensive player of the year on an all NBA player I'm an all star finals MVP. I don't want to take you nice little deal contract would join rent just what I'm glad I did want me some shoes. Want some shoes at a Hawaii's. Is this kids around here when he's and so. It's very interesting. This still seem like it was all good to go out. Then all of a sudden why is reps say I'm not so much buddy. Here's all we want we want more money we want a signature shoe and with that spells to me is hey guess what. Two or amber is gonna come back and say oh takeaway. Word of the media in the market where we can sell shoes and they don't work cowboy boots. So. This with Kevin to rent. And very well known if you watch the NBA back rumblings the reason Kevin Durant went to the warriors is does Nike pushed him there. They didn't want stepped curry. Face of under armour. Named Kevin Durant. It always the credit from Seth Curry that's all the kids would go back to where in Haiti's. And not go with those ball mast that curry shoes to believe in the second gunman on the grass you know. Note this is this happens. Net this this concrete and the reason LeBron James left the Miami Willis for shoe deal leaves shoe commercial weather dress like zombies in Cleveland. They had sold shoes they came up with down here in Miami. They did the awesome commercial overall runner with LeBron at the beach. We're we're all sit out there like idiots he she moves in the gym in the sun or what a selfish guy he is. Shoe companies aren't sure money. Why Leonard wants me. Money for joy and Brent he wants a signature should not he would have little bigger market can't sell shoes in San Antonio does correct that's not a thing. They don't Wear sneakers they're all cowboys yeah. It would be better off going to like I don't know in LA no tuition don't wanna know why why is California is overrun by the warriors my friend. Need it might in the Eastern Conference team too much competition out there out west Niedermayer in the east and and each everybody had the parallel bronze it's old that's why he's don't the last piece to sell white shoes. Why did we add ease as far shoes concern. Us open to Miami Beach shoe is still Kimberly Paul George has gone through that the there and he's. He has his own shoes. In little does his own shoes as people do not have the accolades of look polite Leonard. You know why why is they'll play in San Antonio. So what they need here. We need I'll go what does of the Robertson that was that Stephen out of this week. Robertson out here to sell him some Miami Vice colored why Leonard shoes. We need. I need to write about that all people who make in the custom shoes starts and does obstacle why Leonard's putter out we get this off the ground beast. This is where can sell his game shoes he's disgruntled. He's not a appreciated is not yet like he should. I'm telling you what it wants hell out of San Antonio and what does he want to end up so more glamorous and what glamorous. Down here LA. Now I mean he did station casino Wayne Ellington as a number two to oiler get the number to resume and the number. Wayne's gonna have to get that public Mario Chalmers gave all you did didn't he have a 22. Luke Babbitt who it is there's 200 wanted to Assad and Java the czar thing 32 was retired maybe to go boats who like any dissenting at all if you don't know and I together it's right owed to him that's of the to do they can do that or they just not Simon Ellington have while. I don't Wayne Ellington here. I'm just saying I don't a look at the text wishing for one thing if it comes down to. Jersey number I'd say that be fixed. Look man the tea leaves or that you'll get sick get in the sand all you want they get all why amenities gonna stick with Pavlovic who wants to channel to colts are solid and this is. He's going to sign with leading. Company that makes wade bumping you. Why leaning. Yeah. My PME. It's. Did you. All coming together. Quantities soon enough and level of play comes together. Get rescinded beautiful passing of the torch we have to win win that recruitment meeting with a Long Island and and he's as good as big why do you say nothing because he says nothing. To be all over another issue isn't selling sneakers. And Honda is not exactly the most. That's not important. Audit and does not not a just and. I'm audio and what does it so I just do highlights. Highlights he dunks on a palm tree. And see that pumps on a palm tree. Well I mean how would with the weather it'll do commercials pleased and he dunks on a home to a lot of soul so soda. Need to talk. That's not a thing. What does this Lane Kiffin doing with this Charlie wiser atonement. Since late may give in each of us here to sell. I love him can we re. Effort him for the show they offseason in just talked about everything. Other than football. Mean. He's he's he's a mess isn't Lipitor sorry do then yeah probably but like I have so many intimate questions but anyways as well out of policy like a night. That Boca blue martini is Knight he's like with with Blaine definition that nobody agree like so let's I wanna Stockton out lame given his sleigh and Dan martini Debbie great contest win a night with plain wood and I would blame. We will be lanes wing man. Allow seeded Lleyton needling man I don't know. Self talk as junior. 24 years old country bumpkin looking guy so Billings dead. But not as rotund latest skinny looking uglier version was debts before zealot like that before his dad look like and how. Actually well yes so looks like get uglier owl not a lot you assemblyman. I think. Not talk I deadly not the pillar beauty. Who who. I held by the way they it will take a poll in about whether I should you stay with no facial hair knocked up and coming on now on that. So grow the beard back yeah all the ladies were like no rule Kennedy. What's all the ladies in this in this building when you say all the ladies like to. And and and. Late what was the age range. Of 57. So lane higher Charlie Weis junior to be is often poured it right. He was an assistant at the falcons'. Big steal big grab up and coming dolphins of mine that's right and they asked lane about. Why he picked Charlie Weis junior one of the reasons he gave was well he's got a hot wife. And if he can have a hot wife that means he can recruit. It's not a bad theory. It's not it's at the commentary the league will most sensitive at his opening press conference South Carolina media can recruit but my wife Eleanor. His wife nobody was terribly. Bus that terrible Florida yet you. Don't it's a Carolina. He's on his wife someone else's. Any money ball that you're evaluating prospects don't look at his girlfriend's a confidence. I. Feel a little weird blatantly and look at moving on to territory. They Lane Kiffin is actually LA is looking at that and saying man I hope you have a happy marriages or do you think he's looking for some. Some young up and coming coach you just slave Boca what I am. That's our amount I don't want he's like hey look it's cabana boy and tied down and have a breezy let's go. We are you insinuating hired Charlie junior just to be is going man. Have you seen trial as Juno doesn't matter could just look picture. I've seen him a damned sure I've I have a picture probably the story TPC could be trained I think that I think Lane Kiffin likes to. Send down his lady secrets I think he likes to like put it down it's like Daniel song. He plans on blacks are definitely he wants today he wants to. Transfer down the ways unhittable ladies teaching the crane kick I really given gonna be late 64. Sit at a bar in Boca pick it up to 45 year old do you think it's ever gonna leave now. What is he now out of these idol I think it didn't hide the career up to the Oakland Raiders coach. It was cool everybody hated me when I failed USC I was in Tennessee. At one point Alabama guy and he's got to have dealt with a all the coaching career. Let you know get paid a million or two up there and Boca just is live life here. And so lay Boca. Go to the keys. Out of spring break it's laid down their coach what we have somebody recruits in the keys as a civil right and that's why it. And I brought Charlie Weis junior with me completely different at the brand of the grand opening of the middle of Roma Kosher market in Boca. Late the idea and so that illustrates I am under the impression that Lane Kiffin at one point during this interview. Is asking try to issued support is licensed and M account public problem is that is that what is that what I'm I'm getting into and out of probably thing and guess and laid timidly listen. What would you do which coaching philosophy I you know Paris loved to run the West Coast offense. A big dogs sometimes some pistol and maritime did what would you do we keep city so player's coach he considers on the display and it's like I think you gotta you gotta you know you get it it's got to be appropriate sometimes you gotta know once it to crack the whip and sometimes you gotta know wanted to be the best friend. Nag buzzed Palin isn't your wife since the Gramm account. He's like why it's yeah I need to see how many light she's got. It's like receive that probably expected like at a probably not not been present law and Lulu. And Debra please send us all those and hear what size are you what size you get everyone the colors or vote for everyone that he wants. Let me ask you question what do you think if I looked at the resident of Atlanta the resident days. Bumbling Kiffin coaching staff nurses. The abilities and is. And sights and sounds of laying Cubans could do stabs wives. Which is better. The wives the wives who dolphin than if a lot of orphans of the most question marks in the AFC east. I mean the jets have no quarterback they don't have it really is is that the only they have the biggest question mark the dolphins have the most I guess it's it's quantity over quality. This steel gates. What a career he's he's ten winter jets don't get Kirk cousins. We're naming goes the vikings I cannot wait and a with a bully and a bigger case seen them. I don't know to be what are we York fan cornerback rotation and go drafts. Go mayfield video mayfield who may feel the New York what did you what members and their draft they are five. Although what goes through and though takes little to Josh Rosen. It's automatically imitate the guy who's gonna end up being about arrests does that steps correct is that sets. Although things are now has pretty here either commit the most question marks. Well the biggest on the the most like corn field Yates. To take that for what it's worth. Yeah eight by islanders 65 whoops Denver's five what are. It's a big difference Denver needs Corbett to. Oh it does make a big difference but we know out of out of chapters final four Denver was in there now they're not. Which means the jets just getting played for leverage let's be honest. Only there to make you feel it they got a shot. That being played a fool adage just jacked up the price for the vikings that's what it comes down to. Jets really are and in this they're gonna end up with a no Kirk cousins. What's it you can argue whether that's that's a good thing or not a good thing to pay him as much money as he's gonna get. Crazy Dow. I think so addict and you really care what the severity of the jets it's so jets but if they signed Kirk cousins and again and multi amenable tackles again tomorrow. You look at the desperation of some of these teams get a quarterback. I have Brian channel sitting here an element I wanted a good draft one of these guys just throw up there is what official what's the harm. On and what did it do good to mandatory like carrier ring you group whose feelings. Just go to their like a lower. And a ceremonial pitch today. Were thrown out on the on the old fish and pull the candy. Little spitting tanning. We got there a little middle cardinal. What's that we can always finish. It's on the course. Well when I got here. On civic Coughlin. Good. On off one another set point portals Sox I was the generals are in the sweepstakes gotta be positive I do for Kirk cousins. Of the ideas tomorrow.