3-7-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 2

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Wednesday, March 7th

The guys talk about needing permission from their wives to do stupid things. Tobin hears rumors of a Lebron to Miami billboard and tries to convince Leroy and Beast to egg it with him. The guys then go over what they think would happen if this egg-ing was to take place. Leroy explains to Beast why he's always interuppted during headlines. Richard Sherman seems to be on his way out of Seattle. The guys also discuss the aftermath of Stephen Ross' anthemn protest and Miami as a sports town comments. Everyone is questioning how Dwyane Wade miss the layup in overtime last night. Tobin calls Beast out for criticizing Wade unfairly. Robbie still has an issue with Winslow attempting the monter slam at the end of the Suns game. The guys also air their frustrations about the officiating in the Heat Wizards game. Leroy airs frustrations about his Uverse. 


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Is the back that do and that's not. Good enough to let Doug what do you office. You lose and we could have like a mug of just Tobin plays his best. Both sonics demo I guess and you do you're gonna be dostum had anything that went. Not a good money I usually don't suit but yeah my wife has said to me. Any time you guys. Do some stupid. You need to get a release form side by U white. It's only tell me and my marriage is more vast her forgiveness before permission kind of thing. Like when you chase it with that visit that's right. I don't like that it can bask in Margarita mix. And she infield out and actually. Issues like good you'll feel horrible. T.s well. I showed my wife me Bob. And what make him listen to a head. That I wanna do shows it's company valued double the picture and also what I have in my office. I want to do that or he goes out to get the big Bob is a candidacy if you look to set the picture I read documents. I get it done I stood the mic Bob to be a mural and when would. There are. We know the trouble of wine and he's on the team and that him or would definitely. Definitely under rated. The lower end like. The dedication output. Played the care of all these shenanigans and a situation that got myself into in the radio industry in the last 25 years. I never thought the one thing that might and my job. Just as the bottom. We've gotten rid. Believe it exactly right you never know you never know suits man. Roots via looking into somebody's claiming there is a LeBron my head back to Miami billboard on a street buddhism that we need photo proof I need I need I need is a photo proof. Added that is. We're going idea and that is why even now. Boy this. We're gonna get. Talking to noted he's gonna go he's defeated defensible and the Phillies offense at least a mock is getting arrested he's gonna he's gonna give up hope we are ignorant because it would be Disney's theme property I want it I want to. We know what our kids will get out here me out. What if yeah with the cop every time we do jets and Gary Cohn is what ifs and the cop comes to arrest us these pins on these punks. That there that'd be facing a billboard notes LeBron billboard the drugs like our will violation of vandalism going down on eight and thirty senate. Two and has throwing a bunch eggs at a billboard all right it's on the and then and then he gets nothing goes they. Can explain what you're doing. And I just say. He that he. Used to get as you get a cup guys today and Canada and as the on the Pope. Eaten. And the guy says. You you are popular. They say that's right CC. You as the comment we speak in Spanish because it's a street there bucket and so okay. What's gonna happen is what's gonna happen is he's gonna ask for some eggs. And he's gonna join in on the throwing out and explained to him. Listen as all of the church of petty and he probably listens to us all the time I get a lot of the councils to assault and I don't Ronald I would love the cops. And so. I just love the police to know well this is for the betterment of our city. And so if you see me don't eggs and alleged LeBron billboard. In the past. All the different. I don't have passed a different story on how to estimate that okay great. So you plug going to be throw in a social got to have 3 in the morning. You guys every throw an egg yup I'm gonna be down below watching and laughing mocking you. Accustomed to content. They're gonna hiccup now. You're gonna yellow team ready collided and and they did take these. Yeah yeah it. Okay and I think. He broke my leg but he did it. And did you DV camera yeah. Get it done and needs and to be so much imagine about a to try to take it we got arrested kiss. It's not an astronaut Tony it's about them. Obama is also it's a surprise element to it. Tough loss at what point did you got me right charges in a bit people propositioned me bush visited upon the lord can and that being. Here's Judith problem for the zydeco Rico where the sour binder man gave money what is spider. BI and DE RX at the seven to anyone you register its national contest. Message and data rates may apply next word comes in the sports flash before the 3 o'clock hour. Arm isn't the problem yeah I imagine in this case I'm not really gonna do do jail time. To face a judge. When a judge asked me if I'm sorry. You can't like hard it's hot under oath you can't lie under oath he can't like to be hard for me. On buster remorse eat a lot of perjure yourself. And actually do more easily show tears. He's got. It owns them. And really like your honor. She's going to be. A yeah. You can tell by the river appear. Like he's got to gel and we held in contempt to court when there when the judge asked me. Why I did this animus that will hold has not won fourteen yeah. In the Utah. Let's get the headlines. These kids WT XY AM South Miami. And WS FAS Ph.D. true Miramar. Q what are the top to the text. Those who. Act then we can make some assumptions being in jail yeah it is. Whenever tasting that Jim and some guy prone areas United's at some some broad popular being British say but I'm not going dude because I don't wanna go to net. I'm an assumed that we pass. No LeRoy would be to when they get to risk RD gotta go fund started from a Belmont and so the heat tonight. That could actually tomorrow Philadelphia we'll have a here in the ticket to big one to the heat or half a game out of the seventh spot there in the spot right now there are only two games out of the six spot that's where Philly is. And so it was began. We'll see this is such a good game man really really a heartbreaker and you're a bastard by the way. Amber or me permission exposure. Do we do to it could finish Ellis then dwellings you professional headlines we would never interrupt if we go. Let's me. It played by all you get hot at this stage is now. Baseball game tonight. The professional deadlines will be professional. You get I have analyzed guess we joke and it like double Dutch 58 minutes ago. Seahawks. German Elaine tweeted out that text message got my heart hurting dam 25 was my dog. And equity fund Seattle's Richard term yeah. Richard Sherman was asked about this moments ago and says I'm good I'm not sure what that's about haven't been told anything but there's speculation. They got traded or cut something like that then that's that's been that's been kicked around Sharon for a little bit now yes we did it's her Achilles or knee Q and millions of these. Movers and four already wasn't lightning fast US light professional quarter if you know what I mean. So if you take away any of his athletic ability. And easily be Turkey was even as a kind of hard to cut a guy would have torn Achilles though that hasn't cleared. This physical love that commercial Albert bit. Are you running good and commercial appeal Stephen is that in his stomach with a little voice in the stomach it again now would you put in. This woman wearing a QB playing like. Basketball and you. So much room it's not a lot of room after the surgery. Less room. In the actual stomach like in my abdomen louder because there's. No you didn't do they have enough among members of my of the enough numbers in my flock outside the courtroom that the formula to movie out. What do you think this is lean on mile in all all the kids like they're arresting principal Joseph and all the kids show up. And then they'd have to let him go because you know they they made a stand up do they Rhode tournament of months now. Yeah. That's serious. You tell me either if I think that LeBron want to Miami undergo some day and you know you know who would probably community. Yeah. And Nazis. He's a hinge. Do you only now is the head Mary Kate do you think where where where in jail and on to sit there you know get in the new prison time beast described in the field position. Anderson. It is what is your angels open. Why you get a surge your boy it is. And exit. You don't like it did heartland that we'll get a hard I wit you know you know art Will Ferrell and Marlboro yet. Not to issue a decision to send buoys you made bail relate really uprising and I Gosselin from the station probably bailed us out our lives. Then we just see we just see the silver fox walking down the hallway. Is the central Armani just this week he would say a word. Even care we just saw him go off in the distance. And keep that. Well I wrote me in with you want to live to be in jail you have attention you so so idea of about rob is coming with old. Would you ever use anyways disease by Ian by the way somebody just ask Rupp great. If you can move Sherman's to safety. It depends what kind of deep defense you played Sharma is probably could only played like a deep third safety. So if you play a lot of coverage to go out to Niger Sherman we were a little over thirty. So is he's on the downward spiral necessarily. Assuredly a lot of mourners after they get 78 years in front of an injury in grant him back right Indy never worried that fast. To start off with using you can move them around and then they can still be productive. A lot of fodder on the putter machine gun shoot me go to the patriot you'll be thirtieth the end of the month right on that was though so I mean you've got you've got another five years. Got another five years so yeah. As somebody say yesterday. You're explaining the difference we guarantee money of fully guarantee yeah I had no like there is no fooling your teapot no there there is no does that add. I or at the glory series. Why this got brought up is because there was a rumor kicked around yesterday. That Kirk cousins in the sun three year 91 million dollar contract I'll guarantee it. Miller got an Olympic context and they're not fully guaranteed win okay. Until. They look if he does. It will be the first one ever. Except for a franchise. A person that signs that franchise deal or reduce reduce to disarm when you're doing your deal right. Three years for a guarantee you has never happened. There isn't hopefully guarantee contracts and NF. Do that are vikings. Old I'm certain. This stat every year the top nineteen draft picks get a fully guaranteed four year contract. So the first employers are fully into it. OK. So as though in the sense that yes all know that's only the draft guys committed to the week. That's it what Google just exposure is go look at what the nineteenth guy gets hits off. Him we don't contract. Wow before here I feel acts are being you know a duet between and you need a contract you know those guys that's two years we'll try to get out a contract to. Likes I think your wrong. Boom I don't have any proof I don't know really anything about it I just think you're there has never been. A free agent assigned to a fully guaranteed contract that. Is longer a bit in one year. Julia Hollywood's take on Stephen Ross and also the minor sports town situation. Depends if you depends which side wants to take the right side. The Ross and I think in the the Adam Beasley. Dave Hyde Park or eating in our side. For what I don't know with happened Steve Ross and put his foot in his mouth will be okay. Well there was the anthem stuff which he had to walk back even though the or sound of it. Which if he was having to deal quite honestly though I was surprised I I was I was surprised well what a controversy hit it well because he's listening got a context and then we hear the actual sound and he only he said it wasn't even if even if you hear it. I mean did they make a big deal but they. Because sometimes taken some out of context. Is. In the environment that you hear you dig concurrent interpreted differently Ruddy of sound and it was here. Get and do something. He's gonna pass here now. Yeah. We're here. Players can. Okay yeah. You. It's always important players. What you were doing to. Yeah. The message. No cure its best. This change suddenly. We supported. Obviously if there initially yeah. Wasn't kidding something else it's in this. The 1990. Didn't hear layer. You do voice here. I have. Well you need an indirect. You know you wouldn't know. And you know lizards can it get the I get relief from past. Oh no no way to meet Matt and he said and all of our players will be standing. Okay Brit he didn't say he was make him and stand maybe he talked to his team about look the message change guys and even want to know. You tell me he didn't say where he was Lincoln. But it Vanilla of the city it pretty clear the other person Maceda the message change. And he. Didn't want the message to be what it does sold that's why he was against them taken me right now what about him cinema I mean tiger exports them. Okay why do you say it. Use us and I know he's and there's Robin. Here's just about us here's asked him if he is how Smith isn't the New York paper as in the news us if he had reached out to Derek Jeter and given Jeter any advice. He says Irish Dutch Jeter who says Miami is a great city not a great sports town. What they want why you should. Juice does he always says the raw. Radio I'm usually tried to as many as is as you can do we know it's more pro sports OK London and in. From owner's perspective. May have eaten the UT talk to a guy that off. He thought it wasn't worth it yeah he would do what Jeffrey Lurie did. Okay and sucked the life I edited down by only making it about money. Wichita and other guys at what a Longman all money. Intuit tries he did but so here's here's the thing now government sure one is William more than Jeffrey Loria went their way to get. You will hear when you got the lawyers it's Gloria Gloria. On the Marlins 'cause that's all he's got. Stephen Ross is a gazillion there who's got so many things everywhere. You want to on the dolphins. Okay. You are rich people. It is people's money to get what they want which. What you try to do for the stadium first of all we know yeah Saddam himself how many it owns what you did that. Now and yeah did you see enough of the so that's the argument is not whether or not he's a good owner okay. My problem with him saying things like that from his standpoint is he came to this town. And his idea of Miami. Was I'm gonna come here and I'm gonna do orange carpets. How many celebrity owners animate you all the glitz and glam ante in remixed the dolphins song wanna have Jimmy Buffett here. And it does sit around you like hey. Steve Ross meets the football. And so my my my. Problem with that all the way what he says. On the face that you may say it's not that inaccurate. Stephen Ross would have put the national narrative which is out there anyway of Miami. That he would have a more well rounded perspective on what the city is like. And what his experience personally with his own team because I think he has that feeling. Because since he's been here it's been very inconsistent and not not all because of him. Under his ownership that had. Tour seasons the critical to a season around without something wacky happened and like pull the gate or coach do and low. Or just just complete or he's flying across the country go get a new coach well he has a coach. So. Excused the fans if they haven't embraced. You and the air that you own the dolphins quite. Like you thought they would hit it is only reason why you should ever. Either support. An owner. Or not support and being in the if you choose to do would dissuade. Him for. Okay. You one more to do his most owners don't know anything about four. So where ever they do when they take over a team is probably gonna be wrong because they're trying to do it from their business perspective. Now as that we should understand. Eight has been a couple balls whole life you've got to do some crazy stuff Obama because he's a businessman or. Do you want from your own. Is if he doesn't know anything about football you don't want to medley. And you want him to make available all of the possible resource is to be success. It always mean you're going to be successful. Okay which you need a starting point. The other stuff all work itself out it may take out. Because you've got to get lucky. If you know owner that's willing to spend all sources he can't. Or make and a franchise better and better. That's all you can ask another question is I am not questioning his ownership I'm I'm questioning. Him putting that opinion of the fan base out there. Where yes he has a lit into this team he has put a lot in earnest team ray well. Since he's been here and I'm not saying it's his fault. But since he's been here the results on the field but would we you can understand what she sure hasn't been as enthusiastic as it probably would be OK if you have a consistent winner they wanna keep going to national embarrassing scandal. And I. Again. You're asking the guy doesn't know Bob Bob ball to talk about football. Now I will say and its. I'd make you owner bill. And you say I'm gonna spend all the money that I can't. To make this franchise. And right. And the fans don't appreciate debt. So you look Canada's from a business perspective is. You know possibly kid we just make some bad decisions a year does not for lack of trying to do the right thing. I wish I aluminum more support would have some years Ali do stretch. Slogan OK only. Long Will be hit by a nose for it before when a person. How is that the fans fall you own an entertainment products bring you into the the fans you're rich you own thing. We want you to fit your customers rent if if your customers on how do you what you're putting on the field. The problem. Agree I put. It in the product that you put on a field. Is what's going going to. Make or break children's let's just hope parents. With the match up real quick here Rappaport Agassi shady but he reports that Richard Herman has told teammates buyout last 24 hours in Seattle and also he's got to meet with. Pete Carroll and the rest the front office at some point very shortly to find out what's going on. Fifty minutes it is next. Okay. Yeah. Identity is justified by champion pulled my horse some laws and when you chuck and I should be customizations job. You're guaranteed the hottest moment about the gazans in town culture of people a 47865023446. What do champion fought for dot com Butler met Ohio Lopez and Martinez your insurance attorneys. Don't thrill body 800 karma and by all throw the Peta got all brought against what's medicines that job to get you back in the game with Forsythe locations as one new use an all pro with a PX dot com for more info and he wizards. Less than what he has in the rumors that the new guys. You gotta. All seven it's against or do you play hooky with the lead toward all of us that are critical that we are gone with the guys in the shipping container have worked with. We wanted to join the magic way to go march 15 from 2 o'clock to 5 o'clock PM it take the shipping container bracket challenge. And pick which of the shipping containers Beers is your favorite the winning beer will be announced. The day of the national championship hand every law there will be live music from the rate means. Holy day answers we have always dances for 12. No you are the only host on this free can station has said. Reddy's correctly. Do you. He's at and that is a problem you know us and yet he's still do you phonetically spelled things weird. Rim needs. And here it's point. We went after LB advances. And above the skyline. And robbery. And that. Room located at the hardware would be there to 30 come on March a team with a level target shipping container. And AM 79 BN FL mortal four point three HD to detect in jinxed him grimace and yet the way. It yeah. Seventy brewery is there a lighter yeah probably did or re invulnerable. Why and fumble you fumble like do you read them because they're cut capacity to be in that moment and talk about it. You. Are. It was why and what was it. And I think you brought was surprised open he was some blood problem what went down about atlas tape after he pumping the gods and other ways it's got to jumps up and force wait alternate shot and well he was awesome yeah I lifted up his daughter Agnes and any kind of follow learn and that you know. Doesn't have a three game as well so he said leading closeout on that three. Sources tell into the heat it's in the heat stands. When he fell into their bench she. Lots of small Smart additional horses who is color. I need to get a way then you're going doing it doesn't matter and give us give some effort together more. Retief Marcus is the one that James Johnson murder. Treated by the Jim Johnson is when my escape that Washington. Yeah markets is in. He was in Detroit is still there no reason. And embossed. Yes you're right he is in Boston so at least he was before interest and I just argue from an athlete's perspective. It kills me in no way. To see somebody like bees. And an athlete what he should or shouldn't be able to do. Hello well they would mortgages. The slanderous. Snake. On his tax line this guy's got more comments than any of a stir in the darn game. He has the audacity. As Dwyane Wade. Is carrying the heat's ass to overtime. Carrying their rats. Nobody can alabaster UH here to save the day yet again. He's got yard dust because he misses a three. This day. He's mellow now. Williams and shooting you won't. He called ma'am miss my sad and Blanton that's as this is why did you he takes this us he would. A second before when wade was so I think all of the stores table to save us sunblock. Or get a basket. Ever seen mellow idol looks more and Vera and they don't move that's in the did die I don't. I may amid a bit off on that donors who were rat bastard to Dwyane Wade you're a slanderous. Name. All of the three's yeah this is what is eaten. You as Mets and that that. And in the blue crab I just by I tell you what though I feel good about everywhere Adrian I think it's Conan and every justice through a way to Florida and one. The moon shots the way to Shanghai Bowe I but one that I will give. The hey I'm going to jump to pretend to take a three and you're gonna bump into me and that I'm gonna get three files and it's it's it's called it's it's vintage. That's that's what lives. Beat aids Adobe would get me out of my fitness I think. And did what Google's data has been graduate who is. And I don't wait until we noticed people always fall short book they do you know woody doesn't do anymore. On. I don't yesterday. He doesn't I mean you know I say you did now did this right here I can do the bears a murder dunk anymore well. Yes Rotella justice to the other night where it to the guy now. Every don't have you killing someone it does it to them out of bunker than its opponent. Tell rolls some unnecessary move what does Wenzel game was well over just. Got text. Line. Inserts out so big magic gates. Only knowledge I have I was more an island is by you collapse. I was not sergeant. That was necessary your resting an injury. That I'd try to do Joseph good call that was sitting justice when. He's the husband is not a goes Garrett Jones junior he was doing as to what he's a regular player does he rotation. But 25 point general underdog but this has a hard foul and an injury missed applicable games fifteen days ago you don't it doesn't Winslow and himself a dog everybody would be happy. Those nasty and crusty now is now he's now is in the zone is is not gonna hurt himself on a finger roll and all of that. When yesterday. Yeah and he's Dele. The Smoot has squid I mean if you consider a twelve point oh and I think he's gotten word of what we've been doing on the show world listen we're the only show in town that wanted to be just as Winslet media and a better show. We learned of Winslow culture before a U ministers Johnny come lately is do what it was correct is that our fault that he came on shots point 5% in February no. Carol and you can only judge on what it puts on the court but solid we didn't want to be good. The call the name of upper case. To phonies act like you all justice Winslow fans two weeks ago. It figures it Bhatia great arsenal that some of the hole and wait a minute wait a moment we will grow. Phonetically Cuban band wagon. I was you when they named you pay your credit pay and who. You. Pulled on my. Grants original ball payment only one of us. Has justice Winslow and a aborted due back this year and that's me. Me. I was given an anti Cleveland sediment no. Go ahead and oh yeah. Yeah Fuzzy and ugly day on all of it quickly led to a bet right now. The whole. No I don't wanna. That it might drive he's wearing pretty comfortably we have breaking news and Robby can you rob did you play in the senate. Ugly thing yeah. Oh wait the beauty had to use. Our global slump global block. Out and well. Apart by the the traits that you right. I look at it Richard Bennett I'm in I guess it Michael Bennett. So say that. Global bought a mobile. Awesome. So good trades any rules I don't got I don't know how many criticisms of Erik Spoelstra. The Los spoke. Before load god and he means more time Jordan. It's on Santa's got a series why not play Motley the stand yesterday I did before you leave for a minute to answer questions via in this. This is without even really. You know watching the game but not knowing this we get what transpired with everybody and and bam go at home in orbit rumors. It's OK to go with the hot hand and go what's we're what's worked him regardless of so your bench or who hasn't played. I think it's OK here's the one thing now to back to back its analytic look a little it was looking like his shot was lumber and paglia Helio is what three or four points it was luck accused yeah he was he was really showed whose services with a shot. Yet and is that good yet but regardless if it's your guy you can have all the living. I'm guessing something is wrong like there's another reason mud and didn't. Why did informants. Talked about way it's weird if assigns every himself tonight. What you he was not he was not and neither was a letter. Over to our. Oh does it is like it always seems when a guy doesn't play. That small says I like where I had going knowledge and you really replace bam with the old mimic what they let you go. Yet there he goes he's a shooter is little point last night with a played. Whose justice of the five basically the FBO well I mean he'll handle the lineups like the the actual on paper lineups as opposed to what actually happened on the floor. So the power forward James Johnson had six Politico had three. And that the senator you had band with no points and four minutes and Whiteside what are you know minutes and eight points on him when he my amendment in eight points and so not a productive night upfront now. I looked there were getting dirt and the rim and wasn't. Was there was a great shooting night per share from grade but. And looked and I knew what was around the world was sort of team or on a three game losing streak but they've been. Until the net loss of three good teams. They were on a really good role without John Wall who's still sit on the sidelines look like more fetus I mean he has the most intense sunglasses have ever seen in my life except. That is starting to lose so they really need probably politically and into the playoffs. Yeah so how they got to work. Because I mean. It seems like there's a lot of cold beer. When he's on sight lines or he's sit on the court make a move to an. Why did not a whole bunch interaction between him yet that doesn't like to write his contract is really crazy to go look at what it turns into years from how it gets it gets. Huge expense rowdy Olympic well sorry. We're talking on the Jordan calls what was that it hits greens. There was some home. Was it was short bat and at the 52. Hole it's yeah. Well it OK coach here and you don't you don't itemize their buddy list but he started late two seconds late in the fanatics. Here's how 1000 see that 11000. To 10010011000. Local 1000. Al leg crazy. Unbelievable predict. By the way and someone comes in with this and it's not a bad notion. That the dunk was justice was a slump Oscar. He several had been. Merit some guys need a tactic some guys and don't. I think you really I think I think just went on knows the Devin Booker thing is a thing and I think you want to put of those best performances he could in that game and he's been he you know only. Liberal site to. But but you wanna put that up. And what a point five yet when he made that don't yet marvel looks assaults on. We looked achieves is railroads and now you know dead is this when a 25. You would do next season. So Erik you for not using year app. On the road to watch games us at foxwoods goes to oil snow and definitely when. While also like when you're with your family and you get things going on like sometimes global route is about the phones are watching no it's not that I couldn't I couldn't go on my computer by. Would have known. Danica did Arabic Arab League would elected because he was out of the zone because you viewed in Sarasota is only getting magic games record he might have an Arab export of illness due to DirecTV you're. I'm sick and to our I have you vertigo DirecTV. Think somewhere you're watching your computer yet shouldn't I oh I can. I want you watch it in your. On the same server and such a nervous little. You mean. The house to watch him on you computer wait wait for one AT&T. You for DirecTV back and watch whatever I want anywhere no that's not even play shows off my DVR on my phone no you can get on your fine. Age attitudes LeRoy had Internet next. I got somebody so I mean the most thoughtful wise and the next day slight. I'll feel like crap Europe so I just went back and rule got the might put Roma back yeah I was in the relaxed the whole night and I do not. Much OK more. I was all excited about my show band aids is that she I'll. I'm just a part of. So to go watch omen DirecTV. Edges of the DVR they want to from it like it is a team do you. Think people. They are Ahmanson indeed it was a different situation. OK but I still I have both. Okay so see you and that's why the hell I could get even one of them over to ever not. This is socks it's been exhaustion and tell you will try to keep games that honey you'd be walking towards road guards better upgrade. It's a yeah on the whole report is terrible. Goodness I can't wait to I would introduce you realize how big your it is to you got to hang him from all the way you're Belmont. Can. Obama and not. Just. Let's not get hints. A. Who stick to acting like him and stuff and I phones. It is after the show oh. Met them and yeah. Might need you here at. The new one. Well yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah Saturday. It this is Aaron vehemently about the don't be that close is all talk and at the goal that I like those note that the brag about. Goodness. And I it's an avenue back LeRoy very very nice having you back as it has evidence eight. Who leaked it you guys do you own devices means there's no long. Reality on the issue yes you don't read the ability nobody is making comments in the near you guys just said. I. Have got. OK it is the master of setting up situations so next thing you know you've got to be played three and three on Omar's also when they're gone on defense land. You'd defend in the Ross. I can understand that arouses a probable rain. We get the just to defend Miami a little more than defend Michigan tech and why not you Ross. Show 00. I'm here and I just say it's healing a burn that bridge let me just say this Allison let let me squeeze them to. I've been run you two guys were very long to look upon it happened. Exactly. Barriers was going to be in group jeetz yeah. I think oh why. Nobody reminded them here I would have given up and Debbie you shenanigans. But it's our. I didn't know that we are to keep your social calendar and I don't know. Remember where what I ate just exactly what you remember about his organ chicken crap that Mac and geez here. Got to feel about it news it was convenient that nobody reminded them. I don't mean in the meanwhile it isn't me you will say why did you show up. The board's attitude behind yet the guy semi invitation. When usually guys at the beach you know an idea beach. The mission and he should imitation. And did when it got close to it. Instead. Powell to. Go to him agree on the set and I mean like appease the Marlins. You might sell. Would bite me is. The you know alumni group. And you just Goldman alumni website at right. Are you that might be good don't eat and I get to. Rise so. It was it's sort of like that or Julie pace seeding and a guy. This is do the patent. Just in Debbie and uses it it and you know what for free Debbie Jesus pass out how to around. Project Lorain man could have been a point 2% owner of the Marlins. You get out of brick and Malone's bar. It really college they're gonna have the dough they're gonna have don't rally. For the short shutter UN would celebrates with little names on here Elias who can live room and a and a what budget goes to mom the stocks.