3-8-18 Tobin Leroy and Beast Part 1

Tobin, Beast & Leroy
Thursday, March 8th

The guys relive the epic night of basketball that was 9 days ago and wonder if it can all happen again tonight. Tobin is not excited about a Sopranos prequel movie, Beast is livid why anyone wouldnt want more Sopranos. The guys talk about Peyton Manning possibly moving to TV. Is Peyton Manning doing some insider trading? Beast admits to creeping on the ladies at the gym. Derrius Guice got some weird questions asked at the Combine and Tobin assumes it was Jeff Ireland. Leroy goes off on the "idiots" who thinks the Dolphins draft a QB in the first round. The guys draw from the Doom Box.


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No one to two hours is brought to you by the Seminole hard rock poker room at the Seminole hard rock hotel and casino. And Ari indecent go. Wait a way to bring it back buddy down by one with twenty seconds left in the game waved. Great backs up wait a tough shot. I've put my white Knight the second. Cool dude is huge crowds right now there's no doubt about it welcome back. Very flickering in the times. Or. It's not. The that's what they do. With a flurry corner slid towards jobs where they win. They're depleted. North Carolina yeah. Yeah. The other night wasn't good because it fires of their Robbie could happen again yet it could it happen again tonight where you sit. And a huge given an in between that because. In between the heat have long lost in overtime it doesn't matter and overtime nine days ago the canes just North Carolina with the heat against the sixers at home. And the Panthers play that night and against Montreal yeah but. Here's the thing yeah. I think he realized it was don't have the guts to overtime. Then it sets up an NBA did say since itself what can we get to a point where the end is like you know that's a win for the heat. Oh and I'll be terrible. Tennis. Yeah. Don't know that's got to come greatest moments of we know that you put the game pushed. A little in the bush of the heat one. And his crew who doesn't have time line that you have down as we don't know. We don't we don't know what's you got going on I've by the way. A little worried about rod because I IE. You're the only one well I've been given him more things to do like awhile rob his creativity flowing I find I finally able blossoming flower here. -- score will be the little plan that we're son to grow now that his skis is not having hot takes on Saturday was back here you gotta get on Saturday from three to 630 by the way do you see how I learned. On Sunday from 111245. Albeit on Sunday from ten to eleven fighters series full readout of the fight week anyway. All of a little worried because next week's the tournament starts right yup you know own now. And so yesterday. Walk in there and he's like tell what you think about this. Is always. So is there you know you never know sometimes a home run. Sometimes he you know he comes out with our port doom punishment the Adam Sandler marathon unlike what I don't know is gonna come out I came up with one push with Robby. It worked well for one week and then it sucked so he comes out you have. To just hysteria out here next week. Double chase we are reported don't know I'm like what. All right 'cause because it's hard to read because the tournament starts on third he has. We took our games Tuesday. We select from will make our next Wednesday. We got one week on Thursday. We pick the next matching games. For Friday. Late. Only. Clear as of he just wants action IRA would like think about doesn't like. Whole leak how what it's how we owe it to make this happen. Org or eight games next week he has wanted to as the proposal month in imposing my will insist on the table. Had to be taken before I'd be could be sick. Every time high and low over the box 1010. Let's let's I think we do is totally differently. I know we're Robby is going. Right lot to games lots action why don't we just don't like we did bold challenge and B I network that's about as good it feels dealing in the group again yes that's what I was gonna suggest I. That we do our red it would do box next next week that don't include tournament okay. But what we do is we have a matter of fact we're gonna tease it coming up we have the the the twin peaks hoops hysteria online. And there's going to be a VIP category as a track all the host X. And again it's us and Dina. Aren't. And that whoever loses that has to throw. We got to that Teague is your brother Doug bush argued box yeah alternative is Andrew Jackson no we restarted the month we get as many dirty sort of the month accident. And now we don't need a library. Yeah I like it makes well. I would rather go win in ninety and in nature about my sweaty guy. If there's a disaster is still that other tournament the students CBI the CI TU one of those games. I come over there and I'd punch you don't listen and I'll let my favorite month as the we had all the different sports than that I like accidentally feeling like it it's of the fights I think that's fun labor a couple of months in the World Cup I also think he's a Smart informed on sports I think you czar told news. We've just we've at today's two bucks lots of action in the spin things on our toes it's tied to a thousand. Bashir on seven I the ticket the war this hour is a rain. As in the weather rain RAI and text of the 7081. Of the other jets are a thousand bucks to be another word. Next out the with a sour is a rain we'll get headlines. It's got what you XY and South Miami and USF ASH TH O'Meara car. I certainly got the heater and action tonight taking on Philadelphia loses they're built very it would pop shops that line to give fattest guy destroy super fighter. Up on the screen. Or does to your job no I can't I can't ignore this. It's Barbie can you can you stop. No pit stop I will not let it fly to the headlines. That we can watches together. What are you just do the headlines because I can't watch the fight I can't got to tell you have to fire another day. No the babies. I know how long I. The sixers tonight 730 to 630 pregame that atomic tied to two games out. The six spot they're kind of in the senate would tie the bugs in the same record does not have not been up. Hi they've had the tiebreaker over the ball slip in there the same record. But they have the tiebreaker it's just seven seat for now. Does Ford now for not hide it. Say the playoffs and today. They're the seven C Williams pregnancies were it and that whenever. The Panthers are an action tonight that's right I they are hosting the Montreal Canadians. At BBT setter that is a 7:30 faceoff 7 o'clock is when Mojave action. Over an 880 biz why because there's hurricanes. ACC tournament basketball the night in the quarterfinals. Their first game north delighted Syracuse last night which meet the North Carolina Miami tonight it's scheduled for 9 o'clock. It's really to be in around 93930. You hear the voice McCain Joe's exactly with that call over on our sister station WQAM. Derrick Rose is signed with the timberwolves. Back but it says we're gonna finally just and I'll write a couple other stories obviously brilliant football Jarvis Landry has signed his franchise tag this morning first reported that chapter in the second by the buzz start. So now he can be traded although nothing is imminent. Woodrow call Libby on Belle says he will play next year you won't sit out the season he will sit out everything else so no training camp. No OTA's. No extracurricular activities just games. For him and the last finale is not a surprise Pittsburgh basketball's fired their coach I own ninety days easy and the train. I live is really cared about the trade loses its conduct multilateral cover last game most important story of the day. David Chase is an out. Creator and writer and producer and director of The Sopranos. They're making eight prequel movie. To The Sopranos. Double star some of the characters act as in former. Itself not Tony Soprano well he's well no I didn't I mean. You can't ever show. And giving him a teenager. So I proposed surprises good and brought and and groundbreaking. I ended Stoops since it no it it wasn't that breaking the ground there have been Sony shows way better than. OK but I had not into seeing a prequel well how do you know won't be amazing not. Not as others forming ponies up there with the curry are you in a mob movies like the rest of us. But we are fine but it's not like it's not end all be all it is sopranos ended. It was a terrible ending. Spoiler and it angered a sawed I did not really thirsting for more I don't know I didn't wanna sopranos movie when James Gandolfini was alive I want more I want a prequel I want the music. A lot mobs want action he can play the music. Rotted the supremacy we come back some so you can get his fill and not be and not be clamoring for isn't a bad idea that is a brilliant idea. They're gonna have all the Sony the straits Bosnia prequel all of the with all the characters they're all getting older but they're gonna make it more younger I don't know how it's gonna work not doing. To me is us. And we want to probably the. Okay so idea to be like Mandy Moore to make bombs they look ridiculous. About it here. Go find a new idea sopranos guy I'm just pissed off that medal will be in whatever happen to Jamie Lynn Siegler that she was amazing. I don't know what happened or army chief Robbie when Abbott and her. What's her credits but it was seven anybody on The Sopranos other than a oh yes she went on to star in whatever they're Iraqi the psychologist was in she was insulting. Who. It turns therapist I mean let's let's add. They showed the bikers as bitterness for him. You like US and then argue better. Other avenues Sons of Anarchy is good enough doubles Doug's he's never told you guessed it all out there owns better than sopranos like Mo wire. Was better than sopranos like policy cards will that's what. I did that its groundbreaking. Deal soprano. And you mob movies I don't honestly like he'd be against. Prequel because it's like I Love Lucy I Love Lucy was funny for its time it was groundbreaking but who's to say there's a lot funny or the cable wall to assure you that Gingrich just can't. Isn't it is possible. Now it's over. Over what Tony just by a resource. Well let me that was the day became Greg maxim and outside a black could lead I mean let's be on the way the series ended. David Chase maybe should just call the career did you. As I listened as in the famous words the kind of agree you go it's greedy that's what is it didn't change the money grab anything else. We grad. So flying just say what it is it's a money grab not in the seen any of these guys it's gonna be called the many saints of Newark. The many saints of Newark via oh really. Doesn't mean knowing it's in the 1960s. It's gonna bump is yeah. And it got ponies that. It's a model that is it possible to play the annoying mother. It's dead right she's loads it dead usually obvious that she died is this your god and also in real life. Well they should have played better light stalwart. Wednesday emperor they pay in a mold when he was young and didn't really old yet. That's definitely the main. Does that never happens. They also redirected to an actor for an upper another actually more they did is shaping what this would. What's that power and chasing a Hunger Games. Remember. Don't seem Madonna portal that's. It definitely do well uncle Julia the death would hold Ku junior was great but I mean he's dead he's here to break hey you know it's me. When it's bad guys are caught wind of the do. Oh which one. Now and I've got it takes yet. Not not where it not for that reason but it just came out it. Yet it felt like they had and had and you don't movie when using animal be. If somebody's day. You kinda. It's almost like I have also become out. There's not all of a sudden you kills seventeen people and other themed episode and didn't you can't win would do like it just came out and sneak attack. On the kind of enlighten. You. Lightening. Just like. Plea or any of that and I don't know might be before your time. It. When Owen media and show the Ellen episode. She was ever could really romantically involved with a gap. You know like Susan Mullen and patient on CNET you don't just show. Didn't support and fathers. Societal and I was I deserve is that Mohamed Ali and you're no. How does your mom Cuba good Republicans should I be happier I don't even know eyes it is EDS. Do not know the renewal. Eight that I could do the I don't know Donovan is going to the Jersey. Her quite well this is taking place this yeah. I don't think so. I find that he knows annoying when I started in my life. And we've watched sopranos. It's good news film a lot of it was on her hometown Shia I want there. I was there I was I was ahead I guess what you did get there because that's a fictional place right now. Bounces out we we we gotta we gotta suspend belief your little bit right it wasn't a fictional place go to. It was no one can debate did they switch to restaurant names. We'll let developer. Whatever for the purposes but those are actual existing locations now. It's like all the Adam Sandler movies are basically filmed. In the North Shore of Massachusetts. But it resembled mister deeds goes on in Milford Connecticut which led them for a little regret that its place via did exist and get fun. But all the places in like what was the one Robbie because you're the Adam Sandler a group. We're like intend Kevin James David Spade there and they all like go hang Obama girls want to yes it wanted to. Every place they go to you I've been through my entire life and my older woman's. There's the music called Woodman said. In the movie in the movie of it but not us problems. Change the name. I would Augusta was every bit as good as girls want an assortment of weight are now and street know that this is a bigger point. Use it to him. And he. Admits in Adams sailor would on a bulletin that was me I haven't eaten. Easily develops illness among. He is like it if you head to picture. Who his favorite. Actor would be brought you know he's out here a lot because his wife is from Coral Springs. Tebow EU when Eleanor debate towards Albany is like his wives and a bunch of his movies nobody knows that. No I I do know that a lot of people do know that and stop. This will be blessed early 20 who's that Clinton's wife speaking of his of his Z this is Peyton Manning got the got to do the old way insecure. From. Had to get more. And I was happy to know and should play in light like deleting feature role changes that was like the Stanley. Yes exactly yes. Did you guess is they'll pay many you know demanding son is going to be up for ten million a year to new TV yes that's going on announces got to pick between TV doesn't tax Fox's trying to lure over Mike to Rico apparently from NBC. Like on loan. To kind of convince painted tutors and I've football whatever is not a levee has Bieber Aikman I don't know what the deal is that. That's what the latest thing when that you know accuses big bid between President Obama pull for Peyton Manning. Huge putt. You know the the public jousting habit right now ready and I did back there are no longer the official pizza of the NFL we just Titus. Late today Saturday said. Try so. Yeah I knew that it matters not to them. Who's with a big faces a father John say minutemen and Manning also owns forty restaurant in Denver. Yeah we go to after you spoke there he sold oh. Apparently sold two days before the partnership ended. And it. Is uttered traded I hate to lose is Carl Icahn has that distorted about two. After that you don't know Carl Icahn has but that was a a truck advisor that a solo is shares and a steel companies yeah yeah he for the time. Are going to be nasty and interesting reason yet. Is there any. Saint Abu Dhabi in first it's GH. OT your wife. Wait wait wait. And teams that were taken eight TH. With how he bullet in his clothes and whatever he'll go and listen. He lives that. Maybe it'll yeah. And he got like thousands I'm gonna retire activist. And get the ball. Eat what we don't have to wait before noticeable when we got to look out to the receiver in his whole body turn likable I can. You hear of the Peyton Manning a CH because I feel like you wasn't it wasn't. As ago it was like news it was a lot while news Denver. Malia you have that many had you had your right Clay Matthews is in the scandal a man James Harrison who in just a drug testing his. He's 47 years old and he's got Muslim problem or even mine. He shorted nine. Who do tariffs and yes. He's not 63. He's a menace he is built like you. Must. He's very he's like five dead. By the eleven to be listed as six feet needs XP. Gentlemen here who buys that he didn't inherit the ball you'll save some big gets all the bars kids you know he's. It is gonna throw it kennel belly area. And we ten have that's not just outside of her comeback would. But a bar with 245 go to Watkins didn't. Cattle broad picture Ramon is working out. Did you say you don't think we'll like. All the way in the jail I don't know Anderson anybody who wants to do that I should be stupidest thing in the world and I heat they do that with leg machine. I did chip. What's the so you know you you do the one he lay on you do delayed and I think they are grounded due to their death though I don't. That is everybody trying to get their bang muscles just me in private jet when you're. The women's machines were their legs and they laid there for this inner thigh in a whole lot that can be right fund what wasn't going to be legal experts is about Wednesday and as he calls it the bank machine all. Knowing that I work yeah and what there enterprise Nunn in 04 here's what to women that. I'm familiar with all the women exercise in there and outside a lot and end on a fly any plane I don't know anything that works on both. Yeah yeah. Well well now wants an engine is it. If it weren't what would want it's sort of legends or other advantages there's the weight martz gone on for the right they Tuesday and dumb bells like theirs in the gene. You do this Watson and it hasn't that you can you know you put on the Bard's accent up we're to go about it you said that no idea. Oh yeah. This two girls. That are. Like twelve on the scale wanted to ask you this Jim yes are you wait to hear. This Jim yes it hot girls may argue in weight aren't you to give us another PS data that with my. Of that same light of mine with my kids that you think not paying attention. That is like against the obvious about it like you are you. Being the core. The corner stay fairly good. You look these cannot use this route for a you liked apple for your version. You liberals. I got like yep you're not hiding. In a room and. Yes that's at pylons up to his old tricks again that would have. So Tuesday is guys who talked about a don't Ollie yeah round draft room or via. The dogs are privileged and an ML SU running back I didn't realize it was. Far more level assuming because this guy he comes up for Sears as a he likes men apparently comes out would be the wrong. Terminology he revealed and yes. And then he was asked did you did you bond sell herself. Which of course is the infamous question it's a violent asked Dez Bryant right argument that your job news or mother prostitute. I was old tricks now the is assistant GM. But it's officially M but I can only assume. Because this that was once revealed. A one guy has that ace OK leave them right is your mom a prostitute is it safe. To make the assumption that maybe could be room and that's the only person we really have. Some other hideous and or not we have to do at least. Believe that he was a part of a suspect number one yeah maybe he did that to the head seems GM Brett let roller down under no card is they're asked this question of and like this it seems like. Jeff really dig. Did he said I have had a lot of success with this one in the past trust and it shows we're on has run on team UUS. Doesn't that take out a bit of what was about to dig up here on it traded back and gone out dirt under a hopefully kill although. He. And yet and come back. Oh the old original incident has Bryant. Look at Dez Bryant was on the board when they pick but it did trade down does all the version that make his second contract okay it. Are there any of the make a second contract one at a queens dead I tried to make. Yesterday. I don't believe the answer is what is. Yes if you go to all of the good team may be minute clips. They go back five years. And go first and second round picks and see who is on the field. And didn't. Go to the team's war horrible. Cleveland. And and did teams that kids seem to get it together. I look at their first two picks up a first round picks of the last five years and none album only. OK. I don't want to put the ball players he wanna pick and in nag and these players Edison displayed is that why does this guys sucked. It is. So we thought. Did you do you edged wrapped them. And the bars and second don't they give he's going to be something he never going to be pretty. Oh. And that's that's all I got. Jarvis Landry. As David Howard got hurt. Whenever I do not have an okay don't want McClellan also blew out his name so OK but yeah LLP eventually Phillips are mostly it's. You play its latest in my Jay barker. Don't know yet. He's gone. What does that do disaster Dion Dion Jordan Jamar Taylor Jamar Taylor played with the clean with Cleveland notably doomed did not play here right. They're much better Cleveland he did here even if one or sixteen. From 2012 rides NL probably your most solid. One top two pick over the lasts John John Martin's thirteen news on the malaria burden is not here we know Miller is not there. My county. Still here it's sixty games lasted just Thomas still here. At the demo was not here but he's not only is he I don't know when white they went back twice is about twice about it but he was. Regarding Iran dust. It now now go all out the last go do the same thing but Google being. It's just an accurate and again remind. I'm just ball in the air I don't know what the facts are I'm just making an assumption about this right now. Shadow. Once. Okay thanks. As an idol was one of the pros trumpet particularly days. Are they had their run at pleasure being in this year. Bad Cindy Jones the only game on Odierno. Carson minuses he mentioned. Isaak Somali who's Leigh Tony three games is that job to them right. Nelson I realize early turabi mentioned Eric Rowe has split 33 against that doesn't winner is Eric on the patriots. Is it yet. I believe is it a replacement cabala doable yeah enumerate yeah. Okay. We had Jordan Matthews here right when it routinely Johnson's act Kurtz Taggart. A do you say I wanna say. Can you see what you want to try to make the Eagles draft than dolphins. Unlike. They keep their draft picks. Miller no here here's what you need and stay. All of these teams that stroke will be near players on the field draft of all the wrong reasons. OK you're dressed in. You know oh we want this guy we gonna trade up produced are we gonna dude it's an in you know what. A lot of these teams. Don't preach. Hatred for more picks. And the guys that they select. Off in women's team is good. Our common knowledge that team and contributing right away dismal projects. Is no no and it is so you. Think. That adult should draft a quarterback. Elevenths and Jenny oh yeah. It. Used to be a player is gonna help the team win would've I believe they should draft a quarterback and trade right now. You. Quarterback can't drive yup decade we went out and play better camera expanding. I don't know that may be theirs. Maybe maybe you may think it's a fight and have business all its definitely I don't know which. Beat. The guys that you are. You're never going to be a 100% sure of what they're gonna do Whitney NFL. Drab do you drive to say we hope he's going to be contributed a couple of years. If you'll go. Well as an old saying Al Golden potential gets you beat. Those are the same on them none other as to Cam Cameron saying. Is it really yes is does that quote a senior quote me you don't want him. When she's eight slut and a Sloan and put an end when it well yeah we do we article quotes on the August and September before the year before the year started. The equivalent doc camp Kim was cool what what was your quote potential gets you beat. Biggest regret ever okay here Texas went out without an answer. Patsy bounced into the Mexico's economy civic and during contract before retired that you might have here is assay. The dolphins draft somebody like Landry. We give its good then they don't wanna pay what's the point here's the point with debt. Okay. If you can get a guy in pay him his value. In his words were key. Great. Major players slot received. Under no circumstances. Can you make a slot receiver. Your highest paid received. I don't care what you speak. His contributions are these great received. Would you still slot receiver. But the same reason why you can have the greatest one American League team could ever be Ohio has painfully. Well. He did sign officially before the show announced or shot to report about you officially signed his. Sixteen million dollar franchise tag now does that mean trades in the word since officially here down. And he's got to deal with another team we're notes but it is from his standpoint is at least gonna make sixty million dozen mistakes of the dolphins this year. They don't do and a deal which. I will which I told you right away if bomb drivers Landry I signed net right away. Because now you put everything on the dolphins because now you think you wait a minute. It's more incentive for the dolphins to come with a long term deal already guaranteed sixteen. I'm already guarantees sixty if you sign it didn't. Did you go forth from the bullet. And as soon I deserved the clock on my well whole. Rebecca do this. So. We currently do a segment we get deep into it but we do our due boxed him picks still boxed dad. What was miraculous released remembered I remember 21. Doozy the wanted to virtual one and I was wounded civilian lives I was 21. Ronald wanted to know produce another obvious dream it's driving three and yet. Soon. Customer base is just 43. Times man I got to give me. I have you rockets at raptors and union rockets have won seven of eighteen in a row seventeen in a row for Houston. Are you gonna tell me out of this room I have the big twelve semifinal which can either be. Texas. Texas has yet to explain Texas Tech today in the quarterfinals and the other matches another quarterfinal today at both of those the what are those two teams meet. Tomorrow in the semi fun aren't so I haven't figured out for you tomorrow. And then. Square foot homes this ravaged. The SEC men's quarterfinals yes correct. Turn what is already in their lead on Tennessee or Kentucky gunship and an editor of the way to the point of today's game. For tomorrow perfect are putting at least I've got to the warriors and trail blazers. I've got the and SEC men's tournament quarterfinals to. Kentucky against either Georgia or somebody else but Missouri and hazardous chemical portrait of but I end I'll the big east men's championships semi final number one. Which we don't know who's playing and present duties saint John's music seater today. Actually right now actually at an Providence place pregame that right now wolf the that this could be two winners from those two games and it will be tomorrow the semifinals of artisans. I'll that is printed weird in itself apart. Down wait what did you open that is a punch in the face. What is that it smells terrible myself it smells awful call themselves Christians. Look what we got our students out. You have bobcats have. ACC. Semifinal semifinal. Is going to be between duke or Notre Dame. Vs North Carolina or my apparently gets it. And I have the cavs and the clippers. Who LA's recruiting those billboards. Not that Allen said that I have mixed him and his big needless men's. Championship semifinals. Which is and you've got a Marquette when we school Marquette. And that's Villanova or fiscally Villanova tonight vs. And the bulldogs a Butler Butler C hall and see no hope of overrated Bret Stephens you faster because it doesn't cost Johnson and we call those. He's theatrical annuity I got the wizards and the streaking pelicans on NB ATV. There was no use in MPT to Friday and also got the big twelve semifinal number one which is either TCU at Kansas State. They're gonna put the winner of either Oklahoma State and Kansas Oklahoma State Kansas two times politically if there. Irate at the Nelson of other pieces ACC semifinal which school one that's going on right now between Virginia double coverage is actually a really high scoring game right now. Surprise for them. At this particular point that the winner of Boston College or clumps. I don't want to get on out here routed Italy delaying has agreed to partner shenanigans. To join us are might match barred in this match March Madness. Bracket contests. Go to what we got storm that would we haven't done for the do legacy will depart this they should choose to fix it and if you are definitely in the football and she invited me about and she won't. But means trying to make sure I get to the gym or so off to mores is low and we all we all of that would be. No this year's and in exchange with some key issue he's on there. We still have a vigorous outdoor the shoe res two Matta still really do the Lira and ordered a crushing ten to order a photo editor to break into see trying to knock it out knocking out there. I've actually ants. Arguments for a minute really want excellent all the most of my way to get on. Wealth is an although Oden they get to the bobbing for apples off. I don't mean. So we need to replace a couple that it's not yet. Humiliation suggestions to 6799742. Guys got any ideas will take a monitored by as inferred doe reported doom. Yes to the show on the stocks. Had a sleep on the and or Iraq. Sleep on the floor flat nothing out things right if you're coming back yesterday all my gosh it was terrible horror it was terrible all right I'll read some news. Regarding LeBron James and his list is running missed the clippers. The result of being contention meant not apparently apparently the list has leaked of the bronze teams in the team's a considerable time at that next.