3-6-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, March 6th
Tobin gives himself credit for the Heat's win calling it a "reverse jinx." Then Robbie and Tobin act out a conversation they think Winslow and Dragic had before the Suns game. Ed Hochuli is going to retire, but his son is going to try to replace him. Justise Winslow has been playing well lately and receives credit for it. Tobin takes issue with Stephen Ross' comments calling Miami a bad sports town. The guys question what part of Ross' other comments could actually be misconstrued and how the anthemn protests are still affecting the NFL. Beast thinks Miami is not a bad sports town, it is just a "different" one. 

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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. I'm super nervous about the tape on the songs I am petrified of Smith we're going to be very honest with that because he's been home. That's it at all this is this is Kryptonite. This is his life Q are walking along. Everything's going good and hookah is a town state you Western Conference team on their home floor I really don't like how this is gonna go I don't feel good about. All of small they've conserved like Booker wade DL yeah. I don't have not put in there by about murdered. How to play my way back team's yes I had Holm correct that or at the grizzlies right he never win that game that's a rule that is the rule of this year. And kind of going back to last year. Way you'll stop the bumpers three off brotherhood rebounds Tyler. Not a back up to wait wait gonna try it again this time it goes there. I sure don't overlook the suns they won't play defense. I know they'll blow dean up by the nine and a half point spread for tonight yet hit the points now I don't buy it open and oh by a you know what. I'm all in on the heat I mean I don't know do you think they're gonna win that I did you feel good about you don't really get a really good. Good okay. Final score Miami won twenty. Arrived at Phoenix Suns 103. First six point for thing. What's true does a good point too. Opening edge yeah. Good no you don't get points. You don't get points for bad predictions. Think it's not know it must reverse change your little girl. You bet your normal outburst exact teen at a home not the Memphis Grizzlies Eagles lost that was year old Nana yes it was it was no burst and go I was playing you guys a sucker no. It's playing your fools stop with the high. Hiding BC go to the game this C oh no I understand if you don't have ended game is there another dating in the points game gave. The game months pass you talk about how bad the magical are hot bed and that the nets are and he would slick commute Edmonton and imagine. Were there just when those in the car he's listening to a talk about how bad imagine that's arc he's bobbing his head feeling is holidays feel himself yesterday. Just what was in the car he hears us talking about how bad the suns are about how word we are not the heat is what the Dugard was he right. I don't go. And you know this. But but their frequent listens listeners of our show & Associates is on the. A little justice will happening by the U he's got a 790 what they saying about you probably a HD HT ready it's 14322. Intimately fancy car. Stupid word. Let's get on the show and I'm w.'s best so it'll loosen the songs Leeson fueled club by money by fancy suits right now it's word north. We'll see of him to beat you one. Takes north. Ian. Roll. Call or he ye its. What's given to it it was in. Ole. Oh ye ye its. Does he give into it it's one you go when these photos but it would go word excel or. And some of tell them every out is national contest. Not Pennsylvania. Mrs. and other it's lie. Both text and drive. That's okay it would Cuba Garcia hit just these will somebody go with these guys and 790 the ticket. Saint Louis disorganized as it was that pistol in his holding the dates. That piece. Caskets. What they say justice what they say bloody they say they were worried about us losing to the solid state because of the bad teams at home rule explosiveness who say the the Serb decision by Portland of the sinner saved by that LeRoy. No legal Calero was not there was mr. Tobin fell and that probably foe saying dictate the points in the size lost Cleveland salt march. I mean you dormitory of the union the browns it was like decades ago. And god let me tell you something I mean gosh was that just with the Jarvis leg injury to give the ball page position receiver. We get to sit there every day. He also Devin Booker was out for revenge against us or it's. Lipsky and that's on the show that's so when. It's horrible and Goran calls and we as a horror. Hill old. Blue and red. Well somebody is good to have you here give duke big break. From mom and give a really unions my yellow almost sort of sick Cuba have something to kill you look Walters to break from what her young Hamas. No matter anyway leasing Goldie hit this on the radio station you know today. Good hits show pulled in LeRoy BS. And they sing and sons the good to kick her ass man we can have that happen. Police police. Bulletin of game night. In so doing was encouraged. And and had to call up Kelly a clinic called us on cultists on the Iraq. And it just went from there man reverse jinx want to Meehan Robby. Home headlines on. Speaks WXY. And south why would you access this page to show her car. I am doing these headlines under protest. Why because. Yeah I tried to catch up now because you guys were wrong in I was right. But when you have. On it becomes reversed in situations where I'm wrong I really minus 7000 points are true. Ridiculous that's true it was a horrible role play because whoever was playing. Dwayne wade and and justice Winslow a soft. NN. That's not true. It's and the great certainly brought the degenerate. We got though in action this whole willingness of the world magnificence is chases a slew of money he. Where to review the draft and come back tomorrow. It was a good for us from this week. Excellent post position is really running backs hole hole the right thing. He's have a back to back there and the nation's capital nineteen on the wizards 7 PM is you to turn sixty and it's that low and Tommy tiger. Have in the call right here on are the pre ready or names of an idea for a 43 she to the ticket. The latest injury report is that Wayne Ellington is still questionable. So while using game time decision and we'll see if we'll go or not. But the heat coming off a win that they are now. In the only in the six by seven spot in the seven spot in the seventh spot. Then the tiger over the bucks right and put there only three games out of the the fourth. Yeah sort of green hat back to Korea believes right right so. No that means again. Creep in street in dynamo were back on them. Has assigned decided to play last night march 27. Justice out of a jam. All. Would say what it is just the skill to hey he did Panthers are skating tonight in the sunshine series. Jack I'll tell them inject up to attend the cats are fired their their point out of the last wild card spot know your caps. Who are very good team. On the road. Add. The leggings around 7:30 PM as your faceoff 7 o'clock you know the one our sister station Q area. The other news as relates to sports in this town is a Stephen Ross. The U Raj. And. To lead Italy. He's sold that you get to the Stephen Ross story that we just get through what else is going on. And we were sad today because at Hough who is retiring. As an immoral ring but is your place by sunshine luckily Jack I don't know that's the biggest question is does he have guns. There are similar to tart is ready to close because of the but the license 'cause if he doesn't own guns David then he shouldn't be around that's really disappointing how the jury is a song like you know week on little Nancy because. With what what the deal that. So we're not gonna have the first down with a bulging biceps anymore. They got to get hinges stop me better now Roland that first we with flabby arms imagine it is flat irons release solo let down moment god. He's got the dangling tries. Good this is yet to granny arms. No. Do you big lake. Either get high do the it looks as an as a disappointment. Well imagine it a phone call like. Sounds like he dad I know you're retiring but they just promoted meat from back judge to two arrests. And I can't Lleyton than ads like sun. Can't be out there two in the first down with those arms to never be arrests until you Jack to. He tickle yourself arrest until you get on the HD age do. Liu anyways. Then there's this all props to the candidate by the way who Natalie hosted martyrs Tillman Douglas hockey team at period. Let them skate around. With the Stanley Cup which I don't know why I was there it was there. And also pay is flying them on the team played up to there in a game up in Minnesota. And dig it out to dinner and doing all sorts props of the Panthers podium and good job. And then there Stephen Ross. Yeah. So he. He some sort of gathering in new York and you don't war was yeah he is getting an award for something and a new a reporter from New York Daily News caught up with something called. He is being out of the jagr Allison foundation with a as a rule be. Lifetime achievement award. That sounds interesting room. So. A reporter from New York Daily News is name is Christian catches up with Stephen Ross okay. And basically Stephen Ross opens his mouth and bad things come out. Or in my humble opinion bad things come out were the first quote is all of our players will be standing Ross told the daily news. As an relays to the National Anthem initially actually support the players what they were doing. It's American people should be able able to really speak about their choices. But Ross's Philly Jake when he felt the message being sent by the players do there was a protest against supporting our military or are exported our country or the military employer wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL on that's a trumped Reid owner of that. A good and and when the message yet when the message change and everybody was interpreted that was the reason that I was against millions of Ras I like Donald Trump I don't support everything he says over by the use trying to make a point in his best and became what Neil was all about from that standpoint. That is the way the public is interpreted so I think that's really incumbent upon us to dobbs tell I think the country now isn't covered in the kneeling issue. And then. In the blast part. He's talking about Derek Jeter Jeter and his challenges with the Marlins who gets that little memento but I ads get rid quote. William recording and read a united put his clarification on the idiot comment on this I gonna okay. But I just feel like I wanna get this part out notably clarification. In the next several does did did bandied about. In talking in about Jeter's challenges in the marlins' quote mine is a great city it's not a great sports town. The browns haven't been winning. He has to start all over again and you have to be patient given time but that quote from that as Miami is not a great sports town says the owner of the arguably. You sports team intact. We have a rebuttal from Steve Ross so that was last night. And then this morning when that news broke in I'm guessing there was some fallout. The dolphins are suddenly came up with the new quote from Stephen Ross about. His remarks from misinterpreted it causes them monitors control. And you watch it all back. Does he was as his quotes were misinterpreted data medical. Well the ones at the at. What the hell's my retraction on you calls bad fans. What does that walk you back here and draw us into that which is that walk back. How I'm is about sports and I'll look at that to the outburst takes so I get no walk back not one correct. This I mean honest he's so bad at this beast what all the art first class organization there in everything except the couple field he is he's so that this even to what he is batted speaking publicly. He steps in it so often. All the time he's always. Either overdue over selling. Or over promising. Or go and sue were hyperbole quit his with the is analogies. Or what he wants guys to be. Or. You know. Christening day. That the dolphins have taken back to town from the heat or arsenals in the next Marino yet he's like Joseph Philbin has all the qualities of Don Shula. This this is he's so that at this and we get into it next. Delegates to win here that six dead there will be back tomorrow. Hopefully like to look at he had I do wonder about that yet responded to any of our tax codes and off the grid side. I'm hopeful that he's not like an offense to that list as were annoying. Well where knowing whether he's here or not. And up until he does he just like I need a break from this possibly you do send a mean the Kremlin she does make its way across the group text often death. There the shots of the crowd into even when he does something good Democrat Jim. The crabs in Roland yesterday. It was awesome if it does with the stars ever does as well as though the BA yet DeVon bunkers team. Because. There's yesterday Devin Booker comes out. He is able to put up his thirty points the team stinks at defense they're bad team in general. And justice does not it doesn't he's good that he fills up the stat sheet he's been really good this this from Tim Reynolds. And his Twitter account. Here is started 31% from the field in February 5 point nine points for five point nine points per game for a just went up. In March so far it entered percent total percentage fourteen points a game. You this short run. He has been very very good. Thus far so it's is only three games Madrid. Ends as the three games. Fourteen points a game manly could you emerge soon it just Winslow will get up fourteen points per game in Iran like that. For a three game here and no game before that we had two points. Just not to. I eight see peace netted seventeen before that the before that 43505. At the point is he still looked everywhere else. In the local or is he really Wenzel culture. Back when to a closer ones local yeah he told us young ones look closer he did he got he culture Jolson a Winslow culture. When you look closer he's doing that against he's doing that up against. Devin Booker who it was a cool yeah. Would love a Devin Booker have voted and there's good chided sit here it's that would rather have Devin Booker than justice one's well. It's got fills up especially but I also am letting him know. That he's the easiest position right now in the NBA coaches. Gardner. Who has the ball all the time on a terrible team is always gonna get their shots and always gonna get his points. Results be damned. Head and he can't be good or keep these to a Georgia because that labels put Gary Irving forever. He's very young. And he does have a lot of expectations right now. That he is a lot to be in a system where she does avid. Go get his go to rockets man go to two buckets results begin we'll figure out the rest later. We're justice has came as a league on a playoff team. Remember that he didn't make the playoffs and were in the lottery because Chris Bosh his blood stop working. And so he got the scenario where the need him to be a contributor on a playoff team. Because of the next year. And the same justice you put it leaves you the vote would take all the shots he was hurt was disaster what did the rods out of the barn. So I got back into the Asia by the way that team nearly goes in a playoff run. And so. It's like. He's been in and out there that hasn't really found several of us try to make excuses won't because lord knows we've done Obama planning. Maybe. Maybe this little. This little window right here beast is it is is is a window to the soul of Winslow culture went to a culture that is all come together man maybe maybe maybe maybe you'll get. It just went deliberately at now does the Stephen Ross. He's bad. At the public speak. Which is not done the right thing PR wise since he took over starting with Bjorn then let's have a bunch of famous people go that's Indian and revved up. Well that's that's the one that's why fight his bad comments so odd right because. I would think. With Stephen Ross. He would be of the mindset of I went into Miami. And I came with the pomp and circumstance and all the flashing has in the orange carpet in the celebrity owners. And Jimmy Buffett and remixing the dolphins theme song and and all they really want it was from my football team to be good so really I didn't need as many gimmicks is I thought I did write for. The fans to embrace may now has had consecutive winning seasons of dolphins owner of the don't leave he has. Now known as it does want he has his 21 yeah two yet. And and you're ready because one good way as bushels first vehicle I guess when he in the housing most on the team the last playoff to have a nine and seven mic they didn't leave the year they went to the playoffs was out receiving roster Chad Pennington no no no I was always need to go at him the next year low. You know it'd been medically needs but never know nine nothing more than 500 outside to play I'll sell. Here. To let you know Stephen Ross he stepped in and a bunch now. Just violent cross country. Secret in drug NATO mission even though they got picked up our borders and like thirty seconds to go trying to Jim Harbaugh. All stories Prada sit here like a not realizing that he's that they're looking for his replacement. Missteps. You know. He moves LeBron James he comes out immediately swaggering in here like Vince McMahon is on and on top of the world. Dolphin sound now boy is here are different organization without LeBron James. They really organization that may LeBron James from a choker to champion. But if you if you are OK okay. I would just you know port of some winning consistent winning from time to time. You still walked in here and critiquing this database which way. Even in spite. Of. The non business of winning. Finally is shown of that bed that stadium watch a credit Stephen Ross built himself revamped himself. And he deserves praise for that chart what we've given them on a brace. I was disappointed. To read the statements that things were not a great sports town simply because. All the sport's done as to why some winning which is not an on common theme. In many sports markets on though is every sports on every sports market want to win yeah. And he is like Jeter now not a great sports town off the bat like you know. I would like somebody. You give an assessment. Why hasn't had the many all field. Publication of harassment. That the Miami Dolphins that. Well like you coached it would blow videotaping. And sending it to a stripper bully gay. All the gay which is still in the news. By the way. We thought it was over it's not. Steve Ross said that at a committee come together he did in. He came up there and he told a big old did to everybody that Tony Dungy Curtis Martin Jason Taylor. Dan Marino world get together and somehow solve bullying they didn't. And well. All these things put together. All. All right there's going to be some consistency there's going to be some winning here. Really. And I think they've had any good little piece of good that they've had has been smashed out you know in the back Jed I. I applaud the dolphins its review ends at a global superstar and they traded him away anyone in the Super Bowl it was on Jimmy doubles count. Well it's like it's like today they realized they had when they have a good thing it'd it'd just accentuated and and and go through that so thing. Steven Ross. I was disappointed to read that because of all things that this. Were energized has put their fan base throw. Open number of fans that actually go to those games and tune into the dolphins. Respectively knowing that there in the bottom here of what the rest of the NFL has to have as many as they do. I think dolphin fans just hoping for some sustained success. Further and say. Not that great not great. I was disappointed to read that I really was from Stephen Ross. I feel like we say there's a lot about him he steps in it and then he's got to walk you back. At them come now. What I read in the comments yet at least yes I'm surprised to read and okay here's why because Stephen Ross has. I think a lot of clout in Q empowering his play shorter club behind the rise organization. Was very supportive of his players as it was happening. And so I read his comments and said. We're not gonna have our players neo for the and they do understand. And I thought that the message was lost last year the protest actually thought that well. Was I thought it had some validity to it because I do think that the reason guys were protesting. Became the big goal. Became an intimate messages of love. They are they are protesting the flag there protecting the country that's not what they were knowing the reason why there are protests it was completely misinterpreted by the majority of people that didn't like protest so much so I had Jerry Jones out there having a coordination. And can dance. Right before the National Anthem. To make its unified because the president called the players' sons of batches. So well. Stood. A little little Ross was saying now it's not easy to get a lot of what today because people are gonna say at all. Steve Ross is telling his players is Dan. I didn't really think that was that's surprising because I thought a lot of that stuff with the pro testing was. Losing some steam at the end of the year it didn't feel as big of a story line it didn't feel as meaningful as all the storyline. And so I thought. Okay well there was a lot of momentum last year of what the NFL could do for the players instead of them doing this. Because I do think a lot of the owners feel like it is affecting their business. Soul for him to go out there and sit this. That's surprising. Now he's completely want to back and said it basically fabricated. Would you buy dot well. Like if it's one thing. If he wasn't didn't directly quoted in the article. And the the the writer just like all I spoke to Stephen Rossi said blah blah blah blah blah and then Ruskin say all right my quotes were taken out of context blah blah blah. But these are direct quotes. Like I noticed like Henri you can read them for yourself I don't understand how they could be. Misunderstood or taken out of context or he says by players will be standing next year. And I so what are we to do with that we to say that. Our I did Stephen Ross. Did not think that that guy what he said what he was quoted down to nothing it was fair play. I doubt I'm confused about what he says that they were misconstrued. All. It and so now at this weird part where. OK so. Then all we not ours ours players allowed to do or not because let's not forget also in the middle of last year. The voltage changed the rules of kneeling and Adam gays. A rule that he took credit for although. That you can lead up to judgment where he said protests have to stay in the locker room if you're gonna protest the nationalism just don't come out. And then in the middle of the year there reversed course on. And they said OK well out because apparently Kenny stills him out and a lot of other players who are doing this. Good dudes man guys still out there with the police force try to do things in the community Michael Thomas once you've been Walter Payton man of the year. Nominee three years running now so these are. That teenagers are guys who have been good faces for the organization is just say it's a very very. Icy topic that has. What do you. Wanna say affected the ratings greatly or not. As I think affected a lot of people emotionally on what they feel about certain NFL players. Probably more so fringe people then maybe die hard NFL fans. People tuning in nonetheless and so. I think we got to know is all right are the owners talking about one in the players not standing or not are or not kneeling or not. The what is really happening here because Steven Ross who is fully behind this. For him to have it off the cut cuff quote like that. To me it was more a sign of OK if Stephen Ross is saying all of our players are gonna stand it's coming from Roger Goodell. All the owners are in unison RS. He thinks so no no I mean I thought the same thing led a matter of fact I've been waiting this offseason. For a some sort of edict by Roger Goodell that pay. We understand the plates this that whatever but all of our players who stands for the national land them. It has happened. So. I have no idea what the least dots are on this or how they're going to handle it. Roger does busy running the forty in his office. Seconds yeah but that's applicants have a little fun wasn't as fast and a white PB. New house when he was that Deion Sanders is flabbergasted. Whether to add gay yeah I'm Penn State yet. Almighty god this do rent a 43 and and it flummoxed Deion Sanders who goes back to run. Run literally dated and is LA I can't talk usually Weiss a surprised Xeon because you lie. It's. Yes and as it goes over and congratulates the guy. It was a TV went over and hugged them instead intelligent and well. Will reiterate that I and that's evidence against the guy does is really funny television of the the white safety from from Penn State ran a 43 and it's his left Deion Sanders flummoxed over Baghdad this. And what it means to you on the sixties and early. We didn't announce a lot is riding in on the Stephen Ross thing. And the corrections look lot of Q accusations being made of what about you and takes. But what. I don't wanna really didn't do it for you happened you you can't be accused of being a little bit racial. Powell. Because you know you're you're referring to a certain players as being good in the community is supposed to other players that are written. Odd because that because I think Kenny stills a microphone is do good work in the community corrected. I mean a mask sitting facts there now you are you. It says like who seem like they're more committed to the protest. Those guys. Or the guys you only did have to jump call everybody as the days. Note to Melbourne. Hi I'm Matthew and and I'd look I don't care about the kneeling I'm happy that guy's an alien to the right to protest what but I do but I do think this. That. I think that people who believe. That really has had no contribution. Q I've already is going down I think that's a naive I chamber that they are living in. I mean. Really yeah I do I mean he has plenty of other factors. Bullet since it's not a factor beast I think that's soon. I mean I I just think if you're not watching a football game. Because of that like you got deeper issues why. Because it's stupid to tinian and what are you doing there if your bothered by an action whether you think it's what federal. If if it's it's it's seen as a thing. This is I think a problem. With a lot of conversations in our country. Holed away. That Donald Trump for whatever media you cover or or consume for the most part we've all been told to do and a chance to be president right. Iraq by the media yes that was a big misconception. By the media or not yes OK it was all a big league I would say for anybody who says it doesn't contribute. To a ratings fall a lot of us probably live in that same echo chamber of and this is it really thought around the country people really feel this way what. All are and they're not listen. I understand that people feel that way I just don't blink I don't know enough for them to out of football you surprised Oakland Oscars lowest ratings of all time you know that's been going down it's been like a five point 0% drop may have been going down man percent drop. Meanwhile it. It it's not saying it's the whole thing but say it's not saying no no I agree it's it means so. I do think that which is why were all waiting for Roger Goodell welcome Alison to beat. Which is why would I heard Russell's quotes initially unlike. Surprising and I thought that there probably come with something in the Oka the NCA. Where. They were going to shoot trying to find a solution for all parties isn't gonna work out now now that now this is all happening where Ross is kind of don't backing off it. Is that an amigo cobble is not not Ross intended I don't know man I. When when these ports first came out the with a stuffed the looks of those like. Well it's it's Stephen Ross is saying this and this is probably a general feeling from the entire cluster of owners around the league. It came on the heels of the day with a Texas had to deny a report that they weren't gonna sign anybody who ever protests at the hip yeah. So you had two extremes there you had the owners of the Houston Texans which you would assume is probably the state where this is most top of an issue anywhere one of the Nia. And that you have Steven Ross who. How the back of his players throughout all of last year basically. And is very big in these initiatives like in his organization rise. Cell. If you add those two things being on same way blanks. I thought something was gonna come out to where they were going to. Have an agreement among the owners and the players. To not have disputes in workers they thought it was affecting their business. And so if you all the owners on that same page. Don't you think that they have the research the information. To know whether or not it is affecting their business. Oh yeah of course. So that's kind of in the bottom line mattered more than anything yes to that corrected them adults. And so that's why. This walked back to me as strange it's Kyle liked photo. On oh I didn't like how this this played with Stephen A Smith yelling at me. War or Shannon Sharpe we're skip Bayless or any of them yelling at me and now I want this fixed. Although he did not lock back the comment about money being a crappy sports. Set he does say they or their grubby sports but this bothers me about the sports town that. And and into the media members throughout their innocent well it's not what's so wrong about what he said would hide what I'm bothered by enemies that. What bothered by is that is it old stereotype. That is. It's it's on our city more so that it is the rest of the sporting fans around the country. By the way by the way. I think the promises that we can't we can't. Somehow separate or take them with a better way of saying it something it's a bad sports town. Two different sports town. Because of the diversity and the demographics and make up this town where it's not a homogenous Boston Philadelphia Chicago where it's all for 11 for all that wind borne their lives they're grew up there. Does the same thing the doesn't make this a bad sports that. Also all those towns when those teen snuck. Those games neither man. Thing. East when the jets saw that was overrun by dolphins to its. And the six is a regular last in the league and be attends regularly Phillies games nobody don't trouble filling Yankee Stadium Austin. We can't really put in the conversation does. Arrested and they've both sports decade ever. Bastards. And so their not a great they're not a great haste for this. You're not gonna put them in the Oka of Austin New York Chicago. Okay. We're a was Stephen Ross who has been an older and an organization here. Not a great tenure as an owner as far as results on the field a concern. Then welcome in Derek Jeter who's new to town and he comes from a do is one of the prestigious sports towns in America nor. For him to come compared to sweep us with the brush of not a great sports town jeetz block. Man oh really you you're gonna do that's across Asia are the one who came in here with all the weird stuff. And tried to wow the dolphin fans would orange carpet and Jimmy Buffett and Fergie and all told you it was hey no we want. We want football. What should issue and no one asked that I as the dolphins' logo and change in some weird no corporates would need to be looking thing not a. Guaranteed that when you when Ross came in here right experts who had been study in this community go oh Miami's all about the though the big events in the flash and all this other stuff so you don't let's do that George carpet all these things and that I get to popular and in reality the feds are like us screw that we really don't want that that's not really honest yes we will watch actual sport he's. No adult fans want it so all the quarterback issue that's been years since Marino. Want to find a coach who's not a bumbling. You'll like Joseph Philbin. Or or when they get something good like. They don't want things being swept in the headlines league ball the gate and they don't want for the love of god they don't want the coach is doing blow and videotaping it should lead to strippers. Not be in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and me and a big push straight years without so pinched that happening. Maybe maybe we get a fair assessment of what this is the sports down. All Steven Ross putting up a beautiful renovation a hard rock stadium to get its Super Bowl that's awesome by Stephen Ross did give him that same assessment piece. That bothers me UPS and garrison does it sports town. Would have the same answer. The gears and I think wanted. Here's the thing Micky Harrison is probably not lying to. Yes you know what the result and I still that's ever been a bad thing why is it in sports. What why isn't sports that Dave page were my entertainment discretion. Has had more options than ever I can go to Netflix and it's all there. I don't what does it do commercials anything you got to entertain me or I'd stick around right what sports any different. What I have to sit here what's the most new buyers eligible buyers of baptism of emotional blind emotional allegiance did not team that's rich. Telling people who are spending the disposable income on entertainment what to do and telling them their bad or good because they don't wanna spend it on crap. Is terrible. That's that it's it's it's lazy that they have this kind of opinion of South Florida sports fans so we certainly in the same class of Austin or Philly or Chicago Cubs. Well you gonna do the thing that everybody does to us like when he or whether you agree in the same. This city does deserve that town. Cleveland deserves that down even though Cleveland's attendance numbers were in the toilet when they didn't have LeBron James. And the ratings were garbage and the valuation went down and nobody went. Even though the Indians are last in attendance low that the Marlins got the better sports town they'll look upon as more worthy. And so I put his other more die hard sports fans are they have a higher than age of course. They genuinely they're sports seem to be around for decades upon decades they've probably a Mort Jimmy just more heritage to be passed down from generation to generation. Cause problems what's been since I was six years old metropolitan middle Marlins so I just I just had kids. I just had kids this to to pass on my sports heritage too and that's what they're gonna like who's. And the you're you're you're gonna come in here Stephen Ross and you're gonna hit us with less like a flying kick out of nowhere with the same thing. That's Steve Ellis says on TV. Or any of those he analysts like is Simmons. Said during the heat era. All that was used to wildly disappointing to be man. That's why it's not fake outrage like I just I genuinely get bothered by it I had went. Pol goes on there and says both my haven't been good to hear from you guys in forever. Summon all we got sick and the NCAA. With a bogus investigation for years. And so we weren't positive about hurricanes football for a few decades meanwhile Arizona's throwing bags of money everywhere John Miller still coaching. Now there's the plane. Yeah well that's not rules it and I'm an Obama like North Carolina had widespread. Academic fraud. Nolan got a boat though that's what they want strippers and abortions and there's no boats and so sports is in the story. Dissolve my desk. We got jets 1000 Moscow and out of the top of the hour.