3-7-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, March 7th

Leroy is back as Tobin has to serve his punishment for the dartboard of doom by getting inside some stocks for the entire show. Allen Iverson had quite a strange interview at the Sixers game yesterday. Programming advice for future events is offered. Beast wonders whether the Browns will finally get a quarterback with the #1 pick that will be successful, but Leroy thinks their system is a bigger problem. Tobin warns of the Browns history of whiffing on quarterbacks and says why they should draft one first overall. Another Episode of Robbie's draft room is featured, today's episode is focused on running backs.  Tobin claims he can speak troll and questions whether Kawhi Leonard really wants to finish his career in San Antonio. Los Angeles has officially got in on the Lebron 2018 sweepstakes, is Miami next? 


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. We need to be on TV. So lots of folks here's what I'm gonna do. I don't normally go Twitter. But there are exceptions to the Twitter. And Kobe is. It. During the show in stocks. And this season OK corral. Mormons. And use try to get Robby is attention. Only has like six inches lose and they'll run over one. And you're trying to whip to Robbie. Like what to meet federal real I was trying to normally Robin looks he's amid a look like I'm asking him to lay down a bunt. Let's try to do a non verbal cues and decide to believe that a candidate like cinema talked I'd run. I can't call. I can't do anything. You can't stop anything how it was the text machine gun owners and you're really got a lot of bones in the near future I know men volumes have been awesome that wanted the cash contest were not got that Friday the lord has surfaced text service to seven to anyone as you are asked de CE texts at the seven to anyone now you're registered. But the men gave money contests to go in this hour you can try again. Next hour. National cot does miss endeavors may apply dubbed sex drive is back and he. The most important question do you feel your legs. Little bit a lot it's gotten better in the last day I guess humorous. I'm Kim whom I risk the sentence. Them. Monica over the now. Are unleaded it's. It's a problem. The problem is the headlines. So it's WE XY AM South Miami and WS FX HD show Miramar. Hundreds of women from a discredited and he he is. Really spread to coordinate. What kind of germs are on that microphone in use rug on your face. No much it was really achieve that. Other than that and uses that microphone. Aside from you. Stinks you just rubbed it on your face. I need to get the pitch man. For them there though this seat that makes it weird like you always do need do is make things weird nearly discussing yesterday and you listen listen yes absolute star in her a great show. Never would have happened with you hear that thank god because his toga was just left to his own devices Selig ought to have like a Michigan clothes line coming at me grindstone a mile. No I was going to immoral and pretty I was got a tingle running hard I didn't stop them like I just that was at all or come within your amateur rent again. I mean average enamored with tell me the I'll look at your headlines the heat lost in overtime last night despite the fact that Dwyane Wade had. Eight. It's why try to put so much our economy now and I hit it straight in the grass and what would the rebound was analytic. In a little and it polemics don't give us the wizards got me to go play forcibly taken its tollway to take a belt or shot Ida and ozone limit they'll like the way he makes things work mechanically on the floor. Seven foot let's get a couple buckets. And most of Whiteside yesterday that he saw. Easily on the floor he didn't play and he had a good third quarter you cannot really terrible had a good third quarter and then and then band played four minutes that's the one that's weird to me because bam was out for his great grandmother's funeral. In the the last two cents molest again for the three minutes so you avoid just this. Co authors is doing right. It's not coddle facing necessary for the crab I told you I'm not going to by Jeffs fine every time we scores over that we all just gotta agree that a filly grad school animal. It's not cool animal and that why he's call then yeah. Glee at that given cool this is written now it's. Now school has the disease roll right now. Then I had to submit a little how much blood flow goes to the risk is that he gives it a restaurant or breaks Heatley walked around. Took two years. Guess at a regular computer break you don't have to do it to hold schober you have that you're during next that. Oh knows this is again have a giant knows guns or of windows where these guys that left side of me and goes in the Mike please don't. Please for the love of god he's blowing who's no I don't know do you look like Popeye. So the heat back in action tomorrow against a Philadelphia. Notably all these games are big Alia at all these and other days but there half a game not a seventh and June he's got a six is. Just see Allen Iverson Maceda no. It's getting interviewed by Philip that I am disease Philadelphia yet in the crowd and she's Erica so what do you think about the six's news. My little dude it's a little mother who dudes. Khalili late. He's also opened I don't know what it is but this Leo bothered a Iowa she was trying to Jones on a basketball game question. You or. Doing that in your interview when you go over and he doesn't change you see. You know. Go to a game to give you good get into Vietnam and that's your that's your I don't know the producer and so you have yes you better judgment I'm just going to go now. Now we don't care what can do you know that's what you need to labor is listen let's wave 02 in office the C mode right. Bomb or you wanna make a good viral moment and the his life you say bully but the bones or animal comedy is done and snapping off an adult would and wouldn't talk to would you like to go well I. I think got to go and she wouldn't Kazaa I would dispute like hey whatever makes it a spectacle and you do understand this and the bigger problem that I have with the media in Ireland Iverson Iowa Allen Iverson were locked out of the interview never talk to me I mean do on the road in Charlotte and expert Alan Iverson to be in Charlotte is here. Yeah you do little light Alan how are you doing it really doesn't seem regulate no. I did. Reduce poverty in this is the problem I have with the media because guess what. Even if you have that conversation how many people gonna say no I'm not doing. You know I agree to a real quick the Panthers. One last night the skated well against tabulating down my two came back touted for. You still. And yet beauty tied up and he. And Patrick. We know your know your cats man and know your cap know your cats. And income were huge pan of the fans huge cache county. I'm a real look at. You're eager to go hold it you could just use you know. Home so the president do get a point because they had that weird thing in hockey we get a point differ going to overtime it's like a consolation metal. But they're two points out of the second wild card spot they are also back in action tomorrow I believe that game is on 880 because McCain's. North Carolina no canes and maybe North Carolina kids whoever they put in the quarterfinals of the ACC championship. ACC. Commerce tournament will be on ours is nice station and with the Jose to 8880 is not a does globes. It is the biz in the bands kids and her remove other games also tonight though we have Miami a fight you hear on the ticket. 645 pre game can't ride will be on the really play and a throwback. Well overall were were all over the place which you get to. Everyone except it's gonna be all over the place where ever that offer oil now hypothetically what if there is a heat playoff team on the same day as a metaphor Dan then ever wanna be on Q and if there's a pet to play a game ever will be on the ticket if there's both playoff games we won't have a draft show that title to the front and we both could be key collapse at present yet can't hit. If I may sell also I'm not trying to tell everybody ready stage rather. To care only have. Eight draft show on the second. Well when their spot I Dodi you don't need you don't want it seized it back sponsored yes used to pay we doing now is deeds. Darren apart around but don't back in there well you conflicts. That issue Pettitte had little and aged into web show at a web show you've got to do. You can't go to you on this in the bottle Asians and you to write. Along the other the nation who didn't show on. Didn't need is well written about food desert makes another demand another rumor ever met. I can't the this to me this negro race like you know Tom Brady has the FaceBook series would out of forget that aren't done yet LeRoy divorce land. Would be a great FaceBook series Regis. We just get FaceBook loan amount of LeRoy going into the make demands. And problem. Not yet where it's gotten an amendment apology to all you're doing it. The only demand you may as turn around. Paxton and her. No really I think you can make it I know why Packard's slate. Because he's too top heavy and too much strain known as you really don't like you I think you're putting too much pressure area that Monroe and a chair turning it around that's a good idea. I've done I got the feeling a really don't understood as the rest of the headlines so I'm Memphis you receive that has me fired Tubby Smith to bring in Penny Hardaway exits and that you get idea. And assuming an idea of amazement as a good. Final finally this falsetto bit off. Oh by the area that the whole debacle yesterday where and Stephen Ross said that he didn't. Zain anybody at them and then we have the audio quality engine in the south and the brave men. And then finally why Leonard says let's have religious group San Antonio told a lie. He'll go to remembrance of the alleged goal if you want a signature issue room. And then what you don't hear. We know that this issue companies are kind of working yes like like college I do agree I college well. Let's be honest though where where where more people and by echo Y issue San Antonio or. A major mark wait a minute I mean it's not about look I imagine it's about rebrand do you weigh gazelle leanings. Weekend began. That was the last time you walk into a foot locker and Susan Li Ming number I added you can see if I tried it gives up a Barbie I try to get up for my son this don't arrive link in nearly 300 weeks. Well maybe by tomorrow but. Maybe. He refused to do remember him. I'll go to converse that he cares Soledad his numbers are all down seven get a pay does it bonds only loss of to the arena. Why why why does he do in the PGA announcing it's out there and that was here in Dallas weird also so cool commercial might want to doesn't set the bar him enough Barkley still in a liquor rift over the Fave five situation. Yet they hate partly. Yeah Barkley Barkley overstepped his bounds in price or I didn't have eaten. And in the rest back after this. Hi welcome back so they have is they were. It I didn't think it. You should only be playing to the Susan ultimately music from like. Let's it's for the well yeah. Wow whereas I aura when things open ended the bad the ugly blow. Man. You are standing O he. Room for a million. Maybe we yards she base teased it. This tie and sometimes there's more impressive. Then the actual. Salt. But. It's instead. Well. And he always thinks industry well just tell us all the over. There yet summit cut nonverbal cues rather look at me like I was crazy speed at which. Second this around his rafter was coming up today oh yeah very exciting what you wanna get in running accident running backs that peregrine. I'll men away what. Barked cute sit on. Did you understand. How the time off 41 inch vertical as big time. Put it this way what does that mean for me as far as running back those. 00 vertical or. Is considered explosion. So you've got has that type of vertical is also very effects. Us man the numbers of praise that it put up and you know other crazy because when he they start commando Julio Jones. And then Devin Hester they were upset easy to return it is you meet it before four. Yes yes so let's not get the quarterback running back combination candidate and one the other one but then a case of an anti cornerback have four. What is your hears this they take Allen at full let me ask you questions and then in Abbas I'm acutely remember yes you know yes. Barkley is gonna be taken before for yes technically. Quarterbacks. Need. One of top three I don't know what does that stand out that much more the other let. Well here's the question now is on the surface I agree with you but. Whether they are right or wrong I'm guessing that they have the guys they think is the guy out of the quarterback's right. Like they've worked them all out they met when all of them right they they went and order and they would have a notable what I'm saying is this if you haven't. If you had a choice. Of getting. DT movie at a position rang Basilan vs. Hoping. You gay Brett and you can bet that one read today which is odd for writing his accuser reported Johnson. His they were Cleveland you're probably they're probably worried about what. Well they pass a lot of guys over the past couple years now that have seemed to pan out pretty good no no no. And I do that kid dude I I understand they can't do that. But I think it's only natural on say you can't do it like Emma. Because it. Any of those two quarterbacks. In one game of golf. Or wins would waiting Cleveland Watson. Would have played in Cleveland saw there was so you just don't know that yet. Don't know that you don't. Rate. In 08 and a quarterback didn't really. Good until they got assist okay Jared golf look pretty pretty awful and to Jeff Fisher to get the right coach with him. And naked X what I'm saying here that ultimately getting bids are looking at the codes is they haven't changed coaches. I'm asking you bits. You're basically saying that's what's been used thing if you would have been any of those two quarterbacks. The Cleveland Browns would have been better and I say no. Because those guys were not danger dangers they played it based system that they benefited from an. They want zero. Team in. I didn't know zero but do you want to look at what guys did what other coaches you know what that means. They never won last year. It would be impossible to be worse to Shawn Watson to go out there throwing lefty. And I bet you they win a game here yet in the first we're gonna take you. I'm not even you know and I don't. That entrapment that isn't true it probably not acknowledge you missed the reports that didn't. And on CC don't think that there is a situation now where Cleveland. May. Be in this right now where they think they have to have to take these guys that won because they don't want to watch another quarterback. Whatever I don't know a lot of actually great event ran for another wedge I'd ever be about what would it could also be that if they passed amid Barkley want and he gets taken before for the same the same thing about and on the hall of fame brought in. You guys are and understand in my logic well I'm not saying pass up on quarterback yeah. If you have three quarterbacks and only one running no I'm saying of those three quarterback right tell me who's going to be the most success. I don't know but they certainly something you. You did do you a bit different. The Internet. This guy. What else are you dish do you think you can say get off it got to pack rat bastards. If you won a sprint isn't safe to say. You can't guarantee which one's gonna be more success as correct puzzle out what every you end wit you'll end up 103 got. I just so why not say bluntly a guarantee yourself. The number one got any provision right. Now what does that but it senses on one before but here's the family I wanna blood on his thing yeah if you whiff. If you were if and the court records they get four doesn't turn out to be as good numbers two and three that that's not before him. It's gonna be yet again music that sounds with a great food the curse over their head when you. You're assuming. That who would take. At number one. I ordered back. It's what everybody would take this you don't know what else can read and this is all of this text totally sums up the shell. LeRoy is back which we've now Tobin can't shine and be great eastern to stupid to know enough about draft Iraq. Tiger and all that. LeRoy Miro as mission on clinic he's going to be TV star of the now series hero is gonna leave us little people behind yeah. Aziz easily he's the gulf it short and there I didn't realize he was. That that great on television like I know is no hero is very talented but I solidly. Man it's too good. You'd be easily a bomb that killed us. Notice it's it's like when when I sighed joy on television. I was like she's nuts and if she's got it's like you know so joins Tobin said Denny Lahey and the only way once again you've made it weird I think we don't know me. I don't know if I'd what I saw this young lady had all of his peacemaking a weird she's a slave. You deal lateral wooden. Tongue disgusted. Just discussed with. Shame on you. Just imminent and right I'm sure got hammered. He got it to you as remiss in my logic. Coming. It's three similar guy who's the best the best of three quarterbacks and we know what you're saying pretty similar guys for right now. But. Hope it is one of those three is gonna turn out to be. Actually really good as if there's a chance to moan don't look just because they all seem similar right now was not great conviction on who's the best overall. Oh okay laid off I take it one who's better ones. But that's you bet you may. We porn they'll issue here's why god does not take one and whistle went to right OK they hadn't as. Once when one is admirable. OK he was at number two I'll sing. Three guys right. They separated themselves. So it doesn't usually get one of the three you can take sick while Barkley errors I understand it didn't take one do you. One story. Ideas and carbon program wrong now the rams and Eagles had Texas coast to get correct. Is that as quarterback heavy weight that's. Why you can get one of the three if what. It takes stinks and the other ones are. Good. And you're to take every hour. He didn't. You logic. Some do and I'm still so let's say I'm about sync your quarterbacks can't go past one amounts and that. I am saying that's a bad read it. I just think this franchise for this franchise right if you do have this crop of quarterbacks that are on the all supposedly good just make sure one. At the debt. You don't. Do you want you don't know. Well I mean I'm. Well it depends note. If you pay if you if you if you could also fortunate in public roads and if you look at south historically they've endured could adjust the bottom right now it. It would take down because teach it she shouldn't be a bust he was. If you gonna justified doing what you say and take one Eagles quarterback sparse right which one's the best Robby what right. Now is one through four like ask well in the most recent mock drafts are seen both from exchange from other place a seed. Everybody has. Sam Arnold going number one the Cleveland and it Barkley attitude of the giants and then a Bradley Chubb. At three to the colts I don't know the bronze for what Taylor to make a Fitzpatrick. Am send all the ones seems like a bust. Poodle seemed to go bust is the brown on this is down point that's why well it seems they give they took us a pawn at one that would be bust and they can take Donald. Let us honest pointless if you do about your bank and I'm getting what you think is a good is it is a solid. Great player for the next two picks up the thing you got to rescue is okay if the other the next two Pixar cornerbacks to that you're good at that you're actually trades up. He won three quarterbacks you just because there's guaranteed to get one. There's more regret. Max price for quarterbacks are the guys just because McShane our top or or or wait until I had a what's the other big bore the Mark Jackson is you're asking him to put a letter to amassed no I'm telling you right now and it hasn't led to. Did you grow Simpson right Doug moron. They listened to our deck who's the best quarterback Tim played out. I came I don't know more difficult system that I don't disagree Doug moron do the right thing. There and what's that what's certain at this bumbling portals opted team and you draft a margin. And worst deals it's a bum deal it's a fake deal that's why the state news deal not a fake his deal to sell big. Big news pictures yet okay so if these dummies and author a dumb enough to let Lamar Jackson go. Dan what is I was 28 yet but it's in my travel the saints were taken and 27 hits. How about this. Your Cleveland. Right. Yeah you just wanna get a quarterback and running back in the first or. You see how to address shape and ready wrote about trade. If sick while Barkley is still going to be available. You know you're gonna be able to get one of those three of pull back. You can trade down get more picks or at least one of Cleveland also as one of four in the second Austin American lucky and did more Jackson a second round pick. It. Yes vote again did you. The important of the restaurant in there and and I'm not saying that you're. It gets all the prospects are all prospects but it one of the prospects. Turns out to be the star and you had number one and you didn't take them. You're again to be looked upon as a foolish franchise that won zero games this hate. Every year and a drop that happens. And cooler. No embargo disaster the opponent Saturday and at that time with Devin Booker public big time yup had to run. He's as the Joker he's Phoenix Dion Waiters. Poem saying uses. Its prosperity. You can't tell me definitively. One of those quarterbacks is going to be the best world. But you can tell me they're all braided hot. So as long as you able to get one of them and your funny it doesn't necessarily mean that the first pick is gonna be the best broke or to second big is gonna beat a best broke. You don't know yet I'm Britney if you want to be isn't it agent. He'd either be hit and Debian Ryan before he can beat Peyton Manning but the other team the team that if in a situation where if you're in the draft where. You took out Smith and the or Aaron Rodgers had he not kick yourself over that even if it was with the draft and not to be win win you always sixteen. The most important being that kind that you need to come out and following draft this. Is you need to get as many players as you can. At Laguna or anticipate. Or and Sunday at some Parcells announced how ever you do. It's. You tires will we don't even know if sick on Barton is going to be in Rabin's top four. So we're gonna find out he's got a draft from coming on next. All that stuff. Is that it is that. He was literally gets there and he is he's coming around he was in the box office did you see do anyway it was Marty stone and I guess that's a very cool. Very cool very capacity. That's going to be awesome he just an awesome crowd goes around and get back right and user this morning. On the back to back yep that's the laws about when to do that's often. Fire Robby you read this thing man all man. It regards Doug quarterbacks because you missed it go back to last week's podcast to go out there Robby talk. It's what are yacht but today. Roddy. One early breaking down all right today's running backs does not remember its tomb of the best prospects and the two biggest loss while we see Starwood the best and if I didn't have this come aboard. I would never be allowed to draft rooms ever again cinquanta oracle. Now this guy's a freak of nature. We we talked about is forty when it's sort of while vertical four for the forty and get this he's 233. Pounds he's heavier than most of these running backs. That are available to be drafted and he's putting a floor for a job at 44 inches 41 inches pretty wild Spiezio physical specimen but yet he has looked as a Cali of lady on balancing the speed of Ezekiel Ali who. Enemy was three down backing up or by taking about third downs and catch number one pick in the draft aidid could stick on the slam dunk for you look at our it what's next Roddy nick smoke running back from Georgia yeah. Here's the idea that nasty injury Exxon was shelved in the ten years and they've all they've all been put up posters in the system over there. It at this guy 227 pounds. You have a four fight at 38 inch vertical jump not as good as markets to overdo it and here's the here's a reason why is number two abort. You don't have to use a first trumpet can be get in the second. Maybe the third round to be a feature back now you may be concerned about the mileage he had at Georgia got a lot of carries and had a nasty injury but. You remember Derrick Henry give it forty carries a game Alabama. Was concerned about him in the NFL and he's he's ripping with a tentative time we have this is 63 to 45. When his moves right. Isms. And I guys are for the boss Ahmed for the boss man led Thomas Darius dice. Now really now who don't like this right data that's that's what he's. I. He's too pricey for me him in the first round I don't think he's a good value only a 31 inch vertical jump. He only had fifteen reps of the bench press at least ordered 24 pounds. He's not I think he's better than the outing he's very than Chubb are these very that some of these other when he doesn't get later in the draft but there were shot penny from San Diego State. For first robbery pick that Darius guys I don't think it's wise identical weight second third round give running backs who are just good history Skype who do you think. Dolan to 2515. Times does not. Our meat say I mean sit on Barkley had what 29 rips okay at 233. Definitely I had an idea none because I didn't do that how how many what you have had these things. Not a little not born I don't know I would never put little. Like 45 years ago. Somebody bet me fifty books that I could live. Was it 3315. Is 2340 fives and it's a great degree of that's who joins no it's 220 fun as a mature with no let's not AD 315 this I know. He badly occur in the three shooting again so. I just put on Iraq and do like five times were quick but don't let no I don't I have no idea I had never. In my life. Went to 25 more direct result many times I could do a good heard good thought that in Herschel and really he's pretty dense for not ever lived in ways it's the only incidence yeah. You're dead you measure it. Let me for comparison more all skinny more on the AT reps Darius guys 224 only to fifteen reps I guess that it's got fifty year old Herschel Walker in the cage play yes. Praise. Like it does would you use and it richter reading below means that he's going in the first after running back to go in the first round I think he's going to be say Kwon Barkley kinda great. And I think Terry's guys doesn't separate himself to the rest of the running back class. Deals that second or third round which air on which it is so you say dolphins that that eleven bad horrible pick that was that was a rover of that one of the guys there incident out of his most gonna not be a flop I don't know it was the second bust. Ronald Jones from USC he's he's a third best. Running back court to all the the draft gurus restaurant next the ever behind Barkley and there is guys now 511200 pounds. He went 84650. No oh road new tees and he's only 511205 Barclays at 233 new metaphor for. Well then goes doing daddy ice a wag. It's three yards in the country is if you've got its order it's you have about one yard crowded office. And he he's he's getting ridiculously high draft preview Michael hype for strongly for struck early second pass yes. Super pass. You're in a more wall EU would rather sharpening niche of Sony Michelle although we've learned a volatile is it rated way to where is well and my. Almost a Walton on this list because he ran a 46 he's coming up an injury moved down to the reporter the zone him. And he's like a big physical back that can afford to run for six pack my approach is gonna use form a variety of wasn't injured and look what we've been doing is frankly political figure or stay home in a better live in agrees of that field on there. Pursue punitive yup and again to the Miami labs. His work out custody since when does work now let's go. To get these cancers greater role. Did deep rail because we'd be real LeRoy just say you need to get as many players as possible. I'm going to participate on Sunday that. No dia. Need to. LeRoy saying in that position you know. Light. What more do you more art that's on there understand the other way by the way and so on a roll through sometimes I speak troll via II. To me corresponded. Britain's oh goodness SP troll. I got a I got I got hit with I got here with reconnaissance cool islands Johnson did it knew that be better job cowboy. I'll really well I'll iron well. I guess probably spurs and he's going to be suicide when he leaves son who is solid comes in from seven H seven which I believe was a Puerto Rico Hillary Clinton at all of has ever been a more over told live athletes and love to finish my the rest of my career here. What athlete doesn't pander to the median say that every week. Say that oh you didn't know and you. We're going to cheer like where my Albert. Yeah pars and no doubt you know he's not gonna like hey I'd love to be in Miami does not a year look it's the right it's either catch. I read it. All children thousand dysfunctional mess beyond just function urban to a roomful children use him to stay forever. Children not really lied to children. I don't care. What I want to look at the applause right now. Sellers. On Ambien Rhett just like his idol LeBron step in my in the back. I also that it's almost. I got a note I get a PSA that I wanna put out there all right okay. I think you series Richard adds a double residues present it must take it doesn't exist anywhere at noon and then. You see this alleged that now they're putting up billboards for LeBron law Ron Al LeBron. Like the other Philadelphia they've put up billboards and recently yup. You're out now at any new down here's pathetic enough to put the billboard try to recruit LeBron to come back a mega net. I'm guess latter. I'll take in eight heart full of bags. And you get poultry and I just wanted to know that I just wasn't it's a pathetic move. You seem desperate. We don't need it in fact the only billboards that this city's Arab put up for LeBron all of that talk about an actor and said you're welcome what is the right sentiment to put out there. If anybody tries your crew LeBron. Wins a billboard. Get them into outbreak in these guys. And where I get those were I mean awards. First I'll I'll go just for hijinks and shenanigans plus Mike and attention might get on TV or something. LeRoy. He's got no he won't go there he would not go to to get us on the blog who's going to be like former Cleveland Browns running back eggs LeBron in Melbourne march 27 when that game is if you want to emulate his easiest thing Cleveland. Which is by coach you want so why don't. There so we'll look don't you want the bluntly we know you want to live here. Goes oh yes you do remarkable athlete and asked him. I really don't have an idea march 27 if you pathetic enough to put a LeBron come back to Miami billboard its debt that I just want the notification out there in fact. The station event. Big runs Miami billboard and wait and who do we know I just want everybody know that I just got a proven management we have been sponsored now. By a farm. And LeBron Miami billboards all to. If you do it's get nag and you wasting your money every England's best is now sponsoring the that's right Amber's only. He'll probably what you did it probably. You put us in the Linus. Eight question. Whenever if in the wind the wind when your brain send that down the amount we did any part of it there was approval from the mouth from the brain. And I reprimand he's not filtering and now yeah. We had some 1000 must go to bed about eleven minutes buzzer headlines next.