3-6-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Tuesday, March 6th
Tobin thinks that if Jarvis Landry doesn't work out with the Dolphins that Allen Robinson would be a good addition. Kirk Cousins is going to get offered a massive contract, Beast doesn't undertand why average quarterbacks get so much money. The guys wonder if Whiteside and Winslow can keep up the solid play from the last few games. Tobin talks about how Heat fans view Justise. A great debate is started, does an Octopus have 8 arms or 8 legs? Tobin and Beast also argue if the crab is the most interesting sea creature. A Commissioner in Miami is worried about the new Marlins ownership group, leading to the guys to reminisce about Loria's letter telling fans how to behave years ago. Tobin words a letter he thinks Stephen Ross and Jeffrey Loria should write to the fans in Miami. 

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Growth. Joseph I believe has a lot of the same attributes. Don Shula right. Probably in the first wrestler nutrition national football. We have to Miami Dolphins. Are sitting up there I am setting up for these Miami Dolphins this committee. Don Shula. Dan Marino. Jason Taylor. And sort of Smart growth. This victorious sixteen were undefeated and out. He's never going to be huge like it was English everywhere you know it's. Okay. Two or. You know football is number one sport in this country and in this area. Just look closely mirror cereals and in the public fans are responding to that growth he'd I think there's a different organization out of the engines is there. I think the dolphins are a team that you know. Capturing the imagination of the whole entire funeral families who can touch slower growth we'll in New Orleans. It. Obviously we're getting our imaginations captured but we're not great because you like watching Jay Cutler last year. Jill pilgrim Don Shula that's right that's our that's our pets and obviously it's when the man gave money contest you Wear this hour's Poland. Poem PO EM. Texas to seven to 81 tech's home to seven to 81. And if you don't win this hour you can try again next out derby sports flashed in national contest. As a matter it's may apply don't text and drive that's an idea he he compared Don Shula. That's right Phil gotta to the Apollo that. Joseph shall we got a got a problem with him comparing him the most legendary coach in Miami sports history Obama that I mean. Bit off a hole you get it. Was comparing out of Chad Henne next Marino and that wasn't off but I imaginations captured beast it is half. Notre CAPTCHA. The dolphins select. Is that dark they're gonna take your Notre Dame quit Nelson point Nelson. Guards from Notre Dame diligently trade up to get him. All of the going to be though they give midfield get ready mag is they're gonna say you're gonna be next Marino too so hold onto your hats. And that's that's got labeled Padilla put on right away to just get ready for Ross. A man. Scan a sub doing that can't stop his style Rolen has sup put his foot right in his mouth that when he does he says. Well it is called big news ominously that what he's doing. Since it was a missed a misquoted misinterpreted this I understood. Them out of context. Are. Merit well I don't well we'll see. As you know that you know that that audience probably gonna get out somehow someway. That's gonna happen to analyze. Speaks to what you XY and South Miami and tell the USF XP HD true. Remarked. I don't do in this blindness there's no Internet microphone beloved in his second. I'd saw the stock you fix your microphone I'll try to get some Internet everything is going to hit everybody is going fine. We submitted to get no Internet and also the microphone fell off. And when they needed a definitive and it might need a maggot eggs and add up to the nation's capital you don't. A regular do that once and will you. We got. A job. But or killed as an engineer and no. Nation's capital 7 o'clock to 6 o'clock is a pretty it was as a dog died Wayne Ellington still a game time decision with that thigh contusion that. Eight and the money right now can make up some ground. They are. They are they are rolling there what do you call it creeping in streak in Britain street demand it's back I. So their egos that the Panthers are in the sunshine series tonight over and Tim made again lightning 730 face off across the state. 7 o'clock is when you get the pregame on our sister station WQ I am Panthers just appoint out of the second wildcard. Also. Double mother news and notes and hot goalie is retiring as a refereeing. His son Sean will be come a refereeing. Not as jacked as dad very upset and Obama does he have a hot wife to link given to the interview. Now I'm gonna have been at it look tired out second to it I mean you've you've researched that. Sammy lock ins. Will not be tagged as the a franchise players of will be automatic freeagent. Which makes all the people are believing that that dilutes the market for drivers slandering a seminar Watkins has freeagent. You know trying to think it is spilled son who's again will be a free agent also. The jags will not. Tag Alomar Robinson. At Kleiza might yet. Chris Ivory went to the bills on the jags. In this Jarvis lenders thing doesn't work out via. Yesterday's wind better than George slander me easing present Allan robins Alia he's amazing I was coming up and needs it that's a bomber. But he is amazing so PX if this doesn't work out and he does become a free agent right. And you wanna fix the receiver I think yes it is better than jars Leger and about that mark your biased. I'm telling you man he made late portals all the people who bobbled balls good all day here is because of that guy. He made a trashed it doubly bulls. Look like an all Oprah he's fantastic. It is he the same kind of receivers and a slot guidance and Castro's underpass and I he's what you would hope to Vontae Parker it's Saud say like your view is bigger than. I don't know if he's bigger than a million other than them. He's better than him by looking above I don't know he'd really made it was good he got Alan heard paid big money where he's fantastic. He's he's he is tremendous. So. If that in that this pans out to where Joseph obviously injury is it going to be with the Miami Dolphins. The same exact height and weight. Little response yet Alan Robertson in to volunteer post six foot 32 conine yet except. The mother martyr he misses the game or doesn't qualities I mean as a boo boo this guy only misses games have been theirs is an. He wouldn't on the field is asked Graham you know sign. Suit or Qatar where is the signing. He signed with the look the apparent there's four year seventy million dollar wish we get to this the rumor out there. We saw about. About Kirk cousins rural. Which is. Chris Cooley who hosts a show up in DC former all a redskin. Throughout there that he heard. His sources tell him cousins. Is being offered a three year. 91 million fully guaranteed deal from the vikings really. Fully. Guaranteed. 91 million we're gonna pay Kirk cousins. Is going to get almost a hundred million. Guaranteed. Look I know that the guarantee I don't know if that's crazy and you know the vikings are monsters. They're really good. They also out of them the benefit this year of Aaron Rodgers and see a lot of time. I don't know man that's that's a lot of money I got bigger strategist put it in the other citizens do you get a Tesla foreign and roll with a that debate Kessler ninety million dollars. I mean I look Curtis put. Fantastic numbers it's just it's very odd to me that I just let them just kill all I just understand the money that. Average quarterbacks are making in this league. I'd I don't get it. It's whereas a man like Alex Smith Kirk cousins like we're we're given he's got bring humor is contracts yeah. No we're giving them ridiculous projects and yet Levy on ballast. Has to haggle Leo long term deal correct and really attack began. Wild. That's that then that's the weird thing about this again you know it's weird. There's such a value being putting on put on it right now yet this past year you can say it was. Less important than any year in the pass. I mean there's one liar in the Ritalin. Mean. Everybody else is just like I've played morals in the final is in the final four of this thing. Cody Kessler some examples Ellis says that we're crazy if we think Kirk cousins and average quarterback. Average and is above average but here's the thing easy great. That's that's Elise. Money like the much the money that he's getting paid is hall of fame great money. Not like pay this guy's pretty good money. Guaranteed. Entry NFL. Energy auto million dollar wiley three years. Kirk cousins is an old Marcus who analyze. Strange in my. They are you by that I don't buy that I would by the critically might know I feel like Kirk cousins like his agent wants to. Just just flown exit with these with these this huge agent money jets fans just probably jump. And later you're just and that that's that's really what you want because this feels like I feel like jets fans have all of their money in the Kirk cousins basket I get it but it feels like you do the jets and you give Turk on the money you know that's or is gonna end up for you right. This we know analogy and it's going to be it's gonna blow up in their fails there's no doubt socket and well no nothing and off of the debt no. That's gonna happen. And so. Well I'd have fascinating thank you yeah Kirk cousins put up big numbers last year. They take it a home run cut because it's good thing no Tyrod does come back and they feel like what they have isn't good enough to make. They skated by the big Kirk cousins say he's in the national total B does. Oh man and he's got a lot of weapons around them. So if you are gonna do it. That is the team and probably do it because there they are he is surrounded by a fleets. On the offensive weapons just just an absolute arsenal. I just. Not to be kept together very long when you that kind of money to curb the by the way. So this article is for. August 29 2017. For the season. When Stafford got the huge deal right. Five years a 135 million. Sixty point five fully guaranteed. Okay. 92 million of the deal guaranteed sixty point five we looked. Fully guarantee what's emerging Gary didn't fully guaranteed. Anyone Mueller. Or can I just not read the Internet right. I'm a man since last one sounds like some mumbo Jumbo audio is. I just the money is astronomical. For quarterbacks that are are good our core and are are really good but not great. Need to take a picture of me. Now among those version of the big show or an out he's the most terrifying human being and overseeing these do you yet now he's not small. Not small and now he's not like he's not overweight anymore. The humans are supposed to look like that. He was lumbered around for a while. He was you have an carries as he's in wicked good shape Charlie he's wrestling anymore no. Is that he's a he's officially and I hope he's officially dumb but I think you are out there. Yeah. It's a studio couple times and that's why we're all united leg UN games and stuff. He held you gimme games you went to bomb he went cute dolphins practice one time read you what to back DOE one audio this year it. It's the shell won the audio he could show. Not only can he say I mean the first ball he's he's he's a performer of the show will get. And he really was that he was and not just like what you see those loans. Agendas of course big shows pipes. He has a right it was case you know could because support for text or take a point one sorry. Embarrassing. There's by the way it's 5050 million signing bonus 92 million guarantee that you probably try to read the Matt Stafford. It's got a wild man that's going to be the seriousness the other plays out I didn't know. I feel like with the soccer comes things because it's been adjusting for awhile. United one million dollars guaranteed that is if that is going to be. The contract that is that that is huge. But it feels like they want even top that number just on paper of the Matt Stafford thing may want it to be just. Blow the doors off Olson a will say. Wells the other market plays off form justice Winslow. Get it right last night plus the other big ones that against the wind is just immense heat is next. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. My. When to a quarter. Fifty minutes theme is customized by champion for about four salvos of a Jeep truck should be customization shot. You're guaranteed out the hottest web form obligations in town called champion for a fourth 786. 5023446. Or get a champion for about four dot com. Spots about merit Al Hayek Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys go 305800. Irma. Brought you by accidentally when it comes in at him and you love X one gives you more change the way experience TV would expedite the X one. And by all pro or the Buick all brought you to get sports medicine it's their job to get you back in the game with force up locations there's one near you go to all pro the PX dot com. For more information. The Miami Heat. They take on the Washington Wizards tonight after they blew outs. The Phoenix Suns coach Howard yesterday. But Robby and I've directed the reversed and. He did he got from just got it wrong and I got a wry wit we give that he motivation. Because I was right you're on I don't think he really believed that I didn't believe it would things have been tonight. That seed Washington it's a back to back game although guys got any arrests last night. The did you play era as Washington is in their first in the first three imposition of the season. But washing out washing and home. Robin listen number tonight wizards are a four point favorite home. And as you always play well news Washington ten there I believe they want all four games because it was his last year they beat washed and in washed in with John Wall this year. Take a lead toward stick in the points. The three straight losses the loss of three good teams that lost the warriors. The raptors and the pacers volatile. He'd of won for the last five. Wizards lost three in a row. Cubicleescape I think it's very close game and I think maybe the wizards and appointing. Possibly. Maybe not too. And that is. Out of much conviction about tonight speculated by yesterday you were just confident they're going to be doling out of the Phoenix on just these scandals carry as much big it's it's the games that. It's the gains against the terrible to be trapped and terrified we trapped in Hollywood gets the trap games anymore considered a bad habit. Well they got a fixing a lot. Doesn't sailors on the league know. You could make it thirteen and a half million dollars next year mix thirteen this year no. That's crazy. Well I mean there's guys around. Who is someone could the other day that I can't believe someone is on somebody's bench. I forget who was like I was like this dude it's our Delhi's under the about. He still league yeah agenda is on the suns. Who have played yesterday to get traded. I think there ever Jared Dudley do and dared vote Dudley get pissed because. The because Steve Kerr was let me let me warriors coach against them. I think yet since you insist on Sunday is still son armory implanted in 320 Jared don't think there's no way that's true I don't believe he's a slap you in the face. It's who. He's 32 EC if you he seems like he's about 42 Jared Dudley is 320. That's more shocking and hold a surge of buck allegedly. He's less than thirty and Serge Ibaka is a 110 and is Mac B combo. Jared Dudley is only 32 years old idea about this Tony eight. IRA. That's funny. Luol Deng is also does not mean almost 25. World Bank has 32 but Tom Thibodeau made him 37. What little dying to sit there visibility. In a contract that he is getting a contribution probably port report all day is not the right scripted event he's rich as well bang. Why is not here though. The probably destruction though they had tried for that room for LeBron James and all that all that space does was laud follows the story less and Gasol is awesome. Sun came out he balled out yesterday the other day yet someone's look closer when local yet but tell me you're if you expect us on to have that repeat performance tonight. They are gore tot where Emma had to be clueless it's an end in early then. And I don't know what to make of that because he was opera's great grandmother's funeral right he was talking about like gone and so appreciative he let me go this shows it's more than were Stanley we're not just we're not just a franchise. And then. Hayden play. And I guess it was because Kelly a clinic. Justice Winslow and has some raw having awesome games he really did need him to play right also. It ridiculous the crap out of the Suggs and you know you bring in David to defend. A lot so I don't know to make that that was weird news 'cause he wasn't. With the team and they just like the way it rolled off of Saturday I don't know I don't know to make it may be arresting them Michael Jordan and Europe are being it's Sunday it sure you know players superstars and you don't need to you you do little pop of its day rests in the mob can Jordan. Kemp Jordan. But for justice just say just because. That is the comparison he fans always go to not. Is the wrong word but it's it's they're always get a point to the heat missing out on Devin Booker who wish Amanda's caddie fills it up. He's in this great position I'll just go get my point doesn't matter what the record as the team wants to be bad. So there's really no pressure on Devin Booker other than go to a seven point game won't boy in his career. I realize as Winslow. I will be good score setting him back to back games that be an accomplishment. With justice. He's had very consistent roles he's dealt with injury. Ends. I think justice. I think he fizzled EOK with that. If it justice just is it a lost if you look at his reviled because. Look there's a point this season. We just don't seem on the floor because of how bad he was around the rim and the kind of blunders he was having others just felt terrible you also have to combat in the midst of the team not playing well and so everybody is like. How good that the good injustices gone. When he comes back they're not good. Words about this on the show. What do we make of that of the team. Has a good record when he doesn't play. When he comes back they're terrible even though is plus minus was fantastic. It's a weird one. It felt like arrivals Oz Allen Watson has got Blake played basketball is looks like a disaster to me and we we we gave them the negative for the and we still exceeds other problem is the cool animal. So I feel it could turn into something positive crowd is not a cool as a cool animal and won't win either scavengers are sleep ugly but they got claws man's whole furor over the did you see more on. The Mauna but it terrifying crime he collects all the treasure just all the rocks hook his magical. Yeah and that one only had one claw his in the past Mal. Me crabs are giddy and they targeting both shall technical levels. And not the other night iguanas. With a pretty cool. What are you know the good ones are cool. Logical in the grounds when you do that. We'll dip in the cool powering their way cooler but I think at your crab is probably a top five C animal. Now it's no yeah first of all there's a whole list of like sharks. Sharks as a category have to be together same thing would whales or dolphins. So while ago sharks dolphins whales sea turtles crabs no octopus. No way. Advanced. Body. Shooting what does that the octopus it's. Eggs. Is it is it legs or arms. I don't know it's gonna dying brother looked at approximately its intent to also I have had to do they consider the legs or are actually they're just tentacles that tentacles arms or legs. And I need to know I mean I like in the in between you've got to figure out. If we're if we're judged it do often look in the cartoons that seems like their legs and seven as a board do you consider occupied. Eight legs or eight arms don't answer tentacles. I have the answer for OK well let's say barring a few exceptions. Octopus has had eight arms and no tentacles. While squid Karl on eight arms and two tentacles when you don't hold our intent. We're what are the tell what might blow on tentacles anglers are now that is absolutely your double and what's going on. Television are amazing to receive little fish now all men and admiral McConnell with the finish now this cult is amazing I'll pull one out. We should nickname somebody on the team the couple fish. And I am. Philly I don't regulate some dumb scavenger junkyard dog and it doesn't look like a cuddle fishy sauce and that's. All of these are really cool at publishers are awesome yeah there's no way that a crab is glued in this thing. May monitors off ransacked or that it. This knocks the crab off yeah. This knocks the crap about yeah whatever whatever this thing is that I mean do what do they what is apparently league in the depths. Of lake. 'cause I've never. Official coefficient of the old has like a chameleon tong and make it look as food I don't know man out to do the total for all the guys that the other terrify. They can be like any color consult the difference between an arm and a tentacles. I think the tentacles that anglers. And arms. In the bleachers. Select you know the square in the giant squid they got the true Mehmet Janice the real big one yet. I think those are the arms that it's got the rest of them. And a wispy I think those are the chemicals. Joseph should chemicals. Nudity. Or those legs. Phillips has a I am the smartest animals on her so. Is he saying they dethrone the crab. Bad as the couple fish. Which chalking it up last I know that doesn't look like Nico finish diapers to have tentacles. I know they are the anglers. Even that catcher capture prey. It is observed anglers. That was. Very big door on this count yesterday there's Luke Babbitt apparently has never hit five reporters in a game in his career as so arrogant Tony are just on the just just. Hope it'll box all hope that Luke Babbitt gets his due to report as he put it up I think eleven times yesterday just sucking it up. Who's gonna steal batted out there let it loose let it fly. Does when those star man he killed the guy. That wears at all. There was no need for that dog it was so disrespectful to do that where they were. And he didn't care he treated continuity and assert its readers he does he didn't care and you can't I mean it would that's protection on slap you just is Winslow is spending Hollis Tom and he read it. And he knows he's got bush here justice Winslow thing is a thing. And he wanted to destroy the suns with all his fury and he did. Any given the all. Trust instinct. That's with good news in the thing I hear. That's a move that's abuse thing now. That move yeah. X.s at the Plano is. Welcome that move before. On those gonna make you weird may have enough to make clear I don't understand that you can understand why you always got to make it weird. I mean that's like a live in that area. Really philly's own hand here though yes. This county commissioners are being babies next. Don't at least there will be on the safe again. Tomorrow we think we know that we hope. It's been canonized that's due at two dollars and place. Runs and l.s land yesterday and Stephen Ross follow you yeah you guys who went on an hourlong. Monologues. On the Steve crossing the star of the show lack doubt. And there's no way you would have gotten half of that in Hadley Redmond him. It does it's that is in the pocket. Michigan got together also Leroy Hood. Wouldn't like give me the space you needed to. Hello quickly after so I would I would have now back to that and that's not to know what that I would not I would think that would ports yet you think that would have worked. Okay and if if not only just implode as Mike if the quarter it there. To do that. You know. Since the city commissioner just said Sierra Barrett Jackson's PC I told you about it and get to yes today an idol arm. Look. I appreciate the effort to over slandered deadbeat seats in the Sherman editor by the way hindsight is what it's funny you bastards. You guys that store and end. Late leg like a bunch eighth graders running for class president and tell me. No homework. I say no more to be go to class president right is the equivalent to blue route through. Thanks thank you all appreciate the popular stance in our social Romo. I would vote for these guys. Does that. I'd go well and and then they're piling on old jitters were some Gloria I guess I would easily which I can't believe they dismantled the team out. Yeah and get out of here do you ever do you remember the chance of going to jail one of the commissioner's right. The when they had the original vote on the stadium. And she voted for right and then literally two months and I can't name Marlon I've never been to a game. South Florida everybody. Yeah but now she wouldn't have voted if she was still a commissioner and I think she actually literally went to jail. If she if she didn't and she was soldiers or she also would have about yesterday and said. I would never vote for Derek Jeter murderer. Which by the way he's not worse than Loria. A great track record right now now putting horse to Loria young not a crazy he also those heaven a yard she. He is. Even still the thing that Jeter has don't form is charming. Yeah. The Willies Florida's Indian gift baskets. I think they I think give baskets are courteous. I agree I think it's a nice thing to do it's a great gesture Loria was it's like use. No. The time. After the fire sale when Loria. Took a full page ad in the paper explained just how we should be fans correct yes. This is. Is so unbelievably blind from from rich student who again is explaining why he dodged spend a disposable income on crap. Stephen Ross coming out and saying that not a great sports town even delicate to winning seasons together as an owner on. To me was pinnacle Loria. Well I know you guys got me this stadium I know it said this was never gonna happen again but she loves to think about George Ryan Peterson who don't want. There's a letter to fans. From Jeffrey Loria and he's 2013. All. It is no secret that last season was not our best. Actually is one of our worst. In large part our performance on the field stone and something needed to be done as a result of some bold moves many grabbed hold of are tough yet necessary decision. Only to unleash a vicious cycle of negativity. As he ordered the ballclub the buck stops with me yeah I take my share of the blame words do the buck doesn't stop review. If you got Sampson out their ticket bullets for you every time there's a press conference however many of the things being said about us are simply not true except by quietly allow this to continue. Now it's time for me to respond to our most important constituents the fans. Beloved game of baseball. Then he goes on doubled the roster the ballpark our finances communication. And signs it sincerely Jeffrey Loria. Yet it always do that has surrounded and you guys are here it's been shown negative I really. Men don't lie probably because you went out your way and you signed all the wars closer of all time. Also criticized us for being terrible fans while he's out there. What the winning run. He did well. Joseph. Tell us why didn't want to the NBA finals all I know is or watch AA generational team over your fat. Ask walking in Ron. LA. A proud member of the. Who lethal for you is the first one yeah actually in that reversed but it's cool it's it's a beautiful signing bonus and did Olympics she knew when you as. Well so that lower. They both belong up there together and you guys want to pick the next nominee. All morning show it to take a minor dot com said to nominees and you would have to do nuggets got to Florida lumber or even if you're nominee is selected. Amongst ten nominees you can win a 500 dollar gift card notes that you ought to lumber no ticket employees eligible will be the toll call for him no and stop basket that Romberg but it's really annoying. Ever times ago Hulu would be the condoms. Small what what are you need to hook of a Florida lumber for you this. So of that it's just once since 2000 dollars he's like 2000 dollars and he's like. I'm an answer we really we don't have to wait a guy that just built to house in the keys as are just got a new boat. Just got a new brand new F 250. Jack dump. He's the guy that wants to win money in the enter the contests. That's rich here's what the letters should be from the owners when he does well it tells Hannity fans. Dear fans and they're fans of South Florida who have been painted with an unfair brush for decades. We're sorry we can't get our bleed together even though we have all the resources in the world. I hate Steven. Apologize. For making a full of this organization thinking you guys wanted Fergie orange carpet and Erin heads rather than just good old fashioned football. Also sorry I got swindled by our head coach last year into spending ten billion dollars on Jay Cutler. Also and sorry that I mean a fake committee let me Curtis Martin was gonna do anything to improve our workspace. You'll take over here Jeff does they do their Steven all right Jeffrey Loria apologized. To the Marlins fans for this game. That he's though is going to be a good baseball player I'm also sorry for trotting out. Mohammed Ali when he was shaking and add his wits and and putting him out there for all the world to see even though he clearly wasn't there or public feature. I also wanna say I'm sorry for the time that IE. Well Joseph Plotkin and Damon what I want to mud that also does to Jose Reyes. Said. Stuck here in Miami I'm not gonna trade up even though I traded him. Q did cowboys just keeps saying you know prevent it published because it's the fans bowl 00. Also fans fans are also sorry about that time I ran out of hot dogs on opening day in my dad what sorry. We'll talk that does he run back to use the roster yes and fans. Also also sorry that we turn are also logo and you guys keep saying how much you love to throw regulars. I'm sorry I made it look like a tadpole. I'm I'm so sorry to forget about the off the line coach who did blow and also Peter and I am so sorry. That I hate paid three million dollars for an offensive line coach to journal. In short camera. Any sync it to each to read. You guys are surrounding us with negative noted Steven Ross why should we be apologizing to the events where they surround is the negativity. Jeffrey we should continue this we should keep setting we should keep saying to them. Please please. He positive and stick with us through it and then pleased Jeffrey please our rights. I guess yeah arising. I. I used to this and not used to this whole accountability thing I suppose we can continue apologizing all right it's. I apologize for swindling the city for new ballpark and you don't even though it made me a billion dollars I apologize that I had the promise that I would put a competitive team out there even though that was total bull bleep and you guys felt bored I'm sorry. I can't believe that I'm blaming you fans for. This kind of behavior even though I do this all as a Ponzi schemes. My pockets back do you Steven. Yes yes and also I would like I would like to apologize. For all of the things that I have done is owner like saying that we're gonna take over the town when LeBron James left town even though we didn't. Mostly apologized. For trading our most popular player to the Philadelphia Eagles for a fourth round pick. And that I want to suitable it was on Jimmy Kimmel scouts bangers and mash. O.'s council serving him a little bit. And maybe a little bit of back tomorrow to ideas that we think.